Usability script by tog18220


									Usability testing of NCSU Libraries Web2 catalog interface
June 2003
Testers: K. Libner with N. Namjoshi


       I. Preliminaries                   7 minutes
       II. Tasks                          30 minutes
       III. Debriefing                    6-10 minutes

       TOTAL                              43-47 minutes

I. Preliminaries (TOTAL: 7 minutes)

A. Fill out Consent Form.
        2 minutes.

B. Description of test
      3 minutes

       “Thank you for your interest in participating.
       Test focuses on interface, not the user.
       Test structure: 1. User profile, 2. Tasks, 3. Debriefing
       We will not help you answer the questions.
       We will repeat the question if you wish.
       Think-aloud protocol: say what you are thinking. For example, if you are looking
       for something, what are you looking for. If you are confused, what is confusing
       you? What is your strategy as you go through the tasks?

       “Now I will ask you a few questions to get a sense of your familiarity with
       computers, the web, and the library site.”

C. User profile
      2 minutes

       Interview based on separate User Profile form.
                                                                  DRAFT 24-6-03
II. Tasks (TOTAL: 30 minutes)

                          SCC: Successful completion criteria
                          MTC: Maximum time to completion

Test administrator gives example of think-aloud protocol on library website.

1-0. Please find a call number for the book Gulliver‟s Travels.
       SCC: Any copy
       MTC: 3 minutes

1-1. Use the catalog to find out what floor of the stacks the book is on.
       SCC: Floor number
       MTC: 2 minutes

Instruction: Please return to the main search screen by clicking “Search Catalog” in the
navigation bar at the top of the screen.

1-2. Where in the library could you get a videorecording of Gulliver‟s Travels?
      SCC: Call number
      MTC: 2 minutes

Instruction: Please return to „Search Catalog‟ screen.

2. You’re planning a trip to London! You would like to browse some books about the
city. You’re interested not only in general guides, but guides about things like history,
architecture, and museums. Find at least five books that will help you plan your trip to
       SCC: Five books about London
       MTC: 5 minutes

Instruction: Please return to „Search Catalog‟ screen.

3-0. Suppose you’re a Spanish teacher and you want to broaden your students’
horizons by exposing them to poetry in Spanish. Find at least one audio recording of a
poet reading his or her work in Spanish.
       SCC: One audio recording of a poet reading in Spanish, e-mailed to self
       MTC: 6 minutes

                                                                  DRAFT 24-6-03
3-1. How would you e-mail this record to yourself?
      SCC: Reach one of the appropriate forms for e-mailing the record. (For privacy
      reasons, stop user before he or she enters e-mail address)
      MTC: 1 minutes

3-2. From the full record listing, how would you find titles of more books by this poet?
       SCC: Say title
       MTC: 2 minutes

3-3. Go back to the full record listing. What are some more titles on this subject?
      SCC: Say at least two more titles.
      MTC: 1 minute

Instruction: Please return to „Search Catalog‟ screen.

4. Your cat is not feeling well. You want to know what resources are available at the
Veterinary Medical Library to help you determine the problem. Find two fairly general
guides to cat health in the Veterinary Medical Library.
       SCC: Two cat guides at VML
       MTC: 4 minutes

Instruction: Please return to „Search Catalog‟ screen.

5. You’ve been hearing a lot about the physicist Richard Feynman. How can you
browse books in the library by Feynman? (Find at least 20.)
      SCC: Click on authority record for Feynman with >20 titles
      MTC: 4 minutes

6. That’s the end of the tasks section. Now I want to ask you a couple of more general
questions about your experience completing these tasks today.

What were the two most troublesome or confusing aspects of the catalog interface?

       1. ________________________________

       2. ________________________________

What were the two most useful and convenient aspects of the catalog interface?

       1. ________________________________

       2. ________________________________

                                                              DRAFT 24-6-03
III. Debriefing (TOTAL: 6-10 MINUTES)

6-10 minutes

[1. Questionnaire? Web-based only, in-person, or neither?]

2. Any final comments from user?

3. Give contact information for any questions or concerns. Payment, thanks, and


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