Orlando Thinking Maps® Critical Reading and Writing by wgv16476


									                      Orlando                                             Registration Fee—
                                                                         $395.00 per person
                  Thinking Maps®                                       Registration Deadline is
                  Critical Reading                                        August 25, 2010

                  and Writing for

                                                                                         Thinking Maps®
                                                                                Visual Tools that Get Results

                                        The Thinking Maps® Critical Reading and Writing PSAT/SAT/
                                        ACT Training is designed to assist teachers/schools with
          15-16, 2010
                                        preparing their students for the PSAT/SAT/ACT assessments
               0pm                      through the use of Thinking Maps®.
                                        Upon completion of the PSAT/SAT/ACT professional
                             ld At:
               g to Be He               development, participants will be able to :
 All Trainin
    Nova South                          ♦   Provide students with varied vocabulary building strategies
                 ia Blvd.               ♦   Teach effective critical reading strategies
     4850 Millen
                L 32 83 9
     Orlando, F                         ♦   Prepare students for argumentative writing
                                        ♦   Build background knowledge and strategies for editing.
To attend this training,
                                        If you are interested in sending one or more members of your staff to this
you MUST be trained                     training, please complete the registration form and fax or mail it to our office
 and proficient in the                  in Cary, NC.
use of Thinking Maps®
                                                                      Thinking Maps Inc.
                                                                   401 Cascade Pointe Lane
                                                                      Cary, NC 27513
  Central and South Florida Marketing
             Representative                                         Phone: 800-243-9169
           James Dean, Ed.S.                                         Fax: 919-678-8782
            (561) 329-2254                                     E-mail: dan@thinkingmaps.com
                                                                      Visit our website!
                 Registration Form (Orlando, FL—September 2010)
                                     Actual Dates: September 15-16, 2010

        $395 Reg. Fee Includes:
♦    2 Days of Professional        Name: ________________________________________________
                                   District: ________________________________________________
♦    Thinking Maps® PSAT/SAT/
     ACT Trainer’s Guide           School: ________________________________________________
♦                  ®
     Thinking Maps PSAT Student    Address:________________________________________________
     Book (Consumable)
♦    Thinking Maps® SAT Student
     Book (Consumable)                     ________________________________________________
♦    Thinking Maps® ACT Student    Phone #:________________________________________________
     Book (Consumable)             Email Address:____________________________________________
♦    Continental Breakfast and
                                                                      Orlando, FL
     Afternoon Snack Each Day
                                            A Confirmation Letter will be emailed to the above email address.
•    Lunch On Your Own

      Registration Deadline is
          August 25, 2010          Name: ________________________________________________
                                   District: ________________________________________________
                                   School: ________________________________________________
      Central and South Florida
      Marketing Representative     Address:________________________________________________
         James Dean, Ed.S.                 ________________________________________________
           (561) 329-2254                  ________________________________________________
                                   Phone #:________________________________________________
                                   Email Address:____________________________________________

               Hotel                                                  Orlando, FL
            Hampton Inn                     A Confirmation Letter will be emailed to the above email address.

                                            10 days advance notice in writing via email
         Thinking Maps Inc.        (dan@thinkingmaps.com) or fax (919-678-8782) is required
      401 Cascade Pointe Lane         for any cancellations/refunds. Registrations will not be
         Cary, NC 27513                refunded, and districts will be billed for “no shows”.
        Phone: 800-243-9169
         Fax: 919-678-8782          A purchase order or check for $395 per participant must
                                   accompany this registration. Please return your registration
    E-mail: dan@thinkingmaps.com
           Visit our website!        and payment to the address or fax number to the left.

                                         Administrator’s Signature                                        Date

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