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Hannah Game Design Doc Outline - Download as PDF by zxn36154


									Disney Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show
    PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system

 Getting Started…………………… 2
 Basic Controls……………………. 2
 Introduction……………………….. 2
 Main Menu………………………… 3
 Design the Show…………………. 3
 Concert……………………………. 4
 Stage Pieces, Gifts and More……5
 Online Features………………….. 5

                     Disney Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show
                         PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system

Set up your PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system according to the instructions in
the manual supplied with the system. Turn the system on. The power indicator
lights up in green and the home menu is displayed. Press the OPEN latch to
SHOW disc with the label facing away from the system, slide until fully inserted
and close the disc cover. From the PSP® system’s home menu, select the Game
icon and then the UMD icon.
A thumbnail for the software is displayed. Select the thumbnail and press the X
button of the PSP® system to start the software. Follow the on-screen
instructions and refer to this manual for information on using the software.

NOTICE: Do not eject a UMD™ while it is playing.

Memory Stick Duo™
Warning! Keep Memory Stick Duo media out of reach of small children, as the
media could be swallowed by accident.
To save game settings and progress, insert a Memory Stick Duo into the memory
stick slot of your PSP® system. You can load saved game data from the same
memory stick or any Memory Stick Duo containing previously saved games.


L button and R button – Drums
Triangle, Circle, X and Square buttons– Keyboard, guitar and pump up the
Analog stick and Directional buttons – Perform as Hannah Montana, guitar,
vocals and pump up the crowd
START button – Pause
HOME button – Quit / exit to home menu


Go on the most exciting world tour ever in Disney Hannah Montana: Rock Out
the Show. Take charge of your tour with help from Lilly and Jackson and
customize your concerts. Arrange a unique show in each city across the world
including amazing stage sets, rock star lighting and special effects. Design your
performances by choosing your dance moves, songs, and performers. Then,
customize your wardrobe with awesome fashions inspired from all over the world.
Select your dancer’s and musician’s styles too.

                      Disney Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show
                          PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system

Quick Play
Quick Play lets you access the items you’ve unlocked and start performing
without having to enter the Story Mode. Perform to unlocked songs and get
access to the Stage Designer, Wardrobe and Moment Maker.

Story Mode
Play the Story Mode to join Hannah and her friends and design amazing
concerts. Each location in Hannah’s latest world tour lets you customize almost

General options during game-play like volume, audio visual sync, and load/save

Entering the network menu displays all network options like sharing
performances or downloading new content. Download the Radio Disney
application here to listen on your PSP system. You can also link to the Disney
Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show website.


Choose the City and Song
Play the story mode to unlock and perform in 7 exciting cities. After you unlock
the songs and venues, you can go back and choose the locations of Hannah’s
tour stops. Once you choose a location, you can choose which song to perform.
By choosing the right song for that location, Hannah will really rock out the

Unlock and perform in 7 exciting cities:
   • Nashville
   • Mexico City
   • Madagascar
   • Venice
   • St. Petersburg
   • Mumbai
   • Tokyo

                     Disney Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show
                         PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system

After you have chosen a city and a song you will go backstage.
       Tutorial and Rehearsal: Before you can take new moves to the big stage,
       you first have to rehearse them.
       Concert Creator: Design the stage using Concert Creator
          o Stage Designer – Select the stage props, lighting and other special
          o Wardrobe – Choose the color and style of Hannah’s outfits by
               mixing and matching tops, patterns, accessories and shoes. You
               can also choose the styles for your back-up dancers and band.
          o Moment Maker – Use the Rock Star Moment Maker to design every
               aspect of a song’s special Rock Star Moment. Choose your dance
               moves, special effects, stage lighting and more.
          o Concert – You can go to the concert from here.

Perform as Hannah Montana – Learn dance performances or move sequences,
then perform them as Hannah Montana. First the backup dancers will perform
the moves and generate the sequence. Then it’s your turn to dance as Hannah.

To increase your score and improve your performance, jam with your band as
Hannah. Dance with the guitarist during a big solo moment or rock out with the
drummer during a drum section, and more.

      Guitar – Follow along the rhythm of the guitar using the Directional
      buttons and Triangle, Circle, X and Square buttons to successfully
      complete this section.

      Keyboard – Play a rhythm sequence that follows along with the keyboard.
      Hit the appropriate buttons in time to the music to successfully complete
      the section.

      Drums – Play along to the drum beat and hit the L and R buttons in time
      to the music to successfully complete the section.

      Rock the Mic – Follow along with the vocals and use the Directional
      buttons or Analog stick in time to music to successfully complete the

      Pump Up the Crowd – Keep the crowd pumped by hitting the appropriate

                       Disney Hannah Montana: Rock Out the Show
                           PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system

Stage Pieces
Travel to new cities and distant lands and earn stage pieces and outfits that
reflect the countries culture. After traveling the world and performing in enough
concerts, you will be able to fill their stage with different props and a full cast of
backup performers.

The more successful the concert, the more rewards! Hannah can use these
unlockables to make her next concert even better!

Video Effects
Change video effects to pink hearts or golden stars and other special video
effects that will become available once earned.

Clothing and Accessories
Earn new outfits that will help pump up the crowd. Miley must use Lilly’s advice,
while ignoring the advice of Jackson, to decide what clothing the fans will
appreciate the most. Different countries have different tastes so Hannah will
have to mix it up to keep everyone happy.

Stage/backdrop design
Swap out stage pieces and change their textures. The crowd won’t want to see
the same looking stage all of the time so Hannah will have to keep the changes
coming. Changing up the stage is a great way to get the crowd hyped up!


Share your customized level – Share your customized stage performance with
friends over the PSP system’s WiFi connection. Make the perfect stage,
background dancers, and magic moment for your favorite song and show it off by
letting your friends play it themselves. You can also share those rockin’ outfits
you’ve thrown together for Hannah to perform in.

Bonus Unlockables - Unlock outfits, new moves, and back up performers. A link
in the game can open up PlayStation®Network for the downloadable bonus items
in the game exclusive.

Internet Radio - Access to the Radio Disney internet radio channel. Follow the
link and onscreen instructions to install.

Watch Hannah – Watch Hannah Montana on your PSP system by downloading
audio and video clips from the show. Also, watch concert footage of her
performing the songs from the game!


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