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					JONEIS THOMAS, PH.D.                                      Phone: (202) 806-9454
HU Dept. of Psychology, Rm. N-276                         Phone: (804) 761-1944
Washington, DC 20059                            

                              CURRICULUM VITAE

Registrant #50907, National Register of Health Services Providers in Psychology
DC Licensed Psychologist # PSY1000247
VA Licensed Clinical Psychologist # 0810003457
NC Licensed Psychologist # 2501 & Health Services Provider Certification


6/1996-6/1997        Internship     Medical College of Virginia (APA-Approved),
                                    Richmond, VA

1/1995-5/1997        Ph.D.          University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
                                    Clinical Psychology (APA Approved)

8/1992-1/1995        M.A.           University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
                                    Clinical Psychology (APA Approved)

8/1988-5/1992        B.S.           Howard University, Washington, DC
                                    Major: Psychology, Summa Cum Laude


8/2006-present       ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
                     Howard University, Department of Psychology
                     Washington, DC

                     □ Research Interests: behavioral medicine/health psychology,
                       obesity, psychological evaluation for bariatric surgery,
                       wellness promotion in minorities
                     □ Co-founded the Health Promotion and Risk Reduction
                       Research Center (HealthPARC)
                     □ Instructor for graduate level courses in Clinical Assessment I
                       and Clinical Assessment II
                     □ Instructor for undergraduate courses in Abnormal Psychology
                       and Psychological Testing
Joneis Thomas, Ph.D.                                                                      2

7/2000-5/2001          ASSISTANT PROFESSOR
                       University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health
                       Sciences, Occupational Therapy Dept., Grand Forks, ND

                          Co-director of the Graduate Program: develop a Master’s
                           degree curriculum in occupational therapy
                          Instructor for upper-level undergraduate courses in
                           Personal/Professional Development, Group Therapy
                           Leadership, and Research Methods
                          Co-instructor for Psychosocial Aspects of Children,
                           Adolescents, and Young Adults and Psychosocial Aspects of
                           the Maturing Adult

9/1995-5/1996          TEACHING ASSISTANTSHIPS (University of Virginia)

                          Personality Assessment (Graduate): taught the lab portion of
                           the course; coordinated student practice experiences; graded
                          The Psychology of Oppression and Social Change: co-taught
                           the course; coordinated student field assignments (women's
                           shelter coverage, court monitoring) and outreach activities


                       1629 K St., NW, Ste. 300, Washington, DC

                          Bariatric surgery psychological evaluation
                          Individual psychotherapy

                       STAFF PSYCHOLOGIST
                       The Citadel, Counseling Center, Charleston, SC

                          Conduct mandated substance use evaluations
                          Short-term therapy, career assessment, crisis intervention
                          Coordinate outreach programming
                          Administer a substance abuse prevention grant
                          Leadership role on the Binge Drinking Task Force
Joneis Thomas, Ph.D.                                                                        3

                       Duke University Medical Center/Duke Employee Assistance
                       Program, Durham, NC

                          Assessment, short-term individual and couples psychotherapy,
                           crisis management, referral, consultation (e.g., diversity issues)
                          Managed care gatekeeping: authorization of psychiatric
                           hospitalization and case management
                          Developed and implemented a curriculum in domestic violence
                           for family and community medicine residents
                          Instructor/preceptor for family medicine residents: adult
                           psychopathology in primary care, interviewing and counseling
                           techniques (7/98-6/99); family functioning issues in primary
                           care, interviewing and counseling techniques (10/97-6/98)
                          Developed EAP research activities in treatment utilization,
                           outcome and quality assurance
                          EAP-related seminars and critical incident stress debriefing

4/1999-9/1999          SUPPORT GROUP FACILITATOR
                       Orange/Durham Coalition for Battered Women, Durham, NC

                          Facilitated a support group for women in abusive relationships

6/1996-6/1997          CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY INTERN
                       Medical College of Virginia-Virginia Commonwealth University
                       (APA-Approved), Richmond, VA

                          Substance Abuse/HIV: short-term therapy, inpatient substance
                           abuse consultation, group therapy, assessment of HIV-related
                           dementia, medication/substance abuse in chronic pain patients
                          Consultation-liaison psychiatry: psychological and
                           neuropsychological evaluations of organ transplant patients,
                           short-term therapy and consultation with medically ill patients
                          General outpatient psychiatry: short/long-term therapy,
                           cognitive/personality assessment, emergency room evaluation

9/1993-4/1996          CLINICAL PRACTICA

                          Pain Management Center, University of Virginia Health
                           Sciences Center: assessment, therapy, and consultation
                          Controlling Family Violence Group: group therapy for court-
                           mandated domestic violence offenders
                          Western State Hospital Acute Admissions Unit: assessment,
                           individual and group therapy
                          Mary Ainsworth Psychological Clinic, University of Virginia:
                           assessment and therapy with college students
Joneis Thomas, Ph.D.                                                                     4


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Joneis Thomas, Ph.D.                                                                       5

International Interdisciplinary Conference on Hypertension and Related Cardiovascular
Risk Factors in Ethnic Populations, New Orleans, LA.

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American Psychological Association