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									                                   East Meadow School District
                                      Westbury, New York

Memo to:       Leon J. Campo, Superintendent of Schools

From:          Lynne Manouvrier, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

                      COMMUNITY INFORMATION:                   January, 2009

Barnum Woods:

When the students at Barnum Woods received news that their beloved Safety Town at Eisenhower
Park was going to close – they took action! A letter campaign, to community leaders and Hempstead
Town Government officials, was initiated by students in grades three, four and five with the help of
Mrs. Gallucci. The numerous letters from students in grades four and five telling of their fond
memories and the safety rules that they still remember to follow, along with third graders writing
about the anticipation of visiting Safety Town must have been quite effective. Before winter recess,
   Mrs. Galllucci received word from County Executive Thomas Suozzi telling us “Don’t worry about
Safety Town - we will make sure that it continues to be available to you and the children of Nassau

Our physical education department held their annual fund raiser, “Hoops for Heart,” at the beginning
of December. The generosity of the students at Barnum Woods never ceases to amaze us. This year
students decided on their own to go above and beyond by donating the gifts that they would have
received, back to the American Heart Association. Their enthusiastic involvement was evidenced by
the number of cardboard basketballs (which they received for donating the gifts back) displayed on our
“Slam Dunk” bulletin board.

The theme for this year’s annual national PTA Reflections Contest was WOW! Barnum Woods is
proud to share that one of our very own fourth grade students, Robyn Murray from Mrs. DiCocco’s
class is headed to the national judging level. Best of luck Robyn!

Barnum Woods’ annual winter concert, held at Woodland Middle School, was a huge success with
standing room only attendance! Students in orchestra, chorus and band performed for their family and
friends at an evening concert playing a medley of holiday songs. A combined chorus of over 160
fourth and fifth grade students sang traditional heartwarming songs interspersed with some moving
jazz selections. The daytime performances for grades kindergarten through five were enthusiastically
received by their peers – a definite sign of the outstanding talents of our music program.

Bowling Green:

The Bowling Green K-Kids started their holiday celebrations early with a day of holiday service on
Friday, December 12, 2008. Their day began with a toy drive collection for the John Theissen
Children’s Foundation. This local organization provides holiday presents, birthday parties and wishes
for sick and needy children. The school-wide toy drive was conducted in partnership with the
Bowling Green student council and collected toys for over 50 children. Following a photo-op and the
packing up of the toys for delivery, the K-Kids rushed home from school and over to Carman Avenue
for the CASA Holiday Tree lighting. The K-Kids shared the spirit of the holiday with their
community and joyfully hung ornaments on the tree that were made during their club meeting. After
dinner, the      K-Kids returned to school to meet Key Club members from W. Tresper Clarke and
Division 6 for an evening of caroling. Led by K-Kids faculty advisor Rich Santer and Key Club
faculty advisor Barbara Luvin, the K-Kids and Key Clubbers caroled to benefit the Kiwanis Pediatric
Trauma Center (KPTC) at North Shore-LIJ. Through the generosity of the residents living near
Bowling Green the K-Kids raised over $250 to support to life saving work and trauma prevention
education programs of KPTC.

On Tuesday evening, December 16th, Bowling Green parents were treated to the sights and sounds of
our winter concert. The band, orchestra and chorus all participated, providing a festive, uplifting
performance for their audience. Thanks to the talents of Bowling Green’s dedicated music staff, the
show was fantastic.

On Thursday, December 11th, the third grade teachers and children were delighted to receive
dictionaries from the East Meadow Rotary Club. Through their generosity, the students were given
the opportunity to acquire a wonderful resource.

Bowling Green School is always looking for ways to build character education and disability
awareness. On Wednesday, December 3rd, and Friday, December 5th, the third grade students had the
fantastic opportunity to participate in a workshop called, “Hands That See.” The students learned
about people who are blind or visually impaired through art. This interactive and hands-on workshop
enabled students to explore the process of creating a piece of ceramic art from the perspective of a
person who is blind or visually impaired. The students began to appreciate how their other senses can
add to their creativity when they cannot rely on their ability to see. The students were able to take
home their ceramic art and an embossed Braille card.

Students at Bowling Green are working collaboratively with the ninth grade honors English classes at
East Meadow High School. Sixty-one third and fourth graders and fifty-seven ninth graders are
working together to create fictional short stories. The students were divided into 26 groups. The ninth
grade students are mentoring the elementary school students through the writing process. The students
are working on brainstorming story ideas, developing characters and describing settings. The older
students are teaching the younger students about a story plot line which includes exposition, rising
action, climax, falling action and resolution. All students are improving their writing skills. The ninth
graders have the opportunity to be mentors and the elementary students have the opportunity to learn
from young adults in their community.

Fifth grade students at Bowling Green participated in their annual spelling bee on Friday,
December 12th. Each fifth grade class sent two class champions to the school contest. The
competition, under the direction of reading teachers Ellen Kelter and Jennie Re, was fierce as the
students competed for the title of grade five spelling bee champion. Bowling Green’s 2008 runner-up
was Sam Perricone from Audrey Cvikevich’s class. The grade five spelling bee champion, who
spelled the winning word “success,” was Regina Hickey from Richard Santer’s class. Congratulations
to all of the participants in this year’s contest.

The Friends Around the World Club at Bowling Green has been meeting for over ten years. The
purpose of the club is to encourage students learn to appreciate other cultures through activities
designed to both inform them and encourage them to appreciate differences in these cultures.
Barbara Suter, an ESL teacher at Bowling Green, supervises the club. Mrs. Suter loves the club
because it gives her an opportunity to expose non-ESL students “to the fantastic diversity of cultures
that exist on our planet.” During the month of November, the club members learned about Native

American culture in North America. In December, the children sang holiday songs and played the
dreidel game. This month, as in past years, the club members will celebrate Chinese New Year. They
will hear the story, Lion Dancer: Ernie Wan’s Chinese New Year and watch a Reading Rainbow
video about life in Chinatown in New York City. They will also learn about Chinese calligraphy by
practicing writing Chinese characters. The animals of the Chinese calendar will be shared as well as
their Chinese horoscopes. The culmination of the month-long study of Chinese culture will be a
celebration of the Chinese New Year accompanied by authentic Chinese food eaten with chopsticks!
Mrs. Suter hopes that through the years her efforts as club coordinator have resulted in a better
understanding and greater appreciation of cultural differences by the students who have participated in
the club.


The third graders at McVey have completed a science unit on animal habitats and how animals live.
Their unit consisted of various activities. During this unit, the students took a field trip to the
Vanderbilt Museum where they saw life-size dioramas of animal habitats and were able to use various
materials to create a diorama habitat of their own. The students also researched animals using the
Enchanted Learning Website. After their research, the children completed a graphic organizer about
the animal they chose to research. At the conclusion of the unit, each student created a mask of an
animal and wrote clues about the animal for their classmates to guess.

McVey kids and the student council joined forces and sponsored a toy drive for the families of East
Meadow and the John Theissen Children’s Foundation. Students were asked to donate unwrapped
gifts. On December 17th, a student council representative went to each classroom to pick up the
donations. Once the gifts were collected, they were sent to the less fortunate in East Meadow and to
the John Theissen Children’s Foundation for distribution.

Mrs. McCready’s class studied the author Ezra Jack Keats. They read many of his books and studied
the similarities and differences of each. As a culminating activity, the students wrote their own stories
about Peter and his dog, Willie. Throughout the stories, the students just like Keats, used ellipses,
dashes and onomatopoeia.

In December, McVey School officially kicked off a new school-wide recycling program. Students and
teachers were excited about having the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment as
they participate in this pilot program, which was initiated by the district and the Town of Hempstead
Sanitation Department.

There has been a concerted effort by students and teachers to place their empty plastic water bottles
into special recycling bins, which are located in the classrooms. These bins are routinely collected by
the classrooms’ “recycling helpers” and the bottles are deposited into a large recycling canister,
located at a central area of the school. The sanitation department has provided the school with free
collection containers, as well as, weekly pickup service, to help make the school’s recycling efforts as
seamless as possible. Fifth grade student, Megan Baltusis, joined the effort by promoting the program
to the student body by making PA announcements, as well as, enlisting members of her Girl Scout
troop in making posters to encourage recycling.
On December 18th, the students in Mr. Targove’s fifth grade class at McVey participated in an
extraordinary simulation activity. They became immigrants in an Ellis Island Experience.

As an extension activity, the students were able to culminate all of their learning about immigration

and the Industrial Revolution by pretending to immigrate to America. They were put into pretend
families, some as adults and some as children. They were dressed up as immigrants, came with
passports and money from that country, and they were put through some of the situations one might
encounter at the real Ellis Island.

To experience a language barrier, the students were spoken to in a “gibberish language”. They had to
answer basic questions, get “checked” for “breathing problems,” and in some cases had to experience
being separated from their pretend families for a short time. They demonstrated their ability to do
some of the jobs of immigrants, including book binding, clothing and hat making, and basic

This year, Mr. Targove added something new to this yearly event. The day before the simulation, he
invited relatives of his students, who were immigrants, into the class to tell about their experiences
coming to America. The students were amazed to meet the great grandmother of fifth grader
Jack Megale, who came to Ellis Island from Italy in the early 1900s. She came in with Jack’s
grandmother and mother for the discussion and the class was honored to have four generations of the
same family to share this positive experience. The children saw primary sources that his great
grandmother saved. They were the same items that the students had only seen on state tests or in text
books! This made the learning come to life for all the students.


Students in Mrs. Caroddo, Ms. Clampitt and Mrs. Kasper’s classes visited The Nassau County
Museum of Art in Roslyn, where they saw two wonderful exhibits. One exhibit featured the work of
author and illustrator Laura Vaccaro Seeger and the other focused on the designs of Tiffany lamps.
Thank you to our art teacher, Mrs. Ippolito for arranging the trip.

Fifth grade students were also fortunate to participate in a Mad Science Assembly. During the show,
students learned about Newton’s Laws of Motion as they spun, danced and even drove mini-cars. Our
fifth graders are thankful to the Meadowbrook PTA for funding the event.

Student Council at Meadowbrook has been working on a project about heroes. The students read a
variety of books about Martin Luther King. Then students shared stories of heroes in their own lives.
As a culminating activity, students created poems and essays reflecting about their heroes.

In February, the student council will make placemats for the Salisbury Senior Center. Our students
will choose books they have read and create book jackets with short summaries of the books and
laminate them for the seniors to enjoy on Valentine's Day. The activity is a “pillar of caring” in our
annual school-wide character education program.

On Sunday, January 18th, select Meadowbrook students from the chorus, orchestra, and band
participated in the All-County Music Concert at the Tilles Center at C.W. Post. The students who
represent Meadowbrook this year are: Victoria Koutroulos, Taylor Davidson, Emily Shallbetter,
Marissa LoVerde, and Mia Cord-Cruz for chorus; Amanda McMahon for orchestra; and Jamie Morein
for band. Congratulations to all participants.

On Wednesday, January 21, 2009, Meadowbrook hosted their annual winter concert. Highlights
included the orchestra's performance of "The William Overture,” the chorus' presentation of "Yakkin'
on a Cell Phone,” and the band's arrangement of "Twist and Shout". The ensembles were led under
the direction of Ms. Cathy Shick and Mr. Neil Walowitz.


On December 19th, Parkway kicked off the holiday season with a school-wide sing-a-long featuring
seasonal songs and dances. Thanks to Mr. Panzica and Ms. Uhl, everyone enjoyed the festivities.

Parkway’s Kammerman Fund recently donated gift certificates to help local families with their holiday
preparations. The Kammerman Fund originated in the 1980’s in honor of the late Shirley
Kammerman, the fondly remembered cafeteria monitor. The fund raises money through school-wide
read-a-thons and charitable donations. The Kammerman Fund continually helps Parkway children
have a brighter holiday season!

Mrs. Schulte’s fourth grade class, accompanied by Mrs. Baer, Parkway’s art teacher, had the
opportunity to attend the Tiffany lamp exhibit at the Nassau County Museum of Art. The students
enjoyed the magnificent lamps and artful windows. They also learned how the glass and lamps were
made. An educational and fun-filled time was had by all.

Sponsored by the PTA, Parkway families were invited to participate in the winter festival. There were
a number of vendors offering their handcrafted items for sale. In addition, for a nominal fee,
participants were offered food and beverages, and children’s crafts. Free activities included tossing
games, and holiday movies.

Parkway’s third grade participated in the Get R.E.A.L. (Respect and Equity Awareness Lesson)
workshop presented by the Nassau County Coalition against Domestic Violence. The workshop was
designed to help identify the many ways in which we can define ourselves. The presentation helps
students understand the importance of diversity and uniqueness. The students participated in a
discussion on the concepts of “respect” and “equality” and the acceptance of others’ differences. The
goal is to teach young people how to identify and articulate their own needs while respecting those of
others and understanding the importance of expecting and promoting respect and equality in every

On December 17th, the Parkway community was treated to our winter concert. The band, orchestra
and chorus performed holiday songs and everyone felt the magic of the season. Congratulations to
     Mrs. Vermaelen (band and orchestra) and Ms. Uhl (chorus) for a job well done.

Clarke Middle School:

As a part of our character education program, during the month of January, Clarke Middle School
celebrated, “Kind words & actions = huge results.” Each day we asked our students to stop and think
about their actions and words. We encouraged our students and staff to show appreciation to those that
help make Clarke Middle School the wonderful community that it is. The various daily activities from
thanking a secretary to lending a pencil to a classmate or telling a friend why you appreciate them. As
the saying goes, “Kind words & actions = huge results.”

One sixth grade health class from W.T. Clarke Middle School participated in a service learning project
with the vision and hearing impaired program at Bowling Green Elementary School. Students visited
with their "buddies" once a month. November's activities centered around fall and Thanksgiving.
Winter crafts were made in December. As a culminating activity, Clarke students will accompany
their Bowling Green friends to the Games for the Physically Challenged at Mitchell Field in June.
Clarke students enjoy being role-models and spending time getting to know their new friends. The

project enhances the health curriculum by promoting self-esteem, confidence, respect and patience, as
well as tolerance of those with special needs. Clarke's Service Learning program works to instill a
sense of citizenship and caring among our school community. The program is funded by the New
York State Education Department's Learn and Serve America grant.

The Clarke Middle School music department has just completed a series of three successful winter
concerts. Ten ensembles performed, including choruses, orchestras, bands and jazz bands from all
three grade levels. In addition, the eighth grade band performed a rousing finale with the high school
band at the high school winter concert. We are proud of all of our students and the dedication they
show to music!

Mrs. Waters Middle School Chamber Singers performed at the Reckson Plaza on December 9th. The
group performed in the lobby for employees and visitors. This select group of singers from sixth,
seventh and eighth grade sang with tremendous skill and filled the building with wonderful music!

Guest flutist Jessica Warren-Acosta recently performed for the seventh grade band at Clarke Middle
School. Ms. Warren-Acosta has performed all over the world as a soloist and chamber musician. She
is highly regarded as one of the rising stars in the classical music world. Most notably, she performed
as a soloist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in November. She has released numerous CD's, and
her performance at Clarke was a wonderful experience for our students. After her performance, the
students asked many questions about what life is like for a professional musician. In addition to
performing for the band, Ms. Warren-Acosta coached eighth grader Alexandra Leonardo, who played
an extremely challenging flute solo by J.S. Bach.

On January 13, 2009 the students at Clarke Middle School participated in the National Geographic
Bee. Student winners from each social studies class competed in the school-wide challenge.
Mr. James Dunphy, a seventh grade social studies teacher, facilitated the Bee. The school-wide
winner, sixth grader Tyler Constantine, will take a written qualifying test. If he successfully
completes the test, he will be invited to represent Clarke at the state level and may even have an
opportunity to participate in the National Geographic Bee in Washington D.C.

Our school broke all past records and collected $5,300.21 this 2008-2009 year for Penny Harvest.
Common Cents New York has granted us $4,000 in Roundtable grants. These Roundtable grants
allow us to fund projects and make donations to local, national, and world charities. The students will
be voicing their opinions for causes that they feel passionate about.


For eight years, Woodland Middle School has sponsored a holiday gift drive for students and their
families who are in need. These gift drives are successful because the staff members at Woodland
participate enthusiastically. This year, Woodland sponsored ten families and fulfilled 80 gift wishes.
The generous staff not only donated their money, but their time and talents as well by shopping,
wrapping and delivering gifts. Social worker, Laura Silvestri, and guidance counselor, Lynn Richman,
are in charge of this project. They are overwhelmed by the response to this gift drive.

Friends of Rachel and Pay It Forward clubs collected small items for “Bags of Cheer” and donated
them to the Interfaith Nutrition Network in Hempstead. Woodland Middle School students and staff
are generous and committed to the community.

Sponsored by the National Junior Honor Society and the social studies department, Woodland Middle

School held its annual school-wide National Geographic Bee on Thursday, December 11, 2008. Each
team/cluster selected one representative to compete in this event. Lydia Graham, a seventh grader,
was the Woodland Geography Bee winner for 2008. The other contestants were: Brett Bennett,
JonVincent Buffolino, Julia Caparotta, Junior Fernandez, Liam Fowler, Ben Fritzen, Preston
Greenberg, Joe Jan, Jagroop Hothi, Aleksandra Krol, Sheryar Mirza, Maiya Mohammed, and
Jacqueline Roughan.

On December 5, 2008, members of Woodland Middle School S.A.D.D. (Students Against Destructive
Decision) participated in the Kids in Action 8th Annual Youth Conference at Farmingdale State
College in an effort to promote positive self-esteem, wellness, and character education. Students were
entertained by D.J. Tim Clark of radio station 106.1 BLI and singer Amber Rose Marie who
performed “Destiny”.

John Basedow, author, fitness celebrity, and motivational speaker inspired the students with his “rags
to riches” story fueled by his undying persistence and his personal motto, “Believe in yourself and you
can accomplish anything”. He told students that today’s failure has no bearing on success tomorrow.
Students must “banish negativity and focus on the positive”. He told participants, “Everyday do
something positive to take one step to achieve your goals. When fitness is part of your lifestyle, it
raises your self-esteem.” John finished by stating, “If you believe, you can achieve.”

Fran Capo, Guinness Book World Record holder as “fastest talking female” accompanied
John Basedow. Students were impressed by the fact that she is the only author to do a book signing at
the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Fran discussed overcoming self-imposed limitations and provided
motivation for peak performance.

Prior to the conference, students were invited to enter an essay contest by writing their reflection on
one of the many inspirational catchphrases spoken by Mr. Basedow or Ms. Capo. The 500 word essay
was to state what their message meant to them and how it impacted them now and in the future.
Seventh grader Michael Pepe entered this contest.

As the Woodland Middle School students exited the conference, they were given gift bags with
souvenirs and literature to remind them of the important mission they now have as ambassadors to
spread the positive health messages that they learned.

On December 16, 2008 four chamber ensembles from Woodland Middle School performed at the
RexCorp Plaza in Uniondale. Comprised of over 80 students, each individual group performed
holiday selections that brought cheer to the community! The jazz choir was under the direction of
Mr. Doug March and Ms. Linda Braun and the chamber orchestra was conducted by
Ms. Mindy Rothmeier. The jazz ensemble was led by Mr. John Marshall and the flute choir by
Mrs. Patricia Dunn. The students’ level of performance was exceptional. Congratulations to all who

Eighth grade students at Woodland Middle School enrolled in business education, taught by
Richard Donovan and Jenifer Deacon, will begin the Spring 2009 Newsday Stock Market Game on
January 12, 2009. Students will be ranked along with middle and high school students across Nassau
County for their profit on portfolios of stocks purchased with virtual money. Teams of students will
use $100,000 virtual money to buy and sell common stocks listed on the New York, American and
NASDAQ stock exchanges during a ten week period. The students will practice a wide range of
performance standards identified in the East Meadow School exit outcomes. They include the ability
to: demonstrate problem solving and decision making skills in individual and group activities, develop

strategies in allocating resources, analyze and process information, and enhance understanding of
finance and money management. Interdisciplinary activities incorporate learning across a wide range
of academic subjects.

Clarke High School:

Jennifer Mayster, inventor of the Braille Loom, visited W. T. Clarke High School on Friday,
January 9, 2009, to conduct a workshop for teachers and students on the use of the loom. Ms. Mayster
provided information related to the teaching of Braille through the art of weaving, and the teaching of
art through Braille.

The National Braille Challenge – Regional Competition was held at W. T. Clarke High School on
Saturday, January 10, 2009. This is the second year the East Meadow School District was host for the

On Saturday, January 10, 2009, Mrs. Lucretia Piper (advisor) escorted students in the DECA club to
the Regional Competition at Hofstra University. This year 23 students entered the competition in the
categories of Apparel & Accessories Marketing, Automotive Services Marketing, Business One-on-
One, Business Services Marketing, Food Marketing, Hotel & Lodging Management Services, Sports &
Entertainment Marketing, Business Law & Ethics Management, and Buying & Merchandising

On Monday, January 12, 2009, W. T. Clarke High School was the host for the annual eighth grade into
ninth grade orientation for parents and students. The guidance counselors, department chairpersons,
and high school administration were on hand to provide information regarding course schedules,
Regents requirements, extra-curricular opportunities and much more, to the parents and students who
will be entering the high school in September 2009.

On Wednesday, January 14, 2009, there was a community forum held at East Meadow High School
for all parents and community members at 7:00 p.m. The Peer Pressure and Drug Forum provided
valuable information related to ongoing issues in our community and throughout the county. Law
enforcement officials from the first and third precincts, along with Legislator, Norma Gonzalves, led
the discussion.

Course Offering Guides were recently distributed to the students at W. T. Clarke High School. The
guidance staff will be meeting individually with students during the next two months to assist students
in selecting a challenging, yet enriching program for the upcoming school year.

On Thursday, January 22, 2009, W. T. Clarke High School hosted a Financial Aid Night for parents
and guardians. The focus of the workshop was the F.A.F.S.A. form and the ever increasing costs of a
college education. A financial aid expert from Hofstra University was on hand to assist parents in
completing the necessary forms to apply for aid, as well as to discuss alternative sources of financial

East Meadow High School:

Once again, East Meadow High School had another successful year helping the Adopt-A-Family
program. This year the students, clubs, clerical staff, administration and faculty were able to help

thirteen families in need for the holiday season. It is heartwarming to know that because of our “East
Meadow family” at East Meadow High School these young children were able to enjoy the holidays.

The World Hunger Action Club of East Meadow High School successfully ran its annual food drive
and was able donate ten large boxes of non-perishable items to Island Harvest.

For the third year in a row, students from East Meadow High School’s Principles of Marketing Class
were selected to participate in the “Company Program” project sponsored by Junior Achievement of
New York (JANY) in conjunction with the NY Islanders. This project initiated by JANY, allowed
fifteen of our students to experience a hands-on learning situation held at the New York Islanders
Headquarters at Nassau Coliseum, in Uniondale. Over a period of ten weeks, our students experienced
life as a “Corporate Executive” and created their own company which they aptly named Power Play
Productions. During this time, the students completed such tasks as setting the goals for their
company, creating a business plan, outlining company capitalization (including the selling of stock),
dividing company responsibilities, performing marketing research, developing a product, selling the
product and finally dissolving the company’s assets. The students created a long-sleeve vintage style
t-shirt for the Islanders, which was sold at their team store in the Broadway Mall and at an Islanders’
home game in December. Due to their diligence and marketing savvy, Power Play Productions not
only made a profit for their shareholders, but sold their item out in one weekend. The primary goal of
the project was to foster a hands-on learning experience for the students and provide them with
practical business skills. This project “took learning outside the classroom” and allowed the students
to apply practical business and marketing skills to a real business situation. The students who
participated in this program were able to build a portfolio of marketing for college and future
employment opportunities.

In the world of sports at East Meadow High School ….the winter season has begun. Wrestling is
underway with Rob Mancino, Nick Falco and Rocco Calderaro being the lead champs for the Jets.
The girl’s varsity basketball team started the season with a 1-2 record. Sophomore, Melissa Cohen
and senior, Krissy Curry will look to lead the attack for the Lady Jets. Juniors, Michelle Beganskas
and Hillary Hoffman will also play important roles for the team. The boys’ basketball team opened its
season with a victory over Wheatley in the first round of the Clarke Holiday Basketball tournament.
Azfar Khan was the high scorer for the Jets. The boys bowling team jumped out to a 4-0 record with
victories over powerhouses Clarke and Hicksville. The veteran squad is led by seniors Justin Juarez,
Cody Osterman, and Andy Stanley. Special congratulations to senior, David Feldman for bowling his
first career 300 game!


ELA, Social Studies, and Funded Programs:

Third through eighth grade students in all five elementary schools as well as both middle schools will
take the New York State English Language Arts assessment during the second two weeks of January.
Leading up to the assessment, the students have practiced their skills in answering multiple choice
questions, constructed-response questions, and writing essays. The students have also brushed up on
their knowledge of ELA strategies as well as their graphic organizer skills. We are proud of their hard
work and efforts!


One hundred fifty-five students from the East Meadow School District were chosen to participate in

the 2008 Nassau Music Educators Association All County Festival held at the Tilles Center during the
month of January.


Two East Meadow High School Art students, Alissa Angelino and David Feldman, had their artwork
displayed at the Hillwood Student Art Gallery at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University
from December 24, 2008 through January 21, 2009. During the closing reception, which took place on
Wednesday, January 21st, from 5 pm to 8 pm, each student was presented with an award. The
Advanced Visions Exhibition displays work by Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and
Portfolio Art Students in Nassau and Suffolk County High Schools.

Artwork from twenty-five district art students is on display at the Tilles Center Patron’s Lounge from
December 11, 2008 through January 26, 2009. These students were honored at a special reception at
the Patron’s Lounge on Wednesday, January 14th, from 5 pm to 7 pm.


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