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     STIRLING ON THURSDAY 7 FEBRUARY 2008 at 7.00 p.m.


     Borestone Community Council
     Maureen Allan
     Alex Black
     Jim Bruce
     Mary Bruce
     Mary Burns
     Ian Crawford
     Mr Cooke
     Alex Smith
     George Weir

     Broomridge Community Council
     Ken Macdonald (Chair)
     Ann Rogerson

     Kathleen Davidson
     Janet James
     Francis Mackay

     King’s Park
     David Macdonald
     Colvin Pirrie

    Torbrex Community Council
    Murray Dickie
    Joyce Green
    Michael Green

    Barbara Allan, Manager, Community Services
    Andrew Davis, Community Development Officer, Community Services
    Ann Dromgoole, Committee Officer, Corporate Services, Stirling Council (Clerk)
    Carol Hamilton, Area Manager, Housing Services, Environment Services
    Jacqueline Lynn, Active Stirling
    Ian McCourt, Senior Community Worker, Community Services
    John Risk, Head of Improvement & Customer Service, Stirling Council

     Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Neil Benny, Ian Brown, Scott
     Farmer, Corrie McChord, Stephen Paterson and Andrew Simpson.

     The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained the format of the


        Carol Hamilton, Housing Services, reported on the possibility that the move from
        St Modan’s High School site might come forward slightly earlier in July (currently
        programmed for 21 July.2008). The Contract stated that ownership of the old
        sites passes to the Housing Developer 3 weeks after the school is handed over.
        It was a possibility that the site (which will include both the current Cultenhove
        Local office and the home for ERIS) will transfer out of Council ownership prior
        to the end of July 2008.

        440 flats in Cultenhove would be demolished as part of the regeneration project
        and 286 families re-housed by other Landlords. The Council’s housing stock
        would reduce.

        The Forum was advised that it was proposed that the Housing Service staff will
        move to the Municipal Buildings and deliver their services from there. The
        tenants most affected by the move will be those tenants within the areas of
        Cultenhove and Polmaise.

        The Council had agreed the method of tenant consultation. However wider
        consultation was also needed. It was suggested that this wider consultation take
        place via the Forum. Also the Council would be writing to all local groups asking
        for feedback.

        Ms Hamilton advised that she would go to any Community Council if asked to
        give them further information on the moves.

        During a general discussion the following points were raised:-

        The role of Estate Wardens was clarified, the Wardens, financed via Housing
        Services covered only Stirling Council owned properties;
        The Anti Social Behaviour Team picked up on anti-social behaviour;
        Would it be possible for the Council to provide an Outreach Office. (It was
        explained that rent and Council Tax can be paid at any post office, and in local
        The St Ninians’s area (the largest) was least well served;
        The Municipal Buildings was the only current option for relocating the Housing
        There was no provision in Hillview Community Centre to accommodate Housing
        Services staff;
        There was no current proposal for Housing Services going back to Cultenhove
        following the new development build at the St Modan’ s site;
        The New Housing Associations could not discriminate against the re-housing of
        troublesome tenants;

        The Chair thanked Ms Hamilton for her attendance.


        The Chair reminded Members that to date Stirling Council had hosted 2
        Community Council Conferences on Community Planning.

        He reported that the Council was undertaking a Review of the Community
        Governance Strategy with a view to reporting to the Council in March 2008. The
        Council was undertaking a Review on Community Planning on 8 February 2008
        to which Forums had been asked to nominate 2 representatives to attend.
        Given that the names of the nominees had been requested by Friday 25 January
        2008 the Chair advised that he and Jim Bruce would be representing this Forum
        at the Review.

        However in order to provide Members with input to the discussions he suggested
        that it would be helpful to hear Members views which could be fed back to the
        Review meeting.
        The Council’s Organisational Development & Learning Team would facilitate the

        The points made at the meeting would be tabled at the Review and set out in the
        Appendix to this Minute.


        The Forum agreed:-

        1    to note that the Chair and Jim Bruce would represent the Forum at this event
             and that the comments received would be fed into the review process;

        2    to look at the publicity for the Forum.

     3 NOTE OF MEETING – 29 November 2007


        The Forum agreed to note the Note of Meeting of the Forum held on 29
        November 2007.

        Matters Arising

        (a) Impact on Re-activation of Murrayshall Quarry and Probable increase in
        HGV traffic on some of the main roads within Forum 5 Area – Update

        On 24 January 2008 Stirling Council reviewed the Old Mineral Consent for
        Murrayshall Quarry, Gillies Hill to determine what appropriate action the Council
        should take in relation to the review of the old mineral permission for the Quarry
        in 2002, as an Environmental Impact Assessment was not carried out despite
        the fact that it was a legal requirement of the review procedure.

        The Forum was advised that Murrayshall Quarry Liaison Group, formed in
        response to the potential re-opening of the quarry, had raised the issue of
        whether an Environmental Impact Assessment had been carried out at the time
        of the Review of Old Mineral Permissions (ROMP’s), that was required by the
        Environment Act 1995. Council Officers agreed to seek a legal opinion on
        whether an EIA should have been carried out as part of the Review of

        The Environment Act 1995 required all Planning Authorities to undertake a
        review of the Conditions attached to all current minerals Planning permissions.
        Following receipt of legal advice, it was now accepted that an Environmental
        Impact Assessment was required as part of the review. This had not been
        On 24 January 2008 the Council had agreed to enter into discussions with the
        Operator of the site with a view to seeking the Court of Session to quash the
        2002 Council Notice regarding the Review of Old Mineral Permissions and to
        agreeing an Extension of the time limit for reviewing the 1982 Consent, which
        would allow the Council to require an Environmental Impact Assessment to be
        carried out and then complete a proper review of the 1982 Consent.

        In respect of the operation of the Quarry – accessing Forest Road to gain entry
        to the Quarry would require new Planning Consent. To date an application for
        this had not been received.

        The Council had agreed that if an Application for this were submitted then the
        Council would take the decision.

        Two Groups were involved in the campaigning against the re-opening of the
        Quarry. A scoping report was being conducted and it was suggested that it
        would be appropriate for the views of this Forum to be included within this report.


        The Forum agreed that it would be appropriate for this Forum’s views to be
        included in the scoping report.

        (b) Post Office Network Change Programme

        The Forum was advised that in relation to Cultenhove Post Office, as a result of
        the local public consultation on Post Office closures, Post Office Ltd had decided
        not to proceed with the closure of the Cultenhove branch.

        At the Steering Group it had been agreed:-

        1          to note the satisfactory outcome concerning Cultenhove but that the
                   Post Office at Stirling University was under threat;

        2          to place on record thanks to Rebecca Maxwell and Andrew Pont of the
                   Chief Executive’s Office for providing background to support the
                   campaign for retention of Post Offices and also to Andy Davis,
                   Community Development Worker, for his work in co-ordinating the
                   campaign within Cultenhove community.


        The Forum agreed that in addition to the above to congratulate the Members of
        Borestone Community Council and the other Parties involved in the campaign.

        (c) Appointment of 2 representatives from the Forum to a meeting with
        Stirling Public Partnership Forum.

        On 29 November 2007 the Forum had agreed that Ken Macdonald and Murray
        Dickie be this Forum’s representatives at a meeting with the Stirling Public
        Partnership Forum.

        It was pointed out that the representatives from Borestone had not had an
        opportunity to contribute to the decision on these appointments.
        It was noted that the first meeting of SPPF would take place within the next few
        weeks. The meeting with SPPF would also included representation from various
        organisations within the Council area.

        On 14 January 2008 the Forum’s Steering Group had agreed to remit to this
        meeting of the Forum to reconsider the nominations.

        The date of the meeting with SPPF had still to be set.

        The Chair reminded Members that after this meeting he would no longer be
        Chair and suggested that it would be appropriate to nominate another member
        of the Forum to attend this meeting in his place.

        The Chair further recommended that it would be appropriate to delegate to the
        Steering Group to deal with urgent business arising during the period between
        Forum meetings.


        The Forum agreed:-

        1    that Murray Dickie and Alex Smith represent the Forum at the meeting with
             Stirling Public Partnership Forum;

        2    to delegate to the Steering Group to deal with any urgent business arising
             during the period between Forum meetings.

        At this juncture John Risk took the Chair.


        On 29 November 2007 the Forum agreed to defer to this meeting the
        appointments of Chair and Vice-Chair. The Forum had also agreed an
        amendment to Standing Order 6.2 to enable the appointment of Chair and Vice-
        Chair to come from the different Constituent Groups comprising Community
        Planning Forum 3 (now 5). The current Chair and Vice-Chair had been
        appointed to 29 February 2008 at the latest.

        Both appointments would run for a period of 1 year.

        (a) Appointment of Chair

        The Chair requested nominations for the post of Chair of Forum 5.

        Ken Macdonald, seconded by Jim Bruce moved the appointment of Murray
        Dickie as Chair.


        The Forum unanimously agreed to appoint to appoint Murray Dickie as Chair.

        (b) Appointment of Vice-Chair

        The Chair requested nominations for the post of Vice-Chair of Forum 5.

        Alex Black, seconded by Jim Bruce moved, he appointment of Alex Smith as


        The Forum unanimously agreed to appoint Alex Smith as Vice-Chair.
        Mr Macdonald placed on record thanks to Forum Members, Council Officers,
        and in particular his Depute Chair Anne Rogerson for the support which he had
        received during his terms of office.

        At this juncture Murray Dickie took the Chair.


        Joint Priority No 1 – Traffic and Road Safety - With reference to Paragraph 2
        of Note of Meeting of 29 November 2007 - Joint Priority No 1 – Traffic and Road
        Safety – the Forum was reminded that at this meeting those present had been
        advised that Barbara Allan and Murray Dickie (Torbrex Community Council) had
        updated this Section of the Plan and the updates had been incorporated into the
        Plan. Since November 2007 this updated Section of the Plan had been put into
        a slightly different format.

        The Forum noted that Barbara Allan, Community Services Manager, and Murray
        Dickie had meet with Brain Roberts, Traffic Manager, Environment Services to
        complete further sections within this Joint No 1 Priority for submission to the May


        The Forum noted that Joint Priority No 1 – Traffic & Road Safety Section of the
        Community Plan would be available for the May 2008 meeting of the Forum.


        Barbara Allan, Community Services, Stirling Council
        Murray Dickie, Chair
        Brian Roberts, Environment Services, Stirling Council

        Joint Priority No 1 - Community Facilities & Activities - On 29 November
        2007 the Forum had taken the first steps to complete Joint Priority No 1 –
        Community Facilities and Activities. This had taken the form of a Workshop.
        The issues raised at the Workshop were listed in the Appendix to the Note of
        Meeting of 29 November 2007.

        Representatives of Active Stirling had been unable to attend the November 2007
        meeting and on 14 January 2008 the Steering Group had agreed that it would be
        appropriate to continue more in-depth discussion on this Joint No 1 Priority at
        this meeting.

        The Council’s Greenspace Strategy, which was being submitted to Stirling
        Council in March 2008 tied in with this Joint No 1 Priority.

        Information on a Consultation Day on the Greenspace Strategy (to which
        everyone was invited) hosted on Saturday 9 February 2008 in Hillview
        Community Centre, Bannockburn was circulated at the meeting.

        Jacqueline Lynn (Active Stirling) and Ian McCourt (Community Services) were
        present. Jacqueline Lynn provided background on the role of Active Stirling and
        sought guidance on what activities the communities wished to see developed.

        The comments arising from the discussion which followed were as follows:-

        By the time of the Forum meeting in May 2008 information should be available
        on the Facilities at Stirling High School;
        The Forum should invite funders to a future meeting;
        Clarify with the Schools what use they will be making of the facilities at Stirling
        High School; once the timetable for Stirling High School was know then the
        availability of the Facilities for use by the public can be gauged;
        The new Stirling High School will be available prior to the closure of St Modan’s
        High School;
        In response to a query on when the monies from Section 75 allocation funding,
        paid by the Developers, would be available it was confirmed this would be 3
        months after the first house had been built;
        The Forum needed as much information as possible on what organisations were
        involved within the Council area in supporting recreational activities and which
        community/recreational facilities were available;
        The community wished to influence what happens post August 2008;
        The concept of providing activities for Adults and Elderly People needed to be
        looked at;
        It was suggested that Active Stirling provided classes in self-defence for elderly
        Regarding the closure of Rainbow Slides – there had been a lack of
        communication about the closure between the Council and the users;
        Dunblane High School and the new Stirling High should relieve the demand
        arising from the closer of Rainbow Slides;
        The Council’s Lease on The Studio was up on 14 April 2008 and Active Stirling
        was looking to re-provisioning the classes currently provided there;
        The gym within the Raploch Campus was more suitable to free weight and
        resistance training;
        Active Stirling can support funding to Groups and was actively engaged in taking
        forward those activities which citizens want;
        Stirling High School/St Modan’s be asked to do specific review to identify
        students from the Borestone area;
        Active Stirling was asked to identify specifically what provision was available
        within Borestone/Cultenhove area for students living in this area and undertake a
        specific review of this;
        The needs of Borestone differed from what could be provided at Stirling High
        School/St Modan’s High School.


        The Forum agreed:-

        1        to request Jacqueline Lynn to provide the 5 Community Councils with
                 information on the activities that Active Stirling is delivering in their
                 particular area;

        2        to request Ian McCourt to circulate to the 5 Community Councils
                 information on the activities undertaken within Council owned Halls both
                 across the Council area and also within the boundary of the Forum;

        3        Community Councils forward information to Barbara Allan on any leisure
                 activities which they are aware of that (a) are not organised by the
                 Council and (b) took place in private venues;

        4        The concept of providing activities for Adults and Elderly People needed
                 to be look at and that this issue be included in the agenda for the next
                 meeting of the Steering Group.

        Action –

        Recommendation 1 – Jacqueline Lynn, Active Stirling
        Recommendation 2 – Ian McCourt, Community Services
        Recommendation 3 – Ann Dromgoole to contact Community Councils


        There was tabled for information from the Electoral Registration Officer advising
        on All Change for Postal Voters and the effect which implementation of the of the
        new rules means. The Electoral Registration Officer will write to all electors who
        have a postal vote, or who have appointed a proxy to vote on their behalf, to ask
        for their signature and date of birth.

        At future elections all postal voters will also require to supply their signature and
        date of birth when returning the ballot papers in order that these can be
        “matched” with the signature and date of birth on file.

        These changes were designed to increase the safety and security of votes cast
        when the elector was not physically visiting the polling place.

        The importance of electors completing, signing and returning the forms as soon
        as possible after they are received was raised. Unless the new forms with the
        signature and date of birth were received then electors will be notified after 49
        days that their postal vote has been removed.

        Any elector, or groups of electors, unable to sign their own form or who required
        assistance in completing the form should contact the Electoral Registration
        Office as soon as possible.

        Forms for anyone who wished to apply for a postal vote would be available soon
        to download from and to collect from local libraries.
        Meantime forms were available via
        the Electoral Registration Officer on 01786 892200 or e-mail”

        Referring to registering to vote the Forum was also advised that the Electoral
        Registration Officer was also encouraging electors to make sure they register to
        vote –13% of all households failed to return any one of the 3 forms posted out in
        the Autumn of 2007 seeking details of those eligible to vote. Electors can
        register throughout the year if they are not registered or if they change address.
        In addition to not being able to vote in any Election not being registered to vote
        can cause credit reference problems for people. All major credit reference
        Companies use the Register to help check on residence.


        Information was circulated on a Funding Fair to be held on 10 March 2008 in the
        Albert Hall, Stirling to which all Community Groups were invited.


        The Forum requested that where possible, Roads Services give advance notice
        to Community Councils on roads closures, scheduled within this Forum area.

        Action – Ann Dromgoole


        The venue for meetings of the Forum in 2008 had already been set.


        The Forum agreed to include on the agenda for their May meeting discussion on
        the suggestion that the Forum meet at one venue within the Forum area instead
        of being peripatetic.


        Francis Mackay advised the Forum of a proposal for a 2,500 housing
        development adjacent to Cambusbarron Village. It was pointed out that this
        proposed development would impact on residents of the Village, particularly in
        respect of Road safety issues.


        The Forum noted the position and agreed that Francis Mackay e-mail
        information on the development to the Chairs of the other 4 Community

        Action – Francis Mackay


        Concern was raised about the closure of Somerfield at St Ninians; in particular if
        the retail facility on the site ceased then there would only be one other small
        food retailer in the vicinity.


        To seek information from Planning Services on the future of the site.

        Action – Ann Dromgoole


        The Forum noted that the next meeting would take place in Borestone Primary
        School on Thursday 29 May 2008 at 7.00 p.m.

        The Chair declared the meeting closed at 9.05 p.m.

        APPENDIX 1

        Feedback from Workshop on Review of Community Governance Strategy

        How has it been for you?

        The Forum made good use of the one-off funding that dispersed amongst the
        areas on various types of projects;

        The idea of the Forum has been successful in serving a useful purpose;

        Invitation to various Officers to come and provide information to this Forum has
        been successful – however promises are given but not actioned; i.e. meeting
        with Health Board Officials; (the second visit from representative of Roads
        Services was an improvement on the 1st visit).


        Meeting at Mayfield Centre at which representatives of Forth Valley Health
        Board attended was highly successful;

        Funding for Play area, Borestone (campaign) looks hopeful – a success

        Members of the Forum have come together to work on issues, which concern
        more than just the Community Councils.


        Forums are not definitive enough;

        Obtaining issues from Communities – need to use the Forum as a vehicle;

        Need to be more pro-active to unplanned events i.e.
            the Closure of Somerfield;
            the method in which Stirling Council consulted/advised on the closure of
               St Modan’s High School

        The Forum is not yet able to influence.


        There needs to be more upfront information provided by Council/Partner
        Agencies e.g. information on the Closure of Rainbow Slides was not handled

        Forums should not get bogged down with the issues of one Community Council
        unless the issue raised is a common issue relevant to all of the Community

        The Forum has the advantage of being able to apply pressure on behalf of all
        Forum Community Councils; whereas 1 Community Council exercising pressure
        is at a disadvantage;

        The Forums need to be able to influence and offer support;
        The issue of what is happening at the King’s Park is a good example of an issue
        on which Forum 5 can come back to;

        In principle Stirling Council ought to fund Play Services (at the moment monies
        from Planning gain is used for this);

        Communities have to react to Council proposals taken quickly (parachuted)