Pick Your Poison… by csgirla


									              Pick Your Poison…
Having spent three days discussing various forms of taxing,
it is time to think about which method you think is best. Do
you like the progressive taxing we use in the United States?
Or maybe one of the European methods…the flat tax or the

Your job is not to elaborate on this concept. You need to
write an argumentative essay of at least 2 full MLA-formatted
pages providing your position on how the federal
government should tax. You should use this basic outline:

    I.     Introduction (laying out your position)
    II.    Definition of a progressive tax
    III.   Definition of a flat tax
    IV.    Definition of a value added tax
    V.     Your position

This essay should follow all MLA formatting rules. You need
to use at least three sources for your essay, with an
accompanying reference page for those sources. Please be
cognizant of the difference between a Works Cited page and
a Bibliography page.

This assignment is due this Tuesday. You will lose 1/3 of
earned points if it is late—no matter how late it is.

                  Rubric for Rent Control essay:

Definition of progressive taxes: up to 8 points
Definition of flat taxes: up to 8 points
Definition of value added taxes: up to 8 points
Supporting your position: up to 8 points
MLA formatting rules/proper length: up to 8 points
Bibliography/Works Cited page(s): up to 5 points

Total Points Possible: 45 points

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