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					Interactive Intelligence Partner                                                          Open Systems Architecture
As an Elite Partner for Interactive Intelligence Inc., Nortak Software                    • Windows 2003 Server
now offers our customers a complete end to end solution for                               • Industry Standard Server Hardware
corporate call centre requirements.                                                       • LAN/WAN, ODBC, Mainframe integration
                                                                                          • TCP/IP
Interactive Intelligence has developed an out-of-the-box IP                               • Your choice of switching platform: Intel/Dialogic,
Contact Center suite of products that allows customers, agents                              Aculab, Cisco AVVID, SIP, Intel’s HMP
and supervisors to effectively manage their business responsibilities.                    • E-Mail Integration: Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes,
Their IP Contact Center products offer unmatched functionality                              Groupwise, SunOne/iPlanet
when it comes to providing efficient services for today’s
multi-channel consumer.                                                                   Value
                                                                                          The IP Contact Center suite of products allows customers
CIC Application Feature Set                                                               to build a customized solution for their contact centre
The Customer Interaction Center (CIC) product enables customers                           incrementally. It integrates the CIC products with Nortak’s
to build a customized solution for their contact centre requirements                      flagship contact management application, CallBase CRM. It
in a modular fashion. It allows them to adapt to changing customer                        also allows customers to adapt to changing requirements as
and market requirements by incrementally adding features and users                        a result of its open standards by providing:
(as needed) and gives them the benefit of never having to worry about
adding more hardware or third-party systems from a proprietary                            •    Software Implementation
vendor again. The features that the CIC product supports include:                         •    Standards Customization
                                                                                          •    Flexible architecture
•   PC - PBX                          •   VoIP, SIP                                       •    Breadth of functionality
•   IVR, ACD                          •   Software phone                                  •    Voice over IP Migration Path
•   Unified Messaging                 •   Screen pop                                      •    Inherent Integration – no hidden costs
•   Voice mail                        •   Call handling                                   •    Single solution vs. multi-box/silo approach
•   Fax server                        •   Reporting                                       •    Single Platform – Modular Integration
•   CTI gateway                       •   Supervision                                     •    Expanded Usage and Deployment as needed
•   Web server gateway                •   Predictive dialing                              •    Single Point of Administration and Support
•   Multi-media queuing               •   Recording/Monitoring

Integrated Product Suite

                                                                 Interaction Center Platform

     Contact Center Automation             Unified Communications                Enterprise IP Telephony
                                                                                                                          Telephone Self-Service
               (CIC)                             (Communité)                              (EIC)
Architecture Benefits                                         Technical Strengths
• Leveraging of existing communications services              Nortak Software has been providing Information Management
   • E-Mail services                                          and Informatics Technology (IM/IT) services to government and
   • Directory services (Active Directory, LDAP,              private enterprises since 1975. We are experienced in many
      ADAM)                                                   areas of IM/IT service delivery including:
   • Database services (Oracle, MS SQL)
   • Web services                                             •   Systems Integration
                                                              •   Client Relations Management (CRM) software
• Integrates tightly with existing applications
                                                              •   Call Centre management software
• Works with your IT department -- not against them           •   Localization, bilingual and multilingual systems
• Integrates to a wide variety of database, CRM,              •   24 x 7 System Support and Change Management (CMS)
                                                              •   Social Programs application systems development,
  ERP and other applications and eliminates external
  CTI and IVR platforms                                           maintenance, and support
                                                              •   Messaging, synchronous and asynchronous transactions,
                                                                  EDI, XML, B2B
CIC Main Benefits
                                                              •   Application and Website design and development
• Multimedia ACD with Rules and Skills-based routing          •   Microsoft .Net Framework; ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#,
                                                                  Visual Studio 6.0, ASP, Visual Interdev and Visual Basic
                                                              •   JAVA, PHP, WebSphere, Dreamweaver and
• Screen Pop/CTI/Database Integration                             ColdFusion MX
• FAX Services                                                •   Oracle RDBMS, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2 Universal,
                                                                  MySQL, Informix
• Web and E-mail Self-service with e-FAQ                      •   Voice Recognition
• E-mail Routing/Processing                                   •   VOIP, SIP, IVR, CTI
                                                              •   Project Management Methodologies, such as SET, IMF,
• Web Chat/Collaboration
                                                                  ITIL and RUP
• Outbound Dialing with Interaction Dialer
                                                              We use the latest industry standard tools to help our
• Cradle to grave reporting and / Recording                   customers become more productive with the adoption of
• Multi-site Call Routing with Interaction Director           our “best practices” and “best of breed” approach to IM/IT.

• Inbound/outbound agent scripting with Interaction           For more details please contact one of the individuals below.

Nortak is a Canadian-owned private corporation with           Craig Mackay
offices in Ottawa and Toronto serving a global client base.   V.P., Information Solutions
                                                              613. 234. 7212 ext 276
1. 888. 222. 3056