Admonition for the Neglectful

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   Tanmbihul Ghafellen

  Faqih Abu Lais Samarqandi (A.R)
Admonition For Neglectful                                                         r;


ADMONITION FOR THE NEGLECTFUL .............................1
FORWARD ................................................................ 1 7
ADMONITION FOR THE NEGLECTFUL ............................ 1 9
THE SIMILITUDE OF OSTENTATION ............................                          19
WHO ARE THE SINCERE ONES? ................................... 2 1
OF ALLAAH : - FOUR TRAITS ....................................... 2 1
FOUR SIGNS OF OSTENTATION ................................... 1                     2
THE FORT FOR ACTIONS ............................................ 2 1
LEARN SINCERITY FROM A SHEPHERD ......................... 2 2
THREE IMPORTANT FACTORS .....................................2 3
THREE FACTORS CAUSE DESTRUCTION ........................ 3                          2
THE FOUR NAMES OF A BOASTFUL PERSON .................. 4                            2
THE SIMILITUDE OF GOOD ACTIONS ...........................                          24
AN INCIDENT............................................................ 25
2 DEATH A N D I T ' S SEVERITY                .
THE PANGS OF DEATH ARE A WORD OF CAUTION .......... 5                               2
APPRECIATING FIVE THINGS BEFORE FIVE ................... 5                          2
WINTER I S A BLESSING FOR THE MU'MIN .................... 6                         2
OF JANNAH OR A PIT OF JAHANNAM ............................ 2 6
THE SIMILITUDE OF DEATH ........................................ 6                  2
THREE THINGS SHOULD NOT BE FORGOTTEN............... 7                               2
ONLY FOUR PERSONS APPRECIATE FOUR THINGS .......... 7                               2
THE REALITY OF DEATH .............................................                  27
THREE THINGS ARE ASTONISHING ..............................                         28
DEATH DOES NOT ALLOW FATNESS ............................. 2 9
DEATH :- 3 BOUNTIES 13 PUNISHMENTS ................................................ 29
Admonition For Neglectful                                           6     Admonition For Neglectful
                                                                                           .                                                      7
THE TASTE OF DEATH I S EXTREMELY B I l T E R ................ 29          A THOUGHT PROVOKING INCIDENT.............................             54
                                                                          GLAD TIDINGS ..........................................................
FOUR IMPORTANT FACTORS ........................................3 0
                                                                          GOLDEN WORDS ......................................................5 5
AWAKENS FROM HIS NEGLIGENCE ............................. 3 0             CONCISE ADVICE ..................................................... 65
THE BEST PERSON : - 5 TRAITS ...................................3 1       SEVEN CATEGORIES OF PEOPLE WILL BE SHADED
THREE NOBLE QUALITIES ........................................... 3 1     BENEATH THE THRONE OF ALLAAH ..............................6          5
THE BEST AND MOST INTELLIGENT PERSON ................. 3 1                 .
                                                                          6 ENJOINING WHAT I S RIGHT AND FORBIDDING WHAT
                                                                          I S EVIL .
3 PUNISHMENT I N THE GRAVE                .                               GLAD TIDINGS ..........................................................
FIVE TYPES OF GLAD TIDINGS ....................................32         RECOGNIZING A MU'MIN AND A HYPOCRITE................. 7               5
EIGHT THINGS THAT WILL SAVE ONE FROM                                      A REMARK BY HADHRAT A L I (R.A). ..............................8      5
THE PUhISHMENT CF THE GRAVE ................................ 3      3     A TECHNIQUE I S REQUIRED WHEN ENJOINING GOOD ....5 8
A GOLDEN SAYING ....................................................3 4   ENJOIN GOOD AND FORBID EVIL.................................8         5
                                                                          THE CATEGORIES OF ENJOINING GOOD AND
A STARTLING INCIDENT.............................................3 4      FORBIDDING EVIL ..................................................... 59
THE ANNOUNCEMENTS OF THE EARTH:- 5 CALLS ..........3 4                    A FASCINATING STORY...............................................    59
AN ALARMING INCIDENT............................................ 5  3     FIVE CONDITIONS FOR A PREACHER............................ 0          6
THE SCREAMS OF THE DEAD....................................... 5    3      .
                                                                          7 REPENTANCE
4 . THE SCENES OF QIYAAMAT            .                                   THE BEHAVIOR OF MAN I S STRANGE INDEED ................ 1
                                                                          TAUBA I S ACCEPTED ONLY BEFORE DEATH ................... 2
THE TREES OF JANNAH ..............................................4 3
                                                                          THE REMORSE AND DESPONDENCY OF THE ACCURSED
ONE OF THE DAMSELS OF JANNAH CALLED LA'IBA ......... 4 4                  IBLEES :- I N FIVES ....................................................
TH E BEAUTY OF THE PEOPLE OF JANNAH ..................... 4         4     SIX QUALITIES OF ONE WHO TRULY RECOGNIZES Allaah ...6 2
THE GREATEST BOUNTY OF JANNAH ............................ 4 4            THE EMINENT FUDAIL (R.A). .......................................     63
MANNER TO CONVEY GLAD TIDINGS ............................4 5             (SINCERE REPENTANCE): -3 SIGNS ..............................4        6
                                                                          WHEN ONE REPENTS .................................................    64
A TREE I N JANNAH CAILLED "TOOBA." ..........................4 7
                                                                          A UNIQUE STORY....................................................... 64
THE APPEARANCE OF JANNAH ..................................... 7    4     HASTE I S BEST I N THREE THINGS ...............................5      6
FIVE CONDITIONS FOk ADMISSION INTO JANNAH .........4 8                    THE SIGNS OF TAUBA ...............................................6 5
WORDS OF WISDOM : - 3 FACTS ..................................4 9         FOUR HONOR THAT ALLAAH CONFERS UPON ONE WHO
THE STORY OF AN ASCETIC ........................................ 9  4     REPENTS ..................................................................
                                                                          REPENTANT PERSON AS HE CROSSES OVER I T.............. 7               6
FOOD FOR THOUGHT................................................. 0 5
                                                                          THE WARNING AGAINST TAUNTING A MUSLIM .............. 7                6
A STATEMENT OF HADHRAT ABU HAAZIM (R.A). ............5 0                  SINS ARE TOTALLY OBLITERATED BY TAUBA ................. 7             6
THE DOWRY FOR JANNAH ........................................... 0  5
THE INTERCESSION OF JANNAH AND JAHANNAM ........... 5 0                   THE EXCELLENCE OF THE UMMAH OF Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-
THE BAZAARS OF JANNAH ..........................................5 1       alaihi.wasallam) ........................................................
                                                                           5 SINS ....................................................................
5. THE MERCY OF ALLAAH .                                                  SINS ARE TRANSFORMED INTO GOOD ACTIONS BY
THE HOPE AND PRAYERS OF HADHRAT YAHYA B I N                               VIRTUE OF TAUBA .....................................................  69
MU'AADH RAAZI (R.A) : - 3 DUAAS ................................ 5 2      THE STATEMENT OF HADHRAT MOOSA (A.S). ................ 7 0
NEVER MAKE ANYONE DESPONDENT OF ALLAAH'S MERCY. .53                       THE REPENTANCE OF ZAAZAAN ................................... 7 0
AN OATH MAY BE TAKEN ON FOUR THINGS ................... 5 3               A THOUGHT PROVOKING INCIDENT............................. 1            7
INTERCESSION W I L L BE O N BEHALF OF THE SINNERS             .......53   A HADITH QUDSI: - 9 ADVICES ........................................72
Admonition For Neglectful                                            8          Admonition For Neglectful                                                      9
WITHOUT ANOTHER THREE ....................................... 7 4               I T BECOMES HABITUAL............................................. 0  9
DISPLEASING ONE'S PARENTS RESULTS I N A BAD DEATH . 7 4                         A GIFT I N RETURN FOR EVIL ...................................... 9 0
PARENTS OWE THREE RIGHTS TO THEIR CHILDREN .......7 7                           THREE THINGS ARE DISTANT FROM MERCY.................. 9 1
THE CONSEQUENCE OF NOT TEACHING                                                 THREE QUALITIES OF THE PIOUS ............................... 9 1
CHILDRENGOODMANNERS................................................  77         THE ATTITUDE OF THE ANGELS TOWARDS BACKBITING.92
AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP..............................8         7          WORDS OF WISDOM D O 3 I F YOU CANNOT DO 3 ..........9 2
PERFECT POLITENESS :- REAPS 8 BENEFITS ...............7 8                           .
                                                                                12 SLANDER
THE FOUR SIGNS OF GOOD FORTUNE .......................... 8          7          WHO I S THE WORST PERSON? ................................... 2      9
 BE RECEIVED E V t N AFTER DEATH .............................. 9    7          WHO CARRY TALES: - 3 CAUSES ..................................9 3
SOME AHADEETH ......................................................97          CARRYING TALES AND SPREADING ANARCHY............... 9 3
THREE QUALITIES OF THE PEOPLE OF JANNAH .............. 0             8          DEVIL AND ONE WHO DABBLES I N BLACK MAGIC .........9 3
A STATEMENT OF HADHRAT UMAR (R.A). ...................... 0          8
MUSLIMS AND KUFFAR ARE TO BE TREATED                                            SEVEN QUESTIONS ................................................... 49
EQUALLY I N THREE RESPECTS .....................................     80         A TALE CARRIER SHOULD NOT BE RELIED ON ..............9 4
TEN BENEFITS OF FOSTERING GOOD FAMILY RELATIONS ....8 1                         GEMS FROM THE LIPS OF THE PIOUS .......................... 9 5
THREE GROUPS OF PEOPLE WILL BE BENEATH THE                                          .
                                                                                13 JEALOUSY
SHADE OF ALLAAH'S THRONE ON THE DAY OF QIYAMAH.81                               6 THINGS TO DO WHEN SPOKEN I L L OFF .....................9 6
ALLAAH LOVES TWO FOOTSTEPS.................................2         8          SOME AHADEETH ...................................................... 9 6
TO THE SIZE OF MOUNTAINS AND INCREASES ONE'S                                    AND HOW TO REFRAIN FROM THESE ...........................9 7
SUSTENANCE ............................................................
                                                                     82         A SUPPLICATION ...................................................... 7
SOME AHADEETH ...................................................... 82
9 RIGHTS OF NEIGHBOURS .                                                        THE EFFECT OF JEALOUSY FIRST BEFALLS THE JEALOUS
7 TYPES OF PEOPLE UPON WHOM THERE I S NO MERCY. .8 3                            PERSON : - 5 PUNISHMENTS OF JEALOUSY ...................9 8
9 RIGHTS ON A NEIGHBOUR ........................     .......... .....8 3        THE JEALOUS PERSON I S AN ENEMY OF ALLAAH'S BOUNTIES. .98
5 WORDS OF WISDOM ...............................................    84         THE RELIGIOUS SCHOLARS ARE MOST GUILTY OF JEALOUSY
                                                                                SIX THINGS THAT WILL CONDEMN SIX PEOPLE TO ............98
THREE TYPES OF NEIGHBOURS .................................. 4       -8         JAHANNAM BEFORE RECKONING ................................ 9                   9
THREE ADVICES ........................................................85        A SAYING:- 6 ADVICES .............................................. 9 9
A FEW PEARLS OF WISDOM ........................................ 5     8
                                                                                JEALOUSY CANNOT BE HARBOURED FOR ANYONE:-
THE POSITION OF A NEIGHBOUR ................................ 8 5
                                                                                 2 REASONS .............................................................9 9
IGNORANCE..................... .....................................
                                    .                                 86        THE ADVICE OF RASULULIAAH (SALLIALLAAHU-ALAIHI-
TO TASK ............................... ................................6
                                      ..                              8         .............................................................................. 9 9
TEN OPPRESSORS .....................................................  87        THE JEALOUS PERSON OPPOSES ALLAAH I N 5 WAYS .......100
WITH ONE'S NEIGHBOUR ...........................................      87        SUPERIOR AND TO LOOK DOWN ON OTHERS .............. 1 0 1
10 L Y I N G  .                                                                    .
                                                                                1 4 PRIDE      .
A SAYING OF HADHRAT LUQMAAN (A.S). ...................... 8 8                   THREE PEOPLE ARE DESERVING OF PUNISHMENT........1 0 1
SIX THINGS GUARANTEE JANNAH .................................... 8    8         THE FIRST THREE PEOPLE TO ENTER JANNAH AND JAHANNAM . 101
                                                                            f   ALLAAH DETESTS THREE PERSONS ............................ 1 0 2
Admonition For Neglectful                                          10     Admonition For Neglectful                                           11
THE THREE PERSONS WHO ARE MOST BELOVED TO ALLAAH ....102                  RECKONING I S EASIER I N THIS WORLD .................... 1 1 6
THE REALITY OF PRIDE ............................................0 2
                                                                  1       THE SAINT THAT NEVER SPOKE A WRONG WORD FCR
THE MOST DETESTABLE PERSON ............................... 0 3    1                                                  .................... 1 1 6
                                                                          TWENTY YEARS ............................... .
WORDS OF WISDOM ................................................  103     SIX SIGNS OF AN IGNORAMUS ................................. 1 1 7
ALLAAH DISLIKES STRUlTING .................................. 3    10      A STATEMENT OF HADHRAT I S A (A.S) 8 ADVICES . . . . . . . 1 1 7
TOWARDS THE HUMBLE AND BEHAVE PROUDLY WITH                                HABITS OF THE IGNORANT.......................................1 1 8
THE PROUD ............................................................4
                                                                  10      THE ADVICE OF RASULULLAAH
THE HIGHEST FORM OF HUMILITY............................. 0 4     1       (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) ....................................1 1 9
HUMILITY I S A TRAIT OF THE AMBIYAA (A.S), WHILE                          FOUR ADVICE OF HADHRAT KHIDR ( A . 5 ) . .................. 1 1 9
PRIDE I S THE TRAIT OF THE KUFFAAR ....................... 1 0 4          5A PERSON SHOULD NEVER LAUGH LOUDLY...............1 1 9
THE HUMILITY OF HADHRAT I B N UMAR (R.A). ............. 105               A SAYING OF HADHRAT HASAN BASRI (R.A). .............. 1 2 0
THE HUMILITY OF HADHRAT UMAR (R.A) .................... 105               FOUR FACTORS PREVENT LAUGHTER ......................... 1 2 0
THE HUMILITY OF HADHRAT SALMAAN FAARSI (R.A) .... 1 0 6                   THREE THINGS HARDEN THE HEART.......................... 1 2 0
THE HUMILITY OF HADHRAT A L I (R.A) ........................ 1 0 6        LAUGHING AND MAKING OTHERS LAUGH
RANKS ARE RAISED BY SPENDING I N CHARITY AND BY                           LEADS TO DESTRUCTION ..........................................1 2 1
FORGIVING OTHERS WITHOUT 3 TRAITS GRANTS JANNAH.107                       BENEFICIAL ADVICE, ..............................................1 2 1
15 ANGER .                                                                5 ADVICES OF RASULULLAAH (S.A.W). ......................1 2 1
I T I S INCORRECT TO PUNISH ANYONE TO GRATIFY ONESELF.107                 8 ADVICES OF HADHRAT UMAR (R.A) ........................1 2 1
ALLAAH LOVES THAT ONE FORGIVES ANOTHER ...........1 0 7                   8 HARMS OF LAUGHING EXCESSIVELY ....................... 1 2 2
THE SWEETNESS OF IMAAN I S NOT TASTED                                     END OF PART ONE.
WITHOUT THREE TRAITS ..........................................   108
DEVIATED PEOPLE:- 3 METHODS ...............................0 8    1

RECOGNISE 3 OiN 3 OCCASION .................................1 0  1
AN INCIDENT OF A TAABI'EE (R.A) : .......................... 111
3 QUALITIES OF ONE WORTHY OF PRAISE .................            111
3 QUALITIES OF JAMATIES ......................................   111
3 ADVICES FROM ALLAAH ........................................ 1 1 1
CONCISE WISDOMS ................................................ 1 1 2
THE FOUR TYPES OF ASCETICISM .............................. 1 3  1
THE TEST OF STRENGTH .......................................... 1 4
DO NOT CURSE AN OPPRESSOR ................................1 4    1
16. THE TONGUE        .
FOUR QUALITIES OF A BELIEVER .............................. 1 1 5
A LOFTY POSITION OBTAINED BY 3 QUALITIES ........... 1 5         1
THE STATEMENT OF FOUR KINGS...................................   116
Admonition For Neglectful                                         12     Admonition For Neglectful                       13
                                                                         HADHRAT MA ULANA SAYYID FAKHRUL HASAN
                                                                              SAHEB - SENIOR LECTURER OF
THE IMPRESSIONS OF SOME NOTABLE ULEMA.                                          DAARUL ULOOM DEOBAND.

HADHRAT MAULANA QAARI TAYYAB SAHEB (A.R)                                 I have browsed through t h e book, Rawdatus
  - RECTOR OF DAARUL ULOOM DEOBAND.                                      Saaliheen, by the respected Maulana Mahfoozul
                                                                         Hasan. This book is actually a translation of the
We praise Allah and convey salutations t o                               book, Tambeehul Ghaafileen.
Rasulullah ( s a l l a l l a h u - a l a y h i - w a - s a l l a m ) .
                                                                         I know Maulana from childhood, who is a highly
A graduate of Daaru Uloom Deuband, Maulana                               capable graduate of Daarul Uloom Debnand. I
Mahfoozul Hasan, has translated t h e book,                              agree with the impressions of Maulana Akhlaaq
Tambeehul Ghaafileen, written by Faqeeh Abul                             Husain Qaasimi and Mufti Azeezur Rahmaan
Laith Samarqandi (A.R), the great scholar of                             Bijnoori. However, Ipersonally feel that the book
divine sciences.                                                         falls short o f shedding proper l i g h t on t h e
                                                                         metaphorical beauties o f the original.
This humble servant has paged through t h e
bdok in your hands and derived great benefit                             May Allah bless this work with His acceptance and
f r o m i t . A s u w m a r y of this book is t h a t i t is             grant the writer and myself the ability t o make
a treasure of gold and gems. It is a wealth of                           further contributions t o the Islamic literature.
good practices and noble character t h a t will                          Aameen.
easily make a person ascetic and pious i f he
keeps t h i s b o o k w i t h h i m a n d studies i t                    Sayyid Fakhrul Hasan (May Allah forgive him)
carefully.                                                               Senior lecturer
                                                                         Daarul Uloom Deoband.
Maulana has favoured the Muslims by placing
this f o r t u ~ c their hands, the worth sf which                       16 Dhul Qa'dah 1398 A.H.
the entire world cannot pay. May Allah grant
h i m t h e best of rewards. May Allah increase
t h e deeds and knowledge of t h e translator,
perpet~late       his grace, and grant the Muslim
ummah the ability t o derive benefit from him.

Muhammed Tayyab (May Allah for give him)
Rector of Daarul Uloom Deoband
16 Dhul Qa'dah 1398 A.H.
                                                 Admonition For Nenlectful                             15
Admonition For Neglectful               -
                                       - 14
 QAASI.MI- COMMENTATOR O F THE QUR'AAN           We praise Allah and send salutations t o Rasulullah
AND CHAIRMAN O F JAMI'ATUL ULEMA DELHI.          (sallallahu-alayhi-wa-sallam). The book in your hands
                                                 is a translation of a work titled Tambeehul Ghaafileen,
One o f t h e most successful methods of         which is famous amongst the ulema. The author of this
propagating the truth is "maw'izatul hasanah.'   book was Nasr bin Muhammed bin Ahmed bin Ibraheem,
                                                 who is better known as Faqeeh Abul Laith Samarqandi
The Qur'aan has accorded this method second
                                                 (A.R) {who passed away 373 years after the Hijrah).
position of priority amongst three methods.
[Surah Nahl, verse 351                           Faqeeh Abul Laith Samarqandi (A.R) penned many
                                                 books containing his fataawa, and is the author of at
The meaning of "maw'izatul hasanah' is t o       least fourteen or fifteen works. He was known as
advise people using effective and captivating    Imaamul Huda (the leader of guidance) during his time.
                                                 He was so pious and particular that he used t o take
methods with the best explanation. It includes   lumps of sand along with him on journeys, t o be used
instilling Imaan and the fervour to act, using   to clean after relieving himself. When he was asked
warnings, hopes, similitudes and parables.       about the reason, he replied that he did not like t o use
                                                 t h e sand of another person without permission.
The author of this book, Faqeeh Abul Laith
                                                 He used t o say that he never spoke a lie since h e
Samarqandi (A.R), is renowned for his ability    reached an understanding age. He passed away on the
to effectively employ "maw'izatul hasanah.'           of
                                                 llth Jumaadal Ukhra, 373 A.H. A study of conditions
Hadhrat Maulana Mahfoozul Hasan Qaasimi          in Samarqand and Bukhaara during that period reveals
Sambali (a luminary from a famous family of      that the ulelina concentrated their lectures and public
leading scholars) has successfully captured      addresses towards spiritual reformation. This fact is
                                                 also revealed by a study of t h e lives of people like
the effect of this book i n this condensed       Hakeem Tirmidhi (A.R), Abu Bakr, Muhammed Is'haaq
volume.                                          (A.R) and Faqeeh Abul Laith Samarqandi (A.R). a
                                                 perusal of books like Tambeehul Ghaafileen, Bustaan
May Allah accept the efforts of Maulana and      and others will portray the same fact.
create spiritual awareness from this book.
                                                 Ihave a hand-written copy of Bustaan, which is also
                                                 penned by Faqeeh Abul Laith Samarqandi (A.R). Ihave
Akhlaaq Husain Qaasimi                           published a translation and commentary of this book,
Idaara Rahmate Aalam-Delhi                       adding references and sources where necessary. After
27 September 1978.                               reading Tambeehul Ghaafileen, Iintended t o translate
                                                 i t as well, but every person cannot do everything.
                                                 This privilege went to Hadhrat Maulana Mahfoozul Hasan
                                                 Sambali, who translated the work in a concise form.
Admonition For Neglectful                              16
                                                             Admonition For Neglectful                                             17
How is this book? This is revealed b y t h e historical
origin of the book. It is a unique prescription consisting
                                                             The fact cannot be refuted that, just as knowledge is
of a blend of subtle advices, words of wisdom, Ahadeeth      foundational support of actions, a study of the lives of
of Rasulullah (sallallahu-alayhi-wa-sallam) and Qur'aanic    our pious predecessors is one of the most effective
verses.                                                      ways of spurring actions.

The translator, Maulana Mahfoozul Hasan is an extremely      As someone said, "The person who ignores the lives
                                                             and advices of the pious predecessors is contaminated
capable youngster, with an eye for intricacies. He is a      between two evils. Either he carries out a negligible
graduate of Daarul Uloom Deoband. Ihave read his             amount of deeds and considers himself to be amon st
book from cover t o cover. It is excellent. May              the pious predecessors, or he considers his little e ort
                                                             to be extremely great, thereby succumbing to pride
Allah accept it. Aameen.                                     and boastfulness. He will then regard himself as the
                                                             greatest and look down on all others. His efforts will
                                                             then be worthless and his deeds will be destroyed.
Azeezur     Rahmaan (May Allah forgive h i m )
                                                             Rasulullah (sallallahu-alayhi- wa-sallam) said, "Meditation
Madani Daarul Iftaa                                          for a moment is better than a hundred years of worship."
                                                             This is the basis of this work.
Madrasah Madeenatul Uloom                                    Since people are inclined towards brevity these days,
                                                             the lengthy discussions have been omitted, and most
Bijnoor                                                      of the quotations have been translated in a concise
15 Shawwaal 1398 A.H.                                        Ia m well aware of m y deficiencies in knowledge, and
                                                             Iaccept that I a m unable to do j u s t ~ c e a noble task
                                                             like translation. However, I long felt the desire in m y
                                                             heart t o render a religious service t o the public, so
                                                             that it becomes a means o f securing m y salvation in
                                                             the Hereafter. May Allah make this objective be realised.
                                                             "This is not difficult for Allah."
                                                             There is a great possibility that errors may have occurred
                                                             in this publication because of m y deficient knowledge.
                                                             Ihumbly request religious scholars t o grace m e with
                                                             a notification of such errors. 'This is the first part of
                                                             this series. May Allah grant me the abilit and capability
                                                             to complete the series. Aameen. I plea to the readers
                                                             n o t t o f o r g e t t h i s l o w l y w r i t e r i n t h e i r du'aas.
                                                             NOTE: References have not been ~ i l ~ because the
                                                             author's name carries sufficient w e ~ g h t .
                                                             Mahfoozul Hasan Sambali
                                                                 15 Rabee'rrth Tllnani 1398 A.H. - 25 Mlirch
Admonition For Neglectful                                18     Admonition For Neglectful                             19
The original book is in Arabic called "Tambhi ul Gafileen"           ADMONITION FOR THE NEGLECTFUL
by Faqih Abu Lais Samarqandi (A.R) A high ranking
Faqih(expert o n Islaamic Law) and an exemplary par
                                                                      OSTENTATION IS A MINOR FORM O F
excellence Sufi.
The Urdu translation was done by Moulana Mahfoozul
                                                                Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned,
Hassan S a m b a l i e n t i t l e d "Rawazud Saaliheen".
                                                                'I greatly fear minor polytheism for you." When the
                                                                Sahabahh (R.A) asked what 'minor polytheism' was,
Numerous commentaries are written on the pearls of              Rasulullaah (sailAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) replied,
wisdom of Faqih Abu Lais (A .R)                                 "Ostentation."

We have presented a translation for every Muslim who            On the Day of Judgement, those who were ostentatious
is interested in strengthening ones Imaan, and improving        will be told, "Go t o those for whom you had carried
ones character, personality and behaviour, beautiful            out your actions in the world. Collect the rewards for
guidelines h a v e been provided i n t h i s wonderful          your actions from t h e m i f they are able t o give you

Many Sufi scholars use i t for their mureeds(disciples)               THE SIMILITUDE OF OSTENTATION.
spiritual upbringing.

Because i t is so well divided and subdivided, extracts         A wise man once coined the similitude of a person who
can be easily used as article fillers, page and cover           performs actions t o show others as that person who
fillers.                                                        fills his purse with stones instead of money. These will
                                                                not help him a t all. I t will only make the purse seerri
                                                                heavy t o others, who will think that he is wealthy. I n
Moreover, a book "Thought of the Day" can be gleaned            a similar manner, the ostentatious person will appear
from this book.                                                 t o be pious to others, but he will receive no reward for
                                                                his actions from Allaah.
Furthermore, extracts can be taken by academic lectures
and substantiated by Quraan, Sunnat, statements and
actions of Sahabah (R. A) t o constitute valuable 'bayaans'
                                                                 SEVEN THINGS ARE WORTHLESS WITHOUT
(lectures).                                                                 SEVEN THINGS.

We pray that Allaah Taala accepts our efforts to translate
                                                                A saint once said that a person's actions are worthless
into the English language reliable, authentic, valuable
                                                                if he does seven things without doing another seven.
m a t e r i a l o f t h e Ahlus S u n n a t Wal J a m a a t .   These are:

                                                                1. He claims t o fear Allaah, yet he does not abstain
                                                                   from sin. This claim is thus futile.
                                                                Admonition For Neglectful                               21
Admonition For Neglectful                                 20
                                                                           WHO ARE THE SINCERE ONES?
2. He aspires for reward from Allaah, yet he does not
   perform any good a c t ~ o n s .(Although Allaah can
   reward a person w ~ t h o u t  good actions, b u t Allaah
   requires that h e does good).                                A person once asked a saint, "Who is a sincere person.?"
3. He d e s , i e ; t o d o good act~ons,b u t h e does n o t   He replied, "The sincere person is the one who conceals
   resolve to do so.                                            his good actions just as he conceals his evil actions."
                                                                When i t was asked what the pinnacle of sincerity was,
4. Hc prays for- something, yet does n o t make a n             he replied, "When you detest to be praised by people."
   effart to acquire it. Only those who make an attempt
   will receive the guidance to attain their objective.
   Allaah says, "We will certainly show the ways
   to those who strive for Us."
5. He seeks forgiveness ( w i t h the tongue) without             RECOGNIZING THE CHOSEN SERVANTS OF
   being remorseful (within the heart).                                 ALLAAH: - FOUR TRAITS.
6. Without internal reformation, superficial actions
   are worthless.
7. Actions are wasted without sincerity (irrespective
   of the quantity).                                            Hadhrat Zun Noon Misri (A.R) was once asked how t o
                                                                recognize Allaah's chosen and special servants. He
                                                                replied by saying that there were four traits by which
A DOUBLE REWARD FOR AN ACTION COMING                            they could be recognized. These are:
            TO THE FORE
                                                                1.   He forsakes ease and comfort.
                                                                2.   He spends from the little that is in his possession.
                                                                3.   He is content with his lowly status.
A Sahabi (R.A) once asked Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-             4.   Praise a n d i n s u l t a r e t h e same t o h i m .
alaihi-wasallam) whether he would be rewarded for an
action that he performed secretly, but people had learnt
about it and he felt pleased about this. Rasulullaah                      FOUR SIGNS OF OSTENTATION.
(sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) replied t h a t he would
receive double the reward therefore, one reward for
performing the actions secretly and the other for i t
becoming apparent.                                              1. Being negligent of good actions when in seclusion.
                                                                2. Performing good actions with eagerness when in
Explanation: Performing a actions secretly denotes                 the public's eye.
sincerity, for which a person will be rewarded. When            3. Excelling in the performance o f those actions that
the actions becomes apparent, others are encouraged                attract praise.
t o emulate the same. The person is then rewarded for           4. Reducing the performance of those actions that
encouraging others.                                                people frown at. [From the lips o f Hadhrat Ali (R.
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has said,
"Whoever initiated a good practice i n Islaam, will
receive t h e reward of whoever practises t h e same                          THE FORT FOR ACTIONS.
thereafter." [Muslim]
However, i t will be contrary t o the requirement of            There are three things that serve a fort for actions.
sincerity that a person carries out an act secretly, b u t      They are:
desires that i t becomes known.
Admonition For Neglectful                                   22     Admonition For Neglectful                                       23
1. The realization t h a t t h e inspiration t o do a good         2. Offer the world t o your heart. I f it refuses the world
   action is f r o m Allaah ( t h i s prevents pride a n d            then you are pious, otherwise not.
   boastfulness).                                                  3. Offer death t o yourself. I f you are pleased with it,
2. To d o e v e r y a c t i o n f o r Allaah's p l e a s u r e .      then you are pious, otherwise not.
3. To seek recompense for every action from Allaah
   only.                                                           I f a person has these three qualities, he should thank
                                                                   Allaah and display humility. He should then never allow
    LEARN SINCERITY FROM A SHEPHERD.                               ostentation t o infect his actions, for this will pour water
                                                                   over all that he does."

A saint once advised t h a t sincerity should be learnt                        THREE IMPORTANT FACTORS.
from a shepherd. When someone asked how this was
possible, he replied, "When the shepherd performs his
salaah while tending t o his goats, the thought never
crosses his mind that the goats will praise him. I n this          Certain saints always included the following three factors
manner, a person should carry out his acts of worship,             when writing a letter.
being undeterred by the praises and insults of people."
                                                                   1. Allaah will amend the worldly matters of the person
                                                                      who works for the Hereafter.
                                                                   2. Allaah will amend the relationship between people
                                                                      and the person who cares t o rectify his relationship
FOUR CONDITIONS FOR THE ACCEPTANCE OF                                 w i t h A l l a a h ( i . e . h e i s s i n c e r e t o Allaah).
                                                                   3. Allaah will correct the external aspects of the person
                                                                      who corrects his internal self. [From Hadhrat Auf
1. Knowledge. (Only that action performed with proper                 bin Abdullaah (R.A)]
   knowledge thereof will be accepted).
2. Intention. (Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)
   said that the basis of all actions are their intentions).            THREE FACTORS CAUSE DESTRUCTION.
3. Patience. (Actions should be performed calmly and
   all adversities encountered while performing a action
   should be borne patiently).                                     Allaah causes a person t o be involved in three things
4. Sincerity.                                                      w h e n He i n t e n d s t o d e s t r o y h i m . T h e s e a r e :

HOW TO RECOGNIZE PIETY :-THREE FACTORS.                            1. Allaah grants him knowledge without the inspiration
                                                                      t o practise thereupon.
                                                                   2. Allaah allows h i m the company o f the righteous,
Someone once t o l d Hadhrat Shafeeq bin I b r a h e e m              without t h e recognition of their status and
(R.A), "People call m e a pious person. How can piety                 appreciation of them.
be recognized?" The reply was, "It can be recognized               3. Allaah allows him to do good actions without sincerity.
by three factors. These are:
                                                                   These are all a result of incorrect intentions. I f a person
 1. Explain your inner condition t o the pious people. I f         acts with the correct intention, he will be practical on
    they are satisfied, then you are pious, otherwise              his knowledge, will appreciate t h e company o f t h e
     not.                                                          righteous and will perform all actions with sincerity.
Admonition For Neglectful                                 24     Admonition For Neglectful                                 25

 Someone asked Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)         A person doubted his sincerity after constructing an
about which acts will secure salvation in the Hereafter.         inn for travellers. Someone told him in a dream t h a t
The reply was, "Do n o t deceive Allaah." When t h e             even i f his action was insincere, t h e du'as o f t h e
 meaning of this was asked, Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-            travellers who will benefit from this noble action will
alaihi-wasallam) said, "Act on Allaah's orders solely for        surely be sincere and accepted i n your favour. He
 Him, not for anyone besides Him. Performing a action            became extremely pleased and satisfied w i t h this
for anyone besides Allaah will be deceiving Him. Guard           statement.
against ostentation because this is shirk. The ostentatious
person will b e called b y four names o n t h e Day o f               THE PANGS OF DEATH ARE A WORD OF
Judgement (viz.) 'Oh Kaafir!' 'Oh Faajir!' (Oh sinner!),                          CAUTION.
'Oh Ghaadir!' (Oh deceiver!) and 'Oh Khaasir!" (Oh
loser!) (Then they will be told,) 'Your actions are wasted       H a d h r a t Hasan (R.A) n a r r a t e s t h a t Rasulullaah
and your rewards spent.There is no share for you here            (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "The pangs of death
and the deceiver should collect his reward f r o m t h e         are equivalent t o being struck b y three hundred
                                                                 swords." He also mentioned t h a t the pangs o f death
one for whom he acted."                                          serve as an advice t o m y ummah.
The Sahabi (R.A) who narrated this hadith swore b y
Allaah t h a t h e heard t h i s hadith f r o m Rasulullaah       APPRECIATING FIVE THINGS BEFORE FIVE.
                                                                 Hadhrat Maymoon bin Mahraan (R.A) reports f r o m
Someone has said t h e following fine words,                     Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) that five things
"Safeguarding a action is more difficult than performing         should be appreciated before five things. (1) Youth
it."                                                             before old age. (2) Health before illness. (3) Leisure
                                                                 time before becoming busy. (4) Wealth before poverty.
                                                                 (5) Life before death.

      THE SIMILITUDE OF GOOD ACTIONS.                            ?j When old age arrives, i t is difficult to even imagine
                                                                     performing those acts of worship performed in one's
                                                                     youth. I n old age i t is also extremely difficult t o
                                                                     alter those bad habits and lethargy that one may
Hadhrat Abu Bakr Waasiti (R.A) has mentioned t h a t a                have adopted during one's youth.
good action is like fine glass. Just a little heedlessness        ?j The value of good health is only truly understood
will cause i t t o shatter, whereafter it will be irreparable.       when one becomes ill. Therefore, i t will definitely
I n t h e same way, good actions are shattered b y                   be tragic to waste one's time when enjoying good
ostentation and boastfulness, thus i t will not accrue               health.
any reward.                                                      tJ The nights are hours of leisure. I f these are notutilized
                                                                     f o r d h i k r a n d ibaadah, o n e will notpossibly be
                                                                     able to compensate for them duringthe busy hours
Note: When a person senses any show and ostentation                  of the day. This applies especiallyto the long winter
in a action, he should t r y his level best to eradicate it.         nights. Also, when one lives affluently, he has more
I f it cannot be eradicated, he should not abandon t h e             time at leisure and may misuse it in futility. Therefore,
action, b u t seek forgiveness from Allaah. Allaah m a y             it is better to use ones time well so that one is not
grant h i m t h e ability t o be sincere in t h e following          forced t o change,laziness is cause o f adversity.
Admonition For Neglectful                              26    Admonition For Neglectful                              27
   WINTER IS A BLESSING FOR THE MU'MIN.                      sinew of his. Then a strong person pulls the tree o u t
                                                             with such force that it emerges, ripping the flesh as i t
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has said,          is drawn out. This is t h e example o f t h e throngs of
"Winter is a blessing for t h e Mu'min. The nights are       death."
long, thereby enabling longer hours of worship. The
days are short, thereby resulting i n shorter fasts."        THREE THINGS SHOULD NOT BE FORGOTTEN.
He has also said, "The night is long, so do not shorten
it with sleep. The day is bright, so do not darken it with
your sins."                                                  A saint once said that an intelligent person must never
                                                             forget three things. These are:-
A person should be content and happy with whatever           (1)The perishable nature of this world,
Allaah gives. I f a person attains contentment and           (2) death and
satisfaction, then he should consider these as blessings     (3) those adversities from which man cannot be secure.
and be thankful t o Allaah. He should not aspire for the
wealth that has been given t o others.
                                                             ONLY F O U R PERSONS APPRECIATE F O U R
All actions can be performed before death, therefore         THINGS.
life should be regarded as a blessing and exploited t o
t h e full. Someone has mentioned golden words i n
Persian when he said, " I f childhood is spent in play,      1. Only a n old m a n appreciates the value o f youth.
old age i n laziness, and youth in mischief, when will       2. Only a person afflicted with a calamity can truly
one worship Allaah?"                                            appreciate being free of troubles.
                                                             3. Only the sick appreciate health.
                                                             4. Only the dead appreciate life.
                                                             THE REALITY OF DEATH.

Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned
t h a t the grave can either be a garden of Jannah (for      Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Amr bin Al Aas (R.A) says t h a t
the true Mu'min) o r a pit of Jahannam (for the sinner       his father [Hadhrat Amr bin Al Aas (R.A)] used t o often
and kaafir). Therefore, remember death often, which                  a
                                                             say, "I m surprised a t t h e person upon whom t h e
will destroy the carnal passions."                           signs of death have appeared, yet he does not describe
                                                             the reality thereof, even though his senses are still
                                                             with him and his tongue can still talk."
                                                             When death began t o approach him and he was still
                                                             conscious and able t o speak, the son asked, "Oh Father!
Hadhrat Umar (R.A) once asked Hadhrat Ka'b (R.A) t o         You used t o express surprise a t those who do n o t
describe death. He said, "The similitude of death is like    describe the reality of death. Tell us about death." He
a thorny tree t h a t is entered into the stomach of a       replied, "Oh m y son! It is not possible t o describe the
person. The thorns then penetrate each and every vein        condition of death, b u t Iwill try. By Allaah! I t seems
and                                                          as i f a m o u n t a i n has been placed b e t w e e n m v
Admonition For Neglectful                                28
                                                               Admonition For Neglectful                                           29
 shoulders, as if m y soul is emerging from the eye of
a needle and as if m y stomach is filled with thorns. Oh        3.Standing before Allaah for reckoning, when Ihave
 m y son! It seems as i f the earth and the skies have          no idea whether Iwill be sent t o Jannah o r t o
joined and Ia m being crushed between the two."                     Jahannam.

 Hadhrat Shaqeeq bin Ibraheem (R.A) said, "People say          Rasulullaah (s%llAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned,
four things with their tongues, but their actions contradict   "If the animals knew what you know of death, you will
them.                                                          never be blessed with the opportunity of eating hearty
(1) Every person claims t h a t he is Allaah's slave, yet      flesh."
they act as if they are the slaves of none and t h a t
'none' is their master.
(2) People say that Allaah is the Sustainer, yet their         THE CONSEQUENCE OF REMEMBERING DEATH
hearts are not content without the wealth of the world.
(3) People claim that the Aakhirat (Hereafter) is better         AND OF NOT REMEMBERING DEATH :-3
than this world, yet they spend day and night                         BOUNTIES / 3 PUNISHMENTS.
accumulating the things of this world and do not even
distinguish between halaal and haraam.
(4) They claim t h a t death is certain, yet they act like
people who will never die."                                    Hadhrat Haamid (R.A) says t h a t t h e person who
                                                               abundantly remembers death will be honoured with
        THREE THINGS ARE ASTONISHING.                          three bounties.
Hadhrat Abu Dharr (R.A) said "There are three things           (1) He will quickly receive t h e inspiration t o repent.
that astonish m e so much that they make m e laugh,            (2) He will be content w i t h whatever h e receives.
while another three things are so distressing that they        (3) He will be resolute in his worshio.
make m e cry. The three things that cause m e t o laugh
                   i n surprise are:                           On the other hand, the person who does forget death
                                                               will suffer three punishments.
1. The person who aspires after the world when death
    is on his heels.                                           (1) He w i l l n o t b e i n s p i r e d t o r e p e n t q u i c k l y .
2. The negligent person, when Qiyamah is before him.           ( 2 ) He will n o t b e c o n t e n t w i t h w h a t h e has.
    (He believes in Qiyamah, yet does not prepare for          (3) He will be lazy to worship.
3. The person who laughs audaciously, yet he does
    not know whether Allaah is pleased with h i m o r          THE TASTE OF DEATH IS EXTREMELY BITTER.
                                                               Someone once asked Hadhrat Isa (A.S) to raise a dead
      The three things that are so distressing are:            person for him. I n compliance t o the request, Allaah
 1.Se~aration   from m v friends viz. Rasulullaah              allowed him to raise the son of Hadhrat Nooh (A.S) by
     ' (sall~llaahu-alaihi-wasallam) and the Sahabahh          the name of Saam. When he got up from his grave,
        (R.A).                                                 his hair and beard were white. Hadhrat Isa (A.S)
 2.     Death. (1 do not know whether Iwill die with           enquired from him as t o how his hair turned white,
        Imaan o r not).                                        because there was no old age in their time.
Admonition For Neglectful                              30   Admonition For Neglectful                                       31
He replied, "When I heard the call, Ithought t h a t        1. He becomes one who is content and delays in the
Qiyamah had arrived. This fear caused me t o turn              matters of the world.
white." When he was asked as t o when he had died,          2. He becomes a person who is anxious of the Hereafter
he replied, "Four thousand years ago, but the taste of         and hastens i n m a t t e r s p e r t a i n i n g t h e r e t o .
death has still not left me."                               3. He applies his thoughts for the Deen with knowledge
                                                               and effort.
                                                            4. He is caring and cordial towards the creation.

                                                                        THE BEST PERSON :- TRAITS.
A person once told Hadhrat Ibraheem bin Adham (R.A)
that they would be benefitted by the talks of Deen if
he were to have a gathering with them. He said that
                                                            It has been said that the best person is he who possesses
four worries plagued his mind and he would only be          five traits.
able t o sit with them if he could free himself from
these. When he was asked what these four things             1.   He worships Allaah.
were, he mentioned the following:                           2.   He is of use to the creation.
                                                            3.   People are safe from his evils.
1. "My first concern is what Allaah said on the day         4.   He is not aspirant of peoples' wealth.
   that He took the pledge from people. Allaah said         5.   He is always prepared for death.
                          were destined for Jannah, while
   that certain p ~ o p l e
   others were destined for Jahannam. Ido not know
   which of the two groups I belong to.                                   THREE NOBLE QUALITIES.
2. When a child is in the womb of the mother, an
   angel asks Allaah whether he should record the
   child as fortunate or as an unfortunate one. Ido         Hadhrat Abu Darda (R.A) has mentioned that he loves
   not know how was I recorded.                             the following three things:-
3. When the angel of death claims a soul, he asks
   Allaah whether the soul should be kept with the          1. D e s t i t u t i o n - so t h a t he could be h u m b l e .
   Mu'm~neen with the kuffar. Ido not know what
               or                                           2. Illness- so t h a t his sics youi id be forgiven.
   reply will issue f o r t h with regard t o myself.       3. Death- so that he could meet Allaah.
4. Allaah will announce on the Day of Judgement,
   "Be separated, Oh you criminals." I do not
   know t o which party I will belong."                      THE BEST AND MOST INTELLIGENT PERSON.

                                                            When someone asked Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-
THE FOUR SIGNS OF A PERSON WHO A WAKENS                     wasallam) who the best person was, he replied, "The
         FROM HIS NEGLIGENCE.                               one who has the best character." When it was asked
                                                            as t o who the most intelligent person was, the reply
                                                            was, "The person who remembers death the most and
There are four signs that disclose the person who has       prepares for it."
shattered the inhibiting veils of negligence. These are:
Admonition For Neglectful                                32    Admonition For Neglectful                                         33
          FIVE TYPES OF GLAD TIDINGS.                          The grave of a kaafir. The grave of the kaafir will be
                                                               so much narrowed that his ribs will penetrate each
                                                               other. A snake, the thickness of a camel's neck will
Allaah says, "As for those who say, 'Our Rabb is               continue to eat at his flesh and a deaf and dumb angel
Allaah!' then they are steadfast, We shall send                will continue to beat him with a hammer. The Fire of
angels to them saying, 'Do not fear and do not                 Jahannam will be shown t o him each day and night.
grieve. Accept the glad tidings of the Jannah that
you have been promised." [ S u r a h M u ' m i n ]
                                                               EIGHT THINGS THAT WILL SAVE ONE FROM THE
                                                               Faqih Abul Laith Samarqandi (R.A) mentioned t h a t
1. For the average Mu'min, it will mean that they will         carrying out four things and abstaining from another
    not fear suffering eternal punishment. Although            four things will protect one from punishment in the
    they may have t o suffer for a while, they will be         g r a v e . The f o u r t h i n g s t o p r a c t i c e o n a r e : -
    removed and the Ambiyaa (A.S) will intercede on            (1) Punctuality with salaah,
    their behalf.                                              (2) abundant charity,
2. For the sincere ones, it will mean that they will not       (3) recitation of the Qur'aan,
    have to fear that their actions will be rejected. They     (4) abundance of dhikr.
    will not have to grieve over the loss of rewards, for
    these will be g r a n t e d double-fold t o t h e m .
3. For those who repented, i t will mean that they do          The four that have to be avoided are:
    not have to fear for their sins. ~ h e s ' e be forgiven
    and they will not have to fear whether their sins          (1) Lying,
                                                               (2) misappropriation of trust,
    will be forgiven after Taubah.
4. For the asceticism, i t will mean that they will not        (3) carrying tales,
    have to fear accountability and will reqeive the glad      (4) droppings of urine (from contaminating the body
   tidings of entering Jannah witholdt reckoning.              and clothes).
5, For the religious scholars who propagated good and
    practiced on their knowledge, it will mean that they       Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned
    will not have t o fear the torment and terror of           that punishment in the grave is usually due to droppings
    Qiyamah. They will not have to grieve over the loss        of urine.
    of rewards. They and their followers will be given                ALLAAH DETESTS FOUR THINGS IN
    the tidings of entering Jannah.
The grave of the Mu'min. The grave of a Mu'min
will be expanded by seventy spans and a bedding
of velvet will be laid for him therein. The grave              1. Playing in salaah.
will be fragrant and illuminated with the light of             2. Futile speech while the Qur'aan is being recited.
Imaan and the Qur'aan. He will then be made to                 3. Cohabitation while fasting.
sleep like a bride, to be awoken by her beloved.               4. Laughing in the graveyard.
Admonition For Neglectful                              34    Admonition For Neglectful                              35

                A GOLDEN SAYING.                                         AN ALARMING INCIDENI:

Standing by the side of a graveyard, the great illuminary,   Hadhrat Amr bin Dinaar (R.A) reports that a man who
Hadhrat Muhammad bin Sammaak (R.A) said, "The                lived in Madinah had a sister in the same district. He
silence and equality of the graves should not deceive        buried her after her death, but realized afterwards that
you. There are many distressed and alarmed people            he had dropped his wallet in the grave. He took someone
                                                             with him to the graveyard and they found the grave
therein, and there is a great difference between all
                                                             which they dug.
these graves. The intelligent person is he who prepared
for the grave before entering it."                           After finding the wallet, he told the person to dig deeper
                                                             so that they could see the condition of his sister. As he
             A STARTLING INCIDENT                            peeped therein he saw flames leaping from within.
                                                             Startled, he had the grave filled and went to see his
                                                             mother. At first his mother refused t o d~sclosethe
Some people told Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Abbaas (R.A)          condition of her daughter, but when the man insisted,
that they dug a grave t o bury a companion of theirs.        she told h i m t h a t his sister used t o delay in the
They found a black snake therein. When they dug the          performance of her salaah and perform i t after it's
second and third graves, they saw the same snake             time. She also said that the girl never performed her
therein. They asked h i m w h a t t h e y were t o do.       wudhu properly and would eavesdrop on people at
                                                             night so as t o relate their conversations t o others.
He advised them t o bury him in any of these graves.
He told them that the snake was a consequence of one
of his actions and that they would find it present even                THE SCREAMS OF THE DEAD.
if they dug every grave in the world. After burying him,
they met his wife, who told them that he used t o sell       Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallarn) mentioned
grains and that daily he would take out some for eating,     thaf everything besides man can hear the screams of
replacing these with stones or sticks.                       the dead. I f man heard it, he would fall unconscious.
                                                             The pious deceased tells the people to hasten with his
   THE ANNOUNCEMENTS OF THE EARTH:- 5                        bier for, if they saw where he was heading, they would
                                                             hurry thereto themselves. The evil soul pleads with the
                CALLS.                                       people not to hurry for, if they saw where he was going,
                                                             they would never take him there.
Daily t h e e a r t h makes five announcements:              After burial, two dark, blue-eyed angels appear before
                                                             the deceased. Salaah pr'events them from approaching
 1. Oh Man! You walk on m y back and will be within          near the head side saying, "Do not approach from this
    my belly one day.                                        direction because he used to engage in salaah during
 2. Oh Man! You eat various things on m y back and           the night for fear of the grave. Obedience to parents
    will be eaten by worms and insects i n by belly.         will shield him from the side of his feet, charity from
 3. Oh Man! You laugh while on m y back. Soon you will       the right side, and fasting from the left.
     be crying within m y belly.
 4. Oh Man! You are happy on m y back. Soon you will         This world is but for a few days, whereafter the
     be grieved when you enter m y belly.                    everlasting journey to the Hereafter commences. There
 5. Oh Man! You perpetrate sins on m y back and soon         a person will not be able t o recite SubhaanAllaah' or
    will be punished in m y belly.                           Alhamdulillah' even once. The life in this world is the
                                                                  Admonition For Neglectful                                            37
Admonition For Neglectful                                    36
                                                                   perspire so much that the perspiration of some of them
only capital that a person has t o invest for the Hereafter.      will reach till their mouths.
I f the capital is exhausted, a person cannot do any              The people will t h e n g o t o all t h e Ambiyaa ( A S ) ,
business. Time passes by constantly. When he decides              pleading with t h e m t o beseech Allaah t o commence
t o act i t might be too late.                                    the reckoning. However, all wiil refuse except Rasulullaah
The angel Hadhrat Israfeel (A.S) is presently                      (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam). After his intercession on
waiting with the trumpet in his mouth- waiting
for Allaahrs command to blow it. Once he blows                    t h e i r behalf, A l l a a h w i l l b e g i n t h e r e c k o n i n g .
the trumpet, all of creation will be overcome with                All the angels will stand in rows and it will be announced,
a strange anxiety. When he blows it for the second                "Everyone's actions have been recorded in their books.
time, the universe will be annihilated, except for                Those whose actions were good should thank Allaah
a few angels. Thereafter Allaah will ask the angel                and those whose actions were evil have only themselves
of death, "Who is still alive?" He will submit,                   t o blame. All creation besides m a n and jinn wili have
"Jibraeel, Mika'eel, Israfeel, the angels who carry               their revenge f r o m each other, whereafter they will
the Arsh and myself."                                             perish forever."
                                                                  No monetary recompense will work there. A wrongdoer
Allaah will then command h i m t o extract the souls o f          will have t o repay the claimant with his good actions.
all these angels. When he will do so, Allaah will again           When their good actions have expired, they will be
ask h i m who else still lives. He will reply, "Besides           laden with the evil actions o f the people who claim
Yourself, it is only me." Allaah will tell him, "All m u s t      from them. I n this manner many people who initially
perish besides Myself so you also die." Consequently,             had m a n y good a c t ~ o n swill e r 3 u p bankrupt. The
the angel of death will extract his own soul between              oppressor will then be doomed for Jahannam, while
Jannah and Jahannam. He shall give such an agonizing              the oppressed person will enter Jannah.
cry a t that time that if any of the creation existed then,       The day will be so severe that even the Ambiyaa (A.S),
they would all die on account of this cry.                        the high ranking angels and the martyrs will doubt
                                                                  their predicament. Questions will be asked about one's
He will then say, "If Irealized the pain of death I would         life, youth, knowledge and wealth. I n search of a single
have been even more gentle when extracting the souls              action, people will approach their children, parents and
of the Mu'mineen."                                                loved ones, b u t will r e t u r n e m p t y handed.
                                                                  Hadhrat Anas (R.A) reports t h a t once Hadhrat Jibreei
Only Allaah shall live on. He will announce, "Where are           (A.S) came to Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)
t h e kings? Where are t h e             ? Where have t h e
tyrants gone? Where are t eir children? Where are
                                                                  in such a state that he was overcome with fear and his
                                                                  face had become pale. Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-
those who ate f r o m My provisions? To whom does                 wasallam) had never seen him in this condition before.
sovereignty belon today? I t all belongs to Allaah,               When Rasulullaah (saliAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) enquired
The One, The Migi(ty."                                            about the reason for this condition, Hadhrat Jibreel
Thereafter Allaah will cause a resuscitating rain t o fall        (A.S) replied t h a t he had seen such a scene f r g m
from the skies, causing people t o surface f r o m their
   raves like sprouting plants. Thereafter Hadhrat Israfeel       Jahannam. On such a day when no person (who had
9 A.S) will b e raised, followed b y Hadhrat Jibreel and
Mikaa'eel (A.S). Then Hadhrat Israfeel (A.S) will blow
                                                                  seen t h e same) would r e s t u n t i l h e was assured
                                                                  protection therefrom.
the trumpet for t h e third t i m e a n d all o f creation will   Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) then asked
b e brou h t back t o life. The first t o b e raised will b e     him t o describe what he saw. He said, "When Allaah
 Rasulu laah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam).
 Everyone will be naked and wiil b e gathered on a grand
                                                                  created Jahannam, he stoked the fire for a thousand
                                                                  years u n t ~it was red. Thereafter He stoked i t for
 plain. Allaah will not t u r n His attention t o t h e peo l e   another thousand years until it became white. He then
t o pass judgement, and they will weep so much t a t     ,
                                                         P        kindled it for another thousand years until i t became
their tears will deplete and be replaced b y blood. People        as black and dark as i t is presently.
Admonition For Neglectful                                          38     Admonition For Neglectful                              39
The flames and coals of Jahannam never remain silent.                     will occupy the seventh level?" Feeling ashamed, Hadhrat
By Aliaahl I f even t h e e x t e n t o f a needle's eye o f              Jibreel (A.S) said, "This level will be occupied by those
Jahannam was released to this world, the entire universe                  members of your ummah who commit major sins and
would burn t o cinders."                                                  die without repenting." Unable t o bear this Rasulullaah
" I f the clothing of a person from Jahannam was t o be                   (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) fell down unconscious.
suspended between the earth and the sky, the stench                       Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S) then took the head of Rasulullaah
and heat e m i t t i n g t h e r e f r o m would kill t h e e n t i r e   (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) upon his lap. When
universe. I f a single chain from the 'Salaasil' mentioned                Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) recovered he
in the Qur'aan is placed upon a mountain, it would melt                   asked Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S) whether any members of
and sink below the surface. I f a person in the east was                  his ummah will really enter Jahannam. Hadhrat Jibreel
afflicted with the punishment of Jahannam, the people                     (A.S) replied, "Yes. Those who commit major sins and
i n t h e w e s t would b e scorched w i t h t h e h e a t . "            die without repenting." Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-
"The heat of Jahannam is extremely intense and i t is                     wasallam) then burst out in tears and Hadhrat Jibreel
exceptionally deep. The jewellery o f t h e person i n                    (A.S) also did the same.
Jahannam will be iron, his drink will be boiling puss
and his clothing will be fire. Jahannam has seven doors.                  After this Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) only
Every man and woman entering each door has been                           left the house for salaah and did not mix with anyone.
specified."                                                               He would begin and terminate the salaah in tears. On
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-ala~hi-wasallam)asked h i m                      t h e t h i r d day Hadhrat Abu Bakr (R.A) came t o t h e
whether the doors were like those of earthly homes.                       house of Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) and
He replied, "No. They are more vast on t h e t o p and                    requested permission t o enter. When he received no
beneath. Their width is a distance of seventy years and                   reply he returned in tears.
each door 1 seventy times hotter than the next. The
enemies of Allaah will be dragged t o the doors and will                  The same happened t o Hadhrat Umar (R.A). Thereafter
be received with yokes and chains. When a chain is                        Hadhrat Salmaan Farsi (R.A) also requested permission
put in their mouths i t will emerge from their posteriors.                t o enter and he was extremely perturbed when he did
Their hands will also be handcuffed."                                     n o t receive a reply. I n his anxiety he stood awhile,
                                                                          then sat, then returned t o his home, only t o go back
"With each human in Jahannam there will be a shaytaan.                    to the house of Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam).
The angels will t h e n drag t h e m on their faces i n t o               He then went t o the house of Hadhrat Faatima (R.A).
Jahannam, beating them with iron hammers. Whenever                        When he related the incident t o her, she immediately
they will t r y t o escape f r o m Jahannam t h e y will be               adorned her shawl and proceeded t o the house o f her
beaten back."                                                             father CsallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam).
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) enquired from                   Arriving a t the door she greeted with salaam and said
Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S) as t o who will b e i n all these                   t h a t she was Faatima. At t h a t t i m e Rasulullaah
various doors. Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S) replied, "The lowest                 (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) was prostrating and
door (level) will be for the munafiqeen, the people o f                   weeping for his ummah. He then raised his head and
t h e Maa'idah and the people o f Fir'oun. This level is                  exclaimed, "The coolness of m y eyes Faatima! What is
called 'Haawiya.' On the next level, called 'Jaheem,'                     the matter?" He then asked his wife t o allow Hadhrat
will be the Mushrikeen, while the Sabaians will occupy                    Faatima (R.A) in. When she noticed how pale her father
t h e third level, which is called 'Saqar.' Iblees and his                had become and t h a t exuberance from his face was
comrades will be in the fourth level called 'Lazaa,' and                  missing, she began t o weep m o s t bitterly.
the fifth level, known as 'Hutama' is reserved for the                    When she asked him the reason for this condition of
Jews. The Christians will then be o n t h e sixth level                   his, Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) replied,
called 'Sa'eer."                                                          "Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S) has informed m e about the
Thereafter Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S) remained silent,                         conditions in Jahannam and told me that the uppermost
whereupon Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)                       level will be occupied b y those people of m y ummah
asked, "Why have you remained silent? Who                                 who commit major
Admonition For Neglectful                                  40    Admonition For Neglectful                                 41
sins and die without repenting. This has caused m e              As they are thrown therein, they will all cry o u t in one
the grief that you see."                                         voice saying, "Laa ilaaha IIIAllaah." Upon hearing this,
She enquired f r o m Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-            the fire will withdraw f r o m t h e m . When Maalik will
wasallam) about the condition in which these eople               enquire about this, the fire will submit, 'How could I
will be entered into Jahannam. Rasulullaah (sallA laahu-
alaihi-wasallam) replied, "The an els will drag t h e m
                                                                 seize t h e m when their tongues h y m n the kalimah of
                                                                 Tauheed?" When this will recur several times Maalik
into Jahannam, b u t their faces wi I n o t be darkened,
their eyes will n o t be blue, their mouths will n o t be
                                                                 will say t h a t they can only be burned when Allaah
sealed, there will be no shaytaan with them and they             The fire will reach till the feet of some of them, till the
will n o t be shackled i n chains and yokes."                    knees of others, till the waists of others and u p to the
She then asked how will they be dragged into Jahannam.           throats of some. When the fire will approach their faces,
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) replied b y            Maalik will instruct the fire not t o burn their faces and
saying t h a t t h e men will be dragged by their beards         their hearts because they prostrated i n salaah and
and the women b y their hair. These people, male and             observed fasts during Ramadhaan. These people will
female, young and old, will scream and cry because of            suffer for their sins and remain in Jahannam till Allaah
the disgrace that they suffer. When they will be brought         desires that they should emerge therefrom. They will
t o Jahannam, t h e doorkeeper (Maalik) will enquire,            constantly call out, 'Ya Hannaan! Ya Mannaan! Ya
"Who are these people? They are unique because their             Arhamar Raahimeen!"
faces are not darkened, their eyes are not blue, their
mouths are n o t sealed, there are no shayateen with             Eventually a day will come when Allaah will instruct
them, and they are not shackled in yokes and chains."            Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S) to find out about the ummah of
                                                                 Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam). He will hasten
The angels will reply t h a t they have no knowledge             t o Jahannam and will find Maalik on a pulpit in t h e
about the identities of these people and that they were          centre of Jahannam. Maalik will rise t o receive him and
merely commanded t o present t h e m t o him. He will            will enquire about the reason for his visit. Hadhrat
then address them saying, 'Oh you wretched ones! You             Jibreel (A.S) will reply t h a t he had arrived t o find o u t
tell me who you are." [According t o another narration,          about the ummah of Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-
they will shout, "Oh Muhammad (sallAllaahu-alaihi-               wasallam).
wasallam)! Oh Muhammad (sallAllaahu-alaihi-                      Maalik will reply that they are in a miserable condition
wasallam)!" as they will be dragged. However-, they              and in a very confined place. He will add t h a t the fire
will f o r g e t t h i s when t h e y see t h e doorkeeper o f   had burnt all of their bodies except their faces and
Jahannam].                                                       hearts. These two will still glow with the light of Imaan.
                                                                 Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S) will request t o see them. When
When he asks them, they will reply, 'We are those t o            they see Hadhrat libreel (A.S), they will realize t h a t
whom the Qur'aan was revealed and upon whom the                  he is not one of the angels of punishment. They will
fasts on Ramadhaan were made compulsory.' He will                not have seen such a beautiful countenance before.
say, 'But t h e Qur'aan was revealed t o Muhammad                They will be told that this is Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S), who
(sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam .' Upon hearing this they
will exclaim, 'We are f r o m t e u m m a h of Rasulullaah
(sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam).' Maalik will tell them,
                                                                 brought revelation to Hadhrat Muhammad (sallAllaahu-
                                                                 alaihi-wasallam), Upon hearing his name, thcy will call
                                                                 out, 'Oh Jibreel! Convey our salaams t o o u r leader
'Did t h e Qur'aan n o t w a r n you against disobeying           Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) and tell him
Allaah?"                                                         that our sins have separated us from him and destroyed us.'
w h e n they see the fire f r o m the door, they will plead       When Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S) will return t o Allaah and
with him to allow them t o weep over themselves. They             relate the incident t o Him, Allaah will ask h i m what
will the weep till their tears d r y u p and is replaced b y     these people requested him to do. He will say that they
tears of blood. As they weep, he will tell them, 'If only         requested that their salaams be conveyed to Rasulullaah
this weeping had taken place in t h e world, then you             (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) and that he be informed
would not have been weeping here.' They will then be              of their condition. Allaah will command h i m t o fulfill
cast into Jahannam by his command.                               the request.
Admonition For Nenlectful                                 42    Admonition For Nenlectful                                    43

  He will hasten t o Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-           It will be then tt, t death shall be presented as a sheep
  wasallam), who will be relaxing in a palace made of           and slaughtered before the people of Jannah and the
   earl. It shall have four thousand entrances, each one        people of Jahannam. They will then be told, "Now none
  Eaving two doors o f gold. After greetin with salaam,
  Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S) will tell Rasulullaa (sallAllaahu-
 alaihi-wasallam) t h a t he had just returned f r o m the
                                                                shall ever die. Each person will remain forever where
                                                                he is." [May Allaah save us all from Jahannam. Aameen.]
 sinners o f h i s u m m a h . He will t e l l Rasulullaah
 (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) t h a t these people had         The reality of Jannah: Hadhrat Abu Huraira (R.A)
 conve ed their salaams to him and wished t o inform            narrates that the Sahabahh (R.A) once asked
 him o their miserable pli ht.
 Hearing this, Rasulullaah qsallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)
                                                                Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) what
                                                                Jannah was made of. He replied, "From water."
 will immediately fall i n prostration beneath Allaah's         Thereupon they asked, "We wish to know about
 throne and praise Allaah with such words that he never         the buildings of Jannah." Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-
 knew before. Allaah will say, "Oh Muhammad! Raise              alaihi-wasallam) said, "One brick is of gold,
 your head. Ask and you will be granted. I f you wish t o       another of silver, and the mortar is musk. The
 intercede then do so. Your intercession will surely be         sand is Saffron and the pebbles are pearls and
 accepted."                                                     rubies. Whoever will enter Jannah will not be
 Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) will submit,
 "Oh m y Rabb! Your decision has been passed w i t h            deprived of any bounty, and will abide therein
 regard t o the sinful ones of m y ummah and they have          forever. They will never die therein, their clothing
 been p u n i s h e d f o r t h e i r sins. Please accept m y   will never wear out and their youth shall never
 intercession on their behalf." Allaah will declare, "The       terminate."
command has been issued and your intercession is
accepted. You go personally and remove from Jahannam            Thereafter Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)
           erson w h o recited "Laa ilaaha IIIAllaah."          continued to say, "The du'as of three people are never
 Rasulu laah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) will t h e n
approach t h e doorkeeper o f Jahannam. Upon seeing
                                                                rejected. They are:
                                                                (1) A just ruler,
him, M a a l i k w i l l r i s e i n reverence. Rasulullaah     (2) the fasting person when he terminates his fast,
(sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) will say, "Oh Maalik! How         and
are the sinners o f m y ummah?" Maalik will reply b y           (3) the oppressed person. Their du'as are lifted above
saying that their condition is miserable inaction. When         t h e clouds and Allaah responds b y saying, 'I shall
the door of Jahannam will be opened, the sinful Muslims
in Jahannam will cry out, "Oh Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-         definitely assist you even though it may be after some
alaihi-wasallam)! The fire has b u r n t o u r skins and        time."
livers."                                                                       THE TREES OF JANNAH.
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) will remove           Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said t h a t a
them all from Jahannam and they will appear as black            person of Jannah will walk beneath the shadow of a
as charcoals. He will then bath t h e m i n t h e river of
Ridhwaan, which is one of the rivers a t the entrance           tree for a hundred years without emerging therefrom.
of Jannah. After bein bathed, they will emerge as               He said that there are such bounties in Jannah which
resplendent youths wit?I their faces shining like the full      no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard of and
moon. On their foreheads will be emblazoned, "This is           no h e a r t o r m i n d has e v e r yearned. T h e r e a f t e r
a person f r o m Jahannam whom Allaah has                       Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) recited the
emancipated."                                                   verse, "A soul does not know what has been
They will then all be admitted into Jannah, whereu on           concealed there to cool his eyes."
the other inmates of Jahannam will wish that they ad
also been Muslims so that they could be removed from
                                                                Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) then added
Jahannam. Allaah says i n the Qur'aan, "Many a time             that a place in Jannah measuring the size of a whip is
the disbelievers wish that they were Muslims."                                       world and everything contained therein.
                                                                better. than t ~ i i s
Admonition For Neglectful                                44
                                                               Admonition For Neglectful                                      45
                                                               The veils will then be lifted (from Allaah) and the people
                LA 'IBA.                                       of Jannah will see Allaah. Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-
                                                               alaihi-wasallam) added, "By Allaah! There will be nothing
Hadhrat Abdullaah b i n Abbaas (R.A) reports t h a t           more beloved and better for t h e people of Jannah."
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "There         (May Allaah bless us all with this privilege. Aameen.)
is a damsel in Jannah called La'iba. She was created
from a mixture of musk, amber, camphor, saffron and            HADHRAT JIBREEL (A.S) APPEARS IN A STRANGE
the 'water of life.' All the other damsels of Jannah love         MANNER TO CONVEY CLAD TIDINGS.
her. I f she has t o spit i n t h e ocean, t h e waters will
become sweet, T h E following words appear on h e r            Hadhrat Anas (R.A) narrates that once Hadhrat Jibreel
forehead: "Whoever desires m e should obey his Rabb."          (A.S) came to Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)
                                                               with a bright mirror wherein there was a black spot.
                                                               When Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) asked
Hadhrat Mujaahid (R.A) says that the ground of Jannah          him what the mirror was, he replied, "This is the day
is silver, the sand is musk, the trunks of the trees are       o f Jumu'ah and t h e spot is t h a t m o m e n t i n every
silver and the branches are of pearls and crystal. The         Jumu'ah (wherein du'as are accepted). You and your
fruit will be easy t o reach whether a person is sitting,      ummah have been favoured above the previous ummahs
standing or lying down.                                        with this. There is a moment during this day wherein
                                                               every du'a is accepted. This day is the day of 'Mazeed."
  THE BEAUTY OF THE PEOPLE O F JANNAH.                         Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) enquired,
                                                               "What is the day of 'Mazeed?" Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S)
                                                               replied, "Allaah has created a valley in Jannah wherein
Hadhrat Abu Huraira (R.A) reports that the beauty and          there is a container of musk. Every Jumu'ah, pulpits
youth of the people of Jannah will continue t o increase       of celestial light are placed therein and t h e Ambiyaa
just as old age gradually overtakes the people o f this        (A.S) ascend them. There are a l s ~        golden pulpits
                                                               studded w i t h rubies a n d c r y s t a l w h e r e u p o n t h e
world.                                                         Siddiqeen, martyrs and righteous people will sit. The
                                                               people of Ghuraf (the average person of Jannah) will
                                                               sit on hillocks nearby. They will all engage in praising
      THE GREATEST BOUNTY OF JANNAH.                           Allaah will tell them, "Supplicate t o Me and all your
                                                               supplications will be accepted." They will all pray for
H a d h r a t Suhaib (R.A) narrates f r o m Rasulullaah        Allaah's pleasure. Thereupon Allaah will say, "I a m
(sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) that when the people o f         pleased with all of you. I granted you a place i n My
                                                               home and conferred honour upon you." Thereafter
Jannah will enter Jannah and the inmates of Jahannam           Allaah's brilliance will be made manifest t o t h e m and
will enter Jahannam, a caller will announce, "Oh people        they all will witness it. Due t o this extra bounty, they
of Jannah! Allaah wishes t o fulfill the promise t h a t h e   will not find any day more beloved t o t h e m than t h e
made t o you.' They will enquire, "What can this bounty        day of Jumu'ah.
be? Has Allaah n o t caused our scales t o be weighty,         According t o one narration, Allaah will tell the angels,
                                                               "Feed My friends." They will then serve various types
our faces t o be illuminated, admitted us into Jannah          of foods, each morsel having a different taste. They
and saved us from Jahannam?"                                   will then be served various types of drinks by Allaah's
                                                               command, each sip having a different taste.
Admonition For Neglectful                                       46     Admonition For Neglectful                                        47

Thereafter Allaah will tell them, ' a m your Rabb and
                                                                             A TREE IN JANNAH CALLED "TOOBA."
Ihave fulfi-lied t h a t promise t h a t Ihad made t o you. I
will now fulfill whatever requests you make." The people               A tree i n Jannah called 'Tooba' will have a branch in
o f Jannah will repeatedly say t h a t t h e y only desire             every house of Jannah. I t will bear various types o f
Allaah's pleasure. Allaah will tell them, "I m pleased                 fruit, and birds, the size of camels, will perch thereupon.
with you and Ihave something else with Me. Today I                     I f a person of Jannah desires any of these birds, it will
will bestow such a bounty on you that is superior t o all              immediately be served on his table. He will be able t o
of this."                                                              e a t it d r y on one side a n d roasted o n t h e other.
                                                                       T h e r e a f t e r t h e b i r d w i l l g e t u p a n d f l y away.
Consequently, the veils will be removed and everyone
will witness Allaah's magnificence. They will immediately
fall into prostration and will remain in this position until                      THE APPEARAhTCEOF JANNAH.
Allaah tells them, "Raise your heads. This is not a place
o f worship." The people o f Jannah will forget all t h e
bounties o f Jannah upon witnessing this sight. Then a                 Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Abbaas (R.A) and Hadhrat Abu
strong wind will blow from beneath the Arsh. Musk will                 H u r a i r a (R.A) h a v e r e p o r t e d f r o m Rasulullaah
emanate from a white container and fall on their heads                 (sallAliaahu-alaihi-wasallam), "The face o f t h e first
and on the foreheads of their horses. When they return                 person t o enter Jannah from m y ummah will shine like
t o their abodes, their wives will say, "Today you have                the 14thfull moon. The face of the second person will
r e t u r n e d e v e n m o r e h a n d s o m e t h a n y o u were."   shine like a very bright star. Thereafter people will
                                                                       enter one after another with different appearances."
Hadhrat Ikrama (R.A) reports that the m e n and women
of Jannah will all be yodths of 33 years. They will all
be extremely good looking and will each wear seventy                   "There will pe no need t o relieve oneself i n Jannah,
sets o f clothing. They will see their reflections on the              neither will one's nose give out mucus. There will be
faces, chests and calves o f t h e i r spouses. A hadith               combs of gold, rings of Ood(a fragrant perfume) and
mentions t h a t if a damsel of Jannah has t o expose her              perspiration will have the fragrance of musk. Everyone's
palm from the heavens, it would illuminate the entire                  character will be alike. They will all be the youthful age
universe.                                                              o f Hadhrat Isa (A.S) a t 33. They will be as tall as
                                                                       Hadhrat Aadam (A.S) a t 60 arm-lengths. They will be
                                                                       beardless and will have no hair besides t h a t o f their
THERE WILL BE NO NEED TO RELIEVE ONESELF                               heads, eyebrows and eyelashes. They will be fair i n
               IN JANNAH.                                              complexion and t h e i r clothes will b e green."
Hadhrat Zaid bin Arqarn (R.A) says that a person from
t h e Ahlul Kitaab asked Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-              "When a person will lay his table, a bird will address
wasallam), "Will there be eating and drinking in Jannah?"              him saying, 'Oh friend of Allaah! Ihave drank from the
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) replied, "Yes.               spring of Salsabeel and eaten a variety o f fruit f r o m
A person will be given the strength o f a hundred men,                 t h e orchards beneath Allaah's Arsh.' The person o f
t o eat, drink and cohabit."                                           Jannah will eat from one side of the bird t h a t will be
The person commented t h a t since a person needs t o                  cooked and from the other side, which will be roasted.
relieve himself after eating, how will he be able t o do               He will also wear seventy sets o f clothing, each set
this in a pure place like Jannah? Kasulullaah (sallAllaahu-            being different in colour."
alaihi-wasallam) replied, "A person will n o t need t o
relieve himself i n Jannah. However, his food will digest              He will wear ten rings. The following inscription will
by means of perspiration which will have the fragrance                 appear on the first ring: "Peace be on you because
of musk."                                                              of t h e patience t h a t you have exercised."
Admonition For Neglectful                                             48    Admonition For Neglectful                               49
The second ring will have t h e inscription, "Enter                         5. Supplicate in abundance, especially for Jannah and
Jannah in peace and safety."                                                   a pleasant death.

The third will read: "This is the Jannah that you                                    WORDS OF WISDOM :- FACTS.
have received in lieu of your good actions."
The fourth will read: "Grief and worry have been                            1. Look at the rewards t o be attained in the Hereafter.
removed from you."                                                             I t is foolish t o be inclined towards the things of the
                                                                               world and rely on t h e m despite possessing proper
The f i f t h will read: "We have adorned you w i t h                          knowledge.
jewels and beautiful garments."                                             2. Helplessness is not t o make an effort for actions
                                                                               despite possessing the knowledge of their rewards
The sixth will read: "We have wedded you to the                                in the Hereafter.
Hoorul Ain."                                                                3. That person will attain the comforts of Jannah who
                                                                               forsakes the comforts of this world. That person
The seventh will read: "You shall have in Jannah                               will b e wealthy i n Jannah w h o forsakes t h i s
whatever your heart desires and whatever cools                                 perishable world and is content with just a little.
the eyes. And you shall abide therein forever."

The eighth will read: "You have conformed with
                                                                                       THE STORY OF AN ASCE TIC.
t h e A m b i y a a ( A . S ) a n d t h e Siddiqeen."
                                                                            An ascetic saint was eating some greens with only a
The ninth will read: "You have become youths who                            bit of salt. When someone objected to this he replied,
will never age."                                                            "I use the world for worship (i.e. so that I may derive
                                                                            strength for worship b y eating, thereby attaining
The t e n t h will read: "You are the neighbours of                         Jannah). On the other hand, you eat the delicacies o f
such people who never cause you difficulty."                                the world simply t o convert t h e m i n t o excreta."

    FIVE CONDITIONS FOR ADMISSION INTO                                      Note: I t is not possible for every person t o act as this
                 JA NrVAH.                                                  ascetic did. I t is advisable t o utilize every bounty of
                                                                            Allaah and then show gratitude for the same. Allaah
                                                                            likes t o witness the effects o f His bounties on His
1. Abstention f r o m all sins. Allaah says, "He who                        servants. Allaah says, "Display the bounties of your
   restrains himself from passions, then Jannah                             Rabb."
   will surely be his abode."
2. Contentment with the basics of life.
3. Extreme eagerness t o obey Allaah's commands                             A STOR I' OF HADHRAT IBRAHEEM BIN A DHAM
   because Jannah will be the reward for good actions.                                         (R.A).
   (Refer t o t h e i n s c r i p t i o n o n t h e t h i r d r i n g ) .
4. Having love for the pious servants of Allaah. Meeting
   them and participating in their gatherings because                       Hadhrat Ibraheem bin Adham (R.A) once intended t o
   their intercession will be invaluable on the Day of                      use the public baths. The owner prevented him saying,
   Judgement. Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)                     "You cannot enter without first paying the fee." Hearing
   has mentioned, "Take the pious as brothers (friends)                     this Hadhrat Ibraheem (R.A) wept and said, "Oh Allaah!
   because every brother will be given t h e r i g h t t o                  Iam not allowed t o enter the house of shaytaan without
   intercede on t h e Day of Judgement."                                    paying a fee.
Admonition For Neglectful                                  50     Admonition For Neglectful                                51
Jannah is home of the Ambiyaa (A.S) and the Siddiqeen.            Hadhrat Anas bin Maalik (R.A) says t h a t i f a person
How can Ienter it without a fee (i.e. without good                asks for Jannah thrice, then Jannah says t o Allaah, "Oh
actions)?"                                                        Allaah! Admit h i m into Jannah." When a person seeks
                                                                  protection for Jahannam thrice, then Jahannam says
                                                                  t o Allaah, 'Oh Allaah! Protect h i m f r o m Jahannam."
                FOOD FOR THOUGHT
                                                                               THE BAZAARS OF JANNAH.
Allaah once sent t h e following revelation t o a Nabi
(A.S): 'Oh child o f Aadam! You purchase Jahannam                 Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned
for an exorbitant price b u t fail t o purchase Jannah for        that there will be bazaars i n Jannah, b u t there will be
a small sum."                                                     no trade therein. Friends will convene therein and speak
                                                                  about how they worshipped Allaah in the world, about
People consider spending exorbitant sums upon t h e               the condition of t h e rich and the poor therein, about
p r o m p t i n g o f s o m e sinners, t h e r e b y purchasing   how death came to them and about the difficulties that
Jahannam for themselves. However, they find it difficult          they endured t o reach Jannah.
t o spend a small s u m upon t h e request o f a poor
beggar, w h e r e a s t h i s i s t h e p r i c e f o r Jannah.       WHO IS THERE WHO DESIRES JANNAH?

A STATEMENT OF HADHRAT ABU HAAZIM (R.A).                          You have just read about the description of Jannah.
                                                                  Every person certainly desires t o enter Jannah and
                                                                  must have made du'a for Jannah. However, t o merely
Hadhrat Abu Haazim (R.A) says, "If Jannah is attained             depend upon du'as without carrying o u t good actions
by forsaking all t h e pleasures of t h e world, then this        is a deception. Foolish are those people who desire
is a cheap bargain. Similarly, it will also be a cheap            Jannah but are contaminated with sins and are negligent
bargain i f one attains salvation f r o m Jahannam on             o f performing good actions. They sleep when t h e
account of enduring all types of difficulties. Jannah can         mu'adhin calls the adhaan and sacrifice their salaah
also be attained by forsaking a single pleasure from a            for their businesses. They are reluctant t o pay zakaah
thousand pleasures and b y enduring a single difficulty           and they forfeit their fasts i n Ramadhaan. They die
from a thousand difficulties. How cheap is this bargain?"         without performing t h e obligatory h a j j and have no
                                                                  consideration for halaal and haraam in their businesses.
                                                                  They consider the learning and teaching of the Qur'aan
                                                                  as a n iniquity and oppress t h e weak. They extract
              THE DOWRY FOR JANNAH.                               labour from the poor and usurp the wealth of orphans.

Hadhrat Yahya bin Mu'aadh Raazi (R.A) says, "Forsaking
                                                                  Despite carrying out all the above in addition t o other
this world m a y be difficult, b u t forsaking Jannah is          sins, they aspire for high ranks of Jannah. I f this is not
m u c h m o r e difficult. The d o w r y f o r Jannah is t h e    foolishness, then what is? I f one aspires for Jannah,
forsaking o f this world."                                        he should devote his entire life t o the commands o f
                                                                  Allaah and the practices of Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-
      THE INTERCESSION OF JANNAH AND                              alaihi-wasallam). At the same time, he should trample
                                                                  upon his carnal desires.
                                                                            Admonition For Neglectful                                    53
Admonition For Neglectful                                         52
When the verse, 'And My mercy encompasses
                                                                                NEVER MAKE ANYONE DESPONDENT OF
everything," the accursed Iblees said that he is                                        ALLAAH'S MERCK
also part of "everything." Therefore he also began                          Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) once became
to aspire for Allaah's mercy. Similarly, the Jews                           displeased upon seeing some Sahabahh (R.A) laughing.
and the Christians also began to think in this                              He told them, "You people are laughing when Jahannam
way. However, Iblees became despondent when                                 is behind you. Ido not want t o see you laughing again."
the next part of the verse was revealed i.e. "I                             Saying this, Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)
shall soon ordain this mercy for those who abstain                          left.
from shirk, pay zakaah and who believe in Our
verses."                                                                    We became so stiff t h a t it seemed as if birds were
                                                                            perched on our heads. Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-
However, the Jews and the Christians said, "We abstain                      wasallam) suddenly turned back and said, "Hadhrat
from shirk, pay zakaah and believe in Allaah's verses."                     Jibreel (A.S) has just come to m e with a message from
They also became despondent when the verse was                              Allaah, 'You have made My bondsmen despondent o f
revealed, "Those w h o follow t h e unlettered                              My mercy. Inform t h e m t h a t I a m the Most Forgiving,
messenger."                                                                 t h e Most Merciful and t h a t My punishment is m o s t
Therefore, t h e verse only applied t o the Mu'mineen.
Every Mu'min should thank-Ailaah profusely for this
g r e a t b o o n t h a t A l l a a h has b e s t o w e d o n h i m .         AN OATH MAY BE TAKEN ON FOUR THINGS.

THE HOPE AND PRAYERS OF HADHRAT YAHYA                                       Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Mas'ood (R.A) told Hadhrat
    BIN MU'AADH R4AZI (R.A):- 3 DUAAS.                                      Abdur Rahmaan (R.A), "I       can take an oath on three
                                                                            things. I f you take an oath on the fourth, Ishall confirm
                                                                            your oath."
Hadhrat Yahya bin Mu'aadh Raazi (R.A) used t o make
the following du'as:                                                    I
                                                                            1. On the Day of Qiyamah, Allaah will only befriend
1. Oh Allaah! You have sent one part of the hundred                            those whom he befriended in the world.
   parts of Your mercy t o this world, due t o which we                     2. Allaah shall never treat a Muslim (irrespective o f
   have been blessed w i t h t h e priceless wealth o f                        the weakness of his Imaan) like how He will treat
   Islaam. So why should we not aspire for Your mercy                          the kuffar.
   on the day when You will exhibit the remainder of                        3. A person will be with those whom he loves on the
   the hundred parts?                                                          Day of Judgement.
2. Oh Allaah! I f Your reward is reserved for the obedient                  4. On the Day of Qiyamah, Allaah will conceal the sins
   and Your mercy is for the sinners, Iwould aspire                            o f those people whose sins He had concealed i n
   for Your reward even though Iwas not f r o m t h e                          the world.
   obedient. Therefore, why should I not aspire for
   Your mercy when Ia m a sinner?
                                                                            INTERCESSION WILL BE ON BEHALF OF THE
3. Oh Allaah! You have created Jannah for Your friends                                    SINNERS.
   and You have deprived the kuffar thereof and made
   them despondent of entering it. The angels are not                       H a d h r a t Jaabir (R.A) n a r r a t e s t h a t Rasulullaah
   in need o f Jannah and You are also Independent                          (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "My intercession
   of Janrlah. Then for who can Jannah be besides for                       shall be for the sinful ones of m y ummah. The one
   us?                                                                      w h o r e j e c t s will b e d e p r i v e d o f intercession."
Admonition For Neglectful                                54        Admonition For Neglectful                             55
         --       -

      A THOUGHT PROVOKING INCIDENT.                                Question: Who took yoi! tc:, the island i n the centre of
                                                                   the ocean? Who caused a spring of sweet water t o
                                                                   flow amidst the salty water of the ocean? Who caused
Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S) related to Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-
alaihi-wasallam) the incident of a person who lived on             the pomegranate tree t o grow? Who acceded t o your
an island and worshipped Allaah for five hundred years.            request and allo~ved your soul to leave your body while
The island was surrounded b y salty water, b u t Allaah            you were prostrating?
caused a small spring of sweet water t o flow near him,
from which he drank. Allaah also caused a pomegranate              Reply:      Oh Allaah! You did.
tree t o grow for him t o eat from.                                Allaah will then tell him, "All of this was on account of
                                                                   My mercy, and Ishall admit you into Jannah b y My
Daily he ate from the tree, drank from the water and               mercy as well."
made wudhu therewith. Allaah even accepted his du'a
t o die while prostrating. Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S) t o l d
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) that whenever                               GLAD TIDINGS.
they ascended and descended from the heavens they
found h i m in prostration before Allaah.                          The person whose heart contains fear and hope a t the
                                                               h   time of death will be treated according t o his hope and
On the Day of Judgement Allaah will announce that he           I

should be admitted into Jannah on account of Allaah's
                                                               I   saved from what he fears.
mercy. He will submit t h a t i t will be on account o f his
worship. Allaah will t h e n order t h a t his actions b e
weighed against Allaah's bounties upon him. When this                                GOLDEN WORDS.
will be done, all five hundred years of worship will not
even suffice for the power of sight that Allaah bestowed           Hadhrat I b n Mas'ood (R.A) narrates that Allaah's mercy
h i m with.                                                        will be so vast on the Day of Judgement t h a t even
                                                                   shaytaan will anticipate m e r c y and intercession.
Allaah will then instruct the angels t o take this person
t o Jahannam. As they proceed, he will say, "Oh Allaah!
Enter m e into Jannah b y Your mercy." Allaah will then            Hadhrat Fudail bin Ayaadh (R.A) says that fear is best
command t h e angels t o bring h i m back. When they               while one is healthy, so t h a t one m a y excel i n good
again present h i m before Allaah, Allaah will ask h i m           actions. However, during weakness and illness, hope
the following questions:                                           is b e s t so t h a t one does n o t g r o w despondent.

Question: Who created you?
                                                                      A STUNNING INCIDENT ABOUT ALLAAH'S
Reply:    Oh Allaah! You did.                                                    FORGIVENESS.
Question: Was this (creation) due t o your actions or
due t o My mercy?                                                  Hadhrat Ahmed b i n Suhail (R.A) says t h a t h e saw
                                                                   Hadhrat Yahya bin Aktham (R.A) in a dream. He asked,
Reply:        Due t o Your mercy.                                  "How d i d Allaah t r e a t you?" He replied, "Allaah
                                                                   summoned m e saying, 'Oh evil old m a n ! You have
Question: Who granted you the guidance and the ability             perpetrated many bad acts.' I responded b y saying,
t o engage in worship for five hundred years?                      'Oh m y Rabb! I shall n o t comment on these a t this
Reply:        Oh Allaah! You did.
Admonition For Neglectful                                     56        Admonition For Neglectful                                  57
Allaah asked, 'Then what have you t o say.' I said,                 I   5. The person who sheds tears when remembering
'Abdur Razzaaq told m e t h a t Zuhri told h i m that Urwa          1      Allaah i n seclusion (this is a sign o f sincerity).
t o l d h i m t h a t Hadhrat A'isha (R.A) t o l d h i m t h a t
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) told her that
                                                                    1   6. The person who spends so secretly in charity that
                                                                           he does n o t even k n o w how m u c h h e spends.
Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S) told h i m about Your declaration
that 'When I wish t o punish a n old Muslim, I shy away
                                                                    j   7. The person who, when he is seduced by a beautiful
                                                                           woman, w i t h d r a w s saying, "I f e a r A l l a a h ! "
due t o his old age.' Oh Allaah! Ia m a very old man.
                                                                        A general and widespread punishment does not afflict
Allaah replied, 'They have all spoken the t r u t h and so              the masses due to the sins of certain people. However,
will it be.' I was t h e r e f o r e a d m i t t e d t o Jannah."       when sin becomes rampant and no one attempts t o
                                                                        forbid it, then all and sundry are swept up in the wake
                   CONCISE AD VICE.                                     of Allaah's punishment. [Hadhrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz
H a d h r a t U m a r (R.A) o n c e c a m e t o Rasulullaah
(sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) and saw h i m weeping.                    Faqih Abul Laith (R.A) says t h a t Allaah once revealed
When h e enquired a b o u t t h e reason f o r t h e tears,             t o Rasulullaah Hadhrat Yusha bin Noon (A.S) t h a t He
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "Allaah                 would soon destroy 40 000 pious people of his nation
has declared t h a t He feels ashamed t o punish a n old                and 6 0 000 of the sinful ones. He submitted, "The
man b e c a s e of his age, then why is the old man not                 destruction of the sinful ones are understood, but why
ashamed t o disobey Allaah?"                                            should the pious ones be destroyed?"

The tongue of every old person should be moist with                     Allaah replied, "The pious ones did not forbid the evil
excessive thanks t o Allaah. He should be ashamed t o                   and did not even consider the sins as an evil. I n fact,
sin before the scribe angels (Kiraamun Kaatibeen) and                   they continued to eat, drink and mix with the sinners."
should therefore avoid all sins. He never knows when
he will Pie. I n fact, crops are harvested as soon as they
ripen. Yduth is expected after childhood, adulthood is                                       GLAD TIDINGS.
expected after adolescence and old age is expected
after adulthood. What can be expected after old age
                                                                        Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "Some
besides death?
                                                                        people spread virtue and eradicate evil, while others
                                                                        spread evil and eradicate good. Glad tidings be for
  SEVEN CATEGORIES OF PEOPLE WILL BE                                    those w h o m Allaah has used t o spread good and
SHADED BENEATH THE THRONE O F ALLAAH.                                   terminate evil. Destruction be t o those who spread evil
                                                                        and terminate good."
Allaah's Arsh will shade seven categories of people on
the Day of Qiyamah, when there shall not be any other                    RECOGNIZING A MU'MIN AND A HYPOCRITE.
shade. These shall be:
1.   The just ruler.                                                    Enjoining good and forbidding evil ( A m r bil Ma'roof
2.   The y o u t h w h o e n g a g e d i n Allaah's worship.            wan Nahy anil Munkar) is the hallmark of a Mu'min.
3.   The person who^ heart is attached t o the masjid.                  Allaah says in the Qur'aan, "The believing men and
4.   Those t w o persons who love each other solely for                 the believing women are auxiliaries to each other.
     Allaah's pleasure.                                                 They enjoin good and forbid evil."
 Admonition For Nealectful                                          58    Admonition For Neglectful                              59
On the other hand, Allaah also says, "The hypocrite
                                                                           THE CATEGORIES OF ENJOINING GOOD AND
men and women all proceed from one another.                                          FORBIDDING EVIL.
They enjoin evil and forbid from good."
                                                                          Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "When
                                                                          you see an evil being perpetrated, then prevent it with
         A REMARK BY HADHRATALI (R.A).                                    your hand. I f you are unable to do this, then prevent
                                                                          it with your tongue. I f you are unable t o do even this,
                                                                          then at least consider it a vice in your heart. This is
Hadhrat Ali (R.A) said, "The person who enjoins good,                     the lowest form of Imaan."
strengthens the firmness of the Mu'min, and the person
w h o f o r b i d s evil, d i s g r a c e s t h e h y p o c r i t e . "   Some ulema have mentioned that rulers should forbid
                                                                          evil with their hands, the ulema should do so with their
                                                                          tongues, and the general public are those who at least
A TECHNIQUE IS REQUIRED WHEN ENJOINING                                    consider it to be a vice.

                                                                                        A FASCINATING STORY:
                                                                          A person was once infuriated when he noticed people
                                                                          worshipping a tree. He grabbed an axe and proceeded
Hadhrat Abu Darda (R.A) has mentioned that the person                     to chop it down. En route he met the accursed Iblees,
who advises his brother in public has humiliated him.                     who asked him where he was headed. He informed
The one who advises him in private has embellished                        Iblees that he intended to chop the tree. Iblees bade
                                                                          him to leave the tree alone and let the worshippers
him. (A person is more likely t o accept advice given in                  suffer the consequences. An argument ensued and the
private and will be encouraged by attempting to act                       two eventually wrestled thrice, Iblees being defeated
thereupon).                                                               each time.
                                                                          When Iblees finally realized that he will never defeat
                                                                          the person, he adopted another approach. He told the
 TYRANNICAL RULERS ARE THE RESULT OF                                      person that if he left the tree t o be, he would find four
                                                                          dirhams beneath his bed every morning. When the
FAILURE TO ENJOIN GOOD AND FORBID EVIL.                                   person hesitated, Iblees solemnly promised this for
                                                                          him. The person accepted the proposal and returned
                                                                          home. As promised, he found the four dirhams on the
Hadhrat Abu Darda (R.A) once said, "Oh people!                            promised place each morning for several mornings.
Continue t o practice Amr bil Ma'roof wan Nahy anil                       However, when he did n o t find anything for t w o
Munkar, otherwise Allaah will appoint such tyrants t o                    consecutive mornings, he grabbed his axe in a fit of
rule over you, who will not respect your elders and will                  anger and again proceeded t o the tree.
not have mercy upon your youngsters. Then the pious                       Again he met the accursed Iblees on the road. When
amongst you will Gray t o Allaah, but He will not accept                  Iblees asked him where he was going, he replied that
their supplications. You will beseech His help, but Ye                    he was on his way to cut down the tree that people
will not help you. You will seek His forgiveness, but He                  were worshipping. Iblees then told him to back off
                                                                          because he would not allow Him to proceed. Iblees
will not forgive you."                                                    said, "On the first occasion you wanted to cut the tree
                                                                          down for Allaah's pleasure and Iwould never been
                                                                          able to stop you despite my hardest efforts. Now you
Admonition For Necrlectful                                           60    Admonition For Neglectful                                  61
intend to chop it u p on account of four dirhams. I f you
'ust take another step Iwill sever your head from your                     w i t h warrant; and do not commit adultery.
body!" The person was thus obliged t o return home.                        Whoever perpetrates these shall be a sinner."
This shows t h a t when actions are done for Allaaah's
pleaures, shaitaan is humbled. When actions are done                       He wrote to say that he had perpetrated all these evils,
for worldly benefit, even shaitaan gets bold.                              so was t h e r e any Taubah (repentance) f o r h i m ?
                                                                           Allaah then revealed the verse, "Except for him who
       FIVE CONDITIONS FOR A PREACHER.                                     repents, believes and does good actions."
                                                                           Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) had this written
                                                                           and sent t o Hadhrat Wahshi (R.A).
1. Knowledge. (An ignorant person is n o t worthv of
   preaching).                                                                                                          stipulates t h e
2. Sincerity. (This is t h e lifeblood o f everv act and no                                                             did n o t know
   action is accepted without it).
3. Good character and love. (The preaching of a harsh,
   impolite person cannot be effective).                                   Thereupon Allaah revealed the verse, "Verily Allaah
4. Patience and forbearance. (A preacher cannot                            does not forgive that partners be ascribed unto
   succeed without these two qualities because he will                     Him, but forgives all besides this for whomsoever
   certain1 encounter many difficulties and all types
   of peop e).  Y                                                          He wills." T h i s v e r s e w a s a l s o s e n t t o h i m .

5. Practice upon what he preaches. (Without this his                       He again wrote back saying t h a t this verse stipulates
    reaching will have no effect on t h e masses a n d                     that Allaah will only forgive those whom He wills. He
   Ee will fade away due t o fear of peoples' taunts).                     expressed doubt about whether Allaah would wish t c
                                                                           forgive him or not.
Hadhrat Hudhaifa (R.A) r e p o r t s t h a t Rasulullaah
(sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "Oh people! You                        Thereafter the verse was revealed declaring, "Say,
m u s t practice A m r bil Ma'roof wan Nahy anil Munkar,                   'Oh My bondsmen who have transgressed a a ~ n s t
otherwise Allaah's ~ u n i s h m e n t a v afflict vou. Then
you will supplicate t o Him, b u t He will n o t adcept your
                                                                           their souls! Do not be despondent of Al aah's          ?
du'as." [Bukhari]                                                          mercy. Verily Allaah forgives all sins. Inaction He
                                                                           i s t h e Most Forgiving, t h e Most Merciful."
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has also                         After this verse was sent t o him, he arrived in Madinah
mentioned, "When people do n o t attempt t o prevent                       t o accept Islaarn.
an evil t h a t they see before them, they should await
Allaah's u n i s h m e n t . " [ T i r m i d h i a n d I b n M a j a h ]
Rasulullaa (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) is also reported
t o have said, "When people do n o t restrain t h e hand
                                                                            THE BEHAVIOR OF MAN IS STRANGE INDEED.
o f a n oppressor, t h e y should a w a i t a widespread                   The following statement of Allaah's has been reported
punishment from Allaah." [Abu Dawood]                                      by Hadhrat Muhammad bin Mutarraf (R.A). Allaah says,
                                                                           'The behaviour o f m a n is t r u l y strange. He asks
                                                                           forgiveness from Me after sinning, and Ifor ive him.
Hadhrat Wahshi (R.A) was the person who killed Hadhrat
Hamzah (R.A). When he intended t o accept Islaam, he                                                                          R
                                                                           Then he sins again, asks for f o r iveness, w ereafter
                                                                           Ifor ive him once more. He neit er refrains from sin,
sent a letter to Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallarn)
stating his intentions, b u t added that the following                          %
                                                                           nor oes he grow despondent of My mercy. Oh Angels!
                                                                            Be witness t o t h e fact t h a t I have forgiven them."
verse of the Qur'aan prevented him from doing so. The
verse in question was, "Those who do not subscribe
to another deity with Allaah; do not kill those                            Note: Every sinner should continue t o seek Allaah's
souls that Allaah has forbidden except                                     forgiveness and must not persist in his sins. The penitent
                                                                           person will not be termed as one who
Admonition For Neglectful                                  62    Admonition For Neglectful                                  63
is persistent in committing sins, even though he repents                     THE EMINENT FUDAIL (R.A).
seventy times a day.
                                                                 A group of highway robbers, whose leader was Hadhrat
  TAUBA IS ACCEPTED ONLY BEFORE DEATH.                           Fudail (R.A) once decided to waylay a caravan consisting
                                                                 of traders, travellers, aged people, women and children.
                                                                 They mounted their horses, brandished their swords
Hadhrat Hasan Basri (R.A) reports t h a t Rasulullaah            and left t o accost the caravan a t a place where they
(sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "When Allaah placed          had halted t o rest.
Iblees on the earth, he said t o Allaah, 'By Your honour
and grandeur! I   shall continue in m y attempts to mislead      When the band of robbers arrived, the people o f the
m a n as long as his soul remains i n his body.' Allaah          caravan dispersed in such frenzy t h a t the scene was
told h i m in reply, 'By My honour and grandeur! Ishall          reminiscent of Qiyamah, with every person worrying
continue t o accept the repentance o f m a n before he           about himself only. Mothers were screaming, children
reaches t h e throes of death."                                  were wailing and t h e robbers were exploiting t h e
                                                                 situation w i t h their usual cold heartedness.
  THE REMORSE AND DESPONDENCY OF THE                             I n this confession, Hadhrat Fudail (R.A) came across
                        IN                                       a person in one section of the caravan who was busy
                                                                 reciting something. He approached the person in a fit
                                                                 o f fury because t h e m a n was totally unafraid and
It has been reported that no sin of a person is recorded         unperturbed b y their presence. As he drew closer t o
trll these reach five. Thereafter, i f h e does five good        the person, he heard him recite the verse of the Qur'aan;
actions, five reyvards are recorded i n his account and          "Has t h e t i h e n o t c o m e f o r t h e believers t h a t
the five sins are obliterated thereby. Iblees then laments       their hearts submit (and tremble) w i t h t h e dhikr
with despondency, "How can Ig e t m a n in m y control           of Allaah?" [Surah Haaction]
when a single good actions destroys all m y efforts?"
                                                                 The glory of t h e Qur'aan is such t h a t a few verses of
                                                                 Surah TaaHaa was enough t o alter the image o f Abu
       SIX QUALITIES OF ONE WHO TRULY                            Hafs, Umar bin Khattaab into Hadhrat Umar (R.A). I t
             RECOGNIZES ALLAAH.                                  t h e n raised h i m t o such a mantle t h a t Rasulullaah
                                                                 (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "If there was another
1. When h e remembers Allaah, h e appreciates this               p r o p h e t a f t e r me, it w o u l d hs\.le b e e n Umar."
2. When he looks a t himself, he considers himself low.          Similarly the words of the Quraan had such an impact
   (Allaah's w o r s h i p        is perfection i n itself).     upon Hadhrat Fudail (R.A), that he immediately threw
3. He takes a lesson from Allaah's signs. (This is his           down his sword, left his horse where it stood and ran
   objective).                                                   into the forest leaving his henchmen behind. There he
4. When the thoughts of passion and sin enters his               wept uncontrollably over all his past sins.
   mind, he becomes afraid. (Fearing the thought of              After a few days, another caravan was passing. The
   sin is a sign of perfection).                                 inmates, afraid o f coming being attacked, asked one
5. He becomes happy when thinking about Allaah's                 pious man in the vicinity whether Fudail was nearby or
   a t t r i b u t e o f forgiveness. (The salvation o f m a n   whether he was out plundering another caravan? The
   depends on Allaah's forgiveness).                             pious person told them not to be afraid of Fudail because
6. He repents whenever h e thinks about his sins.                he was now even scared of children.
Admonition For Neglectful                                64    Admonition For Nealectfui                                  65
Thereafter, Hadhrat Fudail (R.A) travelled f r o m t o w n     palace one day and had t o see m e engaged i n joking
t o town looking for all those whom he had robbed. He          and m e r r y m a k i n g w i t h one o f y o u r concubines?"
then returned their property t o them and sought               The king was enraged and cursed t h e slave for his
forgiveness f r o m them.                                      impudence. The slave bid the king t o be calm and told
                                                               him t h a t he was merely testing him. He then said t o
Allaah says in Surah Shams, "Allaah has inspired               the king, " a m the slave of such a Master who never
evil and good in every soul. The one who purifies              gets as angry as you do despite seeing His slave sin
the soul is successful and the one who destroys                seventy times a day. He neither hits m e for it, nor does
it has certainly lost."                                        He deprive m e of m y sustenance (instead, He forgives
                                                               m e when Irepent). Why should I leave h i m for you.
                                                               I have j u s t now experienced y o u r reaction t o a n
TAUBATUN NASOOHA (SINCERE REPENTANCE):-                        imaginary situation. What will your reaction be when
                                                               one really disobeys you?"
               3 SIGNS.

Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Abbaas (R.A) interprets Taubatun                  SHAYTAAN ALSO HAS REGRETS.
Nasooh as when:
                                                               A taabi'ee has mentioned t h a t when a sinner repents
1. A person's heart is ashamed.                                for his sins and is remorseful of, his ranks are elevated
2. His tongue seeks forgiveness.                               even m o r e and he becomes worthy o f Jannah. It is
3. He resolves never t o repeat the sin h e comitted.          then that shaytaan lamentingly says, "If I had only not
                                                               encouraged him to sin (then his ranks would not have
Allaah instructs us in Surah Tahreem, "Oh you who              been raised)!"
believe, repent to Allaah, a sincere repentance
(Taubatun Nasooha)."                                                   HASTE IS BEST IN THREE THINGS.

  THE RESOI, C'TIOA' I\'OT TO REPEL1 T A SIiV IS               1. Salaah, w.hen the time sets in.
                '                                              2. The burial of a deceased person.
                                                               3. Repentance after a sin (it should n o t be t h a t he
                                                                  dies without repenting).
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "The
example of the person who repents and then continues
t o sin is like t h a t of one who tries t o make a fool o f
                                                                               THE SIGNS OF TAUBA.
                                                               Certain wise men have mentioned that acceptance of
                                                               Tauba can be .recognized b y four signs. These are:
                  A UNIQUE STORK
                                                               1. A person guards his tongue from futile talk, lying
One of the kings of the Bani Isra'eel employed a                  and backbiting.
particular slave in his service after hearing much praise      2. He harbours no jealousy or e n m i t y for anyone.
of him. Seeing the king i n a good mood, the slave             3. He forsakes evil company.
asked him, "What will be your reaction i f you walked          4. He prepares for death, is always remorseful, always
                                                                  repenting and always obedient t o Allaah's orders.
into vour
Admonition For Neglectful                            66    Admonition For Neglectful                             67
A wise man was once asked, "Are there any signs             THE FIRE OF JAHANNAM WILL NOTAFFECT
whereby it can be recognized that a person's Tauba is      THE REPENTANT PERSON AS HE CROSSES 0VER
accepted?" He replied that there were the following                          II:
four signs:
                                                           Hadhrat Khaalid bin Ma'daan (R.A) says that when the
                                                           repentant people will enter Jannah, they will ask,
1 He disassociates from the company of evil people
 .                                                         "Allaah has mentioned that we will have to cross over
   and joins the company of good people, having true       Jahannam before entering Jannah?" They will be told
   reverence for them in his heart.                        that they have already passed over Jahannam, but it
2. He disassociates from all sins and turns t o good       was cooled (for them).
   actions only.
3. He removes the love of the world from his heart
   and is constantly worried about t h e Hereafter.        THE WARNING AGAINST TAUNTING A MUSLIM.
4. He remains unworried about his sustenance, which
   Allaah has assumed responsibility for, and engages      Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned,
   in Allaah's obedience.                                  "The Muslim who taunts another Muslim due t o any
                                                           evil, thereby embarrassing him, shall be just like the
                                                           one who committed the evil (i.e. it will be as if he
People owe the following four responsibilities t o such    perpetrated the sin himself). The person who defames
a person:                                                  a Mu'min on account of any of his sins shall be involved
                                                           in the same sin and defamation before he dies." (May
1. They should love him because Allaah loves him.          Allaah save us therefrom).
2. They should pray that Allaah keeps him constant
   on Taubah.                                              Faqeeh Abul Laith (R.A) says that a Mu'min never sins
3. They should not taunt him about his previous sins.      intentionally. His sins are always due t o negligence
4. They should remain in his company, talk about him       and he is then forgiven after he repents. Therefore,
   and assist him in every way.                            why should he be taunted?

                                                           SINS ARE TOTALLY OBLITERATED BY TAUBA.
          ONE WHO REPENTS.                                 Hadhrat Abdullah bin Abbaas (R.A) reports that when
                                                           a slave repents to Allaah, Allaah forgives him and
                                                           causes the recording angels as well as the person's
Allaah honours him with four things viz.                   limbs to forget about the sin. rherefore, they are unable
                                                           to testify against him. Even the ground whereupon the
1. Allaah purifies him for sins in such a manner that      sin was committed forgets the sin.
   it is as i f h e had never c o m m i t t e d any sin.   When Allaah cursed shaytaan he swore by Allaah honour
2. Allaah begins to love him.                              that he will never leave the bosom of man. Allaah then
3. Allaah protects him from shaytaan.                      swore by His honour that He would forgive man as
4                                                          long as he lives.
5. Allaah makes him fearless and content before he
   leaves the world.
                                                               THE EXCELLENCE OF THE I M M A H OF
                                                                          (sallAllaaltrr-alailti-was all an^).
                                                                Admonition For Neglectful                            69
Admonition For Neglectful                              68      SINS ARE TRANSFORMED INTO GOOD ACTIONS
The Tauba of the previous ummahs (nations) was that                       BY VIRTUE OF TAUBA.
Allaah made a halaal thing haraam due t o their sins.
Allaah also used t o write their sin on their doors o r on
their limbs.                                                   Hadhrat Abu Huraira (R.A) reports that he was once
                                                               walking with Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)
However, Allaah has been extremely bountiful t o the           after Isha. On the road a woman asked, "Oh Abu
ummah of Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)             Huraira! Ihave perpetrated a sin. How can I secure
by n o t exposing t h e i r sins i n t h i s manner.           forgiveness?" When Hadhrat Abu Huraira (R.A) enquired
                                                               about the sin, she said that she had committed adultery
Whenever t h e sinner t u r n s t o Allaah asking f o r        and killed t h e illegitimate child born therefrom.
forgiveness, Allaah says, 'My slavz has sinned and has
realized that he has a Rabb Who is Forgiving and Who           Realizing the gravity of the sin, Hadhrat Abu Huraira
                                                               (R.A) told her, "You are destroyed and have destroyed
has the power to take him to task." Allaah then forgives       another as well. How can you be forgiven?" Hearing
the person.                                                    this she fell unconscious. Hadhrat Abu Huraira (R.A)
                                                               continued ahead, but remained remorseful, thinking
Allaah says, "Whoever commits a sin or oppresses               that he should enquire from Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-
himself, and then seeks forgiveness from Allaah,               alaihi-wasallam) about the matter.
he shall find Allaah t o be Most Forgiving, Most
Merciful." A person should repent every morning and            The following morning, when he informed Rasulullaah
evening for his sins.                                          (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) about the incident,
                                                               Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "Inna
                                                               Lillahi wa Inna Ilayhi Raji'oon (To Allaah we belong and
GOOD ACTIONS ARE AWAITED BEFORE A SIN IS                       to Him shall we return. Abu Huraira! You have destroyed
          RECORDED:- 5 SINS.                                   yourself and another. Have you not read the verse of
                                                               the Qur'aan where Allaah says, "Those who do not
 Every person has an angel on each shoulder, who               subscribe to another deity with Allaah, do not kill
 records his actions. The angel on the right shoulder is       those souls that Allaah has forbidden except with
 the leader. Whenever the angel on the left shoulder           warrant, and do not commit adultery. Whoever
 intends t o record a sin that is committed, t h e angel       perpetrates these shall be a sinner. Punishment
 on the right stops him saying, "Do not write until five       will be doubled for them on the Day of Qiyamah,
 sins are committed."                                          and they will remain therein forever. Except for
                                                               him who repents, believes and does good actions.
 When five sins are perpetrated, the angel on the left         For these people Allaah will convert their sins
 requests permission t o write. He is again prevented          into good actions. Allaah is ever the Most
 from writing with the words, 'Wait. Perchance he may          Forgiving, the Most Merciful."
 carry out a good action." When the person does carry          Hadhrat Abu Huraira (R.A) says that he then roamed
 out a good action, the angel on the right says, "Allaah       through all the streets of Madinah in search of this
 has stipulated the principle that every good action will      woman, announcing, "Where is the woman who asked
 earn the reward of ten actions. Therefore this person         m e a ruling last night?" Seeing his condition, the
 has earned the reward of ten good actions for his one         children said that he must be mad.
 act. Since his sins are five, they will be forgiven in lieu
 of five actions and Ishall reccrd five good actions in        That night he met the woman at the same place. He
  his account."                                                told her what Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)
                                                               had said adding that the doors of
 It is then that shaytaan wails as he says, "How can I
 ever. gain control over man?"
Admonition For Neglectful                              70         Admonition For Nenlectful                             7I

repentance were open for her. She was so overcome                Hadhrat Abdullah bin Mas'ood (R.A) hugged him and
with joy that she donated a certain orchard of hers t o          they both began to cry. Hadhrat Abdullah bin Mas'ood
                                                                 (R.A) then mentioned, "Why should I not love t h e
the poor.                                                        person whom Allaah loves?" Zaazaan then repented
                                                                 and learnt the Qur'aan from Hadhrat Abdullah bin
Ulama have mentioned t h a t sins are replaced by                Mas'ood (R.A). He attained such proficiency in the
correspondingly proportional good actions. Allaah is             Qur'aan and in other Islaamic sciences that he became
even prepared t o forgive kufr. He says, "Tell the               a learned scholar of the time. Numerous narrations of
disbelievers, ' I f they repent from kufr, they will             Ahadeeth record h i m as a narrator from Hadhrat
be forgiven for all that has past."                              Abdullah bin Mas'ood (R.A).

I f kufr, which is a terrible sin, can be forgiven, others
must surely be forgivable.                                              A THOUGHT PROVOKING INCIDENT
                                                                 Faqeeh Abul Laith (R.A) narrates that his father used
 THE STATEMENT OF HADHRAT MOOSA (A.S).                           to recount the incident of an extremely beautiful woman
                                                                 from the Bani Isra'eel, who used to ensnare men into
                                                                 fornication. Her door remained open at all times and
Hadhrat Moosa (A.S) said, "Astonishing is that person            men would be attracted when they saw her sitting
who laughs, despite being convinced about Jahannam;              there. She would charge them a fee of ten gold coins
who is happy, despite being convinced of death; who              t o do as they pleased with her.
sins, despite being convinced of reckoning; who grieves,
despite being convinced of Taqdeer (fate); who is                Incidentally a saint once passed by her house. He was
content with the world, despite witnessing it's changes;         immediately infatuated when he set eyes on her and
and the one who does not carry out good actions,                 could not fight the temptation to have her. He made
                                                                 du'a to Allaah and tried t o convince himself t o discard
despite his conviction in Jannah."                               of the evil, but the flames could not be doused.
                                                                 Eventually, he sold of his belongings and coltected ten

Hadhrat Abdullah bin Mas'ood (R.A) was once passing
                                                             I   gold coins. She instructed him to hand the money over
                                                                 to her solicitor, and an appointment was duly fixed for
through a place where people were intoxicated with               When he arrived at her home, he found that she had
liquor and a person named Zaazaan was singing t o                adorned herself well and looked stunning. When he
them in an extremely melodious voice. Hadhrat Abdullah           stretched out his, hand to touch her, Allaah's grace and
bin Mas'ood (R.A) said, "What a beautiful voice. I f it          the blessings of his worship caused an uncontrollable
was only used t o recite the Qur'aan, it would truly be          fear to grip his heart. I t then occurred t o him that
appreciated." He then covered his head with a shawl              Allaah was watching his vile act. His gaze then dropped,
                                                                 his hands trembled and his face qrew ale. The woman
and left.                                                        had never seen such a sight b>fore and asked him
                                                                 what was wrong. He replied, "I    fear my Rabb. Please
Zaazaan noticed him and asked the people about who               allow me to leave."
he was and what he had said. The people informed
him that i t was Hadhrat Abdullah bin Mas'ood (R.A),             She said, "Shame be on you. You are afraid and want
who was a companion of Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-          to leave when you have the desire of thousands of men
wasallam). They also told him what he had said. Hearing          before you! What is this all about?" He said, "It is
this, Zaazaan was taken aback. He immediately broke              nothing. Just allow me to leave and Iwill not even ask
his drum and ran weeping after Hadhrat Abdullah bin              for a refund of my money." She said, "Could this perhaps
Mas'ood (R.A).                                                   be the first time in your life?"
Admonition For Neglectful                                  72    Admonition For Neglectful                                        73
When he replied in the affirmative, she allowed him t o          8 Oh My slaves! All of you were hungry save for those
leave on condition that he leaves his name and address             whom Ihad fed. Therefore, ask Me for sustenance,
with her. He complied and then left her, shouting and              and Iwill provide for you.
cursing himself and throwing sand on his head due to             8 Oh My slaves! All of you were naked, save those
remorse.                                                           whom Ihad clothed. Therefore, ask Me for clothing
                                                                   and I will provide i t for you.
As he left, the woman began t o reconsider her situation.
She thought that this person became so overcome with             8 Oh My slaves! You are constantly          engaged in sins,
Allaah's fear whereas he had only intended t o sin for               b u t I conceal o u r sins f o r you. Therefore, seek
the first t i m e i n his life. She, on the other hand, had          forgiveness only from Me and Iwill certainly forgive
spent so many years actually perpetrating the act, yet               you.
her Rabb was the same as his. She realized t h a t she           'tj Oh My slaves! You can neither be o f benefit t o Me
should fear Allaah even more. She then repented for                  , nor can you harm Me.
her sins, shut the door, removed her beautiful clothing          8 Oh My slaves! I f all your past and future generations
and wore old and tattered clothing.                                  of man and jinn collectively become extremely pious,
                                                                     it w i l l n o t a d d a n i o t a t o My s o v e r e i g n t y .
I t then occurred t o her t o learn f r o m a saint, without     8 Oh My slaves! I f all your past and future generations
whom she would not be able t o rid herself of her faults.            of man and jinn collectively become extremely evil,
She decided t o search for the same man, thinking that               it will n o t decrease an iota f r o m My sovereignty.
he m a y m a r r y h e r and teach h e r a b o u t t h e Deen.   8 Oh My slaves! I f all of m a n and jinn from the time
Consequently, she gathered a considerable amount of                  of Hadhrat Aadam (A.S) have t o gather a t a place
her animals and wealth, and left in search of the saint.             and ask from Me, and i f Ithen had t o fulfill every
After many inquiries, she located him in a village. When             desire of each individual, it would not even decrease
she removed her veil before him, he gave a shout and                 from My treasures the amount t h a t decreases from
immediately passed away.                                             the ocean when a pin is dipped therein and removed.
She was left standing there i n astonishment. She then
enquired from the people whether he had any unmarried            SERVING ONE'S PARENTS IS SUPERIOR THAN
relatives. They informed her of his brother, who was                             JIHAAD.
extremely poor, but exceptionally pious. She declared
t h a t she had no use for her wealth and conseqclently          A Sahabi (R.A) once requested permission f r o m
married the brother. The couple had seven sons, all of
whom were accorded lofty ranks by Allaah. "Such is               Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) t o fight in
the grace of Allaah that He accords to whom He                   jihaad. When Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)
wills."                                                          asked him whether his parents were alive, he replied
                                                                 in t h e affirmative. Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-
                                                                 wasallam) then told him, "Go and strive in their service."
          A HADITH QUDSI:- 9 AD VICES.
                                                                 When even an able m a n is n o t required t o fight in
Hadhrat Abu Dharr (R.A) narrates f r o m Rasulullaah             jihaad, i t will be better for a person to rather serve his
(sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) t h a t Allaah says:               parents at home. He may not proceed for jihaad without
                                                                 their permission. The least f o r m o f disobedience t o
8 Oh  My slaves! Just as I have forbidden oppression             parents is to mutter a word like "Uff!" when displeased
  upon Myself, you should also consider it haraam t o            about something.
  oppress others.
8 Oh My slaves! You were all once astray except for              Allaah says, "Do not even say 'Uff!' to them and
  those whom I had guided. Therefore, ask Me for
  guidance and Ishall guide you.                                 do not reproach them."
Admonition For Nealectful                                    74    Admonition For Neglectful                             75
THREE ACTIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTED WITHOUT                             Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) asked whether
                                                                   t h e parents o f Hadhrat Alqama (R.A) were alive.
           ANOTHER THREE.                                          Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) was informed
                                                                   that his mother was alive, and that she was extremely
It has been mentioned t h a t three verses of the Qur'aan          old. Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasaliam) sent
cannot be practiced upon without practicing on both                Hadhrat Bilaal (R.A) t o request h e r t o come t o him,
t h e constituents o f each verse. These are:                      otherwise he would go t o her.
1. "Establish salaah and pay zakaah." Salaah will                  When the old lady received t h e message, she said,
    n o t be accepted without paying zakaah and vice               "May m y soul be sacrificed for Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-
    versa. (Of course, this will only apply t o the wealthy        alaihi-wasallam)! Ishall go t o him." She then took the
    people u p o n w h o m zakaah is o b l i g a t o r y .         support o f a stick and walked t o m e e t Rasulullaah
2. "Obey Allaah and obey the Rasul (messenger)."                   (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam). When she arrived in the
    Allaah c a n n o t b e o b e y e d w i t h o u t Rasulullaah   presence of Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam),
    (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) a n d vice versa.                she greeted with salaam and sat down.
3. "Show gratitude to Me and your parents." A
    person cannot be grateful t o Allaah without being             Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) replied t o her
    grateful t o his parents and vice versa.                       greeting and told her, "Do reply truthfully t o whatever
The person who pleases his parents pleases Allaah and              Ishall ask you. I f you lie, Iwill be informed thereof by
the one who displeases his parents displeases Allaah.              revelation. Tell me. What kind of a person is Alqama?"
                                                                   She replied, "He performs a lot o f salaah, fasts often
Hadhrat Farkhad Sabkhi (R.A) says t h a t he read in a             and his spending in charity cannot even be estimated."
book t h a t it is nor: befitting o f children t o even talk
without the permission o f their parents. They should              Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) then asked
only speak when asked something and should never                   her, "How is the relationship between the two of you?"
walk in front, on the right, or on the left of their parents.      She replied, "I m angry with him." When Rasulullaah
They must always walk behind them.                                 (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) asked her the reason for
                                                                   this, she said, "Because he gives preference t o his wife
                                                                   over me. He listens t o her more than h e listens t o m e
 DISPLEASING ONE'S PARENTS RESULTS IN A                            and accepts what she has t o say."
              BAD DEATH.                                           Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "The
Hadhrat Anas (R.A) reports t h a t there was a person
d u r i n g t h e t i m e o f Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-
                                                                   displeasure of his mother as prevented him from recitin
                                                                   the kalimah." Turning to Hadhrat Bilaal (R.A), Rasulullaa
                                                                   (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "Bilaal! Gather some
wasallam) by the name o f Alqama (R.A). He exerted                 wood so t h a t I may burn Alqama." The old lady was
himself greatly for the Deen and gave a lot of charity.            startled and asked, "Oh Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-
I t once happened t h a t h e fell seriously ill. His wife         wasallam)! Are you going t o burn m y son, t h e apple
summoned Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)                 of m y eye? How can I tolerate this?"
via another woman.
                                                                   Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) told her,
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) sent Hadhrat             "Allaah's punishment is more severe and eternal. I f
Ali, Bilaal, Salmaan Faarsi and Ammaar (R.A) t u examine           you wish that Allaah forgives your son then be pleased
the situation. They found Hadhrat Alqama (R.A) in the              with him. By Allaah! His salaah, fasting, etc can never
throes of death and, t r y as they may, they could not             be of avail without your pleasure." She immediately
g e t h i m t o recite t h e kalimah. Hadhrat Bilaal (R.A)         raised her hands and said, "Oh Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-
reported the situation t o Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-        alaihi-wasallam)! I call yourself and all those present
wasallam).                                                         here t o witness that Ia m pleased with Alqama!"
Admonition For Neglectful                                 76
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) t h e n sent          Admonition For Neglectful                                     77
Hadhrat Bilaal (R.A) t o see whether Alqama (R.A) could         1. The children should be pious. This will bring t h e m
recite the kalimah. He said, "It is just possible that she         more pleasure than anything else.
has declared her pleasure with Alqama because of me,            2. The children should maintain good relations with
without being pleased with h i m f r o m h e r heart." As          the family and friends of their deceased parents.
Hadhrat Bilaal (R.A) entered the door, he heard Hadhrat
Alqama (R.A) loudly reciting, "Laa ilaaha IIIAllaah."           3. They should make du'a for the forgiveness o f their
Hadhrat Bilaal (R.A) told the people that the displeasure          parents and give charity on their behalf.
o f Alqama's m o t h e r had handicapped his tongue.
Hadhrat Alqama (R.A) passed away t h e same day.                    PARENTS OWE THREE RIGHTS TO THEIR
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) performed                            CHILDREN.
the funeral (Janazah) salaah and then told the people,
"Listen, Oh gathering of Muhajireen and Ansaar! Allaah's        Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) mentioned
curse is o n t h e person who prefers his wife t o his          that parents owe three rights t o their children. These
mother. Neither are his Faraaidh n o r his Nawaafil             are:
accepted. "
                                                                1. Giving them good names (that have good meanings).
                                                                2. Teaching t h e m the Qur'aan when they are o f an
     CHILDREN 0 W E TEN RIGHTS TO THEIR                            understanding age.
                 PARENTS.                                       3. M a r r y i n g t h e m o f f w h e n t h e y c o m e o f age.

1. They should be provided with food if t h e y do n o t            THE CONSEQUENCE OF NOT TEACHING
    have any.                                                            CHILDREN GOOD MANNERS.
2. They should be given clothing if they do not possess
3. They should be served if necessary.                          A person complained t o Hadhrat Abu Hafs Sikandari
4. I f they call, they should be immediately attended           (R.A) t h a t his son h i t him. Hadhrat Abu Hafs (R.A)
    to.                                                         exclaimed, "SubhaanAllaah! A son bitting his father!
5. T h e y should' b e g e n t l y spoken t o a n d n e v e r   Did he really hit you? Did you teach your son manners
    addressed harshly.                                          and respect?"
6. They m u s t never be called by their names since
    this is disrespectful.                                      'No," replied the father. "Did you teach him the Qur'aan?"
7. Children should walk behind t h e m a n d never i n          was t h e next question. Again t h a t reply was i n t h e
    front of them, nor by their sides.                           negative. Abu Hafs (R.A) then asked the father what
8. One should like for them what he likes for himself           the occupation of his son was. The father replied that
    and dislike for t h e m what he dislikes for himself.        he was a farmer.
9. One should always make du'a for t h e m . By n o t
    m a k i n g du'a f o r them, a person's l i f e will be     "Do you know why he h i t you?" asked Hadhrat Abu
    straitened.                                                 Hafs (R.A). When the father could n o t give a reply,
10. Every command of theirs should be duly obeyed,              Abu Hafs (R.A) told him, "It seems t o m e that he rides
    unless i t contradicts the sharia (Law o f Allaah).         a donkey t o work every morning. A bull walks in front
PLEASING THE PARENTS A FTER THEIR DEATH:-                       of him and a dog behind. Since you did not teach h i m
                                                                the Qur'aan, which he could recite on the way, he must
               BY 3 THINGS.                                     be singing as he proceeds. You must have tried t o stop
Children can please their parents by doing three things         h i m from singing, so he considered you t o b e a bull,
after the demise of the parents. These are:                     and hit you. You should thank Allaah t h a t he did not
                                                                fracture your head."
Admonition For Neglectful                                         78    Admonition For Neglectful                             79
                                                                                             --   -               -        -

        AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAR                                       THE RE WARDS OF FIVE THINGS WILL
                                                                          CONTINUE TO BE RECEIVED EVEN AFTER
Hadhrat Thaabit Banaani (R.A) says t h a t someone                                      DEATH.
made mention of a person who was hitting his father.                    Hadhrat Anas (R.A) has mentioned that the rewards
When someone intervened, they father told him, "Do                      of five things will continue t o be received even after
not intervene and do not say anything because Iused                     death viz.
t o hit m y father a t this same spot. I am therefore
receiving m y punishment. It is no fault of m y son, so                 1. The digging of a well (or another water source,untill
do not scold him."                                                         it is depleted).
                                                                        2. Building of a Masjid (as long as people engage in
                                                                           worship therein)
                     REAPS 8 BENEFITS.                                  3. writing the ~ u r ' a a n(as long as people read from
                                                                        4. An orchard (or tree, as long as people derive benefit
Hadhrat Fudail bin Ayaadh (R.A) says that the person
with perfect politeness is one who:                                     5. Pious children or students (the father or teacher
                                                                           will continue t o benefit from these products of
1.   Obeys h'is parents.                                                   theirs).
2.   Maintains sound family ties.                                                       SOME AHADEETH.
3.   Serves his friends.                                                ?-j Hadhrat Abu Huraira (R.A) narrates that Rasulullaah
4.   I s courteous towards his wife, servants and                         (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "May he be
     employees.                                                           disgraced! May he be disgraced! May he be disgraced!
5,   Safeguards his Deen.                                                 The person whose parents, or any one of them,
6.   I s careful with his wealth and only spends where                    reach old age and he does not attain Jannah (by
     necessary.                                                           serving 'them)." [Muslim]
7.   Guards his tongue.
8.   Spends most of his time at home, avoiding wasting                  ?-j Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Mas'ood (R.A) reports that
     time on futile gatherings.                                           he once asked Rasulullaah (sallAliaahu-alaihi-
                                                                          wasallam), "Which action is most b e l ~ v e d Allaah?"
                                                                          Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasailam) replied,
      THE FOUR SIGNS OF GOOD FOR TUNE.                                    "Salaah during it's time." He then asked, "What
                                                                          next?" The reply was, "Kindness t o parents." When
                                                                          he asked what was next in merit, Rasulullaah
                                                                          (sailAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "Jihaad in Allaah's
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said that four                  way." [Bukhari and Muslim]
things denote the good fortune of a person. These are:
                                                                        Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned,
 1. His wife is pious.                                                  "No action receives reward faster than the maintenance
 2. His children are obedient and pious.                                of good family ties and no &ion aktracts punishmen4
 3. H i s p a r t n e r s a n d a s s o c i a t e s a r e p i o u s .   faster than the severance of family ties."
 4. His sustenance is f o u n d w i t h i n h i s t o w n .
Admonition For Neglectful                            80             Admonition For Nealectful                              81

THREE QUALITIES OF T H E PEOPLE OF JANNAH                           Faqeeh Abul Laith (R.A) says that it is compulsory t o
                                                                    send gifts and regularly meet those relatives who live
                                                                    close by. I f one is unable to give gifts, then he should
The following are three qualities that are found i n the            at least meet with them and render them assistance
people of Jannah and are exclusive to those who are                 when need be. I f they live in a distant place, one must
noble an honourable. They are:                                      write t o t h e m in an effort t o maintain ties.

 . Being good t o those who are bad t o t h e m .                    TEN BENEFITS OF FOSTERING GOOD FAMILY
 .   Forgiving those who oppress them.
 .   Spending on those who do not give anything t o
      them.                                                         1. It harnesses Allaah's pleasure.
                                                                    2. It pleases the relative (pleasing a Mu'min is a forrn
                                                                        of worship).
     A STATEMENT OF HADHRAT UMAR (R.A).                             3. It pleases the angels.
                                                                    4. It earns the praises of others (which is a bounty if
                                                                        it is not made one's objective).
                                                                    5. It grieves Iblees.
"By adopting taqwa and maintaining sound family ties                6 . I t increases one's lifespan (The life is more blessed
one's life is extended, sustenance is blessed, and mutual               and one earns more reward because he has time
love grows."                                                            to do more good actions).
                                                                    7. I t increases the blessings in one's sustenance.
                                                                    8. It even pleases the deceased (when they are
                                                                        informed thereof).
 MUSLIMS AND KUFFAR ARE TO BE TREATED                               9. It increases peoples' love for one (they will therefore
      EQUALLY IN THREE RESPECTS.                                        be ready to assist one at the time of need).
                                                                    10.The reward earned thereby continues to accrue t o

Hadhrat Maymoon bin Mihraan (R.A suys that Muslims
and the kuffar must be treated equa ly in thcee respects
                                                                       one even after his death (those with whom one
                                                                       maintained good ties will continue to make du'a for
                                                                       him after his demise).
1. In. the fulfillment of promises pled ed t o them.                THREE GROUPS OF PEOPLE WILL BE B-?NEATH
2. I n t h e maintenance of good fam$y relations.                   THE SHADE OF ALLAAH'S THRONE ON THE DAY
3. I n returning of trusts in the same condition as they                          OF QIYAMAH.
   were received.                                                   Hadhrat Anas bin Maalik (R.A) say that three groups
                                                                    of people will be beneath the shade of Allaah's throne
                                                                    on the Day of Judgement viz.
                                                                    1. Those who fostered good family ties (since he
                                                                       comforted people in this world, Allaah will see to
                                                                       his comfort on the Day of Qiyamah by shading him
 Allaah's curse is on those people who display knowledge,                                       the
                                                                       and protecting him f r ~ m torment of that day).
 but destroy action, who express love with the tongue,              2. Those widows who did not remarry for the sake of
 while the heart harbours hatred, and who sever family                 their children.
                                                            I   I
                                                                    3. Those who also invited orphans and poor people
                                                                       to a feast.
                                                        82      Admonition For Neglectful                             83
Admonition For Neglectful
                                                                8   Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "The
                                                                                 yearns that his sustenance and his life
                                                                    person ~ v h o
                                                                    be blessed, should maintain good family ties."

Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned
                                                                8 Rasulullaah     (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has
                                                                    mentioned, "The proper maintainer of amity ties is
that Allaah loves two footsteps very much. The first is             not the one who treats others as they do t o him,
the footstep taken towards salaah, and the second is                but he is one who joins with those who sever ties
the one taken in the direction of joining family ties.              with him."

                                                                7 TYPES OF PEOPLE UPON WHOM THERE IS NO
FIVE FACTORS THAT INFLATE THE REWARDS                                                  MERCE:
OF ACTIONS TO THE SIZE OF MOUNTAINS AND                        Faqeeh Abul Laith Samarqandi (R.A) has reported from
      INCREASES ONE'S SUSTENANCE.                              Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) that Allaah
                                                               will not look with mercy towards seven types of people,
                                                               and He will enter them into Jahannam. These are:
1. To inculcate t h e habit of spending i n charity              1.Both parties involved i n an act o f sodomy.
   (irrespective of the amount).                                 2.Those who masturbate.
2. Fostering sound family relations (to any degree).             3.Those who sodomise animals.
3. To continuously strive in Allaah's path (in any form).        4.Those who engage in anal sex.
                                                                 5.Those who m a r r y a m o t h e r and a daughter.
4. To always r e m a i n i n t h e s t a t e o f w u d h u .     6.Those who commit adultery with their neighbours'
5. To obey t h e parents a t all t i m e s and i n all              wives.
   circumstances.                                                7.Those who harass and cause inconvenience to their

 Spending in charity, maintaining family ties and obeying      All these categories of people are deserving of Allaah's
                                                               curse till they repent sincerely.
 one's parents are of the highest forms of fulfilling the
 rights of people. Striving in Allaah's path is one of the
 highest forms of fulfilling Allaah's rights. Constantly       Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned
 remaining i n the state of wudhu is the best way of           tb& no person can be a perfect Mu'min till people are
 averting shaytaan's plots and other calamities.               safe from his hands and tongue. Similarly no person
                                                               can be a perfect Mu'min till his neighbour ic. safe from
                                                               his evil.
                  SOME AHADEETH.
                                                                          9 RIGHTS ON A NEIGHBOUR
                                                               A person once asked Rasulullaah (sallAllaah~-alaihi-
 8 Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)    said,          wasallam), "What are the rights of a neighbour?" The
    "Whoever believes in Allaah and the last day should        reply was:
    entertain his guest. Whoever believes in Allaah and
                                                               1.   He should be granted a loan upon request.
    the last day should join family ties. Whoever believes     2.   His invitation should be accepted.
    in Allaah and the last day should speak what is good       3.   He should be visited when ill.
    or remain silent." [Bukhari and Muslirn]                   4.   He should be assisted upon request.
                                                               Admonition For Neglectful
Admonition For Neglectful                              84                         THREE AD VICES.
5. He should b e consoled when h e suffers any loss.          Hadhrat Abu Dharr Ghifaari (R.A) says that his beloved
6. He should be congratulated upon a happy occasion.          friend, Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) gave
                                                              him three advices. These were:
7. His funeral should be attended.
8. His home and f a m i l y should b e cared f o r i n his    1. Obey t h e leader even though his nose may be cut
   absence.                                                      off (when his command does n c t contradict t h e
9. A high building should n o t be constructed without           sharial.
   his permission.                                            2. Add more water t o your gravy so t h a t you could
                                                                 give some t o your neighbour.
                                                              3. Perform salaah on it's due time.
               5 WORDS OF WISDOM.
                                                                          A FEW PEARLS OF WISDOM.
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) advised             )jHadhrat Hasan Basri (R.A) says, "Good behaviour
Hadhrat Abu Huraira (R.A) thus:                                  towards neighbours does n o t only mean t h a t one
                                                                 does n o t cause any harm t o them. it also includes
 1. Adopt abstinence and you will be considered as one           being patient when they harm you."
    who worships the most.
 2. Be content and you will be regarded as t h e m o s t      8 Hadhrat        A m r bin A1 Aas (R.A) has mentioned,
    grateful.                                                    "Maintaining good family ties does not mean that a
                                                                 person joins ties with those who joins ties with him,
 3. Like for others what you like for yourself and you           and severes ties with those who sever ties with him.
    will be a perfect Mu'min.                                   This is equity. Proper maintenance of ties means
 4. Treat your neighbours well and you will be a perfect        t h a t you join ties with those who sever t h e m and
    Wuslim.                                                     that you behave well with those who oppress and
 5. Laugh less because excessive laughter kills t h e           harass you. Sin ilarly, forbearance does not mean
    heart.                                                      that you are forbearing with those who are forbearing
                                                                towards you and t h a t y o u behave foolishly w i t h
                                                                those who behave foolishly towards you. This is also
          THREE TYPES OF NEIGHBOURS.                            m e r e equity. True forbearance is when you are
                                                                p a t i e n t w i t h t h e foolishness o f fools a n d t h e
                                                                harassment of neighbours. Not harassing t h e m is
 Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned        best."
 t h a t t h e r e are t h r e e kinds o f neighbours viz.
  ( I ) the one with three rights,
  (2) the one with t w o rights and                                  THE POSITION OF A NEICHBOUR.
  (3) the one with one right.
                                                             That neighbour is best, who is trusted by his neighbours
  The first type is t h a t neighbour who is a Muslim, a     in every respect and who never says anything that has
                                                             to be retracted if his neighbour has t o appear, that will
  relative and a neighbour.                                  be a cause of embarrassment if the neighbour has t o
  The second is he who is a Muslim and neighbour, who        learn of it.
  is not a relative. The third type is the non-Muslim, who
  is only a neighbour.
                                                                            Admonition For Neglectful                               87
Admonition For Neglectful                                           86
A good neighbour is also him who the other neighbour
                                                                                             TEN OPPRESSORS.
trusts so much that he feels assured that any valuable                     Hadhrat Sufyaan Thauri (R.A) says that ten people are
will not be touched i n his absence (neither will the                      regarded as oppressors viz.
neighbour himself touch it, nor will he allow others to
do so). It becornes then easy for the neighbour t o                        1. The person who prays for himself, but forget his
                                                                               parents and other Mu'mineen.
leave something in his custody.                                            2. The person who does not recite at least a hundred
                                                                               verses of the Qur'aan daily.
                                                                           3. The person who leaves the Masjid without performing
                                                                               at least two rakaahs of salaah.
 THREE PRAISEWORTHY TRAITS DURING THE                                      4. The person who passes a graveyard without greeting
         PERIOD OF IGNORANCE.                                                  the deceased or praying for them.
                                                                           5. The person who enters a city on a Friday and leaves
                                                                               w i t h o u t perforlning t h e Jumu'ah salaah.
                                                                           6 . That man or woman in whose vicinity a learned
Hadhrat Abdullah bin Abbaas (R.A) says, "Three qualities                       person comes and none acquires any religious
                                                                               knowledge from him.
were practiced during the period of ignorance. Muslims                     7. Those t w o peoplle who love each other for the
are more worthy of acting o n these. These are:                                pleasure of Allaah but are unaware of each others
                                                                           8. That person who is invited by another but does not
 .1 Entertaining guests.                                                       accept his invitation (when acceptance does not
 2. Not divorcing wives who have aged so that they do                          contradict the shari'ah).
      not experience any difficulties i n their old age.                   9. That youngster that has no commitments yet does
 3. I f a person was in debt, all his neighbours would                         not acquire any religious knowledge or manners.
                                                                           10.That person who has eaten t o his fill while his
     contribute towards paying off his debt. They would                        neighbour goes hungry.
      a l s o ;s s i s t h i m i n a n y o t h e r d i f f i c u l t y .
                                                                           FOUR WAYS WHEREBY GOOD RELATIONS MAY
           NEIGHBOUR TO TASK.                                              Faqeeh Abul Laith Samarqandi (R.A) said perfect relations
                                                                           may be maintained with a neighbour in four ways viz.
                                                                           1. To assist the neighbour with whatever means are
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned,                      at one's disposal.
"On the Day of Judgement a person will grab hold of                        2. Never desire that which your neig hbour possesses.
His neighbour saying, "Oh Allaah! You made him rich,                       3. N e v e r harrn \ o u r n e i g h b o u r i n a n y way.
                                                                           4. Exercise patience when your neighbour causes you
while Iwas poor. There were nights when Islept on                             any difficulty.
an empty stomach, while he would go to bed with a
full stomach every night. Ask h i m why he closed his                      Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wqsallam) said, "Make
door on me and why he deprived me of the wealth that                       it incumbent upon yourself because truthfulness is piety
                                                                           and piety leads to Jannah. A person endeavours to be
You blessed him with."                                                     truthful and continues to do so till Allaah records him
Admonition For Neglectful                               88         Admonition For Neglectful                               89
                                                                   Imaan, the faraaidh and all the commands of Allaah
in the list of the truthful. Abstain from lying because it         are trusts t h a t Allaah has placed in the custody of
constitutes sin and vice, which leads one t o Jahannam.            people. They should ensure t h a t they fulfill these.
A person continues to lie until he is recorded in the list         Similarly, the trusts and secrets that people are entrusted
of liars."                                                         w i t h should also he d u l y k e p t w i t h diligence.

                                                                   Protection of the private parts Private parts here
    A SAYING OF HADHRAT LUQMAAN (A.S).                         i   refers to the entire area between the navel and
                                                                   the knees for males, and the entire body for
                                                                   females, excluding the hands and feet. :This is of
Someone asked Hadtirat Lumaan (A.S), "How did you              I   two categories. The first is that one safeguards them
achieve this high rank?" He replied, "By means of                  from being used for sinful purposes like adultery. The
truthfulness, trustworthiness and abstaining from futility."       second is that a person ensures that no other person
                                                               I   sees it. Allaah's curse is on the person who sees the
                                                                   private portion of another, as well as on the person
                                                                   who allows his/her private parts to be seen (this refers
        SIX THINGS GUARANTEE JANNAH.                               to those people who cannot see each other in terms of
                                                                   the shari ah). Of course, others may see these at times
                                                                   of extreme necessity.
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said,
"Guarantee six things for me and Iwill guarantee Jannah            Lowering the gazes: This is also necessary so that
                                                                   a person does not inadvertently see the private parts
for you in exchange viz.                                           of another or a person (who is not a mahram to them.)
                                                                   I t is also necessary so that peoples' gazes do not fall
1. Always speak the truth.                                         on the things of this world, thereby enticing one towards
2. Fulfill promises t o the b?st of your ability.                  these.
3. Do not betray anyone's trust.                                   Restraining the hand: This refers to acquiring wealth
4. Protect your private organs.                                    by haraam means and oppressing people. A taabi'ee
5. Keep your gazes lowered.                                        has mentioned, "Truthfulness is the beauty of the pious,
                                                                   while lyin is the trait of the wretched."
6. Restrain your hands from oppression."                                     R
                                                                   Rasulullaa (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned,
                                                                   "Backbiting means that you say something of your
Truthfulness, fulfilling of promises and guarding trusts           brother in his absence that he would not like." Someone
are all actions that relate t o Allaah and man as well.            asked, "What if the fact mentioned is really in him?"
                                                                   Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) replied, "Then
Truthfulness t o Allaah means that a person admits t o             it is backbiting. I f the fact is not in him, then it would
Allaah's Oneness and recites the Kalimah with sincerity.           constitute slander, which is worse than backbiting."
Saying anything untrue constitutes lying to people, and
cannot be condoned.                                                It has been mentioned that if it is said about someone,
                                                                   that his garb is too high or too low, then this will also
                                                                   be regarded as backbiting.
i t is also compulsory for people to fulfill the pledge that
they took with Allaah before time (i.e. the pledge t o             A short woman once came to Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-
accept Allaah as their Rabb.) As far as possible, man              alaihi-wasallam). After she left, Hadhrat A'isha (R.A)
                                                                   commented on her hei ht. Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-
should fulfill the pledges and promises that he makes              alaihi-wasallam) said, 'oh A'isha! This is backbiting
t o another person.                                                because you have spoken ill of her."
Admonition For Neglectful                             90    Admonition For Neglectful                           91
   THE STENCH OF BACKBITING CANNOT BE                       their necessities). However, you have been extremely
    SMELT WHEN IT BECOMES HABITUAL.                         generous towards your enemies with regard t o the
                                                            Hereafter (i.e. by giving them all the rewards of your
                                                            good actions when backbiting about them). You have
Someone asked a saint, "Why is it that the stench of        no excuse for this miserliness, nor will you be praised
backbiting was smelt during the time of Rasulullaah         for this generosity."
(sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam), but is not evident today?"
He replied, "Backbiting has become so common
nowadays that it's stench has disappeared. The example
is like how a toilet cleaner and a tanner become so
accustomed t o the stench of feces and raw leather,         Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned
that they can eat quite comfortably in their environments   that three things destriy the radiance and rewards of
whereas other will find it difficult t o even stand there   good actions.
for a moment. This is how backbiting has taken vogue        (1) Lying,
today."                                                     (2) carrying tales and
                                                            (3) looking at the private parts of another person.
          .4 GIFT IN RE TURN FOR EVIL.                      These acts irrigate the roots of evil just like water
                                                            irrigates the roots of trees.
Someone told Hadhrat Hasan Basri (R.A) that a certain
person had gossiped about him. Hearing this, Hadhrat
Hasan (R.A) sent a box of fresh dates t o the person
                                                              THREE THINGS ARE DISTANT FROM MERCI:
with the message, ' have come t o learn that you have
given m e the rewards of your good actions. Ihave
;ent this small gift in appreciation. Please forgive me     Allaah's mercy is far from that gathering wherein three
for not returning the favour in full."                      things are found (viz.)
                                                            (1) worldly talks,
                                                            (2) laughter and
A SAYING OF HADHRAT IBRAHEEM BIN ADHAM                      (3) backbiting.
                                                                    THREE QUALITIES OF THE PIOUS
Hadhrat Ibraheem bin Adham (R.A) once invited some
people for a meal. When they sat down to eat, Rhey
began speaking about someone. He told them, "People         Hadhrat Yahya bin Mu'aadh (R.A) says, "If you possess
in the past used t o eat the bread before their meat.       three qualities, you will be regarded as those who are
However, you people have begun eating the meat              rigt.teous viz.
before t h e bread (i.e. b l l backbiting). Rasulullaah
(sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has assimilated backbiting       1. I f you cannot be of benefit to anyone, then do
as eating the flesh of a Muslim."                                 not harm them.
                                                               2. I f you cannot make anyone happy, then do not
Hadhrat Ibraheem (R.A) once said, "Oh liars! You have             cause them sadness.
been miserly towards your friends with regard to the           3. I f you cannot speak good of anyone, then do
world (i.e. you have not spent on                                 not speak ill of them."
Admonition For Neglectful                                  92
                                                                 Admonition For Neglectful                                    93
                                                                 PUNISHMENT IN THE GRAVE FOR THOSE WHO
               BA CKBITING.                                              CARRY TALES:- 3 CA USES.

Hadhrat Mujaahid (R.A) said t h a t whenever a person            It has been mentioned that punishment in t h e grave
speaks well o f another, t h e angels who remain w i t h         is divided into three parts. A third is for backbiting,
                                                                 another third is for not being cautious when urinating,
him say, "May Allaah keep the t w o of you alike." When          while the last third if for carrying tales.
he speaks ill of him, they say, "You have disclosed the
faults of your brother. Look a t yourself and thank Allaah        CARRYING TALES AND SPREADING ANARCHY.
that he has n o t disclosed your faults."
                                                                 Hadhrat Hamaad bin Salma (R.A) narrates that a person
                                                                 once sold a slave, warning the buyer that the slave had
WORDS OF WISDOM DO 3 IF YOU CANNOT DO 3.                         the bad habit of carrying tales. Thinking nothing of the
                                                                 fault, he purchased the slave.

"Oh m a n ! I f you cannot do t h r e e things, t h e n y o u    After a few days the slave approached h ~ master's wife
                                                                 and told her t h a t her husband no longer loved her and
should do another three.                                         intended t o marry someone else. She was extremely
                                                                 shocked, but he assured her of the fact. He t h e n told
                                                                 her that he had a plan t o secure his love for her. When
 1. I f you cannot behave well towards anyone, t h e n           she invoked him to inform her of his plan, he responded,
     restrain yourself f r o m behaving badly towards            "Shave off some h a ~ r s  from below his beard while he
    them.                                                        sheeps. T h i s i s a t r i e d a n d t e s t c d m e t h o d . "
2. I f you cannot be of benefit t o anyone, then guard           The slave then approached t h e master and t o l d him
    t h e m f r o m your evil.                                   that his wife has fallen in love y i t h another m a n and
3. I f you cannot fiast, then refrain f r o m eating t h e i r   was waiting for an opportunity t o murder him." When
                                                                 the master asked i n surprise, "How is this possible?"
    flesh (i.e. do not backbite).                                The slave replied, "You may test her by pretending t o
                                                                 sleep and then seeing what she will do."
                                                                 That night the husband pretended t~ sleep. The wife
           WHO IS THE WORST PERSON?                              was awaiting this opportunity and grabbed hold o f a
                                                                 blade. The husband, being prepared, seized hold of the
                                                                 blade and killed her instead. When the relatives of the
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) once asked             wife learnt of the murder, they had h i m executed. As
the Sahabahh (R.A), "Who is the worst person?" "Allaah           a result the two famiiies were divided.
and his Prophet (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) k n o w
best," was t h e reply. Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-          THE PERSON WHO CARRIES TALES IS WORSE
wasallam) said, "The worst person is t h e one w h o              THAN THE DEVIL AND ONE WHO DABBLES IN
carries tales, who tells everyone t h e same tale a n d                       BLACK MAGIC.
speaks ill o f others."                                          This is so because the person who carries tales causes
                                                                 as much harm in a minute than a person engaged i n
                                                                 black magic does In a week. W h ~ l eshaytaan always
Admonition For Neglectful                                   9A
                                                             i     Admonition For Neglectful                              95
does things indirectly and with deception, the tale                A person once spoke ill of another t o Hadhrat Umar
carrier perpetrates his/her works openly.                          bin Abdul Aziz (R.A). The khalifa said, "If you are lying,
                                                                   then the following verse will apply to you viz. 'Oh you
                  SEVEN QUESTIONS.                                 who believe, if a sinner brings any news to you,
                                                                   then verify it.' However, if you are truthful, then the
                                                                   following verse will apply t o you viz. 'The one who
Abu Abdullaah Al Qursshi (R.A) narrates that a person              reviles and carries tales.' (i.e. Your word cannot be
travelled seven hundred miles to ask a learned scholar             relied on).
seven questions viz.

1. What is heavier than the skies?                                   CARRYING TALES FORBIDS PRAYERS FROM
2. What is wider than the earth?                                               BEING ACCEPTED.
3. What is harder than a stone?
4. What burns more than fire?
5. What is colder than Zamhareer (a cold area of                   Hadhrat Ka'b Ahbaar (R.A) says that a drought once
   Jahannam)?                                                      afflicted the people of Hadhrat Moosa (A.S). Hadhrat
6. What is deeper than the oceans?                                 Moosa (ASS)took the people to the plains to supplicate
7. What is weaker than an orphan, yet more deadly                  t o Allaah, but t o no avail. Hadhrat Moosa (A.S)
   than poison?                                                    supplicated, 'Oh my Rabb! Your bondsmen have thrice
                                                                   beseeched You, b u t You have n o t responded."
The replies were:
                                                                   Allaah told him, "Oh Moosa! There is a tale carrier
1. Slandering d chaste person is heavier than the                  amongst you, due to whom your du'as are not being
   skies.                                                          accepted." Hadhrat Moosa (A.S) said, "Oh m y Rabb!
2. The truth is wider than the earth.                              Inform us who this is so that we may be rid of him."
3. The disbeliever's heart is harder than a stone.                 Allaah replied, "How can We carry tales when We have
4. Greed burns more than fire.                                     forbidden the same? You should all repent collectively."
5. To be refused a request by a relative is colder than
   Zamhareer.                                                      When they all repented, their du'a was accepted and
                                                                   the drought was lifted.
6. A content heart (of a patient person) is dceper than
   the oceans.
7. When the fabrication of a tale is exposed, it is more                GEMS FROM THE LIPS OF THE PIOUS.
   deadly than poison and the tale carrier then becanes
   weaker t h a n a n o r p h a n a n d is h u m i l i a t e d .

                                                                   8 When someone informs you that another   has been
                                                                      foul mouthing you, then remember that he (the
                                                                      informant) is actually t h e foul-mouthed one.
Hadhrat Hasan Basri (R.A) says that when a person
carries a tale t o you, then remember t h a t he will              8 Hadhrat Wahab       bin Munabbih (R.A) says, "When
certainly carry tales about you t o others. Therefore,                anyone sings any praises for you t h a t are n o t
you should never believe anyone who speaks ill of                     applicable, then remember that he may someday
others.                                                               speak such ills of you that also do not apply t o you."
                                                                         Admonition For Neglectful                                97
Admonition For Neglectful                                         96
                                                                             AND HOW TO REFRAIN FROM THESE.
)jFaqeeh Abul Laith Samarqandi (R.A) says t h a t you
   should adopt t h e following six procedures when
   someone informs you that another has spoken ill o f                   Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned,
   you.                                                                  "Malice and jealousy consume good actions j u s t like
                                                                         fire consumes wood."
1. Do not believe i t (because the tale carrier is n o t t o
    be trusted).
                                                                         He has also mentioned that most people are involved
2. Forbid h i m f r o m telling you ( i t is incumbent t h a t
    the Muslim forbids evil).                                            in three evils (viz.)
3. Express your anger a t h i m for t h e sake o f Allaah                (1) thinking ill of others,
    (just like pleasure for Allaahrs sake is encouraged,                 (2) jealousy
    e x p r e s s i n g a n g e r f o r Allaah's s a k e i s a l s o     (3) taking evil omens. When someone asked what the
    commendable).                                                        method was for abstaining f r o m these three vices,
4. Do not entertain evil thoughts of t h e person being                  Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) replied,
    spoken about merely due t o the information passed
    on b y t h e tale carrier (because it is haraam t o
    h a r b o u r ill t h o u g h t s a b o u t a n o t h e r Muslim).    1. Do not disclose your jealousy to anyone and do not
5. Do n o t research t h e information g i v e n (because                    speak ill o f the person of whom you are jealous.
    Allaah has forbidden spying o n others).                              2. Do not think ill of anyone till you witness his ev11
6. p o not emulate the vile action that this tale carrier                    yourself.
    has perpetrated (i.e. do not relate this information                  3. Do not take heed of any insects o r crows on the
    t o others).
                                                                             roadside, nor of any twitches of your limbs (i.e. do
                                                                             not take any evil omens from these, whereby you
                    SOME AHADEETH.                                           would be reluctant t o proceed further).

Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "The                     I n this way, you will be saved f r o m t h e evil o f t h e
one who carries tales will n o t enter Jannah. The two-                  above."
faced person will be In the worst corldit~on the Day
of Judgement. He is the one who approaches one person
with one face and another with another face." [Bukhari
and Muslim]
                                                                                           A SUPPLICATION.

Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has also                       Hadhrat Abdullati bin Abbaas (R.A) says t h a t a person
mentioned that when a person tells lies, the angels run                  should recite the following du'a whenever he apprehends
a mile f r o m h i m due t o the odour t h a t ,emits f r o m his        evil befalling h i m f r o m certain quarters. The du'a is
mouth." [Tirmidhi]
                                                                         He should pass b y the cause while reciting this du'a.
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned                  He will not be harmed by this.
that the person who carries tales will have a tongue of
fire on the Day of Qiyamah.
Admonition For Neglectful                                       98      Admonition For Neglectful                                 99
THE EFFECT OF JEALOUSY FIRST BEFALLS THE                                3.   People in high positions, due to pride and arrogance.
                    5                                                   4.   Merchants, due t o deception and misappropriation.
               JEALOUSY.                                                5.   Villagers, due t o their ignorance.
Faqeeh Abul Laith Samarqandi (R.A) has mentioned                        6.   Religious scholars, due to jealousy. (This refers t o
that jealousy is the most destructive of all sins because                    those religious scholars who are jealous of each
it causes the jealcrus person t o be afflicted with five                     other due to their greed for the world. I f a scholar
punishments before it can affect the person whom he                          is concerned of the Hereafter, he will not harbour
is jealous of. These are:                                                    any jealousy for another).
1. An unending sorrow.
2. A c a l a m i t y f o r w h i c h t h e r e i s n o r e w a r d .                    A SA YING:- 6 AD VICES.
3. He will be criticized f r o m every angle without
   receiving any praise.
4. He will earn Allaah's wrath.
5. The door o f guidance will be closed f o r him.                      Hadhrat Ahnaf bin Qais (R.A) says,

     THE JEALOUS PERSON IS AN ENEMY OF                                 1.    The jealous person can never enjoy any peace.
            ALLAAH'S BOUNTIES.                                         2.    The m i s e r can n e v e r f u l f i l l any promises.
                                                                       3.    The small-hearted can never have any friends.
                                                                       4.    Self-respect cannot be earned b y lying.
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-v~asallam has mentioned,
"Some people are enemies t o Allaah's ounties." When
someone enquired as t o who they were, Rasulullaah
                                                                             A traitor can never be trusted.
                                                                             The ill-mannered person cannot have any love in
(sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) replied, "Those who are                        him.
jealous of people who are enjoying good fortune."

              OF JEALOUSY:                                                          ANYONE:-2 REASONS.

Hadhrat Maalik bin Dinaar (R.A) has said, "I give                      Hadhrat Muhammad bin Seereen (R.A) said, "I       have
precedence t o the testimony of religious scholars over                never been jealous of anyone concerning worldly things
the testimony of all others, but not when i t is given                 because people are of two types. I f he is pious and
against other religious scholars. This is because Ihave                destined for Jannah, then why should Ibe jealous of
found jealousy t o be most prevalent amongst them."                    him? I f he is destined for Jahannam, then how can one
                                                                       be jealous of him?"
                                                                                 THE ADVICE OF RASULULLAAH
 Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned                      (SALLlALLAAHU-ALAIHI- WASALLAM).
 that six people will be condemned t o Jahannam on
 account of six evils even before reckoning commences.
 These are:                                                            Hadhrat Anas bin Maalik (R.A) says that he remained
                                                                       in the service of Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)
 1. Leaders and rulers, d u e t o t h e i r i n j u s t i c e .        from the age of eight.
 2. The Arabs, due t o tribal feudalism.
                                                                              Admonition For Neglectful                                 101
Admonition For Nealectful                                      100
                                                                              PRIDE MEANS TO CONSIDER ONESELF AS BEING
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) first gave him
the following advice, "Oh Anas! Perform wudhu well                             SUPERIOR AND TO LOOK DOWN ON OTHERS.
because i t will bless your life and the protecting angels
will love you. Be p a r t ~ c u l a r n taking a bath because                 Hadhrat Hasan b i n Ali (R.A) passed b y some poor
impurities exist beneath every hair and sins are forgiven                     persons who were sitting on a shawl and eating from
thereby. You m u s t perform t h e m i d morning salaah                       a piece of bread. Upon seeing him, they all invited him
(Dhuha) because i t is the salaah of those who repent.                        to partake of the meal. He alighted form his conveyance
Also perform other salaah during the day and night,                           and joined them saying, "I do not like proud people."
due t o which the angels will pray for you. Carry out all                     After eating with them, he took them all t o his house
the postures of salaah properly, for Allaah likes and                         and fed them whatever was available.
accepts this type of salaah."

"Remain i n the state of wudhu a t all times, and you                                THREE PEOPLE ARE DESERVING OF
will not forget the kalimah a t the time of death. Greet
the inhabitants of your home when entering. This will                                         PUNISHMENT
create blessings in the home. Greet every Muslim you
meet on the street. This will cause you t o taste t h a t                     Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned
sweetness of I m a a n and you will be forgiven for t h e                    that Allaah will not speak t o three persons on the Day
sinse committed while on t h a t street. Do n o t harbor                      of Qiyamah. He will not even look a t them with mercy.
enmity o r jealousy for a Muslim for even a moment.                           However, He will subject t h e m t o a most excruciating
This is m y way. Whoever will a d o p t m y way has                     II   punishment.
expressed love for m e and whoever loves m e will be                         The first is the old m a n who fornicates. Although
w i t h m e i n Jannah. Oh Anas! I f you remember m y
advice and practice thereupon, death will be welcome
t o you and death will hold comfort for you."                           !    fornication is just as abominable in youth as it is in old
                                                                             age, it is much worse in old age because the old person
                                                                             is close t o death and has begun t o loose his carnal
 THE JEALOUS PERSON OPPOSES ALLA.4 H TiV 5                                   The second person is that king who lies. Lying is worse
                 WAYS.                                                       for a king because he has none t o fear and cannot be
It has been mentioned that the jealous person opposes                        forced into doing so.
Allaah i n five ways viz.                                                    The third person is a proud beggar. Pride is worse for
                                                                             a beggar because he has nothing t o be proud of.
1. He detests every bounty t h a t others receive from
2. He expresses displeasure a t the way in which Allaah                      THE FIRST THREE PEOPLE TO ENTER JANNAH
   d i s t r i b u t e s His b o u n t i e s ( h e d e e m s Allaah's                    AND JAHANNAM.
   distribution t o be incorrect).
3. He is miserly with Allaah's grace (he does not want                       Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned
   Allaah t o bestow. His grace upon whomsoever He                           t h a t h e was shown t h e first three people t o enter
4. He humiliated Allaah's friends ( t h e desire t h a t
                                                                             Jannah, as well as the first three t o enter Jahannam.
   another should b e deprived o f Allaah's bounty                           Those t o b e a d m i t t e d f i r s t t o Jannah shall b e :
   actuallv means t h a t h e desires t h e person t o h e
   humiliated).                                                               1.The martyr (who sacrificed his life in Allaah's path
5. He assists Allaah's enemy, Iblees ( t h e purpose of                          with sincerity).
   Iblees's life is t o deprive people of Allaah's grace).
Admonition For Neglectful                         102         Admonition For Neglectful                              103
 2.The slave whose slavery did not prevent him from           I s this also pride?" Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-
    obeying Allaah. He obeyed his master without              wasallam) replied, "No. Allaah is beautiful and appreciates
    compromising on the commandments of Allaah.               beauty. He wants to see the effects of His bounties on
 3.The poor person who had children (he was physically        His bondsmen. Allaah dislikes a wealthy person from
    weak, as well as handicapped by a lack of wealth
                                                              adopting the appearance of a poor person. Pride means
    and being a father to many children. However, he
    remained patient and grateful).                           that a person looks down upon others. The person who
                                                              keeps his shoes in order, patches his clothing, and
The first three to be entered into Jahannam shall be          prostrates t o Allaah is free from pride."

1 The ruler who continually oppressed his subjects.
2 . The ,rich person who does not pay zakaah (it is                   THE MOST DETESTABLE PERSON.
    futile t o expect any charity from the person who
    cannot even pay his zakaah).                              Hadhrat Moosa (A.S) once asked Allaah, "Which of your
3. The proud beggar (being p r o u d despite t h e
                                                              creation is most detestable in Your sight?" Allaah replied,
    impediments of destitution and poverty reveal a
    wretched and base personality).                           "The person whose heart is filled with pride, whose
                                                              tongue is harsh, whose conviction is weak and whose
                                                              hands are miserly."

1. All sinners, especially those who are aged.
                                                                              WORDS OF WISDOM.
2. All misers, especially those who are wealthy.
3. All proud people, especially t h e proud beggar.           "The fruit of patience is comfort and the fruit of humility
                                                              is love. The pride of a Mu'min is his Rabb, his honour
                                                              is his religion. On the other hand, the pride of the
                                                              hypocrite is his lineage.and his wealth is his honour."
              TO ALLAAH.

1. The abstinent, especially the abstinent youth.         I
                                                                       ALLAAN DISLIKES STRUTTING.
2. The generous, especially the poor person who is
   generous.                                                  Muhallab bin Mughiera, who was in the army of Hajaaj,
3. The humble, especially a wealthy man who is                once passed Mutarraf bin Abdullaah (R.A) strutting in
   humble.                                                    elegant clothes. Mutarraf (R.A) told him, "Oh servant
                                                              of Allaah! Allaah does not like this walk." Muhallab
             THE REALITY OF PRIDE.                            retorted, "Do you not know who Iam?" Mutarraf (R.A)
                                                              replied, " know you very well. You were originally a
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned       drop of dirty fluid and will soon become a stinking
that the person who has pride equivalent to a mustard         corpse. At this point in time you are carrying a load of
seed will not enter Jannah. Someone asked, "I   like my       excrement with you." After hearing this Muhallab changed
clothes a 4 shoes t o be nice and clean.                      his walk.
Admonition For Neglectful                              104        Admonition For Neglectful                                105

GOOD CHARACTER MEANS TO BEHAVE HUMBLY                             8 "Undoubtedly Allaah does not like those who
                                                                     are proud."
           WITH THE PROUD.                                        Humility is t h e m o s t noble t r a i t o f good character.
                                                                  Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) was so humble
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned,          that he even rode a donkey and accepted the invitation
'Behave h u m b l y towards t h e h u m b l e a n d proudly       of slaves.
towards the proud. Your pride will be a cause of disgrace
and humiliation t o the proud people and it will be charity        THE HUMILITY OF HADHRAT IBN UMAR (R.A).
on your part."
                                                                  A visitor once came to Hadhrat Abdullah bin Umar (R.A)
       THE HIGHEST FORM OF HUMILITY.                              during the night while h e was busy writing under a
                                                                  lantern. When the light of the lantern began to dwindle,
                                                                  the guest offered to fix it. Hadhrat Abdullah bin Umar
Hadhrat Umar (R.A) said, "The highest form of humility            (R.A) said, "It is contrary t o good manners t h a t a
is t h a t you greet every Muslim, are pleased with the           person takes service from his guest."
worst place i n a gathering and t h a t y o u dislike being
praised."                                                         The guest then asked i f he should awaken the slave.
                                                                   Hadhrat Abdullah bin Umar (R.A) replied, "No. He has
                                                                  just fallen off to sleep." Consequently, Hadhrat Abdullah
HUMILITY IS A TRAIT OF THE AMBIYAA (A.S),                         bin Umar (R.A) got up himself and poured oil into the
WHILE PRIDE IS THE TRAIT OF THE KUFFAAR.                          lantern. The guest then asked, "Why did you undergo
                                                                  such trouble when Iwas available?" Hadhrat Abdullah
Faqeeh Abul Laith Samarqandi (R.A) has mentioned                  bin Umar (R.A) replied, "I     was I b n Umar then and I
that humility is the sterling quality of the Ambiyaa (A.S)        a m I b n Umar now as well. Pouring oil into the lantern
                                                                  did not diminish m y rank in the least. I n fact, Allaah
and the pious. On the other hand, pride is t h e trait o f        loves those who are humble."
t h e kuffar a n d people like Fir'oun. The humble and
proud people are mentioned as follows in the Qur'aan:
                                                                     THE HUMILITY OF HADHRAT UMAR (R.A)
 'If "The bondsmen of Rahmaan are those who
    walk upon the earth in humility."                             I t is well known that when Hadhrat Umar (R.A) was
 'If "Oh Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)!               travelling to Shaam, he took turns riding with his slave.
    Behave humbly towards t h e believers."                       While t h e one would ride t h e other would lead the
                                                                  animal by it's reins. On one occasion, Hadhrat Umar
 'If "You [Oh Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-                    (R.A) placed his shoes beneath his arm so as t o cross
     wasallam)] are a embodiment the most noble                   over some water. As they approached their destination,
     of character."                                               the governor, Hadhrat Abu Ubaidah (R.A) came t o
8 "When they are told that there is no deity                      welcome them.
    besides Allaah they a r e arrogant."
'If "Verily those who do not worship Me due to                i   Seeing Hadhrat Umar (R.A) leading the animal, Hadhrat
    their pride shall soon enter Jahannam in                  I   Abu Ubaidah (R.A), "Oh Ameerul Mu'mineen! The people
    humiliation."                                                 have come out to meet you. I t is not befitting for them
 8 "Enter the doors of Jahannam, wherein you                      to see you in this condition. Why do you not mount the
    shall abide forever. Terrible inaction is the                 animal? Hadhrat Umar (R.A) replied, "Allaah gave us
    abode of the proud ones."                                     honour by
                                                                   Admonition For Neglectful                             107
Admonition For Neglectful                              106
                                                                   RANKS ARE RAISED BY SPENDING IN CHARITY
virtue of Islaam .Now Iwill not take heed t o what
people say. ( I will not be unjust to this slave on account
                                                                   AND BY FORGIVING OTHERS WITHOUT 3 TRAITS
of what people have t o say)."                                                 GRANTS JANNAH.
                                                                   Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned,
THE HUMILITY OF HADHRATSALMAAN FAARSZ                              "Wealth does not decrease when spent in charity (but
                  (R.4                                             rather increases). Forgiving the transgressions of others
                                                                   raises a person's ranks. I f three traits are not within
                                                                   a person when he dies, he shall enter Jannah, viz.
Hadhrat Salmaan Faarsi (R.A), after been appointed                 (1) pride, ( 2 ) betrayal and (3) debts."
as governor of Madinah, was once walking through the
marketplace. Mistaking him t o be a slave, someone                Hadhrat Abu Umamah Baahili (R.A) narrates from
instructed him to carry a load. Hadhrat Salmaan (R.A)             Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) that the person
happily complied. As they were walking through the                who controls his anger despite having the ability t o
streets, people began t o wonder i n astonishment. Each           vent it, will attain Allaah's complete pleasure on the
one of them said, "May Allaah have mercy on you Oh                Day of Judgement.
Ameerul Mu'mineen! Allow us t o carry t h e load."
However, Hadhrat Salmaan (R.A) refused all of them                Allaah says the following i n t h e Injeel: "Oh son of
and continued t o carry the load.                                 Aadam! Remember Me when you are angry and Iwill
                                                                  remember you when Iam angry. Be happy with My
When the person realized his error, he apologized for             assistance because it i s b e t t e r t h a n y o u r s . "
not recognizing the governor. Hadhrat Salmaan (R.A)
said, "Do not worry about it. Just keep walking." The
two eventually reached the person's house. The person         1
                                                                     IT IS INCORRECT TO PUNISH ANYONE TO
                                                                                GRATIFY ONESELR
was so embarrassed about his behaviour that he vowed
never t o employ the services of anyone.                          Hadhrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz (R.A) once had a drunkard
                                                                  arrested to face punishment. When the drunkard started
     THE HUMILITY OF HADHRAT ALI (R.A).                           t o swear and abuse him, Hadhrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz
                                                                  (R.A) had him released. When someone enquired about
                                                                  this, Hadhrat Umar bin Abdul Aziz (R.A) replied, "I
Hadhrat Ali (R.A) once purchased two garments from                became angry when he began t o swear me. I f Ihad
a shop and then asked his slave t o first chose which             punished him in the condition of anger, the punishment
of the two he liked best. The slave chose the better of           would have been to appease myself. Ido not like t o
the two for himself and Hadhrat Ali (R.A) happily wore            have any Muslim punished merely t o gratify myself."
the other. When Hadhrat Ali (R.A) noticed that the
sleeves of his garment were too long, he asked for a
scissors, cut the sleeves t o size, and proceeded t o
                                                                  ALLAAH LOVES THAT ONE FORGIVES ANOTHER.
deliver a sermon.
                                                                  A slave woman once dropped some gravy on the clothing
 This was the behaviour of our predecessors. They were            of Hadhrat Maymoon bin Mihraan (R.A). When he
 never fussy or demanding. On the other hand, we are              became angry, the lady recited the following verse of
                                                                  the Qur'aan, "Those who suppress their anger ..."
 totally different and cannot do without behaving                 His anger immediately abated.
 querulously and demandingly.
Admonition For Neglectful                             108     Admonition For Neglectful                                        109
Taking advantage of t h e situation, she recited t h e        failed each time. He even failed to threaten and frighten
following part of.the verse, viz. "...and those who           him. He caused a large boulder from a mountain t o roll
forgive people ..." He t h e n told h e r t h a t she was     towards the saint, but that saint immediately engaged
forgiven. Full exploiting the opportunity, she recited        in dhikr, whereby the boulder was diverted in another
the concluding part of the verse, "...andAllaah loves         direction.
those who do good." Thereupon he said, "I free you
for the pleasure of Allaah."                                  Shaytaan even assumed the appearance o f a lion and
                                                              then a wolf to frighten the saint, but was unsuccessful.
                                                              Shaytaan then assumed t h e appearance o f a snake
  THE SWEETNESS OF IMAAN IS NOT TASTED                        and coiled himself around the entire body of the saint
         WITHOUT THREE TRAITS.                                as he performed salaah. He then placed his mouth wide
                                                              open a t the spot where the saint was t o prostrate.
Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "The          However, t h i s also h a d n o e f f e c t o n t h e s a i n t .
person who does not possess three qualities cannot
taste t h e sweetness o f I m a a n . (These are)              Shaytaan finally admitted t o the saint t h a t he could
( 1 ) Forbearance, b y which t h e ignorance o f t h e         not deviate him despite all his efforts. He added, "I
ignoramuses is rebutted.                                       have now decided to befriend you and have resolved
(2) Taqwa (abstinence), by which haraam actions are            never t o a t t e m p t t o mislead you again. Therefore,
avoided.                                                       stretch out your hand to befriend me." The saint burst
( 3 ) Good character, by which one can a s s ~ c i a t e
                                                       with    out, "You wretch! (i.e. This is your final plot t o lead m e
people."                                                       astray-. I d o n o t r e q u i r e y o u r f r i e n d s h i p ) . "
                                                               Shaytaan was now totally despondent and came face-
                                                               to-face with the saint saying, "I wish t o inform you
      AN INCIDENT OF HOW SHAYTAAN IS                           how I mislead people." "Please do so," said t h e saint.
               INFURIA TED.                                    S h a y t a a n said, "I e m p l o y t h r e e m e t h o d s viz.
                                                               ( 1 ) Miserliness,
                                                               (2) jealousy and
A saint possessed a horse, which he loved very much.           ( 3 ) intoxication. When a person,b&comes miserly, he
One day, he noticed the horse standing on three legs.          craves for accumulating wealth and does not want t o
He asked his slave, "Who is responsible for this?" The         spend on others. He is then engrossed in thoughts of
slave admitted that i t was him. The saint asked, "Why         how to usurp peoples' wealth and destroy t h e rights
have you done this?" The slave replied, "I  intended to       owed to them."
aggravate you."                                                He continued t o say, "The jealous p e son becomes a
Thereupon the saint said, "Fine. I shall rather aggravate
                                                              toy in our hands, just like a ball is i t h e hands o f a
                                                              child. Therefore do not concern ourselves with his acts
the one who instigated you t o do this (i.e. shaytaan).       o f worship and spiritual exercises. Even though his
Go! You are free, and you may have the horse as well."        du'as could resurrect the dead, we are still n o i overly
                                                              concerned with him because we are able t o destroy all
                                                              his devotions and spiritual exercises by a single
 ANASTONISHING INCIDENT OF HO WSHAYTAAiV                      indication. When a person is intoxicated, we lead h i m
                        3                                     by the ear like a goat and involve h i m in every type of
                                                              sin with the greatest of ease."
 Shaytaan repeatedly tried t o deviate a saint of the         Shaytaan also added t h a t t h e person who is angry
 Bani Isra'eel. Once, when the saint came o u t of his        becomes like a bal! in his hands. Shaytaan treats h i m
 house for some necessity, shaytaan attempted to              just as a child who becomes happy when he tosses a
 aggravate him and entice his carnal passions. However,       ball around. Man should endeavour t o restrain his anger
                                                              so as not t o become a toy for shaytaan.
                                                             Admonition For Neglectful                            ill
Admonition For Neglectful                            110
                                                             Hadhrat Luqmaan (A.S) told his son, "Oh m y son! You
  HADHRAT MOOSA (A.S) AND IBLEES :-                          will recognize three types of persons on three occasions
CONDITIONS IN WHICH ONE SHOULD BE WARY                       viz. (1) A forbearing perstjn at the time of anger. (2)
                                                             A brave person a t the time of battle. (3) A friend at
             OF SHAYTHAAN.                                   the time of poverty."

Iblees once came t o Hadhrat Moosa (A.S) and told                  AN INCIDENT OF A TAABI'EE (R.A) :-
him, "You are the chosen messenger of Allaah and
have been blessed with the privilege of speaking directly       3 QUALITIES OF ONE WORTHY OF PRAISE
to Allaah. L wish to repent, so please intercede on my                 3 QUALITIES 0F JAMA TIES
behalf before Allaah so t h a t He may accept m y
                                                                       3 ADVICES FROM ALLAAH.
                                                            When someone praised a certain Taabi'ee i n his
Hadhrat Moosa (A.S) was happy and thought t h a t           presence, he said, "Did you ever test me? Did you find
Iblees's repentance would put an end t o sins. He           me t o be forbearing at the time of anger, displaying
therefore made wudhu, performed salaah and prayed           good character during a journey and tructworthy at
to Allaah. Allaah told Hadhrat Moosa (A.S), "Iblees is      the time of being trusted?" When the person replied
lying. He merely wishes t o deceive you. I f he is really   in the negative, he said, "Then why have you praised
sincere, test him by telling him t o prostrate before the   me without first testing me? You should never praise
grave of Hadhrat Aadam (A.S). I f he does this, his         anyone until you have tested them on these three
repentance will be accepted."
                                                            He then continued to say, "Three qualities are present
Hadhrat Moosa (A.S) was extremely ovejoyed, thinking        in the people of Jannah, and these are exclusive t o
that this was a very easy condition for Iblees to comply    the noble people. (These are)
with. When Hadhrat Moosa ( A S ) informed Iblees about      (1) Forgiving an oppressor,
the cond,ition, Iblees became a whirlwind of fire and       (2) giving one who deprives you, and
said, "I  did not prostrate t o him while he was alive,     (3) behaving well to someonc who behaves ill towards
how can I prostrate t o h i m when h e is dead?             you. "
Nevertheless, you have done me a good t u r n by             Allaah says, "Adopt the habit of forgiveness, enjoin
interceding on my behalf. Ishall therefore inform you        good and ignore the ignorant." When this verse
of three conditions wherein you should be war{ of me.        was revealed t o Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-
 (1) When man is angry, Irun in his veins like his blood.    wasallam), he asked Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S) for an
 (2) I incline the heart of the person fighting in jihaad   explanation thereto. Hadhrat Jibreel (A.S) enquired
 towards his wife, children and wealth, thereby causing     from Allaah, whereafter he informed Rasulullaah
 him t o desert the battlefield Shaytaan also attempts
                                                            (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) saying, "Oh Muhammad
                                                            (saIiAilaahu-alaihi-wasallam)! Allaah commands that
 to dissuade the student of Deen in this manner.            you join relationships with the relative who severs
 Strengthening one's resolve may combat him..               them, that you give t o those who deprive you, and
 (3) When a strange man and woman are in isolation,         t h a t f o r g i v e t h e o n e w h o o p p r e s s e s you."
 Ibecome the emissary between the two and incline
 each one towards the other. Iremain engaged in this
 task until the two are tainted in sin."
                                                                    Admonition For Neglectful                                  113
Admonition For Neglectful                                 112
                                                                    9.  "Even worse than him is the person who detests
 THE ASSISTANCE OF THE ANGELS UPON THE                                  people and is detested by people."
PATIENCE OF THE OPPRESSED: - 3 ACTS RESULT                          10. "Worse still is the person who does not catch one
              IN 3 OTHERS.                                              who is falling, who does not accept excuses anci
A person once swore Hadhrat Abu Bakr (R.A) i n t h e                    who does not forgive the shortcomings of others."
presence of Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam).
They both remained silent throughout. However, when
the person stopped, Hadhrat Abu Bakr (R.A) replied                  11. "Even worse is him from whom no good is expected
to his abuse. Thereupon Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-                 a n d f r o m whose e v i l o t h e r s a r e n o t safe."
wasallam) immediately got u p and left.
When Hadhrat Abu Bakr (R.A) later asked him why he                          THE FOUR TYPES OF ASCE TICISM.
had done so, Rasulullaah (sallAllaat~u-alaihi-wasallamj
replied, "As long as you remained silent, an angel was
replying t o t h e abuse. However, when you began t o
reply, t h e angel left and shaytaan took his place. I              1.   Totally relying on Allaah in matters concerning the
therefore left. Three things are certain (viz.)
(1) When an oppressed person forgives the oppressor,                     world and the Hereafter.
Allaah grants honour t o the oppressed.                            2.    Praise and scorn are akin to h i m (i.e. he is not
( 2 ) The person who opens the door t o begging due t o                  pleased with praise for him, nor affected b y the
g r e e d f o r w e a l t h w i l l always r e m a i n a pauper.         scorn of others).
( 3 ) Allaah will increase the wealth of the person who
continuously gives people gifts for Allaah's pleasure."            3.    Having perfect sincerity i n all actions.
                                                                   4.    Ignoring an oppressor, not getting angry at servants
                                                                         and slaves and being forbearing and p a t i e n t .
                  CONCISE WISDOMS.

 Rasulullaah (sallAilaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has mentioned           THE 5 ADVICE OF HADHRATABC DARDAA (L.4).
     "Everything has a sterling factor, and the sterling
     factor of a gathering is that it is faced towards the
     Qibla and that the matters discussed are regarded             When aomeone requested Hadhrat Abu Dardaa ( R . A )
     a trust."
     "Do n o t perform salaah behind people who are                for sorne useful advice, he said, 'I a ~ madvising you
     sleeping or talking."                                         with a few things that will guarantee a high position to
     "Kill a snake o r a scorpion immediately u p o n              whomsoever carries them out.
     sighting them even though you may be performing               (1) Always eat halaal food.
     salaah."                                                      (2) Beseech Allaah for the sustenance o f each day.
     "Do n o t hang curtains upon doors."
     "The person who reads his brother's letter without            ( 3 ) Always consider yourself a m o n g s t t h e dead.
      permission has peeped into Jahannam."                        (4) Hand over your honour to Allaah.
     "The person who wishes t o be the greatest hero               (5) Hasten to repent after every sin (even though the
      should trust only i n Allaah."                               sin may seem small).
     "The person who wishes to be the most independent
      should have more reliance in what Allaah has than
      in what he possesses."
      "The worst person is he who eats without feeding
      others and who beats his servant."
Admonition For Neglectful                                  114      Admonition For Neglectful                            115
              THE TEST OF STRENGTH.                                 Patience has three benefits, while haste has three
Hadhrat Mujaahid (R.A) r e p o r t s t h a t Rasulullaah            harms. The three benefits o f patience are:
(sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) once passed b y s6me                  (1) The end result of patience leads t o pleasure and
people who were competing with each other b y lifting               happiness.
a weighty rock. Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)           (2) People praise the patient person.
said to them, "There is a heavier rock than this whereby
you may able t o test your strength."                               (3) Allaah will confer a bountiful reward to the patient
When the people asked what this was, he replied, "For
a brother t o approach his brother in reconciliation after         The three harms of haste are:
the two have been split over some issue and shaytaan               ( 1 ) It leads t o regret and embarrassment.
has assumed control of both. (He then has t o forgo the            (2) People curse the hasty person.
temporary 'honour' o f this world and may even have                ( 3 ) He w i l l r e c e i v e a t e r r i b l e p u n i s h m e n t .
to ask forgiveness. This he does for Allaah's pleasure)."
                                                                   The beginning of forbearance is bitter, but it's end is
"Or," Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) continued,         sweeter than honey.
"for a person t o control his anger solely for Allaah's
pleasure (even though he may be i n a position t o vent            Hadhrat Hishaam bin Umar (R.A) has transmitted the
it)."                                                              hadith wherein Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)
          DO NOT CURSE AN OPPRESSOR.                               has mentioned, "The expiation of slapping a slave is
                                                                   to set him free. The person who safeguards his tongue
Hadhrat Muhammad (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said,               will be saved from punishment, and Allaah will accept
" t h e person who curses a n oppressor has grieved                the repentance of His slave. A Mu'min should entertain
Muhammad (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) and pleased                 and honour his neighbours and guests. He should either
t h e accursed shaytaan. Whoever will forgive t h e                speak good words or remain silent."
oppressor has pleased Muhammad (sallAllaahu-alaihi-
wasallam) a n d g r i e v e d t h e accursed s h a y t a a n . "
                                                                           FOUR QUALITIES OF A BELIEVER.
                AD VICES,                                          Hadhrat Anas bin Maalik (R.A) reports that Rasulullaah
3 BENEFITS OF PATIENCE, 3 HARMS OF HASTE                           (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "Four qualities are
                                                                   o n l y f o u n d i n a Mu'min. ( v i z . ) ( 1 ) Silence,
                                                                   (2) humility,
When someone asked Hadhrat Ahnaf bin Qais (R.A) as                 (3) remembrance of Allaah,
t o what the definition of humane behaviour was, he                (4) minimal evil."
"1. )Being humble, despite possessing wealth and
riches.                                                            A LOFTY POSITION OBT4IlVED B Y 3 QLIAL/T/I?S.
2.) Forgiving, despite possessing the ability t o avenge
oneself.                                                           When someone asked the wise man, Hadhrat Luqmaan ( A S )
 3.) Assisting people without reminding t h e m of your            as to how he attained his lofty position, he replied, "By
favour.                                                            1.) truthfulness,
 4.) Exercising patience a t the time of anger instead o f         2.) trustworthiness and 3 . ) abstaining form futility."
 being hasty.
                                                             Admonition For Neglectful                                       117
Admonition For Neglectful                             116
                                                             However, when he was informed o f the episode he
       THE STATEMENT OF FOUR KINGS.                          looked towards the heavens and recited the following
                                                             verse of the Qur'aan, "Oh Allaah, the Creator of the
                                                             heavens and the earth! Oh the Knower of the
Hadhrat Abu Bakr bin Ayyaash (R.A) says t h a t four         seen and the unseen. You judge between Your
kings said the same thing in their respective times viz.     bondsmen with regard to the matters wherein
                                                             they differ."
The Chosroe of Persia: 'I have never r e g r e t t e d
something t h a t I have n o t spoken, b u t have mostly     He continues to narrate that he thought Hadhrat Rabee
regretted what I have spoken."                               (R.A) would say s o m e t h i n g excessive u p o n t h e
                                                             martyrdom of Hadhrat Husain (R.A).
The Emperor of China: "As long as I do not speak,
Ia m that master of m y words. However, after speaking                  SIXSIGNS OF AN IGNORAMUS.
them, you are the master."
                                                             A wise man once enumerated the following six traits
The Caesar of Rome: " a m more capable of retracting
                        I                                    of an ignorant person, viz.
what I have not spoken, than that which I have already
spoken."                                                     1. He is infuriated without j u s t cause (even animals
                                                                and dead people make h i m angry).
The Shah of India: "That person is astonishing who           2. He speaks without reason.
speaks i n haste because his speech will cause h i m         3. He gives without reason ( w i t h o u t any benefit i         n
harm if it spreads and will be useless i f it does not."        this world o r in the Hereafter).
                                                             4. H e d i s c l o s e s s e c r e t s t o a l l a n d s u n d r y .
                                                             5. He trusts everyone.
    RECKONING IS EASIER IN THIS WORLD.                       6. He cannot differentiate between friend and foe
                                                                (there are many evil people disguised as good men
Every Muslim should reckon his own actions i n this             and a person living in this world should be able t o
world because t h e reckoning o f this world is m u c h         recognize them for his own safety).
easier than that of the Hereafter. Controlling the tongue
in this world is also much easier than the regret o f the    A STATEMENT OF HADHRAT ISA (A.S) 8 AD VICES.
                                                             Hadhrat Isa (A.S) said, "1. Every t y p e o f speech is
                                                             futile except the dhikr of Allaah, and 2. silence is useless
THE SAINT THAT NE VER SPOKE A WRONG W O R a                  without meditation and deliberation. 3. All sights are
           FOR TWENTY YEARS.                                 useless unless they teach a lesson.
                                                             4. Blessed is the person whose speech is the dhikr of
                                                             Allaah, 5. whose silence is i n contemplation o f the
A person narrates t h a t h e remained i n the service o f
                                                             Hereafter, 6. and whose sightseeing is with a lesson.
Hadhrat Rabee bin Khaitham (R.A) for a period o f            7. A believer talks less and does more, 8. while a
twenty years. He adds t h a t during the entire period,      hypocrite talks more and does less."
the saint never said anything t h a t was questionable.
Admonition For Neglectful                               118                     -
                                                               Admonition For Neglectful                                         119
                                                                                                                                 . .-
     AND 2 HABITS OF THE IGNORANT                                               wasallam).
                                                               Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) said, "It is
Hadhrat Isa (A.S) addressed his disciples saying, "Oh          foolish t o sleep during the opening hours of the day,
you, who are the salt of the earth! You should never           a good habit to sleep in the afternoons, and an act of
be corrupted. Every spoilt thing can be cured with salt,       i g n o r a n c e t o sleep d u r i n g t h e l a s t p o r t i o n . "
but there is nothing t o cure salt that has spoilt. You
                                                               Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) was passing
should not accept any remuneration for your teaching,          by a Masjid when he noticed some people talking of
save that which you have given t o me. Remember, you           worldly matters and laughing loudly. After greeting
have two habits of the ignorant, (1) laughing loudly           them, he said, "Think of death." He then proceeded.
and (2) sleeping during the early hours of the morning         He later passe? by again and noticed that they were
(if you had not remained awake during the night)."             still at it. He told them, "By Allaah! I f you people knew
                                                               what I do, you would laugh less and cry more."
Explanation: Hadhrat Isa (A.S) refers to the learned
scholars as the salt of the earth because they need to         I t so happened that Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-
rectify the masses who have gone astray. However, if           wasallam) again passed by the same group for a third
they have t o succumb t o the pleasures of this world          time. Noticing that they had not changed their behaviour,
to their carnal desires and to the lethal traits of jealousy   he said, "This Deen had begun as a stranger and will
and hatred, none can correct them, The masses will             again be a stranger, so glad tidings be for the strangers."
then be left without leadership.                               When he was asked who he was referring to by the
                                                               "strangers, Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam)
                                                               said, "Those who remain steadfast upon the Deen when
The Ambiyaa (A.S) propagated and taught solely for             the ummah has become corrupt."
Allaah's pleasure and never demanded remuneration.
Hadhrat Isa (A.S) therefore advised his disciples to do
the same. Allaah-says in the Qur'aan, "Say, 'I ask    do           FOUR ADVICE OF HADHRAT KHIDR (A.S).
you f o r a n y r e n i u n e r a t i o n f o r t h i s . My
r e m u n e r a t i o n is Allaah's responsibility."           When Hadhrat Moosa (A.S) was leaving Hadhrat Khidr
                                                               (A.S), he asked him for some parting advice. Hadhrat
The ulema, being the heirs of the Ambiyaa (A.S), should        Khidr (A.S) said, "Oh Moosa!
also act likewise. Although it is perfectly permissible        1. Do n o t beg i m p o r t u n a t e l y b e f o r e anyone,
t o accept payment for imparting the knowledge of              2. do not go anywhere without reason,
Deen, none can deny the superior stance of teaching            3. do n o t laugh except f o r something extremely
solely for Allaah's pleasure and, a t the same time,           surprising and
adopting some other means of earning a livelihood.             4. never remind any person of his folly because then
This was the method adopted by the early ulema. The            people will remind you of yours."
latter scholars have permitted t h e acceptance of a
salary for teaching due t o pressing circumstances.             A PERSONSHOULD NEVER LAUGH LOUDLI.:

Laughing loudly (guffawing) is Makrooh and the habit           Hadhrat Awf bin Abdillah (R.A) narrates that Rasulullaah
of ignorant people, just as it is to sleep in the beginning    (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) never laughed loudly, but
of t h e day (unless one did n o t sleep a t night).           would simply smile. He would also never look a person
                                                               straight in the eye.
Admonition For Neglectful                                  120'    Admonition For Neglectful                                 121

                                                                              LEADS TO DESTRUCTION.
                                                                   Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasailam) has mentioned,
"The person who laughs loudly is surprising, since                 "That person is destroyed who invents lies to make
Jahannam is behind him. Surprising is the person who               people laugh."
is h a p p y w h e r e a s d e a t h i s a h e a d o f h i m . "   Hadhrat Ibrahaam Nakha'ee (R.A) has mentioned,
                                                                   "When a person says something to make people laugh,
                                                                   the hearts of the speaker and the listeners become
Once, upon seeing a youngster laughing, he said, "Oh               hard. When a person says something t o please Allaah,
son! Have you already crossed the bridge o f Siraat?               then Allaah's mercy descends upon t h e gathering,
                                                                   causing all Po benefit."
Have you already come t o know t h a t you are bound
for Jannah and will be saved from Jahannam?" When
                                                                                BENEFICIAL AD VICE,
the boy replied in the negative, Hadhrat Hasan (R.A)
                                                                         5 ADVICES OF RASULULLAAH (S.A. W).
said, "Then why are you laughing?" I t is reported that
                                                                    Rasulullaah (saliAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) told Hadhrat
the boy was never seen laughing again.                             Abu Huraira (R.A), "Oh Abu Hurairah!
                                                                   1. Adopt piety, y o u will be recorded as those who
                                                                   worship Allaah abundantly.
                                                                   2. Be content, and you will be deemed as a grateful
      FOUR FACTORS PREVENT L,4 UGHTER.                             person.
                                                                   3. You will be a Mu'min if you like for others what you
                                                                   like for yourself.
Hadhrat Yahya bin Mu'aadh Raazi (R.A)mentioned that                4. You will be a Muslim if you behave well towards your
four factors prevent m a n f r o m laughing and being              neighbours.
                                                                   5. Laugh less because excessive laughter kills t h e
happy. These are:                                                  heart."
(1) Concern for the Hereafter,
(2) involvement in earning,
                                                                         8 ADVICES OF HADHRAT UMAR (R.A)
(3) grief over one's sins, and                                     Hadhrat Umar (R.A) told Hadhrat Ahnaf bin Qais (R.A),

(4) being afflicted by calamities.
                                                                   1. The awe shown t o a person will be reduced b y
                                                                   excessive laughter. 2. The person who jokes becomes
                                                                   humiliated, and a
       THREE THINGS HARDEN THE HEARX                               3. person becomes renowned for that activity wherein
                                                                   he invests most o f his time.
                                                                   4. The person who talks excessively becomes disgraced
                                                                   and shame faced.
1. Laughing without reason.                                        5. T h e p e r s o n w h o loses f a c e loses r e s p e c t .
2. Eating without being hungry.                                    6 . The person who is immmodest loses fear of Allaah,
3. Talking without reason.                                         and
                                                                   7. the heart of one who loses Allaah's fear eventuallv
                                                                   8. Only Jahannam is befitting for t h e person whose
                                                                   heart has died."
Admonition For Neglecfful                                        122

I m a a m Abu Laith (R.A) says, "Abstain f r o m laughing
excessively and loudly. Eight harms come t o the person
who laughs excessively. These are:

  1. The ulema and wise m e n scorn such a person.
  2. The ignorant and foolish people become bold
      before him.
  3. Laughing increases his ignorance (if he is ignorant)
      and reduces his knowledge ( i f he is learned).
      {Rasulullaah (sallAllaahu-alaihi-wasallam) has
      mentioned t h a t one portion o f knowledge is
      reduced when a learned person laughs)
  4. L a u g h t e r c a u s e s o n e t o f o r g e t h i s s i n s .
  5. Laughter makes one bold enough t o continue
  6 . Excessive laughter causes a person t o forget
  7. When others laugh because o f him, all t h e i r
      resultant sins accrue t o him.
  8. Laughing in this world leads t o excessive weeping
      i n the Hereafter.

  May Allaah save us all from excessive laughter and
  from all sins. Ameen.

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