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					                                                       CRISE Annual Report 2007-8

                        Note of CRISE Management Meeting
                        Thursday 9 November 2007, 2.00 pm

Present:                                                  Apologies:

Frances Stewart             Yvan Guichaoua                Abdul Raufu Mustapha
Rosemary Thorp              Arnim Langer
Graham Brown                Jo Boyce
Corinne Caumartin           Nicola Shepard

1)   Budget

NS presented figures showing:

     YTD actual + projected expenditure, with revised Year 6 budget to account for a
     possible over-spend of £37,762 (£21,644 Year 5 + over-spend of £16,118 carried
     over from Year 4);
     Payments outstanding to PIs and RCs; and
     Regional budgets to September 2008.

     NS to notify DFID of likely CRISE over-spend at end Year 5                    NS
     Regions to meet with NS individually to review projected budgets       NS, RT/CC,
                                                                            GB, RM/AL
2)   Future funding

     a) DFID Extension Bid: no news expected until first week in December.

     b) Ford Foundation: FS has heard from Mike Edwards that CRISE should be
        awarded some funding, but unclear which bid they will fund.

     E-mail Mike Edwards at end November                                                FS

     c) James Martin: negotiations ongoing with the Department of Experimental
        Psychology for a joint bid focusing on affirmative action to the James Martin
        21st Century School.

     d) Leverhulme: CRISE to apply for one large Leverhulme grant (under either the
        ‘Managing Cultural Diversity’ or ‘Security and Liberty’ strand). Need to expand
        one of our current research proposals for this.

     Look at Leverhulme bid within the next 2 weeks; notify RSO by 7        GB, CC, AL,
     December that CRISE plans to apply; application due 11                         NS
     January 2008

     e) Other:

       ESRC: rolling programme of grants for 1-2 years; although generally small-
       scale, can be quite large.
       BA: no staff costs
CRISE Management meetings (2007-8)                         Annex 1a: Page 1 of 13
                                                      CRISE Annual Report 2007-8

         EU Framework VII: plan to apply when next round announced
         ESRC First Grant Scheme: suitable for those with up to 6 years post-doctoral
         experience; aims to help early-career scholars set up their own research
         centres/programmes; applications due January 2008

     Consider first grant proposal                                         GB, CC, YG

     f) AusAID: CRISE has submitted full proposal. Noted that if the grant is made
        there could be collaboration with Eva-Lotte Hedman’s project on similar issues.

3)   Gates Foundation meeting

     The Gates Foundation have requested a meeting with FS/CRISE on Friday 9
     November from 2-3.30. Potential future projects to discuss to include hands-
     on/toolbox/methodology on how aid is distributed: based on case studies in 2-3

     AL, GB and YG to attend Gates Foundation meeting with                 GB, YG, AL,
     Frances; see if ARM and Maritza Paredes can also be present.            MP, ARM
     Prepare print-outs of ‘Aid and HIs’ Working Paper; Overview
     paper (Stewart 2002); and proofs of Chapter 13 of HIs and                        NS
     Conflict for meeting + bios of those attending

4)   DFID follow-up

     a) Seminar: offer the following menu of seminars to DFID:

         CRISE overview and conclusions (FS)
         Conclusions from the Guatemalan research (CC)
         Conclusions from Nigerian research (ARM)
         Comparison between CRISE Perceptions Survey in Ghana and Nigeria (AL)
         Macro policies (GB – for 2008)
         Persistence (AL/RT)
         Separatism (GB)

     Contact Mary Thompson to initiate a series of CRISE seminars                     FS
     at DFID

     b) West African Network

     Prepare ball-park costing for submission to DFID as soon as           ARM/AL/NS

     c) Shriti Vadera: FS has initiated SV’s election as an honorary fellow of
        Somerville; elections will take place in Hilary Term. Arrange a meeting with SV
        once election secured.

     Find copy of Shriti Vadera’s CV                                                  NS
     Follow-up Somerville honorary fellowship and arrange meeting                     FS
     with SV once this has been taken further

CRISE Management meetings (2007-8)                           Annex 1a: Page 2 of 13
                                                        CRISE Annual Report 2007-8

     d) Social Exclusion Event (12 December): RT will attend.

     Notify DFID that RT will attend on behalf of CRISE                                FS

5)   Book launch

     The possibility of two launches (in London and Oxford) was discussed, but it was
     felt only one should be held (in London). Horizontal Inequalities and Conflict should
     go into production on 8 February, with publication in March 2008.

     Objective: dissemination.

     Keynote speaker: approach (1) Kofi Anan; (2) Mark Mallock-Brown; (3) Mary
     Robinson; (4) Shriti Vadera.

     Venue: somewhat dependant on keynote speaker, but look at (1) DFID; (2) ODI
     [see if we can get a slot in the events schedule for the ODI Parliamentary
     Committee]; (3) Chatham House. Canning House was not considered suitable.

     Check production schedule with Palgrave                                          JB
     Invite Kofi Anan to speak                                                     FS/JB
     Approach ODI regarding Parliamentary Committee events                            FS
     Approach Tony Atkinson and/or Thandika Mkandawire to give a                   JB/FS
     quote for the back cover of the book

6)   Visiting fellows

     a) Ragayah Nj Mat Zin (Malaysia): visiting CRISE in December 2007/early
        January 2008. To offer a seminar at the CRISE seminar early in Hilary Term.

     b) Manuel Baron (Peru): no longer able to visit in December/January: will be
        working with RT on data processing from Washington.

     c) Ayobami Ojebode (Nigeria): visiting from Monday 19 December until Tuesday
        18 December.

     d) Dr Abdul Saboor (Pakistan): visiting CRISE from 30 November 2007 for one

7)   Reports on major events and individual plans

     a) Graham Brown

         Affirmative Action Workshop (Singapore, 22-23 October 2007): half of the
         participants were Malaysian, with others from India, Northern Ireland, South
         Africa, the US and UK. Corinne presented a paper on Brazil. A very positive
         meeting with a fiery debate. Extremely well-organised through the Asia
         Research Institute at the National University of Singapore. Plan to turn the
         proceedings into a book with Palgrave, although not all speakers have
         submitted papers, so will need to check quality before finalising plans. May not
         be room for two papers on India, but could ask Judith Heyer and Niraja Gopal
         Jayal to amalgamate their work.

CRISE Management meetings (2007-8)                            Annex 1a: Page 3 of 13
                                                       CRISE Annual Report 2007-8

        GB has applied for a small British Academy grant with Rochana Bajpai (SOAS)
        to research discourses on affirmative action in Malaysia; should know results
        Working on ideas for two workshops: (1) Oxford-based with publication of
        presentations: ‘Problems and prospects of development in a post-conflict
        context’: has interest from Nicholas Farrelly (Eastern Himalayas); Rajesh
        Venugopal (Sri Lanka); Eva-Lotta Hedman (Aceh); student GB is supervising
        on Mindanao; own work on Nepal; (2) Post-conflict, working on with a
        colleague in Birmingham, scheduled for 22-24 June 2008, hoping to obtain
        matching funds from UNDP.
        Currently working on (a) turning thesis into a book; and (b) a book on
        Travel: will be more Oxford-based in 2008, although spending Easter in
        Special issues based on papers presented at the Decentralisation and
        Federalism Workshop (October 2006): (1) Ethnopolitics – all papers now
        submitted (barring two) for publication in March 2009; (2) Conflict, Security and
        Development – all papers now submitted.

     Solicit papers from Affirmative Action participants, asking                      GB
     JH/NGJ to amalgamate their work on India
     Amalgamate notes from the Affirmative Action workshop for the                    GB
     CRISE website

     b) Rosemary Thorp

        In the process of pulling the Latin American book together.
        Travel: attending a conference in Uruguay on 25 November, combined with a
        planning session at ministerial level; will also spend a week in Lima on
        interviews/follow-up for the gender paper.
        George Gray Molina will be in Oxford from 3-17 February to write further book
        chapters, having found his last visit in September/October fruitful.
        Centre for the Analysis of Resource Rich Economies (OxCarre) recently
        established, based in the Department of Economics and headed by Tony
        Venables: conference on 13-14 December 2007, which RT will attend. Hopes
        for possible collaboration/funding.
        Attending a conference on gender in Guadalajara (with FS) in May 2008.

     Check with Asmara Gonzales Rojas re plans for Guadalajara                        CC
     conference (May 2008)

     c) Corinne Caumartin

        Recent networking with the Guatemalan government; good dissemination of
        the CRISE message.
        Producing a paper for mid-December (follow-up to Bilbao conference), using
        post-conflict reconstruction work and tying it into Guatemala.
        Travel: in Madrid in the week commencing 12 November to attend a
        conference on crime and insecurity and will be based in Guatemala for
        January/first half of February to finish fieldwork.

CRISE Management meetings (2007-8)                           Annex 1a: Page 4 of 13
                                                      CRISE Annual Report 2007-8

    d) Yvan Guichaoua

       Continuing with his work on Niger. Able to meet/interview many participants in
       previous rebellions in Paris. Paper to be submitted to Politique Africaine.
       Travel: plans to travel to Niger/Algeria in January/February to conduct
       Working on a perceptions survey paper using simple regressions and
       interpreting interviews.
       Attended Brussels conference; paper to be submitted to a book on extra-
       radical governance, looking at how the collapse of the state does not
       necessarily lead to anarchy (as in the DRC, Nigeria).
       Plans to attend the following conferences: (1) CSAE, submitting one of the
       papers currently in preparation; (2) Ankara on the Economics of Security,
       especially the role of economics in security (with GB/AL)
       Building links with the French equivalent of DFID and has participated in two of
       their meetings on Niger and Nigeria.

    e) Arnim Langer

       Currently working on (1) Côte d’Ivoire: why there is no peace process; (2)
       macro-economics (with FS), which could be turned into a broader research
       proposal; and (3) UNDP report on fostering economic reconstruction (useful for
       Plans for Persistence Workshop in Oxford, 4 April 2008: small group of people
       including Rafael Osorio (Brazil), Adolfo Figueroa (Peru); Chris Barrett and
       David Stifel (USA); Xiolan Fu (China); Andrew McKay (Bath working on Ghana)
       and someone from Kenya. Aiming at 1-2 days, with proceedings to be
       published as a special issue of Studies in Comparative International
       Development (contact through Barbara Stallings at the Thomas Watson
       Institute, Brown, who was invited to the workshop but cannot attend).
       Planning to attend conference in Ankara, presenting a paper on ‘Econometrics
       for dummies’ (with GB): looking at the problems and interpretations around
       conflict analysis; how subjective this is and how by picking the right data, you
       can get the results you want.
       West Africa papers: not all final versions yet submitted, and still need
       considerable editing and cutting, but plan to publish some in a special issue of
       the Journal of International Development in late 2008.

    f) Frances Stewart

       Attending a meeting in Canada in June 2008, offering a paper on globalisation
       and HIs, looking at in-country/inter-country HIs and how they feed on one
       UNDP Post-Conflict report has involved a lot of meetings/re-writes, with some
       travel still to do.
       IFPRI meeting in Beijing very useful for dissemination, as was the FCO briefing
       session on 2030 and beyond.

    g) Jo Boyce

       Plans for CRISE Policy Briefings: (1) Fiscal (FS); (2) Persistence (AL); and
       Affirmative action (GB).
       To publish next edition of CRISE Research News by end of 2007. Use
       Pakistan material in next edition.

CRISE Management meetings (2007-8)                          Annex 1a: Page 5 of 13
                                                       CRISE Annual Report 2007-8

     Draft contents for CRISE Policy Briefings                                 FS/AL/GB
     For CRISE Research News (by first week December):
        800-1,000 words on affirmative action                                          GB
        write-up Makutano Junction meeting for back page                               RD
     Add CC’s working paper on Guatemala to list of work in progress                   JB
     Chase Richard Asante for progress on working paper                                AL
     Confirm status of gender working paper                                            RT

8)   Any other business

     a) CRISE Seminar, Hilary Term: GB to organise. Time to be brought forward to a
        4 pm start from Hilary Term onwards.

     b) Submission of funding bids: NS stressed the need to allow at least two weeks
        for funding bids to be processed by QEH and the University centrally: Julia
        Knight should be given 2-3 days to produce Resolve figures; Valpy Fitzgerald a
        further 3-5 days to read and approve all bids; and the University’s Research
        Services Office asks 5 working days for approving/signing off bids.

     c) Expenses: NS mentioned that the University’s Accounts Department has been
        tightening up on expense claim forms, notably on use of exchange rates.
        Unless proof of the exchange rate used is provided, the official international
        exchange rate taken from for the date when the expense was
        incurred will be used. As this can often be considerably lower than the actual
        rate, it was advised that travellers ensure they obtain proof of the rate offered
        when withdrawing money overseas wherever feasible.

9)   Dates

     a) Management Meeting: Thursday 7 February 2008, 10.30 am.

     b) Christmas dinner: Tuesday 18 December. Partners and children welcome.
        Venue to be confirmed.

CRISE Management meetings (2007-8)                            Annex 1a: Page 6 of 13
                                                         CRISE Annual Report 2007-8

                         Note of CRISE Management Meeting
                         Thursday 24 January 2008, 2.30 pm

Present:                                                    Apologies:

Frances Stewart               Yvan Guichaoua                Corinne Caumartin
Rosemary Thorp                Arnim Langer
Abdul Raufu Mustapha          Jo Boyce
Graham Brown                  Nicola Shepard

10)   Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 9 November 2007 were agreed.

11)   Report on actions and matters arising

a)    Fundraising:

      DFID extension: funding of £554,000 has been agreed, enabling the Centre to run
      in its present configuration until 30 September 2009 (see point 5 below).
      Ford Foundation: funding of £100,000 over two years agreed, which will be split
      between the Natural Resources and Trade projects: both project teams have met
      recently to confirm the changes/revised budgets, which are to be sent to Ford.
      James Martin: application submitted.
      Leverhulme: GB reported that the submission of a large grant proposal (under
      either the ‘Managing Cultural Diversity’ or ‘Security and Liberty’ strand) had been
      explored; given (a) the 11 January 2008 deadline and (b) that neither strand
      offered subject matter of interest to all, it was agreed that we should hold off until
      the next round, when we would be in a position to submit strong application.
      AusAID: funding of AUD 253,600 (some £105,600 at the University exchange rate)
      has been awarded for one year (2008-9), for a project on ‘The Impact of
      Humanitarian Aid Distribution on Horizontal Inequalities and Conflict Management’,
      which will cover Rachael Diprose’s salary, as well as funding partners in Indonesia
      and Sri Lanka.
      Gates Foundation: Follow-up to 9 November 2007 meeting: primarily input into
      their programme and unlikely to generate funding for CRISE. Also FS meeting in
      Sussex 25 January.

     FS to write to Ford outlining our plans for using the funds.                       FS
     RT to look into applying to Wallace Global for funds (papers                       RT

b)    DFID:

      Seminars: FS circulated e-mail dated 23 January from Mary Thompson suggesting
      CRISE offer two seminars at DFID ((1) ‘CRISE Overview and Conclusions’ and (2)
      ‘Why HIs Persist’). Agreed FS should lead (1), to be joined by RT/AL for (2).

CRISE Management meetings (2007-8)                             Annex 1a: Page 7 of 13
                                                            CRISE Annual Report 2007-8

     Set up telecon with Mary Thompson to discuss dates, having                         FS/NS
     checked RT’s availability.

      Sriti Vadera: honorary fellowship at Somerville in hand.
      Social Exclusion Event (12 December 2006): RT attended: good for networking.

c)    Other events:

      Affirmative Action Workshop (22-23 October 2006, Singapore): FS has submitted
      her notes. Waiting for CC and GB.
      Guadalajara Gender Conference: now scheduled for 1-3 October 2008.

     Collate and distribute Affirmative Action Workshop notes                           GB/CC

12)   Budget

NS reported that:

      Expenditure to end of Year 5 Q3 (December 2007) was £314,561.51 against a
      total budget of £420,500. DFID have been warned that we are likely to carry
      forward an overspend of around £16,000 at the end of this financial year.
      Given the difficulties in ensuring RCs incorporate changes suggested by CRISE
      HQ in the final drafts of their working papers, it was agreed that future contracts
      should reserve a greater balance of payment due against submission of a
      satisfactory final version (two-fifths, rather than the current one-fifth of the contract

     Regions to meet with NS individually to review projected budgets              NS, RT/CC,
     to September 2009.                                                            GB, RM/AL
     Amend balance of payment on future RC contracts.                                     NS

13)   Book launch

      Publication date now showing on Palgrave website as early April 2008.
      Plan for mini-launch at the end of the Persistence Workshop on 4 April.
      No response to date from invitation to Kofi Anan to launch the book in London;
      unlikely to accept, given current commitments.
      Should therefore talk to Mary Thompson at DFID about holding the launch at DFID
      in late May/early June.
      Invite Sriti Vadera to attend and speak + one other (either Mary Robinson or Mark

     Check publication date with Palgrave and see if copies will be                          JB
     available for mini-launch on 4 April.
     Contact Kofi Anan once more to see if he might commit.                                 JB
     Contact Mary Thompson at DFID about launch dates.                                      JB
     Invite Sriti Vadera to attend/speak.                                                   FS
     E-mail Mary Robinson and follow-up by telephone.                                       FS
     If Mary Robinson unable to attend, approach Mark Mallock-                              FS

CRISE Management meetings (2007-8)                                Annex 1a: Page 8 of 13
                                                        CRISE Annual Report 2007-8

14)   DFID Extension

a)    Case study:

      Case study needed for DFID’s Research for Development (r4d) website
      Felt that Perceptions Survey case study not appropriate.

     Re-circulate case study template.                                                  NS
     Bring ideas to next Management Meeting on 8 May.                                   All

b)    Workshops:

      Three workshops detailed in Extension Bid, to be held between September 2008
      and April 2009:

      o The dynamics of mobilisation of violent groups (Nigeria, YG to lead with
            contribution from CC)
      o Legal policies and their contribution to reducing HIs (Guatemala, CC to lead)
      o Policies towards HIs in a post-conflict setting (Indonesia, GG/AL to lead)

      All speakers to produce finished papers before the workshops.
      Produce a Policy Briefing summarising the findings of each workshop.
      Possible speakers for post-conflict workshop include FS or Michel Cahen (Paris)
      on Mozambique; GB on Nepal; Susan Woodward (New York) on Bosnia. Plan to
      hold in April 2009.
      Possible speakers for mobilisation workshop include Andrea Portugal (Lima) on
      Peru; Christopher McCrudden (Oxford) on Northern Ireland; John McCarthy (Penn
      State); Gnangadjomon Koné or Moussa Fofana (Abidjan) on Côte d’Ivoire.

     Bring more detailed plan to next Management Meeting on 8 May,               YG, CC,
     including proposed speakers, venue.                                          GB/AL

c)    Policy Briefings:

      Committed to producing two Policy Briefings on (a) fiscal policies and on (b)
      federalism and decentralisation by the end of this academic year.
      Further committed to producing 6-8 more in 2008-9: 3 from the workshops (see
      above) and a further 3-5 country papers (e.g. fiscal policies in Ghana;
      decentralisation in Indonesia; natural resource policies in Peru and Bolivia).

d)    Guidelines for Measurement, Monitoring and Data Collection on Horizontal

      FS to lead.

e)    Gender:

      Need to integrate and disseminate our findings from across the regions on the way
      gender contributes to the constitution of HIs and how this influences both conflict
      and post-conflict reconstruction.

CRISE Management meetings (2007-8)                            Annex 1a: Page 9 of 13
                                                         CRISE Annual Report 2007-8

     Produce proposal on how to do this for the next Management                          RT
     Meeting on 8 May.

f)    West African Network:

      DFID have asked us to ‘adjust this particular element of the budget so that it is not
      used to formalise the network but does mitigate against the risk of losing the
      network. Funds cannot be committed beyond the project’s lifetime’.

     Chase Mary Thompson for a response to FS e-mail (December                           NS
     2007) re ballpark figure for main funding proposal.
     Schedule meeting to discuss papers received from 2006 Call for                 RM/AL
     Confirm funds available for the West African Network (2008-9).                   NS
     Consider Wellcome Trust bid and put to the next Management                     RM/AL
     Meeting on 8 May.

f)    Visiting Fellows: plans for 2008-9:

      Allowed for three longer-term Visiting Fellows (three months each), one from each
      region. Agreed we should tie these into the three workshops where possible.
      Suggestions include:

      a) Basanta Lamsal (Nepal): considering applying to become a doctoral student at
         QEH, the economic impact of conflict.

      b) Andrea Portugal (Peru): working on mobilisation; currently has a job with the
         World Bank in Lima, and a small child, so may not be available to travel.

      c) TBC (Mozambique or Sierra Leone): post-conflict.

     Bring more concrete proposals to the next Management Meeting                        All
     on 8 May.

15)   Future of CRISE

      FS raised the possibility that CRISE could become more of a virtual network,
      particularly if our current ROs find tenure at other institutions.
      GB made the point that all future funding bids should include an element of career
      progression for the Research Officers.
      RM confirmed he was interested in directing the Centre from 2009 onwards.
      CRISE needs to link up with the new appointments: (a) Diego Sanchez (Latin
      American political economist – no specific interests in CRISE area); and (b) Nancy
      Bermeo (new Professor of Comparative Politics; has been asked to start a centre
      on inequality by Neil MacFarlane; could be joint PI on funding applications; all
      lunching with NB on 5 February).

16)   Visiting fellows

      a) Recent visitors have included Ragayah Nj Mat Zin (Malaysia); Ayobami
         Ojebode (Nigeria); and Alwiya Allui (doctoral candidate in Australia).

CRISE Management meetings (2007-8)                            Annex 1a: Page 10 of 13
                                                        CRISE Annual Report 2007-8

      b) Abdul Saboor (Pakistan): visiting CRISE from 30 November 2007 for one year.

      c) George Gray Molina (Bolivia): working with RT from 4-10 February.

     Put Abdul Saboor in touch with Rajesh Venugopal, Nandini                     FS/NS
     Gooptu and South Asian Seminar.

17)   Publications

      JB reported that no Working Papers were currently outstanding.

     Fragile States (FS/GB) ready to publish as Working Paper 32.                 GB/JB
     Publish the two UNDP papers recently written by FS, AL and GB                   JB
     under the CRISE banner (one as a CRISE Policy Paper, the
     other as a CRISE Working Paper).
     Approach Karem Roitman re publishing her paper on ethnicity in                     FS
     the upper classes in Ecuador under the CRISE banner.
     Indonesian papers recently submitted need heavy work on their                GB/JB
     Where CRISE papers are published in a language other than                          JB
     English, ensure abstracts are available in both English and the
     language of publication.

18)   Any other business

      a) Workshop (end June): GB reported that he is working on a post-conflict
         workshop (not specifically linked to HIs), to be held in Oxford for 1-2 days
         around 25-27 June 2008. Currently involves two students GB is supervising on
         Mindanao/Burma; Rajesh Venugopal (QEH); Jonathan Goodhand (SOAS).
         Have applied for ODS money and hope to publish a series of case studies in
         an ODS special issue. Also looking to involve Eric Morier-Genoud from Politics
         on Mozambique.

      b) Dissemination: Consider an editorial on Kenya in next issue of CRISE
         Research News. GB/AL/FS to explore possibilities, possibly in collaboration
         with David Anderson (African Studies).

      c) Calendar: Agreed to consider using Google Calendar to track CRISE

      d) Annual Report: NS reminded everyone that material for the Annual Report
         would be due in by mid-March.

     To work on Kenyan issue.                                                 FS/GB/AL
     FS to invite those not already on Google Mail to join.                          FS
     NS to set up Google Calendar for CRISE.                                         NS
     Contributions to Annual Report due mid-March.                               All/NS

19)   Dates

      a) Workshop on Why HIs Persist: Oxford, Friday 4 April 2008.
      b) Management Meeting: Thursday 8 May 2008, 10.30 am.

CRISE Management meetings (2007-8)                            Annex 1a: Page 11 of 13
                                                         CRISE Annual Report 2007-8

                          Note of CRISE Management Meeting
                            Thursday 3 April 2008, 4.30 pm
Present:                                                 Apologies:

Frances Stewart               Corinne Caumartin             Yvan Guichaoua
Rosemary Thorp                Arnim Langer                  Jo Boyce
Abdul Raufu Mustapha          Nicola Shepard
Graham Brown

20)   Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 24 January were agreed.

2)     Recruitment

GB was congratulated on his appointment as Senior Lecturer in the Department of
Economics and International Development at the University of Bath; he takes up his
appointment in October 2008. Graham’s suggestion that he would continue to be part of
the ‘network CRISE’ was warmly welcomed.

     GB to hand in his formal resignation to QEH                                        GB

It was agreed that CRISE should advertise for a Research Officer to replace GB, but
with a combined thematic (macro policy/post-conflict) and regional (South and Southeast
Asia) role. A one-year contract to be offered (October 2008-September 2009), with the
job advertised as soon as possible on the University website and Job
specification to be based on the activities identified in our Extension Bid to DFID (notably
the post-conflict workshop and Policy Briefings).

GB to complete the work on his own book on separatism in Southeast Asia, and on the
Affirmative Action book either before his departure, or from Bath; he will also continue to
work with RD and Riwanto Tirtosudarmo on the Indonesian book. GB will be affiliated to
QEH as a Research Associate once he has moved to Bath.

The following timetable was agreed:

Tuesday 8 April, 3 pm        Meeting to agree job specification
Friday 14 April              Agreed job specification and advertisement to the
                             University Offices, Wellington Square
Monday 18 April              Ad appears
Friday 9 May (noon)          Deadline for applications
Tuesday 13 May, 2.30 pm      Shortlisting meeting
Thursday 22 May              Interviews (video-conferencing available if necessary)

Membership of the interview panel to be:

Frances Stewart (chair)                        Graham Brown*
Abdul Raufu Mustpha                            Corinne Caumartin

CRISE Management meetings (2007-8)                            Annex 1a: Page 12 of 13
                                                         CRISE Annual Report 2007-8

     NS to check with Julia Knight that it is acceptable for GB (as                       NS
     current post-holder) to be included on the interview panel; if not
     deemed appropriate, AL to substitute

3)     Annual Report – due in by the end of April. Contributions from West Africa
       (AL/RM) and individual report from RT awaited.

4)     DFID Seminar – suggest Tuesday 20 May to DFID from 12-2. May need to move
       that week’s CRISE Seminar by David Erhardt from the Tuesday to the

     JB to contact DFID with suggested date                                               JB
     CC to alter CRISE Seminar programme and check with speaker                           CC

5)     DSA Conference 2008 – CRISE Panel

Agreed to submit a proposal for a Conference Panel to the DSA by 11 April with a
secessionist theme (possibly ‘History, Inequalities and Separatism’). FS to

Possible contributors include:

Raufu Mustapha (Nigeria)
Rajesh Venugopal (Sri Lanka)
Rosemary Thorp/Corinne Caumartin (Latin America)
Andrew Fischer (Tibet)

6)     Book Launch

Dates: we are looking at the following:

Tuesday 20 May, Wednesday 21 May, Thursday 22 May
Tuesday 27 May, Thursday 29 May
Monday 2 June, Tuesday 3 June, Wednesday 4 June
Tuesday 10 June, Thursday 12 June

Format: short introduction (FS), panel + drinks for around 2 hours total; early evening
(5.30 start)

Panel: suggested participants include:

Douglas Alexander, Gareth Thomas, Moazzam Malik (DFID)
Valpy Fitzgerald
Mark Malloch Brown
Mary Robinson

Venue: have approached Chatham House and are waiting to hear back before
approaching ODI

7)     OECD – request for proposals on Research Study to inform OECD DAC
       Guidelines on statebuilding in fragile situations (forwarded by Kathryn Nwajiaku
       as of possible interest to CRISE): agreed not to pursue.

Date of next meeting: Thursday 8 May 2008, 10.30 am.
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