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November 12, 2009                                             Held at: Ohio Dept. of Transportation
1:00 p.m.                                                                  Lower Level, Room “B”

         ▪ Members Present:

        Major Bob Booker (sub Capt. Michelle Henderson), ODPS, Ohio State Highway Patrol
        Irwin “Mike” Cohen, International Security Assoc., Class A Representative
        Steven Cotner, Corporate Intelligence Consultants, Class A Representative
         Pete Miragliotta Sr., Tenable Security, Inc., Class A Representative
         Earl D. Mack, Jr., Deputy Director, Ohio Homeland Security
         Michael A. Peterson, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., General Public Representative
        Brian E. Simms, Franklin Co. Prosecutor’s Office, General Public Representative
        William F. Vedra, Executive Director, Ohio Homeland Security
        Chief Gary Vest, Powell Police Dept., Chief of Police Representative
        Lt. Gary Wolske, Garfield Heights, Police Officer Representative

         ▪ Members Absent :

         Gregg Hollenbaugh, Cal Crim, Inc., Class A Representative
         Jim Sabin, Madison Co. Sheriff’s Assoc., Sheriff Representative
         Kimberly Watts, Brink’s Incorporated, Class C Representative

 Introductions: Before the regular quarterly meeting of the Private Investigation & Security
 Services Commission was called to order, Exec. Director Bill Vedra introduced the new Director of
 the Dept. of Public Safety, Cathy Collins-Taylor. Director Taylor introduced herself to individual
 members and thanked them for their time. Mr. Vedra introduced Dennis Deskins as the newest
 member of the Commission and described his past experience as Chief of Grove City Police and
 spent a full career growing in that profession. Mr. Deskins was warmly welcomed.

 Call to Order: In the absence of Chair Hollenbaugh, Mr. Vedra recognized Mr. Miragliotta as the
 temporary Chair for today’s meeting. Recording Secretary Diana Rangel conducted Roll Call

noting for the record that Chair Hollenbaugh, Mr. Sabin and Co-Chair Kimberly Watts were
excused absences and that with nine (9) voting members present, the Commission had a

Old Business:
      •   Approval of Minutes – Mr. Cotner made a motion to approve the Minutes from August 13,
          2009. Mr. Wolske seconded the motion and all were in favor.
      •   Legislative Update – Commission went in to Executive Session to discuss the latest
          legislative draft as it relates directly to the PI/SG industry. Mr. Vedra pointed out that
          Portability, rap back, training and budget issues were re-visited and discussed at length.
          It was noted by Mr. Mirogliotta that by next Friday, November 20, 2009, the Commission
          members were asked to get back to Chair Hollenbaugh with any feedback on the latest
          version of the legislative changes to 4749. Attorney Pam Bolton stated that a newer
          electronic vision will be disseminated once the changes from the Commission have been
      •   Class “B” Vacancy of Commission: Mr. Vedra shared that the Commission currently has a
          Class B vacancy. Mr. Miragliotta suggested that OASIS submit 2 or 3 names of licensed
          investigator providers for consideration to the vacancy. Ms. Rangel provided a list of all the
          Class B providers for OASIS to review for possible candidates.

New Business:
          Open Discussion – Mr. Peter J. Gray, Class B, former police officer, spoke from the
          audience and offered to help the Commission with plans for their industry’s future. He
          shared his concerns with wanting to be part of the discussions and hear the legislative
          recommendations of the Commission on behalf of the industry. Mr. Vedra explained the
          purpose of the executive session and the need for only recommendations at this time.

Next Meeting Date & Adjournment
The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, February 11, 2010, with the approval of,
and in the absence of, Chair Hollenbaugh and Co-Chair Kimberly Watts.
Mr. Cohen made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Mr. Vest and all
were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 3.00 p.m.

Approved 02/11/10