2005 NCISAA State Track Meet by decree


									Updated: April 2009

 2009 NCISAA 3A State Track & Field Guidelines
   Go to the NCISAA website for basic information: http://www.ncisaa.org/bgtrack.htm

       Cannon School is honored to be the host for the 2009 NCISAA 3A State Track
Meet, May 15 and 16. Russ Campbell, Head Track and Field Coach at Cannon School will
be the NCISAA 3A State Track Meet Director.

        The track at Cannon School is an eight lane urethane/rubber surface. The facility
has two long jump/triple jump pits. This will allow the boys’ and girls’ long jump to be run
at the same time on Friday and the boys’ and girls’ triple jump at the same time on
Saturday. (Please note that the foul line for the long and triple jump will be as follows:
Boys Long Jump 10 feet, Girls Long Jump 10 feet, Boys Triple Jump 32 feet, Girls Triple
Jump 24 feet.)
 For safety reasons, athletes unable to achieve these minimum distances are forbidden to
enter these events. The Discus event will be done on the grass on the inside of the track
using a 34.92-Degree Sector.

* Athletes must wear ¼ inch pyramid spikes or smaller. The shape and size of spikes are
  important for the preservation of the surface of our track.. BRING YOUR OWN SPIKES.
* Participants must stay off the infield except for checking into their event and warm-ups
prior to their event. Once their event is over and they have cooled down, they must leave
the infield area.
* Spectators and horizontal jump participants must stay off the high jump apron to avoid
  interference with that event.
* The lower fields, located outside the track, will be available for warm-ups.
* Tents or gazeboes may be set up for team use outside the track area.
* The concession stand will sell food and drink during the meet.
* There will be a hospitality tent for coaches and officials.

RULES COMMITTEE: The Rules Committee will be made up of coaches from the
Western, Central, and Eastern parts of the state. This committee will address problems and
rules violations that may arise during the meet.

Friday, May 15, 2009, Cannon School
Finals for Boys’: Shot Put, Pole Vault, and Long Jump
Finals for Girls’: Discus, High Jump, and Long Jump
Trials for All: 100m, 110m, & 300m Hurdles, 100m Dash, 200m Dash, and 400m Run
Finals for All: 4x800m Relay and 3200m Run

Saturday, May 16, 2009, Cannon School
Finals for: Boys’: Discus, High Jump, and Triple Jump
Finals for Girls’: Shot Put, Pole Vault, and Triple Jump
Finals for All: Hurdles, 100m Dash, 200m Dash, 400m Run, 800m Run, 1600m Run,
4x100m Relay, 2x200m Relay, and 4x1600m Relay

QUALIFIERS: In running event trials (8) people qualify for the final based on Place and
Time. In field event trials (9) people qualify for the final based on Trial Performance.

SCORING: Boys’ and girl’s teams will be scored separately. Because the Cannon School
track has 8 lanes there will be 8 scoring places for all events. Point scoring will be as
follows, starting with first place: 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

FALSE STARTS: In the event of a false start the entire field is charged. The next runner
that commits a false start will be disqualified from the event.

JEWELRY: Athletes are not permitted to wear jewelry during competition. The penalty is
disqualification from that event.

RULES: National High School Federation rules will cover any situations not specifically
covered in these regulations.

ONLINE ENTRIES: Qualified entries should be done online using Direct Athletics. It is
located online at www.directathletics.com. NON-QUALIFIED ENTRIES MUST BE E-
charge for this if done by the deadline). Teams that choose to fax or e-mail
QUALIFIED entries to the Meet Director by the deadline will be assessed a fee of $100.
New coaches that are not familiar with Direct Athletics are advised to register their teams
in early Spring and to become familiar with the program. ALL COACHES ARE
and you can make changes and updates until the entry deadline.

ENTRY DEADLINE: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at 12:00 noon. Entering qualified entries
online through DirectAthletics is free if it is done by the deadline. Teams that do not send
entries by the deadline will be excluded from the meet. Teams that choose to send their
qualified entries to the meet director by the deadline will be assessed a fee of $100 (this fee
will be used to hire a data entry person). There is no charge for non-qualifying entries that
are sent to the meet director by the deadline.

entries are free of charge if they are received before noon Thursday. Teams that have
submitted entries on time and that desire to enter NEW names before noon Thursday will
be assessed a late fee of $25 per name. Late fees must be paid at the Friday coach’s
meeting. Checks should be made out to: Cannon School

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS: please contact the meet director. (Russ Campbell).
E-mail: rcampbell@cannonschool.org
Phone: (704) 786-8171 x 431
Fax: (704) 262-7042
Cell: (860) 573-5675

ENTRIES: To be eligible to compete in the NCISAA State Meet each team, team
member, and individual entry must compete in a minimum of (4) meets on (4) separate
dates during the current season. Athletes may compete in a total of 4 events. Each school

may enter a maximum of (3) competitors in each event. *Each competitor must meet the
qualifying standard. Qualifying standards must be earned during the regular season of the
current school year to be eligible for state competition. Please note the changes in entry
information for this year’s meet. If there are any questions, please contact the meet

Automatic qualifiers (AQ) are any athlete who meets the standards. (New for 2009: This
may exceed 3 per team) If a team has no automatic qualifier in an event or chooses not to
enter a qualifier in the event, that team may still enter one non-qualifier (SOLO) in that
event. (every team has the right to be represented) If a team has fewer than three qualified
entries in an event, that team may send in a list of provisional non-qualifiers (PNQ) that
could bring it’s total entries in that event to three. The name of a PNQ must be submitted
by email to the state meet director by the stated deadline, with the athlete’s two best
performances achieved in meets, in case there are ties. All AQ and SOLO entries will be
entered first, with any additional slots to be filled from a ranking of provisional non-
qualifiers. Entry fields: 100-200-400-100H-110H-300H, as they are all run in lanes should
either be three heats of 8 (24) or four heats of 8 (32). Depending on the number of AQ and
SOLO athletes entered will determine the number of PNQ athletes taken. For example, if
there are 23 AQ and 4 SOLO entries (27 total), an extra 5 PNQ entries will be taken to fill
4 heats. If there are 15 AQ and 4 SOLO entries (19 total), 5 PNQ entries will be taken to
fill 3 heats of 8. For the 800-1600-3200 and all field events, if the AQ and SOLO entries is
less than 24, PNQ entries will be taken to make 24 total entries. (Total entries can exceed
24 if the number of AQ and SOLO entries is greater than 24, in which case no additional
PNQ’s will be entered.) If there are fewer than 18 athletes in the 3200, 16 in the 1600, and
14 in the 800, then one heat will be run, otherwise the field will be divided into heats

Procedure for determining PNQ entries will be as follows: After the entry deadline, the
meet director will determine for which events PNQ entries will be needed to fill events.
The director will then go to the ranked list of PNQ entries for those events and choose the
number of entries needed. The meet director will then contact the coaches of the teams for
which PNQ entries have been taken by email. The coach of any PNQ athletes will simply
respond an acknowledgement that those athletes will indeed compete. Any PNQ entry not
responded to compete, will be scratched, and the meet director will simply enter the next
PNQ from the ranked list, notifying the coach as mentioned above. (Hopefully this will be
an unnecessary procedure as coaches should only enter athletes who would intend to

With regards to scoring, any school may only have a maximum of three athletes advance to
the finals of an event run in lanes or in the LJ, TJ, SP and Discus, and only three may score
in any event.

 Note: All Non-qualified entries (PNQ and SOLO) must be e-mailed or faxed directly
to the Meet Director by the deadline to avoid a $25 late fee. No late entry will be
accepted after NOON Thursday.

Boys’ Events         Standard       Girls’ Events Standards
100m                 11.7           100m          13.7
200m                 24.1           200m          28.8
400m                 55.4           400m          66.6
800m                 2:09.0         800m          2:38.0
1600m                4:52.0         1600m         5:52.0
3200m                10:52.0        3200m         13:10.0
110mH                18.8           100mH         19.9
300mH                46.5           300mH         56.5
High Jump            5’4”           High Jump     4’4”
Long Jump            18’7”          Long Jump     13’8”
Triple Jump          37’0”          Triple Jump   29’0”
Shot Put             38’0”          Shot Put      26’0”
Discus               102’0”         Discus        67’0”
Pole Vault           9’0”           Pole Vault    6’6”
*There are no standards for Relays.

ENTRY VERIFICATION: Each school’s coach is expected to bring a copy of his/her
meet results. The coach should be prepared to verify any entry time, height, or distance that
is questioned. For convenience, their will be a documentation notebook that will be left in
the coach’s tent. Coaches are encouraged to place their meet results in that book. Any
coach that wishes to inquire about an entry performance should start at the documentation
notebook. Only after checking the notebook should that coach go to an individual coach to
ask about entry performances. A Relay entry performance that cannot be verified will be
listed as “No Time” and seeded accordingly. An individual whose performance cannot be
verified will be removed from the event.

TEAMS: A team will consist of one or more participants that have competed in a
minimum of (4) meets on (4) separate dates during the current season.

coaches and athletes become familiar with the check-in procedure FOR RUNNING
EVENT TRIALS. Athletes will check-in for RUNNING EVENT TRIALS 45 minutes
prior to the event’s scheduled start time. Then 20 minutes prior to the event’s start time the
check-in for that event will close. Athletes that have not checked in will simply be
removed from that event list (Athletes that don’t check-in for running event TRIALS will
still be able to compete in subsequent events). During the 20 minutes prior to the event
start time the athletes that have checked in will be seeded. Athletes who do not compete in
trials after they have checked-in will be INELIGIBLE to compete in subsequent events.
EVENTS: Athletes in running event finals will simply report to the starting line of that
event by the “final call”. This includes first and second day running event FINALS.
Athletes in field events must report directly to the site of those events by the “final call”.

the athlete’s responsibility to check-in at all events he or she is entered in. Athletes in field
events must check with their event official before leaving for a running event. Once the
running event is complete the athlete must return to the field event within 10 minutes to

avoid receiving a pass. Athletes in more than one field event that occur simultaneously
must inform their event officials of the event conflicts. The official will note the conflict.
Once the athlete completes a round at the first field event he or she must inform the official
and then go immediately to the next event and complete a round there before returning to
the first field event. This must continue until the athlete has finished all rounds. Athletes
must be prepared to move back and forth quickly between events.

ADMISSION: The admission cost for spectators will be $5. Children under the age of 5
will be admitted free.

AWARDS: The following awards will be presented to both girls and boys.
  1 State championship trophy
  1 State runner-up trophy
  30 Plaques to each event winner
  30 Silver medals to second place finishers
  30 Bronze medals to third place finishers
  30 Individual gold medals to the state champion team
  30 Individual silver medals to the state runner-up team

TIME SCHEDULE AND ORDER OF EVENTS: Running events will never start before
the scheduled time. The scoreboard clock will be considered the official time.

FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2009
1:30pm    Coaches’ meeting in the Hospitality Tent.

3:30pm         Girls: Discus, High Jump, and Long Jump
               Boys: Shot Put, Pole Vault, and Long Jump
Track Events:
4:15pm         Girls 4x800m Relay FINALS (Two heats by seed time)
4:30pm         Boys 4x800m Relay FINALS (Two heats by seed time)
4:55pm         Girls 100m Hurdle Trials (8 advance by Place and Time)
5:10pm         Boys 110m Hurdle Trials (8 advance by Place and Time)
5:25pm         Girls 100m Dash Trials (8 advance by Place and Time)
5:35pm         Boys 100m Dash Trials (8 advance by Place and Time)
5:50pm         Girls 400m Run        Trials (8 advance by Place and Time)
6:05pm         Boys 400m Run         Trials (8 advance by Place and Time)
6:20pm         Girls 300m Hurdle Trials (8 advance by Place and Time)
6:35pm         Boys 300m Hurdle Trials (8 advance by Place and Time)
6:50pm         Girls 200m Dash Trials (8 advance by Place and Time)
7:00pm         Boys 200m Dash Trials (8 advance by Place and Time)
7:15pm         Girls 3200m Run FINALS (Two heats by seed time)
7:30pm         Boys 3200m Run FINALS (Two heats by seed time)

SATURDAY, MAY 16, 2009
9:00am    Coaches’ meeting in Hospitality Tent.

10:00am        Girls: Shot Put, Pole Vault, and Triple Jump
               Boys: Discus, High Jump, and Triple Jump

Track Event FINALS:
12:00pm       Girls 100m Hurdles
12:10pm       Boys 110m Hurdles
12:20pm       Girls 100m Dash
12:30pm       Boys 100m Dash
12:40pm       Girls 4x200m Relay (Two heats by seed time)
12:50pm       Boys 4x200m Relay (Two heats by seed time)
1:00pm        Girls 1600m Run
1:10pm        Boys 1600m Run
1:25pm        Girls 4x100m Relay (Two heats by seed time)
1:35pm        Boys 4x100m Relay (Two heats by seed time)
1:45pm        Girls 400m Run
1:55pm        Boys 400m Run
2:05pm        Girls 300m Hurdles
2:15pm        Boys 300m Hurdles
2:25pm        Girls 800m Run
2:35pm        Boys 800m Run
2:45pm        Girls 200m Dash
2:55pm        Boys 200m Dash
Break         (Clean up/Scores)
3:15pm        Girls 4x400m Relay (Two heats by seed time)
3:25pm        Boys 4x400m Relay (Two heats by seed time)
3:35pm        AWARDS

RESULTS: Go to the following web sites after 6:00pm Saturday for results of the
NCISAA 3A State Track Meet .

Also, any team that has Hy-Tek Meet Manager is welcome to get a backup copy of the
meet from the timing tent immediately after the meet. You must supply the official at the
timing tent with a floppy that has your name and school written on the label. Results will
not be printed (hard copy) on-site for distribution to teams.

For athletic teams traveling without an athletic trainer our Sports Medicine Department is
available, if asked, for emergency care and basic first aid. Water and injury ice will be available
at the first aid tent.
Our staff will be available to tape athletes if needed. Please notify the training staff prior to your
arrival if you have any special needs for your athletes at (704) 920-7207.

                          MATERIAL THAT THEY MAY NEED.

If a team is not traveling with an athletic trainer, please have a physician or school athletic trainer
call with specific parameters should an athlete require the use of any modality. Without specific
instruction we cannot provide treatment other than basic heat and ice.

2009 NCISAA Track and Field Email List
School                                     Coach/AD            Email
1. Asheville School                        Doug Embler         emblerd@ashevilleschool.org
       AD - Chapman Kern                   kernc@ashevilleschool.org

2. Cannon School                           Russell Campbell  rcampbell@cannonschool.org
      AD – Doug Maynard                    dmaynard@cannonschool.org

3. Cary Academy                            Allison McCoppin
        AD –Kevin Jones                    Kevin_Jones@caryacademy.org

4. Charlotte Christian School              Ryan Nunley        ryan.nunley@charchrist.com
      AD – Tom Jamerson                    tom.jamerson@charchrist.com

5. Charlotte Country Day School            Al Pearman      al.pearman@charlottecountryday.org
                                           Joe Vignolini joe.vignolini@charlottecountryday.org
        AD – Amos Branson                  amos.branson@charlottecountryday.org

6. Charlotte Latin School                  Larry McNulty       lmcnulty@charlottelatin.org
                                           Ngaio Carlisle      ncarlisl@charlottelatin.org
        AD – Jimmy Broadway                jbroadway@charlottelatin.org

7. Christ School                           Chris Webb           cwebb@christschool.org
                                           Burt Siders          bsiders@christschool.org
        AD – David Gaines                  dgaines@christschool.org

8. Covenant Day School                     Jim Parrish        jparrish@covenantday.org
      AD – Mark Jones                      mjones@covenantday.org

9. Durham Academy                          Dennis Cullen       dennis.cullen@da.org
      AD – Steve Engebretsen               steve.engebretsen@da.org

10. Forsyth Country Day                    Noel Ruebel         NoelRuebel@fcds.org
      AD – Rusty LaRue                     rustylarue@fcds.org

11. Greensboro Day School                  Tom Szott          tszott@greensboroday.org
       AD – J. Fred Johnson                fjohnson@greensboroday.org

12. North Raleigh Christian Acad.          Mary Beth Loyd     mloyd@nrcaknights.com
       AD – Steve Lykins                   mlykins@nrcaknights.com

13. Providence Day              Ben Hovis            ben.hovis@providenceday.org
       AD – Barbara Fricke      barbara.fricke@providenceday.org

14. Rabun Gap                   Dan Holtsclaw       Holtsclaw@rabungap.org
       AD – Jason Grove         jgrove@rabungap.org

15. Ravenscroft School          Shon Hardy          shardy@ravenscroft.org
       AD – Edward J. Gonet     ngonet@ravenscroft.org

16. Saint Mary’s School         Seth Lieberman      SLieberman@saint-marys.edu
       AD – Same

17. Salem Academy               Sarah Call          call@salem.edu
        AD – Lorie Howard       howard@salem.edu

18. Wesleyan Christian School   Matt Barber         mbarber@wesed.org
      AD – Ricardo Viera        rviera@wesed.org

** NCISAA Executive Director    Chuck Carter        chuckcarter20@bellsouth.net


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