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									 NEWS LETTER
 _________                                    Planners Pen
Vol. 1 No. 4                       Newsletter of the Atlantic Planners Institute/ Le bulletin de l’Insitut des urbanites de l’Atlantique
November 2001                      an affiliate of the Canadian Institute of Planners/un member de l’Institut canadien des Urbanistes

                       A.P.I. at Ground Zero?
                 Professional Planners and Planning
INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                                                                                         ought to place on the definition of
---------------------------                                                                                planning. This latter quest was
EDITORIAL                                                                                                  specifically to help API to cope
           Planners at Ground Zero                                                                         with the ever-increasing difficulty
THE PREZ SEZ                                                                                               of defining what a professional
           It’s a new Administration!                                                                      planner is and does.
LOOKING AHEAD IN API                                                                                             According to our “mother
           API Council action                                                                              ship”, the CIP, Planning “means
FROM CIP COUNCIL                                                                                           the scientific, aesthetic, and orderly
           New urban research effort                                                                       disposition of land, resources,
AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE                                                                                      facilities and services with a view to
           Work that is worthy of                                                                          securing the physical, economic and
           honourable mention                                                                              social efficiency, health and
MESSAGES FROM THE SCHOOLS                                                                                  well-being of urban and rural
           Changes                                                                                         communities.”
CIP CONFERENCE, 2003                                                                                             CIP further goes on to say that
           Nova Scotia beckons                objectives that were carefully crafted to           “responsible planning has always been
API FALL CONFERENCE 2001                      introduce havoc, chaos and death where              vital to the sustainability of safe, healthy,
           Newfoundland hosted                there has been beauty, order and life.              and secure urban environments. Canada’s
API BRANCH ACTIVITIES                               Professional planners pride                   population is growing and, with more
           Newfoundland & Labrador            themselves in their methodologies for               people migrating from rural to urban areas,
           Prince Edward Island               intervening in a broad variety of ways in           the planning profession must increasingly
           New Brunswick                      society to empower communities to make              deal with urbanization issues, such as:
           Nova Scotia                        their places better, to care for their              •conversion of land from natural habitats to
MEMBERSHIP MATTERS                            disadvantaged and to prepare for a brighter         urban built areas,
           Discussion                         future. Planners work to help people in             •maintenance and use of natural resources
                                              communities harmonize their existence               and habitats,
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::        together as neighbourhoods representing             •development of transportation related
:::::::::                                     North America’s global ethnic spectrum.             infrastructure,
                                              They work to engender in people respect             •environmental protection.”
EDITORIAL:                                    for one another and healthy interaction in                CIP also reminds us that our
                                              groups and individuals – to instill and             profession, in addition to its interest in land
Are we at Ground Zero?                        build a sense of pride and a sense of place         use, also leans toward the sweeping range
                                              that clearly works to bind a diverse society        of tasks described as:
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::        together.                                           “•planning social and community services,
:::::::::                                           While this may come out sounding              •managing cultural and heritage resources,
                                              somewhat platitudinous, we need to                  •creating economic capacity in local
      As this issue of Planners Pen goes to   realize that our Atlantic Planners Institute        communities,
press, the devastation of September 11        has apparently been encountering its own            •addressing transportation and
continues to prey on people’s minds. Not      “Ground Zero”. As reported in this                  infrastructure, and
only among those who experienced              newsletter and on the Web, Stan Clinton             •working internationally.”
“Ground Zero”, but also among those of us     and John Jarvie courageously undertook                    Altogether, a neat and capacious bag
who watched and heard the reports from        an Atlantic Canada journey to obtain input          of tricks, don’t you think?
afar. This was a devastation masterminded     from API‘s planners in a series of informal               But in spite of this definitive national
by clever, if deranged, self-appointed        meetings. They were on a “ground zero”              statement, we affiliates seem to be still at
planners whose goals and objectives are       circuit that sought to redefine the mission         Ground Zero. It’s as though we’re not
diametrically opposite to those that          of API, the range of services it ought to be        entirely happy with our adopted planning
represent our profession -- goals and         offering its members, and the “spin” it             definition. We’re still plagued with the
                                                                                                                          Planners Pen 2

problem, in some cases, of professional              “In the next issue of the Pen will you   service clubs, Chambers of Commerce
planners who do not subscribe to Institute     please include a notice to the effect that     groups, etc. are all important venues where
membership. We continue to debate the          Alex Forbes was elected President,” Past       we can disseminate our message.
wisdom of our entrance requirements. We        President Stan Clinton said to us recently           I also think that on-going professional
try to measure the variety of skills which     when we had commended him for his hard         development is critical to ensure that our
newly-enrolled planners must experience        work for us during his term in office. But     members are current with recent
before they become eligible for “Full”         as an afterthought he modestly added,          developments in the field and
membership, and we worry about opening         “Thanks for your thoughts. I will still be     knowledgeable about best practice
our doors to associates and to practitioners   around as I now assume the role of API         experiences. And finally, I think that all of
who don’t have the requisite diplomas.         representative on National Council.”           the branches should be pursuing the issue
        Nova Scotia’s planners have worked           We all know what that means. Lots        of professional licensing in their respective
long and hard on the concept of legislating    more work! And Stan Clinton has taken          provinces. Nova Scotia has led the
that province’s planning profession, and       this on with the same enthusiasm shown         Institute in this regard and the other
other API branches have all held               by John Jarvie before him. Our Institute is    branches may wish to follow suit. In
discussions. And while we strive for           grateful and fortunate to have people like     closing, I look forward to working with
professional solidarity, in four distinctly    these, dedicated to API’s service.
different provinces, we are not yet            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
altogether confident in defining ourselves
as a profession.                               Subject: Alex Forbes, New API President
        In 1969, Alfred Kahn, social planner   Description: Alex Forbes, City of
said, “PLANNING as a process is in             Fredericton, was elected API President
evolution. The word conjures up varied         at the AGM in St. John´s. Alex is
images. To some, it is as all-inclusive as     originally from PEI and is a 1991 TUNS
thinking. To others, it is as delineated as    graduate.
specific time-phased programming.”             He was Secretary and NB rep on Council
        In 1972, Gordon Taylor stated, “to     for a number of years in the mid-nineties
build an Utopian society we need to            and has been an avid supporter of our
produce Utopian citizens. And even if we       institute and our profession throughout
aim at something less ambitious than           his career.
Utopia, it is still the case that we are       Date Posted: 10/18/01
limited by the defects of human
behaviour...”                                  We’ve launched a new administration.
        Kevin Lynch, reknowned site planner    Alex Forbes, API’s new president as of         you for the next couple of years to make
writing between 1962 and 1975, mused, “...     the October election, sends the following      API a stronger affiliate of CIP.
handsome places we know seem to have           message:
grown naturally, while recently planned                                                            Alex Forbes MCIP
areas are ugly and uncomfortable. If that is   Greetings from the President ...
true, why do we make ... plans?”                                                              ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
        So how far have we come in three      At our recent AGM in St. John's        ::::::::::
decades? How near are we coming to      Newfoundland, I was elected as your new
fitting in comfortably to the planning  president.                                   API LOOKING AHEAD:
definition that, in a “one-size-fits-all”     I would like to thank the membership
attempt, struggles to describe us all?  who voted in the recent election for
        Not yet near enough, we think.  participating. It has always been my belief ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
.................                       that the strength of our profession lies in  ::::::::::
                                        the participation of the larger membership
       In this newsletter issue we are  and not in the executive. As your            ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
pleased to present reports and items of president, I will attempt to pursue the      RECOGNIZING GOOD
planning activities in our region. We   initiatives that are important to you. I
highlight discussions and debate from   would suggest that any members with          WORK:
API Council and actions coming out of issues or concerns should forward them to
CIP headquarters. Finally, our          their branch representative or call me       Special Recognition of
newsletter gives web-site and           directly. In the next couple of weeks, I
membership committee information        will be talking to the branch presidents to Planning Projects
and presents messages from our          get a handle on what is going on in each of
academic members. We sincerely          the provinces. If you would like to call me API Council recently invited members to
thank all who contributed to this issue directly, please do so at 506-460-2080.      send recommendations or nominations for
of Planners Pen.                                                                     SPECIAL RECOGNITION of PLANNING
                                              As I pointed out in my election flyer, PROJECTS that might be considered as
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I think that we need to work as a group on works of excellence. We are planners
:::::::::                               the issue of advocacy for professional       spread throughout four Atlantic provinces,
THE PREZ SEZ:                           planning. Each member should think of a and a lot of good work is produced in our
                                        way that they can promote the planning       region every year. But aside from our
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: profession in their community during the annual conferences, we don't get many
:::::::::                               year. Speaking to various audiences such opportunities to share our projects with
                                        as students in schools and universities,     one another.
                                                                                                                        Planners Pen 3

                                              API Council intends that the committee         API.
The last Planners Pen challenged planners     would review submissions and select a
to think about projects that are going on     winning entries from the lot. The intent       A maximum of $100 per student member
each day in the Atlantic Region. We asked     would be to give all the nominees some         of API has been available and requests
API members to submit nominations for         promotion of their projects in the Pen.        should be made through the student
consideration by Council ... nominations of                                                  representatives on Council.
planning projects worthy of honourable        Here is the excerpt from the Council
mention, and possibly an award for            minutes of October 2001:
                                              The API initiative to recognize works of
Have you considered submitting a              excellence was discussed. There needs to       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
nomination? Do it now! Student                be an awards committee to implement this       MOST RECENT API COUNCIL
submissions are also welcome.                 program. The branches suggested the            SESSIONS
                                              following nominees for the Committee:
API Council continues to request              Elaine Mitchell - NF
submissions from the membership of            Kingsley Lewis - PE                            The following excerpts from our most
projects that would be of interest to         Gavin Hubley - NB                              recent Atlantic Planners Institute Council
practicing planners in the region. These      Maurice Lloyd - NS                             decisions are provided for your
submissions will not only serve to provide                                                   information.
information for planners, but will also       The purpose of the works of excellence
serve in a broader sense to nominate works    program is to publicize some of the work       Secrecy of the ballot: the names of voters
for Atlantic Planners Institute recognition   being done by members in professional          will be torn off the envelopes prior to
and awards.                                   and academic practice. The Pen will be         giving them unopened to the scrutineers. It
                                              used to publicize these projects to the        was the consensus of Council that ballots
Here are the simple steps you need to take:   larger membership and the Awards               that cannot be identified prior to opening
                                              Committee will also select a best project to   will not be counted and will be destroyed.
1. Take a few minutes to prepare a            be recognized at next year's API               Council will review the by-laws as they
summary description of the project which      Conference.                                    relate to elections to determine if any
you feel worthy of honourable mention .                                                      amendments are necessary.
2. List the persons who did the work, and     COUNCIL MOVED to proceed with the
include a brief summary of their respective   program as proposed.                           Ken Forrest to appoint Mary Bishop to
contributions to the project. Don't forget                                                   complete the 2000 audit for API.
names and addresses. Include also the         STUDENT AWARDS API
names of any institution, corporation,                                                       Revised budget: the budget is proposed to
group or sponsor involved.                    This is a further reminder that nominations    be balanced with $28,950 of revenues and
3. Give the site or location of the project   for the API student awards are open.           expenditures. Council accepted the 2001
and describe any local or regional            Nominations can be forwarded to API            budget and year-to-date information. It was
enhancements that may have resulted from      Secretary Ken Forrest by email,                noted that API has $46,000 in the bank
the project.                                     account, $27,000 in GIC’s and $2,500 in
                                              or at the address                              receivables.
API Council looks forward to highlighting     Ken Forrest, MCIP
these nominations to show everyone what       Senior Planner                                 It was recommended that the draft 2002
our members are achieving in their            City of Fredericton, Development Services      budget be placed on the API web site. It
professional lives.                           Department                                     was the consensus of Council to do this.
                                              b. (506) 460-2110 f. (506) 460-2126
Submissions may be by e-mail to:              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                Donna Davis reported that the following
                                                                                             people are members of the NS executive:
Ken Forrest, MCIP                             API and CIP WEB SITES                          Greg Zwicker, Michael Poulton, Peter
City of Fredericton, Development Services                                                    Nelson, and Paul Smith. Donna is
Department                                    If you haven’t yet explored planning web       continuing as President. The executive is            pages, API Council suggests you start          keen and active.
Dennis Friesen, Planners Pen                       National Council: John Jarvie reported that
47 Warburton Drive                            (location of the API web site)                 he has attended his last CIP Council
Charlottetown PE C1A 8Z3                                     meeting and that Stan Clinton will be                              (location of the CIP web site)                 taking over as the API representative on
                                                                                             National Council. He reported that CIP
Nominate a work of professional               Why not log on and see for                     has improved the staffing of the National
excellence! Please note that nominated        yourself?                                      Office. There are now 4 people working in
student projects would also be most                                                          the office. A communications person and a
welcome ...                                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                          new secretary have been hired recently.
                                                                                             CIP has spent a lot of time dealing with
API Works of Excellence                       STUDENT TRAVEL                                 financial issues. The finances have been
                                                                                             largely straightened out and Council is
Committee Named                               Student travel assistance to the CAPS,         focused on implementing the strategic plan
                                              API, or CIP conference is available at         that has been prepared..
                                              Planners Pen 4

2001 CIP Conference was extremely
successful. There was very strong
attendance and the event was profitable.
John noted that international programs
have also been the subject of a lot of work
by CIP Council. The student intern
programs and the programs in place with
CIDA need to be promoted.
Ad to be placed in newspapers advising of
Dennis Friesen’s appointment as a fellow.

It is projected that the 2001 API
Conference will break even at the very
Membership: A request has been received
from CIP to have John Bain, API
Membership Chair, attend a meeting of the
National Membership Committee in
November in Ottawa. API to pay for the
expenses of John Bain to attend the
National Membership Committee meeting.
The position of API Council on the issues
to be addressed at the National meeting
must be conveyed to John Bain. Council
also decided that the Past President should
sit ex-officio on the Membership
Committee to provide better liaison
between Council and the Committee.

Education Committee: The longevity of the
undergraduate program at the amalgamated
Dalhousie/NSCAD planning program
needs to be addressed. The role of the
graduate and the undergraduate program
was discussed. It was agreed that either
Council or the new president and Donna
Davis should meet with the faculty to
discuss this issue. In particular, the
capacity of the planning education
program, the lack of supply of new
planners, and the future of the
undergraduate programs are issues that
need to be addressed.
API Council will write to Tom Emodi at
Dalhousie asking to participate in the
discussions about the future of the
undergraduate planning program at the
university. It was decided to request an
update on the programs and offer API’s
advice and support as employers of
professional planners to design the best
planning education program possible.
                                                                                                                        Planners Pen 5

Council also discussed the question of the   will review this item at its next meeting or   should not be involved in CIP governance
student representatives attending Council    by conference call to make a decision on       issues, the focus should be on a package of
meetings. It was agreed that the student     whether regular distribution should be         services.
reps have to be informed of their            pursued.
obligations to represent student interests                                                  Council decided the Associate Member
and Council should see if any further        Council discussed the advisability of          Plan doesn’t deserve to be a priority. CIP
assistance could be provided to facilitate   having a faculty representative on Council.    should focus on improving services first
participation.                               A formal faculty appointment to Council        and to stop losing existing members.
                                             would be expensive and further add to
By-law Committee: The Committee should       API’s administrative costs. Instead, it was    The Retention and Recruitment Paper
review the by-laws as it relates to the      proposed that one Council meeting per          prepared by CIP was tabled. Donna Davis
balloting process for API presidential       year be held in Halifax and that a block of    stated that this is a positive initiative for
elections. He also indicated that the        time be set aside to meet with the faculty     both CIP and the affiliates. Donna stated
Committee should look at the advisability    as well as the students to better liase with   that it is critical to have good data to make
of having faculty representation on          the school. It was also agreed that the        this effort successful. It is important to
Council. The by-laws dealing with cheque     Council minutes would be circulated to         know when and why people choose not to
signing authority should also be reviewed.   faculty for their information.                 renew their memberships. It was noted that
                                                                                            some of the suggestions in the paper
Awards Committee: Two nominations for        Appointment of Fellows: Maurice Lloyd          involve a lot of administrative work that
the API Student Awards have been             has suggested that a committee of              may be difficult for small affiliates to cope
received. Patrick Moan from the graduate     members should be established to               with. John Jarvie suggested that it is not
program and Jamie Orser from the             nominate fellows. A committee of the           necessary to involve telemarketing or direct
undergrad program have been nominated.       following people was suggested:                mail firms. It was suggested that
API Student Awards will go to the            Maurice Lloyd, Chair                           promotional materials might be generic in
nominees pending confirmation that they      Stephen Jewczyk, NF                            nature and designed such that the affiliates
are student members of API.                  Dennis Friesen, PE                             can add relevant information as well. Stan
                                             Peter Nelson, NS                               Clinton suggested that retention will be
Works of excellence: The API initiative to   Armand Robichaud, NB                           most successful if it is focused at the local
recognize works of excellence was            Council agreed to create a Fellows             level. CIP should look at having an entry
discussed. There needs to be an awards       Committee and to invite the members            and exit survey or interview to get better
committee to implement this program.         identified to serve on the Committee.          information on member needs. Ken
The purpose of the works of excellence                                                      Forrest stated that the key in his view is for
program is to publicize some of the work     Associate Member Plan: The Plan                services to be stabilized and improved.
being done by members in professional and    prepared by CIP was tabled. Ken Forrest        CIP membership needs to be valued by
academic practice. The Pen will be used to   indicated that in his view, there aren’t       both planners and their employers.
publicize these projects to the larger       many perks proposed to encourage
membership and the Awards Committee          membership given the price and the bundle      The Special Admissions paper from CIP
will also select a best project to be        of services to be provided. Forrest wasn’t     was tabled. Ken Forrest stated that he has
recognized at the API Conference.            opposed to the concept, however. Donna         problems with the paper. On the one hand,
                                             Davis agreed that it is a good idea but an     CIP is encouraging professional legislation
Council reviewed the responses to date       attractive product has to be provided to       for planners and at the same time, CIP is
from the membership on the OPPI Journal      encourage people to sign up. Ken Forrest       looking to loosen membership criteria. He
initiative. It was agreed that it was too    pointed out that the APA membership fee        questioned how these two seemingly
early to make a decision on whether the      is the same as the differential conference     different directions can be reconciled with
Journal should be distributed regularly      registration fee between members and           each other. Donna Davis stated that
given the limited number of responses to     non-members. This encourages people to         planners are either professionals or they
date. It was agreed that further input       join as they then receive the APA              aren't. The definition of a professional
should be requested at the AGM. Council      publication Planning. Associate members        used by most involves having some type of
                                                                                                                            Planners Pen 6

formal university education in a given                                                          enough to be able to go to university for 5
field. Council questions as to how many         It’s our understanding that 10-15% of our       or 6 years before working.
non-degree potential members are out            API membership have already signed on,             Dalhousie may or may not be the place
there. It seems that nearly all new planners    and Mark Poirier has already tested the         for the undergraduate program to end up
have at least an undergraduate degree.          system by posting an opinion. Following is      in. I've never been impressed with
Council thought that CIP should focus first     that opinion, along with one of the early       Dalhousie's level of interest in community
on the associate member approach to try to      responses.                                      outreach or in providing academic
capture people working in the planning                                                          opportunities to those in the work force. I
field without degrees.                          We felt the issues being discussed were an      suspect that the planning program started at
                                                excellent illustration of API’s Ground          TUNS back in 1978 would never have
The discussion paper should be posted to        Zero situation described in the editorial to    gotten underway if the absorption by
the web site for the information of             this issue:                                     Dalhousie had already taken place.
members and to seek their feedback.                                                                There may be a better place for the
API Council does not support the                The Future of Undergraduate Planning            program - in the Geography Department at
recommendations contained in the                in the Atlantic Provinces:                      SMU, for instance. Who is going to make
Standardization of Membership                      Nobody appears to want to comment on         the pitch to Dalhousie and other
Requirements Discussion Paper.                  the future of undergraduate planning in the     universities to maintain and improve the
                                                Atlantic Provinces, an issue which is           program other than our professional group?
                                                critical to our profession. Therefore, I'll     Who is going to build up an interest in the
Student Funding: In light of the                take a stab at it …                             profession among high school graduates
amalgamation of the NSCAD and                                                                   other than us ?
Dalhousie planning education programs.             This silence is so typical of API:              API has traditionally had a role in
Council agreed that $1,000 should be            (i) we give up our membership                   reviewing the planning programs at
available with a maximum of $100 to be          administration to CIP;                          NSCAD and TUNS/Dalhousie for CIP
provided to each student member for travel      (ii) we consider giving up on our               accreditation. When I and my committee
to CAPS, CIP, or API Conferences.               newsletter for the Ontario Planning             reviewed NSCAD in the early 1990's, I
Council agreed to send a letter to the          Journal;                                        was impressed with the strong student
student representative advising of API’s        (iii) we cannot find anyone in all our four     support for the program. They especially
policy and state that API is prepared to        provinces to mark a membership entrance         liked the amount of real-life community-
consider changes if the students come back      exam anymore, so we have to ask out-of-         based projects - something that was
with a proposal.                                affiliate people to do it for us;               apparently rare in other undergraduate
                                                (iv) and now we're by default proposing to      programs across the country.
Fees: The CIP proposed fee increase paper       move undergraduate planning out of our
was tabled. First, the report indicates there   region, so that high school leavers will           I don't know why the program has fallen
was a 15% increase in membership in the         have to go to Toronto and beyond once           on hard times and been getting so few
late 1990's yet revenues stayed stable. He      again !                                         students. I just know the profession owes it
also stated that the graphs included in the        The late Bill Smith, the founder of and      and Bill Smith something.
report don’t seem to indicate much of an        long-time teacher in the NSCAD degree              What should we do ? Establish a
increase in expenditures for member             program, must be turning over in his            Undergraduate Planning Support Task
services looking forward to 2005. Council       grave.                                          Force, with a clear mandate: to try every
however did not have a concern with the            Why don't we just give up on API next?       avenue to keep undergraduate planning
increase provided that there are clear          Put it out of its misery after 30 years of      alive in the Atlantic Provinces, and to raise
improvements in member services.                struggling and let us all join OPPI. I'm not    student interest in taking it.
                                                blaming present or past Councils for any        ----------------------------
Council then discussed API fees for 2002.       of this; I've been there too and don't recall   Mark E. Poirier, MCIP
Council agreed to keep fees at present          my doing anything particularly
levels for 2002 given API’s reserves and        constructive.
projected expenditures.                            We need an undergraduate planning            Mark - let me make a quick and
                                                degree program in the Atlantic Provinces.       provocative response to your email. I am a
==============================                  We need a program which is reaching out         planner who has had little to do with API.
New API Discussion                              and working with Atlantic communities,          Why? It is not relevant! Tough position to
                                                on Atlantic issues. We need to encourage        take but it is an honest point of view.
Forum                                           more high school graduates to go into           Based on your view that API members are
==============================                  planning, and to do it here.                    not involved and engaged then I can only
                                                   Not every student interested in planning     assume that many others feel the same way.
API Webmaster, Mark Poirier has set up a        wants to go through an entire                   Organizations such as API have to
new API Discussion Forum (which you             undergraduate degree before even starting       understand that membership and
should join, he says, if you have not           into training for a career in it. Not every     engagement of their members requires an
already done so). The web site is:              student is sufficiently academically-           exchange of value. The organization must            inclined to want to or sufficiently well-off    ask itself what value do we offer our
                                                                                                membership. What value do they want?
                                                                                                Without value there is little incentive to be
                                                                                                involved or engaged. In professional lives
                                                                                                there are too many competing demands for
                                                                                                time and energy.
                                                                                                                                     Planners Pen 7

My career has moved in other directions        CIP looked for responses to three           • City in Nature/Nature in City
and so I am not networking with planners       questions:                                  THEME 2
like I once did. I do keep in touch with the                                               • Pas de Deux: Land Use and
profession and I use all of my planning        Q1. What do you consider to be the most     Transportation
skills in my current position. The             important urban policy issues of national   THEME 3
profession of planning is a very rewarding     significance? Responses were to be          • High Technology and the New Economy
one and a most relevant one. I do not          limited to the "top 5" issues, and ranked   THEME 4
believe however that API has successfully      from 1-5 in descending order of             • City Soul: Uptown/Downtown
positioned to support the needs of these       importance.                                 THEME 5
very relevant people - your members.           Q2. How should these urban policy issues • Environmental Stewardship and
Sorry for this but I thought a provocative     be addressed? What needs to be done?        Sustainability
and honest response to a larger question       Q3. What role(s) do you see for the federal ----------------------------------------------------
that seems to lurk behind your comments        government in addressing these issues?      Location of the Conference
might kick off a debate that could address     For example, how might the federal
API's shortfalls. You, with some               government manage its resources, deliver The City of Vancouver and its region is
frustration, ask " why don"t we give up on     its programs, etc.?                         one of the most beautiful urban areas in the
API?"                                                                                      world. As Canada's third largest
                                               Responses were summarized and now           metropolitan area, rapid growth and change
My suggestion is that API develop a plan       form an important part of the CIP's         have called for tough choices in land use,
for the organization and in doing so start     position paper. The work was coordinated growth management and transportation
with a blank piece of paper to create          by Mark Seasons, PhD, MCIP RPP, Past        planning. Its diverse west coast setting,
something of true relevance to all             President, CIP & Chair, CIP Policy          from mountains to ocean, provide an
members. In doing so think outside the         Subcommittee                                excellent context within which to explore
box. This is offered as a constructive         School of Planning                          the experiences and emerging challenges
criticism.                                     University of Waterloo                      faced by urban and rural communities.
--------------------                           E-mail:
Sincerely, Floyd                               Phone: 519.888.4567 x5922                   While the weather may be unpredictable, it
                                               Fax: 519.725.2827                           is mild and rarely prevents Vancouverites
E-communication at work! We hope                                                           from enjoying their active lifestyles. In
the foregoing sample encourages                ====================                        addition to sharing experiences and
you to have your say in matters that           Other CIP Initiatives                       exploring emerging challenges, participants
concern us all ...                             ====================                        can take time out to enjoy Vancouver's rich
see                                            CIP Council has recently been working on recreational lifestyle, play a round of golf,           proposals with CAPS (The Canadian           sail around the bay, or a walk around
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::         Association of Planning Students) to raise Stanley Park.
:::::::::                                      money for scholarships and to improve the
                                               relationship with the planning schools.     ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
CIP COUNCIL                                    The Member Services annual report has       ::::::::::
                                               been tabled and is available, and the final
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::         report from the 2000 CIP Conference in      HONOURABLE MENTION
:::::::::                                      Charlottetown went to CIP Council.
                                                                                               FOR EXCELLENCE:
CIP Council is preparing a submission to       National Council is working on a number         ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
the Prime Minister's Caucus Task Force         of other initiatives. They are working on a     ::::::::::
on Urban Issues. Information on the task       credit card affinity program. The proceeds
force will be found at:                        from the program would go toward                Here we are pleased to feature
http://www.liberalcaucus.houseofcommons        scholarships. Council is dealing with the       some interesting items that have
.ca/urb/                                       CIP committee structure, fellows program,       arrived in response to our request
For your information, we include the           and CIP excellence documents.                   for submissions of API planners’
following description of the research                                                          works of excellence.
effort:                                        ====================
                                                     Themes of CIP                             ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
====================                                                                           Peter Ewert, Planner & Urban Designer,
CIP Policy Research Survey,                         Conference 2002                            has submitted the HRM Active
                                               ====================                            Transportation Project: Streets for
October 23, 2001                               The Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP)        Cycling, a project for Halifax Regional
====================                           and the Planning Institute of British           Municipality's Traffic and Transportation
Atlantic planners, please take note that CIP   Columbia invite you to attend the 2002:         Services and has supplied planning and
work is under way in canvassing opinions,      Making Waves conference in Vancouver            design services for The Trans Canada
including those of members of the College      from May 26 to 29, 2002.                        Trails Project, a project for HRM Parks
of Fellows, and members of the                                                                 and Recreation.
Association of Canadian Urban Planning         Come to Vancouver and steep yourself in
Programs (ACUPP). The report is expected       five exciting themes related to the             The primary purpose of these projects is to
to be presented at a hearing on December       transformation of communities and               develop a plan for cycling routes and multi
3rd in Ottawa.                                 planning.                                       use paths within peninsular Halifax. Both
                                               THEME 1                                         project involved concept design work,
                                                                                                                            Planners Pen 8

basic and secondary research. Additional         body of knowledge useful in developing          The residential area between Quinpool
responsibilities included responsibility for     cycling planning, policy and facility           Road and Coburg Road is a popular area
public participation events associated with      designs for our commuting cyclists and          for university student housing. Many of the
the projects and project web page design.        potential cyclists.                             university students in the area use the
                                                       In the HRM community containing           cycling route to commute to school and to
Design work for the Streets for Cycling          the Vernon/Seymour cycling corridor,            travel to downtown locations during the
project was recently implemented in              there is a growing number of grade school,      day. Appendix II provides a context map
downtown Halifax. It is the first cycling        high school and university students             containing the cycling route
route with lanes dedicated for both              commuting by bicycle at all hours of the
utilitarian and recreational cycling use in      day from their homes to attend classes or            Community Feedback
Atlantic Canada. Peter holds a Master of         other functions on school premises or                A comment form was provided
Urban & Rural                                               university campuses. In addition,    requesting opinions regarding different
Planning degree from                                        residents in the area use bicycles   areas of the study. In addition, community
Dalhousie University                                        to commute to work or for            comments were collected through e-mail
Polytechnic, 1999                                           recreation.                          and by telephone. The following
(Formerly TUNS)                                                   An open house 1 was held       summarizes the returned comments 4 as
and a BScience                                              on October 18, 2001 from 6:00        well as additional comments received
degree Psychology)                                          PM to 8:00 PM at the Dalhousie       during and after the event. A more detailed
from Saint Mary’s                                           University Student Union             comment summary is included as
University, 1996. His                                       Building presenting 'bicycle         Appendix VII.
areas of professional                                       friendly' intersection design
interest in planning                                        proposals for two key                      Vernon / Jubilee Intersection
have ranged from residential subdivision         intersections in the Vernon/Seymour                   Two bike friendly intersection options
concept design, transportation planning,         cycling corridor. The purpose of the event      for this intersection were presented to the
and crime prevention through                     was to permit the community an                  open house participants for comment.
environmental design. Peter’s design             opportunity to contribute their opinions        Appendix IV contains a graphic
philosophy emphasizes the                        and suggestions to the project.                 representation of both options.
interconnections between people and the                It also allowed project members an              Option 1 proposes that automobiles
many environments in which they share.           opportunity to assess the designs in terms      have right turn only access to Jubilee Road
                                                 of how well they are received by the            from Vernon Street with no access to
HRM Active Transportation                        community. Consequently the event               Vernon Street from Jubilee Road. Cyclists
                                                 provided a 'snapshot' of how the larger         can turn on to Jubilee Road or proceed
Project: Streets For Cycling                           community may 'buy in' to the road        through the intersection and the bicycle
                                                 safety concepts of cycling facility design.     only zone to the left of the right turn zone
Report on the Vernon Seymour                           Most automobile / cycle accidents         to continue travel on Vernon Street.
Cycling Route 'Bike Friendly'                    occur at intersections as a result of           Proposed traffic signals on Jubilee road
Intersection Design Study 1                      conflicting auto/cycle turning and crossing     can be cyclist actuated in order to stop
CONTENTS                                         behaviours within or near an intersection       Jubilee Road traffic allowing the cyclist to
Introduction ...                                 area 2 . Cyclists being struck by motor         proceed through the intersection. Normal
Context ...                                      vehicles cause approximately 90 per cent        two-way traffic resumes after the
Community Feedback ...                           of cycling fatalities.3 Both intersection       intersection zone on Vernon Street.
Conclusion and Recommendations ...               designs                                               Option 2 proposes a single traffic
                                                       presented at the open house include       island in the middle of the intersection
      Introduction                               strong cyclist and pedestrian safety            permitting cyclists to proceed through the
      Halifax Regional Municipality              themes. The designs are intended to reduce      intersection and continue travel on Vernon
(HRM) wishes to ensure as much as                automobile turning and crossing                 Street. Automobiles have right turn only
possible that the street environments which      movements and the potential conflicts           access to Jubilee Road and cyclist-actuated
are used for cycling are made as safe as         caused by these behaviours.                     traffic signals are proposed as in Option I.
possible. It is therefore important to                 The event was well attended by area             In addition, all traffic is permitted
identify the safety concerns that                residents, the cycling community, and the       right turn access to Vernon Street. Normal
community members may have with                  community at large. Approximately 80            two-way traffic resumes after the
respect to the streets that they use for         community members attended over the             intersection zone on Vernon Street.
cycling.                                         course of the evening.                                Community Comments
      The Streets For Cycling (SFC) pilot              Community members were asked to                 Participants in the open house were
                         project is an           comment on detailed 'bike friendly'             asked to comment on the proposed changes
                         initiative of Halifax   intersection design recommendations             to the Vernon Jubilee intersection. The
                         Regional                prepared by CBCL Ltd. for the Vernon/           following summarizes responses to two
                         Municipality's          Jubilee and Vernon/Coburg/Seymour               questions that were asked on the comment
                         Traffic and             intersections.                                  form:
                         Services, which               Context                                        The proposed 'right turn only'
                         began the study in            The Vernon/Seymour cycling                from Vernon Street on to Jubilee Road
                         1999. The general       corridor connects the Quinpool Road             for automobiles at the intersection will
                         scope of the study      business and residential areas with the         improve pedestrian and cyclist safety.
                         includes                university and hospital areas, and              What is your opinion?
                         contributing to a       downtown retail and entertainment areas.             Seventeen of the returned comment
                                                                                                                                      Planners Pen 9

sheets agreed that the design options for           Community Comments                       taking an active role and supplied contact
this intersection would improve cyclist and         Participants at the open house were      information. The information has been
pedestrian safety. In addition five of the    asked to comment on the proposed               recorded in Appendix VI. In addition,
telephone comments and two of the e-mails     changes to the Vernon/Coburg/Seymour           contact information
were favourable to improving cycling          intersections.                                      for community members who
facilities along the Vernon/Seymour                 The following summarizes responses       responded by e-mail and telephone has
cycling route. The most frequently stated     to two questions that were asked on the        been listed.
reasons were that the designs would make      comment form:
it easier for cyclists to cross Jubilee road,       The proposed 'right turn only'                 Conclusions and Recommendations
help to reduce traffic on Vernon Street,      from Vernon and Seymour streets on to                The majority of community members
minimize accidents at the intersection and    Coburg Road for automobiles at the             who made comments generally supported
prevent motorists from 'rolling stops' at the intersection will improve pedestrian           cycling and cyclist using Vernon and
existing stop sign on Vernon Street.          and cyclist safety. What is your               Seymour streets, regardless of whether they
      The proposed intersection design        opinion?                                       supported the intersection design options.
will help to reduce automobile                      Positive comments on the design at       Nevertheless, it appears that support for the
shortcutting on Vernon Street. What is        this intersection tended to mirror             design options at the two intersections is
your opinion?                                 comments offered on the Vernon/Jubilee         mixed with concerns that the cycle friendly
      The majority of respondents were        intersection. Seventeen of the returned        intersection improvements will displace
concerned that shortcutting traffic on        comment sheets agreed that the design          shortcutting motorists to other streets in the
                                                                       options for this      area. It appears that sufficient community
                                                                       intersection would    interest exists to form a neighbourhood
                                                                       improve cyclist and   committee to further explore the benefits,
                                                                       pedestrian safety.    constraints and alternatives to the proposed
                                                                       In addition five of   designs. The list of interested community
                                                                       the telephone         members could be used as a starting point
                                                                       comments and two      in forming a committee.
                                                                       of the e-mails were         The safety elements of the proposed
Vernon Street would be displaced to other favourable to improving cycling facilities         designs have implications for traffic
streets in the neighbourhood. Other           along the Vernon/                              patterns in the larger area bounded by
comments suggested that the designs would           Seymour cycling route. The most          Oxford, Quinpool, Robie and South streets.
do nothing to prevent shortcutting between frequently stated reasons were that               The design options, and alternatives
Quinpool and Jubilee. Comments also           automobile through traffic should be           derived from them, may be used as
suggested that tour buses from the Holiday discouraged because of the                        reasonable traffic calming strategies if
Inn short cut on Vernon Street to avoid the Vernon/Seymour 'offset' at the Coburg            incorporated into a more comprehensive
Willow Tree intersection.                     intersection and that the cyclist/pedestrian   area study.
      Vernon/Seymour/Coburg                   crossing would be safer for school
Intersection                                  children.                                      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
      The automobile, cycle and pedestrian          The negative comments again
traffic patterns in the area closely resemble mirrored the Vernon/Jubilee comments.          Atlantic Planners Institute
those in the Spring Garden Road area.         Four of the returned comment sheets            2001 Works of Excellence
Vernon and Seymour streets both form ‘T’ disagreed that pedestrian and cyclist safety        -Downtown Dartmouth
intersections with Coburg Road in close       would be improved. In addition, four of        Secondary Plan-
proximity with each other. The alignment      the telephone comments and three of the
requires both cyclists and automobiles        e-mails did not support the design             Project Contact:
wishing to cross Coburg Road to turn left     proposals. The most frequently stated          Jacqueline Hamilton, Planner & Project
and then right to continue traveling in the   reasons were that it would transfer higher     Coordinator, Planning & Development
northbound or southbound direction.           speed traffic to other streets in the area,    Services, Halifax Regional Municipality,
      The proposed design permits             possibly near the schools in the area, and     902-490-4405
automobile traffic at the 'T' intersections a would inconvenience some residents as          Halifax Regional Municipality and
turn right only on to Coburg Road while       they would have to alter their travel          Dartmouth Downtown Development
allowing cyclists two way access to both      patterns.                                      Corporation are submitting the “Downtown
Vernon and Seymour Streets. The bicycle             The proposed intersection design         Dartmouth Plan” for consideration under
zone is located to the left of the right turn will help to reduce automobile                 the 2001 API Works of Excellence
zone permitting cyclists to continue          shortcutting on Vernon Street. What is         Program. The Downtown Planning
through the intersection without having to    your opinion?                                  Program is a successful model of
perform the left turn/right turn maneuver.          The majority of respondents were         community-based planning setting new
      The pedestrian crossing on Coburg       concerned that shortcutting traffic on         standards in:
Road is relocated to a more central location Vernon Street would be displaced to other       !        Community visioning &
in the intersection. Cyclists have the option streets in the neighbourhood.                           empowerment,
of dismounting and walking across or                Further Participation                    !        Tools for community building &
yielding to pedestrian traffic before cycling       Event participants were asked if they             capturing investment,
across the intersection. The proposal calls   would like to actively participate in the      !        Plan format & presentation.
for cyclist-actuated traffic signals on       development of a Halifax regional bicycle
Coburg Road. Normal two-way traffic is        route network and to supply contact            Project Description:
permitted on both streets beyond the          information. Twelve event participants         In March of 1998, Halifax Regional
intersection zone.                            indicated that they would be interested in     Council embarked upon a process to create
                                                                                                                      Planners Pen 10

a “Downtown Dartmouth Plan” to lead the      provided opportunities to heighten            kind resources to support project
downtown into the millennium. In July of     awareness of this process.                    administration, and public consultation
2000, a new plan was adopted setting clear                                                 costs. Efficiencies were achieved by
direction for the downtown.                 Vision:                                        matching municipal program priorities
                                            As a result of the consensus achieved, the     with strategic project objectives.
Context:                                    plan includes a clear vision for the future
Historically, Downtown Dartmouth served of the downtown. The following are key             Impacts:
as a local commercial centre. Over the past elements of the vision:                        Perhaps unique to this planning process is
thirty years, Downtown Dartmouth has                                                       the fact that along with clear direction on
struggled to maintain its prominence in the !         Well defined strategy for            the future vision for the downtown, this
face of declining investment and the                  repopulating and increasing          process was action-oriented, the plan has
growth of suburban shopping districts.                housing opportunities in the core;   resulted in real impacts in the following
The City of Dartmouth sought various        !         Urban design guidelines aimed at     areas:
“urban redevelopment” schemes to counter              preserving the small town
this decline. Fortunately, these schemes              character of the area;               Empowered the community to take a lead
were not fully realized and today the       !         Economic development fostered        role in charting a course for Dartmouth’s
downtown retains much of its small town               by reducing red tape and             future. The plan represents community-
charm and a wealth of historic buildings.             regulatory barriers for the          based vision that is realistic.
                                                      business community;
Dartmouth’s previous municipal plan         !         A physical improvement plan for      Fosters new development and investment
dating from the 1970s, placed little                  the “main street”;                   that will contribute to the revitalization of
emphasis on the downtown core. In 1996, !             A community safety strategy          the downtown. Three new housing projects
the four local municipal governments                  linked with development goals.       are under construction and many others are
amalgamated to form Halifax Regional                                                       planned as a direct result of the investor
Municipality. The new Municipality          Implementation:                                confidence and revitalization strategies of
placed a high priority on a plan for        The vision is implemented through a three      the plan.
Downtown Dartmouth in order to address      part strategy which includes:
the broader regional interests of fostering                                                Leveraged funds and implemented various
development in the core area.               1. Action Plan to guide public investment      improvement and beautification projects.
Consequently, a fresh approach was          and operational programs. The action plan      For example, physical safety improvements
needed involving local decision-makers,     identifies high impact initiatives to be       were implemented as a part of the citizen
citizens, and the business community, with completed within the next ten years.            safety audit conducted during the process.
a focus on results.                         Creative financing tools are identified to
                                            fund the plan over the short term which        Vital part of a regional growth strategy for
Process:                                    include public/private partnerships, capital   the Municipality that fosters new
The project involved a partnership between investment, and area rates. Over the long       investment and housing close to where
the Municipality and Dartmouth              term, tax incentive programs will be           people work and in proximity to transit and
Downtown Development Corporation, the needed as a stimulus for development.                other community services.
area business association. Neighbourhood
groups, major property owners and           2. New regulatory framework for                Summary and Conclusions:
developers in the local area have all       development which boasts streamlined           The Downtown Dartmouth Plan creates a
actively participated in this process.      rules for development, mixed use zoning,       framework for revitalizing the core which
                                            increased opportunities for residential        is relevant to other jurisdictions. The Plan
The public process was championed by a      development, and standards based upon          excels in three areas:
community-based committee who               the traditional lotting patterns.
represented a cross section of downtown                                                    1.        Community Visioning:
residents, business people, the local       3. Plan Monitoring to be undertaken on         The plan serves as a model for building
councillor, and representatives from the    an annual basis through joint effort by the    capacity and public consensus in smaller
development industry. This committee        Municipality and the Dartmouth                 communities with limited resources. It
helped to keep the process “grounded” and Downtown Development Corporation.                demonstrates how community partnerships
in touch with the needs of the community.   Quantifiable benchmarks set out in this        can be used to share resources and create
                                            plan will aid plan monitoring and provide      networks. The public involvement and
Hundreds of citizens participated actively  clear definition of responsibility centres.    visioning techniques allowed broad public
during the public participation process.                                                   input and a consensus based approach.
Numerous public workshops and smaller       Funding:                                       High quality public communication
“kitchen table” neighbourhood meetings      Project funding was limited and largely        materials were produced with in-house
were held to facilitate early and ongoing   came from the Halifax Regional                 resources. The process also was uniquely
public input. A public opinion survey was Municipality’s operational resources.            designed to be action-oriented, affecting
distributed to thousands of businesses and Two municipal planners were assigned to         visible results.
households. Community events such as a      provide project leadership, public
“citizen safety walk” provided alternative  facilitation, and to prepare planning          2.       Tools for Community Building &
ways for people to get involved in this     documents. Resources were also drawn           Capturing Investment
process. Various means such as              from other organizations and partners, the     The Plan creates a comprehensive
community newsletters, the involvement of Dartmouth Downtown Development                   approach to downtown revitalization which
the local media, the Municipality’s         Corporation, Waterfront Development            is transportable to other areas including:
website, and a distinct downtown logo all   Corporation, who provided direct or in-        <        housing infill policy which relaxes
                                                                                                                                        Planners Pen 11

subdivision, street design, and development                    The Downtown St. John's Strategy,             The research
regulations to promote the redevelopment                       released in June, 2001, promotes              revealed that,
of vacant and underused sites in the core,                     economic development in downtown St.          from 1986 to
<        design standards based on the                         John's while protecting and capitalizing on   1999,
small town character of the area,                              heritage buildings and streetscapes. The      downtown
<        streamlined development process,                      steering committee for the Strategy was       property
removes regulatory barriers for                                led by the City of St. John's with its        owners
development, and sets clear and reasonable                     funding partners: the Atlantic Canada         invested nearly
standards.                                                     Opportunities Agency, the Johnson Family      $72 million in
                                                               Foundation, the St. John's Downtown           renovations to
The strategies in the plan are made more                       Development Commission, and the               residential and
effective by the involvement of the                            Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland           non-residential properties. New buyers of
development industry to test the standards                     and Labrador, plus representatives of other   residential property in downtown St. John's
on real projects. Plan policies set                            interested parties.                           are placing an estimated 15% to 40%
measurable targets with a well organized                                                                     premium on properties with a view of the
action plan to enable ongoing plan                             Before the planning process began, St.        harbour. Basic heritage-type renovation
monitoring that will continually involve the                   John's had a significant number of vacant     work supports 200 jobs in the St. John's
community.                                                     downtown properties; residential              area. There is significant environmental
.Plan Presentation & Format:                                   rehabilitation was underway but               benefit to reusing older buildings rather
The Downtown Plan represents a model                           commercial rehabilitation was stalled; and    than tearing them down.
document which sets new standards for the                      offshore oil and gas development was
Municipality and the professional planning                     leading to speculation that old buildings    The distinctive visual appeal and heritage
community through the articulation of a                        would be removed to make way for new         character of the downtown has added to St.
community based vision and values, and                         high-rise office buildings.                  John's competitiveness on an
user friendly documents, written in plain                                                                   inter-regional and international basis, with
and simple language.                                           The original idea was to look at the St.     evidence that this has had a concrete
                                                               John's heritage conservation area – one of impact on decisions of corporate managers
Project Contributors:                                          the first in Canada, set up in 1977 – to see to choose St. John's as a business location.
                                                               how things have worked out over the          In particular, St. John's film and video
Austin French, Project Supervisor,                             years. The steering committee for the        industry production firms ranked the
Regional Coordinator, Community and                            Downtown Strategy went further, bringing ambience and amenity of downtown St.
Regional Planning, Halifax Regional                            together heritage groups, business groups, John's as a primary reason for selecting the
Municipality Planning & Development                            developers, downtown residents, artists,     city as a ‘location'. It is estimated that the
Services, P.O. Box 1749, Halifax N.S. B3J                      and others. This co-operation has been the ten-year (1995-2005) value of film industry
3A5, Phone: 902-490-6717.                                      foundation of the Strategy.                  production expenditures attributed solely to
                                                                                                            the civic amenity of downtown St. John's is
Mitch Dickey Planner & Project                                 Canning and Pitt Associates Inc. of St.      $13.5 million.
Coordinator, Planning & Development                            John's were the prime consultants, assisted
Services, Halifax Regional Municipality,                       by Sheppard Case Architects Inc. of St.      The final report of the Downtown Strategy
P.O. Box 1749, Halifax N.S. B3J 3A5,                           John's, and Ottawa-based heritage            contains a Vision for Downtown, focussing
Phone: 902-490-4489                                            consultants Marc Denhez and Dr. John         on:
                                                               Weiler. They researched the situation,       rehabilitating existing houses and
Jacqueline Hamilton, Planner & Project                         compared St. John's with other cities,       buildings,
Coordinator, Planning & Development                            consulted with the public and key groups, converting some buildings to new uses,
Services, Halifax Regional Municipality,                       held a one-day public Downtown Forum         creating new buildings using well designed
P.O. Box 1749, Halifax N.S. B3J 3A5,                           which received extensive media coverage, infill, and
Phone: 902-490-4405                                            and produced four background reports         transforming the harbourfront into a more
                                                               leading up to the final report:              "people-friendly" place.
Marion Currie, Executive Director,
Dartmouth Downtown Development                                 1.        Case Study Analysis               The Strategy contains 29
Corporation, 101-12 Queen Street,                              2.        Key Issues and Challenges         recommendations, including how to
Dartmouth N.S. B2Y 1E7, Phone:                                 3.        Benefits of Built Heritage        maintain the economic benefits of heritage
902-466-2997.                                                  Revival                                     and how to market older buildings
////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////   4.       Summary of Public Consultations (including underutilized upper floors). The
                                                                                                           Strategy addresses leadership; the removal
Atlantic Planners Institute                                    The 3rd background report quantified the of tax and other disincentives that work
Submission for Atlantic Planning Work                          economic benefits of built heritage revival against reusing older buildings; support of
of Excellence                                                  through new research, analysis, and case    the heritage industry; administrative
Nov. 8, 2001                                                   study data, supplemented with similar data boundaries; a Downtown Summit of
                                                               in previous studies from the United         people who have a stake in downtown's
City of St. John's, Newfoundland                               Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. future; a streamlined application process
Downtown St. John's Strategy for                               Such quantification has not been widely     for building and development; better
Economic Development and Heritage                              available – thus, this report alone is an   technical information for homeowners,
Preservation                                                   important contribution to this field of     contractors and property developers; and
                                                               research.                                   recommendations to protect existing
Summary:                                                                                                   viewlines and for a review of the boundary
                                                                                                                                      Planners Pen 12

of the heritage conservation area.           Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.                          Life After the Merger
                                             9.           Shane O'Dea, governor, Heritage
Some of the recommendations are              Canada Foundation.                                                   It is now into November; and for the
immediate or short-term, others will take    10.          Michael Clair and Jean Bishop,                    NSCAD Environmental Planning (EP)
longer to implement. In response to the      acting Directors of Culture and Heritage,                      students and faculty, the end of the first
Strategy, the St. John's Municipal Council Dept. of Tourism, Culture and Recreation,                        semester at their new location is rapidly
has introduced a property-tax incentive to   Government of Newfoundland and                                 approaching. As I am sure most are aware
help restore commercial and institutional    Labrador.                                                      by now, the process of merging the
buildings. The City is studying how          11.          Alison Carter and Kathleen                        undergraduate and graduate-planning
upper-floor space in commercial buildings Parewick, St. John's Arts Strategy                                programs is well underway. The EP
can be used economically for residential or Committee.                                                      students have settled in a new studio
commercial purposes while still meeting      12.          Dieter Staubitzer, Eastern                        environment in the basement of the
the National Building Code. A seminar        Newfoundland Home Builders                                     Architecture Building on the Dalhousie
called Doing Business Downtown was held Association.                                                        Sexton Campus, but some spend a lot of
in October 2001. And the Heritage            13.           Ron Penney, Chief                                time in the MURP Studio. It is apparent
Foundation of Newfoundland and               Commissioner/City Solicitor, City of St.                       that one of the most visible benefits of the
Labrador has begun posting some heritage John's.                                                            merger has been the increased interaction
renovation information on their website.     14.          Art Cheeseman, Associate                          and sharing of ideas between the graduate
                                             Commissioner/Director of Engineering                           and undergraduate students.
Persons involved with the Downtown           and Planning, City of St. John's.                                    Students from both programs are
Strategy:                                    15.          Cliff Johnston, MCIP, Manager                     enjoying the benefits of the merger, in the
                                             of Planning and Information, City of St.                       greater ease to take
1.        Ken O'Brien, MCIP.                 John's.                                                        classes outside their
          Project manager for the            16.          Dave Blackmore, Director of                       department and
Downtown Strategy. Supervisor of             Building and Property Management, City                         increase in the
Planning and Information, City of St.        of St. John's.                                                 number of faculty to
John's, P. O. Box 908, St. John's NF A1C 17.              Elizabeth Lawrence, Manager of                    provide direction.
5M2. Phone (709) 576-6121; fax (709)         Economic Development, City of St.                              Although I am sure
576-8625; e-mail                             John's.                                                        that many students Helped write 18.             Kevin Gushue, Manager of                          miss the large studio
the terms of reference for the Strategy,     Tourism, City of St. John's.                                   space they enjoyed at
solicit funding, arrange meetings of the                                                                    NSCAD, students are
steering committee, and act as the contact   ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::   adapting to the change
person for the consultants.                                                                                 very well. The required classes for the EP
2.        Stratford Canning.                 On behalf of Planners Pen and the API                          degree are still offered, with the only
          Canning and Pitt Associates, Inc., Council, our sincere thanks to the persons                     difference being sometimes a new
P. O. Box 21461, St. John's NF A1A           who submitted the above works of                               professor and new classmates from the
5G2. Phone (709) 754-1408; fax (709)         excellence. We appreciate hearing from                         MURP program.
753-4471; e-mail        them, and being able to publish key                                   To achieve more complimentary
Was the lead consultant for the Strategy     elements of the work that has been done in                     student involvement the EP students have
and co-ordinated research, consultation,     these projects, but most of all we                             already taken steps to establish an
and writing.                                 appreciate the expression of interest in the                   Undergraduate Planning Society, to mirror
3.        Mary Bishop, MCIP.                 pursuit of excellence in planning.                             the Graduate Planning Society, and are
          Canning and Pitt Associates, Inc.,                                                                beginning the process of applying for
P. O. Box 21461, St. John's NF A1A                                                                          recognition and funding from Dalhousie. In
5G2. Phone (709) 745-5345; fax (709)         :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::                          my opinion the administration of Dalhousie
368-1670; e-mail Did :::::::::::                                                        University and the faculty and students, of
much of the planning research and policy                                                                    MURP could not have been more friendly
work with Strat Canning.                     MESSAGES FROM THE                                              and inviting, and that has eased this
4.        Marie White, Deputy Mayor of St.                                                                  transition tremendously.
John's (until Oct. 2001). She chaired the    SCHOOLS                                                               There is discussion of a possible
steering committee and was the driving       :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::                          “Bachelor of Community Design” that
force behind the Downtown Strategy from :::::::::::                                                         would replace the existing undergrad
its conception to completion.                                                                               program. This program would not be a
                                             Dallas Gillis, who has corresponded with                       professionally recognized program and
Other members of the Downtown Strategy us before, has written what he describes                             would accommodate a larger number of
steering committee:                          as a "brief" piece for the Pen again.                          students with more varied academic
5.        Phonse Miller, president, and Bob                                                                 interests than just planning. In order to
Fagan, executive director, St. John's        Dallas served as one of two API student                        accommodate the larger number of students
Downtown Development Commission.             representatives on Council last term, and                      and to make more efficient use of faculty
6.        George Chalker, executive          we are pleased to have his observations                        and space, the intensive studio format
secretary, Heritage Foundation of            on the academic amalgamations that have                        wouldn’t exist until the final year where
Newfoundland and Labrador.                   taken place. Dallas informs us there are                       students could choose to focus on
7.        Heddy Peddle, executive director, now two students elected to play a                              environment or community in an intensive
Johnson Family Foundation.                   redefined student rep role.                                    studio format. If this occurs, when the
8.        Greg Stamp, account executive,                                                                    students enrolled in the program now have
                                                                                                                             Planners Pen 13

all graduated, which should be spring             As work begins to pile on and people             allow it to pass unnoticed.
2004, there will be no more undergraduate         struggle to find the balance between their
Planning program in Atlantic Canada.              professional or academic life and their          On an administrative note: The GPS
However discussions are ongoing and as of         personal life, communication breaks              (Graduate Planning Society) has had a
yet no concrete decisions have been made.         down. Access to API conferences is               recent cabinet shuffle. The new president
Students are being involved in the process        difficult for students who are usually           is Heather Ternoway, Vice-President is
and representatives from both grad and            concerned with cost and finishing                Lindsey Mittelsteadt, Treasurer is Ravi
undergrad students will be involved.              assignments. If the conference is the            Singh, Luc Ouellet and Jaret Lang are the
      All in all the transition has been fairly   only opportunity for dialogue and                new computer representatives, Charlene
smooth for the NSCAD and MURP                     interaction and most students are not            Cressman is our social and sports
students. Students are taking advantage of        attending then the communication is              representative, Jen Meurer is in charge of
the new resources and have been well              virtually non-existent. If students and          organizing guest speakers and the new API
looked after by the NSCAD and Dalhousie           planning professionals in the region do not      representative is Mike Logan.
administrations. What the future holds in         meet, interact and share ideas what will the
unsure but those of us in the EP program          future of planning be in this region? Will       Lucy Trull,
now, are making the best of our time here         many of these newly graduated students           Student
and capitalizing on all of the educational        stay in the region if they are not aware of      Member, API
opportunities ... and looking forward to          what opportunities there may be here?            and Second
another great year.                                                                                Year Grad
      Dallas Gillis,                              Urban planning is at a potentially exciting      Student
      NSCAD Environmental Planning                time in HRM with the upcoming creation           ------------------
      Student President                           of a regional plan, discussions on               ------------------                    commuter rail and a comprehensive bike           ---------------
                                                  lane plan for the city. The planning
Lucy Trull has also corresponded with us          department at Dalhousie is also at an            Students were
previously. She reports she has been in the       exciting point, with the newly                   not alone in
process of a Graduate Planning Society            amalgamated NSCAD and MURP                       coping with
change-over which means that soon the             programs. The desire is to create a more         the major
positions (including API Council rep.) will       dynamic, higher profile for planning and         issues of the NSCAD-MURP merger. We
change as well. But Lucy has promised to          planning education. Now is the time to           are pleased to have Professor Jill Grant
keep us informed. Here is her message:            reinforce the link between what happens          share a few thoughts with us. Just what we
                                                  inside and outside the school.                   were looking for! She adds her insight to
The link between planning students and                                                             the adventure as follows:
planning professionals is an important one.       One way to do this may be to have
Students appreciate opportunities to bridge       someone on Council appointed as a                         In early August, NSCAD planning
the gap between the work they do in school        representative to the school, just as there is   faculty packed up offices and moved to
and the professional work they will one           a student representative for Council. This       Dalhousie. We now have an expanded
day do in the community. Planners in the          person can work with the student                 faculty of six members in a renamed
professional world can benefit by sharing         representative and try and answer any            "School of Planning".
their experiences with students. This             questions the student may have about API                  The last group of NSCAD
allows for reflection on the job that they        and promote activities and events (such as       environmental planning students started the
do, and it also facilitates a potential           a career fair which Donna Davis has been         core studios in fall 2001. When they
mentoring relationship between a planning         interested in promoting) that bring              graduate in 2004, the NSCAD programs
student and a planner.                            planners and planning students together.         will disappear. They are integrating well
                                                  It is often unclear to the student               with the MURP programs. We think
One way of bridging this gap is                   representative who is the best person on         everyone is benefitting from the synergy of
communication, and in the case of the API         Council to contact. If there is no one           the new larger unit.
this is facilitated through a student             specifically in charge of answering
representative. The student representative        inquiries things can often go unanswered
acts as a link between the API and the            as it is assumed someone else is taking
students and relays messages and                  care of it. Holding more frequent
information that students may otherwise           meetings at the university is another way
not have access to. Students then have a          of improving communication. A
representative at Council meetings and            mentorship program where students are
have the opportunity to voice the opinions        paired up with a professional planner may
and needs of students in the planning             be another. Inviting more public speakers
programs. This representation, however            to the school is also an opportunity for
vital, is in need of strengthening.               interaction. The connection has to be
As planners and planning students we have
an obligation to be proactive in our              The responsibility of this communication
schools, communities and professions.             is on all parties, students, faculty, Council
One way to do this is to promote dialogue.        members and planning professionals. This
But how can this happen if there is little        exciting time that is upon us is fleeting.
dialogue between planners and students,           We can seize this opportunity and elevate
professionals and academics?                      our school and our profession or we can
                                                                                                                        Planners Pen 14

          We are in the process of            ::::::::::                                     Vernon Parker-
developing a proposal for new                                                                Barry Zwicker-
undergraduate programs at Dalhousie. We
will build on our strengths in                This comes from Donna Davis, who has           The program group is busy identifying
environmental and urban planning and          already put a lot of time and work into        keynote speakers and working to refine the
design to offer undergrads exciting new       preparations for CIP’s National                program sub-themes. Four sub-themes have
options in a degree program likely to be      Conference scheduled for Nova Scotia in        been identified under the general theme of
called "community design". We expect to       2003. We thank her and her committee on        Building Communities: “Building
offer majors in environmental planning and    behalf of all API planners for lending their   Capacity”, “Building Connections”,
in urban design studies. We intend to         energy and their expertise to this project     “Building Infrastructure”, and “Building
retain our commitment to community-based      as we move toward 2003!                        Character”.
projects and learning through doing.
          We are also updating the graduate                                                  A full half day of mobile workshops is
curriculum. We are considering the idea       from Donna Davis                               being planned. These will showcase
of proposing some new options that could      2003 CIP Conference Committee Chair            planning initiatives and planning issues in
accommodate a range of choices in                                                            the Halifax region as well as those in
graduate study.                               2003 CIP Conference- “Building                 outlying towns and rural areas. They will
          Anyone who has thoughts or          Communities”                                   also provide an opportunity for conference
opinions to share with us as we undertake                                                    delegates to experience our Maritime
the review and development of our             Organizing for the 2003 CIP Conference         culture, character and hospitality.
programs should feel free to contact us.      being held in Halifax is well underway.
( , 902-494-6586)            The organizing committee is meeting            Social event planning is well in hand under
                                              monthly to work away at what is now just       the leadership and guidance of Barry
                                              an 18 month work plan. The dates have          Zwicker. He has his entire planing staff at
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::        been set for the conference- July 6-9th at     WML feverishly brainstorming over
::::::::::                                    the World Trade & Convention Centre.           creative and fun social event ideas that will
                                              Mark these down in your calendar- or stick     keep the delegates talking for years about
NSAPP TO HOST THE                             them on a post-it note until you get a 2003    their experiences in Halifax in 2003.
2003 CIP                                                                                     The Committee is really excited about our
                                              Sub-committees have been established to        planning activities to date. We are
CONFERENCE                                    look after various task and areas of           committed to making this the best
                                              responsibility. The sub-committee leads        conference yet and seem to be well on our
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::        are as follows:                                way. I encourage all planners to get on
                                                                                             board and share the excitement. Here is our
                                                 Conference Program- Jill Grant/ Chris       opportunity to showcase our region and
                                                 Lowe                                        Province while having a “whale of a time”!
                                                 Mobile Workshops- Bill B. Campbell
                                                 Social Events- Barry Zwicker           Donna Davis
                                                 Marketing & Merchandising- Barry       2003 CIP Conference Committee Chair
                                                 Zwicker/ Donna Davis
                                                 Local Orientation/ Volunteer           :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
                                                 Coordination- John Heseltine           ::::::
                                                 Fund-raising & Exhibits- Peter Nelson/
                                                 Maurice Lloyd                          BRANCH BIZ
                                                 Student & University Liaison- Jill
                                                 Grant                                  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
                                                 If any of these areas interest you,
                                                 please contact the sub-committee leads All about API:
                                                 to volunteer your services. E-mail        For the benefit of all our members, we
                                                 addresses of the organizing committee provide here the basic information that we
                                                 members are as follows:                all need to know about our Council and
                                                                                        our branch folks.
                                                 Donna Davis-                              It probably goes without saying that all
                                                   of this information (along with a host of
                                                 Bill B. Campbell-                      other interesting things) can be found on
                                                      our API Web page, which also has links
                                                 Brant Wishart-      with the “mother-ship” CIP site:
                                                 Jill Grant-
                                                 John Heseltine-      Atlantic Planners Institute postal
                                                 Maurice Lloyd-                         address:
                                                          116 rue Albert, suite 801
                                                 Chris Lowe-      Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5G3
                                                 Peter Nelson-                          (the reason why our address is in Ottawa,
                                                      this is due to the fact that API contracts
                                                                                                                         Planners Pen 15

with CIP to provide administrative services                                                  secretary-treasurer.
formerly done in Halifax.)                    ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
                                              :::::::                                        PEI planners owe their thanks to the above
API Council as of this date:                                                                 two persons for their leadership in branch
                                              Newfoundland &                                 activities, and especially to John Dalton
Alex Forbes, President                                                                       for representing this small branch at API
Stan Clinton, Past President and National      Labrador Branch                               Council meetings this year and at API’s
Council Rep.                                  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::         Annual General Meeting in Newfoundland.                       :::::::
Donna Davis, NS Representative                                                               In the news:                   API CONFERENCE IN Newfoundland:                New economic strategy in eastern Kings
Karen Roberts, Treasurer and NF
Representative                                INNOVATIONS IN PUBLIC                          Montague, P.E.I. – An economic strategy                  CONSULTATION                                   aimed at generating jobs and development
Ken Forrest                                   Elaine Mitchell, Conference Chairperson        in eastern Prince Edward Island is about to
Secretary and NB Representative                             get underway
John Dalton, PEI Representative               As practising planners, the public             Solicitor General Lawrence MacAulay,              consultation process is a key                  who is also the local MP, made the
Lucy Trull, Student Rep                       component of our work. So it was that          announcement.                             API planners were invited to join the
                                              Newfoundland Branch in St. John's              Two consulting firms have been hired to
Prince Edward Island Branch                   from October 11th-13th for an                  prepare the strategy, and they will begin by
John Dalton, President                        intensive 2.5 day professional                 gathering information from individuals,              development opportunity.                       communities and businesses.
Don Poole, Secretary -Treasurer               The sessions were well served by               The new five-year strategy follows an
Dennis Friesen, Membership Committee          Mark Seasons, Past President of CIP,           earlier one launched in 1995 and which led                              as facilitator. They focused on new            to developments including a golf course
                                              and innovative approaches to public            and tourism developments.
New Brunswick Branch                          consultation.
Gilles Guérette, President                                                                   Branch Activity in 2001                           A summary of the recent St. John’s
Evode Rwagasore, Secretary-Treasurer          experience will be prepared and                PEI Branch held meetings in the summer                            posted on API's website for the benefit        and the fall, and looks forward to an annual
Ken Forrest, API Councillor                   of those API members who were not              meeting in December to take care of the            able to make it to the conference. In          end-of-season chores.
                                              the meantime, for more information
Nova Scotia Branch                            you may wish to contact:                           The most recent meeting in late October
Donna Davis, President                        Stephen Jewcyzk, President,                        took a page from Newfoundland Branch’s                   Newfoundland Branch                                Planners Plate, in which we featured dinner
Peter Nelson                                                     and an educational workshop session                                                                         structured around a presentation by Crown
Dallas Gillis                                 Stephen Jewcyzk is President of the                Lands Corporation. The subject of the                      Newfoundland and Labrador but has been discussions was the planning of surplus
Tracy Bealing                                 unable to send a report at the time of this Crown lands in Charlottetown.                          publication.
Gary Porter                                                                                      John Dalton reported that membership
Jacqueline Hamilton                           API Professional Development Workshop 2001         recruitment is a pressing issue for the PEI                  The Branch organized the API Annual Conference.    Branch. The Branch has had difficulty
John Woodford                                 Given the recent focus on public consultation, the attracting practicing planners in the
Paul Smith                                    conference featured a professional development     province to become members. The                             workshop on public consultation and facilitation.  December AGM and meeting is being put
Rebekah Cluett Chan                                                                              together. We hope to obtain feedback on
Tammy Wilson                                  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: the OPPI Journal pilot program at that
                                              ::::::::::                                         time.
Newfoundland & Labrador Branch
Stephen Jewcyzk, President                    Prince Edward                           :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::                                                                :::::::::
Corrie Davis, Secretary                       Island Branch                          :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: New Brunswick                      :::::::::::
Roland Burek, Treasurer                                                               Branch                    John Dalton, Charlottetown city planner :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Karen Roberts, API Councillor                 is branch president. Don Poole, also a  :::::::::                  Charlottetown city planner serves as
                                                                                                                       Planners Pen 16

From Gilles Guérette, MCIP, comes the         l’université Mount-Allison ont présenté        will become public as well.
following message. Gilles has had a busy      chacun une perspective du continuel défi
term as President of the New Brunswick        qu’affrontent les urbanistes pour équilibrer
Branch.                                       la croissance et le maintien des valeurs       NSAPP NEWS
                                              architecturales du patrimoine. L’atelier
Gilles sent what he calls a brief note on the s’est terminé par un échange animé par         Donna Davis, President
main event held in Cap-Pelé during            Ron Corbett.                         
October. It is in both official languages.    Profitant de la rencontre pour tenir une
He also noted that he plans on soliciting     réunion d’affaires, deux projets
colleagues to write for the next API          d’envergure ont pris leur envol.               NSAPP held its Annual General Meeting
publication. We look forward to more          D’abord un comité a été mis en place pour      and Fall Student Meet & Greet in Halifax
opportunities to present features in two      amorcer la planification de la conférence      on September 27th. Many Faculty and
languages.                                    de l’Institut des urbanistes de l’Atlantique   students from the planning programs at
                                              qui se tiendra au Nouveau-Brunswick en         Dalhousie joined the NSAPP Executive
New Brunswick Branch Message                  2002. Paul Jordan, Carole Denis, Aaron         and fellow professional members for the
                                              Hearshoff et Ken Forrest se sont porté         AGM business meeting. The meeting
In New Brunswick this Fall, planners met      volontaires pour jeter les bases de la         ended with a pizza social, followed by a
in Cap-Pelé for a two day workshop. The       conférence, en collaboration avec l’IUA et     Halifax Harbour Boat Cruise. It was a
theme of urban and rural design was           l’Association des Urbanistes du                wonderful fall evening and everyone
developed by Alex Forbes from                 Nouveau-Brunswick.                             seemed to enjoy themselves. It was great to
Fredericton, Richard Harvey from              Mark Reade, Mike Dillon, André Daible,         have such a good turnout from the students
Wolfville in Nova Scotia and Paul Jordan      Wilson Bell et Alex Forbes forment             and Faculty!
from the Rural and Small Town Program         le comité d’étude visant l’élaboration et
of Mount Allison University, presented        l’introduction d’un projet de loi privé        A warm welcome is extended to Greg
three perspectives on this continuing         visant la certification professionnelle des    Zwicker and Mike Poulton who have
challenge facing planners in their attempts urbanistes dans la province. Au cour des         joined the NSAPP executive. Greg is a
to balance growth with the maintenance of prochains mois, nous devrions voir se              planner with Wallace, MacDonald &
architectural and historic values. The        dessiner une stratégie visant à faire          Lively Surveyors Ltd. in Bedford. Mike is
workshop ended on an animated exchange reconnaître la profession au                          Head of the Urban and Rural Planning
coordinated by Ron Corbett.                   Nouveau-Brunswick.                             Department at Dalhousie. A thank you is
Taking advantage of this event to hold a      C’est avec fierté que les collègues            extended to those members who have
business meeting, two significant projects    accueillirent Alex Forbes a titre de           agreed to continue to serve on the
were launched. First, a committee has been président de l’IUA pour la prochaine              Executive: Peter Nelson- Past President
set up to undertake the planning of the API année.                                           (Town of Truro), Paul Smith- Secretary/
conference which will be held in New                                                         Treasurer (Municipality of Colchester
Brunswick in 2002. Paul Jordan, Carole        M. Guérette lives in Campbellton, New          County), Jacqueline Hamilton (Halifax
Denis, Aaron Hearshoff and Ken Forrest        Brunswick.                                     Regional Municipality) and John
have volunteered themselves to establish                                                     Woodford (Municipality of King County).
the conference foundations, in cooperation 2002 API Conference – New                         A special thank you to Tammy Wilson,
with the API and NB Planners executives. Brunswick                                           Municipality of Lunenburg County for her
                                                                                             service to the committee over the past
Mark Reade, Mike Dillon, André Daible,        Ken Forrest had reported earlier that          several years. The Executive is currently
Wilson Bell and Alex Forbes are on            New Brunswick will be the host of the          looking for a member to fill the vacant
the study committee mandated with the         2002 API Conference. He stated that            position on the Committee. If you are
preparation and introduction of a private     some preliminary contacts have been            interested in working with us or know of
bill for the professional certification of    made with the Maine Association of             someone who might be, please contact any
professional planners in the Province. Over   Planners to see if there might be              one of the members above (our email
the next months, we should see the            interest in a joint conference. Council        addresses are on the API web site).
establishment of a strategy aimed and the     indicated that it was ok with the
recognition of the profession in New          possibility of a joint conference.             The Executive are looking for new ways to
Brunswick.                                                                                   involve the membership in
                                              ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::               theAssociation’s activities. A Christmas
It is with pride that members welcomed        ::::::::::                                     social event is planned in concert with the
Alex Forbes as president of API for the                                                      Dal Planning School. Talks are underway
coming year.                                  Nova Scotia Branch                             as well with Dal students regarding a
                                                                                             Student Work Fair in the late winter.
==============================                ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::               Faculty at Dal have expressed an interest in
                                              ::::::::::                                     possibly co-sponsoring lectures on
Au Nouveau-Brunswick cet automne, les                                                        planning issues/ approaches and the
urbanistes se sont réuni à Cap-Pelé pour un   Donna Davis confirms she is still NSAPP        Executive is discussing a possible
atelier de deux jours.                        president and, as promised, has pulled         professional development opportunity to be
A cet atelier, le thème du design urbain et   together a brief report on her Branch          held in concert with the Dal Planning
rural fut introduit par Alex Forbes, de       activities. She reports with enthusiasm        Symposium in the spring. Let us know your
Fredericton, Richard Harvey de Wolfville      that the executive is more active and they     thoughts on these ideas.
en Nouvelle-Écosse et Paul Jordan du          are busy doing some things! There have
programme Rural and Small Town de             been a few changes to the executive which      Donna Davis
                                                                                                                                         Planners Pen 17

MEMBERSHIP MATTERS                                                Provisional Membership
                                                                  Mr. Jeffrey Turnbull
______________________________                                    Mr. Andrew Whittemore
__                                                                Mr. Andrew Bone
We know you will be pleased to learn that since mid-summer        Ms. Alicia McLaren
the Membership Committee has processed the following              Mr. Peter Ewert
applications:                                                     Student Membership
Full Membership                                                   Mr. Bram Noble
Ms. Tracy Wade                                                    Mr. Ravi Singh
Mr. Paul Jordon,                                                  We sincerely welcome all of these to Atlantic Planners
Ms. Colleen Clare                                                 Institute
Mr. Glen Cluett                                                   ...............................................................................................
Mr. Jon Oliver,                                                   In addition to the normal business of admissions to
Mr. Mark Reade                                                    membership, the committee, through Chairman John Bain,
Mr. David Lane                                                    continues to work with API and CIP on redefining and
We note that several other applicants are pending at this time.   restructuring various membership functions.

    Your letters, comments, suggestions and
          articles will be welcomed:
          Dennis Friesen, Planners Pen
              47 Warburton Drive
           Charlottetown PE C1A 8Z3
           Telephone: (902) 892-1493

                                                       Planners Pen
   Newsletter of the Atlantic Planners Institute/ Le bulletin de l’Institut des Urbanistes de l’Atlantique
   an affiliate of the Canadian Institute of Planners/un member de l’Institut Canadien des Urbanistes

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