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                                   By the Constituent Conference
                                         Of the All-Russian Sport
                                             Public Organization
                               «National Badminton Federation of
                                                 Russia » (NFBR)
                                              26 November 1998.


The All-Russian Sport Public Organization
«National Badminton Federation of Russia»

             Moscow - 1998.
                                 ARTICLE 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS

        1.1. The All-Russian Sport Public Organization “National Badminton Federation of Russia”
(NBFR), further in the text “Federation”, is an All-Russian public association created in the form of
a public organization, acting on the basis of the Constitution and Legislation of the Russian
Federation, the Charter of the International Badminton Federation (IBF) and the present Charter. In
case there are different interpretations and double meaning in the International Badminton
Federation and the present Charter with regards to the questions of their competence, the Charter of
the International Badminton Federation (IBF) has a privilege.
      1.2. The Federation carries out its activity, not allowing discrimination of political, racial,
national, religious character.
      1.3. The activity of the Federation is extends over the territory of more than a half of the
subjects of the Russian Federations within the limits, stipulated by the present Charter.
      1.4. The official name of the federation in Russian is “Спортивная Общественная
Организация «Национальная Федерация бадминтона России»”. The official name of the
federation in English is “National Badminton Federation of Russia”. The shortcuts are НФБР and
NBFR correspondingly, the variants of which are equivalent.
1.1.        The federation is a legal entity from the moment of the state registration and it has a
round stamp, settlement and current accounts in banks of the Russian Federation both in rubles and
in foreign currency, it also has a symbol, headed note-papers, certificates, a flag and a pendant (after
the state registration, carried out in the established order), badges.

1.2.        The location of the Presidium: Moscow, the Russian Federation.

                            ARTICLE 2. FEDERATION GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

       2.1. The goals of the Federation are:
      а) Development of badminton as a popular sport for the popularization of universal values
and a healthy life-style;
      b) Participation in international and other tournaments, establishment and development of
international sports connections, related to the issues, associated with the federation activities;
       c) Participation in the development and introduction of organizational - legal documents,
facilitating the development of badminton on the basis of international norms, also the creation of a
social security and legal protection system for all Federation members - sportsmen, trainers and
other experts;
       d)       Assurance the organization, functioning and development of badminton.
       2.2. The objectives of the Federation are:
      а) Providing the Federation members, interested persons and organizations with
informational-methodical information and reference books, sport equipment;

      b) Development of rules, provisions and instructions, stipulating the conductance of
competitions, preparation and certification of sportsmen, trainers and judges within the framework
of Federation;
      c) Creation of a badminton material base - centers and complexes;
     d) Preparation and certification of sportsmen, trainers and judges within the framework of
Federation, participation in the formation and preparation of combined teams for taking part in
badminton competitions;
      e) Organization of internal badminton competitions at all levels, development of
international sports connections and participation in international badminton competitions;
    f) Popularization of badminton among the population of the Russian Federation, especially
among children and teenagers;
      g) Participation in various actions with projects, promoting the development of badminton;
      h) Assisting in the manufacture of necessary sport stock and equipment and/or purchasing
such stock and equipment abroad, centralized supply of this stock to Federation branches;
      i) Participation in the organization of mass concerts and sports events;
     g) Conducting publishing activities, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

      3.1. The federation recognizes and accepts the general fundamental principles and rules of the
International Olympic movement, directed to the development of sports, as a mass and democratic
movement. The federation cooperates or participates in the activities of various national and
international organizations, developing badminton.
    3.2. The federation builds its activity on the principles of voluntarism, equality of all
members, self-management, legality and publicity.
      3.3. The federation possesses exclusive rights for registered in the established order symbols
and attributes, for all kinds of cinema- photo- video filming and broadcasts from all events, arranged
by the Federation; the Federation possesses exclusive distribution rights for all kinds of printed
matters, video – cinema - photo production, created as a result of the Federation activity.


     4.1. The Federation has the following rights with a view of realization of its goals and
     а) Carry out business activities in the order, established by law, for the purpose of achieving
     set goals;
     b) Form economic entities, societies and other organizations, provided that business incomes
should be used only for the achievement of set goals and should not be distributed between
Federation members;
      c) Freely distribute information about the Federation activity;
      d) Carry out meetings, processions, conferences, public sporting and cultural events;
     e)   Establish mass media and carry out publishing activity;
     f) Represent and protect rights, legitimate interests of Federation members in government
bodies, local government institutions and public organizations;
     g) Express initiatives with regards to various issues, concerning public life, put forward
proposals to government bodies;
     h) Fully carry out the powers stipulated by the Federal law on public organizations;
     i) Enter into international public associations, maintain contacts and communications,
conclude corresponding agreements;
      k) Carry out All-Russia and regional badminton competitions within the framework of the
Federation, participate in the preparation of candidates for national combined teams, represent the
interests of the Russian badminton players and Federations on the international arena and in
international sports organizations;
     l) Independently determine the Federation internal structure, forms and working methods,
budgets, staff;
      m) Obtain and rent ground areas, structures, buildings, property, transport and other material
assets, necessary to carry out the Federation activity;
     n) Set and collect membership fees.

     4.2. The Federation is obliged:
     а) To observe the legislation of the Russian Federation, standard principles and international
law norms, concerning the Federation field activity, as well as norms, stipulated by the present
     b) To provide free access to the report on the Federation funds and property usage;
      c) To present reports, information and documents about the Federation activity in
corresponding government bodies in the order established by law;
      d) To inform members of the Federation activity, as well as organization, with which contracts
with certain obligation performance are concluded.
                                ARTICLE 5. FEDERATION STRUCTURE

       5.1. The federation is formed on the territorial principle and it carries out its activity on the
territory of more than a half of the Russian Federation subjects.
5.1.        Regional branches operate on the basis of the present Charter or on the basis of their own
charters, not contradicting to the Federation Charter.
5.2.       The supreme governing body, acting according to the Federation Charter, is the General
meeting, called by the Branch Chairman at least once per year. During the period between meetings,
the branch governing body is the Board, headed by the Branch Chairman. The competence of the
General meeting includes consideration of any questions, related to the branch activity, among them:
Elections of the Branch Chairman, Board and control authority of the branch for the period of 3
(Three) years, approval of the reports by Branch Chairman and control authority, admittance of new
Federation members- individuals. The decisions of the branch general meeting are law competent if
more than 50 (fifty) percent of members are present at the meeting. Decisions are made by the
simple majority of voices.
5.3. A regional branch is admitted into the Federation by means of an address to the Board and the
Board’s corresponding decision (simple majority of voices of the total number of the Board
5.1. Federation branches acquire rights of a legal entity in the order, established by the current
5.2. Branches and representative offices of the Federation are not legal entities and operate on the
basis of provisions, approved by the Federation Presidium.

                                ARTICLE 6. FEDERATION MEMBERSHIP

6.1. Federation members can be legal entities - public associations and individuals (citizens of the
Russian Federation, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship), sharing the Federation goals
and wishing to participate in the Federation activity.
6.2.        A member of the Federation has the right:
       а)       To elect and be elected in the Federation governing bodies;
      b)      To use sport equipment of the Federation in the established order, obtain various help
from the Federation;
      c) To use Federation attributes in the established order, participate in Federation conferences
with the right to have one casting vote;
      d) To present projects to the Presidium for their fulfillment. The projects shall coincide with
the goals and objectives of the Federation. A member shall facilitate the projects fulfillment.
     e) To receive full information about Federation activities, as well as any another information
products, created by the Federation, or received from others sources;
      f) To leave voluntary the Federation membership, having notified the branch governing body
(individuals) or the Federation Presidium about it.
      6.3.     A member of the Federation is obliged:
      а) To observe the Federation Charter and decisions of its governing bodies;
      b) To participate in events, arranged by the Federation on a regular basis;
      c) To pay membership fees.
      6.4. Legal entities, public associations have to submit the following documents to the
Presidium in order to be granted the Federation membership:
      а) The governing body decision in the established form;
      b) Notarially certified copy of the Registration Certificate;
     c) The full list of members with information about them in the form established by the
      d) Other necessary information, demanded by the Presidium.
6.5. Federation Membership can be granted to public associations - legal entities on the basis of the
Presidium decision, made by the simple majority of voices of the total number of Presidium
members, present at the meeting. The Presidium submits its decision for approval at the next
Federation Conference. Federation membership is granted to individuals on the basis of personal
applications to the Federation Presidium or regional branches governing bodies.
6.6. Any member, wishing to leave the Federation, should notify the Federation about it one month
in advance. The leave from the Federation is established according to the order of admittance into
the Federation.
6.7. If the actions of a Federation member violate the Charter, causing material or mental damage to
the Federation, such a member can be excluded from the Federation on the basis of the Presidium
decision with the subsequent approval at the next Conference.

                                ARTICLE 7. OPERATING CONTROL

      7.1. The Conference is the supreme governing body and it is carried out at least once a year.
       7.2. The date of the conference, agenda, representation quota is established by the Presidium
and is informed to the Federation members in writing not later then 30 days before the Conference
    7.3. Each delegate of the Conference has one voice. Guests, who are not the Federations
members, or representatives of legal entities - Federation members, do not participate in a vote.
      7.4. The Conference is considered to be law competent, if more then a half of elected
delegates are present.
7.5. The Conference is led by the Federation President or Vice-President, assigned by him. In
special cases delegates can elect the Conference Chairman among themselves by the simple majority
of voices.
7.6. Conference decisions are approved, as a rule, by open voting.
     7.7. A decision is deemed accepted, if more than a half of delegates present at the
Conference, voted in its favor.
7.8.       An extraordinary Conference can be held by the request of the Presidium, President,
revision committee or on the basis of a written request of more than a half of the Federation
members. The Presidium in this case is obliged to make a decision about holding the Conference in
2-month's time.
7.9. Port- back election Conferences are held once in four years.
      7.10. The following topics relate to the exclusive competence of the Conference:
      а) Determination of the main activity directions of the Federation;
      b) Review and approval of the President, Presidium and Revision committee reports, their
performance assessment;
     c) Approval of the new edition of the Charter, as well as modification and additions in the
      d) Election of the President, Vice-presidents, Presidium members, Executive secretary and
revision committee members, determination of terms of their powers and their preterm termination.
      e) Making decision, regarding liquidation and reorganization of the Federation.
       7.11. The Conference has the right to consider any other question, related to the Federation
activity at its sessions, if it does not contradict the Charter, take a decision regarding the Charter,
obligatory for Federation governing bodies and members.

      7.13. The Presidium is elected at the Conference for the period of 4 years and it is a
constantly operating governing body of the Federation. The presidium fulfils the rights and duties of
a legal entity on behalf of the Federation.
      7.14. The Presidium structure includes: the President, the Vice-presidents, Executive
Secretary as well as Presidium members, elected by the Conference in the determined number.
      7.15.     The Presidium competence includes:
      а) Decision-making on holding the Conference, determination of the agenda, date and venue
and representation quotas of the delegates;
      b) Approval of competition rules, calendar plan of All-Russia and international events;
       c) Admittance of Federation members and their exclusion according to the Charter, decision-
making on the opening of regional branches, affiliates and representative offices and coordination of
their activity;
        d) Determination of membership fees;
     e) Determination of contract terms, agreements with sportsmen and trainers, combined
teams, contracts with organizations;
    f) Approval of the list of Federation commissions, determination of their activity fields and
      g) Approval of the number and salaries of the Federation personal, coordination of issues
regarding the appointment and dismissal of employees, occupying supervising positions in the the
        h) Manage the Federation funds and property;
      i) The presidium has the right to make decisions on other issues, related to the Federation
activity, not related to the exclusive competence of the Federation Conference of.
7.16. Presidium Sessions are carried out at least 4 (four) times per year. A Presidium Session is led
by the Federation President or by one of the vice-presidents, assigned by him.
Presidium decisions are approved by the simple majority of voices of the Presidium members,
present at the session.
7.17. A Presidium session is considered to be law competent if more than a half of Presidium
members are present at the session. The date and agenda of a Presidium session is determined by the
Federation President or by Vice-president on his behalf.
A notice about the convocation of the Presidium is sent to all Presidium members not later than 15
(fifteen) days before its beginning.
7.18. Commissions, committees, councils on various directions of the Federation activity are formed
at the Presidium. The list of formed commissions, committees, and councils is to be approved by the
Presidium. Chairmen (Heads) of these bodies are elected at the body’s sessions.
Regulations about a committee, council, commission are approved by the Federation President.

7.19. The President is elected at the Conference for the period of 4 years and is an authorized
representative of the Federation in all instances. The President also presides at Presidium sessions.
7.2.         The President:
        а) Heads the work of the Federation according to the present Charter;
        b) Has the right to singe all documents of the Federation;
      c) Submits program projects and plans of the Federation for approval at the Conference, as
well as their performance reports;
     d) Acts on behalf of the Federation and represents it in establishments, enterprises and
organizations without the power of attorney, opens settlement and other accounts in banks, issues
powers of attorney;
        e) Disposes of the Federation property within the limits, established by the Presidium;
        f) Distributes duties between vice-presidents and other heads of the Federations;
        g) Concludes contracts and agreements on behalf of the Federation;
         h) Approves the list of staff, hires and dismisses employees in accordance with the list of
         i) Makes decisions and issues orders with regards to the issues, related to the Federation
     k) Does any other actions, necessary for the achievement of goals and task performances,
except for the actions, which, according to the present Charter, are related to the competence of the
Conference and Presidium.
      7.21. The President can be re-elected ahead of schedule by the Conference decision, approved
by the majority (two third) of voices of the total number of members, present at the Conference.

         722. Vice-presidents are elected at the Conference for the period of 4 years.
      7.23. Vice-presidents, whose number is determined by the Conference, assist the President in
the performance of his duties, do the sections of his work, assigned to them. The President can be
replaced by one of Vice-presidents on his instruction.

         Executive Secretary
         7. 24. The Executive secretary is elected at the Conference for the period of 4 years.
     7.25. The Executive Secretary conducts the Federation documentation, prepares and makes
out materials of the Presidium and Conference session, keeps communication with Federation
members other elected bodies, international organizations.

         Revision committee
         7. 26. The Revision Committee is elected at the Conference for the period of 4 years.
     7.27. The Revision Committee (RC) controls the observance of the Charter and financial and
economic activity of the Federation.
      7.28. The Revision Committee can do inspections as under their own initiative as well as upon
request of the Conference or Presidium.
       7.29. Members of the Revision Committee have the right to demand from the Federation
officials all documents necessary for the RC work as well as personal explanations.
     7.30. The Revision Committee submits inspection results to the Conference. Members of the
Revision Committee cannot occupy any supervising position in the Federation apparatus.


         8.1. The property of Federation is formed of:
         а) Incomes from publishing, business and foreign trade activities;
     b) The property, acquired for the own Federation funds, rented property, presented by other
persons or created by Federation;
      c) Various receipts and help from the Federation members, foreign persons, organizations;
     d) Other legal incomes received as a result of the Federation activity;
     e) Entrance and membership fees;
      f) Incomes from civil transactions.
8.2. The Federation  can have in its ownership ground areas, buildings, structures, constructions,
housing resources, transport, equipment, stock, property of cultural, social and health-improving
character, monetary resources, shares and others securities and other property necessary for the
material security of the Federation activities, specified in the present Charter. The Federation can
also have in its ownership establishments, publishing houses, mass media, formed and acquired by
the Federations for its own funds, according to its set goals.
                   according to the current legislation, carries out the possession, usage and
8.3. The Federation,
management of its property, according to its activity goals.
8.4. The proprietorof the property is the Federation as a whole. Each separate Federation member
has no property right for a share in the property, belonging to the Federation.
8.5. The Federation regional branches, which are structural divisions of the Federation and carry out
their activity on the basis of the present Charter, have the right to manage the property on a daily
basis. The right is granted to them by the Federation.
8.6. Business Incomes of the Federation are not redistributed between the Federation members and
are used only for the authorized purposes.
8.7. The Federation Presidium carries out proprietor rights for the property on behalf of the


     9.1. Modifications and additions to the Federation Charter are brought in accordance with the
Conference decision and are approved by the simple majority of voices of the delegates present at
the Conference.
      9.2. Approved changes and additions are registered in the order, established by law.


      10.1. Reorganization (merge, connection, division, separation, transformation) or liquidation
of the Federation can be done in accordance with the Conference decision, approved by the simple
majority of voices of the delegates present at the Conference.
      10.2. The liquidation of the Federation can be done in accordance with a court decision in the
order, stipulated by the current legislation.
      10.3. The liquidation and reorganization of the Federation is carried out in the order,
determined by the Civil Law.
       10.4. The property, remaining as a result of the Federation liquidation, shall be used for the
purposes, stipulated by the present Charter in accordance with the Conference decision after the
satisfaction of creditors’ requirements. Documents about the list of staff of the Federation are
transferred into the State archive for storage in the established order after the liquidation.


August, 09 2005
I, Kuzmenko S.S., acting for the notary of Moscow Mikhalina A.V., certify the identity of this copy
with the original of the document, the latter has no erasures, postscripts, crossed out words and
other non-specified corrections or other peculiarities.
       Registration No 2-2901
       Fee is collected in the amount of 500 rubles
Notary (signature) Kuzmenko S.S.
Notary of Moscow
Mikhalina A.V.

                     CONVENTION DE LA HAYE DU 5 OCTOBRE 1961

   1. Russian Federation
This public document
   2. has been signed by Kuzmenko S.S.
   3. acting in the capacity of acting Notary
   4. bears the seal/stamp of the said Notary
   5. at Moscow 6. the 16.08.2005
   7. by Siomin Yu.Yu. deputy head of Principal Department of federal register office
   of the city of Moscow
   8. Number 15376
   9. Stamp:
   Ministry of justice of Russian Federation
   Federal register office
  Department of federal register office of the city of Moscow
  10. signature

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