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									Briefing on GeBIZ

    Date : 8 January 2004
        Venue : LT 2
    Time : 9.30 am – 1 pm
         Overview of GeBIZ Enterprise
         Type of User Roles
         Overview of GeBIZ Partner
         Overview of GeBIZ - Financial System Interface
         Change of Work Processes
         Useful Information
         Walk through
          - Catalogue Buy
          - Self Service Buy
          - Framework Agreement Buy
          - Direct Purchase Order
      -   - Approval
      -   - Goods Receipt
Briefing on GeBIZ
GeBIZ Enterprise
   Intended users: Public Sector

   Easy to use Government Intranet
    Application to faciliate procurement
    by end users

Briefing on GeBIZ
Modules available in GeBIZ Enterprise

GeBIZ Enterprise

There are various modules in GeBIZ Enterprise. A brief summary of each
module is included as follows:

Catalogue Buy
   - Viewing of the electronic catalogue for Public Service-wide Period
       Contracts, as well as agency specific Period Contracts.
   - Creation of Purchase Requests from electronic shopping carts.
   - Routing of Purchase Requests for approval to the selected Approving
   - Raising and Routing of Purchase Order Variation documents for approval.

Self-Service Buy
    - Publication of Invitation-To-Quotes for Suppliers on GeBIZ Partner.
    - Recommend Award of Invitation-To-Quotes for approval.

Briefing on GeBIZ
Framework Agreement
    - Publication of Request-For-Quotations for Suppliers on GeBIZ
    - Recommend Award of Request-For-Quotations for approval.

Direct PO
    - The Direct PO Module allows a purchase order to be raised directly
       without raising a Purchase Request, or RFQ.
    - A Direct PO can be raised for a small value purchase (less than $2000) or
       for purchases exempted from tendering procedure.
    - Another scenario that Direct PO can be used is for the purchase of air-
       tickets from service-wide contracts.
    - In Direct PO module, besides the Trading Partners, a buyer can also issue
       a PO to a non Trading Partner (non TP, i.e. suppliers not registered as a
       Trading Partner).

Briefing on GeBIZ
     - Viewing of Electronic Invoices for verification purposes.
     - Printing of Electronic Invoices.

    - Approval of Purchase Requests (for sites that choose to
       perform approval via GeBIZ Enterprise)
    - History of Approvals made for Purchase Requests, Purchase
       Orders, Invitation-To-Quotes, Request-For-Quotations and
       ITQ/RFQ Award Recommendations.

 Goods Receipt
    - Electronic acceptance/return of goods/services.
    - Viewing of electronic delivery orders.

Briefing on GeBIZ
 Catalogue Administration Module
    - Specify period contract information
    - Publish in GeBIZ Enterprise
    - Period Contract details published available would be for use under
        GeBIZ Catalogue Buy module

 GeBIZ Administration
    - Creating User Accounts and Maintenance of Chart Of Account
    - Approval Administration.
    - Assigning users to organizations.
    - Configuring the hierarchical order of each user and organization.
    - Configuring GeBIZ information according to the site’s

Briefing on GeBIZ
Types of User Roles available in GeBIZ Enterprise

Some of the roles available are :-

•     General User (E-Cat Buy)

      A General User (E-Cat Buy) is authorized to purchase goods/services from
      GeBIZ for the organization within specific financial limits in Catalogue Buy
      module. He will be able to access Electronic Catalogue, Period Contract
      Overview, Status and Work Re-assignment tabs under GeBIZ Enterprise.

•     General User (Self Service Buy)

      A General User (Self Service Buy) is authorized to purchase goods/services
      from GeBIZ for the organization within specific financial limits in the Self
      Service Buy module under GeBIZ Enterprise.

Briefing on GeBIZ
      •     General User (Framework Buy)

            A General User (Framework Buy) is authorized to purchase
            goods/services from GeBIZ in framework agreements for the
            organization within specific financial limits in the Framework
            Agreement module under GeBIZ Enterprise.

      •     General User (Direct PO)

            A General User (Direct PO) is authorized to purchase goods/services
            from GeBIZ in Direct PO for the organization within specific financial
            limits in the Direct PO module under GeBIZ Enterprise.

      •     Goods Acceptance Officer

            A Goods Acceptance Officer is responsible for the certification of
            acceptance of goods/services procured by the organization in the Goods
            Receipt tab under GeBIZ Enterprise.

Briefing on GeBIZ
•          Invoice Verifier

           An Invoice Verifier is able to view the electronic invoices submitted
           by the suppliers and to verify if the electronic invoices submitted are
           correct in the Invoice tab under GeBIZ Enterprise.

•          Invoice Printer

           An Invoice Printer is able to print out a copy of the electronic
           invoice in the Invoice tab under GeBIZ Enterprise. Note that the
           user with the role of Invoice Printer must have the role of Invoice
           Verifier which allows him to view the Invoice. Without the Invoice
           Verifier role, he cannot view and thus, is unable to print the Invoice.

Briefing on GeBIZ
•           Approving Officer

            An Approving Officer is authorized to approve various
            procurements documents (e.g. purchase requests) within specific
            financial limits in the Approval tab under GeBIZ Enterprise.

•           Contract Administrator

            A contract Administrator (CA) is authorised to administer and
            publish period contracts in GeBIZ in Catalogue Administration

•           Financial Interface Administrator

            A Financial Interface Administrator will receive email notifications
            when exceptions occur during processes taking place in the
            Financial Interface.

Briefing on GeBIZ
GeBIZ Partner
   Intended users: Trading Partner

   Single One-Stop Internet Website

   Access business opportunities and trade
    with entire Government

Briefing on GeBIZ
Functions available

•            Searching and viewing of expenditure and revenue tender notices, schedules
             and awards as well as auction notices.

•            Viewing the corrigendums of corresponding tender notices, tender schedules,
             tender awards and auction notices.

•            Viewing Purchase Order and Purchase Order Variation documents.

•            Viewing published Invitation-To-Quotes.

•            Submitting offers in response to Invitation-To-Quotes.

•            Submitting electronic invoices.

•            Viewing payment status of invoices (for sites with financial system interface
             in place)

    Briefing on GeBIZ
What is the Interface Program?
   The interface program is the mechanism used to
    transfer data between GeBIZ and the Financial
    Systems in order to:

         Eliminate double data entries

         Eliminate manual effort of fund checking

Briefing on GeBIZ
                    Points of Interfaces
GeBIZ - Partner
                                                     e-PO                          e-Invoice              Payment Status

GeBIZ – Enterprise /
Professional                                         e-PO                          e-Invoice              Payment Status

                                     GeBIZ                       Goods Receipt /   Verified                  Close PO
    Create PR       Approve PR                    Approved PO
                                  Procurement                    Goods Returns

Financial System
                                                                 Goods Receipt/
                                                                 Goods Returns

                                                                                               Approve Payment

                   Approve PR &                  Approve PO &
                   Commit Funds                  Commit Funds

                                                 Vendor Update

          Points of Interfaces for GeBIZ-Financial Systems
    Briefing on GeBIZ
Change of Work Processes
   (I) To raise POs using :-

            (a) Small Value Purchases - Use GeBIZ’s DPO Module

            (b) Quotations - Use GeBIZ Catalogue Buy/SSB/FA Module

            (c) Tenders - Use SAP System. POs raised using existing period
            contracts (eg. University’s Stationery Tender, OEA’s period contracts,
            CITS’ period contracts etc) should also be done using SAP System.

Briefing on GeBIZ
   (II) Publication of Supporting Documents

            - It is mandatory that Schools/Departments upload their supporting
            documents to GeBIZ Enterprise if the total file size is less than
            2MB after compression.

            - For example, if there are 2 file attachments for a tender notice and each
            is 0.5MB after compression, Schools/Departments is required to upload
            them online since the files which totalled to 1MB do not exceed the
            stipulated 2MB limit. Please note that for such tenders, only 2 sets (1
            original, 1 duplicate) of tender document need to be submitted to FIN.

            - This applies to all documents in ITT, SSB and FA.

Briefing on GeBIZ
   (III) POs raised through IDA Bulk Tenders

            - Currently, FIN would raise such POs centrally and would continue to
            process such POs that are created on or before 8 Jan 2004.

            - From 15 Jan 2004 onwards, Schools/Departments may raise such POs
            directly using Catalogue Buy Module.

Briefing on GeBIZ
   (IV) Procurement Process Flow

                            N                      N                  N                   N
Start      Items found in           Items found        Items found            Purchases
           E-catalogue?             in printed         in framework           within
                                    catalogue?         agreement?             quotation
                      Y                       Y               Y           Y
        Buy from E-             Buy from printed   Raise RFQ to buy Call ITQ        Invitation
        catalogue               catalogue          from framework   (self-service   to Tender
                                                   agreement        buy)

                                   Issue PO

Briefing on GeBIZ

   With the use of the ITQ Module, an ITQ raised can be an Open Invitation,
    Closed Invitation or Open Invitation with Invited Suppliers.

   The Estimated Procurement Values and Actual Procurement Values for each
    of the ITQs are as follows
                                                     Estimated       Actual Procurement
                                                 Procurement Value          Value

     Open Invitation (ITQs posted widely in         S$70,000.00         S$80,000.00
     GeBIZ for all suppliers to quote)

     Open Invitation (ITQs posted widely in         S$70,000.00         S$80,000.00
     GeBIZ for all suppliers to quote and sent
     to specific suppliers for attention)

     Closed Invitation (ITQs not posted             S$50,000.00         S$60,000.00
     widely in GeBIZ i.e. sent to at least 3
     suppliers or less than 3 suppliers
     (justifications required) )

Briefing on GeBIZ

   (a) In order to trade with the University, suppliers need to join GeBIZ as
    trading Partners (TP). Thus please encourage your regular suppliers to sign up
    as TPs. You can recommend them to join as GeBIZ TP by making use of the
    function available in SSB Module.

   An exercise has been carried out earlier on to map suppliers available in
    GeBIZ to SAP Suppliers. However, creation of suppliers are still on going in
    SAP on a daily basis. Hence, there may be a scenario whereby a PO was
    raised to a GeBIZ supplier not found in SAP. When this happens, it take a
    while for the PO to be issued to the vendor as manual intervention is required
    to either map this GeBIZ supplier to an existing SAP supplier or create this
    GeBIZ supplier as a new SAP supplier before mapping them.

   (b) It is important to highlight these 2 points in the POs issued to suppliers at
    the ‘Instructions to Supplier’ field in GeBIZ.
            (1) Please note that the University does not accept e-invoice
            (2) Payment Terms: Within 30 days upon receipt of invoice subject to successful
Briefing on GeBIZ
   4. CANCEL PO

   In SAP, we could cancel a PO if it is no longer required or wrongly created or
    supplier is unable to fulfil the delivery of the PO items.

   In GeBIZ, this action is known as Terminate PO. Terminating a PO is
    possible only if no goods have been delivered and accepted by the Goods
    Acceptance Officer. Cancel PO in GeBIZ is only possible when a PO have
    not been issued to the supplier.

Briefing on GeBIZ

   SAP system does not allow changes made to PO once it has been finally
    approved. However, in GeBIZ, it is possible to make changes to POs by using
    the PO Variation function.

Briefing on GeBIZ

   Asset numbers are still to be created using SAP System

   Due to system constraint, GeBIZ can only accept 15 assets in 1 line item.
    Hence, please note that
    (a) The number of assets per line item cannot exceed 15
    (b) if more than 15 assets are to be purchased, the ITQ raised for this purchase
    would have to be accordingly proportioned such that the quantity of each line
    item in the ITQ does not exceed 15.

   E.g. If 40 Personal Computers are to be purchased, the ITQ raised would have
    3 line items, 2 line items with quantity equals to 15 and 1 line item with
    quantity equals to 10 (i.e. Total quantity= 15 x 2 + 10 = 40)

Briefing on GeBIZ
   Please refer to the following tables when completing the account details

         Table 1

         Type of Purchase         Segment code              Mandatory
                                  Acct Assign Cat                
                                  Cost Centre/WBS Element        
                                  Fixed Asset                    
                     A            GST Claimable                  
                                  GST Rate Percentage            
                                  Acct Assign Cat                
                                  GL Account                     
                                  Cost Centre                    
                     K            GST Claimable                  
                                  GST Rate Percentage            
                                  Acct Assign Cat                
                                  GL Account                     
                     P            WBS Element                    
                                  GST Claimable                  
                                  GST Rate Percentage            

         Table 2

            Vendor’s GST          Account Chargeable        GST         GST Rate
               status                                       Claimable   Percentage
                            Claimable Cost Centre/WBS            Y            5
                            Unclaimable Cost Centre/WBS         N            5

           Non-registered   Any Cost Centre/WBS Element          -           5

Briefing on GeBIZ

   Upon creation of PO, a Goods Acceptance Officer (GAO) would have to be
    assigned to perform GR subsequently. As the current set up does not allow
    reassigning of GR, please select your GAO correctly during PO creation.

   Please do not perform GR in SAP for interfaced GeBIZ POs. Otherwise when
    the GR for this particular PO was performed in GeBIZ subsequently, the GR
    interface to SAP would fail.

Briefing on GeBIZ
   Currently, FIN would handle the liquidation of outstanding PO commitment.
    With GeBIZ in place, Schools/Departments should make use of ‘Close PO’
    function to liquidate the outstanding commitment due to incomplete goods

   10. ISSUING OF POs
   Instead of issuing via hardcopies, POs would be issued electronically (except
    for POs raised using DPO module) to suppliers once they have been
    successfully interfaced over to SAP

   11. GST

   Currently, GST has to be created as separate line item/s when a PO is raised
    using unclaimable WBS element/cost centre. This is no longer required when
    GeBIZ is in use.
Briefing on GeBIZ

  Fixed Charges (Subscription based): Account Charges
  $150 per user account per year
  $100 per approval account per year
  Cap of $150,000 per GeBIZ Autonomous Agency (AA) per year

  Fixed Charges (Subscription based): GeBIZ AA Charges

  Transaction Charges (Usage based)
  Transaction charges will be at 0.6% of the Purchase Order Value, subject to a cap
  of $300. Cap of $600,000 per agency per year.

Briefing on GeBIZ
 Useful Information
 1.    Websites

 GeBIZ Enterprise

 GeBIZ Partner

 GeBIZ Library

 FIN Homepage

Briefing on GeBIZ
     2. E-mail addresses & telephone numbers

     Financial Interface Administrator (x5144, x5790)

     GeBIZ Administrator

     COE, EEE,MPE,SPS                      Mr Tan Hock Guan (x4872)

     CEE,IDSS,NBS,SCI                      Ms Seow Bee Lay (x5145)

     All Admin Departments, HSS,           Mrs Geraldine Chan (x5905)
     SADM, SBS, SCE, SME         

     GeBIZ Service Centre        
                                           Tel: 6274 5717 Fax: 6274 1321

     3. Forms
          These forms will be placed in the Staff Forms and Procedure Folders

           - Cessation of Access to SAP/GeBIZ
           - Application for Access to GeBIZ
           - Reset of GeBIZ Password
Briefing on GeBIZ

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