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					Eine Auflistung aller Colored Glass finden Sie in der Preisliste. Die verwendeten Abkürzungen sind in
diesem Dokument beschrieben.
Alle Colored Glass werden individuell für Sie zugeschnitten, bitte geben Sie deshalb die gewünschte
Größe an

2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12mm

Klarglas entspiegelt 2, 3mm

Artista & Antik 75
This glass for fusing is tested compartible. 25 transparent colors are available. The sheet glass is also compat-
ible with orher Artista-products and it is also suitable for large surfaces.

"K" Structured Floatglass
Blattmaß/m 1,05 x 0,82

Gle chip glass                      Blattmaß/m 0,91 x 0,61               clear
Gle chip glass                      Blattmaß/m 0,91 x 0,61               red, yellow

Madras etched glass is manufactured by Vitreal Specchi, the Italien company that has revived a surprisingly
up to date and beautiful craft that has for centuries been the prerogative of a few isolated craftsmen. Skilfully
etched patterns create a play of light and reflection, making your doors a focus of attention. The variety of
designs on offer makes for original interiors that enhance the sense of space by opening up new perspectives..
Glasmaß / m 1,59 x 0,59

Lamperts Antikglas
The glass produced by the Lamperts Glass Factory is made in accordance with traditional handmanufacturing
techniques. Each sheet is a work of art. This factory produces mouthblown antique, restoration glass, Danzig
and Crackel glass, flashed glass, streakies, drawn antique, table cathedral glass and rondells.

                                                                                                                    Colored Glass

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                Dichroic coatings are produced by vacuum. The proprietary materials are vapourized in a crucible by a high-
                voltage electron beam onto the glass. By doing this, dichroic filtration is created, transmitting and reflecting
                pure saturated color from the visible spectrum. Dichroic coatings remain at Hot Glass temperatures up to

                Floatglass and Mirrors
                Beside to the more spectacular colored glasses, standrad glass should not be forgotten.
                Mirror 2 mm silver
                Mirror 3 mm silver and bronce
                Float 2 mm
                Float 3 mm
                Glue chip
                Antique mirror 3 mm

                Item Nr.           Item
                silver-/tinted mirror                                Deco mirror
Colored Glass

                80 252 00 Mirror silver 2 mm                         80 210 00 green blue gold 4 mm
                80 250 00 Mirror silver 3 mm                         80 211 00 red orange gold 4 mm
                80 260 00 Mirror bronce 3 mm                         80 212 00 violet gold blue green 4 mm
                80 270 00 Magic mirror silver 3 mm                   80 213 00 violet türkis rosa blue 4mm
                Antik Mirror                                         80 214 00 rosa silver green 4 mm
                80 200 00          Bianco E. Nero                    80 215 00 rosa silver red yellow 4 mm
                80 201 00          Nucleo
                80 202 00          Lunare                            Float glass
                80 203 00          Grigio Argento                    80 302 00 Float 2 mm
                80 204 00          Arcobaleno                        80 300 00 Float 3 mm
                80 205 00          Galassia                          80 304 00 Float 4 mm
                80 206 00          Policromo                         80 306 00 Float 6 mm
                80 206 10          Policromo Cobalto                 80 310 00 Float 10 mm
                80 207 00          Polvere Di Stelle FB
                80 208 00          Vulcano
                80 209 00          Polvere Di Stelle Blu
                80 209 10          Polvere Di Stelle

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Armed with some elegant and contemporary looking mixes, Armstrong glass has foand its way into the racks
and works of more and more glass people. Instead of trying to reproduce traditional colors and types they
chose to investigate new areas of using glass. As a result the produced glasses distinguishes from others in
look and cutability. Very filicitous are the textures "Shadow" and "Cobblestone" which offer unequalled oppor-

E        = Description               PG        = pricegroup
CS       = luminescent               SS        = seedy
SO       = opaque                    D         = dark
i        = iridescent                G         = granite

In 1974, three young glasblowers did something completetly against their normal interests: they started to
make flat glass, they recreated the opalescent sheet glass that had lit up the lamps and windows of artists like
L.C. Tiffany and La Farge at the end of America´s 18. century. Using a single roller on a steel table and a spe-
cial cooling method they reproduced the unique effect of "catspaw" glass. Later they started to produce their
well-known fusible glass, of which they produced more than 100.000 m_ within the last years. All ready pro-
duced fusible glasses will be tested to their compatibility continously. You can identify it by the missing edges
of the sheets.

E        = Description
P        = pricegroup
 BOxxx: solid color opalescent         Bxxxx-00 - standard                    F - fusible
 B1xxx: uni cathedral                  Bxxxx-10 - standard ifis.              i - iridescent
 B2xxx: Streaky, 2 colors              Bxxxx-21 : rippel                      C - Confetti
 B3xxx: Streaky, 3 colors              Bxxxx-22: Herringbone, ripple          S - Stringer
 B4xxx Confeddi and Stringer           Bxxxx-30 : double rolled               K - Frits
 B42xx; Frits and Stringers            Bxxxx-31: double rolled, iri
 B6xxx : mottled

KOKOMO is one of the oldest glass manufactures in the U.S.A. Tiffany was originally a custumer of
KOKOMO ́S. This company makes number of colors which are unique unequalled in their brilliance. Many
colors are available with several different surface textures. The pallette of transparent glass, which is very suit-
able for use in doors and windows, is also extensive.

i - Iridescent              G -Granite                  R - Ripple
L - translucent             LL - transparent            SCP- Mottle

OCEANA                                                                                                                 Colored Glass
Of all the glasses produced at Tiffany Studios mottle glass was the most characteristic and identifiable. Oceana
specializes in the manufacture of this handmade art glass. The mottles are soft with a wispy backgroand. A full
range of colors is offered: single-, two- and three-color mixes and additional some gold colors. Exclusive from
Oceana you can get the dichromatic silver opal glasses. This glasses change their color extremly depending on
if the light is reflected or transmitted.

Glasmaß / m - 0,47 x 0,70
Blatt / qm - 0,33

The glass from SPECTRUM distinguishes itself by a very constant quality, relieble color fidelity and superior
ease of cutting. The product line covers almost all areas of glass design. The opal and semi-translucent glasses
are mainly employed in modern lamp and object creation. The many different surface structures available in
the Cathedral glass as well as in Baroque glass are best suited for the areas of door and window design. In
addition to the standard sheets we offer SPECTRUM Baroque and clear Seedy in sheets approx. 150 x 60 cm,
(SL) optimized for door inserts.
NEW from SPECTRUM is the line of fusible glass sheets labeled “Tested Compatible” in the new System 96

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                (96 TEC). All System 96 products are constantly tested for compatibility.
                The new System 96 offers - in addition to the 100SFS clear base glass - a large selection of colored glass. In
                cooperation with SPECTRUM, Uroboros Glass Studios offers a program of System 96 glass frits in five grain
                sizes, glass stringers and noodles.

                A Artique              C Chord                        G Granite                   GG Ice crystal
                GE Express Granite     SF System 96                   SN satin                    H hammered
                HS small hammered      K Krinkle                      R ripple                    RR rough rolled
                W Waterglass           LE Legacy                      EV Venice                   i iridescent
                SL Türformat 152 x 61mm / oversized (fits doors)      SC silvercoated             FL Firelight
                CZ Corteza             QR Quarter-Reed                V Vecchio                   RW Rain Water
                CC light Background    PG        = pricegroup

                UROBOROS glass is hand mixed and rolled sheet by sheet. The diversity of color combinations ans and sur-
                face textures makes this glass indispensible for the construction of traditional lampshades and windows in the
                style of Tiffany. Typical for UROBOROS glass is not only the natural colors but also the balance of transpar-
                ent and opalescent glass for the field of glass fusing. These glasses are designated by an “F” in this list. New
                in this range is the Sytem96 (SF) programm. Using this glass (sheets, frits stringers, etc.) the UROBOROS
                program can be combined with SPECTRUM glass having the same designation.

                00 Ring mottle                           10 mit Confetti / with Confetti
                11 with Confetti and Stringers           12 with Stringers
                50 Granite ripple herringbone            51 Granite ripple
                52 Smooth ripple                         55 Drapery
                57 Fripple                               60 Streakies
                65 Granite                               66 Granite-Mottle
                70 Fibroid                               80 Radium
                SF System 96 (Fusingglas, AK 96) Fusable COE 96)
                F Fusing Glas AK 90 Fusable COE 90
                i Iridescen

                WISSMACH manufactures a very wide range of colored glass. Special emphasis should be given to the great
                selection of cathedral glass.

                WO halbtransparent / semitranslucent         L transparent / translucent
                LL sehr transparent / high translucent       D dicht / opaque
                C Corella                                    EM English Muffle
Colored Glass

                SEV Seville                                  FL Florentine
                FiC Figure                                   SX StreamX
                Cu Würfelstruktur / Cube                     SE Seedy gebläselt
                Rip Rippel / Ripple                          G Granit / Granite
                AQ Aqualite                                  Ham gehämmert / Hammer
                i irisierend / iridescent                    DR doppelt gewalzt, glatt / Double rolled

                YOUGHIOGHENY glass is hand crafted according to the old tradition. It is eminently suitable for all colored
                glass applications. In cooperation with Paul Crist YOUGHIOGHENY manufactures so-called reproduction
                glass. This glass is produced with reference to famous Tiffany lamps such as “Laburnum” and “Wisteria”.
                Unusual and very beautiful is the “Stipple Glass (SP) with ist slightly milky, ice-like surface texture.

                i Irisierend / Iridescent                             SP Stipple-Glas / Stipple-Glass
                RG Reproduktionsglas / Reproduction Glass             HS Mottles, Streakies
                RSP Rippel SP / Ripple SP                             RIP Rippel / Ripple

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