WISC Standing Committees Summary by qvz59246


									WISC Standing Committees
                GET INVOLVED
Why Standing Committees?
 Continuous improvement or key club activities
     Expands the clubs ability to execute beyond basics
  Increase member participation

Why Participate?
 To add your experience to the pool of Involved
 Members that allow us to make the WISC a
 great place for our children, families and friends.
  Events/Tournament Committee
  Plan and execute tournaments and celebration events for
  WISC house league and rep teams

Scope of work
  All aspects necessary to execute an effective event
      Tournaments (Rep/All-star/House league)
      MiniFest
      Awards banquettes
  Feedback and process improvement
  Business process documentation updates
  Strategies need to be reviewed with and approved by the
  board of directors
         Involved Members Committee
  The Involved Member Committee is responsible for recruitment,
  tracking, retention and recognition of WISC Involved membership.
  (Helpers, Coaches, Committee Members, Directors)

Scope of work
  Developing a database to capture and track Involved members
     This database will be a tool that could be used to improve the
      effectiveness our member recruitment
  Developing strategies on how to utilize outside members such as
  the student and senior community to support WISC volunteer needs
  Develop and execute member recognition processes
  Strategies need to be reviewed with and approved by the board of
                Governance Committee
  The Governance Committee is the owner of the Club Constitution and
  related business policies.

Scope of Work
  Policy documentation update and maintenance. All policy changes have
  to be approved by Board of Directors as outlined in the WISC
  Constitution. Constitutional amendments are approved by the
  Document job content, work instructions and key process knowledge
  Responsibility is limited to business policies and processes and includes
  disciplinary areas that do not conflict with OSA, unless outlined as a
  Constitutional or Equity issue.
  Not responsible for enforcing the policies. That responsibility remains
  with the Board of Directors as outlined in the constitution.
               Marketing /Communication/PR
  Coordinate club fundraising to support funding key initiatives
  Communication with members of key WISC initiatives
Scope of work
  Strategies need to be reviewed and approved by the board of
  A) Public Communication
       Coordinate advertising of WISC events to public. (Web, publications,
        newspaper etc)
       Communicate club successes to public
       Create initiatives to positively impact our local community
   B) Fundraising
       Developing and executing strategies for sponsorship and fundraising
        activities to support key club initiatives (equipment, turf, signs,
        international tournaments etc).
       Work with teams to provide team sponsors value for their investment.
                 Committee Structure
     •1 board member
     •1 staff
     •1 chair

  Committee           Board Member         Staff Member

Events and         Fred Dixon        Bill Sidsworth

Involved Members   Ron Slater        Sandy Arrowsmith

Governance         Paul Axford       Sandy Arrowsmith

Marketing        Alex Kennedy        Bill Sidsworth
and PR Committee
If you are interested and have skill sets
appropriate to serve on any of these
committees please apply in writing to :
admin@whitbysoccer.com providing a
brief outline of interest level, background
and experience.

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