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Certification of Hydrostatic Testing

Note: All pipe work must be inspected by a Council Plumbing Inspector.
This form is to be completed and submitted to Plumbing Services prior to final inspection.
This certificate is to be used for the Certification of Hydrostatic Testing on FWG branches, air testing, soil and waste
stacks and / or pressure testing of the water supply rough-ins in houses and duplexes only.

Approval details                        Approval number


                                        Owner’s name/s

Licensed plumber details                I/ We
                                        Being a licensed plumber and or drainer, in accordance with the Plumbing & Drainage Act 2002
                                        hereby certify that (tick appropriate box and insert dates).

                                        Floor waste gully branches (eg bath basin show etc) have been hydrostatically tested on
                                        /      /     and found to be satisfactory.

                                        Soil and waste stack (internal) have been air tested on
                                              /        /    and found to be satisfactory.

                                        Water rough-in tested at 1500 kpa for a minimum of 30 minutes on
                                              /        /     and found to be satisfactory.

                                        In ground water service tested at 1500kpa for a minimum of 30 minutes on
                                                  /    /     and found to be satisfactory.

Signature of licensed holder                          License number                              Date

Certification will only be deemed valid if:
    1.   If it bears an original signature of the licence holder; or
    2.   It is faxed to Council directly from the fax machine of the person signing

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