2009 NSW States Sailing Instructions by moa86383


									                                    SAILING INSTRUCTIONS

                  International Moth New South Wales Championships 2009
                                     10th - 12th April 2009

The Organising Authority is the International Moth Class Association of NSW and International Moth
Class Association of Australia. The Championships will be conducted by the International Moth Class
Association of Australia in conjunction with Woollahra Sailing Club.

1       Rules
1.1   The regatta will be governed by the ‘rules’ as defined in the International Sailing
Federation’s (ISAF) Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012, hereafter the RRS. YA Special
Regulations Part 2 (Off the Beach Boats), will apply.

1.2   A boat breaking a rule of Part 2 shall make a One-Turn Penalty consisting of one tack and
one gybe. This changes RRS 44.1 and 44.2.

2       Advertising
2.1    Advertising shall be in accordance with ISAF Reg 20.
3       Entries
3.1    All entrants must be financial members of IMCA and Yachting Australia.
4       Notice to Competitors
4.1    Notices to competitors will be posted on the Official Notice Board located in the foyer of the
clubhouse at WSC.
5       Changes to Sailing Instructions
5.1    Any change to the sailing instructions will be posted not less than 1 hour before the
scheduled start on the day it will take effect, except that any change to the schedule of races will
be posted by 1800 hours on the day before it will take effect.
6       Signals made ashore
6.1    Signals made ashore will be displayed between 0800 hrs and 1730 hrs from the signal
mast located at WSC.
6.2    When Code flag “AP” is displayed ashore, the warning signal will be made not less than 30
minutes after “AP” is lowered” (This alters RRS Race Signals).
6.3    When Code flag “F” is displayed, boats are required to remain ashore.

7       Schedule of Races:
7.1    Races are scheduled in accordance with Attachment 1.
7.2    When back to back races are scheduled, the warning signal for each succeeding race will
       be made as soon as practicable after the finish of the previous race.
7.3    No warning signal shall be made after 1600 hrs on the last scheduled race day.
8       Class Flags
8.1     The class flag is a white flag containing the International Moth Class emblem in black.
9       Racing Area
9.1     The racing area for the event will be as listed in Attachment 3.
10      The Courses
10.1    Attachment 2 to these sailing instructions shows the course diagrams and
        configurations including the course signals, the approximate angles between legs,
        the order in which marks are to be rounded or passed and the side on which each
        mark is to be left.
11      Marks
11.1    Marks of the course will be yellow inflatable buoys unless otherwise specified.
12      The Start
12.1    Races will be started using Rule 26.
12.2    The starting line will be between the mast of the Race Committee vessel at the starboard
        end and the port (pin) end starting mark. The pin end buoy will be a white inflatable bouy.
12.3    A boat shall not start later than four minutes after her starting signal.
13      Change of Course after the Start
13.1    No changes in course will be made after the start of any race.
14      The Finish
14.1    The finishing line will be between Mark 4 and the committee vessel. Mark 4 will be a blue
        inflatable bouy.
15      Time limit:
15.1    The time limit for the first boat to finish in each race is 90 minutes.
15.2    Boats failing to cross the finish line within 30 minutes after the first boat sails the
        course will be scored as Did Not Finish (DNF), or a position based on their last
        completed lap.
16      Protests:
16.1    Protests shall be lodged at the Regatta Office within the Protest Time. Protest forms will
        be available from the Regatta Office. The Protest Time limit for each event will be 60
        minutes after the finish of the last boat in the last race of the day for each event.
16.2    Protest notices will be posted within 30 minutes of the Protest Time limit to inform
        competitors where and when there is a hearing.
16.3   RRS 66 is changed by adding the sentence: ‘On the last race day, a party to a hearing
       may ask for a reopening no later than one hour after being informed of the decision’.

17     Scoring
17.1   The ISAF Appendix A Low point Scoring System will apply. The number of scheduled
       races are detailed in Attachment 1. A minimum of 5 races will be required to constitute a
17.2   When fewer than 6 races have been completed in an event, a boat’s score shall be the
       sum of the scores for all races sailed.
17.3   When 6 or more races have been completed in an event, a boat’s score shall be the sum
       of the scores for all races sailed, excluding her worst score.
17.4   A boat that did not finish (DNF) shall be scored equal to the number of finishers plus 1
       (one). This amends RRS A4.2.
17.5   All entrants will be scored together. The best scores in each category will be eligible for
       the various prizes and championships.

18     Radio Communication
18.1   A boat shall neither make radio transmissions whilst racing nor receive communications not
       available to all boats for the purpose of obtaining outside assistance. This requirement also
       applies to mobile telephone communications.
18.2   A boat may use an electronic compass or GPS tracking device, provided the device does
       not have remote communication capabilities.

19     Safety
19.1   Competitors' attention is drawn to the fundamental RRS 1 and 4.
19.2   Sign-On: For each race or race session each competitor intending to race shall
       personally “sign-on”, by signing the race sign-on sheet located in the Race Administration
       area prior to the warning signal of the race or race session. Failure to comply with this
       sailing instruction may result in a boat being scored equal to “DNC” for the race or races
       without a hearing. This changes Rule 63.1 and A5.
19.3   Sign-Off: All boats shall sign the race sign-off sheet upon returning to shore, but no later
       than the end of protest time for that day. This sheet will be available in the Race
       Administration area. Failure to comply with this sailing instruction may result in a boat
       being penalised by the Protest Committee for all races of the day.
19.4   Buoyancy Aids: All competitors shall wear while racing, personal flotation devices that
       are in good condition and are in accordance with the specifications issued by or approved
       by a national authority affiliated to the ISAF, or standards organisation, or certification
       authority recognised for the purpose by its respective government. In addition,
       government regulations require that competitors shall wear personal flotation devices at
       all times while afloat.
20     Support Boats
20.1   Team Managers, Coaches, and other support Personnel shall keep to leeward and more
       than 100 metres clear of any competitor or mark of the course between the preparatory
       signal and expiration of race time, except when asked to assist by the Race Committee.
21     Liability
21.1   Competitors sail at their own risk. Injuries to competitors and damage to boats can and
       often happens. The Organising Authority and all parties involved in the organisation of the
       Regatta accept no responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or injury that may occur
       to any person or property, whether ashore or afloat, as a consequence of participation in
       the Regatta or otherwise. The Organising Authority and all parties involved in the Regatta
       disclaim any and all such liability. The Notice of Race and these Sailing Instructions in no
       way limit or reduce the complete and unlimited responsibilities of a competitor for the
       management and care of a boat she or he may be sailing in the Regatta.
22     Prizes

       Prizes may be awarded in the following categories:
       Open Champion
       NSW Champion
       NSW Junior Champion
       NSW Sub Junior Champion
       NSW Masters champion
       NSW First Alternate Sex
       NSW First wide skiff (500 mm or greater waterline beam)
       NSW First Scow
2009 – International Moth Class NSW Championship
Races are scheduled as follows,

 Date                                  Race

 Friday     10/4/2009                  Heat 1 (1400) & Heat 2 (ASAP)

 Saturday 11/4/2009                    Heat 3 (1000)
                                       Heat 4 & Heat 5 (ASAP)

 Sunday     12/4/2009                  Heat 6 (1000)
                                       Heat 7 & Heat 8 (ASAP)

All times EST
Resail heats may be programmed at the discretion of the race committee as required.
If weather conditions or other events result in the race schedule not being achieved, then additional
back to back races may be held up to a maximum of 3 races per session. Any change of schedule
will be advised at least 1 hour before session. No race will start after 1630 on the final day.
1       Order of Rounding
Course 1 (Numeral Pennant 1)
Start – Mark 1(p) – Mark 3(s) – Mark 2(p) – Mark 4(p) – Mark 1(p) – Mark 2(p) – Mark 3(s) –Finish
Course 2 (Numeral Pennant 2)
Start – Mark 1(p) – Mark 4(p)– Mark 1(p) –Finish Line.
Course 3 (Numeral Pennant 3)
Start – Mark 1(p) – Mark 4(p)– Mark 1(p) – Mark 4(p)– Mark 1(p) –Finish Line.
Course 4 (Numeral Pennant 4)
Start – Mark 1(p) – Mark 4(p)– Mark 1(p) – Mark 4(p)– Mark 1(p) – Mark 4(p)– Mark 1(p) – Finish
The approximate distance from the Start Line to Mark 1 will normally be 0.75-1.0 nautical miles.
This may be shortened in light conditions.
2       Start/Finish Line
    •   When completing each lap of the course, each boat shall pass between Mark 4 and the
        Committee Boat (the finish line). Boats failing to comply will be scored DNF.
3       Shortening Course
    •   The course may be shortened on any lap by the display of Code Flag ‘S’ from the
        committee vessel.
    •   After the first boat has either; finished the complete full course, or has finished a shortened
        course, all other boats will be finished at their next crossing of the Finish Line, regardless of
        the number of laps completed by that boat.
4       Scoring
    •   For races where the course is shortened or where all boats do not complete the same
        number of laps the following will apply in determining the finishing order;
    (a) Boats completing the same number of laps as the first finishing boat will be scored in the
        order that they cross the Finish Line. e.g. 1,2,3,4,5,…..
    (b) Boats completing 1 lap less than the first boat will awarded a finishing place equal to the
        next available place after all boats complying with (a) above have been scored, and in the
        order they cross the Finish Line the next time after the first boat has completed the course.
        e.g. 6,7,8,9,10,11.
    (c) Boats completing 2 laps less than the first boat will awarded a finishing place equal to the
        next available place after all boats complying with (a) and (b) above have been scored, and
        in the order they cross the Finish Line the next time after the first boat has completed the
        course e.g. 12,13,14,15.
    (d) The above method of scoring will apply regardless of whether or not the first finishing boat
        is subjected to any scoring penalties (e.g. OCS, ZFP, SCP, RAF, DSQ, DNE).
Attachment 3 - Course area

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