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                                                                                                               SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER
                                                                                                                Special Introductory Practitioner
                                                                                                                Package now available.
                                                                                                                CD-ROM, Book, Remedies Starter Kit
                                                                                                                and Training Program.

    Now for the first time the science of Homeopathy is made simple and accessible.
    After 25 years of research, leading Australian Homeopath, Dr Jaya Krishnan has
    developed a unique and advanced computerised system. Jayapathics is so effective
    because it eliminates costly trial and error treatment time for both Practitioner and Patient.
    The Jayapathics program not only incorporates the Repertory but also selects the potencies
    of the remedies thus providing a complete treatment protocol for ongoing constitutional
    The proof of the effectiveness of these treatments is in the testimonial section of
    Dr Krishnan's book Jayapathics – Beyond Homeopathy.

                                                                                                                              DAN WINTER SEMINARS
                                                                                                                                   The Sacred Geometry of
                                                                                                                                   Love – A multimedia visual
                                                                                                                                    extravaganza about the
                                                                                                                                    Science of Self-empowering
                                                                                                                                    transcendence, and drug-
                                                                                                                                    free Bliss Thursday October
                                                                                                                                    24th 7.30pm to 10.30pm
                                                                                                                                   The Physics of Emotion
                                                                                                                                  and Bliss: A Fractal Grail
                                                                                                                                in DNA – How DNA braids and
                                                                                                                          unites with your heart and
                                                                                                                      consciousness to create bliss and how
                                                                                   musical waveforms associated with emotions turn out to embed pure
                                                                                   geometry. Experience for yourself the new LoveMusic Heart Tuner.
                                                                                   Saturday October 26th 9.30am to 5.30pm $149
                                                                                   How Hearts and Genes Create Gravity – The Compression
                                                                                   of Charge
                                                                                   Discover the principles behind the fractal ability of life force to attract and
                                                                                   self-organize charge. The role of DNA and bliss in fabricating the coherent
                                                                                   centering gravity force behind the evolution of planet atmospheres and
                                                                                   stars. Sunday October 27th 9.30am to 5.30pm $149
                                                                                   Heart Tuner Training – A Practical Workshop on
                                                                                   the Clinical Applications for Professional and
                                                                                   Personal use
                                                                                   Wednesday November 6th 10am to 4pm $149
                                                                                   Venue: Conscious Living Conference Centre,
                                                                                   6th floor, 445 Hay St, Perth
                                                                                   Book you tickets now call Conscious Living
                                                                                   tel 08 9388 8066
                                                                                   Conscious Living Members and Earlybirds save 15%


Where: The Robinson Pavilion
Showgrounds Exhibition Centre,                  The Conscious Living Expo
Claremont, Western Australia
Open 4 Days: 31 October to 3
                                              October 31 to November 3, 2002
November, 2002                                Welcome to the 14th annual Conscious Living Expo. Discover Australia’s
Thursday 10am to 9pm; Friday 10am to          most exciting and extensive showcase of products, services and information
7pm; Saturday 10am to 7pm; Sunday             for the body, mind and soul at this year’s Conscious Living Expo.
10am to 7pm                                   From complementary medicine, natural nutrition and fitness, to psychic and
Free Parking: Entry via a) Gate 5, off        spiritual healing you will find over 150 displays alongside an impressive
Graylands Road; b) Gate 8, off Ashton         and inspirational program of events including seminars, workshops,
Avenue                                        experiential meditations and live entertainment.
Trains: Train services run from 9.15am to     Our theme this year is the Power of Peace. Never before on our planet has it been so vital
7.30pm each day. We’re easy to find from      that we find ways to bring peace – to our earth and to our human family. When each of us
the Showgrounds Station. Just make your       creates inner peace we have the power to create peace everywhere. Come to our Opening
way across the arena to the Exhibition        Forum on Thursday evening and share your ideas with our panel of keynote speakers on the
Centre.                                       Science of Peace, Spirituality and the Evolution of Human Consciousness.
Admission:                                    Peacefully Yours,
Adults                               $13
Advance Purchase/CL Members          $10
Concession (Thur & Fri only)         $10
Children 12 – 17 years                 $6     Patricia Hamilton Founder Director
Children under 12 years              Free
Family                               $30
4 Day Pass (Advance purchase)        $30
2 Day Pass                           $20         WIN DOOR PRIZES
Workshop tickets (2 hour)            $25
                        CL Members $21                                      A Luxury Stay for 2 people at Wilgarup Lodge in
Workshop tickets (3 hour)            $35                                    the quiet and relaxing heart of the South-West. Stay 2 nights
                        CL Members $30                                      and enjoy bush walks, relaxing outdoor heated spa and tennis.
Admission tickets may be ordered up to 2                                    Located close to Manjimup and Pemberton close to wineries
weeks in advance by October 15th. See                                       and the famous karri forests. Continental breakfast with
form on page 15… or purchased at the                                        dinner and picnic hampers available on request. South West
ticket counter at the Expo.                                                 Highway, Manjimup, WA 6285 Tel 08 9771 1991
Banking: The Conscious Living Shop has                            
an Eftpos facility available, plus you will
also find a BankWest ATM open opposite
the Robinson Pavilion.                          Birkenstock Sandals: The healthy good for your
For the Disabled: No problems at all. All       feet German Sandal is the utmost in footware which
areas of the Expo have wheelchair access.     cares. Win a pair of the latest fashion sandals of your
Volunteers: Join in the excitement and                       choice from B Store For Birkenstock.
fun by being a volunteer. Call now to                            21 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, WA,
reserve your place in our Expo Team.                                      6008 Tel 08 9381 2209
Founder Director:
   Patricia Hamilton
Exhibition Sales Manager:                                            Win a stunning Salt Crystal Lamp: Salt Crystal Lamps are
   Gene Shepherd                                                      not only visually attractive, many people have remarked that they
Exhibition Sales Consultant:
                                                                      have a "special energy" that they find "relaxing", "calming" and
   Tonia Ricciardi
Adminstration:                                                        "balancing to the energies in any room they are placed". Infinite
   Tania De Freitas                                                    Choice International is giving away a stunning 4 Kg Salt Crystal
Publicity:                                                            Lamp valued at $220. Tel 0407 407 055
   Heather Travers
Email us:
Mail:      PO Box 401 Leederville WA 6903
Phone: (08) 9388 8066
Fax:       (08) 9388 8166
Website:                                      Thank you to our sponsors:
Conscious Living Co-Creations Pty Ltd ATF
the PH Trust

                                                  CONSCIOUS LIVING EXPO OCTOBER 31 – NOVEMBER 3 2002                                       3
Friendly fun and festive
                                                   Dolores Cannon (USA) – world renown author and psychic researcher
                                                   Dan Winter (USA) – Sacred Geometry Expert and co-developer of the Heart Tuner
                                                   Sashikala Ananth (India) – Vastu Shastra Sacred Architecture Author and Teacher

                                                      NEW ATTRACTIONS
                                                                                                                See the Heart Tuner
                                                                                                                in action. Hear the musical
                                                                                                                keynote signature of your heart.
                                                                                                                Measure your heart waves and
                                                                                                                check out your love
                                                                                                                compatibility with your partner.

                                                                                                                Have a Mole Reading
                                                                                                                – find out about your character
                                                                                                                and destiny from one of India’s
                                                                                                                foremost Masters of Vastu Shastra.
Justin Langer Opening batsman for
the Australian Test Cricket Team will launch                                                                    Experience the
his new book "The Power of Passion" on                                                                          healing power of
stage at 1.30pm Saturday 2nd
November. Justin shares how his
                                                                                                                the Gentle Wind
involvement with meditation has contributed                                                                     Instrument Savour the
towards his success in sport.                                                                                   Sandalwood. Sense & Sound
                                                                                                                Gong experience as you
Sciona Browne Runner Up in the                                                                                  meditate inside the Peace Dome.
Australian Survivor Channel Nine Television
Series. Free Seminar Sunday 2pm to 3pm             The Power of Peace Opening Ceremony
in the Lecture Theatre.                            The Expo will be officially inaugurated with a Healing Power of Peace Ceremony at 6.30pm on
                                                   Thursday October 31. The ceremony will feature a sacred fire ritual, followed by a healing
Sciiona shares her story and explains the
                                                   accompanied by didgeridoo, drumming, gong and dancing.
spiritual basis of her success in the Australian
Survivor television series. From her               Science, Spirituality and Peace
professional career as an aviation test pilot to   Join our International and Australian Keynote Speakers in the Opening Forum –
her life in a yoga ashram Sciona is an             7.00pm to 9.00pm Thursday 31st October
inspirational woman who encourages people          Come and hear about the latest discoveries of psychic and scientific research about the
to take on the adventures of life and to live      emergence of a new perception of the universe and the future of our evolution as human
with passion.                                      beings. Parallel universes and multiple dimensions – once the realm of psychic phenomena –
                                                   are now being validated by the leading physicists to explain the nature and origin of the
                                                   universe. A new physics of peace is emerging which could make it possible to teach and train
                                                   individuals and groups how to experience the emotions of peace, love, and compassion.
                                                   Dolores Cannon (USA) – Author, Regressionist and Psychic Researcher
                                                   Yvonne Evans (Victoria) – Corporate consciousness consultant
                                                   Steve Birkbeck (WA) – Founder & CEO of The Sandalwood Factory, Mount Romance, WA
                                                   Dr Diana J. Hodgson (Tasmania) – Researcher into healing technologies and subliminal Dan
                                                   Winter (USA) – Sacred Geometry expert and co-developer of the Heart Tuner communication.
                                                   Sashikala Ananth (India) – Author, Vasu Shastra and Sacred Space
                                                   Dan Winter (USA) – Sacred Geometry Expert and co-developer of the Heart Tuner

                                                      LIVE ON STAGE
                                                   Belly Dancing, African Drumming, Folk Music, Didgeridoo, Qi Qong, Tai Chi
The Natural Health & Lifestyle Festival for Everyone
                                                Eco-Harmonize Your Home & Garden
                                                Harmonize your house with Salt Crystal Lamps and Vastu Shastra the ancient Indian art of feng
                                                shui and sacred space. Discover Earth friendly Permaculture
                                                Garden Design, rain water tanks, Healing Herb Plants and
                                                Flowers, Organic fruit and vegetables.
                                                Relax Your Mind & Find Inner Peace
                                                Walk the Spiral Labyrinth of Peace. Experience
                                                meditations every hour inside the Peace Dome.
                                                Discover the Keys to Wealth
                                                and Happiness
                                                Find out how to become more successful and
                                                spiritual. Get intuitive direction in your life
 Feast on Fabulous                              from our Psychic consultants. Learn how to
                                                improve your health, wealth and
 Healthy Food                                   happiness.
 Enjoy nutritious gourmet food, vegetarian
 and organic, fresh baked healthy bread,        Attend Free Seminars
 fruit and vegetable juices and delicious       every hour in the
 natural barbequed free range chicken.          Lecture Theatre
 Savour the soul food of Indian curries.        Don’t miss the exciting workshops
 Sample the natural taste of healthy organic    with renown International and
 and local wines.                               Australian authors and teachers.

                                                       EXHIBITOR LIST                                   (Business / Stand Number)

                                                   Absolute Healing Centre           P11   Gecko Mountain                      67   Mole Reading & Indian Feng Shui ??
                                                   Ajita’s Vege Chips                 26   Gourmet Chevups                     10   Moon-Haven Soaps & Potions      M8
                                                   APS Therapy                       P10   Gynaecological Awareness                 Murakami Trading                M1
                                                   Angel Wings Healing Service        P7   Network                            N10   Natureco Health Centre           99
                                                   Lynette Airey – Pulse Diagnosis    P1   Harmony Wellbeing                   P9   Nolly’s On Hay                F2-F3
                                                   Annalakshmi                        F4   Happy High Herbs                    78   Benita Perera                  R15
                                                   Artemis                          53A    Hare Krishna Food For Life          F4   Performance Coaching &
                                                   Aura Photo & Full Body Auras        7   Hart Life Coaching                  59   Clearing Sessions                P8
 Beautify & Balance                                Aura Photographs                   47   Health Arena                     89-98   Playways WA                      82
                                                   B Store For Birkenstock          M15    Highline Water Tanks                G2   Polarity Therapy                P13
 Your Body                                         Brownes Dairy Cancer Support Centre     Humane Society WA                   N9   Reflexology Association WA       ??
 Relax your body with a reflexology foot           for Cancer & Leukemia            N11    Indian Astrology (Vedic)           R20   Refresh Pure Water              109
                                                   Bodhi’s Bakery                     20   Infinite Choice International       56   Reflexology Association         102
 massage or head massage.                                                                                                           Sandalwood Factory               68
                                                   Bowen Therapy Academy of                Jayapathics                         41
 Have a health check with a Spine Scan,            Australia                       P3-P4   K & B Candles                       25   Satori Music                     66
 Heart Check, Allergy Testing, Iridology and       Denise Boyde                      R10   David Lane                         R11   Science and Health               N6
                                                   Chinese Acupuncture Massage        P6   Laughing Witch                     R13   Seasons Funerals                 53
 Pulse Diagnosis. Get your ears cleaned with       College of Energy Medicine Medical      Leprosy Mission                  N1-N3   SEDO Energy Smart               111
 the ancient Hopi Indian art of Ear Candling.      Intuitive                          54   Life Check                      N13-17   Serendipity Laboratories         60
                                                   Conscious Living Magazine & Shop 18     Life Coaching                       33   Shiatsu                         P12
 Boost your immune system with                     Dr Cohen’s Lifstyle Clinic          9                                            Sound Therapy International      40
                                                                                           Life Force Kinesiology              P5
 Homeopathics – the drug free medicine of          Didgeridoo Breath                M10    Life Design Trainings/Gentle Hands 62    Spine.scan                       52
 the future.                                       Gerry Ding                         58   Long Life Enterprises               77   Synergy Natural Health Clinic M11
                                                   Eckankar Society WA              N12    Living Essences of Australia         8   Verissima Natural Skincare      M3
 Beautify your skin with natural chemical          Easepal                            57   Luna Palace Cinemas                  3   Vale Satori                      R1
 free products and aromatherapy oils.              Earthstone Fire and Ice           M7    Mac Nuts WA                         M5   Vesna Shalom                   R12
                                                   East Fremantle Vet Clinic          65   Manfred                             R2   Vitality 4 Life                  48
 Savour the sensual sandalwood perfumes.           Experience the Healing Power            Mannatech                          108   Viva Life Photography            19
 De-stress with essential oils, herbal blends      of Ki                             P17   Massage Professionals              117   Well Men Program                 N7
                                                   Falun Dafa                         N4   Metakinetics                        P2   Will the Wizard                  R1
 and aromatic teas.                                Free Spirit                       R14                                            World Vision                    103
                                                                                           Midland Seventh Day
 Ease pain with wildflower essences and            Gardeners Direct                   G7   Adventist Church                    21   Wow Jewellry Design            M16
 plant based medicines.

                                                         CONSCIOUS LIVING EXPO OCTOBER 31 – NOVEMBER 3 2002                                                               5

                                                      Dolores Cannon                                                  (USA)
                                                      Dolores Cannon is a past-life regressionist and hypnotherapist who
                                                      specializes in the recovery and cataloging of "Lost Knowledge".
                                                      She is one of the world’s leading experts on the prophecies of
                                                      Nostradamus. Her three volumes "Conversations With
                                                      Nostradamus" which interprets all 1000 of Nostradamus
                                                      prophecies has been in print since 1989. During the past fifteen
                                                      years Dolores has been a UFO investigator, using her skills as a
                                                      regressionist to help people who have been involved in abduction
                                                      cases. She has written several books on the UFO information which
                                                      volunteers have revealed while under hypnosis. These include
                                                      Legend of the Starcrash, Keepers of the Garden, The Custodians
                                                      and her latest book The Convoluted Universe.
                                                      She was the first American and the first foreigner to receive the
                                                      prestigious "Orpheus Award" in Bulgaria, for the highest
                                                      advancement in the research of psychic phenomenon

            Life Between                               Jesus and the                            The Nostradamus

            Lives                                      Essenes                                  Prophecies
            Thursday October 31                        Friday November 1st                      Sunday November 3rd
            11am – 1pm                                 1.30-3.30pm                              10.30am - 1.30pm
            $25 CL $21                                 $25 CL $21                               $35 CL $30
            Dolores Cannon has accumulated             The material recorded in her book        Never before has the threat of world-
            information about the Death                "Jesus and the Essenes" focuses on       wide destruction loomed so large on
            experience and what lies beyond            direct dialogues between a modern        the horizon. Many events which were
            through 16 years of hypnotic research      researcher and a member of the           described by Dolores Cannon in the 3
            and past-life therapy. While retrieving    Qumran Essene community,. Through        volume set , "Conversations with
            past-life experiences, hundreds of         her research into the life of Jesus ,    Nostradamus" , have already come to
            subjects reported the same memories        Dolores reveals previously unrecorded    pass and they are still the most
            when experiencing their death, the         information about the connection of      accurate interpretations of
            spirit realm, and their rebirth. Learn     Jesus' teachings to earlier traditions   Nostradamus’ s prophecies ever
            about our guides and guardian              and the role of women in the Essene      printed. In this workshop, Dolores
            angels, ghosts and poltergeists, our       community . Learn about the purpose      shares insights into the events
            perceptions of God and the Devil and       of the community, the birth and          Nostradamus foresaw rushing toward
            the significance of "bad" lifetimes.       upbringing of Jesus and John the         humankind . She explains why the
            Also, learn how you can plan your          Baptist. Also, discover Essene           master chose to carefully conceal his
            present lifetime and karmic                renderings of Key Old Testament          famous quatrains or prophecies in
            relationships before your birth.           stories, concerning Moses, Ezekiel and   code, and why his prophecies
                                                       Daniel plus startling insights into      represent positive advance warnings
                                                       ancient history.                         not necessarily negative doom dates
                                                                                                so we can use our free will to help
                                                                                                change the future.

Dan Winter                        (USA)                          The Heart Tuner –                   The ET Origins of
                                                                 Music and                           DNA and Galactic
Dan winter is a respected
academic, accomplished
                                                                 Biowaves for                        Evolution
keyboard artist and master                                       Healing                             Saturday November
animator of 3D Sacred                                            Friday November                     2nd 1pm to 4pm
Geometry ideas and patterns.                                     1st 4pm to 7pm                      $35 CL $30
Through his work, Dan teaches                                    $35 CL $30                          For a big picture view of human
us how to take a refre shing                                                                         evolution spiced with lots of
                                                                 Using Music as the focus Dan will
look at our lives, belief                                                                            revolutionary science join Dan
                                                                 teach you how to think of the
                                                                                                     Winter as he delves into the ET
systems, environment, health                                     world as waves and sacred
                                                                                                     origins of human DNA..
and the development of our                                       proportions designed to be
                                                                 influenced by love and              Learn about the Sumerian
own consciousness. The Hi-                                       compassion.                         Annunaki, the Bloodline of the
Resolution projection and                                        • Learn about the power of
                                                                                                     Holy Grail , the Tutankhamen
sheer scale of his                                                                                   Prophecies and Zachariah
                                                                   magnetism and vibration in
                                                                                                     Sitchin‘s chronicles. In this
presentations, coupled with                                        music
                                                                                                     workshop myth, linguistics and
his lively lectures and sonic                                    • Witness cutting edge 3 D
                                                                                                     sacred geometry are
music samples taken from                                           computer animations
                                                                                                     scientifically analyzed to
                                                                 • See a demonstration of voice
biological events, make for an                                                                       present a galactic story that is
                                                                   harmonics and biowaves for
unforgettable experience. He                                                                         nothing short of extraordinary.
has helped develop the "Love                                     • Learn how music works with
Music – Heart Tuner", a                                            Kundalini and the deep biology
                                                                   of the bliss process
program which shows how                                          • Hear your keynote musical
DNA braids and unites with                                         signature played on the Heart
our hearts and consciousness.                                      Tuner

Sashikala Ananth                                   (India)       Vastu Shastra – Harmony of Self
                                                                 and Space
Sashikala Ananth is India’s
most renowned teacher of                                         Sunday November 3rd 2pm to 4pm
Vastu Shastra and an expert                                      $25 CL $21
on Design, Space Clearing
Techniques and Rituals. She                                      Many people today are experiencing tremendous turmoil in
is the author of "Vastu, the                                     their lives finding it difficult to bring peace and harmony
Classical Indian Science of                                      into their lives. Traditional systems such as Vastu Shastra
Design", and holds a degree                                      are becoming popular in the West because they offer a
in Architecture. Sashikala                                       solution to this fragmentation. .Using inner preparation
has been working with the                                        through meditation and prayer this ancient science of sacred
knowledge of Vastu Shastra                                       architecture helps people get in touch with their inner self
for more than twenty years                                       and provides methodologies for integrating inner dreams
via intensive study of the                                       with the environment. By investing the physical abode with
classical texts, working with                                    the vibrations and energy lines that echo with the deeper
Artisan communities and in                                       consciousness it is possible to create an alignment between
her own work as a Temple         produced several books on       thought and action. In this workshop we will explore some of
Designer and Vastu               Vastu and Yoga                  the concepts and principles of Vastu that reveal the
Practitioner. Her film, "The     Management, as well as          connection between sacred measure, energy lines, healing
Living Tradition – A Shilpi      texts on Iconmetry. At          forms and spaces ,and finally beneficial proportions and
Speaks", based on the            present her career is focused   aesthetics.
tradition of the ‘Shilpi’ (or    on incorporating Vastu
sculptor), won a national        Shastra into modern
award. Sashikala has also        dwellings.

                                                   CONSCIOUS LIVING EXPO OCTOBER 31 – NOVEMBER 3 2002                               7

Maggie Hamilton                                     (NSW)          Embracing the                       Transforming
                                                                   Light of your                       Your Work
Maggie, An experienced
researcher has recently
                                                                   Inner Being                         Sat. November 2nd
released her first book,                                           Thur. October 31st                  4.30pm to 6.30pm
Coming Home;                                                       1.30pm to 3.30pm                    $25 CL $21
Rediscovering our                                                  $25 CL $21                          Through a series of simple
Sacred Selves, Maggie has                                                                              exercises and meditations, this
                                                                   Each of us carries within us
                                                                                                       workshop will give you a clear
coached hundreds of people                                         Divine Light, but what does this
                                                                                                       sense of who you are and what
in breaking through creative                                       mean and how can we work
                                                                                                       you are capable of at work and
                                                                   with this Light? Through a series
blocks and honouring the                                                                               beyond it. It will help you draw
                                                                   of heart-warming meditations
individual’s need to live                                                                              clear boundaries around your
                                                                   and exercises, learn how to use
                                                                                                       work, so that there will be room
creatively.                                                        your Divine Light to enhance
                                                                                                       in your life for all the other
                                                                   every aspect of your being.
Suffocated by the endless                                          Learn how to work with these
                                                                                                       possibilities that await you. In a
publishing deadlines, Maggie                                                                           relaxing atmosphere you will
                                                                   understandings to fill each day
                                                                                                       learn how to make your
embarked on a series of soul                                       with Light, experience the true
                                                                                                       workspace a sacred place, deal
journeys that took her deep                                        lightness of being, understand
                                  is the culmination of the last                                       with difficult people and
                                                                   and transform the darkness you
within the great deserts of the   two decades of her                                                   situations, create sacred
                                                                   encounter, create a light-filled
American Southwest, into                                                                               moments in the day, cope with
                                  professional experience          space in and around you and
South-East Asia, and to the                                                                            your workload and see those
                                  along with her soul              transmute all your negative
                                                                                                       you work with in a new light.
Ancient sites of Britain, where                                    emotions and experiences into
                                  searching and discoveries.                                           Also, learn to understand what
each time a new face of the                                        Light. Also, learn to deal with
                                                                                                       anger is all about, move beyond
                                                                   those who are difficult, bless
sacred possibilities of life                                                                           the fear of whether you’ll have a
                                                                   others with your Light and
presented themselves to her.                                                                           job next week, leave your work
                                                                   enhance your soul vibration.
                                                                                                       at work and learn to know when
Maggie’s work on creativity                                                                            to move on and when to stay.

Glenys Brown                              (WA)                     Energy Medicine the 21st
                                                                   Century Way
Glenys Brown is a
remarkable medical intuitive                                       Sunday November 3rd 4.30 to 6.30pm
who is at the cutting edge of                                      $25 CL $21
energy medicine. With 12
years experience in                                                Explore why and how Energy Medicine can give you vitality
channelling, counselling and                                       and expand your spiritual essence while improving your
healing, Glenys has a natural                                      physical health..
gift for diagnosing health                                          An essential factor in spiritual development and
problems and empowering                                            transformation is the
clients to heal themselves.
                                                                    degree and range of vibrations in your subtle energies. In
She is a former Director of
                                                                   this experiential workshop you will be invited to practice
the Fremantle Education
                                                                   techniques and learn how to expand your intuition to bring
Centre and has been invited
                                                                   forward your special attributes and gifts. Come along, and
to speak at the Deepak
                                                                   have some fun playing with energy 'smiles'.
Chopra Centre for Wellbeing
in La Jolla California for the    teach others the skills of
past three years. Glenys has      intuitive knowing through
established the College of        the use and understanding
Energy Medicine in Perth to       of the science of energy.

Find More Help and Information at the New Look Conscious Living Website
Artemis                (QLD)                                   Meet Your Angels Discover the
                                                               and Spirit Guides Psychic Inside You
Artemis is an acclaimed
Australian clairvoyant who                                     Friday November                     Saturday November
has dedicated her life to                                      1st 11am-1pm                        2nd 11am –1pm
understanding our spiritual                                    $25 CL $21                          $25 CL $21
and psychic potential. She is                                  Would you like to know who is       Have you ever thought of
                                                               watching over you, and how to       someone, only to have them call
author of Earth Song and co-
                                                               best work with your angels and      you a few minutes (or seconds!)
author of Dreams: Signs of                                     spirit guides? In this exciting     later? Do you find yourself
Things to Come, and has                                        hands-on workshop, you will be      finishing other people’s sentences
produced the self-discovery                                    introduced to your personal         for them, or having "hunches"
                                                               angel and spirit guides in a        that pay off, or dreaming
CDs Discover your Past Lives,
                                                               beautiful guided meditation.        messages from loved ones on the
Discover your Spirit Guides                                    Discover how your guides            other side? In this great hands-on
and Discover your Dreams.                                      would like to work with you,        workshop you will discover the
Artemis is a columnist for                                     and how they want you to            secrets to developing your natural
                                                               communicate with them. Ask          "clairvoyant" powers. These
Nature and Health                                              your Guides about the most          powers of inner vision allow you
magazine, and is well known                                    important questions in your life,   to see things in the present and
for her psychic and dream                                      and have a "spiritual sketch"       future that you do not consciously
programs on Australian                                         done of your newest Angel or        know. In the workshop you will
                                                               Spirit Guide. Then surrender into   learn how to program yourself to
radio.                                                         the arms of the Angels with an      achieve heightened clairvoyant
                                                               incredible "Energy                  abilities, you will discover four
                                                               Transmission" from an               amazing techniques for tapping
                                                               ascended Master. Please bring a     into your clairvoyant powers, and
                                                               pen or pencil, and a piece of       you will have the opportunity to
                                                               plain paper size A4 or larger to    give and receive some great
                                                               this workshop.                      psychic messages!

Miles Humphries                                (WA)            Environmental Metakinetics
                                natural and manmade            Thursday 31 October 4pm to 6pm
                                environment as an              $25 CL $21
                                architect, a builder, a feng
                                                               Discover how to apply Metakinetics using an L Rod and a
                                shui practitioner and a
                                                               pendulum to locate and release energetic patterns.. Find
                                geomancer; serving clients
                                                               out how your body reacts to the energies of the earth.,
                                ranging from farmers to
                                                               how your thoughts, feelings and emotions affect your
                                state presidents. Recently
                                                               surroundings, what to do to restore harmony in physical
                                Miles has been exploring
                                                               environments and how to raise your own energy levels.
                                the energetic relationships
                                                               Learn about Aboriginal Song lines, Astral and Ghost
                                between people and their
                                                               energies, Negative leylines,Geo-pathic stress Geo-
                                environment and how
                                                               magnetic energy, Electro-magnetic radiation, the flow of
                                these relationships impact
                                                               chi (energy) in your home and workplace and vortexes
                                their lives - at home and at
                                                               located along the flow of chi.
                                work through Metakinetics.
                                This is a system which
For over 24 years Miles has     detects and analyses seen
been exploring the globe;       and unseen frequencies in
living and working in a         both environmental and
variety of locations ranging    personal energy fields and
from the Arctic Circle to the   brings any disturbances
southern regions of Africa.     within these frequencies
Across the world, he has        into a clear and balanced
worked with and within the      state.

                                                 CONSCIOUS LIVING EXPO OCTOBER 31 – NOVEMBER 3 2002                                9
                                                           DAY 1 – THURSDAY OCTOBER 31ST
  VETERINARY CLINIC                                        Workshops
  NATURAL THERAPIES                                        11am       Dolores Cannon – Life Between Lives $25 CL $21
  FOR ANIMALS                                              – 1pm
  For difficult to treat or unusual
  problems, or if conventional                             1.30pm Maggie Hamilton – Embracing the Light of your Inner Being
  drugs are not preferred.                                 – 3.30pm $25 CL $21
  All our staff fully trained and experienced.             4.00pm Miles Humphries – Environmental Metakinetics $25 CL $21
  23 May Street,                                           – 6.00pm
  East Fremantle 6158
  tel 9339 7440
  Member of Australian Veterinary
                                                           Free Seminars
  Acupuncture Association & Australian
  Association of Holistic Veterinarians.                   11.00am    Vedic Astrology – Dr Theja Hetiaratcha
                                                           12.00      Be Your Own Medical Intuitive. Learn how to delve 'inside-outside' to build
           Sugars that Heal                                           your own data base and intuitive guidance for practical action – Glenys Brown
  Glyconutrients for Health & Wealth                       1.00pm     The Indian Feng Shui Way to Peace and Prosperity
                                                                      – Master Yovara Sowma
                                                           2.00pm     Spiritual Self-Care and Healing – Beverley Goldsmith

                                                           3.00pm     Sound Therapy – Music to Recharge Your Brain. Help with tinnitus, hearing
 Samantha Courtenay 0418 385 154                                      loss, learning difficulties, ADD, autism and dyslexia. Find out how to obtain more                                  right sounds in your listening diet – Rafaele Joudry
                                                           4.00pm     The Cone, the Gong the Bowl – Aromachology the Science of Sense and
                                                                      Sound – Steve Birkbeck , The Sandalwood Factory
                                                           5.00pm     How to Capture the Essence of People in Portrait Photography
                                                                      – Viva Photography

                                                           Meditations in the Peace Dome
                                                           11.00am    Sandalwood Sense and Sound Gong Meditation – Michelle Stanley, The
                                                                      Sandalwood Factory
 The Mysteries of                                          12.00
                                                                      Womb Meditation – Prarthana Grace, Diamond Heart Centre
                                                                      Gentle Wind Healing Experience – Diana Hodgson
 ET Contact &                                              1.30pm     Polarity Healing Experience – Kevin Barnett
                                                           2.00pm     Sound Healing – Pauline Owl
 Cosmic Evolution                                          3.00pm     Chakra Breathing Meditation – Prarthana Grace. Diamond Heart Centre
                                                           4.00pm     Gentle Wind Healing Session – Diana Hodgson

        reveals amazing                                    4.30pm     Drum Healing – John & Penny Whife
        information about
 abductions, interactions with                             5.00pm     Didgeridoo Breath – Tony Colley & Matt Reed
 extraterrestrial and                                      5.30pm     Sandalwood Sense and Sound Gong Meditation – Michelle Stanley, The
 dimensional beings beyond planet earth.                              Sandalwood Factory
 Her recordings of conversations with clients under
 hypnosis over many years have uncovered the truth         6.30pm     Agni Hotra Healing Fire – John Whife
 about UFOs, how they travel and why they contact
 human beings.

 The Custodians - Thursday, 7th November
                                                           Live On Stage
 7.30pm to 10.30pm
 Conscious Living Conference Centre,
                                                           11.00am    Vocal Vibration from the Light – Pauline Owl
 6th floor 445 Hay Street Perth.                           11.30am    Touch of Eternity – Ambient Songs by Casey Caine of Satori Music
 Tickets $35.00 CL members $30.00
                                                           12.00      Deredjeff Dubar – West African Drum and Song Rhythms
 The Convoluted Universe                                   12.30      Didgeridoo Breath – Tony Colley & Matt Reed
 Parallel universes, cases of missing time and multiple
 dimensions, the Bermuda Triangle, the great Pyramids      1.00pm     Chi Kung – Allan Havill
 and the Loch Ness Monster are just some of the            1.30pm     Ziggy Bey Jan with Senegales Master Drummer Ziggy Diagne
 mysteries explained in Dolores Cannon’s latest book,
 "The Convoluted Universe".                                2.00pm     Bowtech Bodywork Demonstration – Regi Schurer
 One Day Seminar with a Group Past-Life Regression:        2.30pm     Tongue and Groove Acoustic – Original Folk Music & Mandolin
 Sunday, 10th November 9.30am to 5.30pm
 Conscious Living Conference Centre,                       3.30pm     Amazing Bullworker Fitness Demonstration – Gary Lynn
 6th floor 445 Hay Street Perth.
 Tickets $145.00 CL members $123.00
                                                           4.00pm     Vocal Vibration from the Light – Pauline Owl
                                                           4.30pm     Rhythmic Gymnastics – Vanessa Kelly
  Advance Purchase your Tickets NOW Call 9388 8066
  Conscious Living Members and Early Birds SAVE 15%        6.00pm     Where on Earth World Music – Harp Violin, Percussion and Dance
  A limited number of past life regression sessions with   6.30pm     Power of Peace Opening Ceremony: Agni Hotra Sacred Dance, Gong & Didgeridoo
              Dolores Cannon are available
          Phone Conscious Living on 9388 8066              7.00pm     Science, Spirituality and Peace Forum – Dolores Cannon, Dan Winter,
       Or email           – 9.00pm   Yvonne Evans, Steve Birkbeck, Dr Diana Hodgson

DAY 2 – FRIDAY NOVEMBER 1ST                                                             LINDA BLACKSHAW
                                                                                        is a Scottish CLAIRSENTIENT
                                                                                        who uses the gift to interpret
Workshops                                                                               the tarot in her own unique
                                                                                        way. She reads tea leaves and
11am      Artemis – Meet Your Angels and Spirit Guides $25 CL $21                       does psychic parties and has
– 1pm                                                                                   been reading tarot for
                                                                                        twenty years.
1.30pm Dolores Cannon – Jesus and the Essenes $25 CL $21                                      Phone: 0401 624 695 or 9401 8691
– 3.30pm
4.00pm Dan Winter – The Heart Tuner, Music and Biowaves for Healing
– 7.00pm $35 CL $30                                                                       Do you have cancer?
                                                                                               Take charge of your
Free Seminars                                                                                        healing!
11.00am   Turning Grief into Potential – Sue Harley shares her story of how NLP
          empowered her to transform her intense grief into personal potential
                                                                                               NLP Counseling
12.00     Facing Your Future – Ways to honour and celebrate your life – Leesa Barnard
1.00pm    Transforming the Moment – Life’s deep joy is only a heartbeat away                                    with
          – Maggie Hamilton
2.00pm    Mole Reading – the Ancient Indian Art of Interpreting Destiny and Character                       Janice

          – Hiralal Jethwany
                                                                                              Seachild Enterprises
3.00pm    If all the world's a stage, are you giving the performance of your
          lifetime – Kim Lisson                                                                        9439-4789
4.00pm    Energy Connectors – Exploring Unseen Energies – Miles Humphries
5.00pm    Tuning in to the Timing of Your Dreams – How dreams can influence
          results in your life – Master Yovara Sowma                                       How would you
Meditations in the Peace Dome                                                            celebrate the life of
11.30am   Gentle Wind Healing Experience – Diana Hodgson                                   the person you
12.00     Sandalwood Sense and Sound Gong Meditation – Michelle Stanley, The
          Sandalwood Factory
                                                                                        The options can be as individual as you want
1.00pm    Gentle Wind Healing Experience – Diana Hodgson
                                                                                        them to be.
1.30pm    Polarity Healing Experience – Kevin Barnett                                   Betty loved gardening and loved life. Her family
2.00pm    Sound Healing – Pauline Owl                                                   chose to have a private family service in our chapel.
                                                                                        5 days later her friends were invited to her beautiful
2.30pm    Didgeridoo Breath – Tony Colley & Matt Reed                                   garden for a memorial service and wake. It was a
3.00pm    Sandalwood Sense and Sound Gong Meditation – Michelle Stanley, The            fitting way to say goodbye.
          Sandalwood Factory                                                            What ever you choose, we promise you a funeral
4.00pm    Gentle Wind Healing Experience – Diana Hodgson                                service that will be meaningful, unhurried and a
                                                                                        real celebration of life.
4.30pm    Falun Dafa Meditation – Graeme Antonovich
                                                                                             FREECALL 1800 118 811 ALL AREAS
5.00pm    Gentle Wind Healing Experience – Diana Hodgson
5.30pm    Sandalwood Sense and Sound Gong & Didgeridoo Meditation –
          Michelle Stanley, The Sandalwood Factory
6.00pm    Gentle Wind Healing Experience – Diana Hodgson

Live On Stage
11.00am   Tai Chi Demonstration – Pauline Hind
          Vocal Vibration from the Light – Pauline Owl
          Deredjeff Dubar – West African Drum and Song Rhythms
          Didgeridoo Breath – Tony Colley & Matt Reed
1.00pm    Chi Kung – Allan Havill                                                               Coming Soon to
1.30pm    Ziggy Bey Jan with Senegales Master Drummer Ziggy Diagne
                                                                                                  Channel 7
2.30pm    Bowtech Bodywork Demonstration – Regi Schurer
3.00pm    Touch of Eternity Ambient Songs by Casey Caine of Satori Music                      If you would like your
4.30pm    Rhythmic Gymnastics – Vanessa Kelly
                                                                                                products or services
5.30pm    Amazing Bullworker Fitness Demonstration – Gary Lynn
6.00pm    Mystic Dancers – Gypsy Tribal Belly Dance
                                                                                               featured call Patricia
6.30pm    Where on Earth World Music – Harp, Violin, Percussion & Dance                          08 9388 8066 or
          – Inna Reykhtman                                                                     Karin 08 9249 2359

                                                  CONSCIOUS LIVING EXPO OCTOBER 31 – NOVEMBER 3 2002 11
  THE     ORIGINAL             AND           FAMOUS
                                                           DAY 3 – SATURDAY NOVEMBER 2ND
  5 minutes a day to have a fit and youthful body.         Workshops
  Ideal for Christmas!  Garry Lynn, 58 years old.
  ■ Strengthen and
                                                           11am      Artemis – Discover the Psychic Inside You $25 CL $21
  build your body                                          – 1pm
  with the
  Bullworker®                                              1.00pm Dan Winter – The ET Origins of DNA and Galactic Evolution
  ■ Improve your                                           – 4.00pm $35 CL $35
  physique without
  weights or barbells                                      4.30pm Maggie Hamilton – Transforming Your Work $25 CL $21
  ■ The Bullworker®                                        – 6.30pm
                                   ALL THIS FOR
  The Bullworker® comes               $99.00
                                   Plus $9.95 for
  with: • 12 month money-
  back guarantee • Built-in power
                                                           Free Seminars
  meter • 24-page information booklet
  • Mens or Womens exercise chart • Nutrition/             11.00am   Kinesiology – Mind-Body – Spirit Integration to Free Up Your Life Force
  training guide, carry-bag and Bullworker cap.
  ■ How to order the Bullworker®                           12.00     Inner Space and Outer Form – The Ancient Indian Principles of Sacred
  Call 1300 133 593 now or visit our website:                        Architecture – through Vastu with Sashikala Ananth
                                                           1.00pm    How to Heal Yourself at a Quantum Level – The Medicine of the New
                                                                     Millennium – Dr Jaya Krishnan
                                                           2.00pm    Life Force – From Your Brain to Your Body – Breakthrough Spine Scan

   Computerised Spinal
  Analysis & Correction                                              Technology – Adam Rochli
                                                           3.00pm    How to Achieve Sustained Success in the New Millennium. Spiritual
                                   ✓ Breakthough
                                                                     Metamorphosis, DNA, temporal lobes, electromagnetic energies, emotions and
                                                                     the wealth they offer us – Yvonne Evans
                                   ✓ Low Force
                                                           4.00pm    Live Your Values and Love Your Life – Louella D’Silva
                                   ✓ Safe
                                                           5.00pm    The Missing Link to the Fountain of Youth – Glyconutrients and Sugars
                                   ✓ Objective                       that Heal – Samantha Courtenay
                                   ✓ Effective
                                                           6.00pm    Clearing Negative Emotions for Successful Relationships – Peter Graham
                                   ✓ Precise

                                             9221 0402     Meditations in the Peace Dome
         S P I N E .s c a n                  45 Royal St
          CHIROPRACTIC                       East Perth    11.00am   Sandalwood Sense and Sound Gong Meditation – Michelle Stanley, The
 LET YOUR INTELLIGENCE FLOW                                          Sandalwood Factory
                                                           12.00     Being Here, Practical Meditation for Your Everyday Life – Bavali Hill
                                                           1.00pm    Chanting Meditation – Prema The Diamond Heart Centre
LIFE FORCE                                                 2.00pm    Gentle Wind Healing Experience – Diana Hodgson
      KINESIOLOGY                                          2.30pm    Polarity Healing Experience – Kevin Barnett
                                                           3.00pm    Sandalwood Sense and Sound Gong Meditation – Michell Stanley, The
                                                                     Sandalwood Factory
                                                           4.00pm    Gentle Wind Healing Experience – Diana Hodgson
   Whole of                                                4.30pm    Didgeridoo Breath – Tony Colley & Matt Reed
    Life                                                   5.00pm    Drum Healing & Chanting with John and Penny Whife
   Healing                                                 6.00pm    Falun Dafa Meditation with Graeme Antonovich
                                                           6.30pm    Agni Hotra Meditation – John & Penny Whife

Sometimes the answers to our problems                      Live On Stage
are hidden deep within our minds, in
                                                           11.00am   Tai Chi Demonstration – Pauline Hind
spaces hard to reach. Sometimes
finding these answers can be hard and
                                                           11.30am   Rhythmic Gymnastics – Vanessa Kelly
painful, but finding them is also the key                  12.00     Fitball Pilates – Playways WA
to freedom.                                                12.30     Where on Earth World Music – Harp, Violin, Percussion & Dance
                                                                     – Inna Reykhtman
Life Force Kinesiology is a gentle way to                  1.00pm    Touch of Eternity Ambient Songs by Casey Caine of Satori Music
access the most hidden and most potent                     1.30pm    The Power of Passion – Book Launch by Justin Langer, Australian Test Cricketer
aspects of our selves. Begin your
                                                           2.00pm    Melissa Raser Weed – Contemporary Vocals and Guitar
healing journey with a session.
                                                           2.30pm    Tongue and Groove Acoustic – Original Folk Music & Mandolin
For more information please contact                        3.30pm    Didgeridoo Breath – Tony Colley & Matt Reed
                                                           4.00pm    Chi Kung Demonstration by Alan Havill
Malcolm Borgward                                           6.00pm    Hare Krishna Band Devotional Songs
Tel: (08) 9275 9981 Fax: (08) 9275 9680
          Mobile: 0409 129 499
379 Alexander Dve, Dianella, WA, 6059

                                                                                             Vastu Shastra
                                                                                            Space Clearing
10.30am Dolores Cannon: The Nostradamus Prophecies $35 CL $30
– 1.30pm                                                                                   Certificate Course
2.00pm Sashikala Ananth Vastu Shastra – Harmony of Self and Space                          with   SASHIKALA ANANTH
– 4.00pm $25 CL Members $21
                                                                                                India’s foremost Teacher,
4.30pm Glenys Brown. Energy Medicine the 21st Century Way. $25 CL $21                             Architect and Author
– 6.30pm
                                                                                                  NOVEMBER 6–10
Free Seminars                                                                                Vastu Shastra combines Space Clearing,
                                                                                             Ayurvedic medicine, Spiritual Practice,
11.00am   Retraining Your Brain to Heal Addictions and Depression                        Astrology, Music, Art, Ritual, Sound and Colour.
          – Samantha Warner                                                                 Learn about these ancient principles of
12.00     Subliminal communication techniques and subconscious learning for                 Manifesting Creativity, Sacred Geometry,
          better health and wellbeing – Dr Diana Hodgson                                  Shape, Sound and Colour in building design
                                                                                                  and creating sacred space.
1.00pm    Awakening – How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life!
          Star children and their amazing psychic and healing abilities – Mary Rodwell

2.00pm    The Art of Survival and the Spiritual Basis of My Success in the                         A Taste Of Vastu.
          Australian Survivor Series – Sciona Browne shares her story                             Meet Sashikala and enjoy
3.00pm    Healing the Earth with Compost – Andy Gulliver                                       delicious Indian food delights.
4.00pm    "Coaching you to achieve prosperity" – Arlene Quinn, President Elect           Wednesday 6th November 7pm – 9pm Cost: $35.00
                                                                                            Venue: Conscious Living Conference Centre
          International Coaching Federation Australasia, WA Chapter
                                                                                                   6th Floor/445 Hay St, Perth
5.00pm    Women's Health and Well Being – An Ayurvedic Perspective – Neerja
                                                                                          Certificate Course: $495.00 CL Members $425.00
Meditations in the Peace Dome                                                               Book Now – Call 08 9388 8066
11.00am   Sandalwood Sense and Sound Gong Meditation – Michelle Stanley, The              More details:
          Sandalwood Factory
12.00     Gentle Wind Healing Experience – Diana Hodgson

                                                                                               G e t A L i f e . ..
12.30     Polarity Healing Experience – Kevin Barnett
1.00pm    The Eight Medicine Buddhas – Prarthana Grace, Diamond Heart Centre
2.00pm    Drum Healing & Chanting with John and Penny Whife                                  Get A Lifecoach!
3.00pm    Sandalwood Sense and Sound Gong Didgeridoo Experience – Michelle
          Stanley, The Sandalwood Factory
                                                                                         David Bloom
4.00pm    Opening The Heart – Prema Diamond Heart Centre                                 Bloom Life Coaching             0404 263 940
5.00pm    Gentle Wind Healing Experience – Diana Hodgson
5.30pm    Didgeridoo Breath – Tony Colley & Matt Reed                                    Lisa Flynn
                                                                                         Learning Insight                0417 989 905
6.00pm    Djembeh Sisters African Drumming – Jozinaide Ruiter
6.30pm    Agni Hotra Meditation – John & Penny Whife                                     Vanessa McCarthy
                                                                                         Creative Dynamics               0412 121 304
Live On Stage                                                                            Pam Perrott
11.00am   Touch of Eternity Ambient Songs by Casey Caine of Satori Music                 Forte Life Options              0427 474 891

11.30am   Rhythmic Gymnastics – Vanessa Kelly                                            Arlene Quinn
12.00     Fitball Pilates – Playways WA                                                  The Professional's Coach        0402 272 868
1.00pm    Mystic Dancers Gypsy Tribal Bellydance
                                                                                         Deborah Saville
1.30pm    Wild Flower Healing – Dr Kadambii Barnao                                       ETC: Education, Training,
2.00pm    Indian Classical Dance by Temple of Fine Arts                                  Coaching                        9304 0002
2.15pm    Didgeridoo Breath – Tony Colley & Matt Reed
                                                                                         Catherine Schilizzi
2.30pm    Belyssa & Desert Fire – Academy of Danse Orientale
                                                                                         Personal Effect                 9313 4507
3.30pm    Vocal Vibration from the Light – Pauline Owl
4.00pm    Chi Kung Demonstration by Alan Havill                                          Scott Tetley
4.30pm    Where on Earth World Music – Harp, Violin, Percussion & Dance                  E Step Training                 9258 5111
          – Irina Reykhtman
5.00pm    Djembeh Sisters African Drumming – Jozinaide Ruiter                                Visit stand 33 to meet a Coach
5.30pm    Door Prize Draw                                                                     and learn more about what
6.00pm    Hare Krishna Band Devotional Songs                                                   Coaching can do for you!

                                                  CONSCIOUS LIVING EXPO OCTOBER 31 – NOVEMBER 3 2002 13
Thinking about                                                                             Rainwater that always                                   Kick off the Kilos!
                                                                                         tastes and smells so fresh!
the food that is                                                                                                                                 Get-Slim-Slippers
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•   Organic Kamut                                                                                                                                  of Acupressure and Reflexology to speed
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•   Organic Cookies                                                                                                                                 The Slippers are snug to wear and also
•   Dr Nottage Choc Chip Cookies                                                                                                                    add to overall health improvement for
                                                                                          Highline undereaves watertanks.                                   both men and women.
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                                                                                                Mandurah (08) 9581 7646
Garden and Function Centre.                                                                                                                                Get-Slim-Slippers
                                                                        COGENT HIG 696

NOW OPEN 6th Floor 445 Hay St, Perth
                                                                                                 G A R A G E S • S H E D S
                                                                                                                                                        Tel: 08 9300 9329
The Place for your corporate functions / seminars and special events.                                                                              P.O. Box 3115, Joondalup, WA 6027
                                                                                                 P A T IOS • W A T E R T A N K S

Call Nolly 9385 6523                                                                                          

         Create Harmony, Fresh Air                                                                                           Dr Cohen’s                                                 BEWARE

                                                                                                                                   Lifestyle Clinic
                                                                                                                                                                                     OF IMMITATION
            & Balanced Energies
                                                                                                                        “Weight-loss and Wellness through Nutrition”
Salt Crystal Lamps are used by Natural Therapists,                                                                          LOSE 7-14 KG’S IN 4 WEEKS
Practitioners and everyday people all over
Australia to enhance their environment by
creating a Healthy & Healing Atmosphere                                                                                                            NO PILLS,
with IONS in the Air and a unique                                                                                                                 NO SHAKES,
ENERGY gained from millions of years
deep under the Earth.
                                                                                                                                                 NO INJECTIONS
“... a very balanced Yin-Yang energy...This
 unique combination gives the feeling of
 both Relaxation and Vitality... after
                                                                                                                                                 Before 165kg
 being around the lamps following a                                                                                                               Now 65kg
 long day of consultations I still have
 energy, but can sleep like a log.”                                                                                                                11 months
Kathleen Dunn,                                                                                                                                        later
Master Herbalist, Perth WA

“ is quite remarkable! I put my                                                                                 ● Medical Treatment based on International Research ● Programme
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  today and instantly I felt the                                                                                      you based on your unique blood profile ● Major, rapid but healthy
  energy flow up my arm, across                                                                                      FAT-loss ● Balancing eating plan – your food becomes your medicine
  my chest and evenly down the
  rest of my body straight into my                                                                                                           Other Major Benefits
  feet and through the floor! It is                                                                                      ● Reduction in cholesterol levels ● Improvement in high blood
  such a pleasant, grounding,                                                                                             pressure ● Increase in energy levels ● Decrease in cellulite
  warm and gentle feeling...                                                                                                              ● Increased skin elasticity
  very soothing :)”
  In Love and light.                                                                                                               Contact Us for an appointment
Mandy G. Poole,
Colour & Health Consultant         Stand 55         RING 1800 505 332 NOW!                                                             Rebecca SOUTH PERTH: 9368 6622
                                                                                                                                         Patricia DOWERIN: 9631 1161
                                                     "...Ancient Sunlight Encased
                                                                                                                                        Rosemary MELVILLE: 9310 9975
         inter national                                    in Salt Crystal..."
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                                                               CONSCIOUS LIVING EXPO OCTOBER 31 – NOVEMBER 3 2002 15
7 STEPS ...
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Inner Sense Life Training can help give you the knowledge
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your life, but most importantly, steps are worked on in a particular order to
help you create a sustained improvement and lasting change!                            Presenters: Ian & Robyn Craig

                                                                                           Other Inner Sense
          What are the 7 steps?                                                              Workshops &
1.     Self Awareness                                                                          Services

2.     Recognise Emotional Blockages and Deal with                                        • Conscious Parenting
       Fears                                                                                Workshops
                                                                                          • Business Teamwork
3.     Create Happiness – NOW
4.     Reignite Your Creativity & Intuition                                               • Life Consulting and
5.     Build the Relationships You Want                                                     Coaching
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                                        WHERE: Inner Sense Life Training Centre, 83 South Perth Esplanade, South Perth
                                        WHEN: 7.30pm - 9pm Wednesday, 16th October, 2002
                                               7.30pm - 9pm Wednesday, 20th November, 2002

                                                Call 9474 1874 to book your Free Ticket!

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