On-Demand ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) by lgc15596


									On-Demand ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)



We recommend hosted Openbravo ERP for companies to manage their resources, processes
and finance.


Openbravo ERP is an integrated, web-based, open source ERP solution that is developed by a
vibrant open-source community and backed by a company for advanced support.


Openbravo ERP is developed on a revolutionary architecture, that makes it simple to customize and exte

We can setup Openbravo for your company in our servers and provide support, customizations and othe

                       here .
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On-Demand ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)



List of features available in Openbravo ERP:

    -   Procurement Management
    -   Warehouse Management
    -   Production Management
    -   Materials Requirement Planning
    -   Project and Service Management
    -   Sales Management
    -   Financial Management

More details on the features at Openbravo ERP - Product features page .

{tab=Technical Specifications}


Openbravo version: Openbravo ERP 2.35 MP4 Community Edition


Operation system: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4


On-Demand ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Database: PostgreSQL


Application stack:

    - Jave Platform Standard Edition
    - Apache Tomcat
    - Apache Ant






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