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					                                                                           Registration Fee—
                                                                          $1200.00 per person
               Porter,TX                                                 Registration Deadline is
             Thinking Maps                                     ®               July 13, 2010

               Training of
                                                                                              Thinking Maps
                                                                                   Visual Tools that Get Results

                                  The Thinking Maps Training of Trainers (TOT)…
                                  is a process used by schools and school districts for the purpose of developing either a
                                  singular trainer or team of trainers for expanding and deepening the use of Thinking
                                  Maps in a whole school and/or within feeder patterns. Thinking Maps is a common
                                  visual language for learning within and across the disciplines.
                                  Upon completion of the TOT trainers will be able to :

                                   ♦       Lead introductory workshops for whole schools
          , 2010 &
August 3-5                         ♦       Conduct systematic follow-up visitations in each school
           2-3, 2010
November                           ♦       Give model teaching demonstrations in classrooms
  8:30am-3:3                           ♦     Facilitate the development of interdisciplinary applications with state objectives
                        eld At:
All Train   ing to Be H                ♦     Lead schools in assessing student learning using Thinking Maps
                 h School
      Porter Hig
                ction Room
    Large Instru                       If you are interested in sending one or more members of your staff to this TOT,
                   y Lane
       22625 Sand                      please complete the registration form and fax or mail it to our office in Cary, NC.
       Porter, TX
                     80 0
         (281) 577-2
                                                                        Thinking Maps Inc.
                                                                     401 Cascade Pointe Lane
                                                                       Cary, NC 27513
         Best Western
        (281) 354-722                                                 Phone: 800-243-9169
                                                                       Fax: 919-678-8782
                                                                E-mail: dan@thinkingmaps.com
                                                                       Visit our website!
     Texas Representative
          Gail Keene                                              www.thinkingmaps.com
        (832) 373-9070
                     Registration Form (Porter,TX—Aug/Nov ‘10)
                                      Actual Dates: August 3-5 and November 2-3, 2010

       $1200 Reg. Fee Includes:
♦    5 Days of Professional              Name: ________________________________________________
                                         District: ________________________________________________
♦    Thinking Maps® Trainer’s Guide
                                         School: ________________________________________________
♦    Thinking Maps® Language for
     Learning Manual                     Address:________________________________________________
♦    PowerPoint CD of Day One                     ________________________________________________
     Training and Follow Up Focuses
♦    Individual Thinking Maps
     Software CD                         Phone #:________________________________________________
♦    A Set of Cooperative Desk           Email Address:____________________________________________
     Maps                                                                    Porter, TX
♦    Continental Breakfast and
                                                      A Confirmation Letter will be mailed to the above address.
     Afternoon Snack Each Day
•    Lunch

      Registration Deadline is
             July 13, 2010               Name: ________________________________________________
                                         District: ________________________________________________
                                         School: ________________________________________________
                                         Phone #:________________________________________________
             Best Western
             (281) 354-722               Email Address:____________________________________________
                                                                             Porter, TX
                                                      A Confirmation Letter will be mailed to the above address.

                                                  10 days advance notice in writing via email
                                        (dan@thinkingmaps.com) or fax (919-678-8782) is required
         Thinking Maps Inc.
      401 Cascade Pointe Lane                  for any cancellations/refunds. After this date,
         Cary, NC 27513                    registrations will not be refunded, and districts will be
                                                             billed for “no shows”.
        Phone: 800-243-9169
         Fax: 919-678-8782
                                          A purchase order or check for $1200 per participant must
    E-mail: dan@thinkingmaps.com         accompany this registration. Please return your registration
           Visit our website!              and payment to the address or fax number on the left.

                                                Administrator’s Signature                                          Date