Paul's Chrome Plating, Inc

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                                 Paul's Chrome Plating, Inc.

(724) 538-3367                                                                    90 PATTISON STREET
(800) 245-8679                                                                    EVANS CITY, PA 16033
(724) 538-3403       FAX

      As one of the leading custom chrome platers in the country, we understand the
      importance of listening to your customers and working diligently to exceed their
      expectations on every job. Core Compliance Group shares this business philosophy and
      has consistently provided us with an exceptional level of service on all or our safety and
      environmental needs. With their guidance we have greatly enhanced safety programs for
      our employees, attained and maintained compliance with OSHA and environmental
      regulations, and successfully divested a Brownfields site formerly listed within the
      Pennsylvania Land Recycling (Act 2) Program. We are extremely satisfied with their
      performance and dedication and will rely on their expertise to keep our employees safe
      and our operations compliant for years to come.


       James Hespenheide
       Chief Executive Officer
       Paul's Chrome Plating
       Evans City, Pa