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                                                           Since 1981
                                                                                             “Our experience is valued
                                                                                                  for a lifetime”

                                        The Value and Importance of Our Alumni
                                                      Louis Gyori, Camp Director

        It is really exciting to think about                                               continued interest in the camp.
    and appreciate the extent to which                                                     The reputation of Camp Can-Aqua
    Can-Aqua campers, JRCs and                                                             is a very complex phenomenon,
    staff carry away with them a sense                                                     acquired slowly and painstakingly
    of continuing to belong to camp                                                        over the 30 years of our existence.
    and an ongoing commitment to it.                                                       I had a vision of what I wanted
    Our alumni are in a very real sense                                                    Camp Can-Ski / Can-Aqua to be
    the Camp Can-Aqua ‘family’, and                                                        but it is the alumni who are the
    this in itself means that alumni                                                       light of this vision - it is really quite
    relations are deeply important to                                                      remarkable!
    the success of the camp today and                                                          I think it's important, in times
    well into the future.                          Assistant Director, Grant Wren          where parents are bombarded with
        I believe one specific issue               with alumni, Lindsay Duncan &           concerns such as the economy
                                                   Catherine Mudie
    regarding the relationship of our                                                      and their children are faced with so
    alumni is that together we share a                                                     many options, we continue to work
                                                 campers, and thus we greatly
    common belief that the camp                                                            together to build and to strengthen
                                                 value opportunities to bring alumni
    experience is important for the                                                        Can-Aqua's reputation and image.
                                                 back to camp for events in which
    development and fulfillment of                                                         And so for these and other
                                                 they can interact with campers and
    children and, as demonstrated by                                                       reasons that I haven't mentioned, I
                                                 their parents through, for example,
    the many testimonials from both                                                        sense that building strong
                                                 the family camp weekend or to
    campers and their parents, plays a                                                     partnerships with our alumni is of
                                                 spend time during the summer as
    significant role in the future well-                                                   vital importance to the future
                                                 visiting counsellors.
    being of those campers who have                                                        success of Camp Can-Aqua.
                                                     Finally, it goes without saying
    graced our 5-star Rustic cabins.
                                                 that alumni enhance the reputation
        I think our alumni also serve as
                                                 of the camp through their
    role models for our current

             Alumni Speak . . .
                 Jamie Miller, 1999 – 2005 wrote:                      to teach me – Louis Gyori, Camp Can-Aqua Director.
                  “A few weeks ago, I was given an English            He was my mentor . . . the falls may be hard and painful, but
                 assignment to write about a time / lesson in my      the sense of accomplishment makes you overlook all the
               life where I learned some valuable lessons I still     pain. I often found myself falling with my mouth wide open
use today. I thought hard about a good topic that would               and swallowing water from smiling. Other than learning how
blow my teacher’s mind. Since this assignment was given               to actually bare-foot, I learned some incredible life skills:
to me near the end of October, and I was still thinking about         perseverance, courage, believing in myself, self discipline,
camp, all the great memories, it only                                 and not to get discouraged.”
seemed right for my story to be from
camp. Here is an excerpt:                                             About This Newsletter
 “the warm calm, lake and the setting
                                                                         The Mail Label on the envelope includes a number (i.e.
sun, is always so inviting for a bare-
footer. This summer I experienced one of                              97, 102, and 104). The number indicates the last year you
                                                                      attended camp. We will automatically send Camp Can-
the greatest [moments] of my life. For those
                                                                      Aqua Alumni News to anyone who was at camp in 2003
of you who do not know what bare-footing is –
                                                                      (103) or later. If your last year at camp was prior to 2002
it’s a lot like water-skiing, but with one incredible twist, no
                                                                      and wish to receive the Alumni News, you must let us know
skis are needed, just your feet. I was fortunate enough to
                                                                      by completing and returning the attached form.
have one of the best in the bare-footing business

                                              What Can I Do As An Alumni
                          Write a Letter about your experience at Camp and what Camp means to you now.
                          Plan to come for a visit or to work for a day or two.
                          Introduce a Kid to Camp by bringing them for a Tour
                          Tell Can-Aqua about a family that should receive an info package or personal contact.
Bring a Kid to Camp                                              Be a Counsellor Again
                 You already know the value, importance               Come and join a growing legion of alumni who return to
              and fun camp can be. Now, share the secret         Camp each summer for a few days. These intrepid, once-
             with a young person you know. Whether it’s          upon-a-time counsellors volunteer a day or two or a week to
             your own children, a niece or nephew, or a kid      reconnect with camp life.
             you think will benefit from the positive                 What can you expect? Well, for starters, we will put you
            experience camp provides, jump in the car and        to work. Just like your days on staff, you will be assigned to
            come for a tour and a visit.                         activities. Ben Liston (’08) and Karl Hout (’06) moved right
               Nothing answers the question “is camp for         in and were a valuable resource during the summer.
           me?” better than a tour. Meet some of our great            You will demonstrate those rare qualities of leadership,
           counsellors, hang in a cabin, and see activities in   entertainer, humorist and friend that made you a valuable
           action.                                               staff member in the past. Catherine Mudie (’03) seamlessly
               There is no one better we can think of to         filled in on the waterfront and Sofia Guay (06) shared her
          introduce a young person to camp than you! Call        knowledge and wisdom with today’s staff and campers.
today to arrange a time for your visit!                          Jason Bornstein (07) easily filled in at Woodworking, like Al
                                                                 was never there. Jason Vopni (’04) was on fire with
Your Experience is Important to Us!                              enthusiasm and demonstrated his expertise at Campcraft.
                                                                 But, most of all, they had fun!
You are important to us. Whether you were Camper, Junior              Thanks for your energetic contributions! Their visit was
Counsellor or Staff member your contribution created             memorable and exciting. Imagine - you can still contribute
‘memories for a lifetime.” Many of you formed friendships        to “memories that last a lifetime!”
that have survived and thrived well after camp. As Alumni,            In return we provide room and meals and the unique
you know the enjoyment, fun and positive impact camp can         opportunity to re-live the camp experience. We only ask
have on a young person’s life. There are no better               that you call in advance to make arrangements for your visit.
spokespeople than those who have experienced camp first               So, as you think ahead to next summer, and booking
hand.                                                            time off the job, think about Can-Aqua and coming to Camp
        To help us pass this message on to parents and           one more time! We would love to have you!
campers of today, we invite you to send us a short note
telling us how camp affected your life. We will use one story
in our Camper Fall and Winter Newsletters to help parents
understand the true long-term benefits of camp. We are truly
grateful for your time to help us keep the Can-Aqua
experience alive.

                                         A TIME TO REMEMBER!
                                                    Camp Can-Aqua 2008
                                                       Jamie Zancai

   As the sun rose over the cool waters of Beaver Lake            the staff welcomed 130 campers for the first session of the
one beautiful spring morning, an enthusiastic group of            summer.
young adults reunited on the grounds of Can-Aqua for two            As the Dinning Hall bell rang melodically campers
                exciting months of hard work and play.            gathered for their first meal together. From D-I-S-C-O to
                Thirteen individuals, from far and wide,          Journey they sang it all, especially a rowdy rendition of
                 worked exceptionally hard to prepare Can-        Johnny Apple Seed in thanks for being reunited once
                  Aqua for the eager, waiting campers of          again!
                 2008. From cold mornings to buggy                  At supper’s end they were greeted by a crazy
                afternoons, the May / June crew worked            magician who told them a story of an
through it all. They were unstoppable!                            estranged alliance. She explained how she
   A major accomplishment included the intense                    herself was once part of the alliance but
construction of a beautiful waterfront fence created with         was sadly removed - due to her messy
huge, limestone rocks and thick, cedar logs.                      ways! She told them the only way she
   After some unique dance lessons, where                         could become a part of the alliance again
they learned interesting moves, such as                           was for campers to clean their cabins.
the peacock, the May / June crew was                              Feeling compassion toward the magician
ready to welcome the activity councilors                          and her woes, the Can-Aqua campers did what they could.
for some well prepared training.                                  They cleaned and organized and decorated their cabins to
Everything went by in a blur and before they                      the very best of their abilities.
stopped to think, a full week passed and it was time for 1          After cleaning the deepest, darkest corners of their
session to kick off. With orange, creamsicle-coloured staff       cabins they were ready for activities. On
shirts, kaki shorts, Birkenstock sandals, and gobs of             the water, kayakers put it into high gear - Kevin and Billy
enthusiasm,                                                       earned their master instructors after mastering that oh so
desired FULL ROLL! In canoeing, Tyler Bay became one            luggage down to the parking lot where their journey began
with his canoe paddle completing his                            just two short weeks earlier.
Pioneer Award after two years of                                   The beginning of third session was ushered in with
dedication and hard work.                                       massive amounts of rain!! Every day the sun played hide-
Meanwhile, in photography Arnaud                                and-go-seek with campers and staff, sometimes hiding
Dorval used his inventive                                       behind clouds and sending rain in torrential down pours.
imagination to create some outstanding                          The rain became an ally and spirits ran high among the
ghostly pinhole pictures in the play-field, while down in       campers who played through the bad weather and made
Archery, Mitchell Pham shot his way to a Hawkeye award.         third session unforgettably memorable.
Outstanding!                                                       This was the session of the Golden Ski! Skiers ripped
   After a week of activities, hard work and most               through the wakes improving their skills and techniques
importantly fun, the camp was suddenly transformed into a       with every chance they got. Some, like Shawn Lachance-
                    giant jukebox! Rock, Metal, Pop, and Rap    Coward and Will Stuart took home a Gold Basic skiing
                    battled for the title of Best Music Form    award. Meanwhile, at knee-boarding Alex Lachance-
                    Ever, in the July 2008 Olympic Games.       Coward was awarded Gold after nailing the extremely
                    The weekend was filled with highlights,     difficult Wake 180!
                    exciting competitions and tremendous fun       From Travis starting barefoot and making a tricky pass
but in the end only one team claimed victory. . . and it was    around the lake, to the staff’s ski show, dreams became
POP!                                                                              reality where everyone pushed the limits to
   As the first session ended, campers took a moment to                           an absolute max!
reflect on the past two weeks in the wonderful land of Can-                          Until next year skiers, remember:
Aqua and promised one another they would reunite yet                              “Knees bent, arms straight, head-up! Push
again next year.                                                                  yourself and you will conquer all your
   However, for the staff their summer at camp was far                            challenges!” (Harley – Ski AC 2008).
from over. As first session ended, second session was just         Having enjoyed an amazing first three sessions, Can-
around the corner including an entire new group of              Aqua staff and campers weren’t about to give up on the
energized campers. Excitedly, the staff gathered in the         fourth! Stacked on top of the usual excitement of activities
parking lot to greet the new campers arriving in cars,          and evening programs, the Staff Tribal Games had
minivans, SUVs and buses!                                       everyone cheering their favourite team! The tension
   Second session started off with a bang! Campers from         mounted with each event as fierce competitors from both
far and wide gathered around the campfire and performed         teams squared off in events such as canoeing, swim relay,
memorable skits such as Imagination Land starring Freddy        photography, tripping and floor hockey! In the end, Cree
in his tight, bright-red jeans and magical voice that hit       won – yet again – maintaining their Staff Tribal Games
unbelievable notes. Eric and his Blue Jays put on a             dominance over Ojibwa! (Can you say 4 nothing!)
fantastic show “A Blast From The Blue Jay’s Past”, where           As the first week of 4 session ended, the Staff Tribal
they performed fantastic skits from 90s pop culture. It sure    Games wound down – and just in the nick of time –
was a blast!                                                    Without warning, the most cynical and evil villains known
         Session two was the session of awards! With the                         to campkind, crept into Can-Aqua, plotting
        introduction of the Cabin Cup, campers strived for                           its destruction. Fortunately, Superman,
             more awards than ever! In Archery, Andrew                               Batman and many more super-heroes
              Watson and Alex Evans shot their way to                                saved the Can-Aqua residents thwarting
              victory, winning well a deserved Chieftain                            the evil doers. What an incredible theme
           award. Meanwhile, at the water-front, campers                         day!
             worked like busy beavers, absorbing as much           More powerful then a locomotive, faster then a speeding
             knowledge as humanly possible. At kayaking,        bullet, the summer of 2008 came to an end. We
Shawn Phyper and Luka Marcoux completed their Otter             experienced many fantastic, memorable events. We
levels after mastering the full roll. While on the other side   renewed old friendships and made new ones! I know I
of camp, Timmy Robinson scored his Woodsman and                 speak for the entire staff when I say, “Without you, none of
Tyler Bay his Survival, the highest achievements at             this could happen – you are our sunshine, our laughter
Campcraft.                                                      and our joy –
   As each cabin prepared skits for Air                                             “THANK-YOU!”
Bands, Can-Aqua was magically transformed
into a jungle for the Jumanji theme day.
Following a tough battle with the persistent
Hunter, jungle animals and climate changes,
Team Allan finally beat the challenging
board game and set things back to the way it used to be!
              After an exhausting weekend the second
                    session campers relaxed on the beach,
                     listened to some sweet tunes and
                     enjoyed Club Med with Marcel the DJ
                     who floated up great sound waves with
                  his outstanding musical taste.
                   With second session quickly approaching                 See You Next Summer!
an end, the campers packed up and schlepped their
Editor’s Note: In last year’s Alumni News, I included the 1994 Program Story. I was impressed by your comments and
encouragement to include Program Stories from other years gone by. So, here it is: 1997’s Program Story. It is impossible to
include the entire story from that year since we included stories from every Activity Counsellor that year. The complete
package of stories is available for your reading pleasure in the Fun-Ski Lodge. In the meantime I hope you enjoy Mark’s
reminiscence from 1997 . . .

Remember When . . .
                                           PROGRAM COUNSELLOR’S STORY
                                                  (Mark Avery)

There is no doubt about it, it was an                              to make Can-Aqua money at Wall Street
amazing summer for all campers at Can-                             where they could then spend it at the
Aqua. Campers signed up for a huge                                 auction after. The game show
variety of activities and earned                                   Extravaganza and Real Estate Night
plenty of awards. One older camper,                                were heart stopping and spectacles
Louis Dorval, proved that he was a                                 such as seeing Louis arrested for not
true master in several activities as                               paying his property taxes. Thanks to
he earned the “Award of Merit”. This                               the help of our faithful campers,
much sought after award requires that                              enough money was raised to buy back
a camper have Bronze Cross and the                                 the camp at the end of the day. Other
highest award in four activities (at                               favourites included Woodstock,
least one land and one water).                                     Airbands, Midway and of course
                                                                   campfires. Campers always waited with
This year there were some special                                  excitement for the announcement of
activities such as Art with Arne that                              each evening program at
great guy with the white beard. There                              suppertime...What will it be tonight?
were taffy pulls where campers learned
about maple syrup and tasted it over                               On the weekends in the middle of the
real snow. Two new sessions included                               sessions there was a change in pace as
“Magic with Matt” where Matt revealed                              we had theme days. In first and third
some of his magic tricks and                                       session the Can-Aqua Olympics once
“Adventures in Archery” where campers                              again tested the skills of campers in
played Archery bingo! There were wagon                             swim races, boat regattas and Track
rides with Dan (the maintenance and                                and Field events. The WALO and other
flapjack man) to the next lake-what a                              team events often determined the
blast! In third and fourth sessions                                winning team. In second session
there was instrument and boat making                               Dorothy found herself in an unfamiliar
with Washboard Hank and his wife Jo-                               land but met some great friends to
Ellen. Also considered a special                                   travel with--the Tin Man, the Lion and
activity was Can-Save where a handful                              the Scarecrow. The wizard was revealed
of campers learned useful first aid                                in the end. To everyone’s surprise it
skills.                                                            was an old man. In fourth session we
                                                                   travelled back into the Medieval Times
Evening programs were a blast once                                 with every Lord and Lady learning
again this year. There is nothing like                             skills such as log rolling, catapult
an intense game of Capture the Flag,                               launching and even the Bucking Bronco.
Mission Impossible, or the ever famous                             In the afternoon a medieval storm
strip the counsellor. Another                                      forced a modification of the program
favourite was Indian Council with                                  and the Rambo Run took campers through
fabulous fires, torches, legends,                                  the best mud puddles around. The
dances, and of course the                                          quieter afternoon was appreciated
competitions. What colour will the                                 after the huge field feast lunch with
square in the dining hall be? Red or                               corn on the cob.
Blue. Casino night saw campers
spending and winning the ever famous                                           What a fabulous summer!
Can-Aqua rhutabaga. Campers also tried

                                                         Keep In Touch . . .
                                          You can reach us at the Camp at 613-339-2969
                        Or drop us a letter to 503 Beaver Lake Dr., P.O. Box 70, Cardiff, On., K0L 1M0
                                  If it’s more convenient you can e-mail us a info@canaqua.ca.
                                                 Better yet plan to come for a visit

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