Braille Note Lesson by euh19799


									                                Braille Note Lesson

Using the spell checker

This lesson is an overview of the spell checker functions found in the braille note. It is
not necessary to follow every step when checking within a document.

Open the document entitled “practice”.

To check the document with the spell checker, press the Spacebar with dots 1,6 or the
“ch” sign. This opens the spelling checker menu, which contains five items.

Review the items using the Spacebar.

To move backward through the items, press the Backspace key.

Choose to check the whole document after reviewing the choices. When you hear,
“check the whole document”, press the Enter key.

After choosing “Document Check”, you will hear the first misspelled word followed by the
question, “Option?”

You can have the word read again by pressing the Spacebar with dots 2,5. If you press
the Spacebar with dots 2,5 a second time the word will be spelled out.
You can have the sentence read to you by pressing the Spacebar with dots 1,4 and the
paragraph read by pressing the Spacebar with dots 2,3,5,6.

After hearing “Option?” you can press the letter c to correct the word manually. You will
hear, “Enter replacement”.

Or you can choose to ignore the word by pressing the letter I.

Words, such as proper names can be added to the dictionary by pressing the letter A.

Sometimes you will be prompted, “word not in dictionary. Use?”

Y                       OR       N                       , plus correction.

Press Y to use the new word, or N and then re-enter the correction.

A                       OR       F

You will then hear, “Correct all or first?” Press the letter A for all or the letter F for first.

To hear a suggestion list press S instead of C to get list. Repeats previous steps.

For context sensitive help at any time press the letter H with the spacebar.

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