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					                   Bringing tHe OutdOOrS tO YOu

       The Sizzlin’ Summer
        Adventure Sale
           Camp your heart out this summer!
  Columbia Packus ridge
  Great value! these waterproof-breathable
  boots are perfect for mucky trails.
                                                                                              eagle Creek tarmac
  regular $99.98                   Sale $69.99                               a light weight yet seriously functional upright.

                                                                                  20 regular $274.98      Sale $229.99
                                                                                  22 regular $309.98      Sale $259.99
                                                                                  25 regular $334.98      Sale $284.99
                                                                                  28 regular $369.98      Sale $314.99

                                                                                                   Yanes Chateau 5
                                                                                                 this two door chateau will
             Bear Beware Spray                                                                    house your whole family
             with free holster                                                                      and the huge vestibule
                                                                                                       holds gear with ease.
             225 grams
                                                                                                         regular $369.98
             regular $29.98                           Save
                                                      $50                                                 Sale $319.99

                                                                          Stamina 3 trekking Poles
                                                             these three section anti-shock ergonomic trekking
                               teva Summer Plaid Shirts      pole provide balance & support in the backcountry.
                               Men’s                                                                Sold as pair.
                               Special price $19.99                       regular $69.98        Sale $39.99

                       $50                                                    Save

        Woods Aluminum                                                                              Outbound
        Oversized table                                                                   Heavy duty Hammock 
        adjustable legs.                                                                a portable hammock made for two.
        regular $199.98                Sale $149.99                                 regular $199.98 Sale $149.99

S a l e p r i c e S i n e f f e c t w h i l e S u p p l i e S l a S t – J u n e 1 6 t o J u ly 1
                        SO muCH mOre tHAn A CAmPing StOre

            clothing as active as you are!

Women’s                                                                                 Outdoor research essence tee 
                                                                                        light, soft, and quick to dry, this tee has the
                                                                                        performance of a Merino wool blend and the
                                                                                        feel of cotton. the active cut fits more like your
                                                                                        favorite t-shirt than a piece of technical wear.
royal robbins                                                                           the seams are moved away from your shoulders
dalian Stripe Shirt                                                                     for more comfort when carrying a pack.
a unique blend of soft and comfortable                                                  regular $39.98       Sale $29.99
cotton with that wonderful wrinkle-
resistant coolmax® protection you trust.
                                                                                        ex-Officio Savvy Athena
Special price!                                                                          Shirt & Capri
regular $84.98       Sale $59.99
                                                                                        Save the folding for those pesky
                                                                                        maps. the Savvy athena Shirt &
                                                                                        capri can travel in bottom in your
                                                                                        bag and still look perfect on you!
                                                                                        Shirt - regular $64.98
Lolë Lovely Hoodie                                                                      capri - regular $59.98
you’ll adore this lovely hoodie – stylish stripes and
stretchy, crinkle-knit fabric make it perfect for
traveling and a delight to wear.
regular $54.98       Sale $44.99                                                        the north Face Kasha ridge Full Zip 
                                                                                        Suited for use on the mountain and off, this sleek
                                                                                        full zip’s stretchy fabrication makes it a favorite
Lolë Walk Short                                                                         among athletes who cherish mobility. added
Made of abrasion resistant stretch cotton fabric,                                       mesh panels along the sides and on shoulders
the walk Short will take you from town to trail and                                     increases breathability, and sporty ribbing along
back. perfect for everyday wear, hiking or traveling.                                   the collar, cuffs and hem ensures a performance fit.
regular $59.98        Sale $49.99                                                       regular $89.98      Sale $69.99

Men’s                                                                                   royal robbins Windjammer Jacket 
                                                                                        the the tightly woven fabric of the windjammer
                                                                                        jacket feels soft, yet protects against blustery
                                                                                        elements. and since it easily packs into a
                                                                                        stowaway pocket you won’t even know it’s
                                                                                        there until you need it.
                                                                                        regular $74.98           Sale $59.99
City voyager Shirt                                                                      royal robbins
                                                                                        ridgeline Short 
a shirt for urban wanderings;
                                                                                        these traditional 100% cotton twill
button up and take the light rail downtown.
                                                                                        shorts are a classic, dude.
regular $54.98       Sale $44.99
                                                                                        regular $49.98           Sale $39.99
the north Face
Canmore Heritage Short 
Designed for travelers, beachgoers, and eco-chi
types, the canmore heritage Short is stylish and                                        Outdoor research Horizon Shirt 
comfortable. Made with recycled material and                                            lightweight and easily packable, this
spandex, this fabric is both eco-friendly and                                           breathable and quick-dry polyester shirt keeps
slightly stretchy. a loop affixed to the inside label                                   you cool and comfortable on balmy summer
lets you burrito-roll these shorts and secure it for                                    afternoons with a relaxed, comfortable cut that fits
painless packing.                                                                       just like your favorite worn-in shirt.
regular $54.98              Sale $44.99                                                 regular $54.98           Sale $44.99

Men’s & Women’s
royal robbins                                           Outdoor research                            underwear  
Field guide vest                                        Coastal Sombrero                            this underwear celebrates
the field Guide vest is                                 lightweight and breathable, but             every curve of your body.
smartly engineered and                                  armed with complete storm-proof             far more comfortable than
with 13 interior pockets                                protection, the coastal Sombrero™           wearing synthetic fibre next
and 4 exterior pockets                                  is at home in                               to your skin, merino offers
it offers a home for                                    warm, wet                                   extraordinary levels of
nearly every gadget! in                                 climates.                                   comfort, breathability and
addition, windproof,                                    with a                                      luxury. the cami combines
breathable Supplex®                                     crown and                                   sexy side paneling with a gentle
nylon dries quickly and                                 headband                                    neckline and features adjustable
resists water, stains and                               designed to pull                            straps and the seductively-styled
fading while shielding skin from harmful                moisture away from                          re-designed bikini.
ultraviolet rays providing upf 50+ sun                  your head, you’ll stay                      women’s cami regular $44.98
protection. Khaki only.                                 cool and dry on the wettest summer days.    women’s Bikini regular $29.98
regular $99.98                                          regular $39.98                              Men’s Boxer Brief regular $39.98

                           c a lG a r y 7208 M ac l e o D t r a i l S e 403 - 252 - 3338
eDMonton weSt 10951 – 170 Stree t 780-484-2700          e D M o n to n S o u t h 3235 c a lG a r y t r a i l 780 - 479 - c a M p
 F r i e n d ly p e o p l e • F r i e n d ly p r i c e s • F r i e n d ly A d v i c e

     footwear for
  merrell Agave                                                                  merrell
  feel like a desert flower in                                                   Chameleon Web ii 
  this deeply comfortable,                                                       the chameleon’s
  high-exposure, southwestern-                                                   changeability is revealed
  inspired sandal. those interlaced uppers are full grain leather, comfortably   with a quick switch of a
  lined with pigskin and lycra®. the rest is pure Merrell all-day comfort.       back strap, turning a ventilated nubuck leather lace-up into a slide.
  women’s               regular $109.98                        Sale $79.99       women’s & Men’s      regular $129.98                          Sale $89.99

  garmont Sitka                                                                  the north Face
  an attractive mix of comfort,                                                  momentum ii 
  agility, and stability – all in a boot.                                        Designed to excel in a full
  leather uppers resist wear, while a                                            range of fast-moving
  waterproof breathable Gore-tex Xcr lining                                      endeavors, the Momentum ii
  repels water. the Sitka Xcr Boots’ compression-molded                          is a lightweight, breathable
  eVas absorb shock, while the aggressive outsoles take on rough trails.         hiker. with an all-terrain,
  get a free pair of Bridgedale Socks                                            all-condition rubber outsole, this shoe provides excellent wet/dry traction for
  with the purchase of any garmont footwear!                                     running on roads and scrambling over scree.
  women’s & Men’s       regular $209.98                                          Men’s                 regular $99.98                          Sale $79.99

  elios mid goretex                                                              the north Face Jinxy mid 
  this all-day, everyday, all-terrain                                            active kids won’t even notice how
  shoe has a specific design for an                                              the sticky rubber outsole of these
  optimized fit and was built for light                                          lightweight hikers bite into
  hiking and adventure. Gore-teX®                                                trail surfaces with ease. while
  technology prevents rain and snow from                                         waterproof, the Jinxy’s textile
  entering, but still allows your feet to breathe                                mesh membrane is extremely
  easily, for comfort in any activity.                                           breathable keeping young feet comfortable on long adventures outdoors.
  women’s & Men’s       regular $149.98                      Sale $119.98        Boys’ & Girls’         regular $69.98

                                                                                 Sanük donny 
                                                                                 these are not shoes -
  Sanük Scribble                                                                 they’re sandals that feature a
  Go ahead; let your feet express                                                shoe upper and a sandal bottom.
  themselves in these artsy sidewalk surfers.                                    Slip on these signature Donavon sidewalk
  Smile – pass it on!                                                            surfers, and get down to the beach.
  women’s                regular $69.98                                          unisex                 regular $79.98

  Birkenstock Arizona 
  this Birkenstock classic comes
  with fully adjustable straps and                                               Privo Solitiare 
  shock-absorbing eVa sole. choose                                               if you’ve found your groove
  from a variety of materials, finishes,                                         these are your shoes. the flexfit
  arch supports and footbeds – to                                                soleassage lining ensures that your foot
  best suit the needs of your feet.                                              will fit nice and snug without an extended break-in period.
  unisex          prices $99.98-$149.98                                          women’s              regular $109.98

                                                                                 the north Face
                                                                                 el Hermano 
                                                                                 like the brother you never had.
                                                                                 el hermano is a durable, cushioned
                                                                                 sandal with an X-frame design for
  deep See                                                                       lateral stability. created for both wet and dry
  Beachwalker                                                                    adventures – plus - after a day on the go, remove
  women’s & Men’s        regular $29.98                        Sale $24.99       the heel strap and this versatile sandal converts to a casual slide.
  Kids’                  regular $24.98                        Sale $19.99       Men’s                  regular $59.98

S a l e p r i c e S i n e f f e c t w h i l e S u p p l i e S l a S t – J u n e 1 6 t o J u ly 1
     W e s t e r n C a n a d a’s b e s t s e l e C t i o n o f t e n t s , s l e e p i n g b a g s ,
                   b a C k pa C k s , o u t d o o r a C C e s s o r i e s & m o r e !

                                                                    it’s the little things that
                                                                        make a camping trip

                                                               Lakeside Sleeping Bag
                                                               the best summer bag for your buck.

Asolo Hawk tent                                                regular $59.98                  Sale $39.99
this three season backpacking tent has shorter pole
                                                                                                                              Outbound Camper Sleeping Bags
segments, so it’s ideal for excursions where space is a                                                                       the old-school style of these flannel-lined bags brings back
commodity. the hawk has a full coverage fly, two doors                                                                        good memories of summer camping with the family. ideal
with two vestibules and nighttime reflective accents.                                                                         for rV and cottage use.
2-person regular $199.98 Sale $159.99                                                                                         camper 3              regular $79.98 Sale $69.99
3-person regular $219.98 Sale $179.99                                                                                         camper 5              regular $95.98 Sale $79.99

Adult PFds
                                                               two Piece                                                      two
a great general                                                Adult rainsuit                                                 Piece
purpose pfD for
most boating and                                               a great choice for                                             Youth rainsuit
paddling needs.                                                camping & spectator sports.
                                                                                                                              Just for kids! Designed with fantastic
Small to XXXl.                                                 regular $49.98                                                 ‘keep the rain out’ features and has a stow-away hood.
regular $39.98                          Sale $34.99            Sale $39.99                                                    regular $35.98                                Sale $24.99

Pawnee Pack
for the overnight
backpacker or the                                                                                                                           Brunton
day hiker who goes                                                                                                                          7 dnL Star Compass
long, the top-loading
                                                                                                                                            Small and clear, the 7 Dnl is a great baseplate
pawnee keeps you moving                              Camelbak muLe
                                                                                                                                            map compass for any adventure. it includes a
in comfort and style.                                camelbak’s signature hydration system for mountain bikers, the Mule offers an          declination scale, inch and millimeter scales
Men’s (3300 cu or 54 l)                              excellent combination of organized and overflow cargo options. with a 100 oz           on the baseplate and with a lanyard for
                                                     reservoir, riders can comfortably hydrate for 3+hours on the trail.                    exterior backpack attachment.
& women’s (2700 or 45 l)
regular $139.98        Sale $99.99                   regular $124.98                                                Sale $99.99             regular $11.98                    Sale $9.99

                                                                                              Stainless Steel
Coleman                                                                                       rise & shine. a freshly brewed cup of coffee is one
two Burner Stove                                                                              of the simple pleasures of camping.

the classic two-burner, 10,000 Btu                                                            3-cup    regular $27.98         Sale $19.99
stovetop with enough room for a                                                               6-cup    regular $29.98         Sale $24.99
large pan or a griddle.                                                                       9-cup    regular $34.98         Sale $29.99
regular $89.98                                                  Sale $69.99                   12-cup   regular $49.98         Sale $39.99

Aluminum Folding                                                                              Outbound Sierra Folding Chair
Picnic table                                                                                  this oversized chair is lightweight and
for picnics on the go.                                                                        comfortable, with a sliding suspension system,
                                                                                              sleek aluminum arm rests and mesh seating area.
regular $219.98
Sale $139.99                                                                                  regular $69.98                  Sale $49.99



                                                                                                                                            34 Ave. NW
                                                                                                                                                          Calgary Trail

                                                                                                                                                                                     Boulevard NW



        C A Lg A rY                                                      edmOntOn WeSt                                                       edmOntOn SOutH
 7208 MacleoD trail Se                                                 10951 – 170 Stree t nw                                              3235 c a lG a r y t r a i l n w
      403-252-3338                                                         780-484-2700                                                         780-479-caMp

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