PhpGedView Administration Outline by zxn36154


									PhpGedView Administration Outline
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   1. Getting data into PGV
         a. Adding data from a GEDCOM
                  i. UTF-8
                 ii. Exporting GEDCOM
                iii. Upload a GEDCOM
                iv. Add a GEDCOM
         b. Start entering data directly into PGV
   2. GEDCOM Management and Configuration
         a. Selecting a default GEDCOM
         b. GEDCOM configuration settings
         c. Uploading a replacement gedcom
         d. Importing
         e. Download gedcom
   3. Customizing Privacy
         a. General Settings
         b. Privacy by id
         c. User Privacy
         d. Fact Privacy
   4. User Administration
         a. Adding a user
         b. User List
         c. Sending messages to users
   5. Customizing Welcome Page
         a. Add / Remove Blocks
         b. Block Configuration
         c. Favorites
         d. News
         e. Pending Changes
   6. MyGedView Portal
         a. Messages
   7. Reviewing Changes
         a. Viewing Differences
         b. Accepting / rejecting changes
   8. Backup / Restore
         a. Downloading a backup
         b. Restoring from Backup
   9. Manage Media
         a. Adding media
         b. Bulk upload
         c. Linking to multiple people
       d. Storage on server
              i. “media” directory
             ii. Multiple media levels
10. Remote Linking

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