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									                                      ENGR (or RADI) XXXX
                                              Course Title


Office number:
Contact information: 905.721.8668 ext. / WebCT Email

Teaching Assistant

Information can be found on WebCT.

Academic Advisor

Name: Kerry Armstrong
Office number: UA 3061
Contact information: 905-721-8668 Ext.2932/ Kerry.Armstrong@uoit.ca

Text book

Version number:
Additional reading (Reference Books and Information Resources):

Lecture/ Laboratory/ Tutorial

Information can be found on WebCT.
Course prerequisite:

Course credit:
Lecture (3 credits, 3 hours weekly)
Laboratory (2 hours biweekly)
Tutorial (1 hour weekly)


If there are some specific requirements, put them here. For example, must bring your laptop to the tutorial,
or missing one lab, the course will be failed.

Assignments (Total amount of assignments)

Put some specific details and requirements in here, depending on different courses. For example, each
assignment will be every second week.

Quizzes (Total amount of quizzes)

Put some specific details and requirements in here, depending on different courses. For example, all
quizzes will be done in lectures.

Others (Based on each course’s structures, put specific details and requirements of other components in
here, such as “Seminar” and “Presentation”.)

Course evaluation

Assignment(Total amount of assignments)               %
Lab (Total amount of labs)                            %
Quiz (Total amount of quizzes)                        %
Others                                                %
Midterm (Total amount of midterms)                    %
Final                                                 %

Course schedule (Tentative course outline)

    Week                       Topic                          Reading                      Other

                                                                                  (Other things needed to
   Week1             (Main topics each week)              (Chapters/others)          emphasized, i.e.


Course description (Learning objective)

Learning outcome

Other things needed to emphasize, such as “Class rules”.

Academic Integrity
Please read complete school policy at: (http://www.uoit.ca/calendar/0304/info-display.php?ID=42)

Academic misconduct includes, but is not limited to: Cheating on examinations, assignments, reports, or
other work used to evaluate student performance. Cheating includes copying from another student’s work
or allowing one’s own work to be copied, submitting another person’s work as one’s own, fabrication of
data, consultation with an unauthorized person during an examination, or use of unauthorized aids.


To insure that disability-related concerns are properly addressed during this course, students with
documented disabilities and who may require assistance to participate in this class are encouraged to
speak with their instructor as soon as possible. Students who suspect they may have a disability that may
affect their participation in this course are advised to go to the Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD)
in B297 (Gordon Willey Building) or call 905-721-3123.

(Please consult the academic calendar and our faculty website for more information about our
policies and procedures: www.nuclear.uoit.ca)


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