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  Pet Food Labels
  A Close look at the fine print
  Pet Food labels contain a lot of information. When choosing a quality pet food,
  look for these items.
         • Manufacturer and Brand Name
         • Toll-free 800 number
         • Nutritional Adequacy
         • Guaranteed Analysis
         • Ingredient Statement

  Manufacturer and Brand Name
  The reputation of the manufacturer will help determine if the food is made according
  to quality standards. Quality pet foods are based on science and each product is
  backed by research. Make sure the company has a good reputation and that the brand
  is recommended by animal health professionals.

  Toll-free 800 Number
  This number is the gateway to more complete information on the real quality of the
  food - calories, nutrient content, palatability, etc. Use the 800 number to ask for the
  actual nutrient content or for information not available on the label.                        If the package says the food
                                                                                                supports “all life stages” then the
  Nutritional Adequacy Statement                                                                product is high in certain nutrients
  Make sure this statement confirms that the product was actually test-fed according to         to support the needs of growing
  Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards and specifies the life       animals and may contain too
  stages it is intended to support. If the statement says the food supports “all life stages”   much fat or sodium for an adult or
  then the product is high in certain nutrients to support the needs of growing animals         senior animal.
  and may contain too much fat or sodium for an adult or senior animal.

  Guaranteed Analysis
  This section provides minimum guarantees for protein and fat, and maximum guarantees for moisture and
  fiber. The minimum guarantee gives the lowest amount of the nutrient in the food, not the actual amount.
  For example, the minimum fat guarantee may be 8%, but the product can legally contain 15% fat or more.
  Likewise, a product with a maximum guarantee of 5% fiber may only contain 1%. The actual nutrient content
  available from the manufacturer is a better way to evaluate products.

  Ingredient Statement
  Ingredients are listed in descending order by weight. The function of ingredients is to provide nutrients such
  as fat, protein, vitamins and minerals. Manufacturers should be willing to discuss nutrient levels and benefits,
  not just ingredients. Your pet deserves quality ingredients combined with the science of balanced nutrition,
  backed by research to produce a quality pet food.

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