Nutrient Sampling Procedure by fjzhangweiqun


									Nutrient Sampling Procedure

Nutrient sampling is to be done weekly in conjunction with Hydrolab physical water
quality data collection.

Equipment needed:

      Peristaltic field pump
      Deep cycle marine battery
      Tygon (or Masterflex) line
      Plastic tubing for deep well
      Nalgene collection bottles
      Hydrolab
      Beaker
      DI wash bottle
      Field bag with tools for removing well covers
      datasheet

Purge each monitoring well into beaker until temperature measurement on the Hydrolab

Once temperature has stabilized record the Hydrolab readings on the data sheet. Remove
the Hydrolab from the beaker and begin pumping sample into Nalgene bottle. Fill to
overflowing to displace any oxygen.

Label sample bottle.

Rinse Hydrolab probes

When you return to the lab if you are not able to process your samples immediately be
sure to put them in the refrigerator in SL118.

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