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									                                                Ministry Volunteer Info Pack
             We are grateful for your interest in getting involved in ForestView’s programming for
             children and youth. Volunteers are the hands and feet of the church. This package should
             give you a better idea of what we’re looking for in volunteers, and of what you may be
             getting yourself into.

             These forms will help us to find the best fit for your service, and help us continue to
             provide a safe, healthy, and responsible environment to minister to our children, youth,
             and families.

             What is all this stuff?
             -this cover letter
             -an application form for serving in the children’s and youth ministries to be completed
             and returned to the Ministry Coordinator.
             -a copy of the ForestView Statement of Faith
             -copies of our ministry safety policies for children and youth
             -descriptions of our programming and volunteer roles

             Police Checks:
             It is necessary that all of our volunteers submit an official police record check when
             serving with our children and youth. This is a fairly simple process that should require
             only a few minutes of your time and a few dollars (which can be reimbursed if it creates a
             problem for you).
             -you must receive the record check from the police service in the community where you
             live (i.e. Hamilton, Halton, etc.)
             -the police check you submit to ForestView must be current (i.e. not one from past years)
             -it is necessary that we see the original form that you receive from the police service, this
             can be returned to you if you prefer, or want to use it in another organisation. A copy will
             be kept in a locked file at the ForestView office.
             If you have any questions about the police record check process please the Ministry

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                                                          Ministry Volunteer Application
             Please complete this form and submit it to the Ministry Coordinator of the area in which
             you are interested. You will be contacted to arrange a placement conversation.

             Name: _______________________________________________________________
             Ministry Interest: ___________________________ Date: _____________________

             Contact Information
             _________________________________                         Phone: (h)__________________________
             _________________________________                         (w)__________________________
             _________________________________                         other ________________________
             _________________________________                         Email: _____________________________

           Ministry Experience (list most recent first)

             Church/Camp/Campus/Other               Dates              Areas of service    Contact /Phone




             What aspects of previous ministries did you enjoy most?

             What are your interests and hobbies outside of church?

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         Do you regularly attend our weekend services?        q Yes q No         If yes, since when?

         Do you regularly attend a small group?          q Yes    q No         If yes, since when?

         In what church ministries are you presently attending?

         In what areas of church ministry are you currently serving?

         Have you personally accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, and are you committed to having the character
         of Jesus live through you? Yes    No

         Tell us about your spiritual journey to date

         Tell us why you have chosen to work with youth at our church.


         List 3 adults you’ve known for at least one year, who are not related to you and have a definite knowledge of your
         character and ability to work with adolescents.

         1. A pastor, leadership team member, small group or ministry leader from our church/previous church

         Name                                                Nature of association

         Occupation                                          Length of time known

         Address                                  City                            Province             Postal Code

         Home phone                                          Work phone

         2. Employer or fellow employee

         Name                                                Nature of association

         Occupation                                          Length of time known

         Address                                  City                            Province             Postal Code

         Home phone                                          Work phone

         3. Friend or neighbor

         Name                                                Nature of association

         Occupation                                          Length of time known

         Address                                  City                            Province             Postal Code

         Home phone                                          Work phone
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           Waiver / Release

             I, the undersigned, give my authorization to Forestview Bible Church
             representativeshereafter referred to as The Church—to verify the information on this
             form. The Church may contact my references and appropriate government agencies as
             deemed necessary in order to verify my suitability as a church ministry worker. I am
             willing to request and submit to The Church background reports on myself from the local
             police service.
             The information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I
             authorize any references or churches listed in this application to give you any information
             (including opinions) that they may have regarding my character and fitness for ministry. In
             consideration of the receipt and evaluation of this application by The Church, I hereby release
             any individual, church, organization, charity, employer, reference, or any other person or
             organization, including record custodians, both collectively and individually, from any and all
             liability for damages of whatever kind or nature that may at any time result to me, my heirs, or
             family, because of compliance or any attempts to comply, with this authorization. I waive any
             right that I may have to inspect any information provided about me by any person or organization
             identified by me in this application.

             Should my application be accepted, I agree to be bound by the statement of faith and policies of
             The Church, and to refrain from conduct unbecoming to Christ in the performance of my services
             on behalf of The Church. If I violate these guidelines, I understand that my volunteer status may
             be terminated. By signing this application, I state that all of the information given about myself is

             binding agreement, which I have read and understand.

             Print name


             Witness                                            Date

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                                  Ministry Protection Plan
             Why are we doing this?
                     Traditionally churches have been communities of trust where parents felt safe
             leaving their children to be cared for and trained in faith by staff and volunteers. Recent
             history has disturbingly shown the risks inherent in blind trust.
                     As a community of believers who aspire to represent Jesus who said “Let the little
             children come to me and do not hinder them”, we understand our responsibility to
             provide a safe and healthy setting for all the vulnerable people involved in our ministries.
                     We are also deeply appreciative of (and dependent on) volunteer workers in our
             ministries. Providing clear guidelines for these people will assist them in serving within
             our community, and provide them with some confidence in their service.
                     While we recognize that some elements of this policy may seem restrictive or
             inconvenient, ForestView has always made efforts to ensure the safety and well being of
             our children, youth, and adults; and it is in keeping with our philosophy and beliefs to
             enact this policy at this time.

                     - A safe and loving environment for children and youth to be ministered to by
             caring volunteers and staff, growing into full potential spiritually, socially, physically,
             mentally, and emotionally
                     -To protect children and adults from incidents or allegations of misconduct
                     -To develop policies and procedures that are as simple as possible and as rigid as

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                1. Recruitment and training of volunteers & staff
                      a. Application: All volunteers and staff who will be involved in ministries
                         with children and/or youth will complete an application form as provided
                         by the Ministry Coordinator and approved by the Leadership Team. This
                         will include agreement with the ForestView Statement of Faith. The
                         applications will be kept in a locked file after processing.
                      b. Interview: All volunteers and staff will be interviewed prior to beginning
                         service by the Ministry Coordinator or designated alternate. Clarification
                         of expectations and policies, as well as opportunity for questions from
                         both sides will be part of this interview.
                      c. Education on abuse and policies: At the beginning of service each year, all
                         volunteers and staff will be trained in recognition and prevention of abuse.
                         Reporting policies and programming policies will be included.
                      d. Police and reference checks: As part of the application process. All new
                         applicants will submit a current police check and list of references. These
                         will be kept with the application in a locked file. ForestView is prepared to
                         reimburse the cost of the police check for those requested to become
                         involved in our ministries who find the cost prohibitive.
                      e. Supervision and Review: Ministry Coordinators will be responsible for
                         managing the supervision and volunteers. The Leadership Team and Lead
                         Pastor are responsible for managing staff.
                      f. Visitors and Observers (non-qualified volunteers): From time to time
                         adults who have not completed the application and orientation process will
                         be present at youth and children’s ministry programs and events for
                         purpose of observation, additional supervision, or participation as a visitor.
                         Visitors and Observers will not be in positions of responsible supervision
                         or private conversation with minors.

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                2. Policies for ForestView Programs and Events
                      a.   Children’s programs: See attached policies.
                      b.   Youth programs: See attached policies.
                      c.   Transportation: See attached policies.
                      d.   Volunteer Application Form: See attached application form.

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                3. Response to Alleged Misconduct

                      a. Reporting: All persons are legally required to report any suspected
                         incidents of abuse to the authorities. In the event that any staff or volunteer
                         involved in ForestView ministries suspects that a child or youth has been a
                         victim of abuse they are expected to immediately report their concerns to
                         the Ministry Coordinator. The Ministry Coordinator will then contact
                         Children’s Aid and notify the ForestView Leadership Team. Volunteers
                         and staff are not expected to interview the child or youth, or to investigate
                         their concerns. This is the responsibility of Children’s Aid. Ministry
                         Coordinators and volunteers are encouraged to make anonymous calls to
                         Children’s Aid if they are unsure if a situation should be reported. It is
                         always best to err on the side of reporting possible incidents of abuse
                      b. Care of “Victim”: In the event that an incident of abuse is suspected,
                         every effort will be made to support the “victim” without causing any
                         undue stress. We will seek the guidance of Children’s Aid in caring for the
                         child and their family.
                      c. Media Relations: In the event of any inquiries by media regarding
                         allegations of abuse involving ForestView, the Leadership Team will
                         designate a spokesperson. All media inquiries should be referred to the
                         designated spokesperson.
                      d. Care of “Accused”: We are committed to providing support and care to
                         any person accused of abuse just as we are to providing for “victims”.
                         However, any person accused of abuse will be removed from participation
                         in children’s and youth ministries until the situation has been resolved.
                      e. Confidentiality: For the sake of both “victim” and “accused”, any
                         allegations of abuse or misconduct will be kept in strict confidence as
                         much as is possible. Volunteers and staff are expected to refrain from
                         discussing allegations with people other than the Ministry Coordinator and
                         Leadership Team or staff representatives.
                      f. Church Discipline: ForestView believes that the local church is
                         responsible before God to maintain high standards of conduct. The
                         Leadership Team and staff may need to limit the role of persons who are
                         violating Biblical instruction.

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                ForestView's Children’s Ministry
                         Safety Policies
             The following policies are to protect our precious children and our valued volunteers.

             VOLUNTEERS: All volunteers that serve in our children’s ministry from nursery to
             grade 6, in all of childrens’ programs will have...

                •   completed an application form
                •   provided references when requested
                •   gone through a personal interview
                •   been orientated to the program in which they will serve
                •   completed a police check

             *Occasional volunteers -new volunteers or those coming into KidsView for a special
             event, will serve only with two other registered volunteers from ForestView.

             STAFFING OF PROGRAMS; will always have a minimum of two adults in a space
             where children are participating in our programs. (The ratio of volunteers to children will
             be determined by the Ministry Coordinator in consideration of age of the children in that
             area and also the special needs of children in that area.)

             At no time will an adult be in a room with a closed door or in any isolated situation with
             only one child.
             All class areas will have a viewing window in the door or wall or the door will be left
             opened to that area,
             All children will be adequately supervised when going to the washroom or other areas in
             the building out side of their class area.


             Children who become a part of ForestView’s children ministry will have a registration
             form completed by a parent or guardian,

             Registration forms will be given to the volunteer(s) serving in the child’s area.
             Information on these forms will not be given out unless the parents or guardians have
             given permission for this. (Other than to registered volunteers from ForestView serving
             in that child’s area) Note; (please see attached registration form)

             A parent or guardian or an adult caregiver will sign in all children from NURSERY to
             SK. At this time this person will be given a number. (This will aid us in getting the
             caregiver or parent from the service if the child has a need for them.)

             When the parent or caregiver comes to pick up the child from the child’s area they need
             to sign the child out and present the number. After doing this the child will be given to
             them by the volunter of this area.
             (Your child will not be given to anyone unless they have followed the above procedure)

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             Children from GRADE 1. to GRADE 6 will sign themselves in at the appropriate sign in
             table. This will give us an attendance record in case of fire or other emergency.

             Once children are signed in, ForestView will take responsibility to care for these
             children. At no time after signing in can children leave their areas without informing their

             Parents of children in grades 1, and grades 2 are asked to pick their children up in their
             classroom area.

             A ForestView children’s ministry volunteer will escort children in grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 to
             the sanctuary where they can meet the caregiver who brought them.

             Once children are dismissed they then become the sole responsibility of their parents,
             guardian or the caregiver that brought them.


             If there is a need to evacuate the building due to fire or other emergency…
             Children from Nursery to grade 6 will be escorted out of the closest exit by a ForestView
             children’s ministry volunteer from your child’s program area. (Volunteers will take with
             them the signing in record from the program of this time)

             All children from nursery age through to grade 6 will be taken to the lawn area directly in
             front of the ForestView building where parents or guardians or care givers can come and
             meet with them.

             NOTE: Please do not go to the child’s area to get them.

             FAMILY EVENTS or BEFORE AND AFTER signing in or out or dismissal from FV
             children’s programs are the responsibility of parents or guardians or care givers that
             brought them.

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                  Children’s Registration Form
                  To help us serve you and your child better

             Personal Data
             Child’s Name (first)___________________________ (last)_______________________
             Birth Date __________________________ Grade in School_______________________
             Names and Ages of Siblings _________________________________________________

             Family Information
             Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s) _________________________________________________
             Address _______________________________________________________________
             Home Phone ________________________Emergency Phone_______________________
             Alternative Contact_____________________ Phone Number_______________________

             Health Information
             Health Card Number ______________________________________________________
             Family Physician _______________________ Phone Number_______________________
             Allergies or Physical Limitations (special instructions)

             Security Measures *
             Names of persons who may pick up this child
             Names of Persons who may NOT have access to this child
             * Parent(s)/ legal guardian(s) will notify the church or KidsView program leader
             (preferably in writing) if and when these security measures change.

             Is there any other information that you would like to share with us that may help us
             serve your child better?
             Please return this form to the Ministry Coordinator or the ForestView Volunteer
             in your child’s area.

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                                        Volunteer Expectations

             KidsView’s mission is to reach kids with the good news of Jesus, to disciple
             them in a loving, safe, age appropriate, creative and Bible based environment.

             Our Vision is to see children become confident, excited believers and
             followers of Jesus. We hope they enjoy coming to KidsView each Sunday. We
             want to see them naturally share the good news of Jesus with others.

             We hope parents will feel confident that their children are well cared for in
             KidsView and can then enjoy the service. We hope our interaction with
             parents will be reassuring of our above goals. As KidsView volunteers we
             continually seek God’s guidance in teaching children about Jesus.

             What we expect from out volunteers:
               • Arrive early enough to be sure your physical space to do ministry in is
                  set up and prepared
               • Be so very welcoming to children and parents and to answer questions
                  they may have
               • To provide regular communication with parents so they know what is
                  happening in KidsView with their children
               • Assist parents with signing in and registration of children
               • Follow the safety policies put in place by ForestView for children
               • Come prepared to teach from curriculum or information given by your
                  leader in your area
               • Be supportive, encouraging, compassionate, to children at all times and
                  may they see us exemplify this in our relationships with the rest of
                  the team in KidsView
               • May we exemplify a serving and giving heart to children by our words
                  and actions

             Who could serve in KidsView:
               • Someone who loves Jesus as their Saviour
               • Someone who loves kids
               • Someone who is patient and kind
               • Someone who has a heart to see kids become all they can be in Jesus

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                          TREEHOUSE MISSION STATEMENT

             Our vision for TREEHOUSE is to create a friendly and safe environment
             where children have the opportunity to:

                •   Invite their non-churched friends, who may have no other exposure to
                •   Develop important relationships with other Christian friends through
                    various activities.
                •   Explore and expand skills and areas of interest such as; games, sports,
                    arts & crafts, drama, dance etc.
                •   Learn biblical truths about God and how that applies to their lives.
                •   Have a lot of fun doing the above!

             Volunteer Expectations

                •   Enjoy being around children
                •   Arrive at least 5 min. before start of program and set up if needed
                •   Come prepared to participate in their area of the program (bible
                    story, craft, games etc.)

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                       ForestView’s Youth Ministry Safety Policy
             The following policies are intended to protect our youth and as well as volunteers and

             VOLUNTEERS: All adult volunteers and paid staff that serve in our youth ministry will

                •   completed an application form
                •   provided references when requested
                •   gone through a personal interview
                •   been orientated to the program in which they will serve
                •   submitted a current police check

                A written file containing this information will be kept on locked file at the
             ForestView office. It will be accessible only to the youth ministry coordinator (Youth
             Pastor), the children’s ministry coordinator, and (with approval) members of the
             ForestView Leadership Team.

                 *Visitors and Observers: From time to time adults who have not completed the
             application and orientation process will be present at youth ministry programs and events
             for purpose of observation, additional supervision, or participation as a visitor. Visitors
             and Observers will not be in positions of responsible supervision or private conversation
             with youth.

             STAFFING OF PROGRAMS; The number, gender, and qualifications of adult staff and
             volunteers for youth programs and events will be determined by the youth ministry

             PERSONAL CONTACT: Personal relationships and meaningful conversations are
             central to our vision of youth ministry. We encourage our adult volunteers and staff to
             develop honest, healthy relationships with youth. It is strongly encouraged that personal
             contacts be limited to public situations and locations at all times. Volunteers and staff
             should never be alone with a youth in a closed room or out of sight of others during
             programs or events.
                     While we encourage our volunteers and staff to have contact with youth outside
             of scheduled programs and events; the following guidelines are recommended:
                     -ensure that the youth’s parents are aware of all meetings

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                       -arrange to spend time together in public locations rather than private homes or
                       -be deliberately above suspicion in all interactions, particularly with physical
                     -be particularly cautious in developing relationships or spending time with youth
             of the opposite sex
                     -be discerning in the content of telephone, Email, messenger, and other

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                                                               Ministry Transportation
             Many of our ministries require parents, staff, and volunteers to assist with transporting minors either to and from, or
             during events. The following guidelines are intended to facilitate this process in as reasonable a manner as possible.

             To and From FV Programs: Volunteers and Staff are not expected to provide transportation for children and youth to
             and from programs and events. We recognize that it is sometimes helpful and reasonable for this to happen but it is not
             required. When providing transportation to and from programs we urge volunteers and staff to be discerning about
             situations that could be (or appear to be) questionable, and to communicate directly with parents (or guardians) before
             and after driving minors.

             During FV Programs: When a ForestView ministry program or event involves transporting minors in private vehicles,
             the Ministry Coordinator or person supervising the event will be responsible to ensure that all drivers are currently
             licensed and insured, and that safe driving practices are followed. No minor is to be transported without a seatbelt at
             any time. If suitable drivers and vehicles are not available it is the responsibility of the Ministry Coordinator or person
             supervising to find alternate transportation or cancel the event.
             We expect that minors will not be alone in a vehicle with an adult other than a family member during FV events or
             programs except with approval from the parent(s) or guardian(s).

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                                             Statement of Faith
             Our Convictions
             The Bible is God’s word and is the final authority for life.
             There is one eternal God who exists in three persons… the Father, Son and Holy
             Jesus Christ was God in the flesh, perfect in his humanity and fully divine. He
             died, rose from the dead and ascended to heaven where he now reigns with the
             Sin separates every human being from God, so that we are prevented from
             experiencing his loving presence, and the satisfying life He offers.

             God forgives our sin based on the sacrificial death of his Son. Faith in Jesus
             Christ is the only means through which our relationship with God can be
             The Holy Spirit lives in every follower of Christ. His presence guarantees our
             eternal life, and empowers us for godly living.

             God’s church exists wherever Christ’s followers live. The local church is a full
             expression of the universal church in a specific location. The church is both an
             organization and organism. It exists to reconcile the world to God and bring Him
             Jesus Christ will eventually return in person to judge the living and the dead.
             Those who have accepted Christ will receive the fullness of eternal life and dwell
             with God forever.

             I have read the church’s Statement of Faith, Volunteer Expectations, and Ministry Safety
             Policies enclosures and agree to be bound by them. q yes q no initial here: __________

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