Our Thinking Maps days will improve your pupils by wgv16476


									School-based action research has
shown that pupils who use mind-maps:
   • concentrate better                   Our Thinking Maps days will improve your pupils’ thinking
   • are better motivated and stay        skills and increase their capacity to learn. In just a single
       on task longer                     day, they will develop a level of mind-mapping expertise that
   • improve their questioning skills
   • become more self-reliant as
                                          will equip them for learning throughout a lifetime. Suitable
       learners                           for primary (KS2) and secondary pupils, the day can easily be
   • increase in confidence               split to accommodate two classes.
Mind-maps can be used for:
                                             Not only did their work rate improve but their attitude and
   • recording information                   self-esteem enabled the … children to achieve considerably
   • organising information                  higher standards than were expected … in their KS2 SATs.
   • recalling facts
   • planning stories, presentations,
      projects, poems & much more           You can remember what
                                            you did just by looking at it.
Mind-maps help pupils to:                                                     Pupils are keen to use this
   • organise their thinking                                                  tool and they know how it
   • develop their memory                                                     helps them to learn.
   • make a connection with what is
                                             It helped me to
      being learned.
                                             remember more
                                                                     When we didn’t write about
“With a mind-map, a long list of boring                              it for ages, I could see this
information can be turned into a                                     and it all came back to me.
colourful, memorable, highly organised    It looks good and I
diagram that works in line with your      have written a lot.
brain’s natural way of doing things.”

                                                         You can read it and remember stuff
Mind-mapping has been
described as “the Swiss
Army knife of the brain.”

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