Script Evaluation by tog18220


									Date submitted:
Phone: m        h         w          o
   Checklist for proposal (please include all materials):
       Completed proposal form                      Resume
       Attachments (photos/press of previous work or press of show you’re proposing)
       Bios (please include your bio and bios of other known collaborators/designers)
Title:    Playwright/Creator:
Year Created/Published:
Approximate length of piece:                Intermission: Yes
Number of Characters:           Total;     Male       Female     Any        Other
(please explain)
Age range of characters:                            Preferred venue:
Preferred production dates:
Summary: (5 sentences or less)

Any difficulties in the production of this work: (i.e. an unusual set piece or
prop; cast calls for 3 infants; etc)
Please answer the following questions as clearly and succinctly as possible.
1. Why do you want to direct this show?

2. How does this show relate to the mission of 20%? How does
this show make an interesting addition to our season?

3. What do you hope to gain by directing this show for 20%?

4. Have you selected a design team? If not, please describe the
kind of production design you are envisioning.
5. Any thing else you’d like to say?

                    Direct any questions or concerns to

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