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					Retail Reconstruction Project Saves Money While
Diverting 90% of Waste From Landfill: Ottawa, Ontario

The owner set a lofty objective for this construction project - divert from landfill 100 percent of the waste generated.
By reusing materials salvaged from the project to build a new two-storey retail space on the site of an existing one-
storey building, the contractor/construction manager not only achieved a high volume of diversion from landfill but
also realized significant savings in the cost of materials for construction. After all costs were tabulated, the project
team’s commitment and diligent attention to the 3Rs had generated a surplus of more than $25,000.

Project Description

This project followed an integrated design process that saw the contractor involved from early on. As
part of the project team, the contractor was required to complete a detailed inventory of the types and
quantities of the materials found in the existing structure. The project team then reviewed this inventory
and made decisions as to what to reuse on site. One of these decisions was to reuse the structural steel
from the existing building as a second storey structure on the new building. To facilitate this, the
contractor carefully labeled, disassembled, and stored the steel beams and columns until the time came
for reinstallation. The materials were tested by a qualified inspector to ensure their structural integrity.
The contractor, who was also the construction manager for the project, made a conscientious effort to
reduce waste during construction and took measures to increase the potential salvage of materials as the
building was renovated or deconstructed. The construction of the store followed the principles of
“designing for disassembly,” which involved using reversible connections and leaving connections
exposed to facilitate future disassembly.
A waste management consultant developed the Waste Management Workplan for the project, and the
design team decided to pursue certification through the following three environmental (“green”)
building and design programs:

•     U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building
      Rating System (LEED)
•     Mountain Equipment Co-op’s Green Building Specification (MEC)
•     Natural Resources Canada’s C-2000 Program for Advanced Commercial Buildings (C-2000)

To fulfil the requirements set out by these programs, the project management team set the waste
management objectives. Based on the information compiled by the contractor regarding the quantities of
waste to be generated through demolition and new construction, the team reached a consensus on the
waste reduction targets to set for each material - e.g., 100 percent of metals to be diverted from landfill.
The targets were divided into demolition and new construction materials and were revisited at the 25,
50, 75, and 100 percent stages of project completion.

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Materials Collected:

Reused: structural steel (beams, columns and open web steel joists)        concrete block existing concrete
slab clay brick terrazzo flooring batt insulation glass block              wood roof blocking rigid foam
Recycled: crushed, cast-in-place concrete and concrete block        crushed clay brick    shredded rigid foam
insulation crushed plate glass


•     By reusing items on site, the contractor not only achieved a high volume of diversion from landfill
      but also realized significant savings in materials cost for the construction. For example, the cost of
      installing a new terrazzo floor would have been approximately $108,000, while patching and sealing
      the existing terrazzo floor cost only $21,000. Not having to remove and dispose of the existing floor
      saved another $16,800. Through the careful demolition of the existing first-floor steel structure and
      subsequent inspection, testing, and reassembly of the materials within the second storey of the new
      retail space, the contractor realized a savings of $8,900 over the price of the same assembly had new
      materials been purchased and erected.
•     The deep commitment of the owner, architect, contractor, and other members of the project team
      required significant effort in planning and strategy. After all costs were tabulated, the team’s diligent
      3Rs effort had generated a surplus of more than $25,000. Waste management costs were completely
      offset by the revenue generated through sale of materials, and the reuse and recycling of existing
      materials saved capital costs. Materials salvaged during demolition and reinstated during
      construction, along with materials which were left untouched and incorporated into the new design,
      accounted for approximately 75 percent of the new building structure and shell.
Tips for Replication

•     Test structural materials that are being reused (e.g., steel beams and columns) to ensure that they
      meet or exceed relevant building code and performance requirements.
•     Assess waste management performance at the 25, 50, 75 and 100 percent completion stages of a
•     Include waste management as an agenda item at all scheduled project meetings.
•     Post a site plan notifying workers, haulers, and the public of the location of recycling bins, waste
      bins, longer-term storage areas, restricted areas, and materials for sale.
•     Isolate the site with a temporary fence to segregate the materials sale and storage area from the
      demolition and construction work. Secure the storage area to prevent vandalism and theft.
•     Locate the site office at the site entrance to keep track of all materials arriving at and being removed
      from the site. Organize the site to promote an efficient flow of trucks delivering and removing

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Classification: Demolition? New Construction
Project Size: 2 500 m2
Project Budget: $2.9 million                                Work Force: 10 – 15 labourers/foreman
Start Date: Jan 1999                                        Completion Date: Sept 1999
Event Description                                                                        3Rs ($)          Traditional Disposal
Coordination / Instruction/ Administration                                                          5 000                 2 000
Labour and Human Resources                                                                         99 400                60 000
Waste storage, handling and removal (includes bin rental)                                           6 205                 8 760
 Total Waste Management Expenses (1)                                                             125 605                 88 760
Waste Management Revenues and Savings
Scrap steel and aluminum and mechanical equipment sold for reuse and recycling                    16 800                 10 080
Terrazzo floor reused on site                                                                    103 800                  N/A
Structural Steel framing reused on site                                                            8 900                  N/A
Stone Facing reused on site                                                                        3 072                  N/A
Milled Wood Beams For hardwood flooring reused in site                                            17 860                  N/A
Crushed Concrete for Backfill                                                                        900                  N/A
 Total Waste Management Revenue and Savings (2)                                                  151 332                  N/A
OVERALL WASTE MANAGEMENT COSTS                              (1) - (2)                         - $25 727                 $78 680
Project Waste Management Cost ($ per m2)                                                         - $ 10.29               $31.47
Percentage of Total Project Costs                                                                     0%                  2.7%

       Waste Diversion Summary                REUSE                           RECYCLING            LANDFILLING
                           Percent Of                                     Material
                  Volume               Material     Reuse                           Recycling   Material    Landfill
Material Category            Total                                        Volume
                    (M3)              Volume (M3) Percentage                        Percentage Volume (M3) Percentage
                            Volume                                         (M3)
CONCRETE             580     28.4%         0         0.0%                   580       28.5%         0         0.0%
WOOD                 510     25.0%        300       14.7%                   180        8.8%        30         1.5%
STEEL                300     14.7%        300       14.7%                    0         0.0%         0         0.0%
OTHER METALS1         75      3.7%         0         0.0%                    60        2.9%        15         0.7%
MASONRY              120      5.9%        120        5.9%                    0         0.0%         0         0.0%
MECHANICAL2           95      4.7%         80        3.9%                    0         0.0%        15         0.7%
ELECTRICAL3           50      2.5%         0         0.0%                    40        2.0%        10         0.5%
CARDBOARD             15      0.7%         0         0.0%                    15        0.7%         0         0.0%
DOORS /               30      1.5%         0         0.0%                    10        0.5%        20         1.0%
FINISHES4            165      8.0%        150        7.4%                     0          0.0%                15        0.7%
ROOFING5             100      4.9%         0         0.0%                     0          0.0%                100       4.9%
TOTALS              2040     100%         950       46.6%                    885         43.4%               205      10.0%

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