ISO 270012005 is a framework of an information security by iqm14325


									                   ISO 27001:2005 is a framework of            Course outline:
                   an       information     security
                   management system for an                        •   Introduction of ISO and its management
                   organization. Many organizations                    system standards
                   choose     to   implement    this               •   Understanding of process approach and PDCA
framework to demonstrate their capabilities to
                                                                   •   Background to Information Security
protect theirs, their customers’ and other
                                                                   •   Introduction to key terms used within ISMS
stakeholders’ information assets.                                  •   Determining scope and boundaries of ISMS
                                                                   •   Identifying information assets and building an
It is really a daunting task for the team allocated for
                                                                       Asset Inventory
the implementation team to determine the right
                                                                   •   Determination of the value of information
methodology, tools and approach to define and                          assets
deploy an information security management system                   •   Determining risks and its impacts
that conforms to the certification requirements of ISO             •   Determining risk treatment options
27001:2005.                                                        •   Identification of control objective and controls
                                                                   •   Planning ISMS implementation project
ProcessLOGIX Academy of Management System offers                   •   Development and implementation of policies,
a unique course that prepares even a non-technical                     standards and procedures
person to build and deploy an highly effective                     •   Complying ISMS documentation requirements
information security management system that                        •   Determining training needs
satisfies the certification requirements of ISO                    •   Conducting specific tasks such as Incident
                                                                       Management, Internal Audits, Management
                                                                       Reviews       and      Business       Continuity
Course objectives:                                                     Management
                                                                   •   Defining Security Metrics to measure
    •   Complete understanding of the process                          effectiveness of ISMS controls and processes
        approach and PDCA mechanism in the context                 •   Preparing for the Certification process
        of management systems
                                                               Who should attend:
    •   Use of right approach for designing the
        information security management system                 This course is designed for the personnel assigned
        model                                                  with the task of implementing an ISMS as well as the
    •   Introduction to various tools to enable                Managers, Consultants responsible for driving the
        conducting of essential tasks for ISMS such as         project. Students can also gain additional knowledge
                                                               and exposure to prepare for a career in information
        Risk     Assessment,    Business    Continuity
        Planning, Measurement of effectiveness of
        controls, etc.                                         Course Duration:
    •   Compliance       of     all    documentation
        requirements of ISO 27001:2005                         This is a 5-days non-residential programme. The fees
    •   Knowledge of certification bodies and the              include tea, breakfast, lunch and course notes.
        certification process with regards to ISO
                                                               Registration procedure:

After completion of the course, an online assessment           Contact Rashmi on +91-9370650373 or e-mail
                                                      to know the Fees
of the delegates will be conducted to test the
                                                               structure, dates, and venue of the course and to
knowledge acquired. The successful delegates would             register for the course.
be awarded with “PAMS Certified Lead Implementer –
ISO 27001” and the rest would get Certificate of

The successful delegates will also get an opportunity
to participate in a live project with ProcessLOGIX.
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