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                                      Job Description
                                   Communications Officer


Position Classification:             Information Services
Position Title (if appropriate):     Communications Officer
Faculty:                             College of Interdisciplinary Studies
Department:                          Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP)
Term:                                November 1, 2007 to March 31, 2009

This position will provide critical support in the knowledge dissemination and knowledge transfer
activities within HELP. The Communications Officer will assist in the development and support the
achievement of objectives and targets related to communications (internal and external) for the
Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP), an inter-university, interdisciplinary network. Activities
include participating in the development of a communication strategy for HELP and assisting in the
dissemination of HELP’s research activities to a wide variety of external audiences including
community, government and scholars - provincially, nationally and internationally - through
coordinating outputs, maintaining the HELP website and coordination of public relations.

The Communications Officer reports to the Managing Director of HELP and will supervise HELP’s
Events Coordinator, who provides administrative support for HELP’s events and communications.
S/he will be a key member of the HELP staff and will also work closely with the Director and
Associate Director, HELP faculty and affiliates (across 6 universities), and senior research staff
within key HELP research units.

1. Prepares five-year annual report for HELP that spans core HELP activities and the activities of
   our university partners – in consultation with HELP management team will develop the report
   structure, liaise with graphics designer, perform copy-editing, coordinate printing and

2. Coordinates production and formatting of HELP updates, policy briefs, research reports,
   brochures, etc. A key focus will be working with the Early Child Development Mapping Unit to
   disseminate research findings.

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3. Manages HELP events, including HELP’s public seminar series, HELP Research Days,
   symposium and workshops, including scheduling, marketing, and ensuring all administrative
   details are attended to (venue, catering, webcasting, video-taping etc.)

4. Designs a) flyers and posters for seminars, workshops and symposium; b) Power Point
   presentations and c) posters for scholarly dissemination.

5. Develops and updates a detailed database of key media, research, government, and non-profit
   organizations - provincial, national and international - that can be used for targeted knowledge

6. Participates in the development and implementation of a communication strategy for HELP that
   increases exposure of the range of HELP’s research activities and findings to national and
   international scholarly research organizations, government and non-profit organizations.

7. Formats articles and reports prepared by HELP research staff, including lay-out and copy-

8. Provides ongoing coordination of HELP’s website, including preparing and updating content,
   reviewing content requests, creating investigator profiles for HELP faculty, and coordinating
   updates with HELP’s Webmaster.

9. Responds to requests from the College for Interdisciplinary Studies development office related to
   communications/organizational information.

10. Identifies and assists with media opportunities within HELP; maintains catalogue of HELP
    media outputs (e.g. published and online newspaper articles).

11. Manages and catalogues HELP’s database of pictures and coordinates updates when required.
    Coordinates use of pictures, obtaining parental approvals and filing of pictures on shared drive
    and maintaining media files; maintains digital files from HELP presentations.

12. Coordinates HELP’s electronic newsletter (Listserv of 1000+). Monitors websites and electronic
    news-services for updated news and information on new research, articles, reports, conferences,
    etc. Selectively discerns and condenses relevant information for weekly distribution to HELP
    faculty affiliates or inclusion in e-mail news or website additions.

13. Identifies opportunities to increase HELP’s public relations through exhibits at provincial,
    national and international events. Manages related administrative details (e.g. booking, staffing

14. Coordinates production of organizational communication tools e.g. staff business cards,
    letterhead, signage etc.

15. Coordinates dissemination of reports, brochures etc.

16. Contributes to the flow of communication within HELP to facilitate ease of access to
    information about core research units and collective program activities, outputs, achievements,
    and challenges.

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17. Responds to inquiries from the public, directing them to team members, partners, colleagues and
    members of HELP or HELP Affiliate expert networks as appropriate. Maintains communication
    with key contact points in peer and partner organizations.

18. Performs other duties as related to the skills and qualifications of the position.

The quality, ethics, integrity and accuracy of communications materials produced by this position
are critical to HELP. Given the international distribution of many of these materials and the level of
scholarship of both individuals within HELP and targeted scholars nationally and internationally,
inappropriate or inaccurate statements may seriously affect the image and reputation of HELP,
individual investigators, and UBC as a whole. Inappropriate, ineffectual or poor messaging in
communications content or delivery could have implications for funding and recruitment.

Reports to and works under the direction of the Managing Director of HELP, and works closely with
HELP’s Associate Director. The communications officer will work independently on agreed work,
but will meet regularly with Managing Director and Associate Director to review and obtain
feedback on current and new projects. Most major projects will be a collaborative effort, and
materials will be reviewed before dissemination.

The position will supervise HELP’s Event Coordinator (Admin Asst F). The incumbent will work
closely with contract staff e.g. HELP’s Webmaster and graphic’s designer.

Works in a shared office space with individual workstation. Normal office environment, equipped
with a PC, shared printer and telephone.

See attached **

Undergraduate degree (Master’s preferred) in marketing or communications or a related area, and/or
in science with proven experience in public relations, publicity, media relations, journalism or
marketing. Five years related experience. Experience working with a research or policy organization
is an asset.

   •     Demonstrated design management of publishing, website and communications product
   •     Demonstrated project management and organizational skills.
   •     Must show capacity for innovation, idea generation, and strategic thinking.
   •     Must be highly organized with ability to prioritize assignments; proven multi-tasking skills,
         including ability to work effectively under pressure, handle heavy volumes and meet
         demanding deadlines. Strong attention to detail necessary.
   •     Ability to use standard computer software applications:

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                        Advanced MSWord
                        Advanced InDesign
                        Advanced Power Point
                        Intermediate Excel
   •   Ability to work well independently, within a team environment; ability to demonstrate
       proven supervisory skills.
   •   Ability to demonstrate effective communication skills and deal professionally and
       diplomatically with media, faculty, staff, students and the general public.
   •   The ideal candidate has a great deal of initiative and integrity, an understanding and/or
       interest in early child development, and a balance of creative, technical, analytical and
       social/interpersonal skills.


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