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Our Lady of Lourdes School

      Home of the Flames
                                     Table of Contents

    •   Our Lady of Lourdes School Mission Statement        2

    •   Welcome from our Principal                          2

    •   Our School                                          3

    •   Our Teaching Team                                   4

    •   Spiritual Component                                 5

    •   School Council                                      5

    •   Building a Community Through Volunteers             6

    •   Clubs + Activities = FUN!                           6

    •   Need more information?                              8
        • Parent Resources in Library
        • Lourdes Community Information Board
        • Lourdes Web site

    •   Just moved to the area?                             9

    •   Appendix:                                           10

             o Volunteer Form

             o Pizza Information and Bag

             o “The Flame” School and Council Newsletters

             o Bus transportation booklet

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Last updated: November 2005
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Welcome to Our Lady of Lourdes School
                                 Home of the Flames

Mission of Our Lady of Lourdes School

The mission of Our Lady of Lourdes School in partnership with the home, parish
and community, is to provide the opportunity for each child to develop spiritually,
academically, socially, emotionally and physically for her or his fullest potential, in
a Christ-centred, challenging, supportive environment, so she or he will become
a contributing member of a just society.

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Our Lady of Lourdes School. We are all proud of the long standing
history of this School, during which students have excelled in areas of Faith
Formation, Academics, Athletics, and Social growth.

This Information Package is designed to give you and your children an overview
of our School Community to assist you in settling in to your new School.

We understand that Parent – School communication is an integral aspect for the
success of your child in School. We invite you to keep in ‘touch’ in a variety of
ways: phone, notes (see the pocket in the agenda) or write in the agendas. We
strongly encourage you to support your child’s growth not only in the daily
activities of reading to them and talking with them about School, but by
volunteering if at all possible.

We look forward to supporting you in fostering a Love of Learning in your

C. A. Dubeau

                           “Being the Light of Jesus for Others”

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Last updated: November 2005
Version 1.0
Our School

Our Lady of Lourdes (Lourdes) was built in 1949. The neighbourhoods that are
part of our school community extend from the old Westmount area to Beechwood
in Waterloo. Graduates of Lourdes will attend Resurrection High School in

In the fall of 2000, we opened our new addition, which included an Integrated
Resource Centre. Here you will find an extensive collection of books for all grade
levels and a Parent Section as well. We continually invest in literacy by making
annual book purchases to enhance our collection.

The Resource Centre is also the home of our computer lab which is contains 10
PCs. Each PC has a variety of educational software for all grade levels. Each
PC is also connected to the internet. There are additional PCs in each
classroom for the students to use.

If you’d like to use the software, e.g. MathTrek, at home, please contact the
Integrated Resource Centre technician and she will send the CD home with your
child so that you can install it on your home PC, free of charge.

Play is another important component of learning. We continually invest in things
that facilitate play as well. In 2002, we purchased playgrounds for both the main
schoolyard as well as for the kindergarten area. And each year, with the
children’s input, we add new items to each class’ outdoor play equipment

Here is some other information about our School:

    •   Daily hours of instruction – 8:27 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with lunch from 11:15
        a.m. to 12:15 p.m. A detailed school calendar and breakdown of the
        school day can be found in the Handbook section of the students’

    •   Curriculum – The Curriculum and Assessment is based on “The Ontario
        Curriculum for Grades 1 – 8”, set out by the Ministry of Education and
        Training. There is detailed information about the school curriculum found
        on the Waterloo Catholic District School board Web site.
        In the Fall, there is also Curriculum night at Lourdes during which parents
        can find out more about their grade specific curriculum from their child’s
        teacher. We also have incorporated a special program, “PeaceWorks”
        into the curriculum. It focuses on ways that students can develop the
        knowledge and skills to become a peaceful person. This Program has its
        emphasis on fostering understanding, building student language skills and
        conflict resolution.

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Last updated: November 2005
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    •   Nut-free – OLOL strives to be a nut-free school. This means that students
        are strongly encouraged to bring snacks and lunches that do not contain
        any nuts due to severe nut allergies within the school.

    •   “The Flame” – This is Lourdes’ monthly newsletter and is sent home to
        each family to update everyone about the latest activities happening at the
        school. The latest edition of the school newsletter is included in your

    •   Bus transportation – bussing is available for students who live more then
        1.6 Km from the school. You can find more information about bussing by
        phoning the Bus Transportation Department at 570-0915.

    •   Agendas – are an indispensable tool used by the students, teachers and
        parents for regular communication. Students record homework
        assignments, key events and other information. Other important
        information such as school policies can be found in the School Section, at
        the front of the agenda (e.g. dress code, safety, code of conduct and
        much more).

        School Council helps with the purchase of these agendas so the cost to
        each student is minimal.

    •   The Colour House System – This is a program in which we divide up all of
        the students and staff into four different Colour Houses (Red, Blue, Green,
        and Purple). During each school term, students and staff can “earn “
        points for their Colour House by participating in different special activities.
        At the end of the term, the “winning’ Colour House will receive a special
        treat. Please have your children check with their teacher to find out your
        family’s Colour House.

Our Teaching Team
We’re proud of our teaching team who are not only dedicated in the classroom
but also to other activities in the school – e.g. Black light dancers, sports teams,
choir, talent show and much more.

Primary Division:                                  Tracey Scharschmidt
                                                   Koni Klaming,
                                                   Tracy Hickson
                                                   Connie Walz
                                                   Seana Forhan
                                                   Carla Brandon

Junior Division:                                   Patricia Cronin

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Last updated: November 2005
Version 1.0
                                                   Jon Keighan

Intermediate Division                              Gerald Foran
                                                   Carla Patterson
                                                   Laura Gies

Special Education:                                 Sherry Peeples
Educational Assistants:                            Donna Hinschberger
                                                   Martha Rizk
                                                   Yvonne Holl

French As a Second Language                        Kimberly Delooze

Planning Time Teacher                              Sandie Szczepanowski

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Last updated: November 2005
Version 1.0
Spiritual Component

The Catholic Faith is the foundation of our School System, and is based on its
principles, beliefs, and practices. Our Spirituality is not only important, it is
practiced and integrated into what we do each and every day. For example:
Daily prayers are said in the classrooms, Liturgies are carried out in Advent, Lent
and on special occasions, there are School Masses held throughout the year, as
well as the celebrations at the end of the Religion Units that are taught in the
classes. The following Sacraments are held in:

    •   Grade 2 - First Reconciliation, and First Holy Communion
    •   Grade 8 – Confirmation

As well the following programs and special events are meant to foster a deeper
understanding of the Catholic Faith.

    •   Grade 2 - Retreat (1 day)
    •   Grade 4 – Receive their first Bible
    •   Grade 6 – Earth Keepers (3 days)
    •   Grade 8 – Retreat program to Mount Mary (4 days)

Our Lady of Lourdes School Council – School Councils are an integral part of
the governance of Catholic School boards. In the elementary school setting,
consultation with the School Council is an essential part of any investigation that
assists the Principal in making decisions about a variety of important school
issues. As well, members of the School Council have opportunities to take
leadership roles in making the school community a positive learning environment
for the children we serve.

The following are the parent representatives for 2005 -2006:

Maureen Logel                     Theresa Fischer
Joan Griffiths                    Linda Dietrich
Rosemary Voisin                   Michele Schnarr
Mary Reinhart                     Suzanne Gross

Block Parents – This program promotes safe arrival for our children. Our
school’s Block parent representative is Janice Hodder and she can be reached at

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Last updated: November 2005
Version 1.0
Building a Community through Volunteers

One of the goals of Lourdes’ School Council is to involve school community
members in various activities in the school. Volunteers contribute in a significant
way to bring quality education to our students as well as help build a close school
community. There are endless opportunities where you can help!

Check out the Volunteer form included in the Appendix to find out how you can

Clubs + Activities = FUN!

OLOL has numerous activities and clubs in the school all year-round.
There are intramural sports activities such as:

     •   basketball
     •   volleyball
     •   hockey
     •   soccer
     •   baseball
     •   track

After-school programs are available throughout the year. Some of these involve
an additional cost for participation. Here are some of the activities available:

     •   Mad Science – a fun-filled science program designed to promote science
         concepts and experiments.

     •   Black Light dancing – a dance repertoire of Primary grade students who
         perform special dance routines designed for a black light lit stage.

     •   Red Maple, Silver Birch and Blue Spruce Reading Program – a literacy
         program sponsored by the Ontario Library Association that promotes
         Canadian literature amongst all students Grade 1 – 8. Students read the
         newest novels and then vote for their favourites.

Lunch hour activities vary, but may include the following. Some of these may
involve an additional cost for participation.

    •    Debating Club
    •    Chess club
    •    Art classes
    •    Floor hockey
    •    Folk dancing

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Last updated: November 2005
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There are special events that are hosted regularly throughout the year by our
Student Council such as Wacky hair day and pyjama day, to name a couple.

Some of our activities are focused on helping others:

    •   Mission Day – a day that not only focuses on helping others but having fun
        too. This is a fun-filled afternoon when the children can participate in
        various games and activities. All proceeds raised are donated towards a
        charity or cause. Some of the charities that we’ve donated to are the
        cancer ward at Grand River Hospital and Canadian Food for Children.

    •   Angel Tree – a program held at Christmas that focuses on helping others
        in need at this time of the year. We’ve done different things throughout
        the year from a toy drive to food vouchers.

    •   Foster Child – Since 2000, our Student Council has sponsored a foster
        child, Celia from Paraguay. Different fund raising events are held
        throughout the year to continue this sponsorship.

    •   Green program – Helps both the environment and the school by recycling
        printer cartridges and paper. In return, the school is rewarded with
        additional funding to use for needed items and/or activities.

Other activities are focused on building school spirit and community.

    •   Meet the Teacher Night – Our annual September evening kicks off the
        school year on a high note by giving students, parents and teachers an
        opportunity to get to know each other better in a fun, relaxed environment.

    •   Spirit Wear – Throughout the year, we sell different school apparel such
        as t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and gym shorts. All spirit wear is printed
        with our school logo in Navy blue and white. For more information please
        call Linda Dietrich @ 746-7067 or Amy Corrado @ 746-5390.

    •   Memory Book – Memories of the school year are captured in a special
        book that is available to purchase.

To support many of these clubs and activities, we have various fundraising
events throughout the school year:

    •   Annual Fall Fundraiser – Through this event, we not only try to generate
        needed funding for the school, but also try to leverage it as a means to
        generate fun, school spirit and community. Special events for everyone
N: School Information/New Family Intro Package..                                     8
Last updated: November 2005
Version 1.0
        are held throughout the duration of the fundraiser to celebrate each goal
        as it’s met.

    •   Weekly Pizza days – Our school runs a weekly pizza day every Friday.
        Pizza is $1.25 / slice. Kindergarten students can order pizza the last
        Friday of each month. In addition to pizza lunches on Fridays, once a
        month the children have the opportunity to purchase a Sub for lunch.
        Pizza and Sub orders are due monthly. Each family will receive a Ziploc
        bag with their name on it; this bag will be used for collecting money and
        pizza/sub orders.

    •   Ongoing label / receipt collection - We welcome the donation of Zehrs and
        Sobey grocery receipts, Canadian Tire Money, Campbell’s soup labels
        and Pepperidge Farm Goldfish cracker UPC’s. Collection of these items
        will help purchase supplies and support curriculum initiatives. There are
        collection bins in the front foyer where these can be deposited.

Note: This is just a sample of some of the different clubs and activities that OLOL
has running during the course of the school year.

Need more information?

There are other resources at our school where you can find lots of other

•   Parent Resources – Check out the group of books donated by the Ontario
    Ministry of Community Services. This collection contains books on parenting
    and the importance of reading to your children. Any parent is welcome to
    borrow these books. You can become a borrowing member of our library by
    presenting a piece of identification with your name and address.

•   Lourdes Community Information Board – This bulletin board is located in the
    front foyer of the school across from the quilt hanging. Here you’ll find
    information about upcoming events and other community notices.

•   Lourdes Web site – Coming soon! This Web site will contain updates on
    school activities as well as ongoing reference information like the Student
    Handbook. Take a look at www.lourdes.wcdsb.edu.on.ca.

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Last updated: November 2005
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Just moved to the area?

Here is some information to help you become acquainted with the Waterloo area.

•   Our Lady of Lourdes Parish - Located right next to the school at 173 Lourdes
    St West. To contact the parish, you can either them at 886-0342 or email:
    lourdeswaterloo@rogers.com. Our Parish Priest is Reverend Edward D.
    Sheridan and our Pastoral Associate is S. Barbara Meinzinger SSND.
    Weekend masses are held on Saturdays at 7 p.m. and Sundays at 8 a.m.,
    9:30 a.m. (program for young children offered at this time) and 11 a.m.

•   Childcare – Parents and community members are given access to the
    Community Board to post information about their own Childcare service. The
    school does not give these individuals any scrutiny, that is the responsibility of
    the parent.

•   Public Library – Located at 35 Albert St. in Waterloo. Call 886-1310 for more

•   Waterloo Recreational Centre – Located at 101 Father David Baurer Dr. in
    Waterloo. Here you’ll find the swimplex, ice rink, indoor track and much
    more. To contact the Centre, call 886-3844.

Sparks/Brownies/Guides and Cubs/Scouts – Contact Annette Deckert at 576-
4572 to find out more about the local Sparks/Brownies/Guides chapters. For
Cubs/Scouts, contact Bob Kalbfleisch 886-7202.

If you’d like to find out what other extracurricular activities are available in the
area, pick up a copy of the “Waterloo Leisure Guide” at the Waterloo
Recreational Centre.

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