; AXMartinsvilleIN 12x16 3240 Earl
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AXMartinsvilleIN 12x16 3240 Earl


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									   Tari     AXMartinsvilleIN 12x16 3240 EarlsAuction       PRIORITY E-MAIL PROOF

                                 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3RD, 2009 - 10:00 AM
                               SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4TH, 2009 - 12:00 PM (NOON)

                                                                      LOCATION: 150 EAST MAPLE TURN ROAD.
DIRECTIONS: Take 465 on Indianapolis Southwest side to 67 or Kentucky Ave. go southwest approx. 15.7 miles to Robb Hill Rd. (caution light) turn left (east) & go 1 blk. to Blue Bluff Rd. turn
                                     right (south) go approx. 3 miles to Maple Turn Rd. turn left to auction location (Watch for auction arrow signs).

 Auction Held Rain                                                         MARTINSVILLE, IN                                  11
                                                                                                                                                                                DAY TWO
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 or Shine Under A                                                               DAY ONE - SATURDAY, OCTOBER 3, 10:00 AM
                                      COINS: 4 gold pcs. including 1865 $20 Dbl. Eagle, 1800         ver chain made in Italy; approx. 25 turquoise men’s &
                                      $10 Eagle w/bezel & chain, 2-2006 $5 Eagles, UNC; bulk         women’s rings in silver mounts; 2 gold rope chains; 2
                                      silver and silver coins include approx. 250 silver dollars,    turquoise & silver ladies’ Squash Blossom necklaces; 2
                                      300 silver halves, 1000 silver quarters, and 3000 or more      cameo brooches; sev. turquoise bolo neckties; sev. large
                                      silver dimes, silver bars and rounds. Silver dollars include   turquoise belt buckles; sev. belt buckles w/silver coins           Over 500-700 pcs. of
                                      1884 UNC CC dollar, 2-1890 CC dollars; 57 mixed date           imbedded; sev. loose gemstones; other ladies’ Indian              very high-end antique
                                      Morgan and Peace dollars; 6 rolls (1986) American Eagle        made nacklaces & jewelry; large lot costume jewelry.                glassware, crystal,
                                      dollars; 11-2006 Amer. Eagle dollars UNC NGC 1st               ARTIFACTS: Approx. 100 misc. point, spear points,
                                                                                                                                                                       pottery, china and art
                                      Strikes; lots of individual Amer. Eagle dollars; silver IKE    drills, & ceremonial points in both Eastern Chert & Flint           glass. See web for
                                      dollars; other misc. silver and silver clad and Commemo-       and Western Obsidian; also includes birdstone; small                  photos of this
                                      rative dollars; half dollars include 11 mixed Barber halves;   axe; scraper; and others; sev. Indian-related items includ-        amazing collection!
                                      5 rolls Walking Liberty halves; 123 mixed date Walking         ing HP pictures on stone; portrait pottery; old “End of the
                                      Liberty halves; 3 rolls Franklin Silver halves; 40 mixed       Trail” and Remington prints; sev. Indian blankets; and
                                      date sil. Franklin halves; 7 rolls “64” Kennedy halves;        more.
                                      other silver and silver clad Kennedy halves; 10 Bicenten-
                                      nial silver halves; quarters include 23 rolls silver Wash-     CAST IRON: Approx. 50 tin & cast iron toys including
                                      ington quarters; 22 mixed date Barber quarters; other          Budweiser wagon w/team, Coca-Cola wagon w/team,
                                      standing Liberty, Washington & Bicentennial quarters;          fruit wagon w/team, fire wagon w/team, ice truck, individ-
                                      dimes include 31 rolls mixed silver dimes; 7 rolls Mercury     ual trolley and train cars, race cars, coal wagons, touring
                                      dimes; 21 rolls silver Roosevelt dimes; other individual       cars, sev. misc. carts & horses, JD tractor; standing deer
                                      Barber, Mercury, & Roosevelt dimes; 1914 Barber dime;          CI bank; horse’s head hitching post; CI ship doorstop; CI
                                      3-1964 UNC dimes; some foreign silver coins; lrg. lot          dog paperweight; sev. tin windup toys including train
                                      misc. V, Buffalo and early Jefferson nickels; 1911 V nick-     engine, bird in house, motorcycle w/side car, tricycles,
                                      el; 2 rolls of UNC 2005 & 2006 Jefferson nickels; misc.        die-cast Jeff Gordon NASCAR car; JD 1/16th scale trac-
                                      individual Indian head pennies include 1905 in bezel           tor; and others.
                                      w/chain, approx. 100 loose mixed date Wheat pennies;           CHURNS: 45 or more wooden, glass & stoneware churns
                                      20 or more rolls of same date Wheat pennies includes 2-        including 10G wooden, Dobson Man’f., Rockford, IL; lg.
                                      1918 & 1920, one each 1919, 1927, 1928, 1934 and oth-          wooden by Maxwell & Son, St. Mary’s Ontario, Ca; 25G
                                      ers; coin folders include Amer. Eagle silver dollars 1986-     wooden by RW Fenner; wooden “The Belle Churn” by J.
                                      2008; partial 1948-1963 Franklin halves (missing 6);           McDermaid, Rockford, IL; other wooden churns; Sev. 4, 5
                                      1937-1947 Standing Lib. halves (10 missing); 1916-1936         & 6 G stoneware (crockery) churns; sev. electric metal
                                      w/12 halves; all 3 Washington quarter folders w/a total of     churns, Dazey & Jim Dandy; Dazey #80 glass churn, St.
                                      5 missing; 1916-1945 Merc. dimes (9 missing); 6 partial        Louis, MO; 2-Dazey #20 glass churns; Dazey #30 glass
                                      Barber, Buffalo & Jefferson nickel folders; 2-1941-64          churn; glass “Home Butter”, Kohler & Son, Chicago, IL; 2-
                                      w/60 small date penny folders; 2 1941-1974 w/60 small          #4 Red Top Dazey churns; #8 Dazey gl. churn w/red top
                                      date penny folders; 5 other partial penny folders; large lot   & unusual shape; 2 qt. unmarked gl. churn; “Nat’l. Ideal”
                                      Commemorative coins including 1925 Stone Mountain;             glass churn, Toledo, OH; other glass churns; other
                                      silver rounds; token; 1964 mint & proof sets; paper            assorted churns and dairy-related items.
                                      money includes 1917 red label large $1 bill,                   MISC.: 1981 Honda Express moped (was running, needs
                                      #T61058433A; 9-1953 Series $2 bills; other $2 bills; $1 &      battery?); large German iron eagle w/swastika from build-
                                      $5 sil. certificates and much more.                            ing in Berlin; sm. brass ashtray w/Swastika and boy pee-
                                      GUNS: Approximately 35 shotguns, rifles, and pistols           ing; working pinball machine “Chicago Coin Hollywood”
                                      including Browning O/U Belgium (Lightning) 20 ga.,             machine, man’f. Chicago, IL by Dynamic Industries Incl.,
                                      2¾x3” SN 61610V70; Remington 30-06 cal., Md. #7400             Mdl. #464, 120 volt, 360 watts, has an expired 1979 per-
                                      w/Simmons scope; Remington 22 cal. Md. #522 Viper;             mit tag issued in Indpls.; brass Nat’l. cash register, Mdl.
                                      Revelation (Western Auto) Md. #110, 22 cal.; Iver-John-        #2114, electric; Elgin coffee grinder, Woodruff & Edwards
                                      son 20 ga. “Champion” single shot; Mossberg 22 cal. Mdl.       & Co.; 14” cloisonne vase; collection of 15 gold umbrella
                                      #46M; Hunter Arms (L.C. Smith) side-by-side dbl. 12 ga.;       handles in display case; 2 coffee mills, Philadelphia,
                                      Baikal dbl. 12 ga., Mdl. #MP213, “Bounty Hunter” coach         dated 1884 and Elgin National; Indpls. Brewing Co. metal
                                      gun; Remington Speed Master 22 cal., Md. #552; Arabi-          match holder; 2 other match holders; sev. old lighters;
                                      an “Camel Rider’s” long rifle w/silver banding, bone or        Jasper furniture Zippo rule; Olympic Brewing adv. pen
                                      ivory inlay (no maker info.); Baikal O/U 12 ga., Md.           holder; old Marlboro neon sign; Eastman Kodak Timer,
                                      #1ZH27; Mossberg 20 ga. pump, Md. #500C; Remington             NY; old balance scales w/milk glass plates; #4 Stanley
                                      12 ga., 870 Express; Marlin (Glenfield) semi-automatic,        plane; Pflueger casting reel, Mdl. #1375; sev. pcs. soap-
                                      22 cal. Md. #60; Springfield (Savage) 410 ga., pump Md.        stone carvings; 4 meat saws; old apple peelers; old metal
                                      #67E; Remington 5 MM, Md. #59ZM w/Weaver scope,                food choper; old stopwatch in box; Big Ben alarm clock;
                                      bolt action; Mossberg 12 ga. single shot Mdl. 500 w/extra      sev. collectible soda bottles; old postcards; complete car-
                                      slug barrel; Brasileiera (K-Mart) 20 ga. single shot; white    bide lamp kit w/leather cap; Martinsville items include
                                      powder Wonder 12 ga. single shot; Franchi 12 ga. Md.           sev. postcards, Branch and Seed Grain Co. thermometer;
                                      #500 semi-automatic; Riverside Arms dbl. side-by-side          3 Old Hickory binders; other Old Hickory papers; Mar-
                                      12 ga.; New England “Pardner” 12 ga., single shot;             tinsville book and more.
                                      Thompson Center 50 cal. w/Tasco scope; CVA 45 cal.
                                      long rifle; Mossin Nagant M-91-59, 7.62x54R; MAX 7.5
                                      French complete pkg. MLE 1949-1956 SN H53392; old
                                      HSB       Ruso       single      shot;   Hungarian      M44
                                      1953/R1027G/2.62x54, BE 2067; British 303, #1-MK11
                                      Enfield Ishapore Royal (rare); pistols include SW 22 cal.
                                      Md. #63; SW 38 SPL Md. #36 w/holster; SW 22 cal. Md.
                                      #17 K22 w/maple grips; damaged old 38 pistol, single
                                      action; starter pistol; Crosman Md. #357 air pistol; other
                                      gun-related items include Ka-Bar knife, #1205 USA;
                                      Bucheimer holster & belt; hand tooled holster & belt
                                      never worn; small tan leather holster; Weaver B4 scope;
                                      Allison Faulkner cleaning rod and more.
                                      KNIVES: 2 sets of commemorative Case XX knives
                                      which include 75th Anniv. set w/3 knives in original case
                                      & 7 pcs. collector’s set w/matching numbers in orig. case;
                                      other knives including Barlow pocketknife; Imperial pock-
                                      etknives; advertising knives; watermelon plugging knife
                                      (rare); unusual quill cutter’s knife; sev. straight razors;    “ONE OF INDIANA’S OLDEST & LARGEST
                                      and others.                                                           AUCTION COMPANIES”
                                      JEWELRY: Wrist worn lady’s compact & lipstick holder
                                      w/over 120 diamonds mounted in 14K gold case,                  EARL E. CORNWELL, JR. C.A.I. - C.A.G.A.
                                      includes certified jeweler’s appraisal in 1987; closed face
                                      Tavannes Watch Co. pocket watch w/chain, BPOE elks                   AU08900063 • 317-291-5843
                                      tooth & knife; lady’s gold brooch watch, Theus Brosi,
                                      Duber, Canton, OH, w/silver chain; Elgin Nat. Watch Co.,           CORNWELL - MARTIN - CORNWELL
                                      key wind pocket watch with key in coin silver case w/sil-      # Over 130 Years Auctioneering Experience #

                                                                                                                                                            ª        DAY TWO
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                                                            DAY TWO - SUNDAY, OCTOBER 4, 12:00 PM NOON
POTTERY: Newcomb College 5½” vase, Moon Shining Through Pine Trees, in grey and blue                       piece large oak Phelp’s Drugstore wall showcase with mirrored back and sliding glass doors,
greens, very rare; Bennington toby pitcher; salt glazed stoneware pitcher; sev. pcs. Van Briggle           approx. 8’ tall and 9’ long; Herty Gerty music box w/6 rolls in excellent condition; Edison record
including 19½” Rose colored vase w/nude & water lilies; 17¼” blue green vase w/storks; 8¼” rose            player in oak cabinet w/storage below, 43 thick records, Mdl. #250, works great; small crank type
colored vase w/dogwood flowers; hound handled stoneware creamer w/dog and deer scene on                    toy player piano; lrg. dbl. rope pedestal walnut claw & ball foot table w/wooden balls; ornate lyre
side, mint condition; Weller “Frog on Lily Pad” frog w/5 holes; Roseville dbl. handled planter 15”x4”      pedestal table; lrg. oval marble top table w/oak frame & brown marble top; oak washstand w/yoke
in blue w/dogwood flowers; Roseville snuff bottle; sev. pcs. Rookwood including 6”x4” pink vase;           & towel bar; hand carved Viking oak RomWeber desk w/matching side cabinet, ashtray, & swivel
rose colored 3¾”x1¾” frog; pink vase 5½”x3”; creamer & sugar; Hull Art fan shaped dbl. handled             chair; 3 desk companion chairs; lrg. oak claw footed
vase, USA#W15, 10½” tall; 2 Roseville Hyde Park #1900, advertising ashtrays; clay vase 20” tall            curved glass dbl. doored china cabinet; oak china
w/applied handles & glazed lizards; sev. pcs. Mexican Wahaka pottery; other pottery.                       cabinet w/rope pillars, curved sides and leaded top
ART GLASS: Signed Handel reverse painting 10” vase (rare); Steuben Calcite 12” bowl, mint; 2               door; 5 newer oak china cabinets used to display
Stevens & Williams vases w/applied leaves & flowers, 11½” & 10” in amber, pink & white; Daum               glassware in this sale; Globe-Wernicke Co., Cinn.,
Nancy 5¼” vase; portrait vase, possibly Durand; art glass rose bowl w/applied gold; pr. Moser 9½”          OH, 3 section oak bookcase; other sections of
aqua vases w/applied enameled flowers; Moser Mugs in amberina to clear; threaded Moser cup;                stacked bookcases; lrg. oak pedestal fern stand; 4
Moser champagne cup; cranberry Illusion Moser perfume bottle w/applied flowers, no atomizer; 6”            drawer nightstand; oak footstool w/gingerbread sides
amberina vase w/applied silver; enameled rose bowl in tan & gold, signed Millipertui; pink quilted         and needlepoint top; bronze rearing horse on marble
satin cracker jar w/silver plate rim and handle; other quilted satin including fluted topped vase, per-    base, signed Frederic Remingotn; bronze Mountain
fume bottle, 3½” paperweight, & others; pr. pink handblown S/P shakers; cased satin rose blow;             Man on Horse w/mountain lion; and more.
clear glass rose bowl w/gold appliqué; art glass Wick lamp; and more.                                      LAMPS: Brass student lamp w/original kerosene
CHINA: RS Prussia 10” swan scene tankard pitcher; RS Prussia 13” “Rose” tankard pitcher; RS                holder, 11/81, 2 shades, one cased green the other
Prussia dlb. handled celery dish; HP Nippon sq. bowl w/chestnuts, leaves & branches in High                milk glass, has been electrified; rare footed table lamp
Relief; 2 red “Drop Rose” Haviland plates; “Drop Rose” Haviland C/S; 10 or more pcs. Royal                 w/oak base, punched brass paneled shade and glass
Bayreuth including tapestry 4” pitcher w/dog chasing moose, 5¾” vase w/sailboat scene; 5¾”                 beaded fringe; red satin globe banquet lamp; lrg.
pitcher w/coach & horse scene, 6½” pitcher w/herding turkeys scene, 2-4½” vases w/castle &                 domed leaded glass hanging shade w/fruit; lrg.
grazing cows scene, 3½” “Shell” creamer, lobster creamer & cov. sugar w/cabbage leaf under                 domed leaded hanging shade w/long narrow pcs.,
plates; Royal Bayreuth Bavarian 5½” pitcher w/HP butterflies; Royal Bayreuth Bavarian RS Prus-             possibly a Frank Lloyd Wright design; green satin
sia #89 swan scene dbl. handled 10” vase; GDA France glazed humidor, 4”x5” w/HP dbl. pipes on              Fenton GWTW lamp; large leaded picture window in
lid & reclining lion on side, very rare; Kaufman beehive portrait demitasse C/S, signed Seicher; 3         frame w/Peacock & Branches; leaded dome table
pcs. blue lustre condiment set, complete; potpourri jar, HP milk glass, signed Thomas Webb; Doul-          lamp w/drapery sides in grape clusters, over 200 pcs.
ton Oblong washstand pitcher & bowl set, 1872 Burslem, England; English “Floral” pitcher & bowl            in shade; leaded glass “Dragonfly” table lamp; chalk
set; Eng. chamber pot; 2 Taiga 13½” plates from Martinsville Home Lawn gift shop; blue enameled            simulating bronze floor lamp w/dolphin and mermaid,
dish in wire holder; Bavarian “Rose” cake plate; old Staffordshire swan neck pitcher, 8½”, rare &          leaded glass panel; 18” Galle type lamp; Wright
mint; Flow Blue plate; Priscilla & John Adams Historical Flow Blue plate, marked R&M; 4 RS Ger-            GWTW milk glass lamp; other Tiffany type leaded and
man berry bowls; Grand Army of the Republic Convention flask w/portraits of Lincoln, McKinley &            foil lamps; milk glass handled miniature lamp; amber
Garfield with original cloth strap; Royal Doulton 10½” plate w/harnessed horses; 3 Royal Doulton           satin case glass miniature lamp; Westmoreland Fairy
toby mugs; 35 or more pcs. “Jewel Tea” china including nest of bowls, Aladdin teapot, S/P shak-            lamp in orig. box; sev. signed Gibson Fairy lamps;
ers, 2 cov. tureens, and water glasses; RS Silesia HP plate; serv. for 8 w/lots of side pcs., Occu-        other miniature lamps.
pied Japan Noritake dishes; sev. bone china S/C; Wedgwood cream pitcher w/deer & farm scene;               PICTURES: Large lot of pictures, paintings & prints
Wedgwood plaque w/angels; footed portrait cup; many more German, Bavarian, English & Japan-                including signed winter scene watercolor; lrg. oil
ese pcs. of china.                                                                                         w/man & oxen planting; lrg. oil, western desert scene,
PATTERN GLASS: Very rare marigold Carnival on milk glass bowl 7¾”x2¼” deep, w/“Blackberry”                 signed Wilma Groom, Utah; lrg. oil spatula painted
pattern on reverse & “Peacock at the Urn” inside; “Dakota” water set w/6 tumblers in green with            Mexican Village scene, signed; old French parlor
gold trim; 3 pcs. “Daisy & Button with V” includes water pitcher, pickle castor (complete), & small        scene print; 2 outstanding lrg. pencil drawings, Wheat
cup; 3 pcs. “Reverse 44” pattern including footed bowl, 12” pitcher & dbl. handled toothpick; cran-        Harvest and parlor scene, artist signed and dated
berry-to-clear w/applied gold straw holder; “Klondike” open sugar; “Square Lion” compote w/lid;            1917 & 1918; lrg. lot other pictures and frames.
“Sq. Lion” 9” open compote; “Sq. Lion” toothpick holder; “Log Cabin” spooner; “Grasshopper”                RUGS: 4½’x2½’ oval hooked rug; oblong hooked rug;
spooner; “Deer & Dog” cov. candy dish; Hobbs, Wheeling, W.Va., dated 1888 “Window” patt. cran-             hand loomed Indian rug from Celeto, Mexico; intri-
berry open topped jar; 2 Heisey shot glasses in original wrapping paper w/Heisey logo; pr. Heisey          cately embroidered silk bedspread w/matching bolster
type candlesticks; cobalt blue swan vase with Duncan Miller mold, stamped IG; Fenton peach blow            cover, commissioned and made between 1932-37 in
bowl in “Shell” pattern, circa 1940; other Fenton pieces; tall red Fostoria “Coin” compote; emerald        China, one of a kind; more.
                                green Fostoria “Coin” compote; 12” Fostoria silver overlay bowl;
                                “Paisley” cruet; “Paisley” open celery; green opalescent “Cherry &         IRONWOOD: Over 200 pcs. Mexican ironwood, the
                                Band” water set w/8 tumblers; serv. for 8 Fostoria type snack set;         large pcs. (2’ or taller) include Pelican, very lrg. Moun-
                                pressed Ruby souv. glass water set; 6” Millefiori cruet; and much          tain Goat, Moose, sev. Buffalos, all sizes, sev. Eagles
                                more.                                                                      w/different wing positions, Hawks, Dog w/Duck,
                                                                                                           Rhino, Indian Medicine Man, 2 Toros includes Steer
                                MISC. GLASSWARE: Red Bohemian etched bowl; pr. red Dolphin                 and Brahma; steer head on plaque, Rearing Bear,
                                candlesticks by Dalzell Viking; Peloton threaded covered jar w/lid;        large Western Quail, 3’ long Alligator, 30” Swordfish,
                                7¾” green vase w/gold trim; pink Fostoria miniature rose bowl; hand-       Rodeo Cowboy Riding Bull, Wolf, 2 Roadrunners,
                                blown fish from Milan, Italy; handblown 5” twisted stem glass pipe; 6”     Eagle on Globe, Stork, 2 Walking Bears, Sea Turtle,
                                art glass vase signed Brian Maytum, 1987; case of 12, cobalt blue          lrg. Owl, Bear w/Suckling Cub, Fighting Roosters,
                                Viking stemmed goblets; lg. lot other Viking glass; sev. pcs. IG Car-      Lion, Horned Toad, Ram, Whale, Sea Lion, Sitting
                                nival; sev. pcs., Fenton including lg. cobalt blue “Grape” punch bowl,     Swan, Rearing Horse, and many more smaller pieces.
                                footed “Lion” bowl; Westmoreland glassware including large “Hen-
                                on-Nest” w/red head; sev. pcs. Albert Sickles etched glass including       AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: Even though this is a very
                                water set, other signed pieces; 6 cobalt “Cherry Band” tumblers; sev.      long lisiting, it doesn’t completely describe all the
                                signed Gibson cruets and paperweights; lg. lot misc. colored col-          items in this sale. This will be a 2-FULL-DAY Sale.
                                lectible glassware in vaseline, cranberry, hunter green, amethyst, &       Lodging available in and around Martinsville. Please
                                more.                                                                      consult the Internet to get a better idea of the volume
                                                                                                           and quality of this sale and to view pictures.
                                FURNITURE: Outstanding countertop polyphone music box w/33-19
                                5/8” discs, working perfectly; trade stimulator bicycle in case from old
                                 Lewisville Grocery and Guy’s IGA in Paragon w/documentation; one

                                                # THE DILLOWS LIFELONG COLLECTION #
                                This is over a 60-year collection - Selling all at public auction with no extra
                                auctioneer’s fee - No buyer’s premium & no sales tax!
                                 Visit our award-winning website for over 500 color photos of this auction
                                                       & directions to auction site at:
                                                      MARTINSVILLE LODGING:
                                       Best Western 765-342-4842; Holiday Day Inn 765-813-3999;
                                                       Quality Inn 765-346-6444                                         “ONE OF INDIANA’S OLDEST &
                                  TERMS: Cash - MasterCard - Visa - Debit Card. We do not accept paper                 LARGEST AUCTION COMPANIES”
                                      checks (We do not charge extra for using your credit cards).                      EARL E. CORNWELL, JR. C.A.I. - C.A.G.A.
                                  OWNERS: EVERY ITEM SOLD BELONGS TO MR. & MRS. JOE DILLOW                                   AU08900063 • 317-291-5843
                                                                                                                           CORNWELL - MARTIN - CORNWELL
                                                  NO BUYER’S PREMIUM CHARGED!                                         # Over 130 Years Auctioneering Experience #

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