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									                                         North Preparatory/APS Combined School is located in the Forest Hill community near
        1100 Spadina Rd.                 Chaplin Crescent and Eglinton Avenue. It is situated on a five acre site surrounded by park
                                         and woodland. The school was built in 1936 and opened officially in 1937.
        Toronto, M5N2M6
       Tel: (416) 393-9230               o    North Preparatory serves some 230 students -- JK-Grade 6. We have a diverse student
       Fax: (416) 393-8424                    population that represents the multicultural nature of our city.
                                         o    The school houses a daycare centre. An arena, soccer field, baseball diamonds and
                                              full track are also situated on the five-acre site.
            Mary Zervas                  North Preparatory/APS Combined School is committed to helping students gain the
                                         knowledge and acquire the skills and attitudes needed for active and positive participation in
                                         our community - both locally and globally. The staff of North Preparatory/APS Combined
                                         School fosters an environment which is caring, child centred, nurturing and safe.

                                         We have a dual foci (literary arts and the environment). Students will develop an
                                         appreciation for literature and the arts as well as their global environment.

          Charlotte Smith
                                         Our dual foci of Literary Arts and the Environment can be succinctly expressed as Science
                                         through the Arts. We are in the grassroots stage of integrating our science programme with
                                         our literacy programme, ensuring that we include links to the environment (raising awareness
                                         of the impact our consumption has on the planet) in all our science lessons. Through
                                         meaningful projects, students can develop their critical thinking skills while simlutaneously
        Matthew Bernstein                learning how to express themselves clearly and convincingly. Learning how to become
                                         socially responsible, conscientious members of society help students develop their sense of
                                         empathy towards others, and achieve higher levels of thinking about a myriad of subjects.

                                         The Parent Advisory Council also hopes to construct a garden on school grounds where
                                         students, teachers and parents will meet and work together. The purpose of this space is to
                                         encourage collaborative discussion towards community building and will be
                                         multi-generational and inclusive. The hope is that the garden would be available to every
                                         family and accessible throughout the year.

                                         o   Total number of students:                                                       226
                                                    Junior Kindergarten - Grade 3                                            152
                                                    Grade 4 - Grade 6                                                        74
         Howard Goodman                  o   Gender:
                                                    Female                                                                   103   46%
          (416) 395-8403                            Male                                                                     123   54%
                                         o   Primary language other than English:                                            162   72%*
          Gen Ling Chang                 o   Students born outside of Canada:
                                                   Students living in Canada for 2 years or less                             62    27%
          (416) 394-2032
                                                   Students living in Canada for 3 - 5 years                                 45    20%

                                         * Calculation does not include students for whom language information is missing.
            Chris Spence

North Preparatory Junior Public School School Year:
              The Toronto District School             o   Languages - English, English as a Second Language, and French
              Board (TDSB), in                        o   Mathematics, Science and Technology
              partnership with students,              o   Arts - Music, Visual Arts, Drama and Dance
              parents, teachers and all               o   Social Studies, Health and Physical Education
              our communities, is
              committed to taking
              responsibility for continuous           A variety of special education programs and services are offered to meet the
              improvement of schools.                 needs of all students, including students with exceptionalities, such as
              This is achieved through:               behavioural, communication, intellectual, physical and multiple learning
                                                      disabilities. Students' exceptionalities are identified through a formal review
              o                                       process undertaken by an Identification, Placement and Review Committee
              o                                       (IPRC).

                                                                               o   Reading Recovery
                                                                               o   Remedial Literacy Program

             o    Dance:
                  Concert & Performances
             o    Dramatic Arts:                                               o   ESD
                  Drama Workshops
                                                                               o   ESL
             o    Music:
                  Band, Choir, Choral Project, Drumming, Excursions,           o   Early Reading Intervention Program
                  Itinerant Music Teachers, Music Concerts /
                  Performances, Recorder, Vocal
             o    Visiting Artists:
                  Dance, Music, Prologue to the Performing Arts
             o    Visual Arts:
                  Computer/Graphic Arts, Printmaking

             o    Badminton
             o    Basketball
             o    Cross Country
             o    Floor Hockey
             o    Slo-Pitch
             o    Soccer
             o    Track and Field

             o    Community Based:
                  Toronto Police Services - School Liaison Officer

             o    Welcome to Kindergarten

             o    Early Reading Intervention
             o    Kindergarten Early Language Intervention (KELI)

North Preparatory Junior Public School School Year:
                                            The primary purpose of student assessment is to improve learning.
     Information about the                  Assessment has the greatest potential to improve learning when it is an
     success of our programs                integral part of classroom activities. Teachers assess student progress
     comes from a wide variety              towards achieving the expectations on an ongoing basis by using
     of student assessments.                strategies such as projects, class presentations, homework assignments,
     These assessments are                  classroom observations, portfolios of student work, and tests.
     based on clear
     expectations for all                   Schools use assessment information and information from other sources
     learners, consistent with              to make informed decisions for school improvement planning. Schools
     those described in The                 identify areas of strength as well as areas that require improvement. Input
     Ontario Curriculum.                    is obtained from a variety of sources such as student assessments,
                                            teacher feedback, parent feedback, and community surveys. In this way,
                                            schools monitor, celebrate and improve their efforts in providing a
                                            supportive and challenging learning environment for all their students.

 North Preparatory/APS Combined School is                            o   Communicate with parents regularly, describing
 committed to a program of curriculum                                    home-based and out-of-school activities which
 implementation as outlined by the Ontario Ministry of                   they can do with their children to develop
 Education. The School Improvement Plan has as its                       mathematical skills
 basis the EQAO assessment results at the Grade 3                    o   Teach students mathematical language and how
 and Grade 6 level, report card grades, demographic                      to explain and justify their thinking
 information and other measureable data over time.                   o   Use math manipulatives to enhance mathematics
 The targets and action plans were discussed and will                    program
 be implemented by the staff and parents.                            o   Encourage and teach students to use
                                                                         mathematical language to write problems and
 At North Prep./APS, we will continue to implement                       describe their work
 the following strategies in an attempt to provide the
                                                                     Social Skills
 best possible educational program for all our
 students:                                                           o   Spotlight Assemblies to promote equity and
                                                                         character development and improve student
                                                                         engagement, motivation, and achievement
 o    Use AER (Assessment, Evaluating and Reporting                  o   Second Step Program
      guidelines), Concepts about Print (Kindergarten),              o   BRASS Program
      DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment gr.                      The Parent Council also hopes to construct a garden
      1-3), CASI (Comprehension Attitude Strategies                  on school grounds where students, teachers and
      Interests) Reading Assessment (gr. 4-6)                        parents will meet and work together. The purpose of
 o    Create common assessment among divisional                      this space is to encourage collaborative discussion
      and grade groupings                                            towards community building and will be
 o    Provide a Balanced Literacy Program (e.g.                      multi-generational and inclusive. This space will also
      modelled, shared, guided and independent                       contribute to the aesthetic value of the schoolyard.
      reading and writing)                                           The hope is that the garden would be available to
 o    Provide direct instruction in major forms of writing           every family and accessible throughout the year. We
 o    Update and maintain levelled reading book room                 have also established a "Green Team" in which all
 o    Identify and provide early literacy intervention for           students are invited to participate in the maintenance
      students at risk                                               and preservation of our school grounds. The Green
 o    Update and maintain the Library Information                    Team handles the school's recycling alongside the
      Centre to extend and enrich curriculum                         caretaking staff. They promote litterless lunches,
      connections and programs                                       and help teach their schoolmates how to make
 o    Blue Spruce Reading Program (Gr. K- 3)                         environmentally conscientious choices.
 o    Silver Birch Reading Program (Gr. 4-6)
 o    Boys and Girls Reading Club                                    This year we have made a commitment towards
                                                                     developing a strong music programme. Students
                                                                     have a dedicated music teacher (from Junior
 o    Use math textbooks specific to each grade                      Kindergarten through to Grade 6), and the Grade 6
 o    Identify strengths and needs fo individual                     students receive band itinerarnt instruction on a
      students to plan effectively                                   weekly basis. Students from grades 1 through 6 are
 o    Focus on problem solving and applying a variety                learning a repertoire of songs which will culminate
      of strategies to solve problems (3 part lesson)                in a school wide choral performance.

North Preparatory Junior Public School School Year:
              o    School Advisory Council
              o    Parent volunteers who assist in classrooms, library, parent publishing, fundraising, field trips
              o    Parent Classroom Representatives
              o    Parent run extra-curricular programmes (e.g. Chess Club, Art Club)

              o    Public library class visits (JK-Gr.6)
              o    Community volunteers
              o    Local secondary school co-op students
              o    Annual Community get-together
              o    Skating at Forest Hill Arena
              o    Visits from Community Police Officer
              o    Class visits to local fire station
              o    Daycare on site
              o    Sledding hills
              o    Involvement of local business community in school fund-raising

North Preparatory Junior Public School School Year:

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