MND - DOC by chenshu


									Team Name: Archi-WITs
Project Title: High Maintenance Cost of Water
Features in Parks
Ministry/Organisation:    Minisry   of    National
Development (National Parks Board)
Department: Parks Management, Facilities Branch

NParks manages and maintains 58 water features
including fountains and natural ponds island-wide in
various parks.    Water features are planned and
constructed to enhance the landscaped design in our
hot and humid tropical environment.

Presently, the problems encountered are rapid growth
of algae and foam in all our water features.

The team members concurred that an effective
solution to improve the water clarity and eliminate
algae problem has the potential to reduce costs,
improve overall aesthetics of our water features and
ponds for the better enjoyment of all park users and
enhance Singapore’s image as a Garden City of

Team members therefore persevered to brainstorm for
innovative ideas and continued to look for alternative
possibilities that are able to improve the water quality
of all water features. This would be in line with the
organisation's priority to be cost effective and to
reduce wastage of resources.

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