20092010 Sailing Instructions Booklet by moa86383


									                           DJSC Delegates

                             Patron:    Angela D’Amore
                                                                                     Drummoyne Junior
                    Vice President:
                                        Martin Pagett
                                        Robyn Tames
                                                                                                  Sailing Club
                         Treasurer:     James McLaren
                         Secretary:     Sonia Tavener

            Principal Race Officer:     Alex Palmer
                  Race Secretary:
                                        Nicholas Ward
                                        John Whitelock
                 Divisional Coach:      Sandor Tornai
            Membership Registrar:
        Support Boat Coordinator:
                                        Bill Fletcher
                                        David Lang
                                                                     Sailing Instructions
     Sabot Association Delegates:       Bruce Tavener
                 Cherub Delegate:
       Sailing Committee Division
                                        David Stephenson
                                        James McLaren
     Equipment and Safety Officer:      David Stephenson
             Training Coordinator:      Grant Wakefield
                   First Aid Officer:   Megan McLaren
                  Publicity Officer:    Grant Wakefield
                 BBQ Coordinator:       Carol Stephenson
             Uniform Coordinator:       Alyson Mitchell


          Southern New South Wales Sabot Association
                Australian National Sabot Council
                Flying 11 Association of Australia
                 NSW & ACT Laser Association
                    National Laser Association
                 Cherub Association of Australia
               OK Dinghy Association of Australia
                          Yachting NSW
                        Yachting Australia

DJSC 2009/2010 Handbook                                    Page 16                        www.drummoynesailingclub.com.au
                                                                     DJSC 2009/2010 Handbook                    Page 1
                               Junior Sailors’ Code of Conduct
                                                                                       2008 Sabot Nationals, Airlie Beach
      Drummoyne Junior Sailing Club (DJSC) has implemented codes of                    8th    Purple Haze             Lawrence Wakefield
    conduct for all its members. Please make yourself familiar with the Code           23rd   Easy Tiger              Kirk Mitchell
                                                                                       30     How Sweet It Is...      Caitlin Tames
                        as it applies to you as a junior sailor.                           th
                                                                                       38     Back in Action          Andrew Stephenson

    •    I will always endeavour to sail by the rules
    •    I will work equally hard for myself and DJSC                                  2008 Flying 11 Nationals, Eden
    •    I will treat my fellow sailors as I like to be treated. I will not bully or   69
                                                                                              Verve                  Edward Whitelock & Toma McQuillan
         take unfair advantage of another competitor
    •    I will control my temper. I understand that verbal abuse of officials,
         sledging other sailors or deliberately provoking other competitors is
         not acceptable or permitted behaviour in any sport                            2008 Cherub Nationals, Belmont
                                                                                       7th    Everything Zen       Andrew Stewart & Amy Smith
    •    I will cooperate with team-mates, coaches, officials and parents.
                                                                                       32nd   Thrill Me Tiger      Dave Mitchell & Reece Goldsmith
    •    I will acknowledge the coaches, officials and other volunteers who
                                                                                       37th   Southpark            John Sanderson & Alex Sanderson
         give their time to contribute to junior sailing activities.                       th
                                                                                       40     Rush                 Lisa Sanderson & Oliver Jones
    •    I will be a good sport, and acknowledge good sailing achievements             41st   Vegas Baby           Samantha McLaren & Nicholas Addison
         by my team mates and competitors                                              43rd   Pure Pleasure        Charlotte Henley-Smith & Thomas Sheridan
    •    I will respect the rights, dignity and worth of all people involved in
         junior sailing activities, regardless of their gender, ability, cultural      Risk Warning
         background                                                                    This RISK WARNING is issued jointly by the Drummoyne Sailing Club and the NSW
    •    I will aspire to the DJSC junior sailors’ code of values:                     Maritime Authority, pursuant to the Civil Liability Act 2002 to all persons wishing to
                                                                                       participate in the sailing activities conducted by Drummoyne Sailing Club.

                          Junior Sailors' code of values                               Participants are warned that, regardless of the precautions, which might be taken by
A ttitude                  A positive attitude is essential to overcome obstacles,     reasonable and experienced persons, sailing can be a dangerous pursuit and participants
                                                                                       are exposed to significant risk of property damage, physical harm and possible death.
                           to learn and to do my best                                  As an indication, these risks may include, but are not limited to:
S portsmanship             Sport is more important than one person and cheating
                                                                                            •    The extremes of weather and sea conditions.
                           damages sport                                                    •    The potential that control vessels may be lost, resulting in collision with objects
P ride                     Pride keeps me going when I am tempted to give up                     and other vessels.
                                                                                            •    The sudden movement of the vessel at any time and the possibility that
I ndividual                I am the only one responsible for how I sail and I will               participants may fall or be thrown overboard, resulting in drowning.
  responsibility           thank others for supporting me                                   •    The possibility that participants may be injured by equipment on the vessel.
                                                                                            •    The absence of immediate medical care and the likelyhood that significant
R espect                   I respect all competitors, team-mates, coaches, officials             delays may occur before medical care is available.
                                                                                            •    Exposure to the elements for extended periods.
                           and parents
E xpress                   I can express my opinion but I will not criticise others    Drummoyne Sailing Club and the NSW Maritime Authority also warn participants that
                                                                                       regardless of their best intentions, they may be unable to render assistance to participants
                                                                                       who are in distress. Paricipants are warned to consider the above risks and all other risks
                                                                                       before deciding to participate in any sailing event with Drummoyne Sailing Club.

                                                                                       Participants are also advised that although Drummoyne sailing Club is covered by third
                                                                                       party liability insurance, this cover DOES NOT extend to participants. Any participant who
                                                                                       considers they have a need for insurance must make their own private arrangements with
                                                                                       an insurer. A personal accident insurance policy is available with subscription to
                                                                                       membership of Yachting NSW.

    DJSC 2009/2010 Handbook                                                Page 2      DJSC 2009/2010 Handbook                                                          Page 15
                         Scoring Abbreviations                                                       Important Numbers

                                                                                                      Start Boat   0448 236 198
BFD   Disqualification under rule 30.3
                                                                                                                   0400 865 919 (Race Secretary)
                                                                                      Drummoyne Sailing Club       02 9719 8199
DGM   Disqualification for gross misconduct not excludable under rule                             Water Police     02 9320 7499
      90.3 (b)                                                                                  NSW Maritime       02 9563 8511
                                                                                 Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol    02 9969 3270
DNC   Did not start; did not come to the starting area                                         Crime Stoppers      1800 333 000
                                                                                                   Emergency       000
                                                                                                                   112 (Mobiles ONLY)
DNE   Disqualification (other than DGM) not excludable under rule                            DSC VHF Channel       77
                                                                                           DJSC 2009/2010 Sailing Instructions
DNF   Did not finish
                                                                           1      Rules
                                                                           The events conducted by the Drummoyne Junior Sailing Club during the
DNS   Did not start (other than DNC and OCS)                               2009-2010 Sailing Season will be governed by the rules defined by the
                                                                           2009-2012 Racing Rules of Sailing, as amended by the prescriptions
DSQ   Disqualification                                                     and special regulations of Yachting Australia (YA), the current class
                                                                           rules, the Notice of Race and these Sailing Instructions.
OCS   Did not start; on the course side of the starting line at her
                                                                           2       Notice to Competitors
      starting signal and failed to start, or broke rule 30.1
                                                                           Notices to competitors will be posted in the vicinity of the DSC Sailors’
                                                                           Lounge and may appear on the DSC website under Juniors Division.
RAF   Retired after finishing
                                                                           3       Changes to Sailing Instructions
RDG   Redress given                                                        Any change to the sailing instructions will be posted before 12:30pm on
                                                                           the day it will take effect.
SCP   Took a scoring penalty under rule 44.3 (a)                           4       Signals Made Ashore
                                                                           4.1     Signals made ashore will be displayed on the DSC flag pole
ZFP   20% penalty under rule 30.2                                                  near the jetty.

                                                                           4.2     When flag AP is displayed ashore, ‘1 minute’ is replaced with
                                                                                   ‘not less than 15 minutes’ in the race signal AP.

DJSC 2009/2010 Handbook                                          Page 14   DJSC 2009/2010 Handbook                                          Page 3
5          Calendar                                                                    20       Radio Communication
                                                                                       A boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive
                 S=Scratch Start; H= Handicap Start; P= Pointscore Race;               radio communications not available to all boats. This restriction also
                  NP= Non-Pointscore Race; C'Ship= Championship Race;                  applies to mobile telephones.
                                H= Historical Skiffs Sailing

                                                                                       21       Disclaimer of Liability
September 2009
                                                                                       Competitors participate entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, “Decision to
13 (Sun)    Race 1           PS Sprints               No Handicap Results, Champagne   Race”. The organising authority will not accept any liability for material
                                                      Breakfast (10:30am)              damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior
20 (Sun)       Race 2       PS (S)                    No Handicap Results
                                                                                       to, during, or after the Sailing Season.
26 (Sat)       Flying 11 State Sprint Series, Hunters Hill
27 (Sun)       Race 3       PS (S), Ht 1 C'Ship       No Handicap Results              22      Insurance
                                                                                       Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third party liability
October 2009                                                                           insurance with a minimum cover of AUD $ 10,000,000 per event or the
3 (Sat)      YNSW Youth Championships, Georges River (till 5-Oct)                      equivalent.
4 (Sun)      No Racing, Labour Day Long Weekend
11 (Sun)     Race 4      PS Sprints                Learn to Sail Wk 1 + Registration                  ---- END OF SAILING INSTRUCTIONS ----
                                                   (9:15am), HS
12 (Mon)     SNSWSSA Holiday Training (till 14-Oct), DJSC
17 (Sat)     Cherub State Titles Ht 1&2, Abbotsford
18 (Sun)     Race 5      PS (S), NPS Cherubs       Learn to Sail Wk 2
             Cherub State Titles Ht 3, Drummoyne
25 (Sun)     No Racing, Balmain Regatta

November 2009
1 (Sun)     Race 6      PS (S), NPS Sabots      Learn to Sail Wk 3
            Sabot State Titles, Toronto
7 (Sat)     Flying 11 Upper Harbour Championships, Lane Cove
8 (Sun)     Race 7      PS (S), Ht 2 C'Ship     Learn to Sail Wk 4
15 (Sun)    Race 8      PS (S), NPS Sabots      Learn to Sail Wk 5, HS
            Sabot State Titles, Gosford
22 (Sun)    Race 9      PS (H)                  Learn to Sail Wk 6
28 (Sat)    Flying 11 State Championships Round 1, Hunters Hill
            Cherub State Titles Ht 4&5, Belmont
29 (Sun)    Race 10     PS (S), NPS Flying 11   Learn to Sail Wk 7
                        & Cherub
               Flying 11 State Championships Round 1, Hunters Hill
               Cherub State Titles Ht 6, Belmont

December 2009
6 (Sun)     Race 11     PS (S), Ht 3 C'Ships      Learn to Sail Wk 8, HS
13 (Sun)    No Racing, DSC Christmas Party
20 (Sun)    Race 12     PS Sprints
27 (Sun)    Sabot National Championships (till 3-Jan), Gosford
28 (Mon)       Cherub National Championships (till 4-Jan), Perth
DJSC 2009/2010 Handbook                                                    Page 4      DJSC 2009/2010 Handbook                                           Page 13
16     Safety Regulations.
                                                                             January 2010
16.1   A boat that retires from a race shall notify                          10 (Sun)       Flying 11 National Championships (till 16-Jan), Tasmania
       the race committee as soon as possible.                               24 (Sun)       Race 13     PS Sprints
       Retirements, DNS (Did Not Start) and                                  26 (Tue)       Australia Day Regatta, Lane Cove
       Penalties taken should also be recorded                               31 (Sun)       Race 14     PS (S), Ht 4 C'Ship        Learn to Sail Wk 1 + Registration
       on the Sign On/Off sheet.                                                                                                   (9:15am)

16.2   All sailing boats from Drummoyne Sailing                              February 2010
       Club, Junior Division, intending to go on the                         6 (Sat)        Flying 11 State Championships Round 2, Georges River
       water, must sign on and off. If the boat has                          7 (Sun)        Race 15     PS (S),                 Learn to Sail Wk 2
       a crew, they also must sign on and off.                                                          NPS Flying 11
                                                                                            Flying 11 State Championships Round 2, Georges River
16.3   If a boat signs on after 12:50 it must inform                         13 (Sat)       Cherub State Titles Ht 7&8, Toronto
       the committee boat and the DSC clubhouse
                                                                             14 (Sun)       Race 16     PS (S),                 Learn to Sail Wk 3
       radio operator.                                                                                  NPS Cherubs
17     Replacement of Crew or Equipment                                                     Cherub State Titles Ht 7&8, Toronto
17.1   Substitution of a skipper and/or crew will be allowed, as long as     21 (Sun)       Race 17     PS (S), Ht 5 C'Ships    Learn to Sail Wk 4, HS States DJSC
       the principal race officer is notified before the start in writing.
                                                                             27 (Sat)       Sabot Zone Championships, DJSC
                                                                             28 (Sun)       Race 18     PS (S), NPS Sabots      Learn to Sail Wk 5
17.2   Substitution of a skipper or transfer of points for a club
       championship will not be allowed.                                                    Sabot Zone Championships, DJSC

17.3   Change of skipper and/or crew may affect a boat’s handicap.           March 2010
                                                                             6 (Sat)         Cherub State Titles Ht 10, Lane Cove
17.4   Substitution of damaged and unusable hulls (“written off”) will be    7 (Sun)         Race 19     PS (S), NPS Cherubs Learn to Sail Wk 6, HS
       allowed when prior notification and approval by the race                              Cherub State Titles Ht 11, Lane Cove
       committee is gained. Requests for substitution shall be made to       14 (Sun)        Race 20     PS (S), NPS Sabots       Learn to Sail Wk 7
       the race committee at the first reasonable opportunity.                               Sabot Teams Race, Gosford
       Handicaps of the affected yachts may be reviewed.                     21 (Sun)        Race 21     PS (S), Ht 6 C'Ship      Learn to Sail Wk 8
                                                                             28 (Sun)        Race 22     PS (S)                   DJSC AGM (10:30am), HS
18       Equipment and Measurement Checks
A boat or equipment may be inspected at any time for compliance with
the class rules and sailing instructions. On the water, a boat can be        April 2010
instructed by a race committee measurer to proceed immediately to a          4 (Sun)        No Racing, Easter Long Weekend
designated area for inspection.                                              5 (Mon)        CHS Regatta (till Sat-10), Belmont

19     Support Boats                                                         May 2010
19.1   Support Boats must stay clear of all competing boats during           15 (Sat)       DJSC Presentation Night
       races unless they require immediate assistance.
                                                                                   5.2       If a race is abandoned, it will NOT be re-sailed excepting that if
19.2   The Sabot Silver fleet may be coached.                                                a club championship is abandoned, it will then be sailed at the
                                                                                             next sailing date unless otherwise notified by the Race

DJSC 2009/2010 Handbook                                         Page 12            DJSC 2009/2010 Handbook                                                  Page 5
                                   15     Scoring
6     Courses                      15.1   The Low Point System of Appendix A will apply. Provision A9
                                          will be in effect.

                                   15.2   If applicable, the point scores shall be determined as follows

                                   15.2.1 Club Championship: Lowest points on scratch in each fleet in
                                   the Club championship races, worst race discarded

                                   15.2.2 Spring Point score: Lowest points on handicap in all fleets
                                   before Christmas with the worst race discarded.

                                   15.2.3 Summer Point score: Lowest points on handicap in all fleets
                                   after Christmas with the worst race discarded.

                                   15.2.4 Fastest Time Point score: Lowest points on scratch in all fleets
                                   over the season with the three worst races discarded.

                                   15.2.5 Sprints: Lowest points on handicap and scratch with the worst
                                   combined day’s result discarded.

                                   15.4   Boats participating in association events of the same class may
                                          be awarded average points at the discretion of the race

                                          15.4.1 Average points will be calculated from a boats average
                                                 from handicap results to date. This score will be used
                                                 for both the scratch and handicap pointscore.

                                          15.4.2 Application of average points must be made in writing
                                                 prior to the relevant event.

                                   15.5   For the Spring, Summer, Fastest Time and Season pointscore
                                          in sprint races, the sum of the times will be used to calculate
                                          overall pointscore. If a boat is DNF in a sprint race, they will
                                          receive the time of the last boat in their fleet + 5 minutes.

DJSC 2009/2010 Handbook   Page 6   DJSC 2009/2010 Handbook                                         Page 11
14     Protests and Request for Redress                                     6.1 The courses are as follows:
14.1   Protest shall be delivered within the protest time limit to the
       principal race officer or race secretary.                              Sabot Silver
                                                                              1.NE     Start vicinity Snapper Is-4-91-1-Finish                      All to P
14.2   For each class, the protest time limit shall be 30 minutes after       2.E      Start vicinity crane on S shore of Cockatoo Is-4-1-5-        All to S
       the last boat has finished the last race of the day.                            Finish
                                                                              3.S/SE Start vicinity Club-1-9-50-Finish                              All to P
14.3   Notices of protest by the race committee or protest committee          4.W      Start vicinity crane on S shore of Cockatoo Is-5-1-4-        All to P
       will be posted to inform boats under rule 61.1(b).                              Finish
                                                                              5.NW     Start vicinity Club-50-9-1-Finish                            All to S
14.4   Breaches of sailing instructions 10.2, 16, 17.4 and 19 will not be     6.SW     Start vicinity Snapper Is-1-91-4-Finish                      All to S
       grounds for a protest by a boat. This changes rule 60.1(a).
       Penalties for these breaches may be less than disqualification if      Sabot Gold 2-Up
       the protest committee so decides.                                      1.NE    Start vicinity Snapper Is-40-5-1-40-1-40-1-Finish             All to P
                                                                              2.E     Start vicinity crane on S shore of Cockatoo Is-4-1-5-4-       All to S
                                                                              3.S/SE Start vicinity Club-1-9-60-1-60-1-60-Finish                    All to P
                                                                              4.W     Start vicinity crane on S shore of Cockatoo Is-5-1-4-5-       All to P
                                                                              5.NW    Start vicinity Club-60-9-1-60-1-60-1-Finish                   All to S
                                                                              6.SW    Start vicinity Snapper Is-1-5-4-1-4-1-4-Finish                All to S

                                                                              Sabot Gold 1-Up
                                                                              1.NE    Start vicinity Snapper Is-40-5-1-40-1-40-5-1-Finish           All to P
                                                                              2.E     Start vicinity crane on S shore of Cockatoo Is-4-1-5-4-       All to S
                                                                              3.S/SE Start vicinity Club-1-9-60-1-60-1-9-60-Finish                  All to P
                                                                              4.W     Start vicinity crane on S shore of Cockatoo Is-5-1-4-5-       All to P
                                                                              5.NW    Start vicinity Club-60-9-1-60-1-60-9-1-Finish                 All to S
                                                                              6.SW    Start vicinity Snapper Is-1-5-4-1-4-1-5-4-Finish              All to S

                                                                              Flying 11, Laser, Cherub, OK Dinghy and Historical 10’ Skiff
                                                                              1.NE     Start vicinity Snapper Is-40-7-1-40-1-40-7-1-Finish          All to P
                                                                              2.E      Start vicinity crane on S shore of Cockatoo-4-1-50-40-       All to S
                                                                              3.S/SE Start vicinity Club-1-9-6-1-6-1-9-6-Finish                     All to P
                                                                              4.W      Start vicinity crane on S shore of Cockatoo-5-1-4-50-        All to P
                                                                              5.NW     Start vicinity Club-60-9-1-60-1-60-1-Finish                  All to S
                                                                              6.SW     Start vicinity Snapper Is-1-7-40-1-40-1-7-40-Finish          All to S

                                                                              6.2     All Sabots shall pass Cockatoo Island to the South.

                                                                              6.3     Other than a shortened course, the finish will be in the vicinity of
                                                                                      the start.
DJSC 2009/2010 Handbook                                        Page 10        DJSC 2009/2010 Handbook                                             Page 7
7     Class Flags                                                         9        Marks
7.1   A boat’s warning signal shall be the hoisting of her class flag.    9.1      All marks except the pin will have an orange cone with the DSC
                                                                                   pennant. The pin mark will display an orange flag. Amendments
8     Racing Area                                                                  to these marks and flags will be displayed on the notice board.
8.1   Boats must keep to the channel side of fixed moorings.
                                                                          9.2      All rounding marks are laid marks, located in the vicinity of their
8.2   Boats are prohibited to pass between the area bordered by                    respective position as described below;
      Snapper Island and the North cardinal mark, Spectacle Island
      and the red danger marker to the north, Spectacle Island and        Mark 1        E of DSC Clubhouse, S of Snapper Island
      the barge anchoring piles to the northwest.                         Mark 4        W of Cove Street Wharf
                                                                          Mark 5        S of Pulpit Pt, W of Spectacle Island
                                                                          Mark 6        N of Wrights Pt, of Hunters Hill shore
                                                                          Mark 9        E of Spectacle Island Red Can channel mark, W of
                                                                                        Cockatoo Island
                                                                          Mark 40       E of Cockatoo Island, S Greenwich Point, of Birchgrove
                                                                          Mark 50       SE of Wolsely Street Wharf, W of Spectacle Island
                                                                          Mark 60       Between Wrights Point and Wolsely Street Wharf
                                                                          Mark 91       E of Spectacle Island, N of Snapper Island
                                                                          Mark 92       S of Spectacle Island, N of DSC Clubhouse
                                                                          CH            DSC Clubhouse
                                                                          CI            Cockatoo Island

                                                                          10       The Start
                                                                          10.1     Races will be started by using rule 26 not before 1315.

                                                                          10.2     Boats whose warning signal has not been made shall avoid the
                                                                                   starting area.

                                                                          10.3     A boat starting later than ten minutes after her starting signal will
                                                                                   be scored Did Not Start (DNS). This amends A4.

                                                                          11       Change to the next leg of the course
                                                                          To change the next leg of the course, the race committee will move the
                                                                          original mark (or the finishing line) to a new position.

                                                                          12       The Finish
                                                                          12.1     The finishing line will be between staffs displaying orange flags
                                                                                   on the finishing marks.

                                                                          13       Time Limits
                                                                          If a scratch start then time limit for each class is 2 hours and 30 minutes
                                                                          after the drop of their class flag. If a handicap start then the time limit for
                                                                          all classes is 2 hours after the drop of the scratch board.

DJSC 2009/2010 Handbook                                          Page 8   DJSC 2009/2010 Handbook                                               Page 9

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