8th Grade Spelling Lessons

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					                               8th Grade Spelling Lessons

The spelling lessons you’ll study in 8th grade each focus on a specific spelling rule.
Each lesson will be worth 45 points to you.
   The homework is worth 25 points. It is due each Day 1.
         o The homework is broken into 4 sections (A1 & B1 – side one of each
             lesson and A2 & B2 – side two of each lesson).
         o A1, A2, and B2 are worth 5 points each.
         o B1 will need to be done on a separate piece of looseleaf paper and
             stapled to the lesson. It needs to be done IN PEN in order for it to be
             graded. It is worth 10 points.
         o Correct homework will receive full credit. Incomplete or incorrect
             work will have points deducted.
         o All work needs to be done in pen. None of the work may be done on
             the computer.
   The quizzes will be given on Day 1. They are worth 20 points.

We will have a pre-test for each lesson on Day 2 and review the rules for the next
lesson. If you get 100% on that pretest, you’ll only have to do the Part B1 (the part
done on looseleaf) and ANY 1 of the other 3 sections. You MUST have the
homework ticket attached to your homework in order to receive full credit for the

Keep all spelling lises, lessons, and these directions in the spelling portion of your
                                     Spelling Lesson 1

Focus: Silent E words and suffixes
Generalization: A suffix is a word ending that changes the use of a word. When you add a
suffix that begins with a vowel to a word that ends with a silent e, drop that final e.

Place a check next to any word that you think you may need to focus on.

      please              pleasant
      resemble            resemblance
      propose             proposal
      practice            practical
      ignite              ignition
      enclose             enclosure
      finance             financial
      rescue              rescuing
      raise               raising
      relate              relative
      observe             observant
      guide               guidance
      rehearse            rehearsal
      globe               global
      indicate            indication
      legislate           legislature
      race                racial
      argue               arguing
      write               writing
      cooperate           cooperative