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					ISSUE 110                        TROOP 226 BSA NEWSLETTER               December 2007

  THE REVEILLE                               Tristan R.           December 20
 EVENTS & ACTIVITY CALENDAR                  Joshua R.            December 22

  December Theme - Realistic First
              Aid                                         ADULT LEADERS:
 Dec 3: Troop Meeting (Hawfinches)           Donna Beale          December 2
 Dec 6: District Round Table                 Jeff Bridges         December 5
 Dec 7-9: Afton Holiday Events               Bob Kasowan          December 10
 Dec 10: Troop Meeting (Badgers)
                                             Eric Faust           December 19
 Dec 13: PLC Meeting
 Dec 16: Taste of Christmas                  Mike Asp             December 27
 Dec 17: Troop Meeting (Cobras)
 Dec 20: Troop Committee Meeting
 Dec 24 – Jan 1: No School
 Dec 25: Merry Christmas
 Jan 1: Happy New Year
 Jan 3: District Round Table
 Jan 7: Court of Honor (Piggies)                            THIS ‘N THAT
 Jan 10: PLC Meeting                         ” I hear and I forget. I see and I remember.
 Jan 11-13: Winter Campout                   I do and I understand.”…..……Confucius
 Jan 14: Troop Meeting (Hawfinches)
 Jan 27: Scout Sunday

 Abbreviations used in the Reveille                  Troop 226 Adult Needs:
 PLC - Patrol Leader Council                       Troop Secretary
 SPL - Senior Patrol Leader
 ASPL - Assistant Senior Patrol Leader             Adults as Patrol Mentor(s)
 TG - Troop Guide
 JLT - Junior Leader Training                      Assistant Scout Master(s)
                                                Scouting is for parents, too!
     BIRTHDAY’S THIS MONTH                   Active, committed parents are the heart
                                             and soul of a successful Boy Scout Troop.
             SCOUTS:                         A little time and a little effort can make a
 Derek R.           December 1               huge difference in a young man's life.
                                             Volunteer to help at one of our many
 Damien R.          December 20
                                             events, or step forward and become a
 2                                                                            The Reveille
committee member... you'll be glad you           you ready for several months of cold
did!                                             weather? Do you have plans to enjoy the
          NOTES FROM SPL
November's over, and it saw another well-        There are camping trips coming up.
planned campout; the Citizenship in the          Spending a couple of nights in the cabins
Community merit badge campout, planned           at Fred C. will be a fun outing, but not
by Michael Beale. Kiwanis is a new               camping. Spearhead at Tomahawk is real
location for our troop, and I think it worked    winter camping. Sleeping on the ground in
well. I wish I could have stayed for the         the subzero bags from Tomahawk is winter
whole thing, because what I saw was a lot        camping at its finest. You can stay
of fun. Jared Z. and Blake S. both finished      comfortable even when the thermometer
the merit badge at the campout, so this          goes below zero. The Snow Huskies
may be a good idea to repeat in the future       program for the first year scouts includes a
with a different merit badge.                    bunch of fun activities, but they get to
                                                 sleep in the bunkhouses.
Winter's coming up, and that means -
winter camping! We've got our regular            The upcoming Klondike Derby is a one day
Winter Camp at Fred C. coming up in              event with lots of fun outdoors.
January, and Spearhead and Snow
Huskies scheduled for February.                  If you are not having fun in the winter you
December is less active because of the           are not trying hard enough. Plan some fun
holiday season, but it promises to be a fun      and enjoy!
month with Realistic First Aid as a theme.

As well as the winter season, my 18th                     THANK YOU NOTES
birthday is coming up pretty quickly. I will
be leaving the Troop as a Scout on               I know this is a long time coming, but I'd
December 20th, when Thomas Campbell              like to finally thank everyone who worked
will take over for me as SPL. However, I         on my Eagle project during last summer. It
am planning on staying in the troop as a         was quite a large undertaking, and if we
registered adult leader. I wish Thomas the
                                                 had any fewer volunteers than showed up,
best of luck, and I will still be around after   I'm not sure it would have been finished
the change to help with anything he or any       even close to on time. However, with the
Scout may need help with.                        enthusiastic aid of a large part of the scout
                                                 troop, several adults, and a few non-
Happy Holidays!                                  scouter friends, we managed to complete
                                                 the project in just three "short" weekends.
             ~Damien R. (SPL)
                                                 As far as the success of the project, well,
                                                 just look in the back yard of the church
      SCOUTMASTER REPORT                         during a meeting. I've talked to Mrs.
Just in case you missed the transition, it is    Melzer and she assures me that the
winter. The warm weather hung on for a           children are deriving great enjoyment from
while with some warm days and cold               the fruits of our labor, and likely will for as
nights. Now there is ice on the lakes and        long as it's still standing (of course, that's
ponds. There is snow in the forecasts. Are
 3                                                                        The Reveille
been an average of about three or four                 Hawfinches – January 14th
years for playgrounds at this church).
None the less, it stands to show just how
                                               Scouts must recharter their memberships
much can be accomplished using scout
                                               in December. Payment may be taken from
skills, leadership and otherwise. Thanks
                                               Scout's "boy account", by Cash or Check.
again to everyone who helped (including
                                               All recharter forms need to be in by
the multitude of donors, River City
                                                              December 17th.
Services, Lowe's, Arrow Building Center,
Home Depot, Buell's, and any others who I
                                                      Dues are as follows:
might be forgetting); I only hope that your
                                                    National Dues - $10.00
projects turn out as well.
                                                    Troop Dues - $24.00
  ~Colin McGinn, former scout of Troop              Grand Total Due - $34.00
226 and almost Eagle Scout                     If you would like a subscription to "Boys
                                               Life" magazine, add additional $12.00.

Hello Scouts!                                  See Mr. Bridges for the Recharter Form or
                                               a copy is attached to this Reveille.
I just wanted to thank all of the volunteers
who helped out at my Eagle Project on                         Venture Crew
Saturday and Sunday, the 9th and 10th of       Afton Alps is the Charter Partner for a new
last month. The waste-disposal bins are        Venture Crew. There will be skiing,
finished and they look great! They are         snowboarding, mountain biking and golf.
being placed at different campsites            All adults, and boys and girls (ages 14-21)
throughout Afton State Park.                   interested in any of these activities, or
                                               have questions, please contact Marty
Thanks once again!                             Chalupa, the Riverwood Membership
Jared Z. -- Troop Guide                        Chair. You can be a Boy Scout and also
                                               attend the Venture Crew activities.

                                                            Troop Elections
 UPCOMING SCOUTING EVENTS                      December 10th, are troop elections for
       Community Service Hours                 January thru June 2008 scout positions.

Remember, service hours are needed to          Scouts, to fulfill a rank requirement,
fulfill rank requirements.                     consider taking on an (elected) position of
   Scout Slogan: Do a Good Turn Daily          Quartermaster or Assistant Senior Patrol
                                               Leader. Other positions to be considered
                                               are: the Troop Scribe, Historian, Librarian,
 Troop Meetings – Patrol Assignments           Chaplain Aide.
   Which troop meeting is your patrol in
               charge of?                      Scouts can also be a leader within their
                                               Patrol, such as, Patrol Leader or Assistant
       Hawfinches - December 3rd               Patrol Leader.
        Badgers - December 10th
         Cobras - December 17th                Assistant Senior Patrol Leader:
  Piggies – January 7th (Court of Honor)
 4                                                                       The Reveille
Every 6 months, a new ASPL is elected by      Thomas C. is planning this event, more
all members of the troop. He serves as        information and a sign up sheet will be
the Senior Patrol Leader's assistant, and     available at upcoming Troop meetings.
takes his place when the SPL is absent.
Among his specific responsibilities are       Camping will be in cabins at Fred C.
training,                                     Anderson – January 11–13, 2008.
and providing direction for the troop
quartermaster, scribe, Order of the Arrow     JLT (Junior Leader Training) will also be
troop representative, historian, and          held during winter camp. All PLC
librarian.                                    members should complete this training.

Senior Patrol Leader:                                       Scout Sunday
After fulfilling the role of ASPL for 6                          th
                                              Sunday January 27 is Scout Sunday at
months, this scout then takes on the          Memorial Lutheran Church. All scouts are
responsibility of being the Senior Patrol     asked to be greeters and ushers at both
Leader. This youth leader has the most        church services (8:30am & 10:30am).
responsibility in the troop. During the       Scouts wear your complete scout uniform.
scout's tenure as SPL, he is not a member
of a patrol. The SPL is in charge of troop    This is your way of meeting the members
meetings from beginning to end. He chairs     of the church and saying “thank you” to
meetings of the patrol leaders' council as    your charter church!
they plan troop activities and programs.
He is to see that the troop runs in an               Trollhaugen Ski/Snowboard
orderly and timely manner.
                                              February 3, 2008, join in for Scouts &
             Court of Honor:                  Leaders Boy Scout Day at Trollhaugen.
The January 7, 2008 Troop Meeting will be     $15.00 cost includes lift ticket, hot dog,
the next "Court of Honor" at Memorial         soda and a free beginner lesson.
Lutheran Church starting at 6:30 p.m.

                                              Take your Snowsport Merit Badge test at
The Piggies Patrol is in charge of            2:30pm.
setup/cleanup (tables, chairs, podium,
fixing refreshments, etc). Piggies should     Ryan D. will have more information and a
arrive by 6:15pm.                             sign up sheet available mid December.

Piggies Patrol – Zach A., James B., Phillip
                                                     Spearhead / Snow Huskies
B., Jacob C., Ryan D., Lucas I., Steven K.,
Joshua R., and Blake S.                           February 8-10, 2008 – Spearhead

Families, please bring the following:            February 9-10, 2008 – Snow Huskies
       ALL     Main Dish
       A - F Salad                            Spearhead is a high adventure winter
       G - Z Dessert                          camp for all 7th grade and older scouts that
                                              hold a 1st class scout rank.
Hope to see you there!
                                              Snow Huskies is a winter camp for all 6th
                                              grade and older scouts. You do not have
               Winter Camp
 5                                                                       The Reveille
to be 1st class rank to attend Snow           participate in a post-game slap
Huskies.                                      shot. Tickets are limited so don't
                                              delay. Online orders will be mailed within
Cost is $56.00, for more information;         seven days of receipt of order. Any tickets
please see Mrs. Campbell. Sign up sheets      ordered within one week of a game, those
will be available at future Troop Meetings.   tickets will be left at will call.

     Whitewater Rafting Adventure             To order seats please go to the Wild’s
                                              Scouting web page at:
Saturday May 31st, you can be part of the
Northern Star whitewater rafting team that
takes on the St. Louis River near Duluth.                    OR
Scouts must be at least 12 years of age
and in good shape to participate.             t.asp?Group=North96172

More information about this program will
be announced at future Troop Meetings.                FUND RAISING NEWS
                                                 Wreath, Poinsettia & Popcorn Sale
         Philmont Scout Ranch
                                              Congratulations to all the scouts who sold
Mark your calendars! Dates for Philmont
                                              wreath, poinsettias, and popcorn! Troop
are August 9 – 21, 2009. You only have
                                              226 Scouts sold $5,798 in wreaths and
20 months to get ready for this high
                                              poinsettias and $1,622 in popcorn. Totals
adventure expedition!
                                              of $2,608 have been put into Boy Accounts
                                              based on their individual sales. Top honors
          Scout Family Events                 go to Ryan D., Jared Z., Erik A., and Adam
Harlem Globetrotters “Chalk Talk Offer”       B. for wreath, poinsettia sales
Have fun with the Globetrotters. You have
the opportunity to attend a special session
                                              and to Jared Z., Adam B., Michael B., and
where the Globetrotters will show you         Jacob C. for popcorn sales.
some of their magical ball handling skills.
Friday April 11th and Saturday April 12th.              Great job to all Scouts!
See Lorie Danielson for a flier for
information on how to order tickets.
                                                      COMMUNITY EVENTS
Minnesota Wild “Scout Hockey Nights”
The Minnesota Wild will be offering tickets   Afton’s “Holiday in the Village” is Friday
for Scouts and families on the following      December 7, through, Sunday December
games:                                        9. Special holiday events happening
                                              throughout the weekend at all Afton
Tuesday, December 18th at 7:00pm              businesses.
Monday December 31st at 5:00pm
Friday March 28th at 8:00pm
                                              St. Mary's Episcopal Church - "Taste of
Cost is $29 per ticket which includes one     Christmas" is Sunday, December 16th
upper level seat and a hockey puck.           from 12 Noon - 2PM.
Scouts and their siblings are invited to
 6                                                                       The Reveille
   AWARDS & ADVANCEMENTS            
Steven K.            2nd Class      
Blake S.             2nd Class
Phillip B.           1st Class                Gift ideas found online:
Ryan D.              1st Class                Stuff Sack – Sea to Summit eVent
                                              Compression Dry Sack - $29.95 (REI)
        Merit Badges                          Headlamp – Petzl Tikka XP LED
Matt C.           Personal Management         Headlamp - $49.95 (REI)
Damien R.         Personal Management
Blake S.      Citizenship in the Community    Sleeping Bag – Slumberjack Latitude -20F
Jared Z.      Citizenship in the Community    Mummy Sleeping Bag - $54.99 (Campmor)
                                              Compass with Temperature Display -
    Summit Achievement Award                  Highgear Trailpilot 2 Compass - $16.97
Zach A., Phillip B., Jacob C., Ryan D.,       (Campmor)
Steven K., Joshua R., and Blake S.
                                              Lantern – Coleman Retro Rechargeable
                                              Lantern - $39.99 (Dick’s Sporting)
This is a two-part award that these scouts
earned by going above and beyond their        Mess Kit – Texsport Stainless Steel Mess
Arrow of Light requirements as Webelos        Kit - $13.99 (Dick’s Sporting)
and have shown a strong start as Boy
Scouts.                                       Camping Mat – SwissGear Self Inflating
                                              Camping Mat - $28.43 (Walmart)

                                              Personal First Aid Kit – Lifeline First Aid
   MISC. SCOUT INFORMATION                    Day Pack - $9.99 (Target)

      Recycle your Scout Items:               Backpack - Kelty Yukon Backpack -
FREE: See Mr. McGinn if interested            $109.99 or the Backpack with Chair -
 2 pair official boy scout shorts, size 33   $29.99 (Scout Stuff)
 3 red Indianhead council 2005
                                              Watch – Carabiner Fob Watch - $39.99
  Jamboree t-shirts ( 2 are XL, 1 is L)
                                              (Scout Stuff)
     The Holidays are Getting Close!          Other gift ideas might include:
Are you looking for great gifts for your      Hiking/camping boots, BSA pocket knife,
scout? Do they maybe need something           mosquito netting, hammock, camp stool,
“extra” for those camping trips? Great        Leatherman camp tool, or a nalgene water
camping gear and gadgets can be found at      bottle.
Gander Mountain, REI, Target, Walmart,
Fleet Farm, and Midwest Mountaineering.
                                                Troop Positions and Responsibilities
If you prefer to shop from the comfort of
                                              Troop Guide - is both a leader and mentor
your home check out these Web sites.
                                              to the members of a new scout patrol. He
                                              is an older scout, at least First Class in
                                              rank, who helps the patrol leader of a new
 7                                                                      The Reveille
scout patrol in much the same way that a      Troop Chaplain Aide -assists the troop
Scoutmaster works with a senior patrol        chaplain (usually an adult from the troop
leader. He provides direction, coaching,      committee or the chartered organization) in
and support as determined by the skill        religious services for the troop. He sees
level and morale of the patrol leader and     that religious holidays are considered
members of the new scout patrol.              during program planning and promotes the
                                              religious emblems program.
Troop Quartermaster - is the supply and
equipment boss. He keeps a current            Den Chief - works with a den of Cub
inventory of troop equipment and sees that    Scouts and with their adult den leader. He
it is in good condition. He works with        assists with den meetings, encourages
patrol quartermasters as they check out       Cub Scout advancement, and serves as a
equipment and return it, and reports to the   role model for younger boys. Serving as
patrol leaders' council on equipment in       den chief can be a great first leadership
need of replacement or repair.                experience for a Scout.

Troop Scribe - is the troop's secretary.        Patrol Positions and Responsibilities
He attends meetings of the patrol leaders'    Patrol Leader - takes a leading role in
council and keeps a logbook of their          planning & conducting patrol meetings and
discussions, but is not a voting member.      activities. Encourages patrol members to
During troop meetings he records              complete advancement requirements.
attendance and maintains troop                Represents the patrol as a member of the
advancement records.                          patrol leaders' council. Sets a good
                                              example by living up to the Scout Oath and

Troop Historian - collects and preserves      Assistant Patrol Leader - steps in to
troop photographs, news stories, trophies,    serve whenever the patrol leader must be
flags, scrapbooks, awards, and other          absent. He may carry out special
                                              assignments given him by the patrol leader
memorabilia. He might also collect and        such as working with the patrol members
organize information about former Scouts      on advancement.
and leaders and make materials available
for Scouting activities, media contact, and   Patrol Scribe - he is the patrol's
troop history projects.                       secretary. He checks attendance, keeps
                                              the patrol logbook current, and helps
Troop Librarian - oversees the care and       prepare budgets for outings.
use of troop books, pamphlets, magazines,
audiovisuals, and merit badge counselor       Patrol Quartermaster - maintains an
lists. He checks out these materials to       inventory of the patrol's equipment and
Scouts and leaders and maintains records      makes sure it is clean and ready for the
to ensure that everything is returned. He     patrol to use.
may also suggest the acquisition of new
literature and report on the need to repair   Patrol Grubmaster - is in charge of
or replace any current holdings.              assisting the patrol in putting together
                                              menus for hikes and campouts. He takes
                                              the lead in making all food-related needs
                                              for the patrol's outdoor activities.
 8                                                                        The Reveille
                                                All Adult Leaders must recharter their
Patrol Cheermaster – leads the patrol in        memberships in December. Membership
songs, yells, and skits during meetings and     National Dues are $10.00. Payment can
evening campout programs.                       be by Cash or Check. Payment must be
                                                given to Jeff Bridges or Lisa Campbell.
                Merit Badges
It’s never too late to work on merit badges!                Wilderness First Aid
Merit badges are needed to fulfill Star, Life   Wilderness First Aid is sponsored by
and Eagle rank requirements.                    Northern Star Council. Each course
                                                consists of four (4), 4-hour long sessions.
Ask the Troop Librarian for a merit badge       All course sessions are held at United
book or visit the Web site for requirements     Hospital in St. Paul. Times are 6:00-10:00 Merit Badge             pm for each session and YOU MUST
information and worksheets can also be          attend all four sessions. Cost is $115 per
found on the Troop Web site at                  person. Contact Chrissie Johnson to                       register: 763-231-7265.
                                                2008 Dates – February 4, 6, 12, 14
Please return Merit Badge Books to the                       March 4, 6, 25, 27
Troop Librarian as soon as you are done                      April 3, 10, 17, 24
with them.
              Scout Uniform                              New Council Web site
Scout T-shirts and sweatshirts can be         
purchased by Scouts with money from

their Boy Accounts. Order forms can be
found under the Forms and Policies tab on
the Troop Web site at

Official Uniform (Class A):
Brown/Khaki shirt, troop neckerchief.
Scout pants, shorts, socks are optional.

Worn for a Scouting event or representing
Scouting in a service capacity. DO NOT
wear this uniform for fundraising events.

Activity Uniform (Class B):
Any Scout related T-shirt.

Worn for fundraising events or event that
calls for the activity uniform.