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									Help us keep leftover paint out of landfills and
waterways! The Saskatchewan Paint Stewardship                                            Saskatchewan
Program was established by Product Care Association                               Paint Stewardship Program
to meet the requirements of the Saskatchewan Waste
Paint Management Regulations. Product Care is a non-
profit association - our members are the manufacturers,
distributors and retailers of paint products.

It’s easy - leftover household paint (see details inside)
can be dropped off at any of SARCAN’s 70 recycling depots,
province-wide, without charge. The collected paint is reused,
recycled into other products or used for its energy value.
              REDUCE & RECYCLE
   Please Do Your Part... Follow the B.U.D. Rule
 B u y...        only the amount you need. Your retailer can
                  help you estimate how much paint you require.
 U s e ...       what you buy. Add an extra coat of paint.
                  Save leftover product for future use.
 D ispose... of leftovers safely & responsibly at a depot

       FREE PAINT !
        Every SARCAN depot maintains a supply of leftover
paint for reuse, which is available to the public without charge.
(Please note, paint is not inspected and cannot be guaranteed.)

• Store products in original, securely sealed & labeled containers.
• Store paint away from extreme heat or cold. Avoid freezing paint.
• Paint can be stored! Clean the rim for a good seal.
  Pour 3 mm (1/8") of paint thinner on top of oil-based paint,
  or 3 mm (1/8") of water on latex paint or store upside down.

The program is funded by eco-fees paid to Product Care by
                                                                                   Recycle it
its member companies. All eco-fee revenue is applied to the
program. The eco-fee is NOT a tax and not a refundable
                                                                                  at SARCAN!
deposit. No part of the eco-fee is remitted to the government.
Most retailers show the eco-fee separately at the point of
purchase, in which case, the eco-fee is not subject to PST,
however eco-fees are subject to GST.

       Paint Eco-Fees                      MORE INFORMATION
 100 ml to 250 ml                  $0.10   Depot Locations:
 251 ml to 1 litre                 $0.25
 1.01 litres to 5 litres           $0.40   w w w. s a r c s a r c a n . c a
 5.01 litres to 23 litres          $1.00   Program Information:                    w w w. s a rc s a rc a n . c a
 Aerosol Paint (all sizes)         $0.10
                                           w w w. p r o d u c t c a r e . o r g    Sponsored by
        Effective: July 18, 2006                  1-888-772-9772
          • Saskatchewan Paint Stewardship Program •
  Alkyd   ACCEPTED √                                     Products
          Household Paint                                NOT ACCEPTED
          • Maximum Container Size:
                                                X Bulging paint cans
            23 litres ( 5 Gal.)
           (Full or Empty )                     X Industrial paints
                                                X Non-aerosol automotive paints
√ Interior & Exterior:                          X Non-aerosol craft paints
                                                X Traffic marking paint
  latex, acrylic, water-based,alkyd, enamel
                                                X Two-part / component paints and
  and oil-based paints                            catalyzed or nitrocellulose based paints
√ Varnishes & urethanes (single component)      X Paint or wood preservatives containing
√ Stains                                           pesticides (e.g. creosote)
                                                X Tar-based products
√ Barn, fence & porch paints
                                                X Deck cleaners
√ Concrete paints                               X Thinners, mineral spirits or solvents
√ Deck & floor paints (including Elastomeric)   X Caulking compounds, epoxies, glues
                                                   or adhesives
√ Drywall paints
                                                X Roof patch, tars or grease
√ Primers                                       X Colorants or tints
√ Undercoats                                    X Fibreglass resins
√ Driveway (non-tar based) paints & sealers     X Brushes, rags & rollers
                                                X Paint containers that are leaking
√ Block fillers                                    or improperly sealed
√ Stain blocking paints                         X Paint that cannot be identifed or
√ Shellac                                          unlabelled containers
                                                X Other household chemicals
√ Wood finishing oils & stains
√ Rust paint
√ Stucco paint                                                 • FOR SAFETY •
√ Paints for metal                              • Use only original containers when possible
√ Wood & masonry water repellants               • Tightly seal all containers
√ Marine paint (containing no pesticides)       • Do not return paint in glass containers
√ Non-catalyzed & non-nitrocellulose lacquers   • Do not mix different types of paint products together

          ACCEPTED √                                 FOR MORE INFORMATION
          Paint Aerosols:                        Depot Locations:           Program Information:
          • Maximum Container Size:
            660g ( 24 oz.)
           (Full or Empty )                     www.sarcsarcan.ca           www.productcare.org
√ All Types of Paint Aerosols

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