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									Striving to be your Supplier of Choice

                                                                               Our mission is:
                                                               To be the recognized supplier of
                                                                choice in providing innovative,
                                                              high quality products & services,
                                                         through a professional, dedicated and
                                                                          knowledgeable team.

       Atlantic Police was originally established in 1988 to provide specialized products to Law
       Enforcement agencies throughout Nova Scotia. Almost 20 years and a name change later,
       APS Distributors is part of Pacific Safety Products Inc. and is recognized as one of the top Law
       Enforcement and Public Safety suppliers in the country.

       Customer Service and Satisfaction is the key measurement for everyone at APS. Every decision
       is weighed against the interest of the customer. We’ve focused on speciality services like our in-
       house tailoring facility, our customized “Bag and Tag” program, and aggressive stocking practices
       on key lines. All these programs are designed to make your life easier, and dealing with us a

       We realize that you have a choice when choosing your suppliers. At APS we are striving to
       continually improve our business, with the goal of being your Supplier of Choice each and every
       time. We are committed to the ideals of superior customer service and superior products.

       To protect our customers, APS ensures that the companies we represent take customer service and
       excellence as seriously as we do. Before we accept any product we test it ourselves, making sure it
       will meet the needs of our valued clients and partners. Within these pages you’ll find a selection of
       products and services befitting of a national company with over 19 years of experience. We aren’t
       able to include every product we carry, so please don’t be afraid to contact us or visit our website
       for a more complete listing of our products.

       Thanks again for your continued support, we look forward to working with you towards being
       Canada s
       Canada’s Supplier of Choice.

       John Allen                                                                                      Paul Gibbons
       President                                                                                      Vice President

                        *PSP is an established industry leader in the production, distribution and sale of high performance safety
                        products such as: ballistic, stab and fragment protection vests; bomb and land mine retrieval suits; tacti-
                        cal clothing; emergency medical kits and rescue equipment. The Company strives to provide effective
                        protective solutions for its customers by seeking out the latest technologies to serve their needs.
When placing an order please                                        Custom orders: Orders for items of special design or for
                                                                    items which we do not normally carry in stock cannot
have the following information                                      be cancelled, returned or exchanged. Personal orders are
                                                                    required to be prepaid.
available if possible:                                              Return policy: Goods may be returned with prior
•   Your customer account number (if known)                         authorization only. APS reserves the right to charge a 15%
•   Billing address and shipping address                            restocking fee for returned products. All goods returned
                                                                    must be in saleable condition and in its original packaging.
•   Telephone number and fax number
•   Purchase order number (if applicable)                           Claims: Claims for shortages and damaged goods must be
•   Visa or MasterCard number                                       filed with APS within 5 days of receipt of shipment.
•   Brief description of product
                                                                    Office hours: Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 5:00pm Atlantic
•   Product Number (If known)                                       Standard Time

Ordering by E-mail:                                            Head Office:
                                                                    275 Rocky Lake Drive, Unit 11
Online Ordering:
                                                                    Bedford, NS B4A 2T3
Shipping: Shipping is charged on all orders unless quoted           Ph: (902) 835-1819
otherwise. If you would like to have shipping charged to            Fax: (902) 835-2470
your account with a carrier of your choice please indicate at
the time of ordering.
Terms of Sale: Customers with terms: Payment terms are
net 30 days. Interest of 2% per month will be applied to all        APS Distributors has regional representation across Canada.
overdue accounts. Customers without Terms: Payment terms            For specific contact information for your local account
are pre-payment by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Sorry          manager please visit
no COD orders

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of our products and services.

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                     3     Uniforms & Apparel
                     25    Footwear

                     29    Badges, Wallets & Regalia
                     33    Handcuffs & Restraints
                     36    Gloves
                     38    Duty Gear & Accessories
                     50    Duty Armor
                     52    Plainclothes Gear & Accessories
                     56    Tactical Armor, Gear & Accessories
                     66    Tactical Entry Gear
                     69    Equipment Bags & Packs
                     76    Knives & Accessories
                     78    OC Spray
                     84    Crowd Control Equipment
                     85    Training Equipment
                     86    Firearms, Ammunition & Accessories
                     98    Eye & Ear Protection
                     101   Flashlights & Optics
                     113   Firefighting Tools & Equipment
                     116   Vehicle Equipment
                     122   Traffic Equipment
                     124   Miscellaneous Equipment
                     127   Index

                                            Products contained within this catalogue are available at
                                            the discretion of individual manufacturers and are subject to
                                            change. Please check for the latest
            availability information or contact your account manager.
Sworn to Serve
     SINCE 1907

              The Perfect Blend of Pride and
              Premium Performance
              Elbeco’s Prestige Advance™ public safety uniforms
              combine a fabric proven in the line of duty with premium
              Class A, public safety styling.
              Premium Fabric...Premium Styling
              Elbeco brings you a premium fabric made of a 75/25
              worsted wool blend that gives you:
              •    A fabric with proven durability and presentability
              •    Premium long staple worsted wool that’s a cut
                   above the rest
              •    Engineered stretch delivers comfort on the job
              •    Machine washable, easy care design that continues
                   to look professional wash after wash
              •    All season fabric, cool in the heat with wool
                   protection from the elements
              •    Superior colour matching from shirt to trouser
              •    Top dyeing process ensures uniform program
              •    Maximum fade resistance for a long life
              •    Class A design with a professional image
              •    Premium double needle detail stitching
              •    ComfortStretch™ waistband that moves with you,
                   with silicone shirt holding technology to keep you
                   looking your best!
              •    UltraCrease® permanent creases on the shirt and
                   trousers to maintain a crisp, clean appearance

Prestige Advance™ Shirts
Elbeco’s Prestige Advance uniforms bring military quality
to the law enforcement field. When it comes to quality,
comfort and great looks, nothing can compete with the
Prestige Advance....with these unique features:
•   All season tropical weave designed to wear in
    any climate, offer the comfort of wool with the
    durability of man-made performance fibers.
•   Premium top-dyeing process assures depth of
    colour and a match with Prestige Advance Trousers
•   Premium double-needle detail tailoring
•   Top-fused banded dress collar with
    internal collar stays
•   Pleated pockets, scalloped flaps,
    hook & loop closures
•   Pen opening in left pocket and pocket flap
•   Cotton-blend collar band and inner yoke
•   UltraCrease®permanent pressed-in
    military creases
•   Epaulettes with functional button
•   Extra-long tails stay tucked in
•   Pocket flaps, shoulder straps, and
    cuff accommodate metal buttons                               Prestige Fabric: 75% Polyester / 25% worsted wool, premium
Available in Dark Navy                                           stretch tropical weave
                                                                 Prestige Weight: 6.5 oz / sq.yd. - 11 oz /linear yard
Prestige Advance™ Trousers                                       Care: Machine Washable
•   Premium top-dyeing process assures depth of colour
    and a match with Prestige Advance Shirts
•   Relaxed Action Fit features the best
    stride in the industry
•   Extra-deep quarter-top front pockets
•   Two back pockets with button tab on left
•   Lined 7/8” inserted belt loops
•   UltraCrease®permanent military creases- front and rear
•   French fly for additional support
•   Exclusive Triple-Stitched Crotch prevents blowouts
•   Pressed-open, tailored seam construction
•   Triangle bar tacks on back pockets

•   ComfortStretch 2000 waistband moves with you and
                                                                                                                              & APPAREL

    keeps shirts tucked in
•   Optional Cargo pocket version available in stock
•   When requested striping is available
•   Striping available in: Red, Black, Royal Blue, Fused Blue,
    French Blue, Gold, Yellow, Grey & Maple Leaf Braid.
•   Poly/Wool striping fabric prevents puckering over time.
Available in Dark Navy


                                TekTwill: The Future of Duty Uniforms
                                Revolutionizing Duty Uniforms with a complete and fully matching line of
                                performance professional uniforms— from BDU to Duty to EMS Trousers
                                —for guaranteed match between and across various functions and a more
                                “uniform” squad.
                                Resists Spills—Fluid rolls off, keeping you dry and your uniform stain free.

                                Breathability—Nano technology permanently alters and enhances the
                 RESISTS        performance of the fabric without diminishing the feel, natural
                  SPILLS        breathability or comfort

                                Vat Dyed—Never worry about fading, TekTwill maintains colour consistency wash
                                after wash for a matching uniform program.
                                UPF 40+ —Protects you from the sun’s harmful rays. The fabric reduces your
                                skin’s UV radiation exposure by over 40 times.

                                Stretch Comfort—Engineered with 6–8% stretch so your uniform
                 UPF 40+        moves with you and not against you.
                UV Protection

                                ComfortStretchTM Waistband—Provides additional comfort and keeps
                                your shirt tucked in.

                                NANO-TEX™ Resists Spills —Technology enhances fibers at the molecular level,
                                to permanently transform them. Fluids are unable to penetrate the fibers and will
                                bead up and roll off the fabric. Because it is unable to soak in, you stay dry and your
                                uniform stays clean.

TekTwill™ Duty Uniform Shirts
Tek Twill’s Duty Uniform shirts answer the call for durable
•    Premium vat-dyed process for superior colour retention
•    Top-fused convertible collar with internal collar stays
•    Pleated pockets, scalloped flaps, hook & loop closures
•    Cotton-blend collar band and inner yoke
•    UltraCrease® permanent military creases
•    Cross-stitched shoulder straps with working button
•    Extra-long tails stay tucked in
•    Unisex sizing
•    Optional badge tab with metal grommet holes
•    Available in both short and long sleeve.
Available in Dark Navy, Brown,
Black, Spruce Green and O.D. Green

TekTwill Fabric: 65% polyester / 35% cotton, Stretch twill weave
with Nano Tex™ Resists Spills technology
TekTwill Weight: 7.0 - 7.25 oz / sq.yd.11.5–12 oz./linear yd.
Care: Machine Washable
                                                                   Traditional   Advanced   EMS Pocket
                                                                   4 Pocket      Cargo      Style

TekTwill™ Trousers
This unique twill material is the most comfortable fabric
you will ever feel! Constructed from 65% polyester / 35%
combed cotton, you will not want to take them off. The
addition of fabric protector further enhances overall
durability and performance.
•    Premium vat-dyed process for superior colour retention
•    ActiveCut design for more room where it is needed
•    Extra-deep quarter-top front pockets
•    Two back pockets with button tab on left
•    Lined 7/8” inserted belt loops
•    ComfortStretch 2000 waistband keeps shirts tucked in
•    UltraCrease® permanent military creases
•    French fly for additional support

•    Exclusive Triple-Stitched Crotch prevents blowouts
                                                                                                  & APPAREL
•    Pressed -open, tailored seam construction
•    Bar tacks at key stress points for durability
•    Triangle bar tacks on back pockets
•    Available in traditional four pocket, advanced cargo
     pocket, and EMS pocket styles to accommodate your
Available in Dark Navy, Brown,
Black, Spruce Green and O.D. Green


              TekTwill™ Basic Duty Shirts
              On the street or around the station, Basic Duty combines
              the image you want with the practicality you need.
              •    2-pocket design, bellowed inverted pleat chest
                   pockets with drain holes
              •    Snag-proof button flaps
              •    Left pocket has pencil pocket opening
              •    Fused flaps and collar
              •    Reinforced elbow patches
              •    3-button tab cuffs designed for roll-up functionality
              •    Concealed 5-button placket
              •    Unisex sizing
                                                                             TekTwill Fabric: 65% polyester / 35% cotton, Stretch twill weave
              Available in Dark Navy & Black
                                                                             with Nano Tex™ Resists Spills technology
                                                                             TekTwill Weight: 7.0 - 7.25 oz / sq.yd.11.5–12 oz./linear yd.
                                                                             Care: Machine Washable

              TekTwill™ Basic Duty Trousers
              Our BDU pants have Mil Spec construction with public
              safety enhancements designed to serve flawlessly in
              active duty.
              •    6-pocket design: 2 front slash pockets, 2 rear inserted
                   pockets with snag proof pocket flaps, 2 bellowed
                   inverted pleat cargo pockets with drainholes and
                   snag-proof button flaps
              •    Belt loops with 2 1/4” wide opening
              •    Seat and knee reinforcement patches
              •    100% polyester drawstring leg ties
              •    Felled inseam, outseam, and seat seam for added
              •    Unisex sizing
              Available in Dark Navy & Black

TekTwill™ Uniform Caps                                            TekTwill™ Cargo Shorts
Complete the top-to-bottom TekTwill uniform system.               Constructed from 65% polyester / 35% combed cotton, you
•    TekTwill is the most technologically-advanced poly-          will not want to take them off.
     cotton twill fabric available in the public safety market.   •    Premium vat-dyed process for superior colour retention
•    Powered by NanoTex® Resists Spills technology for            •    Active Cut design for more room where it is needed
     permanent fluid protection, it also maintains maximum         •    Extra-deep quarter-top front pockets
     breathability.                                               •    Two back pockets with button tab on left
•    Adjustable back strap fits all sizes                          •    ComfortStretch 2000 waistband keeps shirts tucked in
•    Front panel is embroidery-ready                              •    UltraCrease® permanent creases
Available in Black and Dark Navy                                  •    Exclusive Triple-Stitched Crotch prevents blowouts
                                                                  Available in Dark Navy, OD Green, & Black

                                                                  TekTwill Fabric: 65% polyester / 35% cotton, Stretch twill weave
                                                                  with Nano Tex™ Resists Spills technology
                                                                  TekTwill Weight: 7.0 - 7.25 oz / sq.yd.11.5–12 oz./linear yd.
                                                                  Care: Machine Washable

Paragon Plus™ Shirts
Elbeco’s premium poplin dress uniform shirts with
NANO-TEX™ resists spills using nanotechnology!
•    NEW Premium poplin shirts with Nano-Tex™ Resists
     Spills technology featuring vat-dyeing process for
     superior colour retention
•    Comfort Touch finish
•    Pleated pockets, scalloped flaps, hook & loop closures
•    Pen opening in left pocket and pocket flap
•    Badge eyelets with internal support strap
•    Cotton-blend collar band and inner yoke
•    Sewn-in military creases
•    Cross-stitched shoulder straps with functional button
•    Extra-long tails stay tucked in
Available in Dark Navy, Tan, White & Blue
                                                                                                                                     & APPAREL

Fabric: New 65% polyester / 35% cotton, poplin weave with
Nano-Tex™ Resists Spills technology
Weight: 4.25 oz./sq. yd. / 7.25 oz./linear yd.
Care: Machine washable


                         NANO-DRY™ IS THE
                         COOLEST COMFORT
                         Nano-Technology Improving Uniforms
                         Protecting the community is a 24/7 responsibility, and public safety workers operate at
                         all hours and in all weather conditions. Inside or outside, at a desk or on the street, NANO-
                         DRY™ COOLEST COMFORT™ fabric will keep you looking and feeling cool throughout
                         your shift. Our advanced fabric gives you permanent breathable comfort while balancing
                         body temperature. You’ll stay drier in our uniforms because microscopic NANO-DRY™
                         enhancements capture and pull liquid away from the skin and spread it out over a wide
                         surface area for high-speed evaporation. COOLEST COMFORT™ fabric is also UPF 40+ to
                         protect you from the sun and the fabric from fading. Since it’s machine washable, this soil
                         resistant fabric is easy to care for.

DutyMax™ Shirts
Our finest textured yarns woven into a tropical blend of 65%
polyester / 35% rayon give you welcome relief from the old,
heavy, coarse fabrics. Rayon fibers actually provide more
absorption of perspiration than cotton! While the textured
yarns provide for exceptional durability and easy care, the
open-weave construction allows for unrestricted airflow for
superior breathability and comfort.
•    Tropical weave rayon blend provides better absorption
     and air flow for superior breathability and comfort
•    LS—Top-fused banded dress collar, internal collar stays
•    SS—Top-fused convertible collar with internal              Fabric: 65% polyester / 35% rayon, tropical with Nano-Tex™
     collar stays                                               Coolest Comfort for permanent moisture management and
•    Pleated pockets, scalloped flaps, hook & loop closures      protection
•    Pen opening in left pocket and pocket flap                  Weight: 7.0 oz./sq.yd. /12 oz./linear yd.
•    Badge eyelets with internal support strap                  Care: Machine washable
•    Cotton-blend collar band and inner yoke
•    UltraCrease® permanent military creases
•    Cross-stitched shoulder straps with functional button
•    Extra-long tails stay tucked in
Available in White, Gray, Tan, Blue, Dark Navy, Brown, French
Blue, Medium Blue and Black

                                                                                                                             & APPAREL


              Tex Trop Shirts
              Our finest 100% polyester features a textured tropical
              weave with stretch performance. New Nano-Dry™ Coolest
              Comfort technology gives permanent moisture control
              and maximum breathability.
              •    SS—top-fused convertible collar with internal collar
              •    Pleated pockets, scalloped flaps, hook & loop
                   closures                                                 Fabric: Stretch 100% textured polyester, tropical with Nano-
              •    Pen opening in left pocket and pocket flap                Dry™ Coolest Comfort for permanent moisture management
              •    Badge eyelets with internal support strap                and protection
              •    Cotton-blend collar band and inner yoke                  Weight: 5-5.5 oz. / sq. yd. / 9.5–10 oz./linear yd.
              •    Stitched-in military creases, and stretch                Care: Machine washable
                   performance in fabric weave
              •    Male and Female Styles
              •    Extra-long tails stay tucked in
              Available in White, Gray, Tan, Blue, Dark Navy, French Blue
              and Black

Ufx™ Performance Tactical Polos
A professional appearance with the comfort and durability
of a more practical uniform shirt. Today, blending the best
technology the world has to offer, we bring you the Ufx™
•    Our moisture management system wicks moisture
     away from your body
•    No curl knit collar for a professional appearance
•    Dual mic pockets on shoulders and center mic loop on
     placket, so you can place your mic where you want it
•    Hidden pen pocket on left sleeve for easy access
•    Loose fit with 4-way stretch—non-binding, non-
     constricting, stretches every way you do
•    Comfort cut allows for wear over body armor
•    Tag less neck for no-scratch comfort
•    UPF 40+ protection from UV rays for you and your shirt
•    Optional embroidery available (minimum quantities
•    Snag and pill resistant for a better look, longer
•    Non-shrink / non-fade
Available in White, Black & Dark Navy

Ufx™ Performance Uniform Polo
A professional appearance with the comfort and durability
of a more practical uniform shirt. Today, blending the best
technology the world has to offer, we bring you the Ufx™
series. The Ufx™ Performance Uniform Polo offers all the
classic styling required by the traditionally uniformed police
•    Pressed 2-piece collar with collar stays for a traditional
•    Chest pockets have buttons on the flaps for
     appearance, but Velcro closure for easy access and
•    Stitched-in creases for a classic military look
•    Loose fit with 4-way stretch—non-binding, non-
     constricting, stretches every way you do

•    Comfort cut allows for wear over body armor
                                                                  & APPAREL

•    Tag less neck for no-scratch comfort
•    UPF 40+ protection from UV rays for you and your shirt
•    Optional embroidery available (minimum quantities
•    Snag and pill resistant
•    Non-shrink / non-fade
Available in White, Tan, Light Blue & Dark Navy


              Ufx™ Turtlenecks,
              Mocks, and Dickies
              Ufx™ Base Layers keep you warm without getting hot.
              The generous cut with 4-way powerstretch and extra
              long tails doesn’t bind to the body, and allows you to
              move around comfortably. Because it is tagless with a     Fabric: 63% Nylon / 23% Micro Poly / 14% Spandex 4-way
              cover stitch neck and shoulder seams, you won’t have to   stretch with X-eede moisture control and anti-microbial
              experience any scratchy discomfort.                       technology
              •   Turtlenecks and T-Neck Dickies—Collar height: 4½”     Weight: 6.5 oz. per square yd.
                  (unfolded)                                            Care: Machine washable
              •   Mock T-Necks and Mock Dickies—Collar height: 2”
              •   UPF 15–24 / GOOD—Protection from UV Rays
              •   Tag less neck for no-scratch comfort
              •   Pill resistant
              •   Non-shrink
              •   Optional embroidery available (minimum
                  quantities required)
              •   Member tested and recommended by the
                  National Tactical Officers Association
              •   LONG SLEEVE CREWS
              •   Loose fit design with 4-way stretch comfort
              •   Long set-in 2” cuffs on long sleeves
              •   Moisture transport system—wicks moisture and
                  dries faster
              •   Anti-microbial—bacterial resistance
              •   Permanent for the life of the garment
              Available in Dark Navy & Black

Ufx™ Performance T-Shirt
Elbeco’s Ufx™ Performance Tee provides a cotton feel with
synthetic performance. It is powered by X-EEDE permanent
anti-odor, rapid wicking and quick-dry technology. Certified
for GOOD UV protection (15-24 UPF), the Ufx™ tee protects
not only wearer’s skin from the sun’s harmful rays but
also prevents colour fading in the garment. The tag less
neck and exact fit design enhance overall comfort and
•    Loose fit with 4-way stretch—non-binding,
     non- constricting
•    Traditional Crew neck and V-neck styles
•    UPF 15–24 / GOOD—Protection from UV rays
•    Optional embroidery available
     (minimum quantities required)
•    Pill resistant
•    Non-shrink / non-fade
•    Member tested and recommended by the National             Fabric: 100% synthetic microfiber polyester stretch with X-
     Tactical Officers Association                              EEDE moisture control and anti-microbial technology
•    Moisture transport system—wicks moisture                  Weight: 5.25 oz. per square yd.
     and dries faster                                          Care: Machine washable
•    Anti-Microbial—bacterial resistance
Available in Black, White, Hi-Vis Yellow & Dark Navy

Regulation™ Turtlenecks,
Mocks, and Dickies
Our pre-shrunk 100% combed-cotton jersey knit provides
maximum comfort, durability, and minimal care. Its unique,
athletic, body hugging characteristics become evident
when worn as an undergarment, where bulkiness and a
looser fit are not desirable.
•    Generous fit and extra long tails allow for
     wear over body armor
•    Seamless neck, cuffs, and body for
     better fit and superior comfort

•    Shoulder seams reinforced with elastic                    Fabric: Pre-shrunk 100% combed cotton jersey knit body, 95%
                                                                                                                             & APPAREL

     tape for superior strength                                combed cotton / 5% Lycra blend rib knit neck and cuffs
•    Turtlenecks and T-Neck Dickies                            Weight: 6 oz. per square yd.
     —Collar height: 4½” (unfolded)                            Care: Machine washable
•    Mock T-Necks and Mock Dickies—Collar height: 2”
•    T-Neck Dickies—Practical neck protection that can be
     easily removed when things heat up
Available in Dark Navy, Brown, Black, & White


                                                                     Jersey Knit
                                                                     Knitted in a double-knit rib
                                                                     fabric made from a special
                                                                     blend of 70% S-63 Piltrol
                                                                     Acrylic and 30% Virgin
                                                                     •    Fabric is extremely long lasting, fade resistant,
              V-Neck Ribbed                                               insulative, and breathable.
              Commando                                               •    Body and sleeve cuffs are a unique ribbed design
              A standard for Canadian Law Enforcement                     that incorporates Lycra Spandex for quick regain
              •                         ,
                   V- neck Rib “Commando”                                 after stretching
              •    Poly-Cotton Velcro Epaulettes/patches on elbows   •    All seams are finished by hand to ensure that no
              •    Nameplate & Badgeplate included                        over-lock seam can unravel
              •    Content: 100% DuraPil Acrylic                     •    Optional Gore-Tex liner available
              •    Optional liner available                          APS Number: IN3251 Available in Dark Navy & Black
              APS Number: CB8081, Available in Black, Dark Navy &
                                                                     Ribbed Patrol Sweater
                                                                     Knit in a rugged 2 x 2 rib of a special blend of 100% S-63
                                                                     Piltrol acrylic
              V-Neck Sweater                                         •    All edges are back-tacked and finished by hand
              Jersey Knit                                            •    Breathable garment
              •    Cobmex V- neck                                    •    Fully machine washable and dryable
              •    Button Down Epaulettes                            •    Fabric is pre-washed to eliminate shrinkage
              •    Poly-Acrylic patches on                           •    Epaulettes are interfaced and double stitched for
                   shoulders and elbows                                   greater stability
              •    Nameplate & Badgeplate included                   •    Optional Gore-Tex liner available
              •    Content: 100% DuraPil Acrylic                     APS Number: IN2350 Available in Dark Navy & Black
              •    Optional liner available
              APS Number: CB2825 Available in Black, Dark Navy

                                                                     Cotton Polos
              Ties                                                   •    100% ring-spun combed cotton.
              •    Available in Black and Dark Navy                       10.5 oz. CDN. Preshrunk
              •    Both Clip-on and Regular ties                     •    North American made
                   available.                                        •    Matching collar and cuffs
              Please call for colour, style and length               •    Crossover style
              information.                                           Multiple Styles and Colours available, please call for
                                                                Polo Shirt
                                                                Warrior Wear
                                                                Our Warrior Wear
                                                                Performance Polo
                                                                Shirt features
                                                                contemporary styling
                                                                and comfort. Great for
                                                                everyday wear on or
                                                                off the job.
                                                                •    Lightweight wrinkle, fade, and stain resistant
                                                                     anti-microbial fabric
                                                                •    Raglan style sleeves allow comfortable range of
Critical Silk - i-systems by PSP                                •    Flat-knit collar with anti-roll inserts
The lightest weight base layer, Critical Silk uses Polartec®    •    Media Player Pocket on upper-left shoulder features a
Power Dry® with X-Static® for ultra-light next-to-                   button hole for cord routing underneath collar and can
skin protection. Critical Silk keeps your skin dry with              also be buttoned down to secure valuable items
patented permanent wicking and moisture management              Available in Black, Navy or Tan
construction. This fabric also provides protection against
sun damage and X-Static® yarn neutralizes odor-causing
bacteria. When combined with other i-systems layers,
Critical Silk provides necessary comfort and mobility for all
•    Patented permanent moisture management.                    Tactical Shirt
•    Highly breathable and quick drying.                        Designed for maximum
•    Ultra-light weight and comfortable.                        comfort
•    Natural anti-microbial prevents odor.                      •    Durable wrinkle, fade,
•    Provides protection against 97% of UV rays.                     and stain resistant cotton with
•    Non-abrasive flatlock stitching.                                 triple-stitched construction
•    Gusseted side seam panels on tee and long sleeve for       •    Concealed collar stay buttons and anti-roll collar inserts
     improved mobility.                                         •    Large hook and loop secured, top-opening, gusseted
•    Available in Black or Sand                                      chest pockets
Please call for sizes, styles and additional details.           APS Number: BH87TS01 - Long Sleeve
                                                                BH87TS02 - Short Sleeve
                                                                Available in Black, Tan or Navy

                                                                Tactical Pant

Shirts - Canadian
                                                                                                                                  & APPAREL
                                                                •    Durable wrinkle, fade, and stain
Military Style                                                       resistant 8.5 ounce cotton canvas
Entry Level Military style shirt                                •    Double layering in the seat
with functional epaulettes                                           & knees for increased protection
•    Rogue material - 4.5 oz. 65% polyester /35% cotton         •    Hidden expandable waistband
•    Long and short sleeve available                            •    Reinforced hems on leg cuffs and
•    Epaulettes and pocket flaps                                      hand pockets increase durability
•    Multiple sizes available and stocked                       APS Number: BH87TP01KH - Khaki
APS Number: US82E - White                                       BH87TP01BK - Black
US80E - Blue
                                                                                                                                                 LTÉE     RIES


                                                                                                 LTÉE           LTD

                                                                       LES I

                                            LTÉE          LTD

            LES IN

                      All-Season Jacket
                      Waist Length Reversible
                      Fully Reversible Dual Jacket combination with 2 front pockets.
                      •     Waterproof / Breathable / Windproof Super Hiptex
                      •     Meets CSA standards for the highest level of visibility
                      •     Rugged 3-Ply Taslan Nylon
                      •     360 Degree full telescopic sleeves – an Evin original
                      •     Full neck protection via zipper closure
                      •     Dual entry pockets – extra zipper compartment
                      •     Side zipper equipment access
                      •     Fleece inside jacket includes epaulettes and supplex-
                            nylon for long-term wear and contemporary styling
                      •     Fleece jacket has zip-off sleeves so it also acts as a vest
                      APS Number: EV20A1

                      All-Season Jacket
                      Hip Length Reversible
                      Fully Reversible Dual Jacket combination with 4 front pockets.
                      •     Waterproof / Breathable / Windproof Super Hiptex
                      •     Meets CSA standards for the highest level of visibility
                      •     Rugged 3-Ply Taslan Nylon
                      •     360 Degree full telescopic sleeves – an Evin original
                      •     Full neck protection via zipper closure
                      •     Dual entry pockets – extra zipper compartment
                      •     Side zipper equipment access
                      •     Fleece inside jacket includes epaulettes and supplex
                            nylon for long-term wear and contemporary styling
                      •     Fleece jacket has zip-off sleeves so it also acts as a vest.
                      APS Number: EV20A2

                                         LTÉE         LTD

          LES IN

                 Lifesaver Reversible Jacket
                 This jacket provides maximum weather protection with its Hi-Vis
                 Lime Taslan being seam sealed with a Hiptex 3000 Waterproof
                 Breathable backing.
                 •      Meets CSA standards for the highest level of visibility
                        for those who work in high-risk environments.
                 •      2-Ply Taslan Nylon
                 •      Polyester Taslan Hi-Vis fabric is extremely fade resistant
                 •      All front openings are covered with waterproof flaps to
                        improve waterproof & windproof protection.
                 •      Quick weapon access via zippered 9” side openings
                        with snap closures for added safety & convenience.
                 APS Number: EV6000 Available in Dark Navy or Black

                 All Season Patrol Jacket
                 Hip Length
                 Features 30” waist-length styling, a 3 ply Taslan waterproof
                 breathable shell and a patented 360 degree Telescopic Sleeve
                 •      Multiple inner pockets for added security/storage
                        and triple entry front pockets
                 •      Double storm front with concealed snaps and two-way
                        Delrin zipper to top of collar for added protection and
                        a tailored, non-elastic waistband.
                 •      Hidden sleeve access zippers for added ventilation and
                        emblem attachment and side zipper vents for
                        equipment access have elasticized snap tabs.
                 •      Detachable military-style epaulettes.
                 APS Number: EV2020 Available in Dark Navy

                 All Season Patrol Jacket
                 Bomber Style
                 Features 26” waist-length styling, a 3 ply Taslan waterproof
                 breathable shell and a patented 360 degree Telescopic Sleeve
                 System. The zip-out full liner with Thinsulate insulation includes
                 snaps to hold liner sleeves in place.

                 •      Fully machine washable
                                                                                      & APPAREL

                 •      Double storm front with concealed snaps and two-way
                        Delrin zipper to top of collar for added protection and
                        a 2” waistband elasticized to help protect against wind.
                 •      Hidden sleeve access zippers for added ventilation and
                        emblem attachment and side zipper vents for
                        equipment access have elasticized snap tabs.
                 •      Detachable military-style epaulettes.
                 APS Number: EV2000 Available in Dark Navy, Black & Brown

                                                                                                                                                   LTÉE     RIES


                                                                                             LTÉE           LTD

                                                                     LES I

                                          LTÉE          LTD

            LES IN

                                                                                        High Performance
                                                                                        Waterproof Pant
                                                                                        This highly Waterproof + Fluid Resistant pant gives
                                                                                        full breathable comfort, the safety of reflective
                                                                                        visibility from behind, and ease of access over duty
                                                                                        •     Lightweight 2-Ply Taslan Hiptex 3000 tested at:
                      Reversible Raincoat                                               •     115psi Waterproof (High Pressure Mullen tester)
                      Reversible Raincoat with choice of high visibility
                                                                                        •     Fully separable 2-way side zips w/Velcro flaps
                      inner colour.
                                                                                              Diagonal zipper closing front pockets
                      •     Coated nylon outer shell and lining
                                                                                              w/snapped flaps
                      •     Fully reversible Black to Fluorescent Orange or Black to
                                                                                        •     “Over Duty Belt” Velcro closing belt loops
                            Lime Green
                                                                                        •     Double Velcro adjustable tabs at
                      •     Calf Length for total body protection.
                                                                                              waistband side seams
                      •     2 way zipper and snap closure
                                                                                        •     Diagonal 1” retro-reflective silver
                      •     Double needle stitching on seams
                                                                                              stripes at lower legs
                      •     Side openings to excess inner garment pockets
                                                                                        •     Velcro adjustable tabs
                            without unzipping raincoat
                                                                                              for tight fit at base of legs.
                      •     Adjustable collar-lay down or stand up
                                                                                        APS Number: EV5000
                      •     Can be customized to add Reflective tape
                                                                                        Available in Dark Navy
                            and/or Police patch
                      APS Number: GOL7807B - Black & Orange
                      GOL7807LG - Black & Lime Green
                      GOL7808 - Non-Reversible (Navy Only)

                                                                  Bomber Jacket
                                                                  This jacket is seam sealed, water resistant and features a
                                                                  double storm flap.
                                                                  •     Interactive zippers allow the use of an
                                                                       internal fleece liner.
                                                                  •    FABRIC: 100% Taslan Nylon and 100% Polyester liner
                                                                  •    Mesh and 1/2 nylon lining
                                                                  •    Two way shell zipper
                                                                  •    Greater Breathability
                                                                  •    Wind and waterproof
                                                                  APS Number: TM 963BR Available in Black

          Winter Parkas
          •   Sturdy coated nylon outer fabric
          •   Lined with 7 oz polyester thermal insulation,
          •   Sleeves have knit storm cuffs and half inch
              leatherette trim.
          •    Deatachable insulated hood, wide storm flap
              over heavy aluminum two-way zipper keeps
              out the cold.
          •   Features a corduroy collar and bi-swing back.
          •   Made in Canada
          APS Number: GOL701 - Driver Parka - Black
          GOL7801 - Utility Parka - Brown

                                                              Police Style Parka
                                                              Police style parka designed for the Canadian winter.
                                                              •    Detachable insulated hood with button close chin
                                                                   straps and draw cord.
                                                              •    Wool topped collar.
                                                              •    Double lapped seams for extra strength and durability.

                                                              •    Inside draw cord at waist.
                                                                                                                               & APPAREL

                                                              •    Large cargo pockets.
                                                              •    Large 6” Diamond Quilt with 10 oz.’s of Polyester
                                                                   Insulation in the body and 8 oz.’s in the sleeve.
                                                              •    Special cuff / sleeve design that allows the gauntlet
                                                                   style gloves to fit over and an inside knit cuff to keep
                                                                   out the snow, ice and wind.
                                                              Available in Black
                                                              APS Number: PEE189N


              ECWCS Jacket
              Gen III Level 5
              Layer 5 Jacket for the US Military’s Generation III ECWCS
              (Extended Cold Weather Clothing System.)
              •   This is a durable, yet lightweight, “soft-shell” garment
                  which is highly wind and water-resistant
              •   Hook and loop attachment points for name, tapes, and
                  rank insignia
              •   Stow-away hood with both opening and depth draw
                  string adjustments
              •   Draw-cord waist adjustment
              •   Center front zipper flap to keep out wind and rain
              APS Number: BH87G3JKBK - Black
              BH87G3JKAU - ARPAT
              BH87G3JKAG - Alpha Green

              ECWCS Pants
              Gen III Level 5
              Layer 5 Pant for the US Military’s Generation III ECWCS
              (Extended Cold Weather Clothing System.)
              •   This is a durable, yet lightweight, “soft-shell” garment
                  which is highly windproof and water-resistant,
              •   Gusseted crotch for added mobility
              •   Double-layered knee area for durability
              •   Built-in adjustable, elasticized suspenders
              •   Waist side zips allow quick, easy removal
              •   Elasticized leg cuffs have two snap adjustment
                  points and zippered leg openings up to the knee
              APS Number: BH87G3PTBK - Black
              BH87G3PTAU - ARPAT
              BH87G3PTAG - Alpha Green

Lined Nylon                                                  Balaclava w/Nomex
Jacket                                                       Flame/flash protection for the head and neck
Perfect for after work duties.                               •    Constructed entirely of DuPont™
•    Available in a wide range                                    NOMEX® fabric
     of colours                                              •    Will not support flame or combust up to 427º C
•    100% Nylon shell with100% Cotton Kasha lining           •    Flat-seam stitching won’t irritate when wearing a helmet
•    Drawstring waist with elastic cuffs                     •    Available in black, coyote tan, foliage green, or olive drab
•    Snap front closure                                      APS Number: BH333002BK - Heavyweight - 7 oz.
•    Sturdy construction makes for the perfect team jacket   BH333005BK - Lightweight- 3 oz.
•    Optimal value jacket with a classic look
APS Number: TM921BR

Coverall - Summer                                            Fleece Watchcap
•    Poly/Cotton Fabric                                      E.C.W. Low Profile
•    Sizes: 36 - 70 (Regular & Tall)                         Offers dry comfort and substantial warmth
•    Two large deep chest pockets; left                      •    Constructed of 7-ounce Blizzard Fleece™
     one has pen slot; two rear patch                        •    Low-profile design fits easily under helmets
     pockets.                                                •    Wear inside out to avoid seam irritation when wearing
•    Deep pleated action back with an                             a helmet
     elastic waist allowing for easy                         APS Number: BH808000BK
     flexibility with snap cuffs;
APS Number: WR410N

                                                             Pro-Look Style Caps
                                                             •    5 Panel , Polycotton cap
Coverall - Winter                                            APS Number: AJ5810MMB - Midnight Blue
•    Poly/Cotton Fabric                                      AJ5810MBL - Black
•    Sizes: 36 - 70 (Regular & Tall)                         Other Styles and Colours available, please call for details
•    Two large deep chest pockets; left
     one has pen slot; two rear patch
•    Fully insulated with deep pleated
     action back with an elastic waist
     allowing for easy flexibility
APS Number: WR827N
                                                                                                                                 & APPAREL

                                                              uskrat     Klondike Hats
                                                             Muskrat and Klond
                                                             •   Available in Navy, Brown and Black
Winter Toques                                                •   Available with Melton or Navy Nylon top
Contoured fleece toques designed for                         APS Number: CRO662BR - Muskrat (Real Fur)
the Canadian winter                                          CRO649 - Klondike (Synthetic)
•    14 oz, Non pill, Polyester Fleece
•    Available in Black and Navy
APS Number: AJ6W570MBL

                                                                                            Fire Caps
              All Forage Caps are available with the following Items:
              •   Silver or Gold Buttons
              •   Cap Straps in Gold or Silver Metal

                  Expansion / Double Cello or Black Plastic

              •   Various Colour Cap bands
              •   Optional badge hole

                                                                                           MUI304 - Fire Chief
                                Police Caps

                             MUI200CR - Police Chief                                     MUI303 - Deputy Chief

                              MUI200D - Deputy Chief                                        MUI302 - Officer

                        MUI200IGC - Inspector’s Cap (Gold)
                         UI200IGC                                                        MUI301N - Fire Fighter

                                                                        Cap Cover
                                                                        •   Cap cover provides protection
                         MUI200IGC Inspector’s Cap (Black)                  from the elements.
                                                                        •   Reversible covers features High
                                                                            Visibility orange
                                                                        APS Number:
                                                                        MUICCCL - Clear Cap Cover
                                                                        MUICCBO - Reversible (Orange)

                                MUI200 - Constable

                                                                                                                     & ACCESSORIES
Footwear & Accessories

APS Distributors is pleased to stock many of
the most popular styles & sizes of premium
Law Enforcement & Public Safety footwear.

                                                         Gore-Tex 8” Boot
                                                         These extremely popular, lightweight boots set the
                                                         standards for comfort, performance and wet-weather
                                                         reliability. The lace-to-toe design makes adjustments
                                                         simple, while the Gore-Tex lining keep feet dry.
                                                         DuraShocks compression pads absorb the shock of
                                                         every step saving your knees and back from all that
                                                         •   Made with full-grain leather and stronger ballistic
                                                             nylon uppers
                                                         •   Side zippers for easy on-and-off.
                                                         •   Stocked in our Canadian warehouse in various sizes.
                                                             Please call for additional details and stocked items.
                                                         APS Number: BAT3139

DuraShocks Athletic Patrol Shoe
This full grain leather athletic low cut shoe will set
the standards for all day comfort and performance.
DuraShocks compression pads absorb the shock of
every step saving your knees and back from all that
•   Bates DuraShocks® Tomahawk II Outsole
•   Waterproof Uppers with seam sealed soles.
•   Stealth Construction - no metal within the shoe
APS Number: BAT2302



                                                                           M-6 Gore-Tex®
                                                                           Assault Side Zip
                                                                           When it’s cold and wet outside and the next threat
                                                                           could come from anywhere, these elite boots keep
                                                                           feet warm, dry and poised to spring into action.
                                                                           •   Made with all best-in-class materials, from
                                                                               breathable Gore-Tex membranes and lightweight
                                                                               Thinsulate insulation
                                                                           •    Exclusive multi-terrain Vibram Mutant outsoles.
                                                                           •   The side zip makes these boots quick to put on and
                                                                               secure, then just as easy to remove at the end of
                  M9 Gore-Tex Insulated Boot
                                                                               another day.
                  For higher water, colder temps and more stringent
                  missions, these 9” waterproof boots will never let you
                                                                           •   Waterproof
                                                                           APS Number: BAT2405
                  •   Made with all best-in-class materials
                  •   Breathable Gore-Tex membranes
                  •   Lightweight Thinsulate insulation
                  •   Multi-terrain Vibram Mutant outsoles.
                  •   Optional Side Zipper available
                  APS Number: BAT2400
                                                                           Uniform Oxford
                                                                           Put your best foot forward in these classic, dress

                  WE ARE HERE.                                             oxfords featuring full-grain leather uppers and oil
                                                                           absorption resistant rubber outsole with nailed heel.
                  WE ARE HONOR BOUND.                                      •   The fully cushioned removable insole combine with
                                                                               Dri-lex lining to keep feet cool and dry.
                                                                           •   The shoe’s Goodyear welt construction keeps them in
                                                                               tip-top shape for event after event, year after year.
                                                                           APS Number: BAT968 - Men’s, BAT769 - Women’s

                                                          Active Duty Boot Steel Toe
                                                          A steel toed active duty boot for today’s law enforcement
                                                          and public safety professionals
6” Uniform Boot                                           •      Full grain leather upper with action leather
This hybrid boot/chukka features a taller 6” ankle for
added support and more eyelets for longer, firmer
                                                          •      Black Taibrelle & 1200D nylon quarter/tongue lining.
                                                          •      Full length removable sock liner.
•   Makes an excellent choice for patrol officers.
                                                          •      Gun metal “D” rings lacing system. (Optional Zipper)
•   Made with all-leather uppers,
                                                          APS Number: HH18090
•   Fully cushioned removable footbed for added comfort
    and an oil-absorbing and slip-resistant Bates Lites
    outsole for excellent traction over all surfaces.
APS Number: BATSR58

                                                          6” Duty Boot Steel Toe
                                                          Athletic Fit, Leather, Fabric Boot designed for Law
                                                          Enforcement Professionals with CSA approved Steel
                                                          •      CSA approved Steel Toe & Steel Shank.
                                                          •      Full grain leather & 1000 Denier Nylon.
Steel Toe Boot                                            •      Compression Molded EVA Midsole.
8” Side-Zip                                               •      Reinforced Stitching on heel.
Specifically made for Canada, CSA Approved                 APS Number: OS2151
•   Goodyear Welt construction lined with
    breathable mesh
•   Leather and Ballistic Nylon upper
•   Oil Resistant Rubber outsole
•   Full Cushioned Removable EVA Footbed

                                                                                                                        & ACCESSORIES
•   CSA Approved Steel Toe and plate
•   200gms of Thinsulate Insulation
APS Number: BAT2340
                                                          Classic 6” Duty Boot
                                                          Athletic Fit, Lightweight, Leather, Fabric Boot designed
                                                          for Law Enforcement Professionals.
Self Shine                                                •      Full Grain and Split Leather Upper
Shoe Cream Kit                                            •      1000 Denier Nylon
Self shine wax-based shoe cream that                      •      Triple Stitched Upper
nourishes the leather.                                    •      Steel Shank
•   Gives instant shine without the need of brushing.     •      Compression Molded EVA Midsole
•   Easy application.                                     •      Removable Molded Orthotic Innersole
•   50 ml jar + applicator sponge.                        •      Synthetic Moisture Wicking Lining
APS Number: NL8858000
                                                          APS Number: OS1151

                                                                          The fastest, lighest and most agile footwear designed
                                                                          specifically for today’s Special Operations Warrior.
                                                                          Ideal for waterborne ops.
                                                                          •   Lightweight, breathable, nylon mesh and high
                                                                              abrasion, quick-dry, synthetic microfiber upper
                                                                          •   Vibram® “Trail Run” oil Resistant rubber outsole
                                                                          •   Washable, Anti-Microbial , Ortholite®
                  Classic 9” Duty Boot                                        custom molded footbed
                  Athletic Fit, Lightweight, Leather, Fabric Boot         •   Available in medium and wide sizes, sizes 6-15
                  designed for Law Enforcement Professionals              APS Number: BH83BT00BK
                  •   Full Grain and Split Leather Upper
                  •   1000 Denier Nylon, Triple Stitched Upper
                                                                          Socks - Single Sole
                  •   Steel Shank & Carbon Rubber, Multi-Tred
                                                                          Whether you are in the office or on
                      Traction, Self- Cleaning Outsole
                                                                          the street, there is a right sock for the
                  •   Compression Molded EVA Midsole
                  •   Removable Molded Orthotic Innersole
                                                                                     ,                   ,
                                                                          SC191B - 13” BLACK, SC191N - 13” NAVY
                  •   Synthetic Moisture Wicking Lining
                                                                          SC6695N - COTTON/NYLON, #02 NAVY
                  APS Number: OS1150
                                                                          SC6695BL- COTTON/NYLON, #06 BLACK
                                                                          SC6608 - WEEKENDER, BLACK (MENS)
                                                                          SC6405 - WEEKENDER, BLACK (WOMENS)
                  Boot Socks - Light
                  Ergonomically constructed to
                  follow the contours of the foot,                        Double Sole
                  provide support, regulate moisture                      This is a sock that was made for the Royal
                  and temperature, and provide                            Canadian Mounted Police, who require a
                  ample cushioning and blister protection.                dependable wool sock to keep their feet
                  •   Anatomic foot design with Y-heel and seamless toe   healthy at all times.
                  •   Design provides cushioning and blister protection   •   The sock is 65% Superwash Merino wool,
                  •   50/50 Coolmax®/Cotton blend upper and shaft wicks       32% Nylon and 3% Spandex.
                      perspiration and regulates temperature              •   The inside sole contains a protective terry
                  APS Number: BH83SK00BK                                      cushioning.
                                                                          •   Available in Black & Navy and in Men and Women’s

                                          APS Number: SC381
Badges & Regalia

                                                                                        WALLETS & REGALIA
APS Distributors carries an extensive
collection of badges and regalia, from
industry leading manufacturers.

         BADB1174                BADB957             BADB699     BADB696    BADB714

         BADB700                  BADB701              BADB702   BADB705    BADB1494

         BADB698                   BADB697             BADB693   BADB694      BADB692

         BADB773                    BADB723            BADB764   BADB879H    BADB703
     Badges are shown for general shape purposes only, specific
     agency designs available.


                      BADB724                BADB1334             BADB798                   BADB765                      BADB484

                      Clip-On Badge
                      Portable Badge holder, includes
                      neck chain
                                                                            Badge Holder
                                                                            Features leather framed window for your ID and black
                      •   Designed to wear around your                      suede dividers to protect your badge finish
                          neck or in your pocket                            •    Available in Black, Weave or Brown Leather
                      •   Made with top grain leather                       •    Made of top grain leather
                      •   Snap Closure to easily add your badge             •    Badge cases and wallets can be imprinted or
                      APS Number: WAL71207                                       debossed with your department name or logo.
                                                                            APS Number: WAL77000
                                                                            Available to fit a number of different Badge shapes and

                      Neck Badge & ID
                      Made of premium leather
                      APS Number: WAL5202BLN

                      Badge Holder                                          Hidden Badge Wallet
                                                                            Hide your badge from prying eyes with this quality
                      •   Round badge holder with
                          integrated clip.
                                                                            •    Badge is hidden behind credit card section
                      •   Made of premium leather.
                                                                            •    6 credit card slots, picture, and money section
                      APS Number:
                                                                            •    Made from top grain leather
                      NL5104BLN - Plain Nickel
                                                                            APS Number: WAL79520
                                                                            Available to fit a number of different Badge shapes and
                                            sizes. Specify Black, Black Weave or Brown
                Assorted Collar Dogs, Epaulettes, Flashes & Regalia

  BADJ55G                   BADJ54G                  BADJ53G            BADJ52G                BADJ51G                BADJ50G

UAA2876                   UAA2874             UAA2873             UAA4280               UAA2871                     UALC32

                    Multiple letter combinations, specific colours and designs available. Please call your
                    Account Manager for details or visit

   BADJ73                           BADJ72G                      BADJ70G                      BADJ82G              BADJ78G

                                                                                                 UA177G: 1” Gold Service Bar
     BADJ84                                  BADJ103                  BADJ101                    UA177S: 1” Silver Service Bar

Name Bars: APS is proud to offer a wide variety of Name Bar & Tie

                                                                                                                                 WALLETS & REGALIA
                                                                                                                                 WALLETS & REGALIA
Bar styles and sizes. Please call for specific product details.                            UA140 W: White Cloth Lanyard
                                                                                           UA140G: Gold Cloth Lanyard

                                                                                  Custom Flashes
                                                                APS Distributors is proud to offer customers the option of
UALOGO - 1” x 3.5” Logo                                         creating their own custom flashes. Ensure your department
Badge. Many Custom names                                        stands out with a custom designed flash from APS.
and lettering available

                                    UACA130 - Gold Fire
                                    Service Stars.
                                    UACA129- Silver Fire
                                    Service Stars

       CAFC Tunic Flash
                                                                                 Select epaulettes available in both Embroidered and Gold Bullion.
                                                                                 APS carries multiple epaulettes, chevrons and additional regalia for
                                                                                 shirts, jackets and dress tunics . For more information please visit our
                                                                                 website at or contact your account manager.


                            UA164EP                   UA163EP                UA161EP                UA160EP                 UA165EP

                             UA314EP                   UA313EP                  UA312EP                UA311EP                UA310EP

                          UA201EP2MY              U
                                                  UA201EP3MY         UA201EPC          UA201IGS
                                                                                       UA             UA201EPC2MY         UA2

                                       UA209EP2                UA209EPW                   UA209EP                    UA207EP

                                                                 Chevrons & Accessories

                      Tunic Chevrons                Shirt Chevrons              Tunic Crown             Cross Revolvers         Tunic Stars
                      UA213- 2 Chevrons             UA212- 2 Chevrons           UA218 - Large           UA145GB - Gold          UA42766 - Large
                      UA214- 3 Chevrons             UA211- 3 Chevrons           Gold on Black           on Black                Gold on Black
                                                    UA217- 3 Chevrons with      UA24660 - Small         UA145WB-                UA42765 - Small
                                                    Crown                       Gold on Black           White on Black          Gold on Black

Handcuffs & Restraints
APS Distributors is pleased to offer our

                                                                                                                              & RESTRAINTS
clients many of the world’s finest handcuff
and restraint systems.

     M-300N Handcuffs                                              M-100N Handcuffs
     Hinged design to further restrict movement.
                                                                   Our most popular handcuff.
     •    Has double lock slot configuration for increased
                                                                   APS Number: SW350103
     APS Number: SW350096

                                                                   M-100P Handcuffs
     M-104 Handcuffs                                               Our most popular handcuff with our push pin double
     These handcuffs were designed for high risk transfers.        locking system in a satin nickel finish.
     •    Specially designed key and keyhole bushing.              APS Number: SW350135
     APS Number: SW350107

                                                                   M-1 Universal Handcuffs
     M-110 Security Handcuff                                       Our Universal Handcuffs feature a push pin double lock
     This special security handcuff, in a nickel finish, features
                                                                   design in a satin nickel finish.
     a larger dimension chain and swivel for special security
                                                                   •   These cuffs open 12% larger for big wrists and close
                                                                       11% smaller for thin wrists for better security.
     APS Number: SW350118
                                                                   APS Number: SW350132 - Chain
                                                                   SW350133 - Hinged
     Smith & Wesson Handcuffs are fabricated from the finest
     quality carbon steel. They are manufactured with heat
     treated internal lockworks, featuring smooth ratchets for
     swift cuffing and double locks to prevent tampering.

     All S&W handcuffs meet or exceed demanding U.S. National
     Institute of Justice tests for workmanship, strength,
     corrosion and tamper resistance.


                                                                       ZT9 Handcuff Key
                                                                       •    Handcuff keys are of a standard design and are
                                                                            compatible with all standard series handcuffs.
                                                                       •    All keys are made of heat treated stainless steel
                                                                            and are designed to provide an indefinite
                                                                            period of service
                                                                       •    Unlimited lifetime guarantee.
                                                                       APS Number: ZAKZT9
                 M-1900 Oversized Leg Irons
                 Over-sized leg irons with 14”” high-security heat-
                 treated chain and larger dimension, elliptically
                 contoured satin nickel cuffs.
                 APS Number: SW350121

                                                                       Transport Hood
                                                                       Use the NIK-7000 TranZport
                                                                       Hood to deter spiting and
                                                                       •    No straps or ties for easy application and removal.
                                                                       •    No front or back and a plastic sizing tab make
                                                                            this item one-size-fits all for juvenile to adult
                                                                       •    Dark mesh allows for good visual observation of
                 M-1800 Belly Chain                                         the subject.
                 High security belly chain comes standard with Model   APS Number: HRNIK7000
                 100 satin nickel handcuffs.
                 APS Number: SW350109

                                                                       E-Z Cuff
                                                                       The 300-S is a heavy duty high
                 S&W Handcuff Key
                                                                       tensile strength nylon single
                 •   Standard size handcuff key.
                                                                       loop restraint.
                 •   Small and lightweight.
                 •   Compatible with all standard handcuff
                                                                       •    Restraints are self locking, have a safe surface and
                                                                            will not cut into the suspect’s skin.
                     locking mechanisms.
                 APS Number: SW02238
                                                                       •    Can be used for wrists or ankles.
                                                                       •    1/2” wide x 22” long [Loop strength 300+ lbs.]
                                                                       •    Stocked in Black
                                                                       APS Number: EZ300SBL

                                Com pany
        s Ha ndcuf
                                                                          Model 700 Chain Cuff
                                                                          The Peerless® chain link handcuff has a new design!
                                                                          The Model 700 now incorporates spun rivet construction
                                                                          for increased strength and durability.
                                                                          • Smooth single strand action allows for fast and
          Model 7002 Waist Chain                                              efficient cuffing.
          The Model 7002 Waist Chain is designed for special              •   The profiled edges minimize the risk of tissue
          security situations. The Model 7002 has one Model
                                                                              and nerve injury.
          700 handcuff positioned at each hip allowing for either         •   The Model 700 has been approved by the National
          parallel arm or cross arm handcuffing technique.
                                                                              Institute of Justice.
          • The special heat treated steel chain and padlock rings
                                                                          APS Number: SW350135
              assure adjustment up to 54 in. waist.
          APS Number: PEER7002

                                                                          Model 703
                                                                          Leg Irons
                                                                          The Model 703 Leg Iron
                                                                          features all steel construction, spun rivets
          Model 7030 High Security                                        and a rust resistant nickel finish. It is made to meet or
          The Model 7030 is designed specifically for larger               exceed the National Institute of Justice standards for
          individuals or special security applications. This              workmanship, mechanical strength, tamper resistance
          oversized cuff has a 20% larger inside perimeter then           and corrosion resistance.
          the Model 700.                                                  • Machined edges minimize the risk of tissue
          • The Model 7030 has a smooth single strand action,
                                                                              and nerve injuries.
              profiled edges and spun rivet construction.                  •   The 15” chain effectively limits range of motion.
          •   It meets or exceeds the National Institute of Justice       APS Number: PEER703
              standards for workmanship, mechanical strength,
              tamper resistance and corrosion resistance.
          APS Number: PEER7030

                                                                          Model 705
                                                                          Oversized Leg
                                                                          The Model 705 is designed specifically for
          Model 801 Hinged Cuff
                                                                                                                                           & RESTRAINTS
                                                                          larger individuals. It has a 3.25 inch opening with a
          The Peerless® Model 801 provides additional
                                                                          maximum inside perimeter 20% larger then the Model
          restraint by more effectively restricting hand and arm
                                                                          703 Leg Iron.
                                                                          • The Model 705 is made to the same standards as other
          • The Model 801 features all steel construction, spun rivets,
                                                                              Peerless ® products.
              machined edges and smooth single strand action.
                                                                          •   It features all steel construction, spun rivets and a rust
          •   The Model 801 has the ability to fold flat for compact
                                                                              resistant nickel finish.
                                                                          •   The 15” chain effectively limits range of motion.
          •   It has a 10% larger inside perimeter then the Model 700.
                                                                          APS Number: PEER705N
          •   The Model 801 has been approved by the National
              Institute of Justice.
          APS Number: PEER801N                                            All Peerless handcuffs come with a lifetime warranty for
                                                                          manufacture defects. Two keys supplied.


                  All Blackhawk HELLSTORM gloves
                  •    Re-engineered patterns for improved fit and              S.O.L.A.G. Full Finger Gloves w/
                       dexterity                                               Kevlar
                  •    Over-wrap fingertip design: Enhances Tactility &         (Special Operations Light Assault Glove)
                       Prevents fingertip blowouts                              •   Excellent all purpose tactical glove
                  •    Ergonomically placed 4mm molded foam padding            •   KEVLAR® flame, flash, and cut resistant protection
                       for increased protection                                •   Dual-layer palm with Pittards™ WR100X and
                  •    Strategic placement of hook and loop closure to             Armortan® treated premium goatskin leather for
                       prevent gaps in protection                                  water repellency and 25% more abrasion resistance
                  •    Strategic placement of thumb for greater dexterity      •   Over-wrap fingertip design ensures maximum
                       and reduced stress on seams.                                tactility and durability
                  •    Nylon web loop allows for easy donning and              •   Padded protection on back of hand and fingers
                       attachment to carabineers                               •   Back-of-hand and wrist adjustments for
                  •    Wrist wrap webbing material is softer and more              perfect, secure fit
                       pliable for ease of use and comfort (S.O.L.A.G. only)   •   Nylon loop on wrist allows easy donning and
                                                                                   attachment to carabiners
                  APS Distributors is pleased to offer the full line of        •   Available in Black or OD Green
                  Blackhawk HELLSTORM gloves. Please visit our website at      APS Number: BH8114
         for more details.

                                                             Insulated Gloves Neoprene
                                                             Warmth and waterproofing in the same glove
                                                             •   Perfect working glove in cold, wet conditions.
                                                             •   Thinsulate® technology lining keeps hands warm.
                                                             •   Secondary liner of breathable waterproof Hipora®.
                                                             •   Non-slip material on fingertips, except trigger finger
                                                             APS Number: SK0013
Climate Glove by PSP
The Climate Glove provides the necessary warmth and
durability for all missions.
•       Exceptional thermal properties.
•       Polartec® Hardface® Technology provides extreme      Winter Gloves Leather
        abrasion resistance.                                 •   Thinsulate™ Insulation and tricot lining
•       Polartec® Wind Pro® provides windproof and           •   Elasticized wrist and diamondback
        breathable properties.                                   pattern
•       Lycra® content for stretch and comfort.              •   Multiple sizes in stock.
•       Permanent durable water repellent (DWR) sheds rain   APS Number: JA30704
        and snow.
•       Hook and loop closure at wrist.
•       Available in Black or Sand
Please call for additional details                           Dress Glove Cotton
                                                             One size fits all, white dress glove
                                                             APS Number: UA142W

Un-lined Workglove
•       Full grain cowhide
•       Full leather index finger

                                                                                                                          & ACCESSORIES
•       Rubberized safety cuff                               Glove Case Nylon
•       Grain leather provides water                         •   Cordura nylon belt pouch holds two

        and oil repellency
        Job-fitted for heavy duty and outdoor applications    •
                                                                 pair of leather or neoprene gloves.
                                                                 Flap with no-glare, no-wear                            & ACCESSORIES
APS Number: WAT4019                                              snap attached.
                                                             •                       .
                                                                 Fits belts up to 2 ¼”
                                                             APS Number: NL6672

    Lined Workglove
    Premium fleece lined work glove
    •   Full grain cowhide
    •   Full leather index finger                             Custom Glove Strap
    •   Grain leather provides water and                     •   Specialized strap holds a pair
        oil repellency                                           medium to heavy weight gloves.
    APS Number: WAT1483                                      •                       .
                                                                 Fits belts up to 2 ¼”
                                                             APS Number: NL6631


                                                                           Blackhawk Law
                                                                           Duty gear done right

                  Duty Belt
                  Law Enforcement                                          Trouser Belt
                  •   Ergonomically designed Duty Belt with padded         Law Enforcement
                      edges                                                •   Molded Nylon Loop Hook will not fray belt
                  •   Nylon loop backing mates to Duty Gear trouser belt       loops or trousers.
                  •   Available from SM to XXL                             •   Available from SM to XXL
                   APS Number: BH44B2                                      APS Number: BH44B1

                        “Level 3 SERPA”
                        Just Grab and Draw
                                                                                   Thumb Activated Pivot

Level 3 SERPA
Auto Lock Duty Holster
Level 3 retention holsters have long been the standard
for law enforcement duty use. The problem has been
that many holsters that provide this level of protection
are clumsy to operate and can prevent the officer from
drawing his weapon rapidly under stress. The level 3
                                                            SERPA Auto Lock
SERPA Auto Lock holster uses your natural drawing
motion to release the weapon. No unnatural motion
or complicated sequences to remember, just grab and
                                                           Passive Retention
•    SERPA Auto Lock System provides a quick, natural
     draw with immediate security upon reholstering to
     increase officer safety
•    Injection molded carbon fiber composite
     construction provides incredible strength
•    Extremely light weight
•    No snaps or hoods to accidentally open, weapon
     stays secured until you decide to draw
•    Ease of training, same drawing technique for
     undercover, tactical and duty
Please call for model availability                                  Natural Grip

                                                                                                             & ACCESSORIES
            Put on belt without having to
            un-thread belt
                                                                                                           & ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                           DUTY GEAR


                                                                               Handcuff Pouch Single - Nylon
                                                                               •   Dual snap design allows for almost all handcuff
                                                                                   styles and sizes
                                                                               •   Fits new ASP chain and hinge handcuff designs
                                                                               APS Number: BH44A100BK

                  X26 Taser
                  Holster - Nylon
                  •   Ambidextrous belt mount or drop-leg configuration
                  •   Flap secures with side release buckle; also has hook
                      and loop for quick reholstering
                  •   Flap can also be folded over and secured out of the
                  •   Adjustable internal strap and external loop of elastic
                                                                               Latex Glove Pouch - Nylon
                                                                               •   Holds 2 pairs of latex gloves or a standard size pager
                      for additional retention
                                                                               •   Constructed of sturdy Nylon for use in extreme
                  APS Number: BH40TA02BK
                                                                               APS Number: BH44A300BK

                  Silent Key Holder                                            MK3 Chemical Agent Pouch -
                  •   Larger flaps to hold more keys                           Nylon
                  •   Keeps keys silent to prevent unwanted noise              •   Holds MK3 size chemical agent canisters.

                  APS Number: BH44A600BK                                       •   Constructed of sturdy Nylon for use in extreme
                                                                               •   Hook and Loop flap secures canister every time.
                                                                               APS Number: BH44A500BK - Black

                                                          Light/Baton Holder
                                                          (D&C cell)
                                                          Holds D and C-Cell Flashlights and Straight Batons
                                                          APS Number: BH44A201BK

                                                          Radio Case Nylon
                                                          Fits standard Motorola® radio
Baton Holder Expandable - Nylon                           •   Swivel belt loop allows removal of radio
Made of sturdy nylon for extended use in harsh                pouch without unfastening belt
conditions.                                               APS Number: BH44A400BK
•   Case includes hole in the back to permit holstering
    of an extended baton.
•   Holds 21” to 26” batons
•   Can also carry Stinger and Stinger XT flashlights     Double Mag Pouch
APS Number: BH44A700BK                                    Single Column - Nylon
                                                          •   Made from durable Cordura for
                                                              the ultimate in durability and
                                                              abrasion resistance.
                                                          •   Can be mounted either vertically or
                                                              horizontally on belt.
                                                          •   Fits most single stack 9mm/.40cal.
                                                              & .45 cal. magazines
                                                          APS Number: BH44A000BK
                                                          Staggered Column
Light Pouch Nylon                                         •   Fits most metal or polymer double stack
Generic flashlight pouch for Blackhawk flashlights.             9mm/.40 cal magazines
•   Made from durable Cordura for the ultimate in         APS Number: BH44A001BK
    durability and abrasion resistance.
APS Number: BH44A200BK

                                                                                                                      & ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                                    & ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                                    DUTY GEAR

                                                          Double Mag Pouch - Staggered
                                                          Column (Glock 21) - Nylon
                                                          •   Fits metal or polymer double stack .45 magazines
Gladius Pouch Nylon                                       •   Made from durable Cordura for the ultimate in
Fits Night-Ops Gladius Light                                  durability and abrasion resistance.
•   Made from durable Cordura for the ultimate in         •   Can be mounted either vertically or horizontally on
    durability and abrasion resistance.                       belt.
APS Number: BH44A202BK                                    APS Number: BH44A002BK


                                                                             Uncle Mike’s
                                                                             Duty Belt System:
                                                                             One click of the buckle,
                                                                             and the world’s a safer place.

                               Ultra Inner Duty Belts
                  Even more stability for when you carry extra gear
                  •   Double-layer 1½” nylon web with bound edges &          Ultra Duty Belt
                      Hook & Loop adjustments                                Tough, double-layer 2” nylon
                  •   Full-length Hook & Loop on the outer surface that      that’s edge-padded for comfort
                      mates to Hook & Loop on our duty belts                 •   Interior polymer stiffener to add support
                  •   Reversible for administrative wear                     •   Hook & Loop lining mates with loop-back inner belts
                  •   Available from SM to XXL                               •   Rigid enough to carry gear, flexible enough for
                  APS Number: SK878XX                                            comfort
                                                                             •   Available from SM to XXL
                                                                             APS Number: SK877XX
                              Loop Back
                              Inner Duty Belt
                              Reversible for dress wear                      Deluxe
                  •   Low-profile configuration                              Duty Belt
                  •   Easy tightening and superior strength, thanks to the   For light to moderate use
                      loop back system of nylon loop and Hook & Loop         •   Rigidness that compares to heavier leather belts
                  •   Constructed of 1½” nylon web covered in Hook &         •   Rugged, double-layer 2” nylon means comfort and
                      Loop on Ultra Duty Belts                                   support
                  •   Available from MED to XL                               •   Available from SM to XL
                  APS Number: SK879XX                                        APS Number: SK880XX

                         “Pro-3 Duty Holsters” Triple retention
                         means your gun is never up for grabs.
Pro-3® Duty Holsters
Partner up with the Pro-3 Duty Holster. It’s patented
three-point locking system—top, rear and side—keeps
your firearm right where it belongs. Solidly secure, and
as ready as ever. Just release the thumb break for an
easy draw. The toil of carrying a holster is reduced,
thanks to an ergonomic design that works with your
body in all scenarios. The Pro-3 has earned the respect
of many an officer, and it deserves yours.
•    Patented internal locking device
•    Molded thumb break
•    Adjustable tensioning device
•    Patented laminated construction— MIRAGE® or
     Kodra nylon exterior, foam core and smooth nylon
•    Positive trigger guard stop positions gun the same way
     every time
•    Holster suspended within patented Kydex®
     exoskeleton for support, strength and rigidity
•    Non-stretch retention strap works with molded thumb
     break to stay open for easy, one-handed reholstering.
•    Patented, molded sight track protects front sight and
     reduces holster wear
Please call for model availability

                                                                    & ACCESSORIES
                                                                  & ACCESSORIES
                                                                  DUTY GEAR


                                                                           Duty Suspenders
                                                                           Transfer the weight of the
                                                                           duty rig from your hips to your
                                                                           shoulders to prevent lower
                                                                           back injuries.
                                                                           •   Fully adjustable front and
                                                                               rear, with a special cross
                                                                               piece in back that adjusts
                  Latex Glove Pouch                                            as you move.
                  •   Made of Mirage® or Kodra nylon, laminated to 1/8”    •   A break-away snap design helps defeat grabbing.
                      closed-cell foam core and knit interior to prevent   APS Number: SK9120
                      snagging gloves.
                  •   Fits belts up to 2¼”.
                  APS Number: SK88871
                                                                           Flashlight Holder
                                                                           •   Nylon web belt loop.
                                                                           •   Plain ring for holding Mag-
                                                                               Lite® or other C-cell or
                  Belt Keepers                                                 D-cell flashlights.
                  Molded Leather                                           •   Double snap loop attaches to
                  Best on the market because                                   belts up to 2¼”; no-glare,
                  they’re more flexible than                                    no-wear snaps.
                  hardened plastic belt keepers.                           APS Number: SK88621 - D-Cell
                  APS Number: SK88654 - 2 1/4” (Pack of 4)                 SK88631 - C-Cell
                  SK88653 - 2” (Pack of 4)

                                                                           MK3 Chemical Case
                  Key Ring Holders                                         Perfect for keeping personal chemical
                  •   Fits belts up to 2 1/4”                              agents right at your fingertips
                  •   Available in Kodra or Mirage finish                  •   Works for conventional duty and
                  APS Number: SK88711 - Standard                               larger canisters of most popular agents,
                  SK88581 - Silent                                             including CS, CN, Mace, Pepper Mace,
                  SK88601 - Open w/Flap                                        Cap Stun and Punch.
                                                                           •   Polymer insert prevents canister
                                                                               denting; smooth lining preserves
                                                                               canister markings.
                                                                           •   Foam spacer on medium and large case
                                                                               accommodates canisters with over-sized nozzles.
                                                                           •   Fits belts up to 2¼”.

                                           APS Number: SK88771

                                                               Handcuff Cases
                                                               Innovative one-piece design
                                                               limits bulk and allows for
                                                               additional reinforcement from
                                                               flap to back wall.
                                                               •   Fast, easy gripping is
                                                                   assured, thanks to a low-cut front wall. Reholstering is
Flashlight Cases                                                   easy, too.
If it throws a beam, Uncle Mike’s probably makes               •   Works with plainclothes applications as easily as
a case for it.                                                     uniformed.
•    We offer cases for the most popular police and            •   Narrow width uses a minimum of belt space.
     professional-grade flashlights, including                 •   Open top belt model comes with a strong clip for easy
     Streamlight® Scorpion®, Strion™, and Stinger® models.         fit on dress belts and waistbands.
•    Molded belt loop fits belts up to 2¼”.                    APS Number: SK88781 - Single Cuff Case w/ flap
•    Available in Mirage® or Kodra nylon finishes.             SK88571 - Double Cuff Case w/flap
APS Part Numbers: SK88181 - Scorpion/Strion
SK88183 - Stinger
SK88184 - Stinger XT/Polystinger
SK88671 - Maglite Mini-Light case w/ flap                       Radio Cases
                                                               Fitted Handheld with
                                                               Kodra nylon outer cover with rigid
                                                               polymer insert for protection.
                                                               •   Ideal for bicycle, motorcycle,
                                                                   tactical and specialized unit
                                                                   applications where severe abrasion is possible.
                                                               •   Fitted with a swivel belt loop, case can be detached
                                                                   quickly from the belt loop simply by rotating radio.
                                                               •   Various sizes and finishes available. Call for details
                                                               APS Number: SK889XX

Magazine Cases Fitted Pistol

                                                                                                                                & ACCESSORIES
Our Fitted Pistol Magazine Cases are reinforced for

long-lasting durability.
•    Hardened inserts that are rigid on the sides, front and
     bottom for maximum protection.
                                                                                                                              & ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                                              DUTY GEAR
•    Separate compartments for each magazine.
•    Separate internal devices retain each magazine.
•    Soft-molded belt loop for belts up to 2¼”                 Fitted Speedloader Cases
•    Padded, reinforced flaps with knit lining to cover        •   Reinforced flaps have nylon stiffener for easier
     and protect magazine.                                         opening; no-glare, no-wear snap closures.
•    A nylon stiffener in the flaps makes them easier to       •   Accepts most popular .38 and .357 speedloaders
     open and helps them keep their shape after                    including Safariland® and HKS (not for N-frame or
     continued use.                                                Ruger Redhawk).
•    Versions for both single and double row, metal and        •   Cases fit belts up to 2¼”. Molded insert holds
     polymer mags in 9mm, .40 S&W, 10mm and .45ACP.                speedloader upright; makes it easier to remove.
APS Number: SK88361 - Double Row Mags                          APS Number: SK88311
SK88367 - Divided Case, Double Row Mags

                                                                                 3/4” Double Snap
                                                                                 Keeper - Leather
                                                                                 •   3/4” wide keepers take up
                                                                                     minimal space on the belt,
                                                                                     yet hold the duty belt securely to
                                                                                     the garrison belt.
                                                                                 APS Number: NL51117BLN - Plain Nickel
                                                                                 NL5117BWN - Weave Nickel

                  Garrison Belt                                                  Full Size Mic Holder
                  •   Standard, unlined garrison belt. Has removable             Leather
                      buckle and leather keeper.                                 •   This extra strong Mic holder is cut
                  •   Designed to work in conjunction with one of Nova’s             from thick cowhide to offer a
                      2 1/4” duty belts                                              better hold for heavier mics.
                  •   Available in 1 3/4” and 1 1/2” widths                      •   Skived at button hole for a nicer
                  APS Number: NL5135BLN - Plain Nickel                               fit.
                  NL5135BWN - Weave Nickel                                       APS Number: NL5230

                                                                                 Compact Mic Holder
                                                                                 •   Handy “T-Tab” secures mic to
                                                                                 •   Skived at button hole
                                                                                     for a nicer fit.
                                                                                 APS Number: NL5130
                  Sam Browne Belt
                  •   Traditional 2 1/4” Nova Duty Belt.
                  •   Entire belt is cut from #1 grade cowhide.                  Quick Release Key Flap
                  •   The liner is left in its natural color and sealed with a   Leather
                      clear coat.                                                •   Large back flap to protect clothing.
                  •   A double tongue, solid brass or nickel brass buckle        •   Heavy spring snap keeps a large
                      and center belt stud offer a superior hold.                    number of keys secured.
                  APS Number: NL5121BLN - Plain Nickel                           APS Number: NL5112QBLN - Plain Nickel
                  NL5121BWN - Weave Nickel                                       NL5112QBW - Weave Nickel

                                                Silent Key Holder
                                                •   Leather Cover with professional stitching
Basic Key Holder                                    for strength
Leather                                         •   Silent Key Ring Holder has wrap around
•   Leather strap with professional stitching       leather flap to hold keys quietly
    for strength                                •   Heavy duty plastic spring snap keeps a
•   Heavy spring snap keeps a large                 large number of keys secured.
    number of keys secured.                     APS Number: NL5114BLN - Plain Nickel
APS Number: NL5113BLN - Plain Nickel            NL5114BWN - Weave Nickel
NL5113BWN - Weave Nickel

Silent Key Holder                               Glove Case
Nylon                                           Nylon
•   Silent Key Ring Holder has wrap around      •   Hatch Cordura nylon belt
    Velcro flap to hold keys quietly                pouch holds two pair of leather
    and securely.                                   or neoprene gloves.
•   Heavy duty plastic spring snap keeps a      •   Flap with no-glare, no-wear
    large number of keys secured.                   snap attached.
APS Number: NL6539                              •   Fits belts up to 2 ¼”.
                                                APS Number: NL6672

Key Ring Holders
Nylon                                           Single Glove Case
•   Open holder has flap to prevent             Nylon
    trouser wear.                               •   Hatch Cordura nylon belt
•   Standard holder has belt loop                   pouch holds a pair
    and snap-type holder only                       of latex gloves.
APS Number: NL6540 - Open Holder                •   Flap with no-glare, no-wear
NL6548 - Standard Holder                            snap attached.
                                                •   Fits belts up to 2 ¼”.
                                                APS Number: NL6670
Flashlight Ring
Moulded shatter resistant ring for light        Single Glove Case
weight and strength.                            Leather

                                                                                                  & ACCESSORIES
APS Part Numbers:                               •   Premium belt pouch holds a

NL5116BLN - Plain Nickel, D-Cell                    single pair of latex gloves.

                                                                                                & ACCESSORIES
NL5116BWN - Weave Nickel, D-Cell                APS Number:
NL5116CBLN - Plain Nickel, C-Cell               NL5102BLN - Plain Nickel
                                                                                                DUTY GEAR
NL5116CBWN - Weave Nickel, C-Cell               NL5102BWN - Weave Nickel

Handcuff Cases
Nylon                                           Covered Handcuff
All cases are made with Cordura                 Case - Leather
nylon with no-glare no-wear snap on             •   Standard cuff case is wet moulded
flap and fit belts up to 2 ¼”.                        for a perfect shape every time.
•   Single case holds one pair of cuffs.        APS Number:
•   Double case has front and rear              NL5107BLN - Plain Nickel
    pockets with snap and Velcro closure        NL5107BWN - Weave Nickel
APS Number: NL6649 - Double, NL6646 - Single

                  Baton Holder                                         ashlight
                                                                     Flashlight Cases
                  Nylon                                                  h
                  Made of Cordura nylon with open top for            Featuring reinforced flap and snap. Available in Plain
                  quick access to baton.                             or Basket Weave.
                  •   Holder has a hole in the back to permit        APS Number:
                      holstering an extended baton with one          NL5204BLN - Stinger XT/Polystinger - Plain Nickel
                      hand.                                          NL5205BLN - Stinger - Plain Nickel
                  •   Holds 21” and 26” ASP foam handle              NL5205BWN - Stinger - Weave Nickel
                      batons and other similar batons.               NL5206BLBL - Mini-Mag - Plain Black
                  APS Number: NL6674 - 26” or 21” Foam Handle        NL5206BWN - Mini-Mag - Weave Nickel

                  Premium Baton Holder
                  Made of sturdy nylon with reinforced flap           Scorpion & Stinger
                  with no-glare, no-wear snaps                       Nylon Cases
                  •   Molded belt loop fits all belts up to 2 ¼”.    Sturdy duty cases made with
                  •   Holds baton securely with integrated flap      Cordura nylon with reinforced flap
                  •   Includes internal loop to additionally         and snap.
                      secure baton.                                  APS Number:
                  APS Number: NL6677: 21” Baton, NL6675: 26” Baton   NL6667 - Scorpion LED
                                                                     NL6662 - Scorpion
                  Expandable Baton                                   NL6664 - Stinger HP, Stinger XT
                  Holder - Leather                                   NL6668 - Stinger LED
                  Nova’s ‘ASP’ holder has a top Velcro               NL6660 - Stinger
                  strap or snap for a secure hold.                   NL6663 - Twin Task 3C
                  •   The side snap opens the plug to allow
                      the baton to be carried while fully
                  •   The belt loop is secured with a “lift at
                      dot” snap.
                  APS Number: NL5131BLN - 26” & 21” --Plain
                  NL5131BWN - 26” & 21” - Weave

                                                          Belt Loop Radio
                                                          Swivel - Nylon
MK3 Holder                                                N
                                                          Nylon web and Velcro construction
Nylon                                                     a
                                                          adjusts the belt worn swivel to fit
•   Made of sturdy nylon with reinforced                  b
                                                          belts up to 2¼”.
    flap with no-glare, no-wear snaps.                    •                                      etached
                                                              Swivel allows radio to be quickly detached from the
•   Molded belt loop fits all belts up to 2 ¼”.               belt simply by rotating the radio.
APS Number: NL6654                                        A
                                                          APS Number: NL6641

MK3 Holders
•   Made of Premium leather for
    outstanding looks and durability.
•   Top flap with closed bottom. “Lift
    at dot” snap on belt loop, keeps
    holder firmly in place.
•   Fits Belts up to 2¼”.
APS Number: NL5129SBLN - Plain Nickel
NL5129SBWN - Weave Nickel

Magazine/ Knife Case
Nylon                                                     Level III Retention Duty Holster
•   Designed to hold single row .380                      •   Level III RETENTION™ holster
    magazines, compact & subcompact                       •   Mid-ride belt position and slightly-forward grip cant
    9mm magazines and small folding                           allows for comfort carry and quick, easy draw
    knives and multi-purpose tools.                       •   Top thumb break and middle finger release tab,
•   Made of Cordura nylon and fits                            internal ejection port lock
    up to 2 ¼” belts.                                     •   For pistols or revolvers
APS Number: NL6650                                        •   Available in Plain Black, Basket Weave, Hi-Gloss, or
                                                              Nylon Look finish
                                                          Model 070 - Mid Ride
Universal Radio                                           Model 0705 - Belt Drop

                                                                                                                           & ACCESSORIES
Carrier - Nylon
                                                          Please call for specific model information.

                                                                                                                         & ACCESSORIES
Nylon web and Velcro construction
adjusts the height, width and depth
                                                                                                                         DUTY GEAR
of the case to fit most police, fire and
business-band radios.
•   Elastic retention cords with
    snap release don’t interfere
    with controls.                                        APS Distributors is proud to carry a full complement of Duty
•   Available in both fixed belt                          G
                                                          Gear and accessories from the top manufacturers including:
    loop and swivel belt loop for easy removal of case.
                                          oval            B
                                                          Blackhawk, Uncle Mike’s, Nova Leather and Safariland. Many
APS Number: NL6644 - Fixed Belt Loop                      items are stocked in our warehouse for immediate delivery.
NL6642 - Swivel Belt Loop                                 For more information on any of the products you see here,
                                                          please contact your APS account manager or visit us at


                                                                            PROTECTED BY PSP™:
                                                                            We bring everyday heroes home safely™

                                                                            Delta Five™
                                                                            Our Delta Five™ uses cutting
                                                                            edge design technology for the
                                                                            BEST VALUE in concealment,
                                                                            fit, comfort and protection.
                                                                            The Delta Five™ provides five
                                                                            advanced design distinctions:
                                                                            •   Ergonomically Superior Design
                                                                            •   Patented ProTect™ Ballistic Panel Protection System
                                                                            •   6-point Adjustable Carrier
                                                                            •   CoolMax® Extreme Carrier Lining
                                                                            •   ProFit™ Sizing Program
                                                                            Available in Black, Dark Navy, Tan & White

                  Sigma Six™                                                i-systems Base
                  Our Sigma Six™ Body Armor uses cutting edge               Layers by PSP
                  design and technology for maximum comfort,                Are you looking for the ultimate
                  concealment, fit and protection. The Sigma Six™            in comfort for your armor base
                  features six superior design distinctions:                layer? Look no further then the
                  •   Ergonomically Superior Design                         Climate series i-systems clothing
                  •   Patented ProTect™ Ballistic Panel Protection System   line by PSP.
                  •   12-point Adjustable Carrier                           •    Highly breathable and quick drying.
                  •   ProLoad™ Panel Access                                 •    Ultra-light weight and comfortable.
                  •   CoolMax® Extreme Carrier Lining                       •    Patented permanent moisture management.
                  •   ProFit™ Sizing Program                                •    Woven anti-microbial yarn neutralizes odor-causing
                  State-of-the-art carrier materials make our Sigma Six™         bacteria.
                  body armor one of the most comfortable, low profile        •    Provides protection against 97% of UV rays.
                  and high quality vests on the market today.               •    Non-abrasive flatlock stitching.
                  Available in Black, Dark Navy, Tan & White                •    Available in Black or Sand
                                                                            Please see page 17 for more details.

External Carrier Options                                       Tactical Response
                                                               Designed for tactical
                                                               response providing ballistic
                                                               protection while offering
                                                               the capacity to carry a
 1120-S                                                        range of tactical equipment and 10” X 12” or 8” X
 Clean Front                                                   10” hard armor plates. The TACTICAL RESPONSE
 The CLEAN FRONT                                               uses the Pouch Attachment Ladder Systems (PALS/
 provides officers the comfort                                  MOLLE) for pockets that can be configured for your
 of external body armor in a                                   specific needs. The Sigma Six™/Delta Five™ ballistic
 neat, professional looking                                    panels for the TACTICAL RESPONSE Body Armor are
 carrier. The Sigma Six™/                                      interchangeable with all other Sigma Six™/Delta Five™
 Delta Five™ ballistic panels                                  carriers.
 for the CLEAN FRONT CARRIER are interchangeable               •    Made of Cordura® fabric for durability
 with all other Sigma Six™/Delta Five™ carriers,                    and easy cleaning.
 providing a variety of options for protection and             •    Can be used as a load bearing plate holder
 appearance in a range of scenarios.                                over concealable armor
 •    Breast pockets; standard two                             •    Holds 10” x 12” or 8” x 10” hard armor plates
 •    Hide away identification pocket flap                          front and rear
 •    Adjustable cumberbund for comfort.                       •    Cumberbund back closure with wide hook and loop
 •    Wide side hook and loop closures for                          side and adjustable shoulders
      comfort and security                                     •    Optional 3” front over back side coverage.
 •    Adjustable hook and loop shoulder closures               Available in Black, Navy, Tan, Olive, Woodland Camo, & Desert
 •    Shoulder microphone clips                                Camo
 Available in Black, Blue Black, Navy, Tan, Olive, & Gray

                                                               1140-S Patrol
                                                               Load Bearing Vest
                                                               The TACTICAL OUTER
 1130-S Shirt                                                  CARRIER provides load-
 Front                                                         bearing capabilities for

                                                                                                                                           & ACCESSORIES
 The popular SHIRT FRONT                                       magazines, handcuffs, radio,

 CARRIER provides a                                            flashlight, distraction device,                                  DUTY ARMOUR
 versatile option with its shirt                               etc... The Sigma Six™/Delta Five™ ballistic panels for
 front appearance and the                                      the TACTICAL OUTER CARRIER are interchangeable
                                                                                                                               & ACCESSORIES
 functionality of an external                                  with all other Sigma Six™/Delta Five™ carriers.
 vest. The Sigma Six™/Delta                                    •    Fixed Nylon utility, radio, handcuff, and flashlight
 Five™ ballistic panels for the SHIRT FRONT CARRIER                 pouches.
 are interchangeable with all other Sigma Six™/Delta           •    Adjustable hook and loop closure
 Five™ carriers, providing a variety of options for                 on side and shoulder
 protection and appearance in a range of scenarios.            •    Adjustable cumberbund for load carriage
 •    Adjustable hook and loop closures on shoulders           •    Optional printed identification on the
 •    Adjustable cumberbund for comfort.                            front and back
 •    Name tag grommets                                        Available in Black, Blue Black, Navy, Tan, Olive, & Gray
 •    Notebook pocket on left and right chest
 •    Wide Elastic side closure for secure , comfortable fit
 Available in Black, Blue Black, Navy, Tan, Olive, & Gray

                                                                           Gun Pak™ Belt
                                                                           Specifically designed for
                                                                           discreet handgun carry,
                                                                           the Uncle Mike’s Gun Pak utilizes an innovative
                                                                           hidden rear compartment that allows for a quick,
                 Super Belt Slide                                          smooth draw.
                 Optimum for concealed                                     •   The gun compartment is accessed first through a
                 carry because of the                                          zippered top and then through a Hook & Loop
                 flattened profile.                                              closure.
                 •    3-slot design on all                                 •   The unique design of the Gun Pak allows you to
                      configurations (except PRO-3®)                            open the center compartment without exposing the
                      allows for crossdraw, dual position or strong-side       firearm, making it an ideal choice for off-duty carry.
                      carry.                                               •   Fits on any belt up to 2¼” wide.
                 •    Extra-thin laminate has minimal thickness and        •   Carries most medium and large frame autos and
                      conforms to body contours for comfort and                many medium frame short barrel revolvers.
                      concealment                                          APS Number: SK88895 - Black
                 •    Thumb break and retention strap are both protected
                      by Strap Traps™ to prevent straps from detaching
                      and to prevent chafing.
                 Please call for model availability

                 CQC SERPA                                                 Weapon Fanny Pack
                 The ultimate in comfortable                               BlackHawk dubbed this the Urban Carry Case
                 shoulder harness                                          because the holster design allows you to substitute
                 platforms.                                                batons, flashlights, cell phones, or similar item in
                 •    Made with a tapered                                  place of your pistol.
                      web harness that                                     •   Front outside compartment holds wallet, phone,
                      adjusts for size and                                     keys, etc
                      an offside dual Picatinny Rail Platform              •   #9 YKK zipper and sliders with our silent pulls
                 •    Mount your SERPA holster on the underarm platform    •   Made of 1000 denier NyTaneon
                      in a horizontal position                             •   Two side wing compartments
                 APS Number: BH41SH00BK - Medium                           •   Elastic loops for extra mags
                 BH41SH01BK - Large                                        •   Fully adjustable loops for extra mags
                                                                           •   Fully adjustable holster

                                                                           APS Number: BH60WF04BK

                         “CQC SERPA” The Best Plainclothes
                         Holster on the Market

CQC SERPA - Active Retention
This unique holster design allows you to forget old-
fashioned thumb breaks
•    The patented SERPA Technology lock engages pistol,
     providing rock solid retention.
•    The SERPA release aligns the officer’s trigger finger
     along the frame of the pistol upon withdrawal of the                                             Recessed
     weapon                                                                                           Mounting Screw
                                                                                                      Enhance Comfort
•    Holsters comes with BOTH a paddle and a belt loop
     for the ultimate in versatility
•    Both paddle and belt loop are angle adjustable to any
     width belt
                                                                                                       Adjustment Slots
•    Carbon-Fibre composite material is lightweight and
     extremely durable
                                                                                                        Molded Detents
•    No thumb break or awkward middle finger release to
                                                                                                        Secure Belt Loop
     slow down your draw                                                                                Screws
•    Speed cut allows faster draw and easy reholstering
Multiple Weapon Styles and Available in Carbon Fiber and
                                                                                                    Belt Slot
Matte Finishes
                                                                                                    Adjustment Tab

Belt Loop
The Carbon-Fiber Composite Belt loop allows you to vary
the rake of the holster from strong side to appendix carry
and even cross draw. Belt-slot adjustment tabs allow you to
adjust the width of the belt slots for different belt sizes.

The Carbon-Fiber Composite Paddle allows you to vary the

                                                                                                                            & ACCESSORIES
angle of rake through a full range of options.

                          CQC Dual Rail Accessory
                          Paddle/ Belt Loop
                          This Dual Rail Accessory Platform comes with a bracket
                          already installed on one of the rails for the M-3/M-6 family of lights.

                          Available in both paddle and belt loop models.
                          APS Number: BH38CL63BK - Paddle
                          BH411300CBK - Belt Loop


                                                                           Nylon Pager Case
                                                                           Water resistant case with molded belt
                                                                           loop fits belts up to 2¼”.
                                                                           •   Two sizes fit most common pagers
                                                                           •   Also holds clip-on lights for pistols.
                                                                           •   Medium case accepts many smaller-
                 Handcuff Cases                                                sized cell phones.

                 Nylon                                                     APS Number: SK88531 - Medium

                 Innovative one-piece design
                 limits bulk and allows for
                 additional reinforcement
                 from flap to back wall.
                                                                           Pager Cases
                 •   Fast, easy gripping is
                     assured, thanks to a
                                                                           Water resistant case made of Cordura
                     low-cut front wall. Reholstering is easy, too.
                 •   Narrow width uses a minimum of belt space.
                                                                           •   Velcro closure for easy access and
                 •   Open top belt model comes with a strong clip for
                                                                               protection against damage and loss
                     easy fit on dress belts and waistbands.
                                                                           •   Two sizes to fit most common pagers with or
                 APS Number: SK88251 - Open Top Single Cuff
                                                                               without their belt clips still attached.
                                                                           •   Fits belts up to 2 ¼”
                                                                           APS Number: NL6658 - Small, NL6658 - Medium

                 Handcuff Holder
                 Leather                                                   Phone Case
                 Open top quick release handcuff
                                                                           with Belt Clip
                                                                           Rugged, padded Kodra phone case for
                 •   Fits a standard pair of chain or
                                                                           popular cell phones.
                     hinged cuffs.
                                                                           •   Fits right on your belt. Belt loop
                 •   Top-grain, heavy-duty leather, molded to ensure a
                                                                               accepts up to 2¼” duty belts.
                     perfect fit.
                                                                           •   A removable belt clip accepts up
                 •   Permanent slide-on belt loop fits a 2.25” duty belt.
                                                                               to 1¾” dress belts.
                 •   Standard black high-gloss snap closure; optional
                                                                           •   Spring clip works even without belt.
                     brass or nickel snap available.
                                                                           APS Number: SK88551
                 APS Number: AROTCC2

    CQC Pistol Belts
    Ordinary dress belts are simply not the proper platform
    for carrying a handgun, spar mags or handcuffs.
    •    Everyday dress belts don’t have the stability needed
         to keep your handgun from rolling out.
    •    These Carbon-Fiber and Lizard skin finished belts
         give you the same appearance as any other 1 1/4
         inch dress belt that is made of premium materials,
         with the added benefit of a reinforcement spine.
    •    Available from 32” to 42” Waist
    •    Available in Brown, Black, Lizard and Carbon Fiber           3300 Convertible WindBreaker
    APS Number: BH4103                                                Many departments use PSP‘s Convertible Windbreaker
                                                                      with or without ballistic panels. Pacific Safety Products’
                                                                      Convertible Windbreaker includes:
                                                                      •   Hide away identification pocket flaps
                                                                      •   Optional zip-in liner to hold ballistic panels, for ease of
                                                                          adding or removing when required
                                                                      •   Poly/cotton fabric provides excellent water resistance
                                                                          in a comfortable and breathable fabric
                                                                      •   Mesh cotton liner for extra comfort
                                                                      Available in Black & Navy

Ballistic Briefcase
Designed to carry legal documents and laptop
computers in a secure fashion and with the owner’s

                                                                                                                                         & ACCESSORIES
protection in mind, it is a highly durable bag, easy to
clean, stylish and guaranteed to last.                                                                                                  PLAINCLOTHES
•       The key feature of the ZB200 is the ability to insert
        optional soft ballistic armor panels into the sides
        of the briefcase, providing localized NIJ Level II or Level
        IIA equivalent protection for the bag contents and
•       The bag’s pocket is equipped with pouches for pens,
        calculators and other administrative supplies, and

        includes durable “D” rings for the padded shoulder
        strap (not pictured).
•       You can also customize your bag with 3M™
                                                                      APS Distributors carries an extensive line of plainclothes
        Scotchlite™ Reflective Material to include your
                                                                      products. For more products please visit our website at
        logo and/or text for a nominal fee; no other
        manufacturer provides this feature.

                 GEAR & ACCESSORIES

                                        Modular Tactical Armor
                                        PSP’s Modular Tactical Body Armor is designed for Special Forces or
                                        tactical personnel that need custom, configurable tactical body armor.
                                        •   With full front and back panel protection the area of coverage can be
                                            increased by adding ballistic arm, groin and collar protection.
                                        •   Front over back side closure uses a cummerbund for
                                            quick and accurate donning.
                                        •   A suede lined low profile back ballistic collar is comfortable against the
                                            neck and prevents a helmet from being dislodged when prone.
                                        •   The vest has rubberized shooting pads on both shoulders and
                                            attachments points for slings.                                              For more details on PSP’s complete line of
                                        Available in Black, Olive Drab, Tan, Woodland Camo & Desert Camo.               tactical armor and ballistic products please
                                        Please call for additional details and configurations.                           call your account manager or visit us online

                                        Phoenix - Short
                                        PALS/MOLLE Body Armor
                                        Designed for tactical and SWAT teams the three piece Phoenix Short
                                        Body Armor makes it easy to don and doff.
                                        •   The optional shoulder and groin protection can be added for greater
                                            coverage, and the suede-lined split collar design provides greater
                                            comfort when lying prone.
                                        •   The 3.5 inch front overlap provides additional protection and the wide
                                            adjustable elastic and hook and loop side closure allows for a custom fit.
                                        •   The PALS/MOLLE makes this vest even easier to customize to each
                                            wearer’s individual requirements, ensuring every team member is
                                            wearing tactical equipment that suites their needs.
                                        Available in Black, Olive, Tan, & Woodland Camo.
                                        Please call for additional details and configurations.

                                                              Tactical Float Vest II
                                                              Constructed using United States
                                                              Coast Guard approved foam and
                                                              made of heavy-duty 1,000 denier
                                                              nylon for maximum durability
                                                              •    Emergency cut away shoulder
                                                                   strap system and
7120                                                               robust drag handle
Fixed Pocket                                                  •    Padded HawkTex™ Sniper Shoulder for a fully
Load Bearing Vest                                                  ambidextrous vest
The Fixed Pocket Load Bearing Vest is designed to             •    Padded HawkTex™ Sniper Shoulder for
integrate with the 2120 Modular Tactical body armor as             secure rifle seating
a modular body armor system.                                  •    Right front panel has a cargo pocket for a medical
•    The Load Bearing Vest can also be used with other             kit (not included)
     armor systems.                                           •    Communications wire routing system
•    The Fixed Pocket Load Bearing Vest has four double       •    Heavy duty webbing on back for attaching duty
     pockets on the front, (eight separate compartments)           pouches or gear with A.L.I.C.E. Clips
     and five pockets on the back, including a radio pocket,   APS Number: BH30TFV2BK
     and a large utility pocket in the center.
•    On both the front and back there is a small area with
     snap grid for adding other specialize pockets.
Available in Black & Olive Drab. Please call for additional   Load Bearing
details and configurations.                                    Suspenders/Harness
                                                              •    Wrap around belt loop system with
                                                              •    Drag handles sternum strap
                                                              •    No metal attachment clips
                                                              APS Number: BH35LBS1BK - Black

Tactical Vest
Omega Elite EOD
Made of heavy-duty                                            Armor Base Layers
nylon mesh for maximum                                        by PSP

                                                                                                                                                     & ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                                                         GEAR & ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                                        TACTICAL ARMOR
breathability                                                 Are you looking for the ultimate

•    Padded HawkTex™ Sniper Shoulder for a fully              in comfort for your armor base
     ambidextrous vest                                        layer? Look no further then the
•    Two large internal zippered map pouches                  Climate series i-Systems clothing
•    Interior BlackHawk Hydration reservoir pocket            line by PSP.
     (reservoir not included)                                 •    Highly breathable and quick drying.
•    Adjustable flap magazine pouches for tall or short        •    Ultra-light weight and comfortable.
     magazines,                                               •    Patented permanent moisture management.
•    Four Horizontal accessory pouches                        •    Woven anti-microbial yarn neutralizes odor-causing
•    Pistol magazine/flashlight pouch                               bacteria.
•    Three M-16/M4 magazine pouches hold six                  •    Provides protection against 97% of UV rays.
     magazines                                                •    Non-abrasive flatlock stitching.
•    Heavy duty STRIKE/MOLLE webbing on back for              •    Available in Black or Sand
     attaching additional pouches                             Please call for sizes, styles and additional details.
APS Number: BH30EV05BK

                 GEAR & ACCESSORIES

                                        Tactical Armor
                                        Vest S.T.R.I.K.E.
                                        Cutaway                                                     Omega Vest S.T.R.I.K.E.
                                        •   Simple construction                                     •    Made of heavy-duty nylon mesh for maximum
                                            that is very easy to reassemble                              breathability
                                        •   Adjustable waist and shoulder system for girth and      •    Emergency cut away shoulder strap system and
                                            torso length for tailored fit                                 robust drag handle
                                        •   Full outer vest area usage for any S.T.R.I.K.E./MOLLE   •    Padded HawkTex™ Sniper Shoulder for a fully
                                            pouch configurations                                          ambidextrous vest
                                        •   Lined with cool and comfortable soft 3-d mesh to        •    Interior BlackHawk Hydration reservoir pocket
                                            move air around your body                                    (reservoir not included)
                                        •   Side plates: custom side plate pouch system holds       •    Shoulder D-rings for accessory attachment
                                            plates up to 6x8                                        •    STRIKE/MOLLE webbing on front and back for
                                        APS Number: BH32V101BK                                           attaching pouches or gear
                                                                                                    •    Belt loops secure vest to any web belt (not included)
                                                                                                    APS Number: BH37CL36BK

                                        Elite Vest
                                        Made of
                                        heavy-duty                                                  Breach Blanket
                                        nylon mesh for maximum                                      PSP’s Breach Blanket is a flexible
                                        breathability                                               ballistic shield that deploys in about
                                        •   Padded HawkTex™ Sniper Shoulder for a fully             8 seconds.
                                            ambidextrous vest                                       •    Measuring 32” x 69.5” the
                                        •   Interior BlackHawk Hydration reservoir pocket                blanket provides NIJ Level
                                            (reservoir not included)                                     IIIA protection, and has
                                        •   STRIKE/MOLLE webbing on front and back for                   six webbing handles for use
                                            attaching pouches or gear                                    as a protective litter.
                                        APS Number: BH37CL66BK - Black                              •    The BREACH BLANKET can be used in areas where
                                                                                                         hard shields are not appropriate, and as mobile cover
                                                                                                         for protection until the area is secured.
                                                                    Please call for additional details.
S.T.R.I.K.E. Pouches:
Gear for Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E.
                                                 Gas Mask
Vests                                            Carrier
                                                 •   This pouch holds 1 gas mask.
                                                 APS Number: BH37CL19BK - Black

Pouch                                            Mace Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E.                                     S.T.R.I.K.E. 4oz
•   This pouch holds 1 Compass or Strobe light   •   This pouch holds one 4 oz.
APS Number: BH37CL19BK - Black                       mace spray can.
                                                 •   Constructed of sturdy Nylon for use
                                                     in extreme conditions.
                                                 •   Hook and Loop flap secures canister
Double Handcuff                                      every time.
Pouch                                            APS Number: BH37CL49BK
•   S.T.R.I.K.E. Double handcuff pouch.
•   Available in black, fits 2.25” duty
    belts.                                       Mag Pouch
APS Number: BH37CL56BK - Black
                                                 •   This pouch holds M16,
Cuff/Mag/Light                                       M4, .308 and AK-47
Pouch S.T.R.I.K.E.                                   magazines.
•   Cuff / Mag case with                         •   Capacity “Holds 2” = Single
    Light Pouch                                      Pouch = (2) M16/M4 mags or (1) .308 mag or (1) AK-47
APS Number: BH37CL55BK - Black                       mag
                                                 APS Number: BH37CL03BK - Black

Small Radio/GPS Pouch

                                                                                                                                         & ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                                             GEAR & ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                            TACTICAL ARMOR
•   Superior construction make this an
    ideal choice for your radio or GPS unit.     Pistol Mag Pouch
•   Snap and hook and loop securing tab          S.T.R.I.K.E.
APS Number: BH37CL35BK                           •   Single magazine pistol pouch
                                                 APS Number: BH37CL06BL- Black

Medical Pouch
S.T.R.I.K.E.                                     Ammo Pouch
•   This pouch is designed for                   S.T.R.I.K.E. Vertical
    medical use.                                 Shotgun
•   7” L x 5” W x 3” H                           •   This pouch holds 19 shotgun shells.
APS Number: BH37CL18BK - Black                   APS Number: BH37CL51BK - Black

                 GEAR & ACCESSORIES

                                                                                                  Level 3 Tactical
                                                                                                  SERPA Holster
                                                                                                  The speed and retention
                                                                                                  of the Level 3 SERPA
                                                                                                  has been joined with our
                                                                                                  patented Y-Harness leg
                                                                                                  •    Has greater stability
                                                                                                       and comfort than any other leg platform
                                                                                                       on the market.
                                                                                                  •    Also locks the pistol into the holster immediately
                                                                                                       upon reholstering.
                                                                                                  Please call for model availability

                                                                                                  Level 3
                                                                                                  Finally, an answer
                                                                                                  to the thousands
                                                                                                  of requests we
                                        Level 2 Tactical                                          have received for a
                                        Light Bearing Holster                                     Tactical SERPA holster that works with a pistol light.
                                        This Level 2 Duty Holster utilizes our Pivot Guard and    •    Now that the Night Ops Weapon Mounted Light has
                                        a tension adjustment feature to give you a quick and           solved the issue of blocking the trigger guard,
                                        compact duty holster for your pistol.                          you can get the Level 3 SERPA holster to wear with a
                                        •    Compatible with the most popular pistol lights on         light while you are involved in tactical operations.
                                             the market, including the Insight Technologies       •    Outstanding retention, extremely fast draw even
                                             M-3 and M-6, Streamlight TRK-1 and TRL-2.                 under stress and immediate lock-in upon
                                        •    Mounted on our unique Y-Harness thigh platform for        reholstering.
                                             superior comfort and stability.                      •    Bundled together for convenience, this package
                                         Please call for model availability                            gives you everything you need for your duty

                                                                  Please call for model availability

                                                             CQC Tactical Holster
                                                             Giving you a tactical option for
                                                             your holster.
                                                             •   This platform gives the
                                                                 option to wear the SERPA
                                                                 Holster on the leg when
                                                             •   Attach BlackHawk Law
                                                                 Enforcement Duty Gear belt
                                                             •   Works with CQC Concealment SERPA or BHLE Duty
Modular                                                          SERPA Holsters
Drop Leg                                                     APS Number: BH432000PBK
CQC and S.T.R.I.K.E.
Compatible Platform: Constructed of high density
polymer, this versatile drop leg platform is designed        Enhanced
to hold four of the CQC accessory carriers for lights,       Military Web Belt
magazines, etc.                                              •   Side release buckles for
•   It uses the “Y” configuration hanger system for               quick-on, quick-off; no heavy metal hardware
    maximum comfort and flexibility.                          •   Hook & loop size adjustment
•   Dual non-slip BTS belt loop attachments                  APS Number: BH41WB02BK - Black
•   “Y” configuration, heavy duty hanger straps with
    quick release swivel to detach from belt for
    convenience and comfort
•   Platform constructed of high density polymer for         Belt Pad
    comfort and flexibility                                   •   1000 Denier Nylon
•   Removable 1.5” non-slip upper leg strap and 2” non-      •   .375” closed cell foam
    slip lower leg strap for maximum stability                   (will not absorb sweat or water)
•   S.T.R.I.K.E/MOLLE compatible                             •   Belt keepers fit up to 2.25” belt (not included)
APS Number: BH432300PBK                                      APS Number: BH41BP00BK

                                                                                                                                                & ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                                                    GEAR & ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                                   TACTICAL ARMOR
Extender                                                     Instructors Gun
Attaches directly to any                                     Belt
S.T.R.I.K.E./MOLLE                                           •   MIL-STD-858 with parachute grade buckles and
carrier. Allows attachment                                       adapters
of any drop leg rig or pouch with a 2-in-1 hanger directly   •   1.75” webbing (7,000 lb tensile strength)
to your carrier, eliminating the need for belt attachments   •   Kydex® stiffener to support gun holsters and
APS Number: BH37CL61BK - Black                                   equipment
                                                             APS Number: BH41VT01BK

                 GEAR & ACCESSORIES

                                        Omega Elite
                                        •   Holds two standard pistol mags with flaps secured
                                            by hook and loop
                                                                                                      Enhanced Dual M-16/Pistol
                                        •   Made of 1000 denier NyTaneon™ nylon lined with            Mag Pouch
                                            closed cell foam                                          Omega Elite
                                        •   Flashbang grenade flaps are secured by “silent” side       •   Carries two M-16/M4 30-round magazines and two
                                            release buckles                                               pistol magazines
                                        •   Elastic rubberized leg straps for stability and comfort   •   M-16/M4 pouches have dividers to prevent
                                        •   Slotted webbing; adjustable and removable belt                magazine clatter and enhanced noise discipline
                                            hanger, non-slip leg straps, and belt loops allow         •   Pistol mag pouch lids are fully adjustable for tall or
                                            for four different configurations                              extended magazines
                                        APS Number: BH56PMFBBK                                        APS Number: BH5616PMPK

                                        Gas Mask Pouch                                                Omega Elite
                                        Omega Elite                                                   MK-9
                                        •   Can be worn on the leg, belt, or slung over the           Drop Leg/Belt
                                            shoulder                                                  Pouch
                                        •   Belt hanger and leg straps are fully adjustable           •   Secures a MK-9 gas canister on your leg or to a belt.
                                            and removable                                             •   Perfect for corrections and/or civil disturbance
                                        •   Includes a removable shoulder strap                           teams
                                        APS Number: BH56GM00BK                                        APS Number: BH56MK09BK

Knee Pads
Advanced Tactical
New dual injection-molded flex cap
design allows maximum flexibility
for ease of movement and comfort.
•   Padded side extensions for comfort and improved
    strap positioning
•   Contoured interior ledge secures pad positioning
•   600 Denier nylon shell
•   Closed-cell foam padding provides excellent shock
    resistance and prevents water absorption
•   Adjustable hook and loop elastic straps
APS Number: BH808300BK - Black                               Radio Chest Harness
                                                             Ideal for radios and small hardware. Great for mounted
                                                             and dismounted ops where having a radio, GPS, knife,
                                                             2nd mag with easy access is critical.
                                                             •   Inner pouch for maps and documents
                                                             •   Adjustable for all portable radio sizes
                                                             •   Quick release buckles
                                                             •   Elastic antenna support
Pistol                                                       •   Rugged construction for lifelong use
Retention Kit                                                APS Number: BH37PRH1BK
High strength shock
cord provides additional
retention during extreme
•   Secure it to your
    holster with a girth
    hitch or knot and snap over pistol back strap
•   Attach to any holster and cut to length
APS Number: BH40BR00BK

                                                                                                                                                    & ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                                                        GEAR & ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                                       TACTICAL ARMOR
Speed Clip                                                                                                               FIREARMS
•   High density carbon-fiber                                 Taser Holster
    polymer material                                         •   Can be worn as a drop-leg or high-ride duty holster
•   Secures holsters, rails, and                             •   Quick release buckle for rapid on/off capability
    carbon-fiber accessories                                  •   Standard thumb break with extra retention strap
•   Can be mounted to any                                    •   2 cartridge pouches on front of holster
    S.T.R.I.K.E. or MOLLE platform; vests, belts, drop leg   •   Non-slip leg strap
    platform, packs, internal panels in some cases and       APS Number: BH40TA00BK
•   Long screws include
APS Number: BH38CL63BK - Black


                 5100 Tactical Shirt
                 •    Epaulettes
                 •    Hidden button closures
                 •    Left and right breast bellowed pockets
                 •    Long or short sleeves
                 •    Reinforced elbow
                 Available in Black , Olive , Navy, Dark Navy & Gray
                 Please call for additional details and configurations.

                                        Tactical Clothing by PSP
                                        Pacific Safety Products’ Tactical shirts and pants are some of the toughest and most durable
                                        clothing you will ever wear! Made from stain resistant poly/cotton fabric these clothes are
                                        also reinforced at critical wear points, such as the knees and elbows. Available in 8.5 oz.
                                        poly/cotton fabric, with long or short sleeves for summer wear.

                 5200 Tactical Pants
                 •    Buttoned duty belt loops for quick on and off
                      without removing equipment from your belt
                 •    Two way zipper
                 •    Hidden button closure on all pockets
                 •    Bellowed pocket design
                 •    Reinforced knee
                 Available in Black , Olive , Navy, Dark Navy & Gray
                 Please call for additional details and configurations.

                 NSC d m s
            TRA ic al U ni fo r
              Ta iv e
                ct te
            P ro
                        Outfit es
                         Hero ce

                                                                                  Tactical Shirt/Pant
                                                                                  Designed for maximum comfort
                                                                                  •    Durable wrinkle, fade, and stain
5420 Tactical                                                                          resistant cotton with triple-
Coveralls                                                                              stitched construction
Pacific Safety Products’ flame
                                                                                  •    Concealed collar stay buttons and
resistant Tactical Coveralls find
                                                                                       anti-roll collar inserts
duty in a range of situations
                                                                                  •    Large hook and loop secured, top-opening,
from airborne applications to
                                                                                       gusseted chest pockets
use by clandestine lab teams.
                                                                                  •    Double layering in the seat & knees for
•    The lightweight 6 oz
                                                                                       increased protection
     Nomex® material makes them very comfortable for
                                                                                  •    Hidden expandable waistband
     extended wear while providing excellent protection
                                                                                  •    Reinforced hems on leg cuffs and
     against flash fire.
                                                                                       hand pockets increase durability
•    Optional insignia attachment
                                                                                  APS Number: BH87TP01KH - Khaki Pant
•    Optional sleeve cuff
                                                                                  BH87TP01BK - Black Pant
•    Zippered pockets on chest and legs
                                                                                  BH87TS01 - Long Sleeve Shirt
•    Optional flaps covering pocket zippers
                                                                                  BH87TS02 - Short Sleeve Shirt
•    Full-opening zipper – neck to ankle
                                                                                  Shirts available in Black, Tan or Navy
Available in Black or Gray

                                        Tactical and
                                                              Tactical Clothing by Transcon
                                     Protective U nifor m s   Transcon continues to revolutionize tactical and protective uniforms since 1964. Our
                                                              tactical series offers superior performance and appearance with unsurpassed practical
                                                              functionality. Used by officers and special units around the globe and a standard authorized
                                                              uniform for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Tactical Pant                                                                     Tactical Shirt
•    Double needle lapped seam                                                    •    Double needle lapped
     construction for increased                                                        seam construction for
     strength                                                                          increased strength
•    6 pocket design for needed                                                   •    2 large bellow chest
     storage security in the right                                                     pockets with Velcro
     locations                                                                         flaps for secured storage

                                                                                                                                                       & ACCESSORIES
•                                                                                 •
     Designed for                                                                      Heavy-duty concealed
     maximum mobility                                                                  brass zipper with over flap
     and comfort, including                                                            closure
     action knee pleats for                                                       •    Can be worn as a jacket or
     extra ease of movement                                                            tucked inside as a shirt
•    Reinforced knee for better durability                                        Available in Black, Navy, Midnight Navy, Silver Tan
•    2 Velcro waist adjustors for exact fit
Available in Black, Navy, Midnight Navy, Silver Tan

All Transcon Tactical Uniforms are made of top quality fabrics featuring:
•    8 oz. poly/twill sateen fabric provides a tough yet professional appearance
•    Nano repellency technology permanently creates a breathable barrier that repels
     fluids and resists stains while providing natural breathability and UV protection
•    Machine washable for easy care
•    (Also available in 6 1/2 oz. Nomex IIIA fabric)

                                                                            Twin Turbo Ram
                                                                            This two-man entry ram features the identical
                                                                            manufacturing standards of our legendary Monoshock
                                                                            •   The Twin Turbo can be used by either one or two
                                                                                operators and is effective during reinforced
                                                                                breaching situations.
                                                                            •   Padded quick release sling included.
                CQB Ram                                                     •   WT: 41.5 LBS
                When door-breaching speed is required for lightweight       •   LENGTH: 40”
                exterior and most interior doors, the CQB is the ram        APS Number: BHDETT
                of choice.
                •   The CQB Ram is electrically non-conductive and          Breaching Sledges
                    non-sparking.                                           The new Breaching Sledge brings
                •   WT: 23 LBS                                              together the best of both worlds: the
                •   LENGTH: 20”                                             strike face of a sledge hammer with
                 APS Number: BHDECQB                                        the prying wedge of a Hallagan tool,
                                                                            all in one revolutionary compact and
                                                                            lightweight tool.
                                                                            •   Utilizing the most advanced
                                                                                metallurgical technologies on
                                                                                the market, the head of the
                Thor’s Hammer ™                                                 Breaching Sledge is composed of
                Since its introduction to the tactical entry tool arena         Micro-Metals that allow metal-on-
                four years ago, the Thor’s Hammer™ has earned a                 metal use with reduced spalling.
                solid reputation among breaching teams as a versatile       •   The Breaching Sledge also features
                addition to the standard battering ram design.                  a Sure-Grip handle system that is
                •   The hammer design allows the breacher to position           electrically non-conductive
                    themselves parallel to the doorframe, avoiding              and reduces the possibility of the tool slipping
                    the “FATAL FUNNEL.”                                         out of the operator’s hands in extreme
                •   Effective on lightweight exterior and interior doors.       breaching operations.
                •   WT: 15.4 LBS                                            •   Also available in a larger version, the Super
                •   LENGTH: 24”                                                 Breaching Sledge (DESBS), that’s 32” inches long.
                APS Number: BHDETH                                          APS Number: BHDESB - Breaching Sledge

                                                                            BHDESBS - Super Sledge

                                                    Specifically engineered for window entries, the Break
                                                    -N- Rake features a laser cut hook, serrated blade and
                                                    three 12” raking fins, all constructed of carbon steel.
                                                    •   The hook effectively removes curtains, blinds and
                                                        other obstructions allowing for a safer entry.
                                                    •   The three 12” fins on the 19.5 inch Break -N- Rake
                                                        head are designed to clear glass and other debris
                                                        left in the window frame.
                                                    •   Secured to a 1.25 inch electrically non-conductive
                                                        D-handle system for maximum pulling power,
                                                        the Break -N- Rake is ideal for securing secondary
                                                        breach locations or creating a tactical distraction.
                                                    •   WT: 9.6 LBS
                                                    •   LENGTH: 51”
                                                    APS Number: BHDEBR - 51” Break-N-Rake
Tactical Entry Kits                                 BHDEBR - 69” Super Break-N-Rake
The standard for most breaching operations,
the Tactical Backpack Kit features the following:
•   DE-BM BoltMaster
•   DE-TM ThunderMaul
•   DE-SOHT Special Operations Hallagan Tool        Tactical Fence
•   60ME00BK Manual Entry Tool Pack                 Climbers
•   WT: 25 LBS                                      In our continuing efforts to provide
APS Number: BHDETBK - Standard Kit                  the best tactical tools available,
                                                    Dynamic Entry® has redesigned the
Standard Kit B                                      Tactical Fence Climber.
Includes:                                           •   More compact and easier to
•   DE-BM BoltMaster                                    deploy than our earlier design.
•   DE-TM ThunderMaul                               •   Unique design provides a
•   DE-SOB Special Operations Breacher                  scaling rung on both sides of
•   60ME00BK Manual Entry Tool Pack                     the fence for easy and

                                                                                                                 & ACCESSORIES
•   WT: 25 LBS                                          rapid egress.

APS Number: BHDETBKB                                •   Set of 4
                                                    •   WT: 5.2 LBS
                                                    APS Number: BHDETFC
                                                                                                               ENTRY TOOLS


                                                                         Hallagan Tools Non-Conductive
                                                                         Featuring capabilities that include being both non-
                                                                         sparking and electrically non-conductive.
                                                                         APS Number: BHDEGB - Gorilla Bar
                                                                         •   Wt: 17.5 lbs.
                                                                         •   Length: 40”
                                                                         APS Number: BHDEHT - Hallagan Tool
                BoltMasters                                              •   Wt: 8 lbs
                The specifically heat-treated cutting edges of both the   •   Length: 29.5”
                BoltMaster and the Super BoltMaster are the finest        APS Number: BHDEGB - Special Ops Tool
                available anywhere.                                      •   Wt: 7.5 lbs.
                •   Both bolt cutters feature an electrically non-       •   Length: 24”
                    conductive fiberglass handle system with safety-
                    guard handgrips.
                •   Lightweight and durable.
                                                                         Super Hallagan
                APS Number: BHDEBM - Boltmaster
                BHDESBM - Super Boltmaster
                                                                         The Super Hallagan Tool
                                                                         features an electrically non-
                Tactical Rappel Rope                                     conductive and ergonomically
                Bag                                                      designed handle system to ensure proper hand
                Holds up to 200 feet of rope (rope                       placement and safety.
                not included)                                            •   Available in both tactical black and high visibility
                •   Outside pocket for carabiners                            yellow
                •   Quick disconnect leg straps                          •   Wt: 12.3 lbs.
                APS Number: BH20TR02BK                                   •   Length: 31”
                                                                         APS Number: BHDESHTB - Black
                                                                         BHDESHTY - Yellow

                •   Aluminum black anodized                              Safety Lanyard
                •   Non-packaged bulk orders                             The BlackHawk PRL is designed
                    available                                            to act as a personal lanyard when
                APS Number: BH98LC00BK - Locking                         operating from dangerous heights.
                BH98NC00BK - Non-Locking                                 •   Tubular webbing and internal
                                                                             “chock cord”
                                                                         •   Five bartacks on each end secure
                                                                             the internal shock cord and create
                                                                             “biner” loops

                                         APS Number: BH990453OD

If you need to carry it...

                                                                                                                    BAGS & PACKS
APS Distributors is pleased to offer our

clients the best bags, packs, and cases
on the market.

                                                           A.L.E.R.T. Bag
                                                           Assault Load-Out Emergency Response Transport
A.L.E.R.T. Bag                                             •   9 Interior mesh pouches for gear storage
Medium                                                     •   Fully accessible hinge-type lid
Great new design                                           •   Soft Bottom, Backpack Straps, No Wheels
for a tactical load out                                    •   Hide-away pull handle, full wrap around carry
bag with unbelievable                                          handle and two end cap carry handles
compartmentalization and                                   •   Four clear ID insert pockets, two on top
versatility.                                                   and on at each end
•    Unzips and folds out flat.                             •   Made with two layers of our 1000 denier nylon for
•    1000 denier nylon and exceptional stitching               superior use and abuse resistance
•    Zippered mesh dividers in all compartments            •   Size: 43” x 15” x 13”
•    Top Dual access compartment (from outside or          APS Number: BH20CC00BK
•    Top pockets padded and fold flat when not used
•    External compression straps
•    Retractable handle and skate wheels
APS Number: BH20LO04BK

                                                           Crowd Control Bag
                                                           Designed to carry either crowd control or SWAT
                                                           tactical equipment, this bag has a separate
                                                           compartment for helmet storage, and a spacious
                                                           main compartment for gear storage.
                                                           •   Wraparound style carry handles
                                                           •   Ends and bottom of the main compartment are
Tactical                                                       reinforced with polymer stiffener
Equipment Bag                                              •   External features include gear pouches, and straps
Holds nearly 3 cubic feet of gear!                             to secure baton or flashlight
•    Perfect for Helmet, vest, fatigues and other items.   •   1000 denier nylon construction
•    Water repellent and reinforced construction will      •   Size: 35” x 11” x 13”
     stand up to abuse and rugged conditions.              APS Number: BH20CC00BK
•    Lockable zippers.
•    Size: 26” x 14” x 10”
APS Number: SK52471


                                                                             Battle Bag
                                                                             Organize all of your
                                                                             necessities in this over-
                                                                             the-shoulder carry bag.
                                                                             •   1000 denier NyTaneon®
                 Advanced                                                    •   Internal pouch for handheld radio with antenna
                 Tactical                                                        access
                 Briefcase                                                   •   Internal hook & loop section for handgun and spare
                 Use this case during Ops or civilian travel. Unique             pistol magazine (or any modular hook & loop
                 functional design includes these great features:                pouches)
                 •   1000 denier nylon with waterproof lining                •   External double pistol magazine pouch with
                 •   2 hook and loop patches (inside and out) and                adjustable lids, and GPS/Utility pouch (3x5-in)
                     movable vinyl ID windows                                •   Size: 11” x 5” x 10”
                 •   External computer access with waterproof zipper         APS Number: BH60BB00BK
                 •   Three external, easy access pockets
                 •   Robust shoulder strap and carry handle
                 •   Rear slot for pull handle access makes this work with
                     all wheeled luggage
                 •   Five additional well designed interior compartments
                 •   Size: 13” x 16” x 5”
                 APS Number: BH61BC01BK
                                                                             Deluxe Range
                                                                             This workhorse is THE bag
                                                                             you want for the range.
                                                                             Durable, with storage
                                                                             galore, you’ll be able to load this bag with everything
                                                                             you need for a day of shooting.
                                                                             •   Easy entry: A roll-up double-zippered flap with hook-
                                                                                 and-loop fastener secures the main compartment.
                 Emergency Supply Roll                                       •   Easy carry: Over-the-shoulder strap with quick-
                 This Emergency Medic Supply roll is a great way to              release buckles and two web-constructed carry
                 carry all medical supplies.                                     handles make this bag easy to tote.
                 •   It has 15 various sized, quick-view, clear pouches.     •   Secure: A padded pistol rug is included and it fits
                 •   It rolls up into a compact rig and it secures by hook       in one of two lockable side compartments. The other
                     & loop with side release buckles.                           compartment is thickly padded.
                 •   It also has full wrap around heavy-duty handles.        •   Main Compartment Size: 15” wide x 9” high x 7” deep
                 APS Number: BH20EMR1BK                                      APS Number: SK52411


    R                                                             Small Semi-Rigid
                                                                  Trauma Kit
                                                                  The A500X provides a
                                                                  multitude of space for a wider
                                                                  range of trauma supplies.
                                                                  •   Complete with easy to
A300X                                                                 access main compartment, the S500 utility pouch and
Large Semi-Rigid                                                      numerous elastic loops; this is a top-quality kit.
Trauma Kit                                                        •   Fully adjustable inner pockets and inner dividers
With a focus on ergonomic design, flexibility and                  •   Carries closer to the body reducing strain on the
durability, our improved PEP A300X demonstrates our                   shoulders and back.
commitment to effectively serving your needs.                     •   Velcro® lid and front pocket lining allow for
•       The A300X provides a multitude of space for a wider           interchangeable modules and elastic loop configurations.
        range of trauma supplies.                                 Available in Red, Royal Blue, Orange & Black
•       Complete with easy to access main compartment,
        the S500 utility pouch and numerous elastic loops;
        this is a top-quality kit.                                A900X
•       Fully adjustable inner pockets and inner dividers         Deluxe First
        allow for flexibility when storing equipment.              Responder Kit
•       Carries closer to the body reducing strain on the         Provides easy access to
        shoulders and back.                                       your supplies with increased
•       Pockets are raised off the ground creating a              storage space for an integrated
        streamlined and functional kit.                           module.
Available in Red, Royal Blue, Orange & Black                      •   The A900X is constructed
                                                                       using Plastazote® foam to withstand repetitive impacts
                                                                      and to provide an impervious barrier to fluids and
A400X                                                             •   Additional features include adjustable padded inner
Small Soft Pack                                                       dividers, built-in shoulder strap, numerous elastic
Kit                                                                   loops for storage of equipment and supplies, and “D”
This mid-size kit has been                                            rings for wall mounting.
configured to save busy                                            •   Fully adjustable inner dividers to allow you to
EMS workers valuable                                                  customize the inside of your kit to your
time by making equipment easy to access.                              individual needs.
•       Full-opening center compartment                           Available in Red, Royal Blue, Orange & Black
•       Full opening front pockets with elastic loops

                                                                                                                                & ACCESSORIES
•       Side Pockets provide flexibility in organizing             3100 Griffen

                                                                                                                                BAGS & PACKS
        trauma supplies.                                          Medic Vest                                                    EQUIPMENT
•       #10 YKK® zippers are reversed to eliminate wear on        First responders may face
        the coil prolonging the life of the strongest zipper on   physical threat and need
        the market.                                               protection. PSP has designed
•       Highly visible, increases your personal safety day or     the 3100 Griffin Medic Vest,
        night.                                                    available with ballistic, spike or
•       Cordura® Plus replaceable bottom with luggage feet        multi-threat protection.
•       Durable, water repellent material is lightweight, easy    •   Reflective tape for high
        to clean and abrasion resistant.                              visibility
Available in Red, Royal Blue, Orange & Black                      •   10” x 12” plate pocket front and back for
                                                                      hard armour or aluminum stab plate
                                                                  •   Large zippered side pockets designed specifically
                                                                       for medic equipment
                                                                  •   Full overlapping front and side panels.
                                                                  Available in Black & Navy

                  Medical Pack
                  The S.T.O.M.P. II was designed to SEAL team medic
                  specifications. Note: Medical supplies not included.
                  Multiple compartments inside contain:
                  •   Numerous netted, zippered flat pockets, elastic stays
                      and keepers
                  •   Multiple small and medium size pockets
                  •   Two color-coded mini packs for quick access
                      to medications etc.                                    Patrol Pack
                  •   Pouches for two HydraStorm® Hydration Systems          If you demand absolute versatility and durability in a
                  •   External Features:                                     top loading pack then the BlackHawk® Patrol Pack is
                  •   Adjustable shoulder straps, web belt, sternum strap    for you. Unique side pockets have slots to carry long
                  •   Para-cord drop pouches                                 items such as skis, machetes, radio antennae, etc.
                  •   Two grab handles                                       •   Contour fit shoulder straps with sternum strap and
                  •   Hook & loop strip located on the back panel                detachable padded belt
                  •   A.L.I.C.E. attachment webbing on underside of the      •   Non-slip HawkTex™ shoulder pads for weapon lock-
                      pack                                                       in system
                  •   Size: 20” x 10” x 13 “                                 •   Ventilating back panel with a sturdy top carry handle
                  APS Number: BH60MP01BK - Black                             •   Front, top and sides have slotted attachment points
                                                                             •   Four interior compartments for separate gear storage
                                                                             •   Glint tape ID patch (fits on pack or your uniform)
                                                                             •   All pouches secured by silent side release buckles
                                                                             •   Top flap has a concealed map compartment
                                                                             •   Quick ditch feature on shoulder straps
                                                                             •   Made of 1000 denier nylon
                                                                             •   BlackHawk Hydration compatible
                                                                             •   Size: 18.5” x 10” x 6”
                                                                             APS Number: BH60MP01BK - Black

                                                            Police Equipment Bag
                                                            Top quality gear back made especially for law enforcement
                                                            and protection officers.
                                                            •   Features rigid bottom, front, back and end panels.
Ballistic Luggage                                           •   Top is heavily padded.
Due to consistent demand for additional options, we         •   Handle collapses for storage and will fit in most
now offer three new extremely durable travel bags.              police lockers.
•   25” and 29” sizes have 2 external compression straps    •   Lockable zippers.
    with side release buckles                               •   Size: 18.5” x 12” x 7.5”
•   Durable 2520 denier nylon and impact-resistant          APS Number: SK52471
    polymer construction
•   Five zippered compartments for organizing
     your gear
•   Convenient nylon carry handles on top and side
•   Internal tie-down straps to secure contents
•   Heavy-duty in-line skate wheels for bag durability
    and travel convenience
•   Unique carbon fiber finishing trim
APS Number: BH20WC00BK - 21”
BH20WC02BK - 29”
BH61BC00BK - Briefcase
                                                            Deluxe Gear Bag
                                                            Not your basic gear bag! Available with Police, Security or
                                                            Sheriff embroidered on the top.
                                                            •   Made from Ballistic 840 Denier Nylon with a PVC lining
Police                                                      •   Zip Off top pocket

                                                                                                                           & ACCESSORIES
                                                            •   Two of the pockets in the front have flaps to keep items

                                                                                                                           BAGS & PACKS
Looks like a conventional                                       contained or you can tuck the flaps in for easier access.
briefcase, but the hidden                                   •   Four Velcro straps on the top hold in your PR24
compartment inside gives                                    •   There are 4 individual pouches that Velcro to the
you ready access to a holster                                   inside of the bag
velcroed into the interior.                                 •   Pouches are clear on one side for easy viewing
•   Internal holster can be adjusted for most handguns      APS Number: WAL90700 - Plain
    and can be positioned to facilitate most                WAL90710 - Embroidered with Police
    drawing techniques.                                     WAL90720 - Embroidered with Security
•   Conventional in appearance, this expandable             WAL90730 - Embroidered with Sheriff
    briefcase has a multi-use front panel for pens, keys,
    etc. plus pockets that are large enough for
    conventional writing tablets.
•   A full flap cover keeps all interior contents secure.
APS Number: SK52551


                 S.T.R.I.K.E.™ Tsunami™
                 Hydration Pack
                  A perfect combination of cargo capacity and
                 hydration. The Tsunami™ has two large pockets with
                 BlackHawk’s® patented S.T.R.I.K.E.™ system for
                 modular attachment of BlackHawk® accessories.
                 •   Drink system protected by Microban®
                     antimicrobial technology
                 •   Market proven bite valve and patent pending
                     quick disconnect system
                 •   Comfortable, fully adjustable quick-ditch harness   Matrix™ Hydration Pack
                     IVS™ molded back panel superior for comfort,        Designed for mountain rescue professionals, the
                     stability, and airflow                               Matrix is constructed to perform at the highest levels,
                 •   Capacity: 100oz. /3 liters                          while minimizing weight. Great pack for those trips
                 •   Cubes: 530”                                         when you don’t want everyone to know who you are
                  APS Number: BH6565ST00BK - Black                       and what you do.
                                                                         •   Drink system protected by Microban® antimicrobial
                                                                         •   Market proven bite valve and patent pending quick
                                                                             disconnect system
                                                                         •   Tapered fit for extreme activities
                                                                         •   Aerodynamic shape to minimize wind profile
                                                                         •   Outer compression panel and threaded shock cord
                                                                             for rapid tool deployment
                                                                         •   Numerous storage and attachment points
                                                                         •   Laptop pocket in main compartment
                                                                         •   Bottom constructed of HawkTex™ abrasion and
                                                                             moisture resistant material
                                                                         •   Capacity: 100 oz./3 liters Cubes: 1920”
                                                                         •   Main Compartment Cubes: 1740”
                                                                         •   Dimensions: 20H X 10W X 7.5D
                                                                         APS Number: BH65MT00BK - Black

                                                             Nalgene® Bottle
                                                             A 32 oz polycarbonate bottle with convenient
                                                             one handed drinking.
                                                             •    Large cap can be removed for cleaning
                                                                  and adding ice, but new drink top can be
Turbine™                                                          activated with one hand.
Hydration Pack                                               •    Bottle still fits in S.T.R.I.K.E.™ Utility Pouch.
The Turbine™ was                                             APS Number: BH67NB32GR - Green
developed to be the                                          BH67NB32GY - Grey
workhorse of hydration
•   Drink system protected
    by Microban® antimicrobial technology                    Replacement
•   Market proven bite valve and patent pending quick        Reservoirs
    disconnect system                                        HydraStorm
•   Contoured, padded shoulder strap with adjustable,        100oz OEM AntiMicrobial
    quick ditch buckles                                      Replacement Reservoir w/
APS Number: BH65TU00BK - Black                               Tube Cover
                                                             •    100 oz. reservoir and 40”
                                                                  delivery tube with Microban® antimicrobial technology
Tempest II™                                                  •    Black, Olive Drab, Foliage Green or Coyote Tan screw top
                                                                  with lanyard
Hydration Pack
                                                             •    Bite Me® Bite Valve with on/off lever
This user friendly system
                                                             APS Number: BH672556BK - Black Tube Cover (100oz)
can be used to add
                                                             BH672589BK - Black Cap no Tube Cover (100oz)
hydration to any pack, but
can also be used as a
stand alone.
•   Drink system                                             Tube Keeper (1” x 3/4”)
    protected by Microban®                                   •    Universal fit for any .75” or 1”
    antimicrobial technology                                      webbing.
•   Market proven bite valve and patent pending quick        APS Number: BH672462BK
    disconnect system
•   Back assist handle makes refills quick and easy
•   Shoulder strap system is fully stowable for use with     Insulated Tube
    any pack or bag                                          Cover w/Microban®

                                                                                                                             & ACCESSORIES
•   Capacity:/100 oz. 3 liters                               •    Includes tube and quick

                                                                                                                             BAGS & PACKS
APS Number: BH65TE00BK - Black                                    disconnect fittings
                                                             •    Designed to be tight fitting to
                                                                  provide excellent thermal insulation
Cleaning Kit                                                 •    Does not include the bite valve assembly
                                                             Available in Black, Olive Drab, Coyote Tan, & Foliage Green
Reservoir Brush
This is a complete kit for
the reservoir and tube.
•   The reservoir brush
    cleans all sizes.                                        ¾” Sternum Strap
•   Just insert into the top filling port, scrub and rinse.   Fits any HydraStorm® pack or
•   Small brush fits into quick disconnect end of delivery    BlackHawk® pack
    tube.                                                    Available in Black, Olive Drab,
APS Number: BH67245700                                       Coyote Tan, & Foliage Green


                                                                             Crucible Folder
                                                                             In daily service with elite security personnel
                                                                             worldwide, the Crucible Folder is a tool you can bet
                                                                             your life on.
                                                                             •    Built on a framework of hardened 420J stainless
                                                                                  steel liners, it features a spear-point VG-10 stainless
                                                                                  steel blade and a flush-ground high-strength
                                                                                  locking-liner mechanism.
                                                                             •    Ergonomically identical to its fixed-blade brother,
                                                                                  its textured G-10 handle slabs and distinctive handle
                CQD® Mark II                                                      shape provide both a superior grip and outstanding
                A smaller, more concealable version of the award-                 hand protection, while its textured four-position
                winning Mark I, the Mark II features the same high-               clothing clip supports all possible carry options
                strength milled-aluminum construction, state-of-the-art           and helps guarantee a positive draw.
                plunge lock mechanism, and secondary safety lock.            •    Assembled with oversized Phillips-head screws for
                •   The butt of the Mark II’s non-slip, ergonomic handle          easy user maintenance, this is one of the most
                    houses a carbide glass breaker for breaching                  formidable folding knives ever produced.
                    windows                                                  •    Blade Length: 3.250”
                •   A spring-steel clip supports convenient left or right-   •    Overall Length: 8.000”
                    side tip-down carry.                                     •    Blade Material: VG-10
                •   Blade Length: 3.300”                                     •    Blade Finish: Black TI
                •   Overall Length: 7.950”                                   •    Edge type: Plain or partially serrated
                •   Blade Material: 154CM High-Carbon Stainless Steel        •    Handle Material: Textured G-10
                    Alloy                                                    •    Pocket Clip: Four-position (right or left side, tip-up or
                •   Blade Finish: Black Tungsten DLC Coating                      tip-down carry)
                •   Handle Material: Mil-spec anodized aircraft              APS Number: BH15CR01BK - Plain Blade
                    aluminum                                                 BH15CR11BK - Serrated Blade
                APS Number: BH803

                                                                Core® is one solid tool
                                                                for your toughest jobs
                                                                Leatherman’s latest 4.5”
                                                                tool has powerful new
                                                                pliers, longer blades, and
                                                                easy-to-use locks.
875 Series                                                      •   Core is the first Leatherman to feature hollow-ground
The 875 is an affordable, full-service folding knife that is        screwdrivers in the standard sizes professionals use.
ideal for both utility and defensive purposes.                  •   Comfortable handles are rounded to give
•    The 875 features stout stainless steel liners, non-slip,        you a firm grip.
     glass-filled nylon handle scales, and a high-strength       •   Length: 4.5 in. / 11.5 cm
     push-button plunge lock mechanism.                         •   Weight: 10.8 ounces / 307 grams
•    Specifications:                                             •   Materials: Stainless steel with bronze and steel
•    Blade Length: 3.750”                                           brushings
•    Overall Length: 8.750”                                     APS Number: LT830152
•    Blade Material: 154CM High-Carbon Stainless Steel
     Alloy                                                      Universal Case
•    Blade Finish: Black Tungsten DLC Coating                   Knife Case
•    Edge type: Plain or partially serrated                     Ideal for carrying large
•    Handle Material: Molded glass-filled nylon scales with      folding knives.
     wingwalk insert over stainless steel liners                •   Cordura nylon outer shell.
Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.      •   Back wall padded for
                                                                    comfort; padded flap has
                                                                    knit lining and Velcro
                                                                •   Belt loop fits belts up to
                                                                    21/4” for vertical carry; up to 11/2” for horizontal carry.
                                                                APS Number: SK88321

                                                                Knife Case

                                                                                                                                    & ACCESSORIES
                                                                    Holds standard issue folding knife

                                                                APS Number: NL5127BLN - Plain Nickel
                                                                NL5127BWN - Weave Nickel
911 First Response Knife
Widely considered a highly effective emergency tool,
                                                                                                                                  KNIVES &

this knife features a 1/8”” thick high-carbon stainless
steel serrated blade with screwdriver tip, easy-grip            Knife/Multi-Tool
handle, solid tungsten carbide striker-punch and spring         Case
loaded trigger for high impact.                                 •   Designed to hold small folding
•    Blade easily cuts thick seat belts.                            knives and multi-purpose
•    Includes a nylon carrying case with belt loop and clip         tools.
•    Length: 8”” open, 4.5”” closed.                            •   Made of Cordura nylon and fits
•    Designed by Blackie Collins. Made in USA.                      up to 2 ¼” belts.
APS Number: SW19519                                             APS Number: NL6650


                                                         Canadian Law Enforcement has adopted
                                                         SABRE as their #1 OC spray - and there are
                                                         several reasons why!
                                              This water based series of pepper spray is non-flammable and Electronic Immobilization
                                              Device (EID) safe. Combining unparalleled technology with detailed independent testing
                                              results in the top performing and safest OC on the market today.

                                              Available in the industry leading powerhouse SABRE Red (1.33% MC) and SABRE Defence
                                              (.33% MC) formulations, we offer sizes in MK-3, MK-4, MK-6, MK-9, and MK-46 canisters to fit
                                              all your OC needs! Couple this with in-stock service for expedited delivery and you can see
                                              why we provide OC value on every order!

                                              APS Number:

                                              SABRE DEFENSE:                          SABRE RED:
                                              SAB51H2006 - MK-6 STREAM                SAB520020C - MK-3.5 CONE
                                              SAB51H2010 - MK-3 STREAM                SAB52H2006 - MK-6 STREAM
                                              SAB51H2010F - MK-3 FOAM                 SAB52H2010 - MK-3 STREAM
                     SABRE RED®
                                              Call for additional sizes               SAB52H2010F - MK-3 FOAM
                                  1.33%                                               Call for additional sizes



                                                SABRE Advantages
                                                Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975!

                                                TAC (Target Acquisition Confirmation) — Eliminate failures due to missed target
                                                acquisition! The natural OC pigment (shown at left) permits identification of contact
                                                area confirming if a second more accurate shot is required.

                                                Ultraviolet Marking Dye—Identify subjects up to 48 hour post exposure. The UV Dye
                                                is detectable on both skin & clothing.

                                                EID Compatibility—All models listed in this catalog (stream, cone, foam, and fog) are
                                                EID compatible (video and documentation available).

                                                Deployment Versatility— Increase Target Acquisition when subjects duck or attempt
                                                to block spray. SABRE MK-2 (Flip-Top), MK-3, MK-3.5 & MK-4 will fire upside down.

                                                ISO 9001:2000 Certified— The best third party confirmation of the SEC’s commitment
                                                to OC excellence was recognized in December of 2004

                                                Registered EPA & Health Canada Establishment— SEC has registered OC sprays with
    SABRE Eliminates OC                         the Environmental Protection Agency & Health Canada.
     Failures Due to Bad
                                                Reduce Injuries & Liability —Independent laboratory testing is imperative! Security
                Batches!                        Equipment Corporation backs its products with over 32 years of experience (1975) and

                         HPLC GUARANTEE         the following tests:
       WARNING: Preparing pepper spray          •    Acute Inhalation
 products without HPLC Analysis will likely     •    Dermal Irritation
    result in varying levels of capsaicinoids   •    EPA Flame Extension
      with each shipment received by your       •    Electronic Immobilization Device (EID) Compatibility
        agency. This variability impacts the    •    Eye Irritation
 effectiveness of the product and safety of     •    High Temperature Exposure

                                                                                                                                        & ACCESSORIES
                  both the user and subject.    •    High Performance Liquid Chromatography
                                                •    Low Temperature Exposure
          SEC is the only OC manufacturer
                                                •    Leakage Prevention
operating an HPLC Laboratory to provide
                                                                                                                                        OC SPRAY

                                                •    Test Deployment – Every Flip-Top Aerosol
         capsaicinoid consistency in every
    canister! Think 14% of the population
                                                Passed S&P Institute Testing— Only 3 of 8 brands passed the Swedish National
   is not affected by OC? The University of
  Utah’s study confirms OC sprays fail 30%       Laboratory’s test performed for the Scandinavian Police forces. SABRE was chosen as
   of the time due to bad batches. How do       the exclusive OC Spray for Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden.
you correct this? With SABRE’s guaranteed
  heat backed by our HPLC Laboratory. Go
     to to view a copy
   of the University of Utah Study. Get the
consistency and effectiveness you deserve
                               with SABRE!

                  SABRE’s MK-9 was designed
                  for crowd management and cell
                  extractions and can be carried in                    MK-46
                  cruisers or with a convenient thigh                  Bigger crowds require more OC.
                  holster.                                             •   The SABRE MK-46 delivers approximately 200% more
                  •   High Volume Streamers (HVS) and Foggers fire up       OC than the MK-9 size.
                      to 25’ – 30’ (8 – 10 M).                         •   The MK-46 fires up to 25’ – 30’ (9 – 10 M).
                  •   Foam models fire up to                            APS Number
                      12’ – 15’ (4 – 5 M).                             SABRE DEFENSE:
                  APS Number:                                          SAB81H2O46 - 46.0 oz HVS
                  SABRE DEFENSE:                                       SAB81H2O46-R - Refill Kit
                  SAB91H2O60 - 16.0 oz HVS
                  SAB910060-C - 18.5 oz Fogger 91                      SABRE RED:
                  SAB91H2O60-F - 16.0 oz Foam                          SAB82H2O46 - 46.0 oz HVS
                                                                       SAB82H2O46-R - Refill Kit
                  SABRE RED:
                  SAB92H2O60 - 16.0 oz HVS
                  SAB920060-C - 18.5 oz Fogger
                  SAB92H2O60-F - 16.0 oz Foam

                  HVS Refillable
                  Training Canister
                  Reduces training expenditures and
                  increases officer safety. Includes:
                  •    Refillable Canister,                                   MK-46 Available with Optional Carrying System
                  •    Refill Bottle, Funnel, and O-ring.
                  APS Number: SAB90H2O50-R

                                                                                  Pivot Point
Cell Buster                                                                       Allows
Reduce the need for “Hard Entries”!                                               Wand to
                                                                                  Turn and
•     Superior to High Volume Streamers, Cell Buster’s                            Fit Under
      High Pressure Fog Delivery does not require facial                          Doors
      contact to incapacitate.
•     Specifically designed to permit passive entries into
                                                               Thumb Grove
      cells, rooms, attics, storage areas, and buildings,
                                                               Ensures Elbow is
•     Cell Buster will deploy OC underneath doors or           Pointed Upright
      through windows, food slots and vents.                   for Greater
•     Very Easy to Use & Extremely Portable                    Contamination
•     Reusable Hose & Wand Attachment
                                                                                                45˚ Elbow Reduces
APS Number:                                                                                     Puncture Injuries
SAB920060W - Cell Buster
SAB920060A - Cell Buster Replacement Canister
SAB92WH - Black Hose & Wand Attachment

90H2O60W - Cell Buster Inert
90H2O60A - Cell Buster Inert Replacement Canister
90WH - Green Hose & Wand Attachment (Training Only)

Training Products
Stream, Cone, Foam training canisters available in all sizes.
Replace 2nd digit of your live SABRE product with the number “0” and
you have its training product counterpart. For example, training model
for 52H2O10 (SABRE RED MK-3 stream) is 50H2O10.

OC INSTRUCTORS: How many hours do recruits spend on the
range with their FTU Instructors before they are certified to carry?
Some agencies require recruits to deploy 2,000 rounds. What time is

                                                                                                                    & ACCESSORIES
spent ensuring they are ready to properly deploy OC? Which force
option will they use more often? Maximize your OC effectiveness and
reduce force escalation through utilization of SABRE Training Products!
                                                                                                                    OC SPRAY

    Proper technique for cone (left), stream (middle),
                   and foam (right).


                  Aerosol Grenades
                  Empties Up To 200% More OC Per Second!
                  •   Crowd Management
                  •   Area Denial
                  •   Area Extractions (Cells, Indoor Rooms / Attics/
                      Crawl Spaces, Confined Areas / Barricades,
                      Holes or Caves)
                  •   Potential Users SWAT / ERT / CERT
                      & ARMED FORCES
                  •   AG-10 Empties in 6 Seconds, Delivers 0.33 oz of
                      OC per Second 10,000 Cubic Feet in 60
                  •   AG-40 Empties in 14 Seconds, Delivers 0.36 oz
                      of OC per Second 22,000 Cubic Feet in 60 Seconds
                  APS Number:
                  SABAG-10 - 2 oz / 56 grams / 60 ml
                  SABAG-40 - 5 oz / 140 grams / 150 ml

                                                                         Horizontal Deployment and Distribution Pattern

                                                                          Vertical Deployment and Distribution Pattern

A Clean Face Never Felt So Good!
Dramatically Reduces Effects of Chemical Agents!
SKEPTICAL? SO WERE WE! Since the inception of SABRE
Law Enforcement Aerosol Projectors, several proposed
decontamination concepts have been presented
to Security Equipment Corporation. These products
enhanced pain, spread capsaicinoids increasing
contaminated areas or did nothing at all. Due to their
significant short comings, we declined to take these
products to market.

It is impossible to both clean and soothe the skin with a
single formula. SABRE DECON effectively uses two unique

solutions to combat the effects of chemical agents,
prevents reactivation (exercising/hot showers) and                                          SOOTHE
further contamination of unwanted areas.                    Removes chemical agents       Moistens cleansed skin
                                                             from the skin, prevents     treated first by CLEANSE–
                                                             additional penetration       Step I and dramatically
                                                            into the pores and further    reduces the affects of
                                                             spreading to unwanted           chemical agents.
Field Treatment Models                                                areas.
Ideal compact size for use on officers and subjects
after deploying chemical agents to control subjects
/ inmates (Cruisers, In-Take Areas, Arsenal Room,
•   Decontaminates approximately 6 people.
APS Number:
SABSD40 - 4.0 oz CLEANSE & 4.0 oz SOOTHE

                                                                                                                    & ACCESSORIES
Training Treatment Models
Ideal large size for decontaminating multiple
recruits or in-service officers after chemical agents
                                                                                                                    OC SPRAY

contamination drills (Training Academies).
•   Decontaminates approximately 200 people.
APS Number:
SABSD1G - 1 Gallon Cleanse & 1 Gallon Soothe


                                                                          Tactical Duty
                                                                          w/ Gas Mask
                                                                          Our most popular tactical helmet

                                                                          provides outstanding protection
                Towelettes                                                and superior comfort. The model
                For relief from pepper                                    906FS6 features an optically
                spray and tear gas.                                       clear, UV resistant, polycarbonate face shield that
                •   BioShield® Towelettes contain the same natural        allows clearance for most standard issue gas masks..
                    ingredients as BioShield® spray for neutralizing      •   TacElite EPR™ polycarbonate alloy helmet shell.
                    the effects of pepper spray (OC), CN and CS gases.    •   Expanded polystyrene liner with padded,
                •   It also contains an antibacterial agent for extra         sweat wicking inner liner
                    protection.                                           •   Permanently mounted neck protector with Kydex®
                •   Towelettes unfold to a large 8” x 11” size                penetration shield and shock absorbent foam pad
                APS Number: PREBST100 - Pack of 100                       •   Detachable .150” (3.8mm) thick face shield with
                                                                              liquid seal provides clearance for use with gas mask
                                                                              and prevents liquids from seeping into officer’s eyes
                                                                          •   Snap-on nape pad with Kydex® penetration shield,
                Large Body Shield                                             shock-absorbent foam pads and chemical-resistant
                The 7100 containment shield
                                                                              black Cordura® cover
                is 48” H x 24” W providing full
                                                                          APS Number: PRE9065FS6
                knee to head coverage.
                •   Shields feature superior
                    optical quality and                                   Inspection
                    workmanship.                                          Mirror
                •   The 7100 features a unique                            •   Easy to disassemble for
                    design that allows two people to grip with both           storing and
                    hands on each handle when extra holding power             for transporting
                    is needed.                                                to any location
                •   Various Decals available. Please call for details.    •   A two-D cell flashlight
                APS Number: PRE7100C - Corrections Decal                      illuminates dark areas
                                                                          •   5” Convex, wide-angle mirror for searching hard-to-see
                                                                          •   Weight: less than 3 lbs.
                                                                          •   Length: 3 1/2 feet
                Riot Body Shield                                          APS Number: PREPL2001
                Protective Body Shield
                •   The 4100 shield
                    is designed to reduce                                 Inspection Mirror
                    user fatigue during                                   Light-Weight
                    extended confrontations.                              •   8-1/2” Round convex mirror, fully
                •   The shield is made of clear, UV stable                    adjustable
                    polycarbonate, which is lightweight and shatter-      •   Tripod ballbearing caster wheels
                    resistant.                                                allow a full range of motion with
                •   It is strong enough to protect the user from clubs,       effortless maneuvering
                    bricks, bottles and rocks.                            •   Rubber rim protects mirror
                •   Various Decals available. Please call for details.        during use
                APS Number: PRE4100PRH - Police Decal                     •   Light-weight with handle extension from 3’ to 6’
                                                                          •   3-1/2” ground clearance
                                                                          APS Number: PREPL5000
Police Training

The #333 Police
Training Suit is the most
comprehensive Defensive
Tactics suit ever devised.                                     Demonstrator Weapons
•   Its most outstanding                                       For all of those in search of a replica weapon that
    characteristic is that it                                  is the exact size of the real pistol, Blackhawk Law
    is capable of receiving blows from real weapons            Enforcement brings you the Blackhawk Demonstrator
    (PR-24, Asp, etc.) at full power without endangering       weapons.
    the trainer.                                               •    Now you can work with and demonstrate holsters
•   The #333 is also extremely mobile and is why it is              and other pistol accessories with a weapon that is
    being used more and more in cell extractions.                   the same size as the real pistol.
•   Made with an outer covering of Dupont Cordura              •    Injection molded of a super strength glass filled
    Nylon. Sectional ties allow the suit to hang and                polymer, these replicas will give you years of service.
    be put on and taken off in one piece.                      APS Number: BH44DG
•   The basic #333 consists of Chest and back, shoulder        Multiple Models Available. Please call for details.
    biceps, forearms, groin and butt, thighs, shins, helmet,
    and carry bag.
•   The weight of the basic suit is approximately 15 lbs       Crucible Trainer
APS Number: FT333                                              Professionals know that good
                                                               equipment is only part of the
                                                               equation. You also need the
                                                               right skills.
                                                               •    The Crucible folding trainer is identical to the
                                                                    Crucible folder, with the exception of its specialized
                                                                    training blade and bright orange G-10 handles.
                                                               •    Its hardened, skeletonized blade is the same weight
                                                                    as a sharpened blade but is radiused for safety,
                                                               APS Number: BH15CT21SLS

OC Training Products
Stream, Cone, Foam training canisters available in all
Replace 2nd digit of your live SABRE product with the
number “0” and you have its training product counterpart.
For example, training model for 52H2O10 (SABRE RED MK-3
stream) is 50H2O10.
                                                                  i i Ammunition
                                                               Training A  iti
                                                               Winchester provides some of the best training
OC INSTRUCTORS: How many hours do recruits spend
                                                               ammunition in the world. Whether you’re using
on the range with their FTU Instructors before they
                                                               WinClean to reduce airborne and down range toxicity, or
are certified to carry? What time is spent ensuring
                                                               the ultimate training round in Winchester Frangible you
they are ready to properly deploy OC? Maximize your
                                                               can rest assured of premium quality.
OC effectiveness and reduce force escalation through
                                                               Check out the Firearms and Accessories section of this
utilization of SABRE Training Products!
                                                               catalogue for more information on available loads and
Please see the OC Spray section for more information on
Sabre Inert products.


                  Meet the M&P
                  From Smith & Wesson
                  Reinforced polymer chassis, superior ergonomics, ambidextrous controls,
                  proven safety features. The new standard in reliability when your job is to
                  serve and protect and your life is on the line.

                  Available in .40S&W and 9mm
                  Also available in compact form for both .40 S&W and 9mm
                  In the design of the M&P, we considered the needs of military and law enforcement from every conceivable
                  angle. No other polymer pistol offers this combination of versatility, durability and safety.

                  All Backed By Our Smith & Wesson Lifetime Service Policy.

                  Safety at Hand                             Real World Versatility                        Day to Day Durability
                  •    Sear Deactivation Lever – Safe        •      Unparalleled Ergonomic                 •      Embedded Stainless Steel
                  •    Disassembly without Pressing                 Design                                 •      Rigid Chassis System Through
                       Trigger                               •      Ambidextrous Slide Stop                       Hardened Stainless Steel Slide &
                  •    Internal Lock System – Helps          •      Reversible Magazine                           Barrel
                       Prevent Unauthorized Use                     Catch                                  •      Stainless Steel Structural
                  •    Magazine Disconnect (Optional         •      (3) Interchangeable                           Components
                       for LE / GOV’T)                              Palmswell Grip Sizes                   •      Black Melonite® Finish, Yielding
                  •    Passive Trigger Safety                •      Universal Rail                                a Surface Hardness of 68 HRc
                  •    Striker Block Safety                                                                •      S&W Lifetime Service Policy


                   Ranger T-Series
                   With Enhanced Trauma Performance
                   Winchester Ranger T Series Handgun Duty Ammunition has been
                   re-engineered to provide faster, more reliable stopping power
                   together with the high level of accuracy and dependability that has been proved over the past decade. The enhanced
                   bullet jacket design provides deep penetration and weight retention, but with increased expansion and cut trauma for a
                   large diameter wound channel.

                   Patented Reverse-Taper Jacket Technology
                   •   Winchester’s unique copper alloy reverse jacket hollow point design, and pure lead core expand together,
                       maximizing the expansion window, increasing weight retention and optimizing barrier performance.
                   •   The thinner jacket provides a square heel for increased accuracy.
                   Optimized Hollow Point Design
                   •   The new T Series’ hollow point design bullet is optimized to work in conjunction with the heavy walled jacket to
                       promote expansion over a large velocity window and provide reliable and consistent expansion in barrier test
                   Heavy Jacket Nose
                   •   Increased jacket thickness towards the nose integrates larger barbs for rapid incapacitation. Improved bullet
                       manufacturing techniques also offer better retention of barbs even at high velocities.
                   Unique Expansion Characteristics
                   •   The expanded bullet’s six sharp barbs add cut trauma as an additional wounding mechanism to the crush trauma
                       typical to the hollow point bullet design.

                   APS Number: AMM124TP - 9MM - 124 GR. JHP
                   AMMRA9TA - 9MM - 127 GR. JHP
                   AMMRA9T - 9MM - 147 GR. JHP
                   AMMRA40TA - .40 S&W - 165 GR. JHP
                   AMMRA40T - .40 S&W - 180 GR. JHP
                   Call for additional configurations


                  Ranger Bonded
                  Winchester® is introducing a complete line of Ranger® Bonded ammunition featuring a new and proprietary
                  approach to the bullet core/jacket bonding process. This approach gave Winchester total control over one of
                  the most critical bonded bullet features: jacket thickness and profile tailored for maximum effectiveness of each
                  bullet—in each caliber.

                  This proprietary bonding process bypasses the limitations of plated bullets. With Ranger Bonded ammunition, jacket
                  thickness is adjusted throughout the bullet profile to optimize performance. This is not possible with plated bullets.
                  Today, Ranger® Bonded ammunition features a complete line of fully bonded lead core/jacket bullets designed to deliver
                  optimum, controlled expansion and bullet integrity in all calibers and through all standard test barriers—especially auto
                  APS Number: AMMRA9B - 9mm, 147 GR. Bonded, AMMRA40B - .40 S&W, 180 GR. Bonded
                  Call for additional configurations

                  Training rounds:
                  AMMUSA9MM1 - 9mm, 147 GR Full Metal Jacket - Flat Nose
                  AMMQ4238 - .40 S&W - 180 GR Full Metal Jacket
                  Call for additional configurations

Winchester Frangible
Winchester Frangible is the ultimate training ammunition on the market - 100% non-toxic and completely lead free!
Extremely safe in limiting ricochets and easy on range backstops. The future in firearms training is with Winchester
Frangible - available in handgun, shotshell, and rifle rounds.
APS Number: AMMRA9SF1 - 9MM - 90 GR. AMMRA9SFC - 9mm - 100 GR. AMMRA40SFC - .40 S&W - 135 GR. .
AMMRA124SFC - 12 Gauge # 4 Call for additional configurations

                                                                                                                         & ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                                       & ACCESSORIES

Winchester WinClean
The best value in training ammunition - WinClean eliminates airborne toxicity at the firing point with lead and heavy
metal free primers and brass enclosed bullets. Reliable, safe, and clean on your firearms - making WinClean the
most popular training round in Canada!
APS Number: AMMWC91 - 9mm - 115 GR. AMMWC92 - 9mm - 124 GR. AMMWC93 - 9mm - 147 GR.
AMMWC401 - .40 S&W - 165 GR. AMMWC402 - .40 S&W - 180GR. Call for additional configurations


                  Shotshell Ammunition Slugs &
                  Ranger Low Recoil Slugs & Buckshot
                   The need was clear: police departments and law
                  enforcement agencies required high accuracy and fast
                  recovery with low recoil slug and buckshot loads for
                  the demands of duty shotgun applications. Once again,
                  Winchester answered the challenge with the Ranger
                  series of high accuracy, low recoil buckshot and rifled slugs. The 12 gauge Ranger Low Recoil Buckshot loads deliver up
                  to 40% less recoil compared to standard buckshot loads and feature clean-burning, low flash powder for reduced night
                  vision loss and quick, on-target follow up. Ranger Low Recoil, Rifled Hollow Point Slugs are also perfectly suited for law
                  enforcement needs by delivering great accuracy and penetration with minimal recovery time.

                  APS Part Numbers:
                  AMMRA1200- 12 Gauge 9/00 - Low Recoil , AMMRA1200HD- 12 Gauge 9/00 ,
                  AMMX12RS15 - 12 Gauge Slug , AMMRA12RS15 - 12 Gauge Slug - Low Recoil
                  Call for additional configurations

                                                                Winchester AA Target Loads
                                                                Practice makes perfect. And Winchester AA
                                                                Target Loads make the ideal introductory
                                                                training round for shotgun familiarization.
                                                                Winchester’s AA Low Noise/Low Recoil Target
                                                                Loads deliver 50% less noise and 50% less recoil than standard
                                                                target loads.

                                                                APS Numbers: AMMAA127C - 12 Gauge Target Loads 7 1/2

.308 Sniper Ammunition
The Supreme Competition .308 Winchester Match Grade - featuring the J4 Competition Bullet designed by Nosler,
incorporates the Spiveco/J4 jackets for extreme concentricity and uniformity. Add Winchester’s precision components
and loading technologies, and you have a product with true, pinpoint accuracy and remarkably consistent
APS Number: AMMS308MC - Sierra Match 168 GR. BTHP. Call for additional configurations

                                                                                                                        & ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                                      & ACCESSORIES
.223 Power & Soft Point

.223 Power Point
Unique soft nose jacketed design delivers maximum energy on target. One of the best all-around .223
rounds on the market that delivers superior consistency through all barriers.
APS Number: AMMRA223R2C - 64 GR. Power Point. Call for additional configurations

.223 Soft Point
Pointed bullet design retains velocity over long ranges. Soft nose initiates rapid bullet expansion.
Excellent round used across North America for Law Enforcement agencies.
APS Number: AMMRA223RC - 55 GR. Soft Point. Call for additional configurations


                                                                               Only the BoreSnake cleans, brushes and swabs in a
                                                                               single pass.
                                                                               •   The revolutionary single-piece BoreSnake takes
                                                                                   the hassle and mess out of cleaning rifles, pistols and
                                                                               •   One or two pulls of the BoreSnake and you get a
                  Cleaning Patches                                                 shiny clean bore that’s ready for more action.
                  Uniformly woven patches. Pre-cut caliber and gauge           •    Ideal for quick cleans or for cleaning in the field.
                  sizes for optimum gun cleaning performance.                  •   A brass weight on the pull cord has the size stamped
                  APS Number: HOP1204 - 500 Patches - .38 to .45                   into it.
                  HOP1205S - 12G 300 Patches                                   •   BoreSnake can be machine washed.
                                                                               APS Number: HOP24002 - 9mm, & .38
                                                                               HOP24003 - .40
                                                                               HOP24011 - .223
                                                                               HOP24015 - .308
                                                                               HOP24035 - 12 gauge

                  Phosphor Brush
                  Tried and true, Hoppe’s brushes really handle fouling.       Cleaning Kit
                  •   Phosphor bronze brushes are most effective on lead.      - Hoppe’s
                  APS Number: HOP1307AP - 9mm & .38                            Hoppe’s cleaning kits include
                  HOP1308AP - .40                                              everything you need and
                  HOP13014P - 12 gauge                                         make storing your components easy.
                   HOP1303P - .223
                                                                               Pistol Cleaning Kit with Aluminum Rod
                                                                               Keep your pistol working its best with regular
                                                                               •   This kit contains a 2 oz. bottle of Hoppe’s No. 9
                                                                                   solvent, a 21/4 oz. bottle of Hoppe’s Lubricating Oil,
                                                                                   patches, pistol rod, knob and slotted ends and brush.
                  Utility Brush                                                APS Number: HOPPC040 - .40 cal
                  Tried and true, Hoppe’s brushes really handle fouling.       HOPPC038 - .38, & 9mm
                  •   Two bristled ends - one for large areas, the other for
                      tight spots                                              Shotgun Cleaning Kit with Aluminum Rod
                  APS Number: HOP1380 - Nylon                                  •   Contains No. 9 Solvent, a 21/4 oz. bottle of Hoppe’s
                                HOP1380P - Phosphor Bronze                         Lubricating Oil, patches, shotgun rod, slotted end,
                                                                                   accessory adapter and brush.
                                                                               APS Number: HOPSG012 - 12 Gauge

                                                   Hoppe’s Elite Gun
                                                   Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner cleans
                                                   down to the pores, removing
                                                   layers of fouling and embedded
                                                   carbon that has been there since
                                                   your gun’s first firing.
                                                   •   With continued use, Hoppe’s
                                                       Elite conditions your bore to
                                                       resist additional carbon fouling,
Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil                                  making gun cleaning easier
Superior Lubrication and Corrosion                     and faster.
Protection!                                        •   Using Hoppe’s Elite regularly
•    Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil uses “thin-                 can cut your gun cleaning time
     coat” technology spreading gun oil                by up to 80 percent.
     evenly in a micro-fine layer.                  •   Plus, Hoppe’s Elite is non-toxic
•    This provides superior lubrication                and biodegradable,
     and corrosion protection.                     APS Number: HOPGC2 - 2 oz. Gun Cleaner
•    With this superior coating layer,             HOP GC4 - 4 oz. Gun Cleaner
     you actually get better, longer-              HOPGC8 - 8 oz. Gun Cleaner
     lasting protection throughout your            HOPGC32 - 32 oz. Gun Cleaner
•    Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil is non-toxic,
     biodegradable and
     environmentally safe.
APS Number: HOPGO2 - 2 oz. Gun Oil                 Hoppe’s No. 9 Solvent
HOP GO4 - 4 oz. Gun Oil                            The standard for more then a century, Hoppe’s No. 9
                                                   remains the most widely used remover of powder, lead,
                                                   metal fouling and rust.
                                                   •   Formula penetrates deep and rapidly
                                                   •   Ultra-potent, safe and easy to use.
                                                   •   A worldwide favorite since 1903
M-Pro 7 CLP Cleaner                                APS Number: HOP902 - 2 oz. Bottle
Lubricant Protectant                               HOP 916 - Pint Bottle
Extreme Care for Extreme Shooting                  HOP932 - Quart Bottle

                                                                                                                     & ACCESSORIES

•    A military CLP that does a stellar

                                                                                                                   & ACCESSORIES
     job of deep cleaning and metal
•    Lubricates thoroughly while also

     providing corrosion protection.
•    This advanced technology oil
     includes a synthetic component                APS Distributors carries a complete line of Hoppe’s
     that coats parts with a film.                  products, and maintains high stock levels on most firearm
APS Number:                                        accessories. For a complete list of available products please
HOP0701407 - 2 oz. Bottle                          check out our website at or contact
HOP0701043 - 4 oz. Bottle                          your local account manager.
Larger sizes available, please call for details.


                                                                             Combination Cable
                                                                             Protects against unauthorized use
                                                                             and child tampering.
                                                                             •   Resettable code
                                                                             •   Made from strong boron alloy
                                                                             •   Universal in fit
                                                                             •   Cable coated to protect gun’s metal
                                                                             •   1,000 possible combinations
                                                                             APS Number: FR11131

                  Armloc Handgun Safety System
                  The Armloc II is loaded with features for your safety
                  and convenience                                            Keyed Cable Lock
                  •   Personalized lock with 1000 possible combinations.     Protects against unauthorized use and
                  •   Keyed lock for maximum security                        child tampering.
                  •   Kevlar®-hardened space age composite case.             •   Complies with applicable laws.
                  •   Gently pops open for instant access.                   •   Convenient reversible key.
                  •   Guaranteed against breakage.                           •   Key multiple locks with the
                  APS Number: FR11111                                            same key.
                                                                             •   120 possible key changes.
                                                                             •   Internal ejector spring for
                                                                                 faster access.
                                                                             •   Fits most firearms, including
                                                                                 AR-15 Bolt Actions and Pump
                                                                                 Action Shotguns.
                                                                             •   Small diameter pin for a wider variety of applications.
                                                                             APS Number: FR11131

                  Universal Trigger Lock
                  Secure your firearm from unauthorized use
                  •   The Hoppe’s Universal Trigger Lock easily slips into
                      place and provides a formidable barrier that
                      discourages misuse of a gun.
                  •   The casing is a bright fluorescent orange for high
                      visibility.                                            Full Size
                  •   An LED-lighted key makes it easy to see the keyhole,   Grip Sleeve
                      even in low light.                                     •   Rubber slide on grip
                  •   A second standard key is also included.                APS Number: HOG17000
                  APS Number: HOPL1

                                                               Silhouette Targets
Bore Light                                                     APS Distributors stocks large
Lighten up! Now see                                            quantities of the most commonly
what’s really inside your                                      used targets. Contact us today for
bore                                                           more information
•   A useful tool for clear                                    APS Number:
    inspection under all conditions.                           SPB27FSA - Black, Case of 100
•   Illuminate the bore entirely to expose nicks, scratches,   SPB27FSBL - Blue, Case of 100
    pits and fouling.                                          SPIPSCCB - Cardboard Combat IPSC
•   Good for safety checks and lighting                        Target, Case of 100
    hard-to-reach areas.                                       Numerous Target Styles available. Please
•   Locking feature can lock light on for longer               call for details.
APS Number: HOPBRL-1

                                                               APS Distributors stocks large
                                                               quantities of the most commonly used
                                                               pasters and accessories. Contact us
                                                               today for more information
Long Gun                                                       APS Number:
Pack Mat                                                       SPPASBLR- Black, Round, Roll of 1,000
w/HawkTex                                                      SPPASBLUES - Blue, Round, Roll of 1,000
It is used as a rifle carrying case, a backpack, a
jungle drag bag and as a shooting mat complete with
removable pouches.
•   Full wrap around carry handles made of
       heavy-duty webbing
•   All compartments closed by #9 YKK® zipper and
    sliders with silent zipper pulls
•   Hard plastic protective crown cover lined with
    closed cell foam
•   Sternum strap elasticized for comfortable fit
•   Fits all rifles up to 50” in length
APS Number: BH20PM03BK
                                                               Speed Timer 3000 RF Shot

                                                                                                                     & ACCESSORIES
Unloading/Loading                                              Anytime you want to know how fast you can

                                                                                                                   & ACCESSORIES
Station                                                        handle your Firearm!
This UNLOADING STATION is                                      •    Shot Times (the overall time from the start)
designed to provide safe and easy                              •    Split Times (the time between

unloading service weapons.                                          each shot fired)
•   The UNLOADING STATION safely                               •    Shot Numbers counts the total numbers
    contains accidental discharges                                  of shots fired
    to the rated ballistic level.                              •    User Adjustable Sensitivity Adjustment
•   The orange cone opening is                                 •    3 Second Delay or Instant Start
    designed to catch the                                           for practice or competition
    round ejected from semi-                                   •    Transmits the overall time to
    automatic weapons.                                              any remote display
•   Available in a floor mount                                  APS Number: RUSPEEDT
       or wall mount.

               Scorpion                                                  Safety Glasses
               The Scorpion offers a contemporary lightweight nylon      Save your sight with our durable safety glasses
               frame with adjustable temples, providing comfort          •   These top-quality sporting glasses are optically
               throughout the entire work shift.                             correct and can be worn with or without
               •   The wraparound design and the single scratch              corrective lenses.
                   resistant polycarbonate lens provides protection      •   Made of high impact poly-carbonate, they
                   with unobstructed vision.                                 provide excellent protection for all shooting and
               •   Polycarbonate lenses filter out 99.9% of harmful UV        hand loading operations.
                   rays.                                                 •   Great for outdoor use when glare-free vision is
               •   Replacement lenses are also available.                    important
               APS Number: WSW90110A - Clear                             •   Complies with rigid impact requirements of
                                                                             ANSI Z87.1-2003.
                                                                         APS Number: HOP3053 - Yellow
                                                                         HOP3055 - Clear

               The Temp
               The Temp is a solid economical choice for those
               temporary jobs where protection is mandatory.
               •   Made of premium polycarbonate material and is CSA
               •   The Temp is a great option in eye protection for
                   outdoor UV protection or welding fabrication shops
                   where IR protection is a must.
               APS Number: WSW1080 - Clear

                                                                         A.C.E Tactical Goggle
                                                                         Advance Combat Eyewear’s low profile design is
                                                                         ideal for use with PASGT, ACH, or MICH helmets
                                                                         and allows excellent peripheral vision.
               Sport & Safety Glasses                                    •   Removable Nose Guard
               Save your sight with our durable safety glasses.          •   Tear-Off Lens Capable
               •   Great for target and trap shooting because no frame   •   Cage design for maximum ventilation
                   gets in the way.                                      •   Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 & MIL-V-43511C standards
               •   Adjustable length bows                                    for impact resistance
               APS Number: HOP3058 - Clear                               •   High-Quality flow-coated anti-scratch and anti-
                                                                             fog treatments

                                         APS Number: BH85AC00BK - Black
                                                                        Peltor Tactical
                                                                        The “Listening” Muffs That
                                                                        Help Protect Against Harmful
                                                                        Noise While Amplifying Low
                                                                        Level Sounds
                                                                        •   NRR 26 dB
                                                                        •   Folding padded
                                                                        •   Ambient listening
                                                                            electronics provide
T-800R Ballistic Goggle                                                     distortion-free,
If you want long-term comfort and helmet compatibility, you want            amplification of low level sounds up to 14 dB
the T800R ballistic goggle.                                             •   Omni directional (stereo) cup microphones provide
•   100% UV Absorption                                                      360 degree external ambient listening capability.
•   Prescription inserts are available                                  •   Patented stainless steel spring arms designed for
•   Additional colored lenses available in gray/smoke and yellow.           durability with minimum temple pressure.
•   Protective Tear-Offs made of .004” polyester protects during high   •   Patented combination liquid/gel filled ear cushions.
    wind, abrasive conditions, and storage.                             APS Number: PLMT15H7FSV
•   Adjustable black nylon strap with 160% extension includes post
    for protective tear-offs.
•   Weighs about 86 grams.
•   ANSI Z87.1 Standard
APS Number: BL100800110

                                                                        Peltor Shotgunner
                                                                        Passive hearing protection
                                                                        •   A stowaway hearing protector with an ultra-low
                                                                            tapered section of the ear cup bottom, which
                                                                            eliminates interference with the gun stock.
Folding Bench Rest Sound Muffler                                        •   Excellent attenuation with adjustable stainless
Hear this! You need ear protection for shooting and                         spring steel headband for optimum fit.                 PROTECTION
Hoppe’s has it!                                                         •   Adjusts small enough to fit women and most
                                                                                                                                  EYE & EAR

•   Our best 28 dB Sound Muffler is available in a fold-up                   children.
    style for convenience and compact storage.                          •   Patented liquid/foam ear cushions for all day
•   Ideal for field use. Features durable ABS plastic ear cups               comfort.
    with foam pillow inserts.                                           •   The world’s lightest weight folding
•   Fully adjustable. Unique design folds into itself                       hearing protector with liquid/foam ear cushions.
    when not in use.                                                    •   Developed for portability, storage
•   Provides superior ear protection by muffling                             and optimum fit.
    noise to 28 dB.                                                     •   Noise Reduction Rating: 21 dB
APS Number: HOP3092                                                     APS Number: PLM9701100000

                                                                       APS is a full line distributor of both Serengeti and Bolle
                                                                       eyewear. Please contact your account manager for more
PROTECTION                                                             information.

                                                                            When the game Is on the line, no detail is too
             Your eyes will stay relaxed, so you can stay                   small. That’s the philosophy behind everything
             focused. Our lenses also block virtually 100%                  we make. We design the lenses, the frames and
             of UVA and UVB rays. Protection that goes well                 every detail to work together. The result: Your
             beyond government and commercial standards.                    sunglasses not only look and feel great, they
             So your eyes stay sharp. And you stay safe.                    perform as hard as you do.

             Polarmax™: Maestrale
             This is the kind of treatment every driver                     Warrant
             deserves.                                                      The Warrant was designed around dual Toric
             •   Photochromic and polarized properties are                  lenses, which provide distortion-free comfort.
                 combined with anti-glare coatings and a                    •    This unique lens closely conforms to the
                 lightweight, polycarbonate, shatter-resistant                   contour of the face
                 lens, resulting in superior durability and clarity.        •    Maximizes peripheral vision and protection,
             •   Base Curve: 8                                                   providing comfort and protection from uv rays,
             •   Temple Length: 132mm                                            dust and wind.
             •   Lens Size: 65.5 x 39.8 x 71mm, DBL 13.8mm                  •    Fit: Medium/Large
             APS Number: SK7068                                             •    Frame: Shiny black
                                                                            •    Lens: TNS Gun
                                                                            APS Number: SK10755

             S-Flex™: Salto
             Because the road tends to lose its charm if you’re
             uncomfortable. Serengeti® offers frames that
             conform to you. The revolutionary “S” shaped                   Snakes™: Recoil
             temple design offers a customized feel.                        The snakes collection features a strikingly
             •   The double-action movement retains memory                  progressive sense of style .
                 and automatically moves back into place for                •    With thermogrip® temples and nose pads,
                 the same secure fit every time you put on your                   shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses, and
                 sunglasses. And because they’re made using                      wrap-around frames, these sunglasses are
                 durable, lightweight monel and beta titanium,                   designed to fit closely around your face. So
                 all you’ll feel is the road.                                    you’re ready for anything.
             •   Base Curve: 8 Rx                                           •    Fit: Medium Large
             •   Temple Length: 125mm                                       •    Frame: Shiny black
             •   Lens Size: 65.9 x 46.5 x 67mm, DBL 11.2mm                  •    Lens: Polarized TNS
             APS Number: SK7047                                             APS Number: SK10405


                                                                             Portable, powerful, industrial-duty, rechargeable
                                                                             lantern with 90° swivel head lets you aim the super-
                                                                             bright light in any direction.
                                                                             •    High-intensity halogen bi-pin bulb available in 8
                                                                                  watt and 20 watt spot and flood.
                                                                             •    Xenon dual filament 8 watt safety bulb features
                                                                                  instant backup beam
                                                                             •    High-impact ABS thermoplastic housing with
                                                                                  rubberized impact bumper, lens ring, and
                                                                                  cushioned-grip handle
                                                                             •    Up to 9 hrs. continuous run time per charge
                                                                                  depending on bulb type
                                                                             Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.

                 H.I.D. Litebox®
                SEARCH LIGHT: The One Million Candlepower High-
                Intensity Search Light that Illuminates Objects One
                Mile Away!
                •    35 Watt H.I.D Xenon lamp: 3350 Lumens, 1,000,000        Vulcan®
                     Peak Beam Candlepower; 2000 hr. min. lifetime           Industrial-duty, lightweight, rechargeable,
                •    White 5mm LED (x2): 9 Lumens (each), Impervious to      waterproof lantern; it’s virtually indestructible.
                     shock with a 100,000 hr. lifetime                       •    High-intensity halogen bi-pin bulb: 8 watt spot;
                •    Runtime: H.I.D. lamp: up to 1.75 hrs, LEDs: 100 hrs.+        xenon dual filament 8 watt safety bulb delivers
                •    Fits existing LiteBox® Mounting Racks                        instant backup beam
                •    Zero-maintenance 12V, 7.2Ah sealed lead acid            •    8 watt spot provides up to 80,000 peak beam
                     rechargeable up to 500 times                                 candlepower (bulb lumens: 150 typical); dual
                •    Serialized for positive identification                        filament 8 watt spot has up to 70,000 peak beam
                •    Available in International safety orange or black            candlepower each (bulb lumens: 157 typical)
                •    One year limited Warranty                               •    Up to 3.25 hrs. continuous run time per charge
                Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.   •    Zero-maintenance 4.5 amp-hour sealed lead acid
                                                                                  battery is rechargeable up to 500 times
                                                                             •    High-impact ABS thermoplastic housing with
                                                                                  rubberized cushioned grip handle
                                                                             •    Waterproof to 100ft.
                                                                             Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.

                                                            3C Propolymer® LED
4AA Propolymer                                              Impact and shock resistant LED flashlight that provides
Impact and shock resistant LED flashlight that provides      336 hours of run time.
155 hours of run time.                                      •   Powered by 3 “C” alkaline batteries
•   Powered by 4 “AA” alkaline batteries                    •   Up to 3,500 peak beam candlepower
•   7 ultra-bright 100,000-hour life LEDs                       (44 lumens typical)
•   Runs up to 155 hrs.                                     •   Waterproof
•   Available in yellow and black                           •    Div. 1 - Runs up 4 hrs. at full intensity with16 additional
APS Number: SL68200                                             hrs. of declining usable light
                                                            •   Div. 2 - Runs up 5.5 hrs. at full intensity with 2 additional
                                                                hrs. of declining usable light
                                                            •   Rubber booted, tail-end push button switch
                                                            •   Features a wrist lanyard connection and a
                                                                spring-loaded clip
                                                            •   Available in yellow or black
                                                            APS Number: SL33200

                                                            3N Propolymer®
                                                            Extremely lightweight, alkaline
                                                            battery-powered personal light
                                                            features three ultra-bright LEDs.
                                                            •   Powered by 3 “N”
                                                                alkaline batteries
                                                            •   3 ultra-bright white, 100,000-hour life LEDs provide up
Helmet Clamps                                                   to 30 lumens typical, blue LEDs also available
Propolymer                                                  •   Impact-resistant polymer
Portability                                                 •   Up to 120 hrs. continuous run time
•   Specialized clamps for                                  •   Momentary blink or constant-on tail switch
    attaching a 4AA                                         •   5.25”
    Propolymer to a                                         •   2.1 oz.
                                                                                                                                & OPTICS

    standard fire helmet.                                    •   Available in yellow or black
APS Number: SL68004                                         APS Number: SL62302

APS Distributors is an Authorized Service Center for all
Streamlight Products. For repairs or accessories for your
Streamlight products contact us today.


                                                                             TLR-2™ With Laser Sight
                                                                             The same great features of the TLR-1 with an
                                                                             integrated laser sight for accurate aiming.
                                                                             •   Powered by two 3-volt CR123A lithium batteries with
                                                                                 10-year storage life
                                                                             •   Shockproof 3-watt super high-flux LED with blinding
                                                                                 beam (up to 80 lumens) with bright side-light – will
                TLR-1™                                                           not break or burn out!
                Intensely bright, virtually indestructible tactical light,   •   Up to 2.5 hr. runtime (laser-only mode runs 45+ hrs.)
                attaches/detaches in seconds.                                •   Rail grip clamp system securely attaches/detaches
                •    Powered by two 3-volt CR123A lithium batteries with         quickly and safely with no tools and without putting
                     10-year storage life                                        your hands in front of muzzle
                •    Shockproof 3-watt super high-flux LED with blinding      •   Fast, adjustable, secure side mounting to 1913 and
                     beam (up to 80 lumens) with bright side-light – will        Glock style rails
                     not break or burn out!                                  •   Machined aluminum sealed construction with black
                •    Up to 2.5 hr. runtime                                       anodized finish
                •    Rail grip clamp system securely attaches/detaches       •   Dustproof
                     quickly and safely with no tools and without putting    •   Ambidextrous momentary/steady on-off switch
                     your hands in front of muzzle                           •   Highly accurate sight repeatability when remounting
                •    Fast, adjustable, secure side mounting to 1913 and      •   Fits most light bearing holsters
                     Glock style rails                                       •   Includes keys for Glock (universal) installed, 1913
                •    Machined aluminum sealed construction with black            (Picatinny) and S&W TSW/99
                     anodized finish                                          •   4.72 oz.
                •    Waterproof to one meter for one hour, dustproof         APS Number: SL69120
                •    Ambidextrous momentary/steady on-off switch
                •    Fits most light bearing holsters
                •    Includes keys for Glock (universal) installed, 1913
                     (Picatinny) and S&W TSW/99
                APS Number: SL69110

                                                               Nightfighter NF-2 ®
                                                               The NightFighter® tactical lights are the lightest
                                                               flashlights in their class. The unique adjustable ring
Scorpion                                                       makes a perfect fit for any hand.
One of the brightest and lightest personal flashlights          •    Two 3 volt CR123A lithium batteries with a storage life
ever created, the Scorpion® is the only tactical light with         of up to 10 years (included)
a rubberized grip and tailcap switch. Available with a         •    TactCap™ switch for quick, easy momentary operation
xenon bulb or a super high-flux LED.                            •    Momentary push button tailcap, which rotates for
•    Two 3 volt CR123A lithium batteries with a                     locked “on”
     storage life of up to 10 years (included)                 •    Polymer grip ring adjusts to any hand size
•    Machined aluminum covered by a                            •    High-intensity xenon gas-filled bi-pin bulb delivers up
     rubber-armored sleeve for a sure grip                          to 7,900 peak beam candlepower (114 lumens)
•    O-ring sealed for moisture protection                     •    Adjustable spot-to-flood focus
•    6 volt xenon gas bulb, designed to last through 5 sets    •    1 hour of continuous run time
     of batteries (spare bulb included)                        Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.
•    Up to 7,900 peak beam candlepower (114 lumens)
•    Adjustable spot-to-flood focus
•    1 hr. continuous run time
Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.

It’s ultra-compact – just 4.6 oz. – but it’s as bright
as lights 5 times its size. The Strion® is the only
rechargeable gun mounted light system on the market.           Tactical TL-2® LED                                             FLASHLIGHTS
•    3.6V, 6 watt xenon gas-filled bi-pin bulb; spare bulb in   The brightness of a larger light in a compact size that
     tailcap                                                   can be comfortably used with a firearm. Now available
•    Up to 70 minutes continuous use between charges           with shock-proof bulb.
•    Up to 12,000 peak beam candlepower, 116 lumens            •
                                                                                                                              & OPTICS

                                                                    1 watt super-high flux LED is 10 times brighter than a
•    Rechargeable up to 300 times on 100V, 120V, 230V,              high intensity LED – 47 lumens
     240V AC, or 12V DC chargers                               •    Anti-roll head
•    Fully recharged in 2.5 hrs.                               •    Solid state power regulation provides 1.75 hrs.
•    Momentary and constant-on modes                                of uniform high brightness followed by an additional 2
•    Grooved barrel provides superior rail mount retention          hrs. of declining brightness
•    Extended push button on Tactical Mode                     •    Pocket clip, adjustable lanyard
Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.     Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.


                                                                               The most versatile military light
                                                                               in the world, Twenty flashlights
                                                                               in one!
                                                                               •   Each LED features 4 levels of output
                                                                                   intensities: Low (5%), Medium (20%),
                Twin-Task® 3C                                                      Medium-High (50%), High (100%)
                This versatile light, with a high-intensity xenon bulb plus        plus a Strobe function (100%)
                six ultra-bright white LEDs, can shine for up to 160           •   High-impact, super-tough nylon
                hours.                                                             case; drop-test
                •    Powered by 3 “C” alkaline batteries                           verified from 30 feet
                •    3.6 volt high-pressure xenon bulb; plus 6 ultra-bright,   •   Super-Bright White LED
                     white 100,000-hour life LEDs                              •   Spring steel clip attaches to MOLLE or belt.
                •    Up to 5 hrs. run time (xenon); up to                      •   Clip can be mounted on either side of the light
                •    160 hrs. (3 LEDs); up to 100 hrs. (6 LEDs)                •   Articulating 185° rotating head
                Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.     •   Pull and rotate locking color selector knob to
                                                                                   attain desired color
                                                                               •   Also accepts 2 “AA” lithium batteries, which allow
                                                                                   extended operation, or extreme temperatures
                                                                                   (-40oF - 150oF)
                                                                               •   Mounts to MOLLE or ACH for hands-free use
                                                                               •   O-ring sealed for waterproof operation. Meets
                                                                                   MIL-STD-810F, Method 512.4
                                                                               APS Number: SL14003
                The world’s smallest, brightest, one-ounce, machined
                aluminum, one LED flashlight! The Key-Mate runs
                longer and stays brighter.
                •    Reflector optics deliver up to 400% more lighting
                     range than traditional penlights
                •    Up to 96 hrs. run time
                •    O-ring sealed for water-resistance
                •    Powered by 4 alkaline button cells (included)
                Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.

                                                                     Lightweight, powerful, rechargeable flashlight with
Stinger®                                                             super-tough, non-conductive nylon polymer construction
The standard flashlight in law enforcement the world                  that makes it virtually indestructible.
over.                                                                •    Xenon gas-filled bi-pin bulb with 30-hour life; spare
•    Xenon gas-filled bi-pin bulb; spare bulb in tailcap                   bulb in tailcap
•    Adjustable focus beam                                           •    Adjustable focus beam
•    Up to 15,000 peak beam candlepower; 125 lumens                  •    Up to 15,000 peak beam candlepower; 125 lumens
•    3-cell 3.6V nickel-cadmium sub-C battery                        •    3-cell 3.6V nickel-cadmium sub-C battery
•    Up to 1 hour continuous use                                     •    Up to 1 hour continuous use
•    Fast Charger available                                          •    Avilable in black and yellow
Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.           Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.

Stinger XT®                                                          Ultrastinger®
                                                                     U       nger
Compact, powerful, rechargeable flashlight with easy-to-
             rful,                                                   The brightest Streamlight flashlight available, providing
locate tactical tailcap switch.                                      u
                                                                     up to 75,000 candlepower.
•              filled
     Xenon gas-filled bi-pin bulb with 30-hour life                   •              fe
                                                                          30-hour life xenon-halogen gas-filled bi-pin bulb
•    Adjustable focus beam                                           •             e
                                                                          Adjustable focus beam
•              n
     Push-button tailcap switch for one-hand                         •             000
                                                                          Up to 75,000 peak beam candlepower; 295 lumens
     momentary or constant operation                                 •    5-cell 6V nickel-cadmium sub-C battery
•    Up to 15,000 peak beam candlepower; 125 lumens                  •             our
                                                                          Up to 1 hour continuous use
•    3-cell 3.6V nickel-cadmium sub-C battery                        •             on
                                                                          Push-button head switch
•    Up to 1 hour continuous use                                     •    Available in black
Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.                ple
                                                                     Multiple configurations available. Please call for

Stinger DS LED
Two switches are better than one! The Stinger Dual                                                                                FLASHLIGHTS
Switch LED is the only rechargeable flashlight with a fully
independent dual switch.
•    Use the traditional thumb switch or the new Tail Cap switch.
                                                                                                                                  & OPTICS

     The combination of a rechargeable battery and a lifetime
     super high flux LED results in the lowest operating cost of
     any flashlight made.
•    Runtime: High- up to 1.75 hours, Medium: Up to 3.5 hours,
•    Low: up to 6.75 hours ,Strobe- up to 5.5 hours
•    3-cell, 3.6 Volt Nickel cadmium sub-C battery is rechargeable
     up to 1000 times
•    Fits existing Stinger chargers.
Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.


                                                              This bright LED penlight has a battery life 20x greater
                                                              than a standard flashlight and goes anywhere you
                                                              •    High-intensity LED lasts 100,000 hrs.
                Replacement Bulbs                             •    Runs up to 60 continuous hrs.
                Available for all products. please call for   •    Momentary blink and constant “on” modes
                model details.                                Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.

                Piggyback® Charger
                Double your battery power!
                •    The Stinger PiggyBack Charger
                     works with Stinger, Stinger
                     HP, Stinger XT, Stinger XT HP,
                     as well as PolyStinger.                  Stylus Reach®
                •    Available in steady charge or fast       The Stylus Reach® includes a 7” flexible cable that
                     charge.                                  enables you to see into even the tightest spots.
                APS Number: SL75275                           •    Includes flexible 7” extension cable that allows for
                                                                   14” of “reach”
                                                              •    14” extended; 6.75” folded
                Bank Charger                                  Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.
                Charge up to 5 Stinger flashlights
                •    The Stinger PiggyBack Charger works
                     with Stinger, Stinger HP, Stinger XT,    Cuffmate®
                     Stinger XT HP, and PolyStinger.          An extended-reach
                •    Available in steady charge or fast       handcuff key/flashlight
                     charge.                                  with super-bright multi-
                APS Number: SL75400                           directional dual LEDs
                                                              •    Compatible with most
                Safety Wands                                       handcuff brands
                Plastic Safety wands attach                   •    Made of virtually
                quickly and easily.                                indestructible fiberglass-reinforced polymer
                APS Number:                                   •    Swiveling key ring connector for extra convenience
                SL75903 - Stinger, Stinger XT, PolyStinger    •    Runs up to 7.5 continuous hrs. or 1,000s of
                SL78903 - UltraStinger, HP Stinger                 momentary bursts of light
                                                              APS Number: SL63001

Gladius Illumination Tool
The GLADIUS is quite possibly the most innovative                 Xiphos NT
handheld tactical illumination tool to arrive on the scene.       Weapon Mounted Light
•    This is a 6 volt, lithium battery powered, high-output       The Xiphos NT is a 3-volt rail-mounted LED pistol light
     LED, highly water resistant, aluminum bodied,                boasting over 65 lumens of blinding white led light at full
     illumination tool designed primarily for handheld use,       power.
     but robust enough for weapon mounted applications.           •   65 Lumens Output
•    The body design allows for a variety of handgun              •   Duplicate ambidextrous operation of ALL programmed
     flashlight technical applications.                                functions
•    Features an excellent center of gravity and the end user     •   2 + Hours of Total Runtime
     will appreciate the well-placed anti-roll/retention flares.   •   Light output effective range is 25 to 30 meters
•    The light features a patent pending multifunction            •   -20°F to 150°F ambient operating temperature range.
     tailcap including: Momentary Switching, Constant ON,         •   Lightweight - 2.6 ounces with one 3-volt CR123A
     Strobe Mode, Dimming, and Lock-Out all with intuitive,           Lithium battery installed.
     user friendly, one-finger operation.                          •   Waterproof to 10 Meters
•    The switching is separated into two components. A            •   Corrosion resistant black anodized aluminum and
     familiar thumb activated push-button tailcap and our             stainless steel with black oxide finish metallic parts.
     new proprietary patented rotary dial, also thumb             •   High impact resistant LIFETIME LED and fully
     activated.                                                       encapsulated electronics resists high G-forces from
APS Number: BH75200BK                                                 recoil and drops
                                                                  •   Fully enclosed anti-reflective coated glass lens
                                                                      ensuring maximum light output.

BlackHawk                                                         •   PROGRAMMED FUNCTIONS: Momentary (Touch On,
                                                                      Touch Off ), Constant On (Touch On) touch again for
                                                                      off, Strobe (Triple Tap Strobe On, Touch Once Off )
BlackHawk lightsticks are the
                                                                  •   Low battery indication – double flash after 5 sec.,
perfect choice for dependable,
                                                                      double flash every 15 sec. thereafter
emergency lighting and they
can be used almost anytime and                                    APS Number: BH75204BK

•    ARE THEY SAFE? Non-                                                                                                        FLASHLIGHTS
     flammable, Non-explosive, No
     heat generation, No Sparks.
•    ARE THEY TOXIC? The contents are not toxic, and
     will not cause injury to eyes or skin; nor are the
                                                                                                                                & OPTICS

     contents corrosive.
     The light emission times stated on the label assume
     a temperature of between 20°C and 300°C. Higher
     temperatures cause the lightstick to generate a
     higher level of illumination with shorter duration.
     Lower temperatures give lower illumination and longer
Please call for colour and availability

                                                                            C-Cell Mag-Lite
                                                                            The Mag-Lite® C-Cell flashlight embodies the same
                                                                            precise balance of refined optics, efficient power,
                                                                            durability and quality as the D-Cell Flashlights in a
                                                                            smaller, lighter weight design.
                                                                            •    1/2 turn, cam action focus, spot-to-flood
                                                                            •    Self-cleaning rotary switch, 3 position, On, Off, and
                                                                                 Signal (Manual, Momentary On-Off )
                AA-Mini Mag-Lite                                            •    Spare lamp safely secured in the tailcap
                Until its inception, no flashlight of this size              •    O-ring sealed for water resistance
                incorporated the features, functions, and unique            APS Number: MLS2C015 - 2 x “C” Cell
                design elements of our Mini Maglite® AA flashlight.          MLS3C015 - 3 x “C” Cell
                •   High-intensity light beam                               MLS4C015 - 4 x “C” Cell
                •   1/2 turn, twist focus, spot-to-flood
                •   Spare lamp safely secured in the tailcap
                •   High-strength aluminum alloy case, O-ring sealed for
                    water resistance
                APS Number: ML2A016                                         Rechargeable
                                                                            Flashlight System
                                                                            Without question, our ultimate
                                                                            lighting tool.
                                                                            •    Self-cleaning rotary switch,
                                                                                 3 position, On, Off, and Signal
                D C ll M Lit
                D-Cell Mag-Lite                                                  (Manual, Momentary On-Off )
                Each Mag-Lite® D-Cell flashlight includes two                •    Solid-state electronics
                high intensity White Star® Krypton Gas Lamps for            •    Charger operates on A/C
                enhanced brilliance and extended range.                          or D/C current
                •   Self-cleaning rotary switch, 3 position, On, Off, and   •    Aluminum contact rings allow charging
                    Signal (Manual, Momentary On-Off )                           in any position
                •   High-strength aluminum alloy cases that are O-ring      •    Up to 1000 hrs. of battery life (approximately equal
                    sealed for water resistance                                  to 200 long life batteries).
                APS Number: MLS2D015 - 2 x “D” Cell                         •    Highly polished, scientifically designed, metallic
                MLS3D015 - 3 x “D” Cell                                          reflector, withstands extreme temperatures.
                MLS4D015 - 4 x “D” Cell                                     •    High quality tempered glass lens.
                MLS5D015 - 5 x “D” Cell                                     •    Durable extra hard anodized finish
                                                                            •    Individually serial numbered
                                                                            Multiple configurations available. Please call for details.

    1 x 20mm
    •    Features built-in
         infrared with an
         adjustable-angle eyecup.
    •    It can be detached and used                             5 x 42mm StealthView
         as a monocular.                                         Digital monocular that’s equipped with an ominous
    •    Bright-light circuit protection is                      infrared spotlight that produces a sight picture that
         included.                                               stands tall along side Generation 2 and 3 optics.
    APS Number: BL262013                                         •    Image comparable to Gen 2+.
                                                                 •    CMOS vs image intensifier tube.
                                                                 •    In-view B&W micro display.
                                                                 •    Adjustable eyepiece.
                                                                 •    Commanding infrared spotlight.
1 X 20MM                                                         •    Viewing range is 600 feet.
BINOCULAR                                                        •    Weather resistant
•   Here’s a versatile goggle                                    •    Video Output.
    with headgear that can                                       •    Built-in Tripod
    also be detached                                             •    Two hours of continuous run time with IR on.
    and used as binoculars.                                      APS Number: BL260542
•   Bright-light circuit
    protection is included.
APS Number: BL262013

                                                                 2.5 x 42mm Binocular
                                                                 Count on comfort during extended use thanks to
                                                                 lightweight construction.                                          FLASHLIGHTS
                                                                 •    Extra long range of view
    3.1 x 50MM Binocular                                         •    Field of view extra wide
    These optics turn night into day with built-in infrared      APS Number: BL260400
    illuminators and advanced light-gathering technology.
                                                                                                                                    & OPTICS

    •    Higher Manification and extra-large objective lenses
                                                                 APS Distributors is a full line distributor of Bushnell products
    •    Ideal for long term observation, thanks to the tripod
                                                                 and accessories. For more information on any of these
         mount and IPD Adjustment
                                                                 products and more, please visit
    •    Includes bright-light protection circuit
    APS Number: BL263150


                                                                         These binoculars are built tough, with a rubber-armor
                                                                         housing that’s O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged for
                                                                         100% waterproof/fogproof dependability.
                                                                         •   BaK-4 roof prisms for bright, clear, crisp viewing
                                                                         •   Fully Multi-coated optics for superior light
                                                                             transmission and brightness
                                                                         •   Waterproof: O-ring sealed and nitrogen-purged for
                                                                             100% reliable, fog-free performance
                                                                         •   Twist-up eyecups allow quick and easy adjustment
                                                                             for optimum eye relief
                                                                         •   Large center focus knob for easy, precise
                                                                         •   Ribbed, non-slip rubber armor absorbs shock while
                Tactical 7 x 50mm                                            providing a firm grip
                Our new Tactical binoculars fuse optical precision and   APS Number: BL238042
                rock-solid durability to excel anywhere they’re called
                to action. Their fully multi-coated optics and premium
                BaK-4 prisms are built around a rugged chassis and
                sealed in a 100% waterproof, fogproof housing. A
                rubber-armor coating adds another line of defense.
                Tough, bright, versatile – sounds like you found a
                partner to lead the way.
                •   BaK-4 prisms
                •   Fully multi-coated optics
                •   Durable, rugged chassis
                •   100% waterproof/fogproof construction
                •   Rubber armor                                         Legacy 10 x 50mm
                •   Individual eyepiece focus                            THe Legacy is a do-anything, go-anywhere value of
                •   Fold-down eyecups                                    the highest order.
                •   Convenient built-in compass                          •   BaK-4 prisms
                •   Rangefinding reticle                                  •   Fully multi-coated optics
                APS Number: BL280750 - With Compass                      •   100% waterproof / fogproof
                BL280751 - Without Compass                               •   Wide-angle field of view
                                                                         •   Rubber armored for secure grip
                                                                         •   Long eye relief
                                                                         APS Number: BL120150

Wildfire Warrior™ is dedicated to meeting end-user requirements; this places our tools in a league of their own.
Engineered and designed like no other fire-fighting products, each one of our redesigned tools meets or exceeds
existing manufacturing specifications.

Our fiberglass handle systems are electrically non-conductive to 100,000 VAC., resistant to moisture, most
industrial chemicals and will outlast and out perform any wooden handle on the market today. The Wildfire Warrior
tool line is manufactured in the same facility as Dynamic Entry’s tactical entry tool line. Dynamic Entry® is the
leading manufacturer of tactical entry tools used by military and law enforcement professionals throughout the

                                                                               Super Pulaski
                                                                               Designed by professionals for professionals.
                                                                               •   The redesigned and expanded grubbing
                                                                                   end dramatically increases digging and grubbing
                                                                                   effectiveness and is constructed from a solid piece
                                                                                   of drop-forged, high carbon steel, increasing
                 Pulaski Tool                                                      strength and durability.
                 This hoe and axe combination tool is the standard for         •   The polypropylene jacketed fiberglass handle
                 fire line digging, grubbing and chopping.                          reduces impact stress on the operator.
                 •   Our Pulaski is extremely effective in digging fire lines   •   This newly designed Pulaski tool exceeds
                     in both hard and soft soils.                                  demanding firefighting requirements.
                 •   Specially heat-treated blades retain sharp cutting        •   The Super Pulaski tool is also properly balanced for
                     edges in rugged environments.                                 optimum effectiveness.
                 •   Features a long lasting fiberglass handle.                 •   Cutting Edges: 5”(hoe); 4.5”(axe)
                 •   Cutting Edges: 3.5”(hoe); 4.5”(axe)                       •   Weight: 7.5 lbs
                 •   Weight: 6.9 lbs                                           •   Length: 34.25”
                 •   Length: 34.25”                                            APS Number: BHWFSPT
                 APS Number: BHWFPT

                 Forest Fire shovel
                 Designed especially for heavy duty environments and           Fire Swatter
                 fighting wildland fires, our Forest Fire Shovel features        Considered standard equipment for smothering
                 a durable laser-cut blade with oversized foot rests.          and extinguishing small fires and “mopping up”
                 •   The contoured fiberglass handle is attached using          operations.
                     a revolutionary mounting system, reducing weight          •   Our fire swatter features a reinforced head
                     and increasing strength and durability.                       attachment system.
                 •   Weight: 6.25 lbs                                          •   The fiberglass handle resists breakage, heat,
                 •   Length: 59”                                                   moisture, and most chemicals.
                 APS Number: BHWFFFS                                           •   Weight: 8.2 lbs
                                                                               •   Length: 77”
                                                                               APS Number: BHWFFS
McLeod Rake
Used by professional firefighters, our McLeod Rake features
a laser cut blade that can be used as a rake, hoe, or tamper.
•      The hoe end features a reinforced steel blade for added       Fire Rake & Cutting tool
       strength and durability.                                      The Wildfire Warrior™ Fire Rake and Cutting Tool
•      The pro-tec jacketed fiberglass handle dramatically outlasts   is used to remove leaves, needles, and to chop
       its wood counterpart.                                         grass and small limbs.
•      Weight: 5.4 lbs                                               •   This tool features 4 triangular cutting heads
•      Length: 48”                                                       mounted on a 12”-wide hoe-type frame that is
APS Number: BHWFMR                                                       attached to a light weight fiberglass handle.
                                                                     •   Weight: 4.7 lbs
                                                                     •   Length: 60”
                                                                     APS Number: BHWFFRC

9-11 Rescue
The DE 9-11 Series
Rescue Axes offer                                                    Single Bit Axe
an electrically non-                                                 Designed as a fast working
conductive advanced                                                  tool in cramped environments,
polymer handle system                                                this precision balanced axe
combined with a drop-                                                features a 20” fiberglass
forged, heat-treated                                                 handle, .25 lb. head and a 4”
carbon steel head for                                                cutting edge.
years of dependable                                                  •   Weight: 4 lbs

                                                                                                                           & ACCESSORIES
use.                                                                     Length: 23”

•      These rescue axes                                             APS Number: BHWFSBA
       were developed with Dynamic Entry’s legendary standard
       of excellence.
•      The DE 9-11 Series Rescue Axes are offered with high
       visibility red or yellow handles so please specify
       when ordering.
APS Number: DEAY6F - 6lbs Flat Head
DEAY6P - 6lbs Pike Head

DEAY8P - 8lbs Pike Head


                                                                             MasterCom B Siren
                                                                             The siren incorporates the popular packaging and
                                                                             features of the “old” MasterComTM siren, plus added
                                                                             features that make it the one that can do it all!
                                                                             •   Instant-On, Adjustable backlighting & Automatic
                                                                                 short circuit protection
                                                                             •   Selectable Hit-n-Go or horn ring scroll modes
                                                                             •   Siren lock , Mounting bail
              Scorpion Siren                                                 •   Brake and back-up light cut-off time delay circuit
              The Code 3 Scorpion     TM
                                           offers a full range of powerful   •   Park kill - for both lighting & siren
              options that are easy to use.                                  •   Optional 200w
              •    3932 includes: instant on, output short circuit           •   Interclear® , Light alert, & Mic jack
                   protection, park kill, adjustable backlighting            APS Number: C33692L4
                   and horn ring remote scroll
              APS Number: C33932

                                                                             The Undercover sirens will
                                                                             power a speaker up to 200 watts with ease. Ideal for
                                                                             the volunteer or detective who does not need public
                                                                             address and radio rebroadcast built into their siren.
                                                                             •   Wail and Yelp in the model 3000
              Remote Lighted Siren                                           •   Air horn, wail, yelp in the model 3050
              Control it all with the remote lighted siren                   •   3000 and 3050 come complete with a switch bracket
              •    One serial plug controls your: lightbar, siren,               that has room to add a control for lights or flashers
                   ArrowStik®                                                APS Number: C33000 , C33050
              •    Load Manager option allows you to guard against
                   depleting the vehicle’s battery to the point that the
                   vehicle cannot be started.
              •    NightProbe® control module (model 3999)                   Sealed Flashers
              •    Built-in self-test (model 3999)                           Code 3’s® series 700
              APS Number: C33999R                                            flashers are rugged & dependable, designed for a
              Other Models available, please call for details                variety of uses in lightbars, headlights & grille lights.
                                                                             •   Model 710 is a multi purpose flasher, that is
                                                                             APS Number: C3710

                                                                    The Code 3
Slimline Speakers                                                   DeckBlaster® is a
Our latest speaker, the compact                                     breakthrough in reliable,
SL100 offers versatile mounting                                     affordable emergency
options, especially in those tight,                                 lighting for interior-
under hood applications.                                            vehicle applications.
•    Model SL100: 100 watt slim line speaker, universal/ bumper,    •   User selectable flash patterns
     behind grille speaker or bumper mount                          •   Front/rear deck mounting
•    Model SL100IMP: 100 watt slim line speaker, Chevrolet          •   Strobe and halogen models
     Impala mount, behind the grille speaker                        •   Dual-color lens capability
•    Slim shape                                                     •   110 flashes per minute (halogen models)
•    Easy installation & Compact design                             •   Lightweight design
Multiple models available. Please call with vehicle Year, Make &    •   Unique suction cup mount option
Model.                                                              APS Number: C3805RB

Underhood                                                           Warrior™
Speaker                                                             Interior LED
100 watts of power, for under                                       Light
the hood applications                                               Uses Code 3 Optix
•   Both models use a high-                                         LEDs to send a bright,
    end American made drivers (San Ming driver pictured)            clear signal
•   The 90 degree sugar scoop speaker gives you massive             •    User-selectable flash patterns
    output, but requires minimal mounting space                     •    Flash pattern memory - auto programming
APS Number: C3PS100U                                                     returns unit to last pattern selected before power
                                                                         was removed
                                                                    •    Single or dual colors side-by-side available in 6-up
                                                                         Optix version
Rockerpak                                                           •    Compact and lightweight
Switches                                                            •    Housing designed to reduce reflection or signal
The best lightbars deserve the best switch boxes.                        back into occupants’ eyes
•    Customizeable faceplates & special switches available          •    Directional or hybrid optics (wide is standard)
•    Special configuration options available                         •    Available in red, blue, amber, and white Optix LEDs
APS Number: C3415PR                                                 Please call for size and options information

Gladiator™                                                          DashLaser-M
Interior LED Light                                                  Beacon
Easily mounted and operated                                         The DashLaser®MTM is
interior lighting                                                   a high-powered, portable
•    Uses Code 3’s LC-LED                                           warning signal that has the

     technology for effective                                       added power of multi-flash.
     signal                                                         •    Red/blue, with red as the primary color
•    Flash pattern memory - auto programming ensures the            •    Standard 5-flash mirror and Standard or fast
     unit returns to the last pattern selected before power was          motors available
     removed                                                        •    Dimensions: 4’ H x 3.75” D
•    User-selectable flash patterns - 4 flash patterns, plus steady   •    Magnetic mount with 12 foot lighter plug cord
     burn, easily changed at the push of a button built into the    •    Versatile mounting bracket
     housing                                                        APS Number: C3660BCR
Please call for size and options information


                                                                             LP6000 Lightbar
                                                                             Sleek and stable, the aerodynamic LP6000TM lightbar
                                                                             from Code 3 delivers the light you need, meeting or
                                                                             exceeding industry warning standards.
              Excalibur                                                      •   Standard and Build-Your-Own bar options
              Excalibur® offers an outstanding range of powerful             •   Red, blue, clear and amber polycarbonate
              Code 3® features in a 4 1/2” tall lightbar.                        lens & filter options
              •   Angled takedown light option                               •   Halogen rotators
              •   Linear corner intersection strobes                         •   Mounting kit & adapter included on standard bars
              •   Full-sized linear strobe reflectors                         •   Incandescent or halogen stationary lights
              •   Sweeping intersection lights                               •   15 feet of cable standard
              •   Standard and Build-Your-Own bar options                    •     , , ,
                                                                                 38” 43” 47” 55” length versions
              •   Red, blue, clear and amber polycarbonate                   •   4.875” high x 11.25” wide
                   lens & filter options                                      Please call for size and options information
              •   Extruded aluminum frame
              •   24 volt options available
              •   Halogen, strobe, or LED configurations
              •   4.5” high x 12.25” wide
              •     , ,       , , , , , ,
                  16” 18” 22.5” 36” 47” 52” 58” 69” or 80” length versions
              Please call for size and options information
                                                                             X2100 Lightbar
                                                                             Powerful LED emergency lighting in a 2.1” low profile
                                                                             •   When properly configured, the LED X™ 2100
                                                                                 complies with SAE and CA Title XIII
              Arrowstik®                                                     •   Unique LED X™ optics
              The industry original, the ArrowStik® gives you                •   Clear lenses and the absence of color in the lightbar
              multiple lengths and options for the best type of traffic-          produce an inconspicuous appearance
              directing light. Red/blue end halogen flasher option.           •   The lightbar can be controlled through any of the
              •   Magnetic mount option                                          standard Code 3® switch packs or
              •   Dimensions: 2.75” high x 4.25” deep                            siren/switch controls
              •   39” & 47” lengths                                          •   Only 2.1” tall for less drag and increased
              •   8 & 10 lamp versions                                           fuel efficiency
              Please call for size and options information                   •   LED X™ modules only draw .5 amp per module
                                                                             •   LED X™ modules are available in red, blue, amber or
                                                                                 white with flashing or steady burn versions
                                             Please call for size and options information
                                                                  Predator LED Lights
Micro Brite Eye                                                   When you need additional lighting for your
Our Micro Brite Eye™ lights are rugged and budget friendly        vehicle or motorcycle you can rely on the power
halogen lights with a compact size that allows you to mount       and flexibility of Predator™ LED lights.
them almost anywhere on the interior or exterior of your          •   Our powerhouse single or dual stacked surface
vehicle. Light housings and lenses are made of durable & rust         mount lights are sure to step up your LED
proof polycarbonate to resist corrosion from outdoor elements.        warning light experience.
•   Halogen lighting technology                                   •   Bright light output and a sleek black or white
•   Budget friendly pricing                                           exterior and many versatile mounting options
•   Compact size allows versatile mounting options                    make these lights our best sellers.
•   Weatherproof lights made from corrosion resistant             •   Lights can be mounted to nearly any surface on
    materials to endure the harshest conditions                       any vehicle and are especially popular in
APS Number: Halogen: SOEMBDHB2B (Blue), SOEMBDHB2R (Red)              the law enforcement field because they’re easy
Strobe: SOEMBDSBDB (Blue), SOEMBDSBDR (Red)                           to install, and maintain a covert appearance on
                                                                      police vehicles and motorcycles.
                                                                  •   Lights meet or exceed California Title 13 and
                                                                      SAE J595 requirements.
                                                                  Multiple models and options available. Please call for
                                                                  more information.

Relay Driven Rear Flasher
•   Flashes brake lights                                          Roadrunner
    against reverse/back up lights                                Positive Switched Solid
    @ 2.4 f.p.s. to help reduce rear                              State Driven Relay
    end collisions                                                Headlight Flasher
•   Intended to be used on vehicles that have the negative        •   Installs into positive
    post of the battery connected to the chassis of the vehicle       side switched headlight systems
•   Low voltage – rated 13 amps per section                       •   When used at night, the low beam headlights
•   Built-in diodes w/ 12 wires                                       remain ON for proper illumination while the
•   Additional output for deck lights                                 high beams flash to gain attention and increase
•   Complies w/ FMVSS 108 standards (not to be used                   vehicle visibility
    to flash third brake lights as this violates                   •   Built-in high beam override interrupts the

    FMVSS 108 regulations)                                            flasher sequence to allow normal high beam
•   Relay Driven model with mechanically driven                       function & flasher automatically resumes when
    internal components                                               the dimmer switch is deactivated)
•   1 Year No Hassle Warranty                                     APS Number: SOETRROO
Multiple models and options available. Please call for more


                                                                           Map Lights -
                                                                           Flexible goose neck allows you to
                                                                           position the light just where you need
                                                                           it or move it out of the way
                                                                           •   Lights are designed to permanently
              Strobe Heads                                                     mount to any interior surface
              Undercover                                                   •   Features three position switch:
              We manufacture our                                               On/Off, High & Low
              strobe tubes to the highest quality specifications and        •   Permanent mount style securely
              demand precise wire alignment.                                   affixes light so you don’t have
              •    Our Strobe Tubes are made with a powerful 35 watt           to worry about it tipping over while
                   Dual Helix Tube that creates a strong and bright             the vehicle is moving
                   strobe flash.                                            •   Red Night Light bulbs available that
              •    Proven to be more reliable & longer lasting                 are easy on your eyes yet allows
              •    Compatible w/ all SoundOff Signal Strobe                    you to see what is going on outside your vehicle
                   Power Supplies                                          APS Number: SOML1012
              •    100% field compatible w/ Whelen™ & Tomar™
                   power supplies, cables & light heads
              Multiple models and colours available, please call for

              Visor Light
              Covert lighting at it’s best! Light is cleverly mounted to
              the driver or passenger visor and out of view during
              undercover operations
              •   Light has 12 flash patterns & 4 Driver Side Steady
                  Burn Modes                                               Car Seat Organizer
              •   Velcro™ straps securely fasten light to visor making     Move your gear from the car to the station without
                  this one of the quickest & easiest lights                missing a beat with this handy car seat organizer.
                  to install & use                                         •   Perfect for people who share vehicles because it can
              •   Light is made with a lightweight polycarbonate               store everything at your fingertips, and then be
                  housing & smooth clear Lexan polycarbonate lens              moved quickly to facilitate other drivers.
              •   LCD display clearly shows pattern number selected        •   Sits flat against the seat to make its main
              APS Number: SOETVLLEDJ                                           compartments quickly accessible.
                                                                           •   Zippered front compartment keeps items secure.
                                           APS Number: SK52561
Gun Racks
Pro-Gard’s gun racks are available in a number of mounting
configurations designed for easy mounting in a variety of
vehicle applications   .
•    Overhead gun racks for partitions, muzzle down and trunk
     mount applications are simple to install.
•    All Pro-Gard electric gun racks include the G1000 timer and a
     momentary switch
Multiple models and configurations available. Please call for details.   Vehicle Partitions
                                                                         Nothing is more important then maintaining
                                                                         control over your prisoner during transport. Pro-
                                                                         gard’s prisoner security partitions and cargo
                                                                         barriers are designed to provide safety and
                                                                         are easy to install with our exclusive No Holes
                                                                         Drilled, No Trim Cut system.
                                                                         •    Passenger 1/2 sliding window
ABS Seats                                                                •    Multiple window configurations available
Our patented PRO-CELL prisoner transport system is                       Models available to fit multiple years and makes.
considered to be the best in the industry. This ultra-secure             Please call for vehicle and model availability.
transport system reduces the risk of prisoners hiding
contraband and the risk of biohazard and pathogen disease
•    Contraband control — pathogen control
•    Easy clean-up — quick service turnaround
•    Meets & exceeds NHTSA fire retardant specification
•    Meets & exceeds NHTSA passenger restraint specification
Models available to fit multiple years and makes. Please call for
vehicle and model availability.

Push Bumpers
Pro-gard’s push bumpers feature
                                                                         Prisoner Transport Systems
auxiliary Light and speaker
                                                                         Offers dual prisoner transport
mounting platform

•    No holes drilled installation
                                                                         •    Allows for maximum officer seat adjustment

Multiple models and configurations available. Please call for details.
                                                                         •    Includes extended seatbelts, window and door
                                                                              armor bio-hazard seat & floor pans with drains
                                                                              (accepts g7210 dual vertical gun mount system)
                                                                         Models available to fit multiple years and makes.
                                                                         Please call for vehicle and model availability.
APS is a full line distributor of Pro-Gard products. For more
information on available Pro-Gard products contact an account
manager, or visit our website at


              Cones                                                      Traffic Vests
              A&B Traffic                                                 Multiple styles and colours available. Custom designs
              Cones from Seam                                            are also available. Please call for details.
              Enterprises are                                            APS Number: SEATV102 - Standard Vest
              manufactured in our Brockville plant. All our traffic       SEAAT - Lime Green (Albert DoT)
              cones feature:                                             SEATV102 - OPP w/ Police Patch
              •    One piece flow construction for maximum structural
              •    Optional reflective striping available
              •    Premium fluorescent pigments are used to give
                   maximum daytime visibility.
              •    Increased wall thickness helps resist separation of
                   the top from the base.
              •    100% PVC construction for durability.
              •    Enhanced flexibility for reduced impact damage.
              APS Number: SEATC218 - 18” Cone (non-Stripped)
              Other versions available. Please call for details.

              9” Traffic Cuff
              Cuff constructed in 9” fluorescent                          Identity Patches
              orange 10 oz mesh.                                         Identity patches feature black or white lettering on a
              APS Number: SEATM109                                       reflective background.
                                                                         •    Police patches are coated to prevent the colour of
                                                                              the reflective bleeding onto another Reflective on
                                                                              the garment under conditions of high humidity.
                                                                         •    Multiple sizes, colours and shapes available.
              Hand-Held Stop Sign                                        APS Number: SEATP2X4BP - 2”x4” Police Patch
              Light weight hand held Stop sign.                          SEATP4X13BP - 4”x13”” Police Patch
              APS Number: SEATSSTOP12                                    SEATP4X13SEC - 4”x13”” Security Patch
                                                                         Other custom patches available, please call for details.

The BEE III is the smallest radar available, yet it’s packed with more features than any other. The industry’s smallest
detachable display has the largest set of speed windows, and they’re color coded! The industry’s smallest Ka-band
antenna is weatherproof and is hard for violators to detect because no telltale lens is visible.

The BEE Ill’s patented “Automatic Same Direction (“ASD™)” mode eliminates one source of error in speed measurement by
determining whether the target is approaching or receding, no input from the officer is necessary. In stationary use ASD
allows the officer to select a direction and the radar only measures targets moving in that direction - all other targets are
ignored; in standard mode the BEE III measures targets in both directions and informs the officer the direction that the
displayed target is moving.

Key Features
•   Digital Signal Processing
•   POP Mode (MPH patent) allows officers to track vehicles without setting off radar detectors Directional Radar
•   Automatic Same Direction (ASD is an MPH patent) Tracking: Most radar units operate manually requiring the officer to
    visually determine (if possible) whether or not the target vehicle is faster or slower than the patrol car
•    Direction Selection allows the officer to select a direction to track while ignoring cars in other directions
•   Direction Sensing: The radar will automatically detect the vehicle with the strongest signal and signal the officer (by
    lighted arrow) the direction of travel of that vehicle.
•   Choice of wired or wireless remote for the same price
•   Radar antennas are water
    resistant allowing them to
    be mounted inside or outside
    the vehicle
•   Easy cost-effective upgrade
    path to make this a
    motorcycle unit

    Very Small Size:
    1.5”H x 2.75”L x 5”W
APS Number: MPH990722D


                                                                            UV Mini Light Source
                                                                            Use the ultraviolet pocket light to view long wave
                  Fluorescent Invisible
                                                                            invisible stains, powders and pastes.
                  Marking Pen                                               •   The light is ideal for theft detection.
                  This all-purpose pen may be used for
                                                                            •    A convenient carrying strap is attached to the light
                  marking just about any porous material
                  with an invisible, permanent, highly
                                                                            •   Batteries are not included
                  fluorescent tag for identification and
                                                                            APS Number: SIRCUV100T
                  •   Markings may be removed from
                      non-porous materials.
                  •   Markings fluoresce a brilliant blue/
                      white when exposed to longwave (UV)
                                                                            Evidence Tape with
                      or shortwave (UV) radiation.                          White Stripe
                  APS Number: SIRUV700                                      •   This tape has a 3/8” wide
                                                                                white strip throughout
                                                                                the entire length of the
                                                                            •   The strip provides the space to write any necessary

                  Disposable Ink Strips 10” x 3”                            •   It readily accepts inks from ballpoint pens.
                  Disposable Inked Strips feature a thin layer of           APS Number: SIRSM5000

                  SIRCHIE®’s famous fingerprint ink sandwiched
                  between two thin sheets of plastic.
                  •   The ink strips produce excellent fingerprint images.
                  APS Number: SIRSIS310C - Pack of 100
                                                                            Evidence Tags
                                                                            •   These large, 6 1/4” x 3
                  Visible Stain Detection                                       1/8” pre-printed evidence
                  Paste                                                         identification tags feature a uniform format for
                  •   Detection pastes may be used                              evidence description on one side and three
                      indoors or outdoors without regard                        possession chaining on the other.
                      to air circulation.                                   •   Tags are printed on 200-pound tag stock with
                  •   Dye in the compound is water                              reinforced eyelets for attachment to evidence with
                      soluble                                                   supplied wire ties.
                  APS Number: SIRVST309                                     APS Number: SIRET3

Porelon®                                                   Stores and Protects Documents
                                                           and Information
Fingerprint Pad
                                                           •   Heavy-duty aluminum
•   The accepted STANDARD
                                                               construction with weather
    by law enforcement world wide.
                                                               resistant lacquer finish
•   Each pad may be used to record thousands of
                                                           •   Hinged writing plate conceals
                                                               confidential documents and prevents
APS Number: SIRFPT265
                                                               write-through on self-copying or carbon forms
                                                           APS Number: SAUAH5712 - 52/3” x 12”
Evidence Notebooks
& Covers
•   100 Numbered and ruled pages
                                                           Cruiser Mate II
                                                           •   Heavy duty aluminum
APS Number: TRIFSP24 - 3” x 5 1/2”
                                                               construction with
TRIFNB2012 - 3 1/2” X 5”
                                                               weather resistant
TRIFFC24C - Cover for TRIFSP24
                                                               lacquer finish
TRIFFC24B - Cover for TRIFNB2012
                                                           •   Low profile clip holds
                                                               1/2’’ of paper
                                                           •   Upper compartment
                                                               provides an additional 7/16’’ of
                                                               storage capacity
Evidence Bags
                                                           •   Upper tray can be removed to create one large
50 Bags                                                        compartment
Pressure-sensitive adhesive flap creates
                                                           APS Number: SAUCM8512II - 8.5” x 12”
tight seal that can only be cut or torn
                                                           SAUCM8514II - 8.5” x 14”
•   Record critical information in the
    white writing area.
•   Bright red band reduces chance of losing bag
•   Convenient tear-off receipt simplifies record keeping
    and tracking.                                          Citation
APS Number: ASS1120 - 6” x 9” ASS1121 - 9” x 12”
                            ,                              Holder II
ASS1120 - 12” x 15”                                        Updated Design
                                                           Specifically for Police,
                                                           Fire & Emergency

Thermoplastic Ink

                                                                                                                          & ACCESSORIES
                                                           •   Heavy-duty formed aluminum has rounded corners for

Pad                                                            smooth, comfortable use
•   This economical pad is                                 •   Hard lacquer finish is ideal for extreme environments
    fashioned from a new porous, thermoplastic material.   •   Hinged writing plate prevents write-through on
•   Ink produces rich, non-fading, high-contrast black,        unused forms
    permanent impressions.                                 •   High capacity clip with swivel bar to hold ID/License
APS Number: SIRPFP600                                      •   Top opening storage compartment with 1’’ capacity
                                                               has adjustable divider to hold a variety of form widths
                                                               up to 6’’ x 11’’
Emergency Blanket                                          •   Patented latch keeps lid tightly closed
•   Water resistant outer shell
                                                           •   Outer Velcro strap secures entire unit
•   71” x 58”
                                                           APS Number: SAUCH4811 - 43/4” x 11”
•   Lightweight & Compact
APS Number: GM911BL


                                                                               Megaphone with built in siren.
                                                                               •   Ideal for Crowd Control, Special Events and
                                                                               •   Comfortable pistol grip with trigger switch for one-
                  SuperOmniPlus                                                    handed operation
                  Hand-Held Metal Detector                                     •   Clear voice projection without strain to an acoustic
                  The SuperOmniPlus is a rugged, hand-held metal                   range of 3/4 to 1 mile
                  detector designed to detect metallic weapons and             •   Rated Power output of 15 watts (20 watt maximum)
                  objects using a non-contact, physical screening              •   Voice mode alternates with a built-in siren
                  procedure.                                                   •   Adjustable volume control
                  •   Two user selectable preset sensitivity levels            •   Lightweight - 3.5lbs
                      (High and Low).                                          •   Requires 8 x C-Cell batteries (not included)
                  •   Light weight, 400 grams (14 oz) with a 9-volt Alkaline   APS Number: ABL190155
                      battery, for ease of use
                  •   Omni directional detection probe detects metals
                      (ferrous and non-ferrous) equally from any direction
                  •   The detection of metal objects is indicated by an        Barricade Tape
                      audible signal (Model A) or the vibration motor          •   3” x 1,000ft
                      (Model A-V) and LED visual alarm.                        •   Includes Dispensing box
                  •   9 volt Alkaline battery provides over 250 hours of       APS Number: SEATT450 - Danger Do Not Enter
                      normal operations (Model A and Model A-S).               SEATT450 - Fire Do Not Cross
                  •   No false alarm when the unit is moved rapidly up         SEATT450 - Police Line Do Not Cross
                      and down                                                 SEATT450 - Bilingual Police Line
                  •   Three color LED indicates the unit set-up and
                  •   LED alternates between Green to Orange to indicate
                      low battery level
                  APS Number: OMNIPLUSAV
                                                                               •   Nylon belt pouch contains
                  Latex Gloves                                                     disposable one-way CPR
                  •   100 pairs per box                                            protection device, latex gloves
                  •   One Size fits all                                             and antimicrobial hand wipe
                  APS Number: ICG150                                           APS Number: ICM150

A                                             C
ABS Seats                    121              Cable Locks                  96
Ammunition                   88,90,91,92,93   Carabiners                   68
                                              Chevrons                     32
B                                                                                       Hallagan Tools               68
                                              Citation Holders             125
Badge Holder                 30                                                         Handcuff Keys                34
                                              Cleaning Kits                94
Badges                       29,30                                                      Handcuffs                    33, 34, 35
                                              Cleaning Patches & Brushes   94
Bag - EMS/ First Responder   71                                                         Hat - Muskrat                23
                                              Clipboards                   125

Bag - Tactical               69                                                         Hats - Winter                23
                                              Collar Dogs                  31
Bag -Range                   70                                                         Helmets                      84
                                              Coveralls                    23, 65
Bags - Gear                  73                                                         Holster - Tactical           60
Bags - Luggage               73               D                                         Holster - Taser              40, 63
Bags- ALERT                  69               Drop Leg Extenders           61           Holsters - Duty              39, 43, 49
Balaclava                    23               Drop Leg Platform            61           Holsters - Plainclothes      52, 53
Ball Caps                    23               Duty Belts                   38, 42, 46   Hydration Pack Accessories   75
Barricade Tape               126              Duty Gear                    38 to 49     Hydration Packs              74
Base layers                  14, 15, 17, 57
                                              E                                         I
Belt - Duty                  38,42,46
                                              Ear Protection               99           Ident Equipment              124,125
Belt - Instructors           61
                                              Entry Kits                   67           Identity Patches             122
Belt - Military              61
                                              Epaulettes                   32           Ink Strips                   124
Belt Keepers                 44,46
                                              Evidence Bags                125          Inspection Mirrors           84
Belt -Plainclothes           55
                                              Evidence Tape                124
Binoculars                   111, 112                                                   J
Blankets                     125              F                                         Jacket - Ballistic           55
Body Armor - Duty            50, 51           Fence Climbers               67           Jackets - All Season         18
Body Armor - EMS             71               Fingerprint Pads             125          Jackets - Winter             19, 21, 22
                                              Firefighting Tools            114,115
Body Armor - Tactical        56, 58
                                              Flashers                     116, 119
Bolt Cutters                 68
                                                                                        Key Holder                   40, 44, 46, 47
Boots - Patrol               25, 27, 28       Flashes                      31
                                                                                        Knee Pads                    63
Boots - Tactical             26, 27, 28       Flashlight Accessories       108
                                                                                        Knives                       76,77
Boresnake                    94               Flashlight Holder            41,44,47
                                                                                        Knives - Training            85
Breach Blanket               58               Flashlights - Fire           102,103

Breaching Sledge             66               Flashlights - Military       106          L
                                              Flashlights - Tactical       105,109      Lanyard                      31
Break-n-Rake                 67
                                              Flashlights Duty             106,107,     Leg Irons                    34, 35
Briefcases                   55,70,73
                                              Forage Caps                  24           Lightbars                    118
                                                                                        Lightsticks                  109
                                                                                        Load Bearing Vests           57, 58
                                              Glasses - Safety             98
                                              Glasses - Sun                100          M
                                              Gloves - Dress               37           Metal Detector               126
                                              Gloves - Duty                36,37        Microphone Holder            46
                                              Gloves - Latex               126          Multi-tools                  77
                                              Gloves - Tactical            37
                                              Gloves - Winter              37
                                                                                        Night Vision                 111
                                              Goggles - Tactical           98,99
                                              Grip Sleeves                 96
                                                                                        OC Decontamination           83,84
                                              Gun Lights                   104, 109
                                                                                        OC Spray                     78,79,80,81
                                              Gun Locks                    96
                                                                                        Organizer -Car               120
                                              Gun Oil, Cleaner, Solvent    95
                                              Gun racks - Vehicle          121

                                                                Rams - Entry                  66
                                                                Rescue Knives                 77
                                                                Retention Kit -Pistol         63
           P                                                    S
           Packs                           72
                                                                Safety Lanyards               68
           Pants - Tactical                17, 64, 65
                                                                Shields                       84
           Pants - Waterproof              20
                                                                Shirts - Polo                 13, 16, 17
           Pants - Winter                  22
                                                                Shirts - Tactical             64, 65

           Partitions                      121
                                                                Shirts - Uniform              4 -13,17
           Pepper Spray                    78 - 82
                                                                Shoe Polish                   27
           Pepper Spray Grenades           82
                                                                Shoes - Dress                 26
           Pistols                         86
                                                                Shoes - Patrol                25
           Pouch - Baton                   41, 48
                                                                Shot Timers                   97
           Pouch - Flashbang               62
                                                                Shovels                       114
           Pouch - Flashlight              41, 45, 48
                                                                Sirens                        116
           Pouch - Gas Mask                62
                                                                Socks                         28
           Pouch - Gloves                  36, 40, 44, 47
                                                                Speakers                      117
           Pouch - Handcuffs               40, 45, 47, 54,
                                                                Stain Detection Paste         124
                                                                Sunglasses                    100
           Pouch - Knives/Multi-tool       77
                                                                Suspenders - Duty             44
           Pouch - Magazine                41, 45, 49
                                                                Suspenders - Tactical         57
           Pouch - OC/Pepper Spray         40,44,49
                                                                Sweaters                      16
           Pouch - Pager                   54
                                                                Switches                      119
           Pouch - Phone                   54
           Pouch - Radio                   41, 45, 49           T
           Pouch - Speedloader             45                   Targets                       97
           Pouches - STRIKE                59                   Tie Bars                      31
           Pulaski Tools                   114                  Tie Clips                     31

           R                                                    Traffic Cones                  122
                                                                Traffic vests                  122
           Radar                           123
                                                                Training Suits                85
           Radio - Chest Harness           63
                                                                Transport Hoods               34
           Raincoats                       20
                                                                Transport Systems - Vehicle   121
           Rakes - Fire                    115
                                                                Trigger Guards                96

                                                                Uniforms                      4 to 13
                                                                Unloading Stations            97
                                                                UV Light Source               124

                                                                Vehicle Lights - Exterior     119
                                                                Vehicle Lights - Interior     117,120

          Cover and Section heading images within this          Weapon Cases                  96, 97
          catalogue are courtesy of Bates Footwear, Bushnell,   Weapons - Training            85
          Code 3, Elbeco Uniforms, PSP, SABRE, Smith &
          Wesson, Sound Off Signal, Streamlight, Uncle
          Mike’s Law Enforcement & Winchester.

          Special thanks to all those who contributed to the
          creation of this catalogue.

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