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LOCATED AT 1150 HEIRLOOM VIEW, OKEMOS, MI (approximately 1 mile east of the Meridian Mall on Grand River Avenue to
Cornell, north 1/2 mile on Cornell to Heirloom View and east to home) on:

SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 2008 • 10 AM                           This will be a very large auction with lots of interesting items of all types!
                                                                                          ARCHITECTURAL ITEMS
                                                      Several sets of matching antique entry doors with leaded and etched glass panels; 500+/- pieces of door, furniture and cabinet
                                                      hardware; window gable, wood, long, gray piece ca. 1880.
                                                                                                          FARM ITEMS
                                                      Very good John Deere 855 diesel tractor, 25 hp., 3 pt.; tractor implements include 6’ flail mower, 6’ rototiller, 6’ hay or grass rake,
                                                      4’ back blade, 3 pt. scoop.
                                                                                             WATCHES & JEWELRY
                                                      Six pocket watches; 12 wrist watches; misc. old jewelry.
                                                                  GLASSWARE – CHINA – MISCELLANEOUS
                                                      Art glass w/signed Verleyse; cut glass with dishes, candlestick holders, salt and peppers, glasses, more; Depression glass with
                                                      Heisey, Blue Hobnail, paperweights, pitchers, vases, candleholders, more; collector plates with German, Bavarian, Christmas,
                                                      Wedgwood, more; porcelain dishes with Chinese coffee sets, Noritake china sets, candy dishes, pitchers, cup and saucers, salt and
                                                      pepper shakers.
                                                           BRASS ITEMS – CL0CKS – FIGURINES – SILVERPLATE
                                                      Brass candleholders, gold color eagle on base, more; misc. clocks with clock bank, clock ring, more; figurines with parrots, doves,
                                                      birds, Sodalite & quartz birds on rocks, more; silverplate flatware including Rogers 1847 - 71 pc., knives, spoons, Tudor Oneida -
                                                      33 pc., covered vegetable bowls, serving bowls; several Queen Anne lighters; Milburn tray with handles - 14x16; misc. flatware;
                                                      teapot - Washington Rogers; nut cracker w/7 picks; rectangular tureen; tea leaf urn “1877” - 4 legged; cheese servers; salad forks
                                                      and spoons; set 5 butter knives with mother of pearl handles.
                                                      Hanging lamps with Tiffany style w/cherries and flowers; Tiffany style - yellow/orange porch lights; brass w/beveled glass wall
                                                      sconce lamps; oil/lantern lamps including alcohol lamps, electrified burner, font holders, Aladdin, parts lamps, shade holder oil
                                                      lamps; 10” white Torche lamp shade; 14” brass bandings for kerosene lamps ca. 1900, 14” Fenton glass Torche shade, clear and
                                                      frosted; 1905 metal oil lamp; 2 1/2” shades acid etched frosted deco design; Aladdin oil lamp; Bobeche glass 4.75”; brass font
                                                      with burner, kerosene; brass wgt. for pulldown lamp; brass shade holder - hanging kerosene lamp, burners, ca. 1900 brass band-
                                                      ings for kerosene lamps, candle covers for sockets, copper shade, counterweight for hanging lamp - brass, electric lamp burners,
                                                      font covers - Goldtone w/pattern; frame for hanging lamp - ornate, Globes multine bulizer, hurricane shade, lamp parts, porcelain
                                                      light fixtures, shade - quilted rib fluted, 6” green tulip, misc. shades with prismatic bells, glass with designs, milk glass, frosted
                                                      shades, white lamp shades in “School House” style, wicks, covered wagon lamp, headboard lamp, lots more.
                                                                                          MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS
                                                      Kitchen items with misc. kitchen utensils with forks, spoons, spatulas, etc.; advertising items with Lansing Capitol Centennial, more;
                                                      approx. 5’ African bow; automobile headlights - black round shape; 14” round utility basket, Ottawa Indian, modern; bells; misc.
                                                      boxes including cigar style cedar box, set 31 cigar boxes - Musicmaker; silver flatware box, more; buttons; Pachinko Machine made
                                                      by “Nishijin”; poker chips/holder; beaded belt w/designs; black fur hat; baby shoes; shin guards; ivory letter openers; white feath-
                                                      er fans; brass baby bed ca. 1890; 100’s of antique glassware; silverplate flatware, dishes; household maintenance, land and gar-
                                                      den tools; coin operated candy vending machine; sporting goods and cross country skis; household items; 1982 Honda Passport
                                                      90cc; misc. gun holsters; hardware items including “Coleman Quikk-Light”; misc. linens with towels, pillows, etc.; medals & mili-
                                                      tary items with clips, bullets; meters and gauges; microscopes and telescopes including medical instruments; “Quack” medicine
                                                      box - “Pilling Battery”; 19” nutcracker w/crown; Christmas items and ornaments; doctor’s bag; pencils; Christmas signs; white
                                                      wicker w/black top and metal stroller; stein; 45, 33 & 78 RPM records; Peter Pan kiddie records; Chinese items with Cloisonne pots
                                                      w/jade flowers; Hakata dolls; planter/pots; salt dips; wooden plate stands; pair of tickets - “First Michigan Lotto” - 11/24/72; pens;
                                                      pencils; pewterware including tea caddy, coasters; 2 pc. Argus cameras, antique bellows camera, more; Lodge Badget
                                                      “Freundschaft”; postcards; purses; scales; sewing items; misc. tools with apple peeler, assorted bottles, more; vanity items with
                                                      hair combs, 5 piece celluloid vanity sets, celluloid dresser sets, compacts, curling iron, cuticle cutters, glove stretchers, hat pins and
                                                      hat pin holders, manicure sets, nail clippers, perfume bottles from the 1960s; two large antique copper water pumps w/wrought
                                                      iron handles; pictures/frames.
                                                                            RUGS – JEWELRY – DOLLS – MORE
                                                      Diamond engagement and wedding sets; 14 kt. gold “Tiffany & Co.” 3” pencils; dolls with three “Little Darlings” in box, metal doll
                                                      bed, pr. 4” Dutch Girl/Boy w/wooden shoes, “Princess Anna” hard comp. doll w/wired hair, spinning wheel - child’s, stone bisque
                                                      figure girl on pedestal (2), more; 12 cut glass plates; 12” Royal Doulton bowl; 8” Germany plate; grass candleholder; 2.5” clock; Victorian cut glass; doll chair - blue
                                                      velvet; kerosene lamp w/original shade - white with flowers; 4” Christmas bubble light bulbs; long ivory cotton nightgown with lace trim; teddy bear 12” jointed mohair,
                                                      orange/yellow, ca. 1930s; wood washers - unrestored; pens with Parker, Inkwell, Schaffer; rugs with 6’10”x9’9” blue-Chinese, modern; 6’1x4’1 cream/gold; 6’6x9’2
                                                                                                                            TOYS – GAMES
                                                      Cap gun “Scout” 1890; metal cowboy; doll couch; sled - child’s w/oak trim; small children’s sleds; misc. vehicles, aircraft; horse drawn wagon; RR bridge - 1910; more.

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                                                                                                                                CUSTOM BUILT
 Providing delicious food, snacks
       and drinks during the sale!                                                                                              HOME FOR SALE
               L&M                                                                                                             with approximately 3700 square
            CONCESSIONS                                                                                                        feet and 1500 square feet on
                                                                                               Phone: 517-726-0181             lower level located on approx. 7
 144 South Main St.                                                                             Fax: 517-726-0060              1/2 acres of land with pond and
    P.O. Box 146                                                                                         e-mail:
                                                                                            stantonsauctions@sbcglobal.net     enclosed tennis court. Contact
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