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Security Crowd Control by iqm14325


									Crowd Control & Security Information Sheet

Depending on the event the Shire of Mundaring may require professional
security to manage crowd control at events. Choosing appropriate security is
essential to the success of an event and the safety of the public. Different types
of events require different types and combinations of security. The event
organiser needs to examine the risks involved with the event by asking for
example ‘what could happen?’ or ‘what if?’ The answers will determine whether
police, private uniformed or peer security is required.

Security Officers employed by the event organiser should be licensed as required
under the Security and Related Activities (Control) Act 1996 be experienced in
crowd control and be from a reputable company. The event organiser should
ensure that at least some security officers are female for appropriate access to
female toilets, dressing areas and for venue access.

According to the Western Australian Department of Health for concerts with
alcohol, a ratio of one crowd controller/100 patrons has been required (as a
guide) and for lower risk events one per 200. Although the Act is administered
by the Police, the Shire of Mundaring is responsible for ensuring the crowd
control plan is adequate.

The Shire of Mundaring suggests the number of security officers to patrons for
‘non-complying’ major events should be as shown in the following scale:

< 500                                     Minimum of 6
< 1000                                    Minimum of 12
< 2,000                                   Minimum of 15
< 3,000                                   Minimum of 18
< 5,000                                   Minimum of 20
Under < 10,000                            Minimum of 60
Over > 10,000                             60 plus 6 extra security officers for
                                          every 1,000

Security Officers should remain on duty until the conclusion of the event and the
orderly dispersion of the patrons. Security should be extended to other nearby
properties likely to be affected by the operation of the event i.e. local business
premises and community facilities. Security to protect the stage, mixing desk
and/or lighting scaffolding should be considered by the event organiser to ensure
patrons do not climb on such structures, resulting in injury or damage to
Provision must be made for patrons to queue and gain access to the venue and
once the venue is to capacity, security should be available to control and monitor
crowds at event entrances to ensure that crowd numbers are not exceeded,
ticket revenues are protected and waiting crowds remain well behaved. An
event organiser should be able to advise the number of patrons within the event
boundaries at any one time, security guards can be contracted to operate
counters to monitor patron numbers.

All events that operate after sunset will be required to provide lighting to ensure
that any potential hazards are illuminated and risks are minimised.

In the case that the event features an entertainment stage, it is essential to
ensure that the event organiser has barriers installed to ensure that patrons will
not be crushed against the stage and that barriers are placed in front of the loud
speakers so that patrons are at least one (1) metre clear of the loud speakers.
Security officers should also be present between the barriers and the stage to
ensure no one compromises the security of the entertainers. Security can also
ensure that any patrons being pressed against the barrier can be freed.

Security Plan
Developing a security plan with the security provider will clarify roles and
responsibilities of security staff. The attitude of the security personnel should be
friendly and professional in order to help maintain a positive atmosphere among
patrons. The main responsibilities to consider are crowd control, cash protection,
equipment protection and the procedure for confiscated or prohibited items.

To enable security personnel to perform their duties effectively, it is vital that
they be briefed appropriately prior to the event. This briefing must provide
security personnel with:
    Details of the venue layout, including coordination centre, entrances,
       exits, first aid posts;
    Any potential hazards;
    Clear direction on the management of unacceptable behaviour;
    Details of emergency and evacuation plans, such as raising alarms,
       protocols for requesting assistance and evacuation procedures; and
    Instruction for the operation, deactivation and isolation of any on-site
       machinery and utility supply in case of emergency.

Additionally, security personnel must:
    Be able to communicate with each other and first aid personnel;
    Be able to communicate with other security providers; and
    Each company that provides security or crowd control functions at the
       event must be a part of the planning for the event and be licensed under
       the Private Agents Act 1966. This includes security for performers.
These agencies should attend briefing meetings with police and other emergency
Other roles and responsibilities of security personnel may include:
    Control of access to stage or performance area;
    Security control at entrances and exits;
    Minimising risk of fire by patrolling areas;
    Control of vehicle traffic and marshalling;
    Searches for alcohol, drugs and weapons; and
    Assist emergency services if necessary.

Other Security Considerations
    Lost and stolen property;
    Lost children/ people;
    Pre and post event briefings with all event personnel to instruct all staff
       who is allowed restricted or unrestricted access to the event and event
       areas; and
    Access and keys to restricted areas at the event for relevant stakeholders,
       i.e. fire hydrant access for fire brigade, electricians and other emergency

Local police should be advised of the operation of any special events within the
Shire of Mundaring by the event organiser. This will allow for them to plan for
an additional presence should they see it necessary, further ensuring the safety
of the event patrons and the wider community.

Event organisers should liaise with the Fire Brigade, St. John Ambulance and
other emergency services and make provision for vehicular access for emergency
vehicles to further protect event participants from potential risks.

For major events advise local police 30 days prior to event.


Mundaring Police Station
7250 Great Eastern Highway

Telephone: 9295 1000
Fax:        9295 1114
(Please note enquiries Monday to Friday 8:00am – 12:00pm)
FESA – Fire Brigade
Perth – North East Regional Office
24b Railway Parade

Telephone:   9374 2700
Fax:         9250 6834

St John Ambulance
209 Great Eastern Highway

Postal Address
PO Box 183

Telephone:   9334 1222
Telephone:   1300 78 5646
Fax:         9277 6662

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