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					                          12. National News - anti
Parent group: Media                                            Base: Central Plaza Room 3

Essence of task (‘endpoint’ of exercise):
 To have produced 2 - 3 pages of a newspaper that presents your case against the Olympic
   Games bid from as many perspectives as possible or a special pull-out feature magazine

Essential tasks:
 Collect stories and opinion
 Write newspaper

Some other possible activities:
 Design and lay out pages
 Buy/commission/ take photographs
 Write/draw/create material
 Edit and publish newspaper
 Seek out advertising business

Preparation focus/activity:
- Plan out anti-bid case
- Plan collection of stories/pictures

Materials in group folder:
12.1 Leaked copy of GBE letter
12.2 Water pollution scares
12.3 Environmental disaster                  1
2.4 BoSS under suspicion
12.5 IOC press release and criteria
12.6 Important Memo

Other resources:
- Examples of special newspaper reports (selection)
- Interview questions (open-ended)
- Lap-top/computer/printer (provided)
- Portable tape recorders
- Paper and pens
                12.   NATIONAL NEWS

Our newspaper has a small circulation but it is read
by people who care about important issues.

We have reporters who are very good at investigating
the facts.

We are very careful about who is allowed to
advertise in our newspaper.

Our newspaper is concerned about the impact new
developments in tourism etc will have on the lives
of the people as well as the environment of our

Our editor is very strict about us being able to
prove all the stories we print. We don't print
gossip, only fact.

We are NOT the Government's favourite newspaper.

Recently we did a special report on the Government's
eviction of the shanty town dwellers from the area
around the site of the new airport. We are planning
to follow this story up.
                            !!!LEAKED COPY!!!

                   Global Building Enterprises
                               Central Plaza
The Home Office Minister for Internal Affairs
Government Offices
Central Plaza

Dear Sir,

This letter expresses great concern about the future of GBE's business in the

Conditions of trading have been steadily deteriorating since the extensive
protests which disrupted the initial stages of construction at the site of the
new airport runway last year. Since then we have had escalating problems
with the supply of materials, such that we are currently well behind
schedule. The main cause of delay has been in getting customs clearance.
Goods are warehoused: we just can't get them out without lengthy
negotiation with officials.

Only last week, it was suggested to one of our senior managers that
procedures might be speeded up with the appearance of some suitable
financial encouragement. I fear such corrupt practices might be widespread.

The final straw came this morning when the National Bank reneged on their
credit agreement with us, imposing far higher interest rates than we had
agreed and introducing an unacceptably tight repayment schedule.

I am seriously concerned about the future of our office in the Capital. As you
will see, I am copying this letter to Head Office in New York and expect to
be summoned to a high level meeting there shortly. It would help to have a
response from your Department at your earliest convenience.

Yours Faithfully

Managing Director                      (copy to Head Office in New York)


Pollution scares
The country always used to have a regular supply of clean water, enough for
all its people. Already we can see that the quality of water has gone down.

A few years ago, many farmers turned their backs on growing food crops.
Instead they started growing flowers for export, as the Government said they
should. Before long, many flower farmers started to have skin problems.
They came out in itchy rashes. None of them wore anything to protect
themselves. Soon afterwards, fish in the local rivers, which they needed to
help feed their families, started dying. It all pointed to one thing: pollution.
It is likely that the pollution has been caused by pesticides and other
chemicals used on the plantations. These are sprayed on flowers so that they
grow faster, and last longer. This is what the foreign customers want.

Global Wildlife Concern confidential report

Environmental disaster?
There are many plans under way to „improve‟ this country. They all say
how wonderful the natural environment is and how it will attract thousands
of visitors. Sadly, in the name of progress, much of this will be destroyed.

Trees will be chopped down, to make way for hotels, tourist complexes and
roads. These forests are the homes to many different birds and animals. Our
lagoons, home to plants and animals, may be poisoned with pesticides.
These are used to get rid of mosquitoes, which annoy tourists.

Sea turtles are captured so that their shells can be sold as souvenirs. Their
meat and eggs are used in exclusive restaurants.

Sewage is poured into the sea. Sand is taken from rivers and beaches, to be
used in building hotels.

Tours are being planned through national parks, often without permits.
Jeeps and helicopters spoil the peace and quiet that should be there.

We must ask ourselves what price we shall pay for this „progress‟.

Global Wildlife Concern file notes

Country’s security team under suspicion

BoSS (Bureau of State Security) is being investigated on a series of very
serious charges. BoSS, which controls security systems throughout the
country, would be the firm in charge of security during the Olympic Games.

We have received several reports of bribery and corruption among members
of the security firm. We are also very concerned to hear evidence which
suggests that people in the country are being put in prison before having a
fair trial.

Obviously these matters are of grave concern. If these reports are found to be
true, it would of course affect the country‟s chances of hosting the

Interpol confidential report

Olympic Games 2016 Press Release

                                     IOC leading the way!
Breaking with tradition, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is changing its criteria for deciding on
the venue for the 2016 Olympic Games. Instead of looking for the place with the best grounds and
infrastructure (roads, airports, hotels, hospitals etc), the IOC has joined with sports related businesses to
encourage countries with less developed sporting opportunities and facilities to apply.

The winning country will receive a huge sum of money to help it develop the necessary infrastructure and
to build new stadiums where necessary.

This idea has grown out of the “Show Racism the Red Card” campaign, in connection with football. This
soon highlighted the difficulties some countries had - initially in football - and it has now led to the
development of these new criteria which aim to bring fairness to all sports for everyone!

         Criteria for submissions to become the venue for the
                         2016 Olympic Games
         1.   Countries must have a strong commitment to equal opportunities in sport for all their people
              and be able to demonstrate this in their bid to host the Games

         2. The bid must be submitted through a democratic process - this means that
            a) all the different groups of people in the country must be consulted and
            b) every citizen has the opportunity to vote in a referendum by secret ballot

              A country without the support of a majority of its people will need to be able to
              demonstrate what initiatives it is taking to ensure that the Games will be welcomed in
              the country.

         3.   The country must have suitable venues for the games with plans for the development of areas
              where new stadiums and other facilities are to be built

         4. There must be plans for the development of necessary infrastructure, such as airports, roads,
            hotels and other necessary services such as hospitals and security services.

         5. The country must provide evidence that environmental considerations have been taken into

         Issued by the IOC

Homes burnt and bulldozed
Thousands of shanty town people saw their homes being burnt down and
bulldozed last week. This is part of the Government‟s policy of „cleaning
up‟ the shanty town areas. The Government thinks that the area around the
airport should be more attractive. This is because the IOC (International
Olympic Committee) delegation is going to arrive soon, to discuss the
Olympic Games.

The shanty town people were forced to move. Local community groups
were not asked first. They were just told to leave. While their houses were
simple, they were still their homes. What work can they do, 20 km away?
How will they travel to their jobs without cars or buses? Many families are
being split up.

Some people are rebuilding their homes with cardboard and any other
material they can find. They are organising local meetings and protests,
demanding money from the Government.

For Immediate Attention

To:          The News Team
From:        The Editor

As part of their support to the developing nations who are bidding for the
Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee has made some
equipment available at extremely good prices. I want to see whether the
computers they are bringing would improve our paper.

They have also subsidised a team of technical experts to give training and
technical support.

I hear that the equipment will be arriving on Polling day. Please make
arrangements to meet the technical adviser with the new computers as soon
as possible that day and fix up some training.

Trial it (with the help of the technical adviser) and produce the paper on it
that day. I will then be in a position to make a decision as to whether or not
to invest in it.

You will be busy on Polling Day - this Olympic Games Consultation seems
to be gripping the country's imagination. We should capitalise on that!

You will be busy on Polling Day - this Olympic Games Consultation seems
to be gripping the country's imagination. We should capitalise on that!
Make sure you have contributions from as many of our readers as possible.
We must produce a really excellent paper that day clearly putting forward
the case against the Games and we must sell as many copies as possible
before the pre-voting ceremony at 2pm.

Good luck

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