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									     United States Fencing Association
2009-2010 Super Youth Circuit
         Bid Packet

    United States Fencing Association
             1 Olympic Plaza
    Colorado Springs, CO 80909-5774
Phone: (719) 866-4511 Fax: (719) 632-5737

The Super Youth Circuit (SYC), sanctioned by the United States Fencing Association (USFA), is a
group of events held throughout the country for youth fencers in the Y14, Y12, and Y10 age
categories in all six weapons that provide an opportunity for young athletes to experience elite
competition, earn national points, and prepare for future national events.

The USFA will sanction five to seven SYC events for the 2009-2010 season. A principle goal of the
USFA and Youth Development Committee is to showcase the sport of fencing in different regions of
the country, while controlling travel time and expenses for fencers and their families.

The USFA will accept bids from any Club, Section, City, or Sports Commission interested in hosting a
national tournament. The bid must provide facilities, commit services, and supply personnel to make a
tournament successful for the participants and The USFA. The bid process and site selection will be
managed by the USFA Youth Development Manager with final approval from the Youth
Development Committee. Bids must be received by Monday, March 2, 2009.

Host Organizations:

Organizations interested in hosting a SYC event should complete the Expression of Interest
Application and Venue Checklist, and submit it to the Youth Development Manager. The Expression
of Interest Application must be accompanied by prospective hotel and venue information including
venue diagram, specific dimensions, and cost. Hotel rates and distance from the venue, along with any
other information that will enhance the bid, should also be included.

Cities, city organizations or Sports Commissions that are submitting bids are encouraged to obtain the
support of the local USFA Section, Division or Club when forming the Local Organizing Committee
(LOC). The inclusion of a local fencing club will give added publicity to not only the event, but to the
local club as well. The commitment of local volunteers with fencing experience to serve on the LOC
will enhance the overall quality of the bid, and increase the chance for a favorable response. The
USFA can assist in introducing a local fencing contact.

Each applicant must submit a copy of notification in writing to the Division Officer of the USFA
Division in which the competition is held. A copy of this letter should be included in the bid packet to
the USFA. It is mandatory that each Club and/or LOC is a current member of the USFA and
possesses USFA insurance. The LOC must include a Chairperson, Technical Manager, and
Registration Manager. Please identify the names of those filling the positions in the bid application.

Also, please visit for additional information about The USFA. As you are
reviewing the information, feel free to direct any questions to:

Courtney Winninger
Youth Development Manager
U.S. Fencing
1 Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
T: (719) 866-4511 F: (719) 632-5737

Competition Dates:

SYC events will be conducted between September 1, 2009 and April 12, 2010. The USFA recognizes
the importance of school attendance, and encourages SYC competitions to condense to two-day events
if scheduling permits. Furthermore, it is important to avoid dates that overlap North American Cups
(NAC) as a large percentage of youth coaches attend NACs as well.

       NAC Schedule
       October 9-12, 2009             Division II, Division III, Cadet
       November 6-9, 2009             Junior, Cadet, Youth 14
       December 4-6, 2009             Division I, Veteran
       January 15-18, 2010            Division I, Junior
       February 12-15, 2010           Junior Olympic Championships
       March 5-8, 2010                Division II, Division III, Veteran
       April 23-26, 2010              Division I, Youth 14, Youth 12, Youth 10

Venue Requirements:
The fencing venue is the single most important element in hosting a successful tournament. It must be
available from approximately 6:00 a.m.–11:59 p.m. each day of the tournament and for at least one
day in advance for set up. It must be clean, well maintained and possess the following characteristics:

   1. Minimum ceiling height of 15 feet.

   2. Minimum of 18 strips with ability to accommodate up to 24 strips. One fencing strip measures
      14 meters long x 2 meters wide and should include 2 meters on either end as a safety zone.
      Venue flooring should be a wood, composition or carpet surface on which fencing strips can be
      affixed. At least 10 strips must be grounded metal strips.

   3. Provide an adequate amount of space for the referee on the side of each strip, with the scoring
      box to be placed approximately 3 feet out from the center of the opposite side of the strip.
      Scoring boxes back to back are the ideal arrangement.

   4. Competition area must be well lit with even lighting throughout.

   5. Area on or near the fencing floor for Armory, Registration Desk, Officials Lounge, and
      Trainer. Area on or near the fencing floor for vendor booths is optional.

   6. An Athletic Trainer is required on site during all hours of competition, and must be easily
      accessible in the main hall of competition. Access to ice is mandatory.

   7. Ample amount of restrooms.

   8. The temperature in the competition hall must be between 65° and 75° F.

   9. A stage or visibly designated area for the Bout Committee. The BC area is centrally located
      with clear site to all strips, and should be equipped with sufficient tables, chairs, electricity,
      internet access, and public address system.

   10. The public address system needs to reach all areas of the venue, including the designated
       Officials Lounge, with a microphone located at the BC Stage.

   11. An area must be designated and easily accessible to fencers for posting pools, DE tables, and

   12. Adequate parking and easy access to transportation, especially to the host hotel.

   13. Venue food/drink concessions are open throughout the competition. Concessions must include
       “athlete-friendly” foods (fruit, energy bars, bagels, water, sports drink).

   14. Water stations and/or drinking fountains must be available.

   15. Meeting space to feed Officials and for Committee Meetings.

   16. It is desirable that a finals strip is separated from the preliminary strips to provide special
       attention for athletes with an enhanced audience seating area.

Benefits for the Local Organizing Committee:

For a USFA Section, Division or Club, acting as the LOC for a national tournament provides local and
national exposure as well as financial rewards to the Organizing Committee. In all cases, the USFA
strives to ensure a financial benefit to the LOC who is hosting the national event. The USFA will
utilize current business relationships with cities, venues, hotels, etc. to assist LOCs in whatever way it
can. Additional revenue by the LOC can be earned through local sponsorships, producing an event
program including paid advertisements, strip sponsorships, event merchandise, etc…

The LOC must receive approval from the Youth Development Manager for rights to use the USFA
brand and/or logo(s) on or within any document, publication, merchandise, etc..

USFA Fees:

There is a $100 application fee to bid on a SYC event. This fee is payable to the USFA and must be
received with the Bid Application in order for consideration.

SYC entry fees consist of a $40 registration fee and $30 for each event entered. The USFA receives
$5 per participant at each SYC. Monies must be paid to the USFA within 30 days following the event.

Late Entry Policy: Within 4 weeks and up to 72 hours preceding the close of registration of the event,
a triple fee policy is in effect. Within 72 hours preceding the close of registration for the event, a $200
charge on top of the normal late entry fee is required. The late entry policy must be clearly stated in
all materials and on all websites for each SYC.

Entry Form:
The USFA will provide the LOCs with a standard entry form and waiver for event registration.


A member of the USFA Fencing Officials Commission (FOC) or an approved delegate must be
designated to serve as FOC at the event. The Youth Development Manager will provide the LOC with
a list of certified Officials and their contact information. 70% of contracted Officials must be rated in
the primary weapon they will referee.

Armorers and Technicians:

The services of a minimum of two experienced Armorers or Technicians are necessary. The Armorers
will conduct weapons check and a mask punch test.


The LOC is obligated to provide one Athletic Trainer on site during all hours of competition and be
equipped with proper medical supplies including ice.


Each SYC will have a member of the USFA staff, Youth Development Committee, or selected
representative in attendance to observe the event and ensure it is run appropriately. The LOC is
responsible for transportation, accommodation, and food for Officials, Armorers, and the BC including
the FOC and the representative from the USFA/ Youth Development Committee. The LOC provides
honoraria for Officials, Armorers, and the BC according to appropriate pay scales in consultation with
the Youth Development Manager.

Tournament Format:

It is understood that SYC events are run in accordance with USFA rules and formats guided by the
Youth Development Manager and Youth Development Committee

The format for all SYC events must be one round of pools with 100% promoted to a Direct
Elimination (DE) table. All events must use pools of six or seven whenever possible. In events with
fewer than 11 entrants, the BC may elect to have two rounds of pools followed by 100% promoted to a
DE table. There is no fence-off for third place.

Seeding for all SYC events shall be based on the following factors:
   1. Current national rolling point standings according to age group and weapon. This filters down
       the entire list, not just the top 32 as done in a NAC.
   2. Letter ranking with year classification
   3. Athletes with neither of the above are seeded on a random basis after the athletes who are
       seeded by the preceding factors.

Blade Length:
For Y10 events, a 30” or 32” blade is required. For Y12 and Y14, standard blade length of 30”-35” is
permitted. These rules are strictly enforced.

Please attach a proposed schedule of events. It is understood that the USFA may approve a bid
contingent on changes to the event schedule.

Tournament Software:

The USFA strongly recommends using software programs XSeed, Fencing Time, Point Control, or
EnGarde 8.12 to run the event. The LOC and BC should be familiar with the chosen software prior to
the SYC.


An Awards Ceremony is required for each event with the top eight (in events with a starting field of
eight or more) or the top three (in events with a starting field fewer than eight) being recognized.
Appropriate awards are medals, trophies, or t-shirts. Also, all athletes are entitled to a certificate of
participation upon request.

Ideal Specifications:

As with any event, there are ideal scenarios the USFA looks for in the selection of host cities. While
not always necessary for a successful bid, the following elements are examples of how details can
truly make a difference.

      Strong record of hosting quality events.

      City located within a close proximity of a hub airport.

      Having the host hotels within walking distance of the venue for convenience and to alleviate
       Officials of having to use a shuttle system.

      In addition to the venue concessions, restaurants within walking distance to the competition

      Provide prizes for the top eight athletes in each event (# of events * 6 weapons).

      Local activities in conjunction with the tournament can provide participants with entertainment
       options in addition to the fencing competition.

      Discounted meal packages or coupons at the hotel during the event for participants.

      Complimentary breakfast (at the hotel or venue) and lunch (at the venue) for Officials and the
       BC is ideal.

      Commitment to contact local media (news stations and newspapers) for coverage of the event.

      Host club and community should have a strong volunteer base from which to draw on for

Upon submittal of the bid, the USFA will assume the bidder has read and fully understands the
expectations, and further, is prepared to assume the responsibilities associated with hosting the event.
Upon receipt of the Bid Application, and witnessed by an authorized signature, a bid will be
considered an official invitation for the USFA to proceed with the assumptions in place.

Bid applications must be received by Monday, March 2, 2009.
Completed applications should include the following:
   a) Expression of Interest Application with $100 application fee
   b) Event Schedule
   c) SYC Entry Form
   d) Preliminary budget
   e) Pictures of facility
   f) Diagram of facility
   g) Proposed list of Officials
   h) Area map showing venue location in relation to hotels, airport, and restaurants.

2009/2010 SYC bid winners will be established by Friday, March 20, 2009.

Each LOC that is awarded the opportunity to host must provide the Youth Development Manager with
all information concerning the SYC event (location, schedules, hotel lists, and entry forms) by Friday,
May 1, 2009. The information will be posted on the USFA website and/or with a link to a website
where such information can be obtained.

Following the event, the LOC is required to complete an after-action report. An evaluation form will
also be distributed to the FOC and BC for feedback. The LOC must submit photos and/or video of the
event to the Youth Development Manager to be showcased on the USFA website to build further
awareness of Youth Programs.

Please return bid application to:
U.S. Fencing
Attn: Courtney Winninger
1 Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909-5774
Fax: 719-632-5737

By submitting this application and my signature, I affirm I am an authorized representative of this
organization submitting this application and confirm that we have read and understand the terms
outlined in the Bid Packet. We are prepared to commit to the aforementioned responsibilities should
we be awarded the opportunity to host a SYC event as specified in the Bid Packet.

_________________________________                            __________________________________
Authorized Representative Signature                          Witness Signature

_________________________________                            __________________________________
Printed Name                                                 Printed Name

_________________________________                            __________________________________
Date                                                         Date

                                     US Fencing Association
                                Expression Of Interest Application

Contact Name: _____________________________ Signature: _________________________________
Title: _____________________________________ Organization: ______________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________ Fax: ______________________________________
Email: ____________________________________ Website: __________________________________

Please list competitions hosted by applicant in the last five years:
   1. _______________________________________________________________________________
   2. _______________________________________________________________________________
   3. _______________________________________________________________________________
   4. _______________________________________________________________________________
   5. _______________________________________________________________________________

Prospective Date(s):
Begin Date: ___________________________                    End Date: ____________________________

Begin Date: ___________________________                    End Date: ____________________________

The following pages outline information needed by the Youth Development Manager and the Youth
Development Committee to precisely determine the viability of a bid. Please use additional sheets if
necessary to provide complete information.

Please return bid application to:
U.S. Fencing
Attn: Courtney Winninger
1 Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909-5774
Fax: 719-632-5737

Please submit a preliminary budget and financial forecast reflecting, in general terms, all potential
revenues and expenditures associated with the staging of the event.

1.        Community Information:

     A. Name of City: _________________________________________________________________

     B. Population: ____________________ Metropolitan Area Population: ______________________

     C. Closest airport: ________________________________________________________________

     D. Which airlines service airport/how many flights daily: _________________________________


     E. Driving time and distance from airport to proposed facility: _____________________________

2. Hotels:

     Item Description              Hotel #1                Hotel #2                  Hotel #3

hotel name

distance to airport
distance to venue
# of rooms available

proposed rate(s)
shuttle to/from airport?
shuttle to/from venue?
guest parking available?
cost of parking
# of restaurants
24 hour room service?

  3.   Facility Data

  Please provide photographs of the facility and area/rooms for the Armory, Bout Committee Office,
  Officials Lounge, and Trainer, or a venue sales brochure that includes these pictures.

  A. Name of Facility: ______________________________________________________________

  B. What is the facility’s standard rental fee: $___________________________________________

  C. Address: _____________________________________________________________________

  D. Owner or operator of the facility: _________________________________________________

  E. Seating capacity: _____________________________

  F. What are the dimensions and total square footage of the hall: ___________________________

  G. Are there any columns in the hall: _________________________________________________

  H. Number of locker rooms: _______________________

  I. Number of hospitality rooms: ____________________

  J. Number of grounded strips: _______________         Total number of strips: _______________

  K. Number of complete Electrical Scoring Sets (machines, reels, floor cords): ________________

  L. Distance to hospital/emergency room: _____________

  M. Is there exclusivity on selling merchandise? Please describe: ___________________________


  N. Please describe the facility sound system: __________________________________________


  O. Please describe medical services provided: _________________________________________
  P. Parking Fee: __________________

4. Other
How will US Fencing benefit from your organization hosting a SYC event?
What attempts will be made to grow the sport of fencing within your community?
How will your organization promote this event?
Do you intend on selling event merchandise?
5. Local Organizing Committee:
Name/ Areas of Responsibility (include phone and email of each)

1. _______________________________________________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________________________________________
3. _______________________________________________________________________________
4. _______________________________________________________________________________

6. Proposed Bout Committee Members: (include phone and email of each)
1. _______________________________________________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________________________________________
3. _______________________________________________________________________________

7. Proposed Floor Managers: (include phone and email of each)
1. _______________________________________________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________________________________________

8. Officials:
Name of FOC: _____________________________________________________________________
Number of Officials to be recruited: __________
Please include a list of proposed Officials.

9. Armorers:
1. _______________________________________________________________________________
2. _______________________________________________________________________________
Organizational Background:

The Amateur Sports Act of 1978 specifically
named the United States Olympic Committee
(USOC) as the coordinating body for amateur
athletic activity in the U.S. directly relating
to international Olympic athletic competition.
The Act included provisions for recognizing
National Governing Bodies (NGBs) for the
sports on the programs of the Olympic and
Pan American Games.

The United States Fencing Association (USFA) is
the recognized NGB for the sport of fencing in the United States. The USFA was founded in 1891 as the
Amateur Fencers League of America (AFLA) by a group of New York fencers seeking independence from
the Amateur Athletic Union. The AFLA changed its name to the United States Fencing Association in 1981.

The USFA is affiliated with the Féderation Internationale d'Escrime (FIE), the international federation for
fencing founded in Paris in 1913.

The USFA was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in Pennsylvania in 1964 and in
Colorado in 1993 in compliance with the Amateur Sports Act and opened its national office at the Olympic
Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. in August of 1982.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the USFA is to develop fencers to achieve international success and to administer and
promote the sport in the USA.


        Earn international medals
        Expand membership
        Increase the number and quality of coaches and integrate them into the USFA
        Increase public interest in fencing
        Make the USFA an effective and efficient organization

Board and Staff Information:

        26 Board Members
        3 Board Meetings per year
        23 Committees
        9 Full Time Staff Members

U.S Fencing Individual Membership: 22,000 members

Membership Breakdown:

Gender:               68% Male                      32 % Female

Age group:

Youth 10 - 12                                       11%
Youth 14                                            18%
Cadet                                               26%
Junior                                              44%
Age 20 - 39                                         23%
Veteran (40+):                                      19%
Coaches                                             2%
Wheelchair                                          Approximately 20+ athletes

            Education:      45% are under 18 (school age)
                             68% of those over 18 years of age possess a college degree or higher

            Income:         72% have a household income greater than $60,000
                             36% have a household income greater than $100,000

Member Clubs: There are over 630 dedicated fencing clubs in the United States with nearly 500 additional
organizations that offer fencing classes. Currently, there are 82 NCAA sponsored varsity-fencing teams.

Universities & Colleges: There are over 100 NCAA member programs and over 200 intramural or club

Geography: Fencing has a presence in all 50 states and, for competitive purposes, is separated into 66
Divisions and 10 Sections.

Membership Growth: Membership continues to grow at a constant rate. Over the past five years it has
increased at an average of 11% per year, with an overall five-year increase of 34%.


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