NTHMP Strategic Plan Information Briefing by cpd16778


									NTHMP Strategic Plan
Information Briefing
  Jenifer Rhoades
  November 19, 2008
    NTHMP Strategic Plan
 GAO Requirement
 5-Year Review Findings
 Requirement to develop program
  guidance for future decisions
 Need to define use of increased funding
      NTHMP Strategic Plan
        Working Group
   David Oppenheimer, USGS
   Jenifer Rhoades, NOAA
   Mark Roberts, Alaska Emergency
    Management Agency
   Christa von Hillebrandt, Puerto Rico Seismic
    Network, UPRM
   Paul Whitmore, NOAA
   Charles Williams, Alabama Emergency
    Management Agency
        NTHMP Strategic Plan
         Development Plan
   Held Workshop at the WC/ATWC in
    Palmer, AK in August 2008.
     Developed Draft NTHMP Outcomes,
      Strategies, and Performance Metrics
     Plan organized to follow Sub-Committee
     Developed Draft Outline of Strategic Plan

     Revised NTHMP Mission Statement
        NTHMP Strategic Plan
         Development Plan
   Post Workshop at the WC/ATWC in
    Palmer, AK in August 2008.
       Briefed the NTHMP CC on Outcomes,
        Strategies, and Metrics
           Incorporated NTHMP CC Comments into Draft
            Strategic Plan
       Coordinated a NTHMP CC Review of the
        Draft Plan
           Incorporated NTHMP CC Comments into
            revised Draft Strategic Plan
Proposed Revised NTHMP
    Mission Statement
      Provide scientifically accurate
assessments of tsunami hazard, mitigate
 the threat through public outreach, local
 dissemination, planning and education,
 and lend guidance to optimize real-time
   warnings to communities on all U.S.
         NTHMP Outcomes
   Reduction of loss of life and property damage from
   Successful execution of NTHMP tsunami mapping,
    modeling, mitigation, planning and education efforts
   Tsunami inundation maps that support informed decision
    making in tsunami-threatened communities
   Tsunami evacuation maps that support effective
    preparedness and response
   A culture of tsunami preparedness and response
   Establishment of more tsunami resilient communities
   Effective and reliable warning dissemination to threatened
    citizens and visitors
   Understandable and effective Tsunami Warning Center
              NTHMP Strategies
   Establish an accessible web-based repository for NTHMP-
    related products
   Strengthen Sub-Committees to execute this strategic plan
   Advocate tsunami research as applicable to the NTHMP
   Conduct periodic external reviews of the NTHMP
       NTHMP Strategies (cont.)
Mapping and Modeling
   Develop approval procedures for tsunami inundation models to
    meet NOAA modeling standards
   Develop guidelines for tsunami inundation maps
   Prioritize inundation map development
   Provide guidance to regions for which no inundation maps exist
    concerning tsunami threatened areas
   Ensure any NTHMP funded model code is open source
       NTHMP Strategies (cont.)
Mitigation and Education
   Develop guidelines for mitigation, preparedness and education
   Promote the integration of tsunami inundation research into
    building codes and land-use planning
   Support coordination of NTHMP mitigation programs with other
    state, local, and federal mitigation programs
   Develop guidelines for tsunami evacuation maps
   Facilitate educational events
   Explore the feasibility of integrating tsunamis into K-12 education
   Promote development of tsunami emergency response
    procedures including collaboration among federal, state, and local
       NTHMP Strategies (cont.)
Mitigation and Education
   Support tsunami outreach efforts to coastal residents, media,
    coastal businesses, and tourism
   Propose a National Tsunami Awareness Week
   Ensure communities are prepared to respond during tsunami
   Support reviews of the TsunamiReady Program
   Support a research effort to develop U.S. tsunami risk assessment
       NTHMP Strategies (cont.)
Warning Coordination
   Provide guidance to refine TWC products
   Encourage authorities to receive and respond to Tsunami Warning
    Center products
   Advocate for continual tsunami detection and warning system
   Improve local warning dissemination capabilities to citizens and
   Improve community warning point reception capabilities
NTHMP Strategic Workshop
Recommendations to the CC
 Approve NTHMP Strategic Plan
 Grant applications need to demonstrate how they will support
  NTHMP performance measures
 Sub-Committees will need to be strengthened and be held
  more accountable for the success of the NTHMP and the
  implementation of the Strategic Plan
       Sub-Committee TORs need to be reviewed, adjusted and
        followed to ensure the success of this plan
       Sub-Committees should receive funding to support strategy
 NTHMP Charter and RoP will need to be reviewed and
  adjusted to ensure successful strategy implementation
 Approve the revised Mission Statement

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